Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary

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Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary
പീച്ചി- വാഴാനി വന്യജീവി സങ്കേതം
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
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A view of Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary from Peechi Dam
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LocationThrissur taluk Thrissur District, Kerala, India
Nearest city Thrissur
Coordinates 10°28′52″N76°26′46″E / 10.481°N 76.446°E / 10.481; 76.446 Coordinates: 10°28′52″N76°26′46″E / 10.481°N 76.446°E / 10.481; 76.446 [1]
Area125 km2 (48 sq mi)

Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary headquartered in Peechi, Thrissur District of Kerala, India. The sanctuary was established in 1958 consisting of Palappilli- Nelliyampathi forests including the area of Chimmony Wildlife sanctuary and is the second oldest sanctuary in Kerala. [2] [3] [4]

Kerala State in southern India

Kerala is a state on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India. It was formed on 1 November 1956, following passage of the States Reorganisation Act, by combining Malayalam-speaking regions. Spread over 38,863 km2 (15,005 sq mi), Kerala is the twenty-third largest Indian state by area. It is bordered by Karnataka to the north and northeast, Tamil Nadu to the east and south, and the Lakshadweep Sea to the west. With 33,387,677 inhabitants as per the 2011 Census, Kerala is the thirteenth-largest Indian state by population. It is divided into 14 districts with the capital being Thiruvananthapuram. Malayalam is the most widely spoken language and is also the official language of the state.

India Country in South Asia

India is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west; China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north; and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. In the Indian Ocean, India is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka and the Maldives; its Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia.

The average summer temperature is 38 °C (100 °F). The average winter temperature is 15 °C (59 °F).

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Western Ghats mountain range running parallel to the western coast of India

The Western Ghats, also known as Sahyadri, are a mountain range that covers an area of 140,000 square kilometres (54,000 sq mi) in a stretch of 1,600 kilometres (990 mi) parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, traversing the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight "hottest hot-spots" of biological diversity in the world. It is sometimes called the Great Escarpment of India. It contains a large proportion of the country's flora and fauna, many of which are only found in India and nowhere else in the world. According to UNESCO, the Western Ghats are older than the Himalayas. They influence Indian monsoon weather patterns by intercepting the rain-laden monsoon winds that sweep in from the south-west during late summer. The range runs north to south along the western edge of the Deccan Plateau, and separates the plateau from a narrow coastal plain, called Konkan, along the Arabian Sea. A total of thirty-nine areas in the Western Ghats, including national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserve forests, were designated as world heritage sites in 2012 – twenty in Kerala, ten in Karnataka, five in Tamil Nadu and four in Maharashtra.

The Malabar Coast moist forests is a tropical moist broadleaf forest of southwestern India. It lies along India's Konkan and Malabar coasts, in a narrow strip between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats range, which runs parallel to the coast. It has an area of 35,500 square kilometers (13,700 sq mi), and extends from northern Maharashtra through Goa, Karnataka and Kerala to Kanniyakumari in southernmost Tamil Nadu.

Thrissur district District in Kerala, India

Thrissur is a revenue district of Kerala situated in the central part of that state. Spanning an area of about 3,032 km2, Thrissur district is home to over 10% of Kerala's population.

E. Ikkanda Warrier Indian politician

Ikkanda Warrier (1890–1977) was the first and the last Prime Minister of the state of Cochin, India, beginning in 1948.

Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary

Chimmini Wildlife sanctuary is a protected area located along the Western Ghats in Chalakudy taluk of Thrissur District of Kerala state in India.

Peechi Dam dam in Peechi, Thrissur, Kerala, India

Peechi Dam is situated 22 km (14 mi) outside Thrissur city in Kerala, India. The dam was started as an irrigation project for the surrounding villages in Thrissur. At the same time, it catered the drinking water needs of the population of Thrissur City. It serves as an irrigation dam, reaching out to the paddy fields in and around Thrissur city. Built across the Manali River, the dam has a catchment area of nearly 3,200 acres (1,300 ha). Elephants may be seen on the bank of Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1958 covering 125 square kilometres (48 sq mi).

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala, India

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) is located 18 km north of Marayoor on SH 17 in the Marayoor and Kanthalloor panchayats of Devikulam taluk in the Idukki district of Kerala state in South India. It is one of twelve wildlife sanctuaries among the protected areas of Kerala.

Protected areas of Kerala

The protected areas of Kerala include a wide range of biomes, extending east from the coral reefs, estuaries, salt marshes, mangroves and beaches of the Arabian Sea through the tropical moist broadleaf forests of the Malabar Coast moist forests to the North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests and South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests to South Western Ghats montane rain forests on the western border of Tamil Nadu in the Western Ghats. Most protected areas throughout its 14 districts are under the stewardship of the Kerala Forest Department and like all other protected areas of India receive support from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (India).

Pattikkad, Thrissur Junction in Kerala, India

Pattikkad is a Fast Developing Junction in Thrissur district of Kerala.

Pananchery village in Kerala, India

Pananchery is a village in Thrissur district in the state of Kerala, India. It is located along the National Highway ( NH47) from Thrissur to Palakkad. Peechi, Pattikad, Kannara are located in Pananchery

Kerala Forest Research Institute research organisation based in Thrissur, Kerala, India

The Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) is an organisation based in Peechi, in Thrissur, India. It was established in 1975 by the Government of Kerala as part of its Science and Technology Department, and in 2003 became part of the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment.

Thrissur Zoo Zoo in Thrissur, Kerala, India

Thrissur Zoo or State Museum & Zoo, Thrissur is a 13.5-acre (5.5 ha) zoo that opened in 1885 in a small area called Chembukkavu, in the heart of Thrissur City, Kerala, India. It is one of the oldest zoos in the country, and is home to a wide variety of animals, reptiles, and birds. The zoo compound includes a natural history museum and an art museum that showcase the social and cultural heritage of the region. The Thrissur Zoo is 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) from the Thrissur City center and is open from 10:00 AM till 5:15 PM, except on Mondays. Being one of the two Zoological Parks in the state of Kerala, it sees a lot of visitors on a regular basis. Still and video cameras are allowed in the park for a small fee.

New Amarambalam Reserved Forest

New Amarambalam Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary in the Western Ghats, situated in the Malappuram District of Kerala state in South India.It extends till Silent Valley National Park of the Palakkad District to the south and to Nadugani in the Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu to the North.

Thanikkudam Village in Kerala, India

Thanikkudam is a rapidly growing suburb north-east of Thrissur, in the Indian state of Kerala. The village-town is home to the Thanikkudam Bhagavathi Temple which is popularly known across the central part of Kerala. A small river, which has become perennial in recent times stretches through the middle of the village, oriented in a north-east to South-west direction. The area is also wound around by the Right Branch Main Canal (RBMC) of the Peechi hydro-irrigation project system.

Thrissur City Police

Thrissur City Police (TCP), a division of the Kerala Police, is the law enforcement agency for the City of Thrissur and the temple town of Guruvayoor. The city police force is headed by a Commissioner of Police, an IPS officer, and the administrative control vests with the Home Ministry of Kerala. Thrissur City Police is the largest Police District in Kerala State covering an area of 570.79 Square kilometre.

Geography of Thrissur

The city of Thrissur is situated in the southwest of the South Indian state of Kerala of Thrissur district. A landlocked city, Thrissur is located on a hillock which is surrounded by Thrissur Kole Wetlands. Thrissur district borders with Palakkad district in east, Malappuram district in the north, Ernakulam district in the South and Arabian Sea in the west.

Manali River is one of main tributaries of Karuvannur River. The river has five major streams. Two streams directly flow to Peechi Dam and rest of them joins to Karuvannur River. Peechi Dam was constructed in Manali River.

Akamala Machad Mountain Range is located in the North Eastern part of Thrissur district in Kerala, India. Vazhani wildlife sanctuary and Vazhani Dam are located in the South East end of this mountain ranges. Human Settlement is done in the downhills of this mountain ranges all around. Famous temples like Uthralikkavu and Akamala Sastha Temple are located in the downhills of this mountains.

Asurankundu Dam

Asurankund Dam is a check dam located on the Chelakkara River in the Indian state of Kerala. It is located in Mullurkara Panchayat in Thrissur district.


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