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This article lists political parties in Denmark . da

Denmark has a multi-party system, with two or three major parties complemented by several other significant parties. The government typically consists of a major party in coalition with, or supported by, a number of smaller parties. No party has won an outright majority since 1903. All governments since then have either been one-party minority governments or coalitions between two or more parties. da


The Ministry of the Interior and Housing registers and validates party names and the official party letters for all parties that participate in national elections. On ballots, the parties are sorted alphabetically by party letter. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Parties represented in the Folketing or the European Parliament

Party nameRepresentation (2023)IdeologyLeader
(175/179 seats)
(14/705 seats)
Socialdemokratiet symbol (2014-present).svg
Social Democrats,
50 / 179
3 / 14
Social democracy,
Democratic socialism
Mette Frederiksen
Venstre symbol (2013-present).svg
Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti
(Left, Denmark's Liberal Party)
23 / 179
3 / 14
Conservative liberalism,
Agrarianism (Nordic),
Economic liberalism
Jakob Ellemann-Jensen
Moderaterne logo.svg
16 / 179
1 / 14
Lars Løkke Rasmussen
SF - Socialistiske Folkeparti.svg
Green Left,
Socialistisk Folkeparti (Socialist People's Party)
15 / 179
2 / 14
Green politics,
Democratic socialism
Pia Olsen Dyhr
Logo of the Denmark Democrats.svg
The Denmark Democrats,
or: Danmarksdemokraterne – Inger Støjberg
(The Denmark Democrats – Inger Støjberg)
14 / 179
0 / 14
Right-wing populism
Inger Støjberg
Liberal Alliance Logo 01.svg
Liberal Alliance,
Liberal Alliance
14 / 179
0 / 14
Classical liberalism,
Alex Vanopslagh
Det Konservative Folkeparti Teillogo.svg
Conservative People's Party,
Det Konservative Folkeparti
10 / 179
1 / 14
Green conservatism,
Liberal conservatism
Søren Pape Poulsen
Enhedslisten symbol (2017-present).svg
Red-Green Alliance,
Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
(Unity List – The Red-Greens)
9 / 179
1 / 14
Democratic socialism,
Soft euroscepticism
Collective leadership
Radikale Venstre symbol (2017-present).svg
Danish Social Liberal Party,
Radikale Venstre
(Radical Left)
7 / 179
2 / 14
Social liberalism,
Martin Lidegaard
Dansk Folkeparti Logo.svg
Danish People's Party,
Dansk Folkeparti
7 / 179
1 / 14
Danish nationalism,
National conservatism,
Social conservatism
Morten Messerschmidt
Alternativet symbol (2015-present).svg
The Alternative,
6 / 179
0 / 14
Green politics,
Franciska Rosenkilde
Nye Borgerlige election symbol.svg
The New Right,
Nye Borgerlige
(The New Bourgeois)
3 / 179
0 / 14
National conservatism,
Economic liberalism,
Hard euroscepticism
Logo of the Union Party (Faroe Islands, 2020).svg
Union Party (Faroe Islands)
Unionist Party, Union Party (Faroe Islands)
1 / 179
0 / 14
Bárður á Steig Nielsen
Inuit Ataqatigiit logo2020 png-600x600.png
Inuit Ataqatigiit
Community of the People
(Folkets Samfund)
1 / 179
0 / 14
Múte Bourup Egede
Siumut logo 2021.svg
1 / 179
0 / 14
Erik Jensen
Social Democratic Party (Faroe Islands)
Social Democratic Party (Faroe Islands)
1 / 179
0 / 14
Aksel V. Johannesen

Parties without Folketing or European Parliament representation

Party nameRecent resultsIdeologyLeader
Folketing European Parliament Municipal
KristenDemokraterne Logo 2020.svg
K or KD
Christian Democrats,
did not run
11 / 2,436
Christian democracy,
Social conservatism,
Jeppe Hedaa
Frie Gronne Q.png
Independent Greens,
Frie Grønne
or: Frie Grønne – Danmarks nye venstrefløjsparti
(The Independent Greens – Denmark's New Left-Wing Party)
did not existdid not run Green politics Sikandar Siddique
People's Movement against the EU,
Folkebevægelsen mod EU
did not run102,101
did not run Hard Euroscepticism
Susanna Dyre-Greensite, collective leadership, collective management
Logo for the Schleswig Party.svg
Schleswig Party,
Slesvigsk Parti
Schleswigsche Partei
did not rundid not run
10 / 2,436
German minority interests
Rainer Naujeck

Marginal parties

Party nameElection
Party logoFoundedIdeologyLeader
The Black Register
Det Sorte Register
2011 Ole Eli Christiansen
CP2009 Centrism Per Schultz-Knudsen
The Citizen List
E2018 Klaus Riskjær Pedersen
Communist Party
Kommunistisk Parti (KP)
Kp logo.jpg 2006 Communism
Lotte Rørtoft-Madsen
Communist Party in Denmark
Kommunistisk Parti i Danmark (KPiD)
N Communist Party in Denmark.png 1990 Communism
Rikke G.F. Carlsson
Communist Party of Denmark, CPD
Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti (DKP)
K or DKP DKP logo.svg 1919 Communism
Henrik Stamer Hedin
Puppet Party
2014 Big tent Unspecified
2016 Steen D. Hartmann
Freedom List
Æ2021 Regionalism
Civil libertarianism
Vaccine hesitancy
Flemming Blicher
Hard Line or Tight Course
Stram Kurs
P Stram Kurs logo.svg 2017 Ethnic nationalism
Rasmus Paludan
National Party
N2014 Centrism Asif Ahmad, Kashif Ahmad, Aamer Ahmad
National Socialist Movement of Denmark
Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Bevægelse, (DNSB)
DNSB DNSAP-emblem.svg 1991 Neo-Nazism Esben Kristensen
People's Movement for Justice and Welfare
Folkebevægelsen Ret- & Velfærd
2006 Kristian Poul Herkild
People's Party JFK21
Folkepartiet JFK21, Folkepartiet - Jorden, Frihed, Kundskab
JFK212020 Liberalism
Civil libertarianism
Vaccine hesitancy [8]
Mads Palsvig [9] [10]
Pirate Party of Denmark
P Piratpartiet.svg 2009 Ole Husgaard
The Synthetic Party
Det Syntetiske Parti
!2022 Techno-populism
Radical democracy
Leader Lars
United Democrats
Forenede Demokrater
2013 Britta Johansson
2002 Holism
Green politics
Fleming Nielsen, Benny Dyhr Thomsen
Volt Denmark
Volt Europa, Volt Danmark
Logo Volt Europa.svg
Logo of Volt.svg
2018 Social liberalism
European federalism
Kathrine Richter, Alexander Nielsen
We Local Democrats (Denmark)
Vi Lokale Demokrater
Workers' Communist Party
Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne

Local parties

See List of regional and local political parties in Denmark

Defunct parties

Formerly represented

The following lists defunct partiet that were previously represented in national parliament, in either the Folketing, Landsting or European Parliament. [11]

Party nameSymbolFoundedDissolvedIdeologyRepresentation
Bjørnbakske Venstre, Bjørnbakkerne18621877 Antimilitarism
Women's rights
Folketing: 1870s
Capital's Venstre
Hovedstadens Venstre
V19471947Folketing: 1947–1950
Centre Democrats
D19732008 Centrism
Liberal conservatism
Folketing: 1973–2001
European Parliament: 1979–1994
Clear Venstre
Rene Venstre
18841897Folketing: 1887–1897
Common Course
Fælles Kurs
P19862001 Communism
Folketing: 1987–1988
Free Conservatives
19001915 Conservatism Landsting: 1900–1915
Freedom 2000
Frihed 2000
19992001 Right-wing populism
Folketing: 1999–2001 [lower-alpha 1]
Hansen's Venstre Folketing: 1858–1861
Højre (1848–1866)
18481866Constituent assembly: 1848–1849
Folketing: 1849–1866
Landsting: 1849–1866
Højre (1881–1915)
H18811915Folketing: 1881–1915
Landsting: 1882–1915
Independent Party
De Uafhængige
U1953 Classical liberalism
Folketing: 1960–1966
Independent Venstre
Uafhængigt Venstre
Folketing: 1876–1879
Industry Party
Ep19181924Folketing: 1918–1924
June Movement
Juni Bevægelsen
J19922009 Euroskepticism European Parliament: 1994–2009
Left Socialists
Y19672013 Socialism
Revolutionary socialism
Folketing: 1968–1971, 1975–1987
Liberal Centre
Liberalt Centrum
L19651969Folketing: 1966–1968
Mellempartiet 18661876Folketing: 1865–1870s
Moderate Venstre
Det Forhandlende Venstre
F18771910Folketing: 1879–1910
Landsting: 1878–1910
National Cooperative of Denmark
Nationalt Samvirke
19391939Folketinget: 1939
National Liberal Party
De Nationalliberale
18421882 National liberalism Constituent Assembly: 1948–1849
Folketing: 1849–1872, 1876–1881
Landsting: 1849–1882
National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark
Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Arbejderparti
N19301945 Nazism
Folketing: 1939–1945
National Venstre
Nationale Venstre
1870Folketing: 1865-1870
Peace Politics People's Party
Fredspolitisk Folkeparti
M1963after 1971 Pacifism Folketing: 1964
People's Venstre
Folkelige Venstre
1866Folketing: 1865–1870
Society of The Friends of Peasants
Bondevennernes Selskab
18461872 Agrarianism, liberalism Constituent assembly: 1848–1849
Folketing: 1849–1860s
Landstings: 1849–1860s
The Center Party of Denmark
19781979Folketing: 1978–1979
The Moderates of Denmark
De Moderate
19641977Folketing: 1976–1979
Tscherning's Venstre Folketing: 1858–1872
Venstre of the Folketing
Folketingets Venstre
1895Folketing: 1879–1895
Venstre Reform Party
18701910Folketing: 1898–1910
Landsting: 1898–1910

Marginal parties

The following lists defunct parties that were never represented in national parliament. [12] [13]

Party nameSymbolFoundedDissolvedIdeology
Folkeringen 2016 Democratic socialism
Miljøpartiet Fokus
M20102015 Green politics
Animals rights
Animal welfare
20192020 Liberalism
Classical liberalism
The Greens of Denmark
De Grønne
19832014 Ecology
Local Democracy
The Independent Social Democracy of Denmark
Det Uafhængige Socialdemokrati
The Minority Party of Denmark
M20052007 Humanism
Pensioners' Party
Self-Governing Party
Social Balance
Social Balance
Socialist Labor Policy
Socialistisk Arbejderpolitik, SAP
Union of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements
Sammenslutning af Bevidst Arbejdssky Elementer
19791998 Political satire
Vegan Party / Green Alliance,
Veganerpartiet / Grøn Alliance

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  1. not registered as a party but represented in parliament as a parliamentary group

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The Red–Green Alliance or Unity List is an eco-socialist political party in Denmark. It was founded in 1989 with the merger of three Marxist parties and it is the furthest left-wing party in the Danish parliament, where it advocates for an expansion of welfare and social justice as well as socialist transformation in Denmark and internationally. During the 2021 Danish municipal elections the party placed first in the Danish capital Copenhagen, with 24.6% of the votes. The party is also active in various Danish trade unions.

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Nye Borgerlige is a national-conservative and right-wing populist Danish political party. The party was founded in the autumn 2015 by Pernille Vermund and Peter Seier Christensen. It entered the Folketing for the first time at the 2019 general election with four seats and again at the 2022 general election with six. In 2023, Lars Boje Mathiesen took over as party leader but was expelled from the party later that year. The party currently hold three seats and is without a leader.

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The Independent Greens – Denmark's New Left-Wing Party, or simply the Independent Greens (Q), is a left-wing political party in Denmark. It was founded 7 September 2020 by four former members of The Alternative: Sikandar Siddique, Uffe Elbæk, and Susanne Zimmer, who were members of the Danish parliament, and Niko Grünfeld, member of Copenhagen City Council. The party leader is Sikandar Siddique. Elbæk was founder and leader of The Alternative from 2013 to 2020.

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Events in the year 2022 in Denmark.

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Mikkel Bjørn Sørensen is a Danish politician and schoolteacher who since January 2023 has been a member of the Folketing for the Danish People's Party. From October 2016 to October 2021 he served as the first national chairman of his former party's youth wing Nye Borgerliges Ungdom. In April 2022 he became lead candidate for Nye Borgerlige on Funen for the up-coming election after previously having run in the municipal elections in Vejle Municipality and the 2019 general election in South Jutland Constituency. At the 2022 general election he was elected a member of the Folketing. He currently lives in Nyborg on Funen. Before he entered Parliament he taught history, Danish, social studies, and Christianity. Bjørn Sørensen has been described as having belonged to the more conservative branch of Nye Borgerlige.

The Denmark Democrats, officially Danmarksdemokraterne – Inger Støjberg, is a Danish political party founded in June 2022 by Inger Støjberg. In the 2022 election, the Denmark Democrats won 14 seats, thereby making them the 5th largest party alongside Liberal Alliance in the Folketing.

Events in the year 2023 in Denmark.


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