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Coordinates: 06°08′48.4″N01°10′47.6″E / 6.146778°N 1.179889°E / 6.146778; 1.179889 Coordinates: 06°08′48.4″N01°10′47.6″E / 6.146778°N 1.179889°E / 6.146778; 1.179889
Country Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana
Region Flag of Volta Region.png Volta Region
District Ketu South District
  Total66,546 [1]
 Ranked 28th in Ghana
Time zone GMT
  Summer (DST) GMT
Area code(s) +233 (3625)

Aflao is a town in Ketu South District in the Volta Region on Ghana's border with Togo. Aflao is the twenty-eighth most populous settlement in Ghana, in terms of population, with a population of 96,550 people. [1]


In the 18th century, Aflao served as one of the major markets for the slave trade.


Aflao is located on the eastern coast of Ghana and is the major border town with neighbouring Togo.


Aflao as a traditional area has Togbui Amenya Fiti V as its Paramount Chief. [2] He is the traditional ruler of the land and performs traditional administrative and ceremonial functions in the area.


The Diamond Cement Ghana Limited factory is located at Aflao. [3] [4]

In early 2014, a 2.5 km rail siding was completed to connect the cement works to the port of Lomé. [5] This siding crosses the border from Togo to Ghana and is of the 1,000 mm (3 ft 3+38 in) gauge.

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Ghana is a West African country in Africa, along the Gulf of Guinea, just a few degrees north of the equator.

Lomé Capital, chief port, and the largest city of Togo

Lomé is the capital and largest city of Togo. It has an urban population of 837,437 while there were 1,477,660 permanent residents in its metropolitan area as of the 2010 census. Located on the Gulf of Guinea, Lomé is the country's administrative and industrial center, which includes an oil refinery, and its chief port, where it exports coffee, cocoa, copra, and oil palm kernels.

Ho, Ghana City in Volta Region, Ghana

Ho is the capital city of the Ho Municipal District and the Volta Region of Ghana. The city lies between Mount Adaklu and Mount Galenukui or Togo Atakora Range, and is home to the Volta Regional Museum, a cathedral, and a prison. It was formerly the administrative capital of British Togoland now part of the Volta Region. The population of Ho Municipality according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census is 177,281 representing 8.4 percent of the region's total population. Females constitute 52.7 percent and males represent 47.3 percent. About 62 percent of the population resides in urban localities. The Municipality shares boundaries with Adaklu and Agotime-Ziope Districts to the South, Ho West District to the North and West and the Republic of Togo to the East. Its total land area is 2,361 square kilometers thus representing 11.5 percent of the region's total land area. And also the cleanest City in Ghana.

Kpalimé Place in Plateaux Region, Togo

Kpalimé is a city in the Plateaux Region of Togo, 120 km north of Lomé and 15 km from the border with Ghana. It is the administrative capital of Kloto Prefecture. Kpalimé has a population of 75,084, making it the fourth-biggest town in Togo, after Lomé, Sokodé and Kara. The town has a cathedral, a scientific lycée, and a post-office, as well as several banks, medical centres, pharmacies, cyber-cafés and petrol stations.

Ewe people West African ethnic group, largest in Togo

The Ewe people are a Gbe ethnic group. The largest population of Ewe people is in Ghana, and the second largest population in Togo. They speak the Ewe language which belongs to the Gbe family of languages. They are related to other speakers of Gbe languages such as the Fon, Gen, Phla Phera, and the Aja people of Togo and Benin.

Akatsi District Capital in Volta Region, Ghana

Akatsi is a small town and is the capital of Akatsi South District, a district in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Akim Oda town in south Ghana

Akim Oda is a town in south Ghana and is the capital of the Birim Central Municipal District and also the traditional capital of the Akyem Kotoku, one of the three States of the Akyem states, in the Eastern Region of south Ghana. In 2013, Akim Oda had a settlement population of 60,604 people.

Railway stations in Ghana Wikipedia list article

The railway stations in Ghana serve a rail network concentrated in the south of the country.

Railway stations in Togo include:

Rail transport in Togo Railway transport in the west African country of Togo

Rail transport in Togo consists of 568 km (353 mi) (2014) of 1,000 mmmetre gauge railway.

Saltpond Town in Central Region, Ghana

Saltpond is a town and the capital of the Mfantsiman Municipal District in the Central Region of South Ghana. Saltpond has a population of 24,689 people.

Denu District capital in Volta Region, Ghana

Denu is a small town which is the capital of Ketu South Municipal, a district on the south-eastern corner of the Volta Region of Ghana, next to Aflao the border town with Togo. The name Denu literally means by the boundary. The town is sandwiched between the sea and lagoon on it's south and north respectively.

Anloga Town in Volta Region, Ghana

Anloga is a town in Keta District of the Volta Region in southeast Ghana. It lies east of the Volta River and just south of the Keta Lagoon. Anloga is the forty-seventh most populous town in Ghana, in terms of population, with a population of 35,933 people.

Adukrom Town in Eastern Region, Ghana

Adukrom is a town in the Okere District Assembly in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It shares borders with Awukugua Akuapem where Okomfo anokye was born The town is known for the Nifahene Stool of Akuapem and the capital of Okere District and situated on the beautiful Togo Atakora hills on the main Ho-Koforidua main trunk road in the northern part of Akuapem

Tafo is a town in Kumasi Metropolitan District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana near the regional capital Kumasi. Tafo is the thirtieth most populous settlement in Ghana, in terms of population, with a population of 60,919 people. Because of the town's population and housing development in recent years, it is debatable whether Tafo is still regarded as a separate town, or already a suburb of Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region. The town is near Kumasi, with a distance of approximately 3.3 kilometers to the center of a similar name sounding village named New Tafo and must be distinguished from Tafo. Tarkwa is located just 4.6 km away from Tafo. The city center of Kumasi is located approximately 9.8 kilometers away. Tafo is one of the urban constituencies of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, the town's parliamentary candidate shall have one direct seat to the Parliament of Ghana

Diamond Cement Ghana Limited is an Indian-owned Portland cement producing company located at Aflao in the Volta Region of Ghana near the border with Togo. The plant compliments the Government Industrialization Program and economic up-lift. The Company is using the latest technology of Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system in the cement production process to maintain consistency in the quality.

Togbui Adzongaga Amenya Fiti V is the paramount chief of the Aflao Traditional Area in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Banda Ahenkro Town and District Capital in Bono region

Banda Ahenkro is a town located in the west-northern of Bono region, Ghana. Its geography provided a home for numerous groups seeking shelter from across West Africa during the slave trade era. The original name of the settlement was Serminakuu meaning groups of 'grasses'. This name was changed to Banda, which is a corruption of 'Woanda' meaning 'they did not sleep'. Ancestors of Banda Ahenkro were allies of the Asante kingdom during wars and they provided a military force that virtually refused to sleep during at-war times. This is because they were predominantly Muslims and were found praying throughout the night. Later, 'woanda' was also corrupted by the Bono neighbours to become Banda. The settlement evolved to become the chief town or 'Ahenkro' within a collection of Nafana communities.

Ghana–Togo border International border

The Ghana–Togo border is 1,098 km in length and runs from the tripoint with Burkina Faso in the north to the Atlantic Ocean in the south.


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