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This article lists political parties in Slovenia. Since 1989, Slovenia has a multi-party system with numerous political parties, in which one party rarely has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other forming coalitions.


Parliamentary parties

SDS Slovenian Democratic Party
Slovenska demokratska stranka
Slovenian nationalism
Right-wing populism
Janez Janša
26 / 90
LMŠ List of Marjan Šarec
Lista Marjana Šarca
Social liberalism
Big tent
Marjan Šarec
14 / 90
SD Social Democrats
Socialni demokrati
Social democracy
Tanja Fajon
12 / 90
Levica The Left
Democratic socialism
Soft Euroscepticism
Luka Mesec
8 / 90
NSi New Slovenia - Christian Democrats
Nova Slovenija - Krščanski demokrati
Christian democracy
Social conservativism
Matej Tonin
7 / 90
SMC Modern Centre Party
Stranka modernega centra
Social liberalism
Zdravko Počivalšek
5 / 90
SAB Party of Alenka Bratušek
Stranka Alenke Bratušek
Social liberalism
Alenka Bratušek
5 / 90
DeSUS Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia
Demokratična stranka upokojencev Slovenije
Single-issue politics
Anton Balažek
4 / 90
SNS Slovenian National Party
Slovenska nacionalna stranka
Hard Euroscepticism
Zmago Jelinčič
3 / 90

Extra-parliamentary parties

    Historical parties

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    Liberal Democracy of Slovenia is a social-liberal political party in Slovenia. Between 1992 and 2004 it was the largest party in the country. In the 2011 Slovenian parliamentary election, it failed to win entry to the Slovenian National Assembly. The party was a member of the Liberal International and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

    Slovenian Democratic Party Political party

    The Slovenian Democratic Party, formerly the Social Democratic Party of Slovenia, is a nationalist right-wing populist political party in Slovenia. Led by the current Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Janša, the SDS is a member of the European People's Party (EPP), Centrist Democrat International and International Democrat Union.

    Slovenian Peoples Party

    The Slovenian People's Party is a conservative, agrarian, Christian-democratic political party in Slovenia. Formed in 1988 under the name of Slovenian Peasant Union as the first democratic political organization in Yugoslavia, it changed its name to Slovenian People's Party in 1992. On 15 April 2000 it merged with the Slovene Christian Democrats to form the SLS+SKD Slovenian People's Party, and changed its name in 2001 to Slovenian People's Party.

    New Slovenia

    New Slovenia – Christian Democrats is a Christian-democratic, conservative political party in Slovenia. Since 2018, it is led by Matej Tonin. The party was formed on 4 August 2000 following a split in the unified Slovenian People's Party and Slovene Christian Democrats (SLS+SKD). NSi is a member of the European People's Party (EPP) and in the European Parliament its MEP Ljudmila Novak sits with the EPP Group. NSi won 7.16% of the vote at the 2018 Slovenian parliamentary election on 3 June 2018, thus gaining 7 seats in the National Assembly.

    Social Democrats (Slovenia)

    The Social Democrats is a centre-left political party in Slovenia led by Tanja Fajon. From 1993 until 2005, the party was known as the United List of Social Democrats. The party is the successor of the Communist Party of Slovenia. Currently the party is in opposition in the Slovenian Parliament.

    This article gives an overview of liberalism in Slovenia. It is limited to liberal parties with substantial support, mainly proved by having had a representation in parliament. The sign ⇒ means a reference to another party in that scheme. For inclusion in this scheme it isn't necessary so that parties labeled themselves as a liberal party.

    The Slovenian National Party is a nationalist far-right political party in Slovenia led by Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti. The party is known for its Euroscepticism and opposes Slovenia's membership in NATO. It also opposes what it considers historical revisionism of events in Slovenia during World War II and to an extent is sympathetic towards the former Yugoslav government of Josip Broz Tito.

    Andrej Čuš and Greens of Slovenia

    The Andrej Čuš and Greens of Slovenia is a political party in Slovenia.

    Gregor Virant Slovenian politician and public servant

    Gregor Virant is a Slovenian politician and public servant. Between 2004 and 2008, he served as Minister of Public Administration in Janez Janša's first government, between 2011–2013 he was Speaker of the National Assembly of Slovenia. He also served as Minister of the Interior and Public Administration in the government of Alenka Bratušek between 2013 and 2014.

    The Democratic Party of Slovenia is an extra-parliamentary centrist political party in Slovenia. It was established in March 1994, when the majority of the then existing Democratic Party led by Dimitrij Rupel joined the ruling Liberal Democracy of Slovenia. A minority of the party membership decided to stay in opposition and continue the legacy of the Democratic Party.

    The Slovene Peasant Party was a Slovenian agrarianist political party in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. It was active between 1926 and 1929. During its short-lived history, it was one of the most important political parties in Slovenia.

    Pirate Party (Slovenia)

    Pirate Party of Slovenia is a political party in Slovenia. The party was officially registered on 17 October 2012 in Ljubljana.

    Positive Slovenia

    Positive Slovenia is a centre-left political party in Slovenia, since April 2014 led by Zoran Janković. The party was founded under the name Zoran Janković's List – Positive Slovenia. It was renamed to Positive Slovenia in its second congress, held on 21 January 2012.

    Civic List is a classical-liberal extra-parliamentary political party in Slovenia, led by Gregor Virant. LGV won 8.37% of the vote at the early 2011 Slovenian parliamentary election on 4 December 2011, thus gaining 8 seats in the National Assembly. After a quit of its deputy group by one of its deputies in April 2012, it has had 7 seats. Until April 2012 the party was named Gregor Virant's Civic List.

    2014 Slovenian parliamentary election

    Parliamentary elections were held in Slovenia on 13 July 2014 to elect the 90 deputies of the National Assembly. The early election, less than three years after the previous one, was called following the resignation of Alenka Bratušek's government in May. Seventeen parties participated, including seven new parties, some of which formed only months before the election took place. Party of Miro Cerar (SMC), a new party led by lawyer and professor Miro Cerar, won the election with over 34% of the vote and 36 seats. Seven political parties won seats in the National Assembly. Three political parties left the Assembly, including Zoran Janković's Positive Slovenia, the winner of the 2011 election. A leftist United Left party entered the Assembly for the first time, winning six seats.

    Party of Alenka Bratušek

    The Party of Alenka Bratušek is a political party in Slovenia. The party was founded on 31 May 2014 as the Alliance of Alenka Bratušek. The party was formed by Alenka Bratušek, who resigned as Prime Minister of Slovenia on 5 May 2014, and other former members of Positive Slovenia.

    Modern Centre Party

    The Modern Centre Party is a centrist and social-liberal political party in Slovenia led by Minister of Economical Development and Techonolgy Zdravko Počivalšek, who succeeded former Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Miro Cerar as the party president.

    2018 Slovenian parliamentary election

    Parliamentary elections were held in Slovenia on 3 June 2018. The elections were originally expected to be held later in June 2018, but after the resignation of Prime Minister Miro Cerar on 14 March 2018 all parties called for snap elections. They were the third consecutive snap elections after 2011 and 2014.

    The New People's Party of Slovenia is a political party in Slovenia. The party, which evolved from the so-called "Mayor's list", was founded on 12 May 2016 by former Maribor mayor, Franc Kangler.


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