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A town is a sub-type of municipalities in the Canadian province of Ontario. A town can have the municipal status of either a single-tier or lower-tier municipality.


Ontario has 89 towns [1] that had a cumulative population of 1,813,458 and an average population of 22,316 in the 2016 Census. [2] Ontario's largest and smallest towns are Oakville and Latchford with populations of 193,832 and 313 respectively. [2]


Under the former Municipal Act, 1990, a town was both an urban and a local municipality. [3] Under this former legislation, a locality with a population of 2,000 or more could have been incorporated as a town by Ontario's Municipal Board upon review of an application from 75 or more residents of the locality. [3] It also enabled the Municipal Board to change the status of a village or township to a town if it had a population of 2,000 upon review of an application from the village or township. [3]

In the transition to the Municipal Act, 2001, these requirements were abandoned and, as at December 31, 2002, every town that: [4]

The current legislation also provides lower and single-tier municipalities with the authority to name themselves as "towns", or other former municipal status types such as "cities", "villages" or "townships", or generically as "municipalities". [5]

Towns in Ontario

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Municipality Administrative division having corporate status and usually some powers of self-government or jurisdiction

A municipality is usually a single administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordinate.

Haldimand County City in Ontario, Canada

Haldimand County is a rural city-status single-tier municipality on the Niagara Peninsula in Southern Ontario, Canada, on the north shore of Lake Erie, and on the Grand River. Despite its name, it is no longer a county by definition, as all municipal services are handled by a single level of government. Municipal offices are located in Cayuga.

A regional municipality is a type of Canadian municipal government similar to and at the same municipal government level as a county, although the specific structure and servicing responsibilities may vary from place to place. Regional municipalities were formed in highly populated areas where it was considered more efficient to provide certain services, such as water, emergency services, and waste management over an area encompassing more than one local municipality. For this reason, regions may be involved in providing services to residents and businesses.

Trent Hills Township in Ontario, Canada

The Municipality of Trent Hills is a township municipality in Northumberland County in Central Ontario, Canada. It is on the Trent River and was created in 2001 through the amalgamation of the municipalities of Campbellford/Seymour, Percy Township and Hastings. Thereafter it was known in brief as Campbellford/Seymour, Percy, Hastings.

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta Specialized municipality in Alberta, Canada

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is a specialized municipality in southwest Alberta, Canada. Within the Rocky Mountains adjacent to the eponymous Crowsnest Pass, the municipality formed as a result of the 1979 amalgamation of five municipalities – the Village of Bellevue, the Town of Blairmore, the Town of Coleman, the Village of Frank, and Improvement District No. 5, which included the Hamlet of Hillcrest and numerous other unincorporated communities.

Laurentian Valley Township municipality in Ontario, Canada

Laurentian Valley is a township municipality in Renfrew County in eastern Ontario, Canada. It borders on the Ottawa River, the city of Pembroke and the town of Petawawa.

County of Grande Prairie No. 1 Municipal district in Alberta, Canada

The County of Grande Prairie No. 1 is a municipal district in northwestern Alberta, Canada in Census Division No. 19.

Plummer Additional Township in Ontario, Canada

Plummer Additional is a township and single tier municipality located in Algoma District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. The township had a population of 660 in the Canada 2016 Census.

2015 Alberta municipal censuses

Alberta has provincial legislation allowing its municipalities to conduct municipal censuses between April 1 and June 30 inclusive. Municipalities choose to conduct their own censuses for multiple reasons such as to better inform municipal service planning and provision, to capitalize on per capita based grant funding from higher levels of government, or to simply update their populations since the last federal census.


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