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Topographic map of Ukraine (with borders and towns)

This is a list of airports in Ukraine grouped by type and sorted by location. All aviation infrastructure of Ukraine is being supervised and regulated by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine (until 2010 the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine). The service issues certificates for all airports in the country and keeps a registry of all aircraft.


There are over 20 airports in Ukraine. Due to the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas, Ukrainian aviation authorities were forced to revoke certificates for airports within the area of military operation as there are no positive control over airports in Crimea and eastern Ukraine's Donbas region.

Most airports and aerodromes of Ukraine were originally built for military purposes and some are still being used concurrently by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukraine's central airport in Boryspil shares its airstrip with the Boryspil Air Base. In addition to airports, there are 11 airfields (aerodromes) and some 35 air strips (take off and landing strips) that are being operated separately. More information is available at the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine official website.

The Boryspil International Airport is the country's central and top rated airport. Other top rated airports include Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, Hostomel Airport (Antonov-1) and Ozerne Airport (near Zhytomyr), the last two being cargo-only airports. Among the busiest airports are Boryspil Airport, Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, Kyiv International Airport. Before the Russian annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of the war in Donbas there were also Simferopol International Airport and Donetsk International Airport.

On 24 February 2022, Ukraine closed its airspace to civilian flights due to the Russian invasion. [1]

International airports

Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines. However, as of 25 February 2022, scheduled services into Ukraine have been suspended.

City served Oblast or municipality ICAO IATA Airport nameUsageRunway(s)Coordinates
International airports
Kyiv Kyiv (Oblast) UKBBKBP Boryspil International Airport Public/Mil.18L/36R, 4000m, Concrete
18R/36L 3500m, Concrete
50°20′41″N30°53′36″E / 50.34472°N 30.89333°E / 50.34472; 30.89333
Cherkasy Cherkasy UKKECKC Cherkasy International Airport Public15/33, 2500m, Asphalt 49°24′15″N32°0′28″E / 49.40417°N 32.00778°E / 49.40417; 32.00778
Chernivtsi Chernivtsi UKLNCWC Chernivtsi International Airport Public15/33, 2200m, Asphalt 48°15′35″N25°58′54″E / 48.25972°N 25.98167°E / 48.25972; 25.98167
Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankivsk UKLIIFO Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport Public/Mil.10/28, 2507m, Concrete 48°53′3″N24°41′10″E / 48.88417°N 24.68611°E / 48.88417; 24.68611
Kharkiv Kharkiv UKHHHRK Kharkiv International Airport Public07/25, 2500m, Concrete 49°55′28″N36°17′24″E / 49.92444°N 36.29000°E / 49.92444; 36.29000
Kyiv Kyiv (City) UKKKIEV Kyiv (Zhuliany) International Airport Public/Mil.8/26, 1800m, Concrete 50°24′6″N30°27′6″E / 50.40167°N 30.45167°E / 50.40167; 30.45167
Kryvyi Rih Dnipropetrovsk UKDRKWG Kryvyi Rih International Airport Public18/36, 2500m, Concrete 48°2′35″N33°12′25″E / 48.04306°N 33.20694°E / 48.04306; 33.20694
Lviv Lviv UKLLLWO Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Public/Mil.13/31, 3305, Asphalt 49°48′45″N23°57′22″E / 49.81250°N 23.95611°E / 49.81250; 23.95611
Odesa Odesa UKOOODS Odesa International Airport Public/Mil.07/25, 553m, Grass
16/34, 2799m, Concrete/Asphalt
46°25′26″N30°40′35″E / 46.42389°N 30.67639°E / 46.42389; 30.67639
Rivne Rivne UKLRRWN Rivne International Airport Public12/30, 2626m, Concrete 50°36′26″N26°8′30″E / 50.60722°N 26.14167°E / 50.60722; 26.14167
Sumy Sumy UKHSUMY Sumy Airport Public08/26, 2500m, Asphalt 50°51′30″N34°45′45″E / 50.85833°N 34.76250°E / 50.85833; 34.76250
Ternopil Ternopil UKLTTNL Ternopil International Airport Public10/28, 2000m, Concrete
12/30, 750m, Asphalt
49°31′29″N25°42′7″E / 49.52472°N 25.70194°E / 49.52472; 25.70194
Uzhhorod Zakarpattia UKLUUDJ Uzhhorod International Airport Public10/28, 2038m, Asphalt 48°38′3″N22°15′48″E / 48.63417°N 22.26333°E / 48.63417; 22.26333
Vinnytsia Vinnytsia UKWWVIN Vinnytsia Airport (Havryshivka) Public/Mil.13/31, 2500m, Concrete 49°14′22″N28°36′50″E / 49.23944°N 28.61389°E / 49.23944; 28.61389
Zaporizhzhia Zaporizhzhia UKDEOZH Zaporizhzhia International Airport Public/Mil.02/20, 2502m, Asphalt 47°52′1″N35°18′57″E / 47.86694°N 35.31583°E / 47.86694; 35.31583
International airports with no SAA [lower-alpha 1] certification as of 2017
Mariupol Donetsk UKCMMPW Mariupol International Airport (Closed due to war in Donbas)Public02/20, 2550m, Asphalt
02/20, 1400m, Grass
11/29, 1400m, Grass
47°4′21″N37°27′23″E / 47.07250°N 37.45639°E / 47.07250; 37.45639
Mykolaiv Mykolaiv UKONNLV Mykolaiv International Airport 05/23, 2572m, Asphalt
05L/23R, 1800m, Grass
47°3′28″N31°55′11″E / 47.05778°N 31.91972°E / 47.05778; 31.91972
Airports destroyed or occupied during Russian invasion
Sevastopol Crimea UKFBUKS Belbek Sevastopol International Airport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)Public/Mil.07/25, 3007m, Concrete 44°41′28″N33°34′36″E / 44.69111°N 33.57667°E / 44.69111; 33.57667
Donetsk Donetsk UKCCDOK Donetsk International Airport (Destroyed in war in Donbas)Public08/26, 2484m, Asphalt 48°4′25″N37°44′23″E / 48.07361°N 37.73972°E / 48.07361; 37.73972
Luhansk Luhansk UKCWVSG Luhansk International Airport (Destroyed in war in Donbas)Public9/27, 2840m, Asphalt 48°25′4.8″N39°22′26.4″E / 48.418000°N 39.374000°E / 48.418000; 39.374000
Simferopol Crimea UKFFSIP Simferopol International Airport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)Public (now Military)01L/19R, 3701m, Concrete 45°3′8″N33°58′31″E / 45.05222°N 33.97528°E / 45.05222; 33.97528
Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk UKDDDNK Dnipro International Airport (destroyed during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine)Public9/27, 2850m, Concrete 48°21′26″N35°6′2″E / 48.35722°N 35.10056°E / 48.35722; 35.10056
Kherson Kherson UKOHKHE Kherson International Airport (destroyed during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine)Public/Mil.03/21, 2500m, Asphalt/Concrete 46°40′5″N32°30′7″E / 46.66806°N 32.50194°E / 46.66806; 32.50194

Other airports

City served Oblast or municipality ICAO IATA Airport nameUsageRunway(s)Coordinates

Berdiansk Zaporizhzhia UKDBERD Berdiansk Airport (closed 2004)Public/Military (since 2016)09/27, 2500m, Concrete 46°48′53″N36°45′29″E / 46.81472°N 36.75806°E / 46.81472; 36.75806
Borodianka Kyiv (Oblast) UKKB Borodianka Airfield Public (sports only)1400m, Grass 50°39′57″N29°55′26″E / 50.66583°N 29.92389°E / 50.66583; 29.92389
Chaplynka Kherson - Kakhovka Raion Chaplynka airfield (used by Russian military)Civil/Military600m, Concrete 46°20′47″N33°32′31″E / 46.34639°N 33.54194°E / 46.34639; 33.54194
Kyiv Kyiv (City) UKKJ* Chayka Airfield Public (sports only)800m, Grass 50°25′52″N030°18′01″E / 50.43111°N 30.30028°E / 50.43111; 30.30028
Chernihiv Chernihiv UKKLCEJ Chernihiv Shestovytsia Airport (closed 2005)09/27, 2200m, Asphalt
01/19, 600m, Asphalt
51°24′12″N031°9′36″E / 51.40333°N 31.16000°E / 51.40333; 31.16000
Uzyn Kyiv UKKH Chepelivka Airport 3430m, concrete 49°47′22″N030°26′10″E / 49.78944°N 30.43611°E / 49.78944; 30.43611
Drabiv Cherkasy UKKD* Drabiv Airport?[ citation needed ]
Kyiv Kyiv (Oblast) UKBW Buzova Airport Public (sports only)900m, Grass 50°23′55″N30°3′34″E / 50.39861°N 30.05944°E / 50.39861; 30.05944
Henichesk Kherson UKOG Henichesk Airport (closed)3000m, Concrete 46°12′35″N34°45′39″E / 46.20972°N 34.76083°E / 46.20972; 34.76083
Lviv Lviv Horodok Air Base Now civil1100m, Concrete 49°44′18″N023°40′6″E / 49.73833°N 23.66833°E / 49.73833; 23.66833
Kyiv (Hostomel) Kyiv (Oblast) UKKMGML Hostomel Airport (Antonov-2)Public (cargo only)15/33, 3500m, Concrete 50°36′13″N30°11′31″E / 50.60361°N 30.19194°E / 50.60361; 30.19194
Izmail Odesa UKOI Izmail International Airport (closed)Public1730m, Concrete 45°23′44″N028°48′5″E / 45.39556°N 28.80139°E / 45.39556; 28.80139
Kamianets-Podilskyi Khmelnytskyi KCP Kamianets-Podilskyi Airport 600m, Grass 48°41′42″N026°36′35″E / 48.69500°N 26.60972°E / 48.69500; 26.60972
Kerch Crimea UKFKKHC Kerch Airport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)Public07/25, 1652m, Asphalt
07/25, 2000m, Grass
45°22′21″N036°24′05″E / 45.37250°N 36.40139°E / 45.37250; 36.40139
Kharkiv Kharkiv UKHD Kharkiv North Airport (Sokolniki)Public03/21, 1804m, Concrete 50°1′30″N36°16′0″E / 50.02500°N 36.26667°E / 50.02500; 36.26667
Khmelnytskyi Khmelnytskyi UKLHHMJ Khmelnytskyi Airport Public16/34, 2220m, Concrete 49°21′36″N026°56′0″E / 49.36000°N 26.93333°E / 49.36000; 26.93333
Kolomyia Ivano-Frankivsk UKLO Kolomyia Airport 2530, Concrete 48°31′48″N25°07′38″E / 48.53000°N 25.12732°E / 48.53000; 25.12732
Kramatorsk Donetsk UKCKKRQ Kramatorsk Airport Military2500m, Concrete 48°42′24″N37°37′53″E / 48.70675°N 37.63125°E / 48.70675; 37.63125
Kremenchuk Poltava UKHKKHU Kremenchuk Airport (Velyka Kokhnivka)Public1600m, Grass 49°7′51″N33°28′31″E / 49.13083°N 33.47528°E / 49.13083; 33.47528
Kropyvnytskyi Kirovohrad UKKGKGO Kropyvnytskyi Airport Public12/30, 1538m, Asphalt
16/34, 1300m, Asphalt
48°32′41″N32°16′56″E / 48.54472°N 32.28222°E / 48.54472; 32.28222
Kyiv Kyiv (City) UKBD Kyiv-South Airfield Public1, 650m, Asphalt 50°0′13″N30°11′48″E / 50.00361°N 30.19667°E / 50.00361; 30.19667
Lutsk Volyn UKLCUCK Lutsk Airport 07/25, 1660m, Asphalt 50°47′23″N25°20′56″E / 50.78972°N 25.34880°E / 50.78972; 25.34880
Lviv Lviv UKLP Lviv Stryi Airport Public/Military2400m Concrete 49°14′40″N023°47′23″E / 49.24444°N 23.78972°E / 49.24444; 23.78972
Lymanske Odesa UKOM Lymanske International Airport Public18/36, 2503m, Concrete 46°40′8″N030°0′40″E / 46.66889°N 30.01111°E / 46.66889; 30.01111
Nizhyn Chernihiv UKRN Nizhyn Airport Emergency services3000m, Concrete 51°05′20″N31°52′08″E / 51.08882°N 31.86890°E / 51.08882; 31.86890
Petrovske Luhansk UKHE Petrovske Airport?[ citation needed ]
Pidhorodne Dnipropetrovsk UKDP* Pidhorodne Airport (closed)500m, Concrete 48°32′48″N35°06′02″E / 48.54667°N 35.10056°E / 48.54667; 35.10056
Poltava Poltava UKHPPLV Poltava Airport (Suprunivka)Public13/31, 2600m, Concrete 49°34′26″N34°23′55″E / 49.57389°N 34.39861°E / 49.57389; 34.39861
Semenivka UKKS Semenivka Airport?[ citation needed ]
Sieverodonetsk Luhansk UKCSSEV Sievierodonetsk Airport Public 48°54′5″N38°32′38″E / 48.90139°N 38.54389°E / 48.90139; 38.54389
Kyiv Kyiv (City) UKKTNNN Sviatoshyn Airfield (Antonov-1)Industrial14/32, 1800m, Concrete 50°28′42″N30°23′6″E / 50.47833°N 30.38500°E / 50.47833; 30.38500
Tsuniv Lviv UKLF* Tsuniv Airport Public1300m, Grass 49°49′16″N23°41′17″E / 49.82111°N 23.68806°E / 49.82111; 23.68806
Simferopol Crimea UKFW Zavodskoe Airport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)PublicGrass 44°55′3″N34°3′47″E / 44.91750°N 34.06306°E / 44.91750; 34.06306
Zhytomyr Zhytomyr UKKVZTR Zhytomyr Airport Public/Industrial1500m, Asphalt 50°16′14″N28°44′19″E / 50.27056°N 28.73861°E / 50.27056; 28.73861
Yalta Crimea Yalta Heliport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)PublicConcrete 44°29′06″N34°08′12″E / 44.48500°N 34.13667°E / 44.48500; 34.13667

Military air bases

City served Oblast or municipality ICAO IATA Airport nameUsageRunway(s)CoordinatesNotes
Bagerovo Crimea Baherovo Air Base Military6/24, 3500m Concrete 45°24′25″N036°14′41″E / 45.40694°N 36.24472°E / 45.40694; 36.24472 Closed 1996
Bila Tserkva Kyiv (Oblast) UKBC* Bila Tserkva Air Base MilitaryConcrete 49°47′41″N30°1′48″E / 49.79472°N 30.03000°E / 49.79472; 30.03000 Reserve - 1333 Reserve and Scrap Aviation Base
Brody Lviv UKLB Brody Air Base Military1967m, Concrete 50°07′47″N25°10′15″E / 50.12970°N 25.17075°E / 50.12970; 25.17075 16th Separate Army Aviation Regiment

Chernihiv Chernihiv Oblast UKKP Chernihiv Air Base Military2500m, Concrete 51°32′55″N31°18′48″E / 51.54852°N 31.31345°E / 51.54852; 31.31345 Closed
Chuhuiv Kharkiv UKHW Chuhuiv Air Base Military2500m, Concrete 49°50′18″N36°38′28″E / 49.83827°N 36.64115°E / 49.83827; 36.64115 203rd Training Aviation Brigade
Dzhankoi Crimea UKFY Dzhankoi Air Base (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)Public/Mil.05/23, 2500m, Concrete 45°42′03″N034°25′02″E / 45.70083°N 34.41722°E / 45.70083; 34.41722 Russian 39th Helicopter Regiment
Kalynivka Vinnytsia UKKN Kalynivka Air Base Military1860m, Concrete 49°29′04″N28°32′22″E / 49.48444°N 28.53944°E / 49.48444; 28.53944 Reserve
Kropyvnytskyi Kirovohrad UKBT Kanatovo Air Base Military2465m, Concrete 48°33′47″N032°23′25″E / 48.56306°N 32.39028°E / 48.56306; 32.39028 Reserve
Konotop Sumy UKBF Konotop Air Base Military2003m, Concrete 51°14′35″N33°08′54″E / 51.24305°N 33.14832°E / 51.24305; 33.14832 Reserve
Mykolaiv Mykolaiv UKOR Kulbakino Air Base Military3250m, Concrete 46°56.191′N32°5.924′E / 46.936517°N 32.098733°E / 46.936517; 32.098733 299th Tactical Aviation Brigade
Melitopol Zaporizhzhia UKDMOOX Melitopol Air Base (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)Military2508m, Concrete 46°52′50″N35°18′08″E / 46.88067°N 35.30228°E / 46.88067; 35.30228 25th Transport Aviation Brigade
Myrhorod Poltava UKBMMXR Myrhorod Air Base Military2500m, Concrete 49°55′51″N33°38′38″E / 49.93090°N 33.64393°E / 49.93090; 33.64393 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade
Kalyniv UKLA Novyi Kalyniv Air Base Military2217m, Concrete 49°33′02″N23°20′03″E / 49.55057°N 23.33405°E / 49.55057; 23.33405 7th Separate Army Aviation Regiment
Oleksandriia Kirovohrad UKBA Oleksandriia Air Base Military330m, Concrete 48°40′46″N33°11′07″E / 48.67932°N 33.18520°E / 48.67932; 33.18520 Helicopter base
Zhytomyr Zhytomyr UKKO Ozerne Air Base Public/Mil.Concrete 50°9′30″N28°44′18″E / 50.15833°N 28.73833°E / 50.15833; 28.73833 39th Tactical Aviation Brigade
Poltava Poltava UKHLMIO Poltava Air Base Military09/27, 2500m, Concrete
09/27, 2500m, Grass
49°37′38″N34°29′18″E / 49.62722°N 34.48828°E / 49.62722; 34.48828 18th Separate Army Aviation Brigade
Saky Crimea UKFI* Saky Air Base (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)MilitaryConcrete 45°5′35″N33°35′42″E / 45.09306°N 33.59500°E / 45.09306; 33.59500 Russian 43rd Independent Naval Assault Aviation Regiment
Starokostiantyniv Khmelnytskyi UKLS* Starokostiantyniv Air Base 2400m, Concrete 49°44.894′N27°16.399′E / 49.748233°N 27.273317°E / 49.748233; 27.273317 7th Tactical Aviation Brigade
Uman Uman UKKA Uman Air Base Military2500m, Concrete 48°47′41″N30°12′29″E / 48.79485°N 30.20800°E / 48.79485; 30.20800 Reserve
Kyiv Kyiv (Oblast) UKKW Vasylkiv Air Base Military2465m, Concrete 50°14′05″N30°18′03″E / 50.23468°N 30.30090°E / 50.23468; 30.30090 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade
Mykolaiv Mykolaiv Oblast UKOW Voznesensk Air Base Military2470m, Concrete 47°30′42″N31°15′32″E / 47.51168°N 31.25877°E / 47.51168; 31.25877 Reserve
Yevpatoria Crimea UKFE Yevpatoria Airport (officially closed, de facto operated by Russia)Military8/24, 2011m, Concrete 45°13′32″N33°22′36″E / 45.22556°N 33.37667°E / 45.22556; 33.37667 Repair Plant

Registered Heliports

HeliportICAO CodeLocationCoordinatesSize of padReferences
Ukrainian : Пекарі
UKBE Kaniv, Cherkasy Oblast 49°41′49″N31°33′44″E / 49.69694°N 31.56222°E / 49.69694; 31.56222 30×30m, Concrete [2]
Ukrainian : Дніпро-1
UKNT Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast 50°26′57″N30°32′27″E / 50.44917°N 30.54083°E / 50.44917; 30.54083 120×50m, Concrete [3]
Ukrainian : Мотор
UKVE Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia Oblast 47°51′43″N35°19′0″E / 47.86194°N 35.31667°E / 47.86194; 35.31667 Concrete
Sopka-1 Novi Petrivtsi, Kyiv Oblast 50°37′17″N30°27′38″E / 50.62139°N 30.46056°E / 50.62139; 30.46056
Yarylhach Chornomorske, Crimea

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