1958 FIFA World Cup qualification

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1958 FIFA World Cup Qualification
Tournament details
Teams55 (from 6 confederations)
Tournament statistics
Matches played89
Goals scored341 (3.83 per match)
Top scorer(s) Flag of England.svg Tommy Taylor (8 goals)

A total of 55 teams entered the 1958 FIFA World Cup qualification rounds, competing for a total of 16 spots in the final tournament. Sweden as the hosts and West Germany, as the defending champions, qualified automatically, leaving 14 spots open for competition.


The qualification rounds for the four previous World Cups were very confusing, with controversial rules and many withdrawals. From this tournament onwards, FIFA decided to divide the teams into several continental zones, assign a pre-determined number of places in the final tournament to each zone, and delegate the organization of the qualifying tournaments to its confederations: UEFA of Europe, CONMEBOL of South America, NAFC of North America, CCCF of Central America and Caribbean, CAF of Africa and AFC of Asia (and OFC of Oceania after it was formed later). This led to a more organized qualification process with clearer rules, but not yet withdrawal-proof.

The 16 spots available in the 1958 World Cup would be distributed among the continental zones as follows:

However, FIFA also imposed a rule that no team would qualify without playing at least one match because many teams qualified for previous World Cups without playing due to withdrawals of their opponents. Because Israel won the African and Asian zone under this circumstance, FIFA required them to enter a play-off against a team from Europe who initially did not qualify, with the winner of this play-off qualifying. Therefore, effectively in the end, a total of 11.5 places were granted to Europe while only 0.5 places were granted to Africa and Asia.

A total of 46 teams played at least one qualifying match. A total of 89 qualifying matches were played, and 341 goals were scored (an average of 3.83 per match).

Listed below are the dates and results of the qualification rounds.


The 27 teams were divided into 9 groups, each featuring 3 teams. The teams played against each other on a home-and-away basis. The group winners would qualify.

Denmark, East Germany, Iceland and the Soviet Union made their debuts in World Cup qualification.

UEFA Group 1

1Flag of England.svg  England 743101553.00
2Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland 54211670.86
3Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark 040044130.31
3 October 1956 Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg21Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 27'
Gavin Soccerball shade.svg 45' (pen.)
Report Aa. Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 85'Stadium: Dalymount Park
Attendance: 32,600
Referee: Bond (England)

5 December 1956 England  Flag of England.svg52Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark Wolverhampton, England
Taylor Soccerball shade.svg 2', 22', 53'
Edwards Soccerball shade.svg 66', 77'
Report O. Nielsen Soccerball shade.svg 27', 32'Attendance: 54,083
Referee: Guigue (France)

8 May 1957 England  Flag of England.svg51Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland London, England
Taylor Soccerball shade.svg 10', 19', 40'
Atyeo Soccerball shade.svg 38', 90'
Report Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 56'Attendance: 52,000
Referee: Phillips (Scotland)

15 May 1957 Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg14Flag of England.svg  England Copenhagen, Denmark
J. Jensen Soccerball shade.svg 27' Report Haynes Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Taylor Soccerball shade.svg 71', 86'
Atyeo Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Attendance: 35,000
Referee: Dusch (West Germany)

19 May 1957 Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg11Flag of England.svg  England Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Ringstead Soccerball shade.svg 3' Report Atyeo Soccerball shade.svg 90'Attendance: 36,000
Referee: Philips (Scotland)

2 October 1957 Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg02Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland Copenhagen, Denmark
Report Cummins Soccerball shade.svg 53'
Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Attendance: 28,000
Referee: Schulz (East Germany)

England qualified.

UEFA Group 2

1Flag of France.svg  France 743101944.75
2Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium 5421116111.45
3Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland 040046260.23
11 November 1956 France  Flag of France.svg63Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Paris, France
Cisowski Soccerball shade.svg 13', 15', 44', 72', 88'
Vincent Soccerball shade.svg 18'
Report Houf Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Willems Soccerball shade.svg 61', 67'
Attendance: 46,049
Referee: Clough (England)

2 June 1957 France  Flag of France.svg80Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland Nantes, France
C. Oliver Soccerball shade.svg 6', 11'
Vincent Soccerball shade.svg 29', 83'
Dereuddre Soccerball shade.svg 36'
Piantoni Soccerball shade.svg 45', 81'
Brahimi Soccerball shade.svg 49'
Report Attendance: 15,080
Referee: Ellis (England)

5 June 1957 Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg83Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland Brussels, Belgium
Orlans Soccerball shade.svg 4', 57'
Piters Soccerball shade.svg 11'
Vandenberg Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Mees Soccerball shade.svg 22', 26'
Coppens Soccerball shade.svg 42', 44' (pen.)
Report Þórðarson Soccerball shade.svg 33', 77'
R. Jónsson Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Attendance: 6,792
Referee: Blitgen (Luxembourg)

1 September 1957 Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg15Flag of France.svg  France Reykjavík, Iceland
Þ. Jónsson Soccerball shade.svg 64' Report Cisowski Soccerball shade.svg 29', 32'
Ujlaki Soccerball shade.svg 48', 66'
Wisnieski Soccerball shade.svg 53'
Attendance: 9,000
Referee: Davidson (Scotland)

4 September 1957 Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg25Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Reykjavík, Iceland
R. Jónsson Soccerball shade.svg 1'
Þ. Jónsson Soccerball shade.svg 65'
Report Van Herpe Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Willems Soccerball shade.svg 40'
Vandenberg Soccerball shade.svg 64', 81', 89'
Attendance: 7,000
Referee: Davidson (Scotland)

27 October 1957 Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg00Flag of France.svg  France Brussels, Belgium
Report Attendance: 56,497
Referee: Helge (Denmark)

France qualified.

UEFA Group 3

1Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary 643011243.00
2Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967).svg  Bulgaria 442021171.57
3Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 241033150.20
22 May 1957 Norway  Flag of Norway.svg12Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967).svg  Bulgaria Oslo, Norway
Hennum Soccerball shade.svg 47' Report G. Dimitrov Soccerball shade.svg 38', 75'Stadium: Ullevaal
Attendance: 27,542
Referee: Lindberg (Sweden)

12 June 1957 Norway  Flag of Norway.svg21Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Oslo, Norway
Hennum Soccerball shade.svg 10'
K. Kristiansen Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Report Tichy Soccerball shade.svg 43'Attendance: 25,724
Referee: Helge (Denmark)

23 June 1957 Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg41Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967).svg  Bulgaria Budapest, Hungary
Machos Soccerball shade.svg 5', 14', 30'
Bozsik Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Report Kolev Soccerball shade.svg 69'Stadium: Nepstadion
Attendance: 60,000
Referee: Guigue (France)

15 September 1957 Bulgaria  Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967).svg12Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Sofia, Bulgaria
Diev Soccerball shade.svg 43' Report Hidegkuti Soccerball shade.svg 2', 34'Stadium: Vasil Levski
Attendance: 50,000
Referee: Bernardi (Italy)

3 November 1957 Bulgaria  Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967).svg70Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Sofia, Bulgaria
Iliev Soccerball shade.svg 6', 60', 74'
Panayotov Soccerball shade.svg 29', 32'
Yanev Soccerball shade.svg 59'
Debarski Soccerball shade.svg 77'
Report Stadium: Vasil Levski
Attendance: 22,120
Referee: Macko (Czechoslovakia)

10 November 1957 Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg50Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Budapest, Hungary
Sándor Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Csordás Soccerball shade.svg 20', 71'
Machos Soccerball shade.svg 69'
Falch Soccerball shade.svg 74' (o.g.)
Report Attendance: 91,000
Referee: Dusch (West Germany)

Hungary qualified.

UEFA Group 4

1Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czechoslovakia 64301933.00
2Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg  Wales 44202651.20
3Flag of Germany.svg  East Germany 241035120.42
1 May 1957 Wales  Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg10Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czechoslovakia Cardiff, Wales
Vernon Soccerball shade.svg 75' Report Referee: Bronkhorst (Netherlands)

19 May 1957 East Germany  Flag of Germany.svg21Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg  Wales Leipzig, East Germany
Wirth Soccerball shade.svg 21'
Tröger Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Report M. Charles Soccerball shade.svg 6'Referee: Latyshev (Soviet Union)

26 May 1957 Czechoslovakia  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg20Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg  Wales Prague, Czechoslovakia
Daniel Soccerball shade.svg 21' (o.g.)
Kraus Soccerball shade.svg 65'
Report Referee: Wyssling ()

16 June 1957 Czechoslovakia  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg31Flag of Germany.svg  East Germany Brno, Czechoslovakia
Kraus Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Bubník Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Molnár Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Report Wirth Soccerball shade.svg 18'Referee: Jörgensen (Denmark)

25 September 1957 Wales  Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg41Flag of Germany.svg  East Germany Cardiff, Wales
Palmer Soccerball shade.svg 38', 44', 73'
Jones Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Report Kaiser Soccerball shade.svg 57'Referee: Leafe (England)

27 October 1957 East Germany  Flag of Germany.svg14Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czechoslovakia Leipzig, East Germany
H. Müller Soccerball shade.svg 35' Report Kraus Soccerball shade.svg 4', 88'
Moravčík Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Novák Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Referee: Schwinte (France)

Czechoslovakia qualified. Wales received another chance to qualify after being drawn to play against Israel in a special play-off; see CAF / AFC Final Round and Play-off.

UEFA Group 5

1Flag of Austria.svg  Austria 743101434.67
2Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 542111271.71
3Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg 040043190.16
30 September 1956 Austria  Flag of Austria.svg70Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Vienna, Austria
Hanappi Soccerball shade.svg 18', 25'
Walzhofer Soccerball shade.svg 51'
Wagner Soccerball shade.svg 62', 77'
Kozlicek Soccerball shade.svg 71'
Haummer Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Report Referee: Liverani (Italy)

20 March 1957 Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg41Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Rotterdam, Netherlands
Van der Gijp Soccerball shade.svg 27', 30'
Dillen Soccerball shade.svg 72'
Brusselers Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Report Halsdorf Soccerball shade.svg 34'Referee: Treichel (West Germany)

26 May 1957 Austria  Flag of Austria.svg32Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Vienna, Austria
Koller Soccerball shade.svg 47'
Buzek Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Stotz Soccerball shade.svg 89' (pen.)
Report Van Melis Soccerball shade.svg 30', 32'Referee: Schmetzer (West Germany)

11 September 1957 Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg52Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lenstra Soccerball shade.svg 15', 28'
Wilkes Soccerball shade.svg 26'
Van Melis Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Rijvers Soccerball shade.svg 54'
Report Fiedler Soccerball shade.svg 5'
Letsch Soccerball shade.svg 58'
Referee: Murdoch (England)

25 September 1957 Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg11Flag of Austria.svg  Austria Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lenstra Soccerball shade.svg 63' Report Hanappi Soccerball shade.svg 29'Referee: Ellis (England)

29 September 1957 Luxembourg  Flag of Luxembourg.svg03Flag of Austria.svg  Austria Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Report Dienst Soccerball shade.svg 19'
Buzek Soccerball shade.svg 47'
Senekowitsch Soccerball shade.svg 66'
Referee: Versyp (Belgium)

Austria qualified.

UEFA Group 6

1=Flag of the Soviet Union.svg  Soviet Union 643011635.33
1=Flag of Poland (1928-1980).svg  Poland 64301951.80
3Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 040042190.11
23 June 1957 Soviet Union  Flag of the Soviet Union.svg30Flag of Poland (1928-1980).svg  Poland Moscow, Soviet Union
Tatushin Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Simonyan Soccerball shade.svg 55'
Ilyin Soccerball shade.svg 77'
Report Stadium: Lenin Central Stadium
Attendance: 102,000
Referee: Clough (England)

5 July 1957 Finland  Flag of Finland.svg13Flag of Poland (1928-1980).svg  Poland Helsinki, Finland
Vanhanen Soccerball shade.svg 72' Report Jankowski Soccerball shade.svg 19', 56', 65'Referee: Nilsen (Norway)

27 July 1957 Soviet Union  Flag of the Soviet Union.svg21Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Moscow, Soviet Union
Voinov Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Netto Soccerball shade.svg 62'
Report Lahtinen Soccerball shade.svg 42'Stadium: Dynamo Stadium
Attendance: 50,000
Referee: Mayer (Austria)

15 August 1957 Finland  Flag of Finland.svg010Flag of the Soviet Union.svg  Soviet Union Helsinki, Finland
Report Netto Soccerball shade.svg 6'
Simonyan Soccerball shade.svg 9', 13', 31'
Isayev Soccerball shade.svg 12', 20'
Streltsov Soccerball shade.svg 29', 49'
Ilyin Soccerball shade.svg 60', 87'
Referee: A. Asmussen (Denmark)

20 October 1957 Poland  Flag of Poland (1928-1980).svg21Flag of the Soviet Union.svg  Soviet Union Chorzów, Poland
Cieślik Soccerball shade.svg 43', 50' Report Ivanov Soccerball shade.svg 80'Referee: Clough (England)

3 November 1957 Poland  Flag of Poland (1928-1980).svg40Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Warsaw, Poland
Gawlik Soccerball shade.svg 2'
Brychczy Soccerball shade.svg 4', 48'
Jankowski Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Report Referee: Dusch (West Germany)

Poland and USSR finished level on points, a play-off on neutral ground was played to decide who would qualify.

24 November 1957 Soviet Union  Flag of the Soviet Union.svg20Flag of Poland (1928-1980).svg  Poland Leipzig, East Germany
Streltsov Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Fedosov Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Report Referee: Clough (England)

USSR qualified.

UEFA Group 7

1Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg  Yugoslavia 64220723.50
2Flag of Romania (1952-1965).svg  Romania 54211641.50
3Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg  Greece 14013290.22
5 May 1957 Greece  Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg00Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg  Yugoslavia Athens, Greece
Report Referee: Devillers (France)

16 June 1957 Greece  Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg12Flag of Romania (1952-1965).svg  Romania Athens, Greece
Panakis Soccerball shade.svg 29' Report A. Ene Soccerball shade.svg 15'
Ozon Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Referee: Harzic (France)

29 September 1957 Romania  Flag of Romania (1952-1965).svg11Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg  Yugoslavia Bucharest, Romania
A. Ene Soccerball shade.svg 78' Report Mujić Soccerball shade.svg 79'Referee: Grill (Austria)

3 November 1957 Romania  Flag of Romania (1952-1965).svg30Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg  Greece Bucharest, Romania
Petschovsky Soccerball shade.svg 51' (pen.)
Tătaru Soccerball shade.svg 64'
Cacoveanu Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Report Referee: Schwinte (France)

10 November 1957 Yugoslavia  Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg41Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg  Greece Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Mujić Soccerball shade.svg 6', 61'
Krstić Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Petaković Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Report Nestoridis Soccerball shade.svg 28'Referee: Jonni (Italy)

17 November 1957 Yugoslavia  Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg20Flag of Romania (1952-1965).svg  Romania Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Milutinović Soccerball shade.svg 52', 58' Report Referee: Seipelt (Austria)

Yugoslavia qualified.

UEFA Group 8

1Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland 54211632.00
2Flag of Italy.svg  Italy 44202551.00
3Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal 34112470.57
16 January 1957 Portugal  Flag of Portugal.svg11Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland Lisbon, Portugal
Vasques Soccerball shade.svg 24' Report Bingham Soccerball shade.svg 6'Referee: Lequesne (France)

25 April 1957 Italy  Flag of Italy.svg10Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland Rome, Italy
Cervato Soccerball shade.svg 3' Report Referee: Guigue (France)

1 May 1957 Northern Ireland  Ulster Banner.svg30Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal Belfast, Northern Ireland
Casey Soccerball shade.svg 22'
Simpson Soccerball shade.svg 60'
McIlroy Soccerball shade.svg 70' (pen.)
Report Referee: Phillips (Scotland)

26 May 1957 Portugal  Flag of Portugal.svg30Flag of Italy.svg  Italy Lisbon, Portugal
Vasques Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Teixeira Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Matateu Soccerball shade.svg 87'
Report Referee: Treichel (West Germany)

22 December 1957 Italy  Flag of Italy.svg30Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal Milan, Italy
Gratton Soccerball shade.svg 36', 72'
Pivatelli Soccerball shade.svg 84'
Report Referee: Damiani (Yugoslavia)

15 January 1958 Northern Ireland  Ulster Banner.svg21Flag of Italy.svg  Italy Belfast, Northern Ireland
McIlroy Soccerball shade.svg 13'
Cush Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Report Da Costa Soccerball shade.svg 56'Referee: Zsolt (Hungary)

The 15 January 1958 fixture of Italy at Northern Ireland was originally scheduled for 4 December 1957, but heavy fog in London prevented the referee (István Zsolt, manager of the Budapest Opera House) from arriving for the match in time. The fixture was postponed, but the match continued as a friendly, and ended in a 2–2 draw and a riot as the crowd (infuriated by the postponement and quite rough play from some Italian players) invaded the pitch. The 'friendly' match was dubbed the 'Battle of Belfast'. [1] Danny Blanchflower, Northern Ireland captain at the time, helped save the situation by ordering his players to escort their Italian counterparts off the field while the police dealt with the crowd. [2]

Northern Ireland qualified.

This was the only time that Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup until their failure to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

UEFA Group 9

1Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 643011091.11
2Flag of Spain (1945-1977).svg  Spain 542111281.50
3Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland 140136110.55
10 March 1957 Spain  Flag of Spain (1945-1977).svg22Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland Madrid, Spain
Suárez Soccerball shade.svg 30'
González Soccerball shade.svg 48'
Report Hügi Soccerball shade.svg 6', 67'Referee: Erich (West Germany)

8 May 1957 Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg42Flag of Spain (1945-1977).svg  Spain Glasgow, Scotland
Mudie Soccerball shade.svg 22', 70', 79'
Hewie Soccerball shade.svg 41' (pen.)
Report Suárez Soccerball shade.svg 19'
Kubala Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Referee: Dusch (West Germany)

19 May 1957 Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg12Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland Basel, Switzerland
R. Vonlanthen Soccerball shade.svg 13' Report Mudie Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Ring Soccerball shade.svg 71'
Referee: Seipelt (Austria)

26 May 1957 Spain  Flag of Spain (1945-1977).svg41Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland Madrid, Spain
Mateos Soccerball shade.svg 11'
Kubala Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Basora Soccerball shade.svg 60', 87'
Report Smith Soccerball shade.svg 79'Referee: Leafe (England)

6 November 1957 Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg32Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland Glasgow, Scotland
Robertson Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Mudie Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Scott Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Report Riva Soccerball shade.svg 35'
R. Vonlanthen Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Referee: Leafe (England)

24 November 1957 Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg14Flag of Spain (1945-1977).svg  Spain Lausanne, Switzerland
Ballaman Soccerball shade.svg 61' Report Kubala Soccerball shade.svg 19', 72'
Di Stéfano Soccerball shade.svg 24', 55'
Referee: Alsteen (Belgium)

Scotland qualified.

South America

The 9 teams were divided into 3 groups of 3 teams each. The teams played against each other on a home-and-away basis. The group winners would qualify.


1Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg  Brazil 3211021
2Flag of Peru (state).svg  Peru 1201112
Flag of Venezuela (1954-2006).svg  Venezuela withdrew
13 April 1957 Peru  Flag of Peru (state).svg11Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg  Brazil Lima, Peru
Terry Soccerball shade.svg 38' Índio Soccerball shade.svg 47'Referee: Rodriguez (Uruguay)

21 April 1957 Brazil  Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg10Flag of Peru (state).svg  Peru Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Didi Soccerball shade.svg 11'Referee: Marino (Uruguay)

Brazil qualified.


1Flag of Argentina (alternative).svg  Argentina 64301102
2Flag of Bolivia (state).svg  Bolivia 4420266
3Flag of Chile.svg  Chile 24103210
22 September 1957 Chile  Flag of Chile.svg21Flag of Bolivia (state).svg  Bolivia Santiago, Chile
Díaz Soccerball shade.svg 62'
Ramírez Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Alcón Soccerball shade.svg 36'Referee: Wyssling (Switzerland)

29 September 1957 Bolivia  Flag of Bolivia (state).svg30Flag of Chile.svg  Chile La Paz, Bolivia
García Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Alcócer Soccerball shade.svg 70', 86'
Referee: Wyssling (Switzerland)

6 October 1957 Bolivia  Flag of Bolivia (state).svg20Flag of Argentina (alternative).svg  Argentina La Paz, Bolivia
Alcócer Soccerball shade.svg 13'
García Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Referee: Wyssling (Switzerland)

13 October 1957 Chile  Flag of Chile.svg02Flag of Argentina (alternative).svg  Argentina Santiago, Chile
Menéndez Soccerball shade.svg 40'
Conde Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Referee: Wyssling (Switzerland)

20 October 1957 Argentina  Flag of Argentina (alternative).svg40Flag of Chile.svg  Chile Buenos Aires, Argentina
Corbatta Soccerball shade.svg 1', 41'
Menéndez Soccerball shade.svg 13'
Zárate Soccerball shade.svg 45'
Referee: Wyssling (Switzerland)

27 October 1957 Argentina  Flag of Argentina (alternative).svg40Flag of Bolivia (state).svg  Bolivia Buenos Aires, Argentina
Zárate Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Corbatta Soccerball shade.svg 62'
Prado Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Menéndez Soccerball shade.svg 64'
Referee: Wyssling (Switzerland)

Argentina qualified.


1Flag of Paraguay (1954-1988).svg  Paraguay 64301114
2Flag of Uruguay.svg  Uruguay 5421146
3Flag of Colombia.svg  Colombia 1401338
16 June 1957 Colombia  Flag of Colombia.svg11Flag of Uruguay.svg  Uruguay Bogotá, Colombia
Arango Soccerball shade.svg 15' Ambrois Soccerball shade.svg 46'Referee: Husband (England)

20 June 1957 Colombia  Flag of Colombia.svg23Flag of Paraguay (1954-1988).svg  Paraguay Bogotá, Colombia
Gutiérrez Soccerball shade.svg 10'
Díaz Soccerball shade.svg 89'
A. Jara Soccerball shade.svg 34'
Agüero Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Aguilera Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Referee: Husband (England)

30 June 1957 Uruguay  Flag of Uruguay.svg10Flag of Colombia.svg  Colombia Montevideo, Uruguay
Míguez Soccerball shade.svg 89' (pen.)Referee: Husband (England)

7 July 1957 Paraguay  Flag of Paraguay (1954-1988).svg30Flag of Colombia.svg  Colombia Asunción, Paraguay
E. Jara Soccerball shade.svg 11', 77'
Agüero Soccerball shade.svg 27'
Referee: Husband (England)

14 July 1957 Paraguay  Flag of Paraguay (1954-1988).svg50Flag of Uruguay.svg  Uruguay Asunción, Paraguay
Amarilla Soccerball shade.svg 5', 48', 57'
A. Jara Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Agüero Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Referee: Husband (England)

28 July 1957 Uruguay  Flag of Uruguay.svg20Flag of Paraguay (1954-1988).svg  Paraguay Montevideo, Uruguay
Benítez Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Martínez Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Referee: Husband (England)

Paraguay qualified.

North, Central America and Caribbean

There were two rounds of play:

CCCF / NAFC First Round

Group 1

1Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg  Mexico 84400182
2Canadian Red Ensign (1921-1957).svg  Canada 4420288
3Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg  United States 04004521
7 April 1957 Mexico  Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg60Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg  United States Mexico City, Mexico
C. Gutiérrez Soccerball shade.svg 14', 26'
Reyes Soccerball shade.svg 33', 69', 76'
H. Hernández Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Attendance: 60,000
Referee: Van Rosberg (Netherlands Antilles)

28 April 1957 United States  Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg27Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg  Mexico Long Beach, United States
E. Murphy Soccerball shade.svg 5', 45' A. Hernández Soccerball shade.svg 22', 36', 82'
C. Gutiérrez Soccerball shade.svg 38'
H. Hernández Soccerball shade.svg 65', 87'
Sesma Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Attendance: 12,500
Referee: Morgan (Canada)

22 June 1957 Canada  Canadian Red Ensign (1921-1957).svg51Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg  United States Varsity Stadium Toronto, Canada
McLeod Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Philley Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Hughes Soccerball shade.svg 55', 80'
Stewart Soccerball shade.svg 57'
Keough Soccerball shade.svg 35' (pen.)Attendance: 5,167
Referee: Sadler (Canada)

30 June 1957 Mexico  Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg30Canadian Red Ensign (1921-1957).svg  Canada Mexico City, Mexico
C. González Soccerball shade.svg 5', 72'
C. Gutiérrez Soccerball shade.svg 46'
Referee: Van Rosberg (Netherlands Antilles)

3 July 1957 Mexico  Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg20Canadian Red Ensign (1921-1957).svg  Canada Mexico City, Mexico
C. Gutiérrez Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Sesma Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Referee: Van Rosberg (Netherlands Antilles)

6 July 1957 United States  Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg [4] 23Canadian Red Ensign (1921-1957).svg  Canada St. Louis, United States
Mendoza Soccerball shade.svg 42'
J. Murphy Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Philley Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Steckiw Soccerball shade.svg 14'
Stewart Soccerball shade.svg 25'
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Lutostanski (United States)

Mexico advanced to the Final Round.

Group 2

1Flag of Costa Rica.svg  Costa Rica 84400154
2 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Territory of Curaçao 2310247
3Flag of Guatemala.svg  Guatemala 03003412
10 February 1957 Guatemala  Flag of Guatemala.svg26Flag of Costa Rica.svg  Costa Rica Guatemala City, Guatemala
Vickers Soccerball shade.svg 19'
Espinoza Soccerball shade.svg 87'
Hernán Soccerball shade.svg 11', 28', 38'
Jiménez Soccerball shade.svg 17'
Montero Soccerball shade.svg 48'
Murillo Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Referee: Sundheim (Colombia)

17 February 1957 Costa Rica  Flag of Costa Rica.svg31
(66') [5]
Flag of Guatemala.svg  Guatemala San José, Costa Rica
Jiménez Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Cordero Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Herrera Soccerball shade.svg 65'
López Soccerball shade.svg 61'Referee: Orrego (Colombia)

3 March 1957 Costa Rica  Flag of Costa Rica.svg40 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Territory of Curaçao San José, Costa Rica
Herrera Soccerball shade.svg 16', 63'
Murillo Soccerball shade.svg 35', 67'
Referee: McKenna (England)

14 March 1957 Guatemala  Flag of Guatemala.svg13 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Territory of Curaçao Guatemala City, Guatemala
López Soccerball shade.svg 51' De Lanoy Soccerball shade.svg 23', 31'
Meulens Soccerball shade.svg 65'
Referee: Sundheim (Colombia)

Costa Rica advanced to the Final Round. Territory of Curaçao v Guatemala was not played because the Guatemalan players were not permitted to travel to the Netherlands Antilles (the Netherlands Antilles were still using the nation's former "Curaçao" name). [6] However, neither team would have been able to advance with a win regardless.

CCCF / NAFC Final Round

1Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg  Mexico 3211031
2Flag of Costa Rica.svg  Costa Rica 1201113
20 October 1957 Mexico  Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg20Flag of Costa Rica.svg  Costa Rica Mexico City, Mexico
Belmonte Soccerball shade.svg 77'
López Soccerball shade.svg 86'
Referee: Husband (England)

27 October 1957 Costa Rica  Flag of Costa Rica.svg11Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg  Mexico San José, Costa Rica
Soto Soccerball shade.svg 32' López Soccerball shade.svg 27'Referee: Husband (England)

Mexico qualified.

Africa and Asia

FIFA rejected the entries of Ethiopia and South Korea. [2] The remaining 10 teams played in a knockout tournament, with matches on a home-and-away basis. The tournament winner would qualify.

CAF / AFC Preliminary Round

1=Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia advanced
1=Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China PR advanced
Flag of the Republic of China.svg  Republic of China withdrew

Republic of China withdrew, so China PR and Indonesia advanced to the First Round automatically.

CAF / AFC First Round

Group 1

1=Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia 22101541.25
1=Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China PR 22101450.8
Indonesia  Flag of Indonesia.svg20Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China PR
Ramang Soccerball shade.svg 47', 80'
Referee: Jonni (Italy)

China PR  Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg43Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia
Zhang Honggen Soccerball shade.svg 1'
Nian Weisi Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Sun Fucheng Soccerball shade.svg 47'
Wang Lu Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Ramang Soccerball shade.svg 25', 55'
Witarsa Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Referee: Chakravarti (India)

China PR and Indonesia finished level on points, and a play-off on neutral ground was played to decide who would advance to the Second Round.

Indonesia  Flag of Indonesia.svg00
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China PR
Referee: U Ba Thaung (Burma)

Indonesia advanced to the Second Round by having a better goal average. (Penalty shootouts had not been invented.)

Group 2

1Flag of Israel.svg  Israel advanced
Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey withdrew

Turkey refused to compete in the Asian group, so Israel advanced to the Second Round automatically.

Group 3

1Flag of Egypt (1922-1958).svg  Egypt advanced
Blue Ensign of Cyprus (1922).svg  Cyprus withdrew

Cyprus withdrew, so Egypt advanced to the Second Round automatically.

Group 4

1Flag of Sudan (1956-1970).svg  Sudan 3211021
2Flag of Syria (1932-1958; 1961-1963).svg  Syria 1201112
8 March 1957 Sudan  Flag of Sudan (1956-1970).svg10Flag of Syria (1932-1958; 1961-1963).svg  Syria Khartoum, Sudan
Manzul Soccerball shade.svg 78' (pen.)Stadium: Khartoum Stadium
Referee: Riccardo Pieri (Italy)

24 May 1957 Syria  Flag of Syria (1932-1958; 1961-1963).svg11Flag of Sudan (1956-1970).svg  Sudan Damascus, Syria
Al-Zarqa Soccerball shade.svg 70' Suleiman Faris Soccerball shade.svg 38'Stadium: Abbasiyyin Stadium
Referee: Konstantinos Ioannidis (Greece)

Sudan advanced.

CAF / AFC Second Round

1=Flag of Israel.svg  Israel advanced
1=Flag of Sudan (1956-1970).svg  Sudan advanced
Flag of Egypt (1922-1958).svg  Egypt withdrew
Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia withdrew

Indonesia withdrew after FIFA rejected their request to play against Israel on neutral ground. Israel advanced to the Final Round automatically. Egypt withdrew, so Sudan advanced to the Final Round automatically.

CAF / AFC Final Round

1Flag of Israel.svg  Israel advanced
Flag of Sudan (1956-1970).svg  Sudan withdrew

Sudan refused to play against Israel because of the Arab League boycott of Israel, so Israel would technically qualify automatically, but before the qualification rounds began, FIFA had ruled that no team would qualify without playing at least one match (except for the defending champions and the hosts), and Israel had yet to play any.

Inter-confederation play-offs: CAF/AFC v UEFA

A special play-off was created between Israel and the runner-up of one of the UEFA/CONMEBOL/CCCF/NAFC Groups, where the teams played against each other on a home-and-away basis, with the winner qualifying. Both two-time champions Uruguay and Italy withdrew, so Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Peru, Bolivia and Costa Rica were had to draw. After Belgium refused, Wales, the runner-up of UEFA Group 4, was the team drawn from the UEFA group runners-up. [7]

PosTeamPldWDLGFGAGDPtsQualification Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg Flag of Israel.svg
1Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg  Wales 220040+44Qualification to 1958 FIFA World Cup 2–0
2Flag of Israel.svg  Israel 20020440 0–2
Source: FIFA

Qualified teams

FIFA World Cup qualification 1958 Qualification for the 1958 FIFA World Cup.png
FIFA World Cup qualification 1958
Qualifying countries 1958 world cup.png
Qualifying countries
TeamFinals AppearanceStreakLast Appearance
Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina 3rd1 1934
Flag of Austria.svg  Austria 3rd2 1954
Flag of Brazil (1889-1960).svg  Brazil 6th6 1954
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czechoslovakia 4th2 1954
Flag of England.svg  England 3rd3 1954
Flag of France.svg  France 5th2 1954
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary 4th2 1954
Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg  Mexico 4th3 1954
Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland 1st1
Flag of Paraguay (1954-1988).svg  Paraguay 3rd1 1950
Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 2nd2 1954
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden [8] 4th1 1950
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg  Soviet Union 1st1
Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg  Wales 1st1
Flag of Germany.svg  West Germany [9] 4th2 1954
Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg  Yugoslavia 4th3 1954

7 of the 16 teams subsequently failed to qualify for the 1962 finals: Austria, France, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Scotland, Sweden and Wales.


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7 goals
5 goals
4 goals
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