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On August 7, 2010, Corey Fisher scored 105 points during a semi-professional summer league game. Corey Fisher Villanova.jpg
On August 7, 2010, Corey Fisher scored 105 points during a semi-professional summer league game.

In basketball, points are the sum of the score accumulated through field goals (two or three points) and free throws (one point). [1] It is a rare achievement for an individual player to score 100 points in a single game. What follows is an incomplete list of all of the verified occurrences of players scoring 100 points or more. Each individual instance of the accomplishment may have been achieved under varying circumstances, such as game length, opponent skill level and the league in which it occurred.


Internationally, the highest single player total between national teams is 116 points, scored by the Philippines' Lou Salvador in May 1923 against China. [2] It happened during the 1923 Far Eastern Games. [2] The highest single game total in worldwide organized basketball history, irrespective of gender, age or competition level, is 272 points, scored by a 13-year-old boy named Mats Wermelin of Sweden. [3] [4] He recorded every single point in his team's 272–0 win on February 5, 1974, during a regional boys' tournament held in Stockholm. [4] As an adult, Wermelin played as a guard for Hammarby IF, [5] Järfälla and Stockholm Capitals. [6] The highest total by a female basketball player worldwide is 136, scored by Anat Draigor of Israel. [7] It happened on April 5, 2006, in a 158–41 win. [7] Draigor was 46 years old playing in an Israel Division III League playoff game, which also makes her the oldest player in history to score 100 points. [7] Only one player, other than the United States' Bevo Francis and Jack Taylor, has recorded multiple 100-point games in organized competition. Croatia's Marin Ferenčević scored 101 and 178 points in April and May 2006, respectively, during Under-14 Croatian League matches. [8]

In the United States, 100-point games have occurred at least once at most levels of education. At the middle school level, 13-year-old 8th grader Bob Harrison scored all 139 of his team's points in a 139–8 win on February 3, 1941. [9] [3] In high school, there have been 24 verified occurrences, 19 by male players and 5 by female players. [10] [11] The first recorded instance was in 1913, when Herman Saygar of Culver High School (Indiana) scored 113 points against Winamac High School. [11] The first female to score 100 points at the high school level was Denise Long of Union-Whitten High School (Iowa), who scored 111 points during a state playoff game in the spring of 1968 against Dows High School. [12] [13] [14] That season, Long's senior year of 1967–68, she averaged a still-standing national record 68.2 points per game. [14] Her single game total stood as the high school female record for 38 years until Epiphanny Prince scored 113 for Murry Bergtraum High School (New York) on February 2, 2006. [15] The boys' high school record is 135 points, scored by Danny Heater on January 26, 1960. [16] Playing for Burnsville High School (West Virginia) against Widen High School, Heater made 53 of 70 field goals and 29 of 41 free throws. [16] His 135-point outburst is still the highest total for the high school level worldwide. [16]

At the college level, there have been seven 100-point games, two of which were recorded by Clarence "Bevo" Francis of Rio Grande College and two by Jack Taylor of Grinnell College. [17] [18] [19] [20] Francis scored 116 points against Ashland College on January 9, 1953, but the opponent was not a four-year institution, so the total did not count as the official college record. [17] One year later, on February 2, 1954, Francis scored 113 against Hillsdale College, which was the recognized highest total in United States college basketball history for 59 years; Grinnell's Taylor scored 138 points on November 20, 2012 to set the new all-time NCAA all-divisions mark. [17] [18] [21] He again recorded 100+ points on November 17, 2013 when he scored 109 against Crossroads College. [20] Frank Selvy of Furman University is the only player to score 100 points at the Division I level. [22] [23] Selvy recorded exactly 100 points on February 13, 1954—less than two weeks after Francis scored 113—against Newberry College. [22] He scored his 99th and 100th points on a 40-foot shot as the final buzzer sounded. [23]

Professionally, there have been a number of occurrences of 100-point games worldwide. It has only happened once in the United States, however. Wilt Chamberlain of the National Basketball Association's Philadelphia Warriors scored 100 points on March 2, 1962 against the New York Knicks during a game played at Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania. [24] He made 36-of-63 field goals and 28-of-32 free throws, the latter being a particularly unusual statistic considering Chamberlain was a 51.1% free throw shooter for his career. [25]


Most of the players' exact statistics cannot be found, but whatever information was able to be verified is included. When a dash () appears in the three-point field goal statistic, it indicates that three-pointers had yet to be implemented and were therefore not an applicable statistic.


PointsNationalityPlayerDateTeamOpponentFinal score FGM FGA 3FGM 3FGA FTM FTANotesRef.
272Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Mats WermelinFebruary 5, 1974272–0

According to Guinness World Records , Wermelin, a 13-year-old boy, scored all 272 points in the shutout win in Stockholm during a regional boys tournament.

227Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Konrad MigdalskiDecember 2005MKS-MOS PruszkówUKS Czarodzieje z Bielan326–15

He scored 100 points 3 minutes before end of 2nd quarter.[ citation needed ] The game was a local U-14 Polish league match.

178Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Marin Ferenčević (2)May 2006KK ViroviticaABN Graminea187–7067869141718

He also grabbed 22 rebounds and had 16 steals in the contest. The game was a local U-14 Croatian league match. His scoring by quarter went: 34, 61, 55, 28.

153Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey Erman Kunter March 12, 1988 Fenerbahçe Hilalspor175–101

Kunter scored 81 points in the first half and 72 in the second half and set the Turkish Basketball League record.

145Flag of Greece.svg  Greece Aristeidis Moumoglou July 13, 1972 Iraklis VAO 172–94

Scored in a Greek Basket League game.

144Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg  Yugoslavia Zdenko Babić October 10, 1985 KK Zadar APOEL 192–116

Scored in the first round of the 1985–86 FIBA Korać Cup. It only took 26 minutes (of the 40-minute game) for Babić to score 113 points.[ citation needed ]

[31] [32]
136Dagger-14-plain.pngFlag of Israel.svg  Israel Anat Draigor April 5, 2006Hapoel Mate Yehuda Elitzur Givat Shmuel 158–41

Draigor's total is recognized by Guinness World Records as the highest single game point total in women's professional basketball history. When she accomplished the feat, she was a 46-year-old mother and playing in an Israel Division III League playoff game. She scored 61 first-half points and 75 second-half points.

134Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Leszek DolińskiDecember 18, 1993ATS KoszalinGajjal Choszczno

Scored during a III Liga (3rd division) game. Doliński was a former Polish National Team player. Record in Polish senior leagues.

129Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil Marx Martins Rodrigues CarvalhoSeptember 16, 1984 CR Vasco da Gama Hebraica Sociedade Cultural Esportiva e Recreativa

Scored in a Rio de Janeiro State Championship game.

129Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Krzysztof JakóbczykJanuary 22, 2007AWF WrocławWSH Wrocław

During local academic league game.

124Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great BritainPaul OgdenMarch 9, 1982St. Alban's School South Chadderton School 226–82

Scored at the British high school level.

124Dagger-14-plain.pngFlag of Brazil.svg  Brazil Hortência Marcari Double-dagger-14-plain.png1987Minercal252–31

The game was played at São Paulo State College, which was the location of a city tournament.

120Flag of the Philippines.svg  Philippines Clark Quijano October 2013AMA University High SchoolGrace Christian College166–85

Set a new Philippine high school record during the Freego Tiong Lian Basketball Association Tournament.

116Flag of the Philippines.svg  Philippines Lou Salvador May 1923 Philippines national team China national team

Achieved in the gold medal game at the 1923 Far Eastern Games and still remains the highest single game total in international competition.

116Flag of the United States.svg United States Archie Talley 1980TV ClausenTrier132–91

Scored during a game in Germany.

113Flag of Lebanon.svg  Lebanon Mohammad Akkari April 3, 2012 Al Mouttahed Tripoli Bejje SC173–141406932591

This was the first 100-point performance in any official game of any league in a FIBA Asia member country. El Akkari had only been averaging 7.6 points per game until this game.

112Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg  Yugoslavia Dražen Petrović *October 5, 1985 Cibona Zagreb SMELT Olimpija 158–77406010202222

Scored in a Yugoslav First League game.

111Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada Denham Brown February 7, 2002 West Hill Collegiate Institute R. H. King Academy 150–5813

He set the Canadian high school single game record. Brown scored 51 first half points and 41 in the third quarter alone.

111Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Matej KunaFebruary 2006 Belišće Požega 159–772026

Matej was a 21-year-old playing in the Croatian A2 League and fell two points shy of breaking Dražen Petrović's record of 112. He thought he had broken the record and substituted out with 90 seconds remaining, but officials later revealed he had "only" scored 111.

110Flag of Kosovo.svg  Kosovo Granit Rugova ^March 30, 2011 Sigal Prishtina KB Mitrovica150–54

Highest total in Kosovar basketball history.

107Flag of Nicaragua.svg  Nicaragua Derick Omeir Wilson1978Bluefields SelectionNational School of Agriculture

Set a Nicaraguan national scoring record.

105Flag of the United States.svg United States Tony Harris October 10, 1992 Swift Premiums Ginebra San Miguel 152–147

Harris broke Michael Hackett's seven-year-old Philippine Basketball Association record, which still stands to this day.

104Flag of the Philippines.svg  Philippines Jeron Teng January 5, 2011 Xavier School Grace Christian College 164–74377012934

Set a then-Philippine high school record (later broken in October 2013).

103Flag of the United States.svg United States Michael Hackett November 21, 1985 Ginebra San Miguel Great Taste 197–168 [51]
102Flag of Russia.svg  Russian Federation Danila KukuruzovJanuary 20, 2018BaltBГорный147–784459021421 [52]
101Flag of the United States.svg United States Kevin Bradshaw 1993M. M. Giv'at ShmuelMaccabi Tverya165–109

Scored during a Liga Leumit (Division 2) game towards the beginning of the 1993–94 season. Previously, in college, Bradshaw set the NCAA Division I single game scoring record with 72 points.

101Flag of the United States.svg United States J. J. Eubanks October 9, 1994 Maccabi Ramat Gan Beitar Ramat Gan161–6640579221214

Scored during an Israeli Basketball Super League (Division 1) game. Due to financing issues, Beitar Ramat Gan played with youth players all season long, allowing several records, including this, to be set against them.

101Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Marin FerenčevićApril 2006KK ViroviticaBjelovar

Ferenčević, 13 at the time, is the son of ex-basketball player Branko Ferenčević.

100Flag of the United States.svg  United States Danny Shouse December 1, 1979 Ármann Skallagrímur 118–109

Scored during an Icelandic Division I game.

100Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Veljko PetranovićOctober 8, 2003PostojnaVipava150–49

Set during Spar pokal. Petranović was 43 years old and played only three quarters.

100Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Borys KlimekNovember 28, 2014 Stal Ostrów Wielkopolski KT Kosz Kalisz165–86

He played 32 minutes. The game was a local U-20 Polish league match.

100Flag of the Philippines.svg  Philippines Lucio Tan Jr.1996Triton SecuritiesPhil Stock Exchange

Set during the Philippines Stock Exchange Basketball Tournament semi-finals. He later repeated the feat in 1997 Class of '83 vs. Class of '82 at the St. Jude Catholic School Alumni Tournament semi-finals.


United States


National Basketball Association (NBA)
PointsPlayerDateTeamOpponentFinal score FGM FGA 3FGM 3FGA FTM FTANotesRef.
100 Wilt Chamberlain *March 2, 1962 Philadelphia Warriors New York Knicks 169–14736632832

Chamberlain is the only NBA player to score 100 points in a single game. He also grabbed 25 rebounds in the performance.



PointsPlayerDateTeamOpponentFinal score FGM FGA 3FGM 3FGA FTM FTANotesRef.
138 Jack Taylor November 20, 2012 Grinnell College Faith Baptist 179–104521082771710

Taylor set the NCAA all-division scoring record in the fast-paced Grinnell offense.

116 Clarence "Bevo"
January 9, 1953 Rio Grande College Ashland College 150–854722

Initially recognized by both the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as a college record, public uproar eventually forced NCAA to throw out the record because it did not occur in a game against a four-year institution. He had 61 points in the first half and scored all of his team's points, a total of 55, in the fourth quarter.

113Clarence "Bevo" Francis (2)February 2, 1954Rio Grande College Hillsdale College 134–9138703745

Francis also set college records for field goals made and free throws made.

109Jack Taylor (2)November 17, 2013Grinnell College Crossroads College 173–123357024481517

Occurred in the second game of the season. Scored 71 in the game before.

100+ Paul Arizin * Villanova University

Similar to Bevo Francis's games, this is not officially recognized by the NCAA due to it being played against a junior college.

100J.J. CulverDecember 10, 2019 Wayland Baptist University Southwestern Adventist University 124–60346212332027

The second occurrence of a 100-point game at the NAIA level.

100 Frank Selvy February 13, 1954 Furman University Newberry College 149–9541661822

The only occurrence of a 100-point game at the NCAA Division I level. He scored his 99th and 100th points on a 40-foot shot as the final buzzer sounded.


High school

Since 1913, 19 male and seven female players have scored 100 points or more in United States high school basketball games. [10] [11]

PointsPlayerDateHigh school
OpponentFinal score FGM FGA 3FGM 3FGA FTM FTANotesRef.
135 Danny Heater January 26, 1960Burnsville (WV)Widen (WV)173–4353702941

Heater set the world record for high school-level single game scoring, not just the United States' record. He scored 85 points in the second half alone, including 55 in the final 10 minutes. Heater also collected 32 rebounds and 7 assists during the game.

127John MorrisFebruary 22, 1961 Portsmouth Norcom (VA)Mary Smith (VA)173–47 [10]
120Dick BogenrifeFebruary 6, 1953 Sedalia-Midway (OH)Canaan (OH)137–475216 [10]
114Wayne OakleyDecember 21, 1954Hanson (KY)St. Agnes (KY)128–5647552024 [10]
114 Pete Cimino January 22, 1960Bristol (PA) Palisades (PA)134–8644792629

Cimino scored all 69 of his team's second half points.

113Herman Saygar1913Culver (IN) Winamac (IN)154–10561 [11]
113Dagger-14-plain.png Epiphanny Prince February 2, 2006 Murry Bergtraum (NY)Brandeis (NY)137–32546041 [15]
111Dagger-14-plain.pngDenise LongJanuary 22, 1968Union-Whitten (IA)Dows (IA)136–41383544

Long averaged a still-standing national record 68.2 points per game during her senior year and finished her career with 6,250 points, a then-national record for girls' high school basketball.

108Morris Dale MathisJanuary 25, 1955 St. Joe (AR)Witts Springs (AR) [10]
108Ken RobinsonJanuary 10, 1961Cassatt Midway (SC)Ruby South (SC)130–30481213

Robinson scored 62 points in the second half.

105Kenneth JohnsonJanuary 10, 1979Grandfield (OK)Terral (OK)120–654585

Johnson scored 71 first half points.

105Dagger-14-plain.png Cheryl Miller Double-dagger-14-plain.pngJanuary 26, 1982 Riverside Poly (CA) Norte Vista (CA)179–1546501315 [65]
104Danny BoydJanuary 6, 1961Camden (TN)Clarksburg (TN)130–434416

Boyd per-quarter points: 24, 31, 27, 22.

[10] [67]
103Dickie PittsFebruary 14, 1956Wimauma (FL) Admiral Farragut (FL)123–77481114 [10]
103Brian PayneFebruary 16, 1988New Port Richey Christian (FL)Clearwater St. Paul (FL)111–6040121111

Payne per-quarter points: 29, 26, 13, 35

102Ed Vondra1922Brainard (NE)Raymond (NE)502 [10]
102Bennie FullerJanuary 19, 1971 [a] Arkansas School for the Deaf (AR)Leola (AR)133–58412023 [10]
[71] [72]
101Dagger-14-plain.png Lisa Leslie Double-dagger-14-plain.pngFebruary 7, 1990 Morningside (CA) South Torrance (CA)102–243756002735

Leslie scored all 101 points in the first half alone; she scored 49 points in the first quarter and 52 in the second quarter. The opponent forfeited the game at halftime.

101Cedrick HensleyJanuary 16, 2001Heritage Christian (TX)Banff Christian (TX)178–284659256

Hensley coincidentally scored 101 points on the same night as Dajuan Wagner scored 100 (listed below).

100Dagger-14-plain.pngDianne CampbellJanuary 28, 1972 Claude (TX) Clarendon (TX)106–19

Six-on-six basketball; Campbell did not play the last three minutes.

[76] [77]
100Wayne CowardJanuary 24, 1961J.C. Lynch (SC)Brittons Neck (SC)139–31

Coward scored 80 points in the second half.

100Greg ProcellJanuary 29, 1970Noble-Ebarb (LA)Elizabeth (LA)139–79 [10]
100Dagger-14-plain.pngLinda PageFebruary 15, 1981 Dobbins Tech (PA) Mastbaum Tech (PA)131–3841571821 [78]
100Dagger-14-plain.pngLynne LorenzenFebruary 15, 1986 Ventura (IA) Woden–Crystal Lake (IA)126–74434814

Lorenzen scored a national prep record (boys or girls) of 6,736 points during her four-year career. Her 100-point game was during six-on-six competition.

100 Dajuan Wagner January 16, 2001 Camden (NJ) Gloucester Twp. Tech (NJ)157–67426010156

Wagner set the New Jersey state prep single game scoring record en route to setting the state career scoring mark of 3,462 points. He also substituted out of the game with four minutes remaining once he reached 100.

100Tigran GrigorianFebruary 11, 2003 Pico Rivera Mesrobian (CA) Los Angeles Pacific Christian (CA)114–4711 [80]


PointsPlayerDateTeamOpponentFinal score FGM FGA 3FGM 3FGA FTM FTANotesRef.
139 Bob Harrison February 3, 1941LaGrange SchoolArch Street School139–8691

Harrison was a 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m), 13-year old 8th grader from Toledo, Ohio. This game was played in eight-minute quarters on a regulation basketball court.

113 Wilt Chamberlain * (2)

According to the Harvey Pollack NBA Statistical Yearbook, this occurred during an amateur league game.

105 Corey Fisher August 7, 2010 Dyckman GymRatsNYC138–1302328

It is believed to set a new organized street basketball scoring record, surpassing Fly Williams' previous record of 100 set back in 1978. Played at Watson Gleason Playground in the Bronx, New York City, Fisher scored 72 points by the end of the third quarter and shot 23-for-28 from three-point range.

100 Fly Williams Summer 1978

Set a then-record for organized street basketball during an IS8 League game in Jamaica, Queens, New York City.


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