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French departments by legal population in 2013 French departments by legal population (2013).png
French departments by legal population in 2013
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Population density by department (population per sq km)

This table lists the 101 French departments in descending order of population, area and population density.


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The figures include:

The total population takes into account double counting.


Between 1999 and 2006 all French departments have grown in population with the exception of the following seven departments: Allier and Cantal in Auvergne, Creuse in Limousin, Ardennes and Haute-Marne in Champagne-Ardenne, Nièvre in Burgundy, and Vosges in Lorraine. See population decline for more information.

In contrast the seven departments that have gained the most population in absolute value are Haute-Garonne, Gironde, Bouches-du-Rhône, Seine-Saint-Denis, Loire-Atlantique, Hauts-de Seine, and Hérault.

Guadeloupe has seemingly lost population between 1999 and 2008. However, this diminution of the legal population is due to the creation of the overseas communities of Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin. In the 1999 census, the population of Guadeloupe without the arrondissement of Saint-Martin-Saint-Barthélemy was 386,566 inhabitants. The department's population has actually increased by more than 15,000 people over the period based on a constant territory.

List of departments by descending population

2019 RankDepartmentLegal population in 1931Legal population in 1999Legal population in 2008Legal population in 2019 [2] Area (km²)Pop. density (Pop./km²) [3] INSEE Dept. No.
1 Nord 2,029,4492,555,0202,564,9592,608,3465,74345459
2 Paris 2,891,0202,125,2462,211,2972,165,42310520,54575
3 Bouches-du-Rhône 1,101,6721,835,7191,966,0052,043,1105,08740213
4 Rhône 1,046,0281,578,8691,690,4981,875,7472,71517169D
5 Seine-Saint-Denis 769,3151,382,8611,506,4661,644,9032366,96493
6 Hauts-de-Seine 949,2311,428,8811,549,6191,624,3571769,25092
7 Gironde 852,7681,287,3341,421,2761,623,74910,72516333
8 Pas-de-Calais 1,205,1911,441,5681,459,5311,465,2786,67122062
9 Yvelines 408,2821,354,3081,406,0531,448,2072,28463478
10 Loire-Atlantique 652,0791,134,2661,255,8711,429,2726,81520844
11 Seine-et-Marne 406,1081,193,7671,303,7021,421,1975,91524077
12 Lyon Metropolis ---1,411,5715342,64569M
13 Val-de-Marne 657,3221,227,2501,310,8761,407,1242455,74394
14 Haute-Garonne 441,7991,046,3381,217,3441,400,0396,30922231
15 Essonne 271,0941,134,2381,205,8501,301,6591,80472191
16 Isère 584,0171,094,0061,188,6601,271,1667,43117138
17 Seine-Maritime 905,2781,239,1381,248,5801,255,6336,27820076
18 Val-d'Oise 353,3741,105,4641,165,3971,249,6741,2461,00395
19 Hérault 514,819896,4411,019,7981,175,6236,10119334
20 Bas-Rhin 688,2421,026,1201,091,0151,140,0574,75524067
21 Alpes-Maritimes 493,3761,011,3261,084,4281,094,2834,29925506
22 Ille-et-Vilaine 562,558867,533967,5881,079,4986,77515935
23 Var 377,104898,4411,001,4081,076,7115,97318083
24 Moselle 693,4081,023,4471,042,2301,046,5436,21616857
25 Finistère 744,295852,418890,509915,0906,73313629
26 Réunion 706,300808,250861,2102,504344974
27 Oise 407,432766,441799,725829,4195,86014260
28 Haute-Savoie 252,794631,679716,277826,0944,38818874
29 Maine-et-Loire 475,991732,942774,823818,2737,16611549
30 Haut-Rhin 516,726708,025746,072767,0863,52521868
31 Loire 664,822728,524742,076765,6344,78116042
32 Morbihan 537,528643,873710,034759,6846,82311156
33 Gard 406,815623,125694,323748,4375,85312830
34 Meurthe-et-Moselle 592,632713,779729,768733,7605,24614054
35 Calvados 401,356648,385678,206694,9055,54812614
36 Vendée 390,396539,664616,906685,4426,72010285
37 Pyrénées-Atlantiques 422,719600,018647,420682,6217,6458964
38 Loiret 342,679618,126650,769680,4346,77510045
39 Puy-de-Dôme 500,590604,266628,485662,1527,9708363
40 Ain 322,918515,270581,355652,4325,76211301
41 Charente-Maritime 415,249557,024611,714651,3586,8649517
42 Indre-et-Loire 335,226554,003585,406610,0796,12710037
43 Côtes-d'Armor 539,531542,373581,570600,5826,8788722
44 Eure 305,788541,054577,087599,5076,0409927
45 Somme 466,626555,551568,086570,5596,1709380
46 Marne 412,156565,229566,010566,8558,1626951
47 Sarthe 384,619529,851559,587566,4126,2069172
48 Vaucluse 241,689499,685538,902561,4693,56715784
49 Saône-et-Loire 538,741544,893553,968551,4938,5756471
50 Doubs 305,500499,062522,685543,9745,23410425
51 Côte-d'Or 333,800506,755521,608534,1248,7636121
52 Aisne 489,368535,489538,790531,3457,3697202
53 Drôme 267,080437,778478,069516,7626,5307926
54 Manche 433,473481,471496,937495,0455,9388350
55 Pyrénées-Orientales 238,647392,803441,387479,9794,11611766
56 Vienne 303,072399,024424,354438,4356,9906386
57 Savoie 235,544373,258408,842436,4346,0287273
58 Eure-et-Loir 254,790407,665423,559431,5755,8807328
59 Landes 257,186327,334373,142413,6909,2434540
60 Dordogne 383,720388,293409,388413,2239,0604624
61 Tarn 302,994343,402371,738389,8445,7586881
62 Guadeloupe 422,496401,784384,2391,628 [4] 236971
63 Deux-Sèvres 308,481344,392365,059374,8785,9996379
64 Aude 296,880309,770349,237374,0706,1396111
65 Haute-Vienne 335,873353,893373,940372,3595,5206887
66 Martinique 381,427397,693364,5081,128323972
67 Vosges 377,980380,952380,145364,4995,8746288
68 Charente 310,489339,628351,581352,0155,9565916
69 Allier 373,924344,721342,807335,9757,3404603
70 Yonne 275,755333,221342,359335,7077,4274589
71 Lot-et-Garonne 247,500305,380326,399331,2715,3616247
72 Loir-et-Cher 241,592314,968326,599329,4706,3435241
73 Ardèche 282,911286,023311,452328,2785,5295907
74 Aube 242,596292,131301,327310,2426,0045210
75 Mayenne 254,479285,338302,983307,0625,1755953
76 Cher 293,918314,428313,251302,3067,2354218
77 Guyane 157,213219,266281,67883,5343973
78 Orne 273,717292,337292,282279,9426,1034661
79 Aveyron 323,782263,808275,889279,5958,7353212
80 Ardennes 293,746290,130284,197270,5825,2295208
81 Mayotte 131,320 [5] 186,452 [6] 269,579 [7] 374720976
82 Tarn-et-Garonne 164,259206,034235,915260,6693,7187082
83 Jura 229,109250,857260,740259,1994,9995239
84 Corrèze 264,129232,576242,896240,0735,8574119
85 Haute-Saône 219,257229,732238,548235,3135,3604470
86 Hautes-Pyrénées 189,993222,368229,079229,5674,4645165
87 Haute-Loire 251,608209,113221,834227,5704,9774643
88 Indre 247,912231,139232,004219,3166,7913236
89 Nièvre 255,195225,198220,653204,4526,8173058
90 Gers 193,134172,335185,266191,3776,2573132
91 Meuse 215,819192,198194,218184,0836,2113055
92 Haute-Corse 141,603162,013181,9334,666392B
93 Lot 166,637160,197172,796174,0945,2173346
94 Haute-Marne 189,791194,873186,470172,5126,2112852
95 Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 87,566139,561157,965164,3086,9252404
96 Corse-du-Sud 118,593140,953158,5074,014402A
97 Ariège 161,265137,205150,201153,2874,8903109
98 Cantal 193,505150,778148,737144,6925,7262515
99 Territoire de Belfort 99,403137,408141,958141,31860923290
100 Hautes-Alpes 87,566121,419134,205141,2205,5492605
101 Creuse 207,882124,470123,907116,6175,5652123
102 Lozère 101,84973,50976,97376,6045,1671548

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  2. Arrondissement of Pointe-à-Pitre, with 14 communes. The population of the arrondissement was 204,900 in 2016.
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This gallery of French coats of arms shows the coats of arms of the Provinces, Regions, and Departments of France, and of certain French cities. They are used to visually identify historical and present-day regions, as well as cities, within France.

Canton of Marseille – Saint-Barthélemy is a former canton located within the commune of Marseille in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of France. It was created 27 February 2003 by the decree 2003-156 of that date. It was disbanded following the French canton reorganisation which came into effect in March 2015. Its population was 41,363 in 2012.

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