2021 Kerala Legislative Assembly election

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2021 Kerala Legislative Assembly Election
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All 140 seats in the Kerala Legislative Assembly
71 seats needed for a majority
Turnout75.60% (Decrease2.svg1.93%)
  Pinarayi Vijayan cm.jpg Ramesh-chennithala-3453.jpg K. Surendran (Kerala politician).jpg
Leader Pinarayi Vijayan Ramesh Chennithala K. Surendran
Alliance LDF UDF NDA
Leader since201620162020
Leader's seat Dharmadam Haripad Manjeshwar (lost)

Konni (lost)

Last election91 seats47 seats1 seat
Seats won99 seats41 seats0 seats
Seat changeIncrease2.svg8Decrease2.svg6Decrease2.svg1
Popular vote10,555,6168,196,8132,582,289

2021 Kerala election result.svg
Constituency-wise result

Chief Minister before election

Pinarayi Vijayan

Elected Chief Minister

Pinarayi Vijayan

The 2021 Kerala Legislative Assembly election was held in Kerala on 6 April 2021 to elect 140 members to the 15th Kerala Legislative Assembly. The results were declared on 2 May. [1]


The election saw the incumbent Left Democratic Front (LDF) retaining power with 99 seats, 8 more than in the previous election, marking the first time that an alliance won consecutive terms in the state since its 1977 election. [2] The United Democratic Front (UDF) won the remaining 41 seats, 6 less than in the previous election. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) received a dip in vote share and lost their lone seat. [3] Pinarayi Vijayan became the first Chief Minister of Kerala to be re-elected after completing a full, five-year term in office. [4] [5]


Kerala has a unicameral house of legislation, Niyamasabha, consisting of 140 members elected from individual constituencies and one nominated member from the Anglo-Indian community. Members are elected for a period of five years, unless the assembly is dissolved earlier. Fourteen and two constituencies respectively are reserved for members belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST). The tenure of the members of the 14th Legislative Assembly in the state ended on 1 June 2021. [6]

As with all assembly elections in India, Kerala uses first-past-the-post election system. Voters are given a provision to vote NOTA (None Of The Above). State Election Commission, Kerala conducts the assembly election and is overseen by Election Commission of India. [7]

Changes in alliance compositions

In the previous election in 2016, the LDF bagged 91 seats in the assembly, defeating the incumbent UDF, led by the Indian National Congress (INC), which could only win 47 seats in the election. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won one seat, and the remaining seat was won by an independent, P. C. George, who later formed the party Kerala Janapaksham (Secular). [8]

After being suspended from UDF, Kerala Congress (M), led by Jose K. Mani, joined LDF. However, a faction of the party, led by P. J. Joseph, remained in UDF and formed Kerala Congress. [9] [10]

Another major change that occurred after 2016 was the entry of 4 parties, including Loktantrik Janata Dal and Indian National League, into LDF. [11]

2020 local elections

In the 2020 Kerala local elections held in December, LDF performed strong, including a lead in 11 out of 14 district panchayats in the state. [12]

The induction of Kerala Congress (M) gave inroads to LDF in the traditional UDF strongholds of Kottayam district and nearby areas with large number of Syrian Christian voters. [13]

After the local elections, A. Vijayaraghavan, the new state secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist), repeatedly alleged that UDF had secret alliance with the fundamentalist organisations like Jamaat-e-Islami. [14] [15]


In February 2021, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Mani C. Kappan, the sitting MLA of Pala constituency, switched to the UDF after the LDF denied his request to contest in Pala constituency in the election. This resulted in his expulsion from NCP, following which he formed a new political party named Nationalist Congress Kerala (NCK). [16]

In March 2021, R. Balasankar, leader of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh from Alappuzha, claimed that the Kerala leadership of BJP had struck a secret deal with CPI(M) to weaken and ensure the defeat of UDF, a claim denied by BJP. [17] [18] On 17 March 2021, P. C. Thomas announced the merger of his party with P. J. Joseph's Kerala Congress, with him being its Deputy Chairman. [19]


Location of all constituencies Legislative assembly constituencies in Kerala.svg
Location of all constituencies
Election eventDateDay
Date of issue of gazette notification12/03/2021Friday
Last date for filing nomination19/03/2021Friday
Scrutiny of nomination20/03/2021Saturday
Last date of withdrawal of candidature22/03/2021Monday
Date of polling06/04/2021Tuesday
Date of counting02/05/2021Sunday
Final voters list for 2021 Kerala Legislative Assembly election
Group of votersVoters population
Total voters2,74,46,039


Parties and alliances

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) is a coalition of centre-left to left-wing political parties, led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPIM). The United Democratic Front (UDF) is an alliance of centrist to centre-left political parties led by the Indian National Congress (INC). The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a coalition of centrist to right-wing parties.

   Left Democratic Front

An alliance of centre-left to left-wing political parties, the LDF is currently in power. The coalition consists of CPI(M), CPI and several smaller parties.

Seat sharing mapNo.PartyFlagSymbolLeaderPhotoSeats contestedMaleFemale
LDF's seat sharing map for the 2021 Kerala Legislative Assembly election Constituencies contested by LDF allies.png
LDF's seat sharing map for the 2021 Kerala Legislative Assembly election
1. Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI-M-flag.svg Indian Election Symbol Hammer Sickle and Star.png Kodiyeri Balakrishnan
KodiyeriBalakrishnan (cropped).jpg
2. Communist Party of India CPI-banner.svg CPI symbol.svg Kanam Rajendran
3. Kerala Congress (M) Kerala-Congress-flag.svg Indian election symbol two leaves.svg Jose K. Mani
Jose K. Mani, MP.jpg
4. Janata Dal (Secular) Mathew T. Thomas
5. Nationalist Congress Party NCP-flag.svg Nationalist Congress Party Election Symbol.png T. P. Peethambaran
T.P. Peethambaran.jpg
6. Loktantrik Janata Dal Loktantrik Janata Dal Flag.png M. V. Shreyams Kumar
MV Shreyams Kumar.jpg
7. Indian National League INL FLAG.png A. P. Abdul Wahab
8. Congress (Secular) Congress (Secular) Flag.png Kadannappalli Ramachandran
Kadannappally Ramachandran.jpg
9. Kerala Congress (B) Kerala-Congress-flag.svg R. Balakrishna Pillai
R Balakrishna Pillai.jpg
10. Janadhipathya Kerala Congress Kerala-Congress-flag.svg K. C. Joseph
Dr K C Joseph.jpg
11. Independents 12120

   United Democratic Front

It is an alliance of centrist to centre-left political parties in the state, founded by the prominent Congress party leader K. Karunakaran in 1978.

Seat sharing mapNo.PartyFlagSymbolLeaderPhotoSeats contestedMaleFemale
Kerala UDF allies Constituency Sharing map.png
1. Indian National Congress Indian National Congress Flag.svg Hand INC.svg Mullappally Ramachandran
Shri Mullappally Ramachandran taking over the charge of the Minister of State for Home Affairs, in New Delhi on May 30, 2009.jpg
2. Indian Union Muslim League Flag of the Indian Union Muslim League.svg Indian Election Symbol Lader.svg Sayed Hyderali Shihab Thangal
Sayed Hyderali Shihab Thangal BNC.jpg
3. Kerala Congress Kerala-Congress-flag.svg P. J. Joseph
P.J Joseph.jpg
4. Revolutionary Socialist Party RSP-flag.svg Indian Election Symbol Spade and Stoker.png A.A. Aziz
A A Azeez.JPG
5. Nationalist Congress Kerala Mani C. Kappan
Mani C.Kappan.JPG
6. Kerala Congress (Jacob) Kerala-Congress-flag.svg Anoop Jacob
Anoop jacob.JPG
7. Communist Marxist Party CMP-banner.svg Indian Election Symbol Battery-Torch.png C. P. John
8. Revolutionary Marxist Party of India RMPI flag.jpg N. Venu
N. Venu.jpg
9. Independents 220

   National Democratic Alliance

It is an alliance of right-wing parties. NDA Kerala unit was constituted in 2016. The coalition consists of Bharatiya Janata Party, Bharath Dharma Jana Sena and a variety of other smaller parties. [21]

Seat sharing mapNo.PartyFlagSymbolLeaderPhotoSeats contestedMaleFemale
NDA's seat sharing map for the 2021 Kerala Legislative Assembly election Constituencies contested by NDA allies.png
NDA's seat sharing map for the 2021 Kerala Legislative Assembly election
1. Bharatiya Janata Party BJP flag.svg K. Surendran
K. Surendran (Kerala politician).jpg
2. Bharath Dharma Jana Sena Thushar Vellapally
Thushar Vellapally.png
3. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam AIADMK OfficialFlag Vector.svg G. Shobakumar [22] 21 [lower-alpha 1] 1
4. Kerala Kamaraj Congress Kerala Kamaraj Congress Flag.png Vishnupuram Chandrasekharan
Vishnupuram Chandrasekharan.jpg
5. Janadhipathya Rashtriya Sabha JRS color.jpg C. K. Janu
CK janu.jpg


On 28 February 2021, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) released its campaign slogan for the Assembly election, "Urappanu LDF" [23] (Malayalam: ഉറപ്പാണ് LDF) which translates to "LDF for sure". The alliance released its manifesto on 19 March. [24]

The United Democratic Front (UDF) released their campaign slogan "Naadu Nannakan UDF" (നാട് നന്നാകാൻ UDF) which roughly translates to ‘UDF for Kerala’s Advancement'. [25] The UDF released their election manifesto on 20 March 2020. [26]

The BJP- led National Democratic Alliance released their campaign slogan "Puthiya Keralam Modikkoppam" (Malayalam: പുതിയ കേരളം മോദിക്കൊപ്പം) which roughly translates to 'New Kerala with Modi.' [27] BJP pledged to ban Love Jihad if elected to power. [28]


Many parties, including the CPI(M), the INC and the CPI, did not give tickets to most sitting MLAs who had already served two terms. A third of selected candidates had prior experience in local bodies. [29] The Indian Union Muslim League fielded a female candidate - Noorbeena Rasheed in Kozhikode South - for the first time in 25 years. [30] [31] [32] Anannyah Kumari Alex, contesting from Vengara, became the first ever transgender candidate to be nominated for Kerala assembly election, [33] However, she suspended her campaign after alleged harassment from her party members. [34]

Nominations of NDA candidates in Thalassery, Guruvayur and Devikulam were rejected by the Election Commission, citing incomplete nomination papers. Hence, the alliance offered support Democratic Social Justice Party (DSJP) candidate in Guruvayur, AIADMK candidate in Devikulam [35] and for an independent candidate in Thalassery, however the latter rejected the support. [36]

Opinion polls

Date publishedPolling agencyLeadRef.
29 March 2021 Asianet News–C fore82–9146–543–711–20 [37]
24 March 2021 MathrubhumiCVoter 73–8356–660–12–12 [38]
Manorama News–VMR77–8254–590–36–11 [39]
Times NowCVoter 776216 [40]
19 March 2021 Mathrubhumi NewsCVoter 75-83 (79)55–60 (57)0–2 (1)4–12 (8) [41]
15 March 2021 ABP NewsCVoter 77–8554–620–26–14 [42]
MediaOne–P-Marq (Politique Marquer)74–8058–640–23–9 [43]
8 March 2021 Times NowCVoter 8256111 [44]
28 February 202124 News72–7863–691–21–7 [45]
27 February 2021 ABP NewsCVoter 83–9147–550–212–20 [46]
25 February 2021Lok Poll75–8060–650–14–9 [47]
21 February 2021Spick Media - MCV Network Survey8553214 [48]
24 News68–7862–721–2Hung [49]
Asianet News–C fore72–7859–653–71–7 [50]
18 January 2021 ABP NewsCVoter 81–8941–470–210–18 [51]
6 January 2021Lok Poll73–7862–670–12–7 [52]
4 July 2020 Asianet News–C fore77–8354–603–76–12 [53]

Asianet News–C fore Survey (July 2020)

Vote share predicted by Asianet C-Fore Survey [04/07/2020] [53] [54]
Social groupLDFUDFNDAOthersLead
Total vote42391813
NorthVote Share43391814
Caste and Religion
Syrian Christians
Catholic Christians246131237
Other castes174033107
Government employees512172130
Private employees2542181517

Exit polls

Exit polls were published after 7:30pm IST on 29 April, as per orders from Election Commission of India. [55]

Date publishedPolling agencyLeadRef.
29 April 2021India News iTV - Jan Ki Baat64 - 7661 - 712 - 4-Hung [56]
Patriotic Voter84-9245-512 - 40 - 136 [57]
India Today - Axis My India104 - 12020 - 360 - 20 - 233 - 49 [58]
Manorama News - VMR68 - 7859 - 700 - 20 - 1Hung [59]
News24 - Today's Chanakya93 - 11126 - 440 - 60 - 222 - 40 [60]
DB Live54 - 6174 - 802 - 7-3 - 10 [61]
Reporter TV - P-MARQ72 - 7960 - 660 - 30 - 12 - 8 [62]
Republic - CNX72 - 8058 - 641 - 5-2 - 9 [60]
Sudarshan News70 - 8059 - 652 - 61- 31 - 9 [63]
Times Now / ABP - C-Voter71 - 7762 - 680 - 2-1 - 6 [60]
TV9 Bharatvarsh - POLSTRAT70 - 8059 - 690 - 2-1 - 9 [64]



DistrictsVoter turnout
District wise map of KeralaDistrict%
Political map of Kerala.svg Kasargod 76.64
Kannur 80.17
Wayanad 76.72
Kozhikode 80.50
Malappuram 75.80
Palakkad 77.85
Thrissur 75.71
Ernakulam 75.85
Idukki 71.97
Kottayam 74.32
Alappuzha 76.94
Pathanamthitta 69.64
Kollam 75.16
Thiruvananthapuram 72.06




The incumbent LDF retained power with 99 seats, 8 more than in the previous election. This marks the first time an alliance has won consecutive terms in the state since 1977. [2] The UDF won 41 seats, 6 less than before, although their vote share increased. [65] [66] The NDA lost their lone seat in Nemom and suffered a significant loss in vote-share. [65] [66] P. C. George, Kerala Janapaksham (Secular) candidate in Poonjar and the only MLA not part of any alliance, lost his sitting seat to the LDF, coming second. Twenty20 Kizhakkambalam came third in both Kunnathunad and Kochi seats.

Besides Poonjar, Kunnathunad, and Kochi, the NDA dropped to fourth position in Vengara, where an independent candidate overtook the BJP to become third. The Revolutionary Marxist Party of India opened its account in the State Legislative assembly, winning from Vadakara, a left-socialist stronghold, with outside support of UDF. [65] In Pala, Mani C. Kappen won as a UDF Independent candidate.

K. K. Shailaja, who as Health Minister had won plaudits for her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, was re-elected in Mattanur with a record majority of 67,013 votes. [67] K. A. Shaji of Down to Earth pointed to the LDF government's success in minimising covid deaths and reducing economic hardship of people affected by the lockdown as the primary cause for its re-election. [68]

In the aftermath of the election, leaders of LDF and UDF have alleged collusion of one another with BJP in an effort to undermine theirs. [69] [70]

2021 Kerala election result.svg
Map displaying constituencies won by parties
AlliancePartyPopular vote [65] [66] Seats
Votes%±pp ContestedWon+/−
LDF Communist Party of India (Marxist) 5,288,50725.38%Decrease2.svg1.14%7562Increase2.svg4
Communist Party of India 1,579,2357.58%Decrease2.svg0.54%2317Decrease2.svg2
Kerala Congress (M) 684,3633.28%Decrease2.svg0.71%125Decrease2.svg1
Janata Dal (Secular) 265,7891.28%Decrease2.svg0.17%42Decrease2.svg 1
Nationalist Congress Party 206,1300.99%Decrease2.svg0.18%32Increase2.svgDecrease2.svg 0
Loktantrik Janata Dal 193,0100.93%New31New
Indian National League 138,5870.66%Increase2.svg0.11%31Increase2.svg 1
UDF Indian National Congress 5,233,42925.12%Increase2.svg1.42%9321Decrease2.svg 1
Indian Union Muslim League 1,723,5938.27%Increase2.svg0.87%2515Decrease2.svg 3
Kerala Congress 554,1152.66%Increase2.svg2.48%102Increase2.svg 2
Revolutionary Socialist Party 244,3881.17%Increase2.svg0.10%50Increase2.svgDecrease2.svg 0
Kerala Congress (Jacob) 85,0560.41%Increase2.svg0.04%11Increase2.svgDecrease2.svg 0
Revolutionary Marxist Party of India 65,0930.031%New11New
NDA Bharatiya Janata Party 2,354,46811.30%Increase2.svg0.77%1130Decrease2.svg 1
Bharath Dharma Jana Sena 217,4451.06%Decrease2.svg2.94%210Increase2.svgDecrease2.svg0
All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam 10,3760.05%Decrease2.svg0.12%10Increase2.svgDecrease2.svg0
None Bahujan Samaj Party 48,3790.23%Decrease2.svg0.01%0Increase2.svgDecrease2.svg 0
Twenty Twenty Party 145,6640.71%Increase2.svg0.71%80Increase2.svgDecrease2.svg 0
Social Democratic Party of India %Increase2.svg%0Increase2.svgDecrease2.svg 0
NOTA 97,6950.47%Decrease2.svg0.06%Steady2.svgSteady2.svgSteady2.svg
Total20,833,888 [71] 100.00140
Valid votes20,833,888
Invalid votes
Votes cast / turnout20,903,233 [71] 76.00 [71]
Registered voters27,503,768 [71]

By alliance

CPI(M) 62 INC 21 BJP 0
JD(S) 2 RMPI 1 KKC 0
KC(B) 1 KC(Ja) 1 DSJP 0
C(S) 1 IND 0

By region

Region wise map of KeralaRegionTotal seatsUDFLDFNDAOTH
Regions of Kerala.svg North Kerala3282400
Central Kerala55243100
South Kerala5394400

By district

District wise map of KeralaDistrictTotal seatsUDFLDFNDAOTH
Political map of Kerala.svg Kasaragod 52300
Kannur 112900
Wayanad 32100
Kozhikode 1321100
Malappuram 1612400
Palakkad 1221000
Thrissur 1311200
Ernakulam 149500
Idukki 51400
Kottayam 94500
Alappuzha 91800
Pathanamthitta 50500
Kollam 112900
Trivandrum 1411300

By constituency

ConstituencyValid votes [72]


Kasaragod district
1 Manjeshwar 77.93 A. K. M. Ashraf    IUML    UDF 65,75838.14 K. Surendran    BJP    NDA 65,01337.70745
2 Kasaragod 72.05 N. A. Nellikkunnu    IUML    UDF 63,29643.80K. Shreekanth   BJP    NDA 50,39534.8812,901
3 Udma 77.37 C. H. Kunhambu    CPI(M)    LDF 78,66447.58Balakrishnan Periye   INC    UDF 65,34239.5213,322
4 Kanhangad 76.44 E. Chandrasekharan    CPI    LDF 84,61550.72P. V. Suresh   INC    UDF 57,47634.4527,139
5 Thrikaripur 79.4 M. Rajagopalan    CPI(M)    LDF 86,15153.71M. P. Joseph   KC    UDF 60,01437.4126,137
Kannur district
6 Payyanur 81.87 TI. Madhusoodanan    CPI(M)    LDF 93,69562.49M. Pradeep Kumar   INC    UDF 43,91529.2949,780
7 Kalliasseri 78.86 M. Vijin    CPI(M)    LDF 88,25260.62Brijesh Kumar   INC    UDF 43,85930.1344,393
8 Taliparamba 83.44 M. V. Govindan    CPI(M)    LDF 92,87052.14Abdul Rasheed V. P.   INC    UDF 70,18139.422,689
9 Irikkur 78.2 Sajeev Joseph    INC    UDF 76,76450.33Saji Kuttiyanimattom   KC(M)    LDF 66,75443.7710,010
10 Azhikode 79.85 K. V. Sumesh    CPI(M)    LDF 65,79445.41 K. M. Shaji    IUML    UDF 59,65341.176,141
11 Kannur 77.29 Kadannappalli Ramachandran    Con(S)    LDF 60,31344.98 Satheeshan Pacheni    INC    UDF 58,56843.681,745
12 Dharmadam 83.33 Pinarayi Vijayan    CPI(M)    LDF 95,52259.61C. Raghunath   INC    UDF 45,39928.3350,123
13 Thalassery 76.13 A. N. Shamseer    CPI(M)    LDF 81,81061.52M. P. Aravindakshan   INC    UDF 45,00933.8436,801
14 Kuthuparamba 80.37 K. P. Mohanan    LJD    LDF 70,62645.36P. K. Abdulla   IUML    UDF 61,08539.239,541
15 Mattannur 82.11 K. K. Shailaja    CPI(M)    LDF 96,12961.97Illikkal Agasthy   RSP    UDF 35,16622.6760,963
16 Peravoor 80.41 Sunny Joseph    INC    UDF 66,70646.93Sakeer Hussain   CPI(M)    LDF 63,53444.73,172
Wayanad district
17 Mananthavady (ST)78.33 O. R. Kelu    CPI(M)    LDF 72,53647.54 P. K. Jayalakshmi    INC    UDF 63,25441.469,282
18 Sulthan Bathery (ST)75.99 I. C. Balakrishnan    INC
81,07748.42M. S. Viswanathan   CPI(M)    LDF 69,25541.3611,822
19 Kalpetta 75.84 T. Siddique    INC    UDF 70,25246.15 M. V. Shreyams Kumar    LJD    LDF 64,78242.565,470
Kozhikode district
20 Vadakara 81.9 K. K. Rema    RMPI    UDF 65,09347.63Manayath Chandran   LJD    LDF 57,60242.157,491
21 Kuttiady 83.94 K. P. Kunhahammed Kutty    CPI(M)    LDF 80,14347.2 Parakkal Abdulla    IUML    UDF 79,81047.01333
22 Nadapuram 81.14 E. K. Vijayan    CPI    LDF 83,29347.46K.Praveen Kumar   INC    UDF 79,25845.164,035
23 Koyilandy 78.64 Kanathil Jameela    CPI(M)    LDF 75,62846.66N. Subramanian   INC    UDF 67,15641.438,472
24 Perambra 82.86 T. P. Ramakrishnan    CPI(M)    LDF 86,02352.54C. H. Ibrahimkutty   Ind.    UDF 63,43138.7422,592
25 Balussery (SC)80.91 K. M. Sachin Dev    CPI(M)    LDF 91,83950.47 Dharmajan Bolgatty    INC    UDF 71,46739.2820,372
26 Elathur 80.68 A. K. Saseendran    NCP    LDF 83,63950.89Sulfikar Mayoori   NCK    UDF 45,13727.4638,502
27 Kozhikode North 75.98 Thottathil Raveendran    CPI(M)    LDF 59,12442.98K. M. Abhijith   INC    UDF 46,19633.5812,928
28 Kozhikode South 75.62 Ahamed Devarkovil    INL    LDF 52,55744.15P. K. Noorbeena Rasheed   IUML    UDF 40,09833.6812,459
29 Beypore 79.4 P. A. Mohammed Riyas    CPI(M)    LDF 82,16549.73P. M. Niyas   INC    UDF 53,41832.3328,747
30 Kunnamangalam 83.57 P. T. A. Rahim    Ind.    LDF 85,13843.93Dinesh Perumanna   Ind.    UDF 74,86238.6210,276
31 Koduvally 82.44 M. K. Muneer    IUML    UDF 72,33647.86 Karat Razak    Ind.    LDF 65,99243.666,344
32 Thiruvambady 79.4 Linto Joseph    CPI(M)    LDF 67,86747.46C. P. Cheriya Muhammed   IUML    UDF 63,22444.215,596
Malappuram district
33 Kondotty 80.25 T. V. Ibrahim    IUML    UDF 82,75950.42Sulaiman Haji   Ind.    LDF 65,09339.6617,666
34 Eranad 79.69 P. K. Basheer    IUML    UDF 78,07654.49K. T. Abdurahman   Ind.    LDF 55,53038.7622,546
35 Nilambur 76.71 P. V. Anvar    Ind.    LDF 81,22746.9V. V. Prakash   INC    UDF 78,52745.342,700
36 Wandoor (SC)75.17 A. P. Anil Kumar    INC    UDF 87,41551.44P. Midhuna   CPI(M)    LDF 71,85242.2815,563
37 Manjeri 75.95 U. A. Latheef    IUML    UDF 78,83650.22P. Dibona Nassar   CPI    LDF 64,26340.9314,573
38 Perinthalmanna 76.15 Najeeb Kanthapuram    IUML    UDF 76,53046.21K. P. Mustafa   Ind.    LDF 76,49246.1938
39 Mankada 77.32 Manjalamkuzhi Ali    IUML    UDF 83,23149.46T. K. Rasheed Ali   CPI(M)    LDF 76,98545.756,246
40 Malappuram 76.56 P. Ubaidulla    IUML    UDF 93,16657.57P. Abdurahman   CPI(M)    LDF 57,95835.8235,208
41 Vengara 71.09 P. K. Kunhalikutty    IUML    UDF 70,38153.5P. Jiji   CPI(M)    LDF 39,78530.2430,596
42 Vallikkunnu 76.27 P. Abdul Hameed    IUML    UDF 71,82347.43A. P. Abdul Wahab   INL    LDF 57,70738.1114,116
43 Tirurangadi 75.07 K. P. A. Majeed    IUML    UDF 73,49949.74Niyas Pulikkalakath   Ind.    LDF 63,92143.269,578
44 Tanur 77.87 V. Abdurahman    NSC    LDF 70,70446.34P. K. Firos   IUML    UDF 69,71945.7985
45 Tirur 74.45 Kurukkoli Moideen    IUML    UDF 82,31448.21Ghafoor P. Lillis   CPI(M)    LDF 75,10043.987,214
46 Kottakkal 74.01 K. K. Abid Hussain Thangal    IUML    UDF 81,70051.08N. A. Muhammad Kutty   NCP    LDF 65,11240.7116,588
47 Thavanur 75.39 K. T. Jaleel    Ind.    LDF 70,35846.46Firoz Kunnumparambil   INC    UDF 67,79444.772,564
48 Ponnani 70.9 P. Nandakumar    CPI(M)    LDF 74,66851.35A. M. Rohit   INC    UDF 57,62539.6317,043
Palakkad district
49 Thrithala 78.54 M. B. Rajesh    CPI(M)    LDF 69,81445.84 V. T. Balram    INC    UDF 66,79843.863,016
50 Pattambi 78.06 Muhammed Muhsin    CPI    LDF 75,31149.58Riyas Mukkoli   INC    UDF 57,33737.7417,974
51 Shornur 78.32 P. Mammikutty    CPI(M)    LDF 74,40048.98T. H. Feroz Babu   INC    UDF 37,72624.8336,674
52 Ottapalam 77.54 K. Premkumar    CPI(M)    LDF 74,85946.45P. Sarin   INC    UDF 59,70737.0515,152
53 Kongad (SC)76.83 K. Shanthakumari    CPI(M)    LDF 67,88149.01 U. C. Raman    IUML    UDF 40,66229.3627,219
54 Mannarkkad 76.75 N. Shamsudheen    IUML    UDF 71,65747.11K. P. Suresh Raj   CPI    LDF 65,78743.255,870
55 Malampuzha 76.94 A. Prabhakaran    CPI(M)    LDF 75,93446.41C. Krishnakumar   BJP    NDA 50,20030.6825,734
56 Palakkad 75.44 Shafi Parambil    INC    UDF 54,07938.06 E. Sreedharan    BJP    NDA 50,22035.343,859
57 Tarur (SC)77.12 P. P. Sumod    CPI(M)    LDF 67,74451.58K. A. Sheeba   INC    UDF 43,21332.9024,531
58 Chittur 80.88 K. Krishnankutty    JD(S)    LDF 84,67255.38Sumesh Achuthan   INC    UDF 50,79433.2233,878
59 Nenmara 78.64 K. Babu    CPI(M)    LDF 80,14552.89C. N. Vijayakrishnan   CMP    UDF 51,44133.9528,704
60 Alathur 79.1 K. D. Prasenan    CPI(M)    LDF 74,65355.15Palayam Pradeep   INC    UDF 40,53529.9434,118
Thrissur district
61 Chelakkara (SC)77.46 K. Radhakrishnan    CPI(M)    LDF 83,41554.41C. C. Sreekumar   INC    UDF 44,01528.7139,400
62 Kunnamkulam 78.24 A. C. Moideen    CPI(M)    LDF 75,53248.78K. Jayasankar   INC    UDF 48,90131.5826,631
63 Guruvayur 69.65 N. K. Akbar    CPI(M)    LDF 77,07252.52 K. N. A. Khader    IUML    UDF 58,80440.0718,268
64 Manalur 75.63 Murali Perunelly    CPI(M)    LDF 78,33746.77Vijay Hari   INC    UDF 48,46128.9329,876
65 Wadakkanchery 78.18 Xavier Chittilappilly    CPI(M)    LDF 81,02647.7 Anil Akkara    INC    UDF 65,85838.7715,168
66 Ollur 75.45 K. Rajan    CPI    LDF 76,65749.09Jose Valloor   INC    UDF 55,15135.3121,506
67 Thrissur 70.78 P. Balachandran    CPI    LDF 44,26334.25 Padmaja Venugopal    INC    UDF 43,31733.52946
68 Nattika (SC)73.14 C. C. Mukundan    CPI    LDF 72,93047.49Sunil Lalur   INC    UDF 44,49928.9828,431
69 Kaipamangalam 78.82 E. T. Taison    CPI    LDF 73,16153.76Sobha Subin   INC    UDF 50,46337.0822,698
70 Irinjalakuda 77.17 R. Bindu    CPI(M)    LDF 62,49340.27 Thomas Unniyadan    KC    UDF 56,54436.445,949
71 Puthukkad 77.86 K. K. Ramachandran    CPI(M)    LDF 73,36546.94Sunil Anthikad   INC    UDF 46,01229.4427,353
72 Chalakudy 74.42 T. J. Saneesh Kumar Joseph    INC    UDF 61,88843.23Dennis Antony   KC(M)    LDF 60,83142.491,057
73 Kodungallur 77.38 V. R. Sunil Kumar    CPI    LDF 71,45747.99M. P. Jackson   INC    UDF 47,56431.9423,893
Ernakulam district
74 Perumbavoor 78.37 Eldhose Kunnappilly    INC    UDF 53,48437.1Babu Joseph   KC(M)    LDF 50,58535.092,899
75 Angamaly 78.16 Roji M. John    INC    UDF 71,56251.86 Jose Thettayil    JD(S)    LDF 55,63340.3115,929
76 Aluva 76.72 Anwar Sadath    INC    UDF 73,70349.00Shelna Nishad   CPI(M)    LDF 54,81736.4418,886
77 Kalamassery 77.42 P. Rajeev    CPI(M)    LDF 77,14149.49V. E. Gafoor   IUML    UDF 61,80539.6515,336
78 Paravur 79.02 V. D. Satheesan    INC    UDF 82,26451.87M. T. Nixon   CPI    LDF 60,96338.4421,301
79 Vypin 76.18 K. N. Unnikrishnan    CPI(M)    LDF 53,85841.24Deepak Joy   INC    UDF 45,65734.968,201
80 Kochi 70.93 K. J. Maxi    CPI(M)    LDF 54,63242.45Tony Chammany   INC    UDF 40,55331.5114,079
81 Thrippunithura 74.39 K. Babu    INC    UDF 65,87542.14 M. Swaraj    CPI(M)    LDF 64,88341.51992
82 Ernakulam 67.21 T. J. Vinod    INC    UDF 45,93041.72Shaji George   Ind.    LDF 34,96031.7510,970
83 Thrikkakara 70.5 P. T. Thomas    INC    UDF 59,83943.82Jo Joseph   CPI(M)    LDF 45,51033.3214,329
84 Kunnathunad (SC)82.93 P. V. Sreenijin    CPI(M)    LDF 52,35133.79 V. P. Sajeendran    INC    UDF 49,63632.042,715
85 Piravom 74.85 Anoop Jacob    KC(J)    UDF 85,05653.8Sindhumol Jacob   KC(M)    LDF 59,69237.7625,364
86 Muvattupuzha 75.83 Mathew Kuzhalnadan    INC    UDF 64,42544.63 Eldo Abraham    CPI    LDF 58,26440.366,161
87 Kothamangalam 79.4 Antony John    CPI(M)    LDF 64,23446.99Shibu Thekkumpuram   KC    UDF 57,62942.166,605
Idukki district
88 Devikulam (SC)68.53 A. Raja    CPI(M)    LDF 59,04951.00D. Kumar   INC    UDF 51,20144.227,848
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100 Kanjirappally 73.96 N. Jayaraj    KC(M)    LDF 60,29943.79 Joseph Vazhackan    INC    UDF 46,59633.8413,703
101 Poonjar 74.21 Sebastian Kulathunkal    KC(M)    LDF 58,66841.94 P. C. George    KJ(S) N/A41,85129.9216,817
Alappuzha district
102 Aroor 82.58 Daleema Jojo    CPI(M)    LDF 75,61745.97 Shanimol Usman    INC    UDF 68,60441.717,013
103 Cherthala 83.8 P. Prasad    CPI    LDF 83,70247.00S. Sarath   INC    UDF 77,55443.556,148
104 Alappuzha 78.43 P. P. Chitharanjan    CPI(M)    LDF 73,41246.33K. S. Manoj   INC    UDF 61,76838.9811,644
105 Ambalappuzha 76.82 H. Salam    CPI(M)    LDF 61,36544.79M. Liju   INC    UDF 50,24036.6711,125
106 Kuttanad 74.86 Thomas K. Thomas    NCP    LDF 57,37945.67Jacob Abraham   KC    UDF 51,86341.285,516
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108 Kayamkulam 75.47 U. Prathibha    CPI(M)    LDF 77,34847.97Aritha Babu   INC    UDF 71,05044.066,298
109 Mavelikara (SC)73.28 M. S. Arun Kumar    CPI(M)    LDF 71,74347.61K. K. Shaju   INC    UDF 47,02631.2124,717
110 Chengannur 70.59 Saji Cheriyan    CPI(M)    LDF 71,50248.58M. Murali   INC    UDF 39,40926.7832,093
Pathanamthitta district
111 Thiruvalla 65.88 Mathew T. Thomas    JD(S)    LDF 62,17844.56Kunju Koshy Paul   KC    UDF 50,75736.3711,421
112 Ranni 65.95 Pramod Narayan    KC(M)    LDF 52,66941.22Rinku Cheriyan   INC    UDF 51,38440.211,285
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Kollam district
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125 Eravipuram 72.38 M. Noushad    CPI(M)    LDF 71,57356.25 Babu Divakaran    RSP    UDF 43,45234.1528,121
126 Chathannoor 74.39 G. S. Jayalal    CPI    LDF 59,29643.12B. B. Gopakumar   BJP    NDA 42,09030.6117,206
Thiruvananthapuram district
127 Varkala 72.16 V. Joy    CPI(M)    LDF 68,81650.89B. R. M. Shefeer   INC    UDF 50,99537.7117,821
128 Attingal (SC)72.93 O. S. Ambika    CPI(M)    LDF 69,89847.35P. Sudheer   BJP    NDA 38,26225.9231,636
129 Chirayinkeezhu (SC)73.26 V. Sasi    CPI    LDF 62,63443.17B. S. Anoop   INC    UDF 48,61733.5114,017
130 Nedumangad 73.8 G. R. Anil    CPI    LDF 72,74247.54P. S. Prasanth   INC    UDF 49,43332.3123,309
131 Vamanapuram 73.14 D. K. Murali    CPI(M)    LDF 73,13749.91Anad Jayan   INC    UDF 62,89542.9210,242
132 Kazhakootam 71.37 Kadakampally Surendran    CPI(M)    LDF 63,69046.04 Sobha Surendran    BJP    NDA 40,19329.0623,497
133 Vattiyoorkavu 66.19 V. K. Prasanth    CPI(M)    LDF 61,11141.44V.V. Rajesh   BJP    NDA 39,59628.7721,515
134 Thiruvananthapuram 63.03 Antony Raju    JKC    LDF 48,74838.01 V. S. Sivakumar    INC    UDF 41,65932.497,089
135 Nemom 71.49 V. Sivankutty    CPI(M)    LDF 55,83738.24 Kummanam Rajasekharan    BJP    NDA 51,88835.543,949
136 Aruvikkara 75.39 G. Stephen    CPI(M)    LDF 66,77645.83 K. S. Sabarinathan    INC    UDF 61,73042.375,046
137 Parassala 74.24 C. K. Hareendran    CPI(M)    LDF 78,54848.16Sajitha Ressal   INC    UDF 52,72032.2325,828
138 Kattakkada 74.39 I. B. Sathish    CPI(M)    LDF 66,29345.52Malayinkeezhu Venugopal   INC    UDF 43,06229.5723,231
139 Kovalam 72.81 M. Vincent    INC    UDF 74,86847.06 Neelalohithadasan Nadar    JD(S)    LDF 63,30639.7911,562
140 Neyyattinkara 74.7 K. Ansalan    CPI(M)    LDF 65,49747.02 R. Selvaraj    INC    UDF 51,23536.7814,262


ConstituencyValid votes


83Thrikkakara Uma Thomas    INC    UDF 72,77053.76%Jo Joseph   CPI(M)    LDF 47,75435.28%25,016


Government formation

The incumbent Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was sworn in on 20 May along with 20 other cabinet members, 18 of whom were fresh faces. The exclusion of incumbent Health Minister K. K. Shailaja from the cabinet drew criticism from the public and from some CPI(M) members. [73] The swearing-in ceremony, which was restricted to 500 participants due to a state-wide lockdown, was not attended by opposition MLAs and representatives from Central government, citing COVID protocol concerns. [74]

Swearing-in ceremony of the Second Pinarayi Vijayan cabinet Second Pinarayi Vijayan Ministry.jpg
Swearing-in ceremony of the Second Pinarayi Vijayan cabinet

V. D. Satheesan replaced Ramesh Chennithala as the Leader of the Opposition in the Niyamasabha, after the decision was made by the Congress High Command. [75]

Kodakara hawala scandal

A few weeks after announcement of election results, allegations were raised against BJP leadership of Kerala for carrying illegal black money (hawala), in relation to the 2021 election. [76] Kerala Police seized ₹3.5 crore in cash at Kodakara 3 days before the election. The money was allegedly looted and was to be used for BJP's election campaign. [76] BJP state president K. Surendran was the chief accused in the case. [77] The case was later handed over to Enforcement Directorate. [78]

Other events

On 20 March 2023, Kerala High Court nullified the election in Devikulam, where elected members are required to belong to Scheduled Castes (SC), after establishing that the elected MLA, A. Raja of CPI(M), did not belong to SC community and was hence deemed ineligible to be elected from the constituency. [79] The court has stayed the decision to allow Raja to file an appeal to the Supreme Court. [80]


  1. NDA endorsed a dummy AIADMK candidate after their initially chosen candidate had their nomination papers rejected.

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