2009 Emperor's Cup

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2009 Emperor's Cup
CountryFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Champions Gamba Osaka
(3rd title)
Runners-up Nagoya Grampus
Matches played87
Top goal scorer(s) Lucas (8 goals)

The 89th Emperor's Cup began on September 19, 2009 and ended on January 1, 2010 with the final at National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. Gamba Osaka won the title for two years in a row. Since Gamba already confirmed 2010 AFC Champions League berth, the last spot of ACL for J.League club is awarded to Sanfrecce Hiroshima, which finished as 4th place of 2009 J.League Division 1.

Emperors Cup

The Emperor's Cup JFA All-Japan Soccer Championship Tournament, commonly known as The Emperor's Cup or The Emperor's Cup Soccer, is a Japanese association football competition. It has the longest tradition of any football tournament in Japan, dating back to 1921, before the formation of the J.League, Japan Football League and their predecessor, Japan Soccer League. Before World War II, teams could qualify not only from Japan proper but also from Korea, Taiwan, and sometimes Manchukuo. The women's counterpart is the Empress's Cup.

National Stadium (Tokyo) stadium in Tokyo, Japan

National Stadium was a multi-purpose stadium in Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The stadium served as the main stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as being the venue for track and field events at the 1964 Summer Olympics. The Japan national football team's home matches and major football club cup finals were held at the stadium. The stadium's official capacity was 57,363, but the real capacity was only 48,000 seats.

Gamba Osaka association football club

Gamba Osaka is a Japanese professional association football club, currently playing in the J1 League. The team's name Gamba comes from the Italian word "gamba" meaning "leg" and the Japanese ganbaru (頑張る), meaning "to do your best" or "to stand firm". Located in Suita, Osaka, the team's home stadium is Suita City Football Stadium.



RoundDatesMatchesClubsNew entries this round
First RoundSeptember 19–212448 → 24
  • 47 Prefectural Qualifying Cup winners
  • 1 University Qualifying Cup winning club
Second RoundOctober 10–123224+18+18+4  32
  • 18 J1 clubs
  • 18 J2 clubs
  • 4 JFL seeded clubs
Third RoundOctober 31–November 1
November 11 [1]
1632 → 16
Fourth RoundNovember 14–15816 → 8
QuarterfinalsDecember 1248 → 4
SemifinalsDecember 2924 → 2
FinalJanuary 1, 201012 → 1
  1. November 11 is a substituting match date for Kawasaki Frontale and FC Tokyo which are playing the 2009 J.League Cup final on November 3.


Starting in the First Round

Prefectural finals winners – 47 teams

Club Fields Norbritz Hokkaido (クラブフィールズ・ノルブリッツ北海道) is a Japanese football club from Ebetsu, Hokkaido, within the Sapporo metropolitan area. They play in the Hokkaido League, the regionalized fourth level of the Japanese football league system.

Aomori Prefecture Prefecture of Japan

Aomori Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located in the Tōhoku region. The capital is the city of Aomori.

Iwate Prefecture Prefecture of Japan

Iwate Prefecture is a prefecture in the Tōhoku region of Japan. Located on the main island of Honshu, it contains the island's easternmost point. The capital is Morioka. Iwate has the lowest population density of any prefecture outside Hokkaido. Famous attractions include the Buddhist temples of Hiraizumi, including Chūson-ji and Mōtsū-ji with their treasures, Fujiwara no Sato, a movie lot and theme park in Esashi Ward, Oshu City, Tenshochi, a park in Kitakami City known for its big, old cherry trees and Morioka Castle in Morioka City.

Prime Minister Cup University football tournament winners – 1 team

Starting in the Second Round

J.League Division 1 – 18 teams
Montedio Yamagata association football club

Montedio Yamagata is a professional association football club based in Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. The club plays in J2 League.

Kashima Antlers Japanese professional association football club

Kashima Antlers are a Japanese professional association football club playing in the J1 League with financial backing from the Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal.

Omiya Ardija association football club

Omiya Ardija is a professional association football club based in Ōmiya in Saitama, Japan. Its "hometown" as designated by the league is the whole of Saitama city, which is shared with neighbours Urawa Red Diamonds. Omiya competed in the J1 League following an immediate promotion in 2015 after being relegated in 2014. Omiya was relegated again following the 2017 season. They competed in J1 2005 and continued to remain until 2014, following promotion from J2 in 2004 as the second placed team. The team currently competes in the J2 League.

J.League Division 2 – 18 teams
Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo association football club in Japan

Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo is a Japanese professional football club, which plays in the J1 League. The team is based in Sapporo, on the island of Hokkaido.

Vegalta Sendai association football club

Vegalta Sendai is a Japanese professional football club, currently playing in J1 League. The team is located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Their home stadium is Yurtec Stadium Sendai, in Izumi-ku, Sendai, although a few home games have also been played at nearby Miyagi Stadium.

Mito HollyHock association football club

Mito HollyHock is a Japanese professional football (soccer) club, currently playing in the J2 League. The team's hometown is located in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Japan Football League – 4 teams
Sagawa Shiga FC

Sagawa Shiga Football Club, formerly Sagawa Express Soccer Club, was an amateur Japanese association football club based in Moriyama, Shiga. They were members of the Japan Football League (JFL). The club formed in 2007 from a merger of two Sagawa Express corporation football clubs in JFL; Sagawa Express Tokyo S.C. and Sagawa Express Osaka S.C.. The Tokyo side had been in JFL since 2001 and the Osaka side since 2002. The announcement of the merger was on September 14, 2006 and its base would be moved to Shiga prefecture, the company's corporate base. Blue and silver were their team colours. Their home stadium was the Sagawa Express Moriyama Stadium in Moriyama, Shiga.

Gainare Tottori association football club

Gainare Tottori are a Japanese football club, based in Yonago, Tottori. They play in the J3 League. Their team colour is green.

Tokyo Musashino City FC

Tokyo Musashino City F.C. are a football (soccer) club based in Musashino City, Tokyo, Japan. They play in the Japan Football League. Their team colour is blue.

※Clubs ranked from first to fourth at the end of the 17th week of 2009 Japan Football League.

The 2009 Japan Football League was the eleventh season of the Japan Football League, the third tier of the Japanese football league system.


All matches are Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)

First Round

Arte Takasaki 3 – 0 F.C. Koun
Okoshi Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Kubota Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Otani Soccerball shade.svg 71'

FC Gifu Second 1 – 3 Japan Soccer College
Matsue Soccerball shade.svg 69' (pen.) Report Ueda Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Unozawa Soccerball shade.svg 65', 80'
Nagaragawa Meadow, Gifu
Attendance: 560
Referee: Takao Onshi

Arterivo Wakayama 2 – 3 Saga Higashi High School
Tamaru Soccerball shade.svg 21'
Shin Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Report Okamoto Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Okizaki Soccerball shade.svg 57'
Matsuyama Soccerball shade.svg 83'

Norbritz Hokkaido 0 – 4 Fukuoka University
Report Muta Soccerball shade.svg 15'
Nagai Soccerball shade.svg 22'
Ishizu Soccerball shade.svg 42', 70'

TDK SC 1 – 2 Sony Sendai
Yokoyama Soccerball shade.svg 16' Report Machida Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Konta Soccerball shade.svg 65'

Matsumoto Yamaga 1 – 0 FC Kariya
Kakimoto Soccerball shade.svg 28' Report
Matsumoto Stadium, Matsumoto
Attendance: 1,469
Referee: Ryo Hirama

Mie Chukyo University 0 – 7 Honda FC
Report Nitta Soccerball shade.svg 24', 79'
Soccerball shade.svg 35' (o.g.)
Suzuki Soccerball shade.svg 36'
Soccerball shade.svg 70' (o.g.)
Kawashima Soccerball shade.svg 71'
Hayasaka Soccerball shade.svg 89'

Okinawa Kariyushi FC 4 – 1 Tokushima Vortis Second
Sakurada Soccerball shade.svg 12', 41' (pen.)
Asano Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Kishima Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Report Sakashi Soccerball shade.svg 56'

Honda Lock 4 – 0 Kumamoto Gakuen University
Harada Soccerball shade.svg 19', 43', 50'
Yamasaki Soccerball shade.svg 48'

Ehime FC Shimanami 0 – 4 Kochi University
Report Kagawa Soccerball shade.svg 39'
Sanetou Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Shibano Soccerball shade.svg 73', 84'
Ningineer Stadium, Matsuyama
Attendance: 698
Referee: Ushio Kosone

Grulla Morioka 2 – 4 Meiji University
Nakata Soccerball shade.svg 13', 89' Report Yamada Soccerball shade.svg 2'
Hida Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Yamamura Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Sakano Soccerball shade.svg 78'

Nara Club 1 – 0 Saurcos Fukui
Yabe Soccerball shade.svg 61' Report

Biwako Seikei Sport College 0 – 1 SP Kyoto
Report Nakai Soccerball shade.svg 17'

Vertfee Takahara Nasu 4 – 3 (a.e.t.) Hachinohe University
Honda Soccerball shade.svg 22'
Takahide Soccerball shade.svg 101'
Tanekura Soccerball shade.svg 107'
Etou Soccerball shade.svg 112'
Report Imano Soccerball shade.svg 87'
Horie Soccerball shade.svg 95'
Sato Soccerball shade.svg 114'

Valiente Toyama 0 – 7 Kansai University
Report Kanazono Soccerball shade.svg 22', 69'
Tanaka Soccerball shade.svg 51'
Nishioka Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Kiyomi Soccerball shade.svg 63' (pen.)
Nishiguchi Soccerball shade.svg 73'
Sato Soccerball shade.svg 79'

Second Round

Kashima Antlers 1 – 0 Arte Takasaki
Marquinhos Soccerball shade.svg 79' Report
Kashima Soccer Stadium, Kashima
Attendance: 5,040
Referee: Kouji Tanabe

Vissel Kobe 5 – 0 Tokai University
Mogi Soccerball shade.svg 10', 27', 40'
Ishibitsu Soccerball shade.svg 47'
Botti Soccerball shade.svg 67' (pen.)
Home's Stadium Kobe, Kobe
Attendance: 2,587
Referee: Hirofumi Yamanishi

Sanfrecce Hiroshima 5 – 0 Japan Soccer College
Hattori Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Takahagi Soccerball shade.svg 25'
Kashiwagi Soccerball shade.svg 37'
Takayanagi Soccerball shade.svg 53'
Hirashige Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Hiroshima Stadium, Hiroshima
Attendance: 3,485
Referee: Tadashi Kouse

Sagan Tosu 5 – 0 Saga Higashi High School
Yamase Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Soccerball shade.svg 63' (o.g.)
Tozin Soccerball shade.svg 72'
Ikeda Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Samuel Soccerball shade.svg 89'

Gamba Osaka 5 – 2 Ryutsu Keizai University
Sasaki Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Myojin Soccerball shade.svg 34'
Pedro Júnior Soccerball shade.svg 37'
Bando Soccerball shade.svg 53'
Lucas Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Report Hosogai Soccerball shade.svg 19'
Fuyama Soccerball shade.svg 39'
Osaka Expo '70 Stadium, Osaka
Attendance: 3,090
Referee: Kazuhiko Matsumura

Cerezo Osaka 1 – 2 Fukushima United
Inui Soccerball shade.svg 44' (pen.) Report Odagiri Soccerball shade.svg 13'
Tokisaki Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Nagai Stadium, Osaka
Attendance: 2,449
Referee: Ryouichi Imamura

Kawasaki Frontale 6 – 1 Renofa Yamaguchi
Chong Tese Soccerball shade.svg 22', 46', 54'
Renatinho Soccerball shade.svg 59', 77' (pen.)
Igawa Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Report Kashihara Soccerball shade.svg 23'

FC Tokyo 4 – 0 Kamatamare Sanuki
Kajiyama Soccerball shade.svg 10'
Suzuki Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Bruno Quadros Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Akamine Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Ajinomoto Stadium, Chōfu
Attendance: 7,203
Referee: Tomohiro Igami

Thespa Kusatsu 3 – 1 Sagawa Shiga
Sakurada Soccerball shade.svg 37'
Goto Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Tokura Soccerball shade.svg 46'
Report Yamane Soccerball shade.svg 79'

Sony Sendai 2 – 4 Omiya Ardija
Machida Soccerball shade.svg 85'
Okubo Soccerball shade.svg 86'
Report Ichikawa Soccerball shade.svg 20', 72'
Dudu Soccerball shade.svg 22'
Neretljak Soccerball shade.svg 82'

Vegalta Sendai 1 – 0 (a.e.t.) Zweigen Kanazawa
Sekiguchi Soccerball shade.svg 90' Report
Sendai Stadium, Sendai
Attendance: 4,429
Referee: Eiji Kawai

Matsumoto Yamaga 2 – 0 Urawa Red Diamonds
Kakimoto Soccerball shade.svg 12'
T. Abe Soccerball shade.svg 72'
Matsumoto Stadium, Matsumoto
Attendance: 14,494
Referee: Junpei Iida

FC Gifu 1 – 0 Tochigi SC
Satō Soccerball shade.svg 55' Report
Nagaragawa Stadium, Gifu
Attendance: 2,345
Referee: Hiroshi Tamura

JEF United Chiba 3 – 0 Honda FC
Maki Soccerball shade.svg 49'
Wada Soccerball shade.svg 62'
Arai Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Fukuda Denshi Arena, Chiba
Attendance: 5,456

Nagoya Grampus 4 – 0 Okinawa Kariyushi FC
Alex Soccerball shade.svg 42' (pen.)
Burzanović Soccerball shade.svg 68', 80'
Maki Soccerball shade.svg 86'

Tokyo Verdy 0 – 1 Honda Lock
Report Fujita Soccerball shade.svg 84' (pen.)
Nishigaoka National Stadium, Tokyo
Attendance: 1,696
Referee: Akahiko Ikeuchi

Júbilo Iwata 2 – 0 Kochi University
Inuzuka Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Funatani Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Yamaha Stadium, Iwata
Attendance: 2,355
Referee: Hiroyoshi Takayama

Montedio Yamagata 2 – 0 Nippon Bunri University
Akahoshi Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Hirose Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Yamagata Park Stadium, Tendō
Attendance: 2,181
Referee: Masaki Nabeshima

Shonan Bellmare 0 – 1 Meiji University
Report Mita Soccerball shade.svg 31'

Nara Club 0 – 3 Albirex Niigata
Report Everton Santos Soccerball shade.svg 6', 15'
Yano Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Techno Port Fukui Stadium. Fukui
Attendance: 3,865
Referee: Jouji Kashihara

Shimizu S-Pulse 2 – 0 SP Kyoto
Hara Soccerball shade.svg 46'
Marcos Paulo Soccerball shade.svg 82'

Consadole Sapporo 2 – 1 Gainare Tottori
Nishijima Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Quirino Soccerball shade.svg 87' (pen.)
Report Tomiyama Soccerball shade.svg 7'

Kyoto Sanga 4 – 0 Vertfee Takahara Nasu
Hayashi Soccerball shade.svg 15'
Yanagisawa Soccerball shade.svg 24'
Miyayoshi Soccerball shade.svg 76'
Diego Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium, Kyoto
Attendance: 1,981
Referee: Takuto Okabe

Third Round

Kashima Antlers 3 – 0 Avispa Fukuoka
Koroki Soccerball shade.svg 22'
Nozawa Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Danilo Soccerball shade.svg 42'

Vissel Kobe 1 – 0 Kashiwa Reysol
Ōkubo Soccerball shade.svg 69' Report
Home's Stadium Kobe, Kobe
Attendance: 3,256
Referee: Kiwamu Hirose

Sanfrecce Hiroshima 2 – 3 Sagan Tosu
Morita Soccerball shade.svg 53'
Satō Soccerball shade.svg 56'
Report Yamase Soccerball shade.svg 17'
Watanabe Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Havenaar Soccerball shade.svg 89'

Gamba Osaka 6 – 1 Fukuoka University
Endō Soccerball shade.svg 21'
Lucas Soccerball shade.svg 33', 53', 64'
Kaji Soccerball shade.svg 58'
Shimohira Soccerball shade.svg 87'
Report Nagai Soccerball shade.svg 49'
Osaka Expo '70 Stadium, Osaka
Attendance: 3,459
Referee: Hajime Matsuo

Yokohama F. Marinos 4 – 1 Fukushima United
Watanabe Soccerball shade.svg 11'
Sakata Soccerball shade.svg 17'
Tanaka Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Kano Soccerball shade.svg 74'
Report Tokisaki Soccerball shade.svg 72'
Nissan Stadium, Yokohama
Attendance: 5,499
Referee: Toshimitsu Yoshida

Kawasaki Frontale 3 – 1 Kataller Toyama
Kurotsu Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Kimura Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Yajima Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Report Kawasaki Soccerball shade.svg 44'

FC Tokyo 3 – 2 Thespa Kusatsu
Sahara Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Nakamura Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Hirayama Soccerball shade.svg 76'
Report Tokura Soccerball shade.svg 58'
Takada Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Ajinomoto Stadium, Chōfu
Attendance: 1,684
Referee: Ryuuji Satou

Omiya Ardija 1 – 2 (a.e.t.) Vegalta Sendai
Neretljak Soccerball shade.svg 37' (pen) Report Nakashima Soccerball shade.svg 27'
Ryang Yong-Gi Soccerball shade.svg 102'
NACK 5 Stadium Omiya, Saitama
Attendance: 5,489
Referee: Yuuichi Nishimura

Matsumoto Yamaga 1 – 4 FC Gifu
Kobayashi Soccerball shade.svg 60' Report Yoshimoto Soccerball shade.svg 22'
Satō Soccerball shade.svg 55'
Takagi Soccerball shade.svg 81' (pen)
Nishikawa Soccerball shade.svg 85'

Oita Trinita 2 – 3 JEF United Chiba
Kanazaki Soccerball shade.svg 77', 89' Report Kudo Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Yonekura Soccerball shade.svg 68', 86'
Ōita Stadium, Ōita
Attendance: 5,010
Referee: Junpei Iida

Nagoya Grampus 2 – 0 Honda Lock
Yoshimura Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Soccerball shade.svg 78' (o.g.)
Mizuho Athletic Stadium, Nagoya
Attendance: 2,807
Referee: Tomohiro Igami

Montedio Yamagata 0 – 3 Meiji University
Report Mita Soccerball shade.svg 27'
Yamamoto Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Sakano Soccerball shade.svg 85'
ND Soft Stadium Yamagata, Tendō
Attendance: 2,870
Referee: Hiroki Noda

Kyoto Sanga 1 – 2 (a.e.t.) Ventforet Kofu
Toyoda Soccerball shade.svg 21' Report Kim Sin-Young Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Katagiri Soccerball shade.svg 107'
Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium, Kyoto
Attendance: 2,812
Referee: Akio Okutani

Fourth Round

Kashima Antlers 2 – 1 Vissel Kobe
Nozawa Soccerball shade.svg 55'
Danilo Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Report Ishibitsu Soccerball shade.svg 48'

Sagan Tosu 1 – 3 Gamba Osaka
Havenaar Soccerball shade.svg 47' Report Lucas Soccerball shade.svg 9' (pen)
Pedro Júnior Soccerball shade.svg 40'
Myojin Soccerball shade.svg 50'
Hiroshima Big Arch, Hiroshima
Attendance: 2,045
Referee: Tadashi Ouse

Yokohama F. Marinos 1 – 2 Kawasaki Frontale
Yamase Soccerball shade.svg 57' Report Juninho Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Yajima Soccerball shade.svg 85'
Nissan Stadium, Yokohama
Attendance: 10,120
Referee: Hiroki Noda

FC Tokyo 0 – 3 Vegalta Sendai
Report Nakahara Soccerball shade.svg 25'
Nakashima Soccerball shade.svg 59'
Marcelo Soares Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Marugame Stadium, Marugame
Attendance: 4,504
Referee: Koushi Tanabe

Nagoya Grampus 3 – 1 Júbilo Iwata
Yoshimura Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Yoshida Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Sugimoto Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Report Cullen Soccerball shade.svg 5'
Mizuho Athletic Stadium, Nagoya
Attendance: 6,091
Referee: Hajime Matsuo

Meiji University 1 – 3 Albirex Niigata
Yamamoto Soccerball shade.svg 46' Report Oshima Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Yano Soccerball shade.svg 40', 64'
Yamagata Park Stadium, Tendō
Attendance: 3,313
Referee: Junpei Iida

Shimizu S-Pulse 3 – 0 Ventforet Kofu
Hara Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Morita Soccerball shade.svg 49' (o.g.)
Nagasawa Soccerball shade.svg 55'
Tottori Bank Bird Stadium, Tottori
Attendance: 3,288
Referee: Tomohiro Igami


Kashima Antlers 1 – 2 Gamba Osaka
Tashiro Soccerball shade.svg 45' Report Yamazaki Soccerball shade.svg 29', 68'
Kashima Soccer Stadium, Kashima
Attendance: 11,053
Referee: Yuichi Nishimura

Vegalta Sendai 2 – 1 (a.e.t.) Kawasaki Frontale
Nakashima Soccerball shade.svg 36'
Hirase Soccerball shade.svg 108'
Report Murakami Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Yurtec Stadium Sendai, Sendai
Attendance: 18,340
Referee: Minoru Tojo

Nagoya Grampus 3 – 0 FC Gifu
Kennedy Soccerball shade.svg 44', 67', 81' Report
Mizuho Athletic Stadium, Nagoya
Attendance: 12,211
Referee: Ryuji Sato

Shimizu S-Pulse 3 – 2 (a.e.t.) Albirex Niigata
Okazaki Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Johnsen Soccerball shade.svg 86'
Kodama Soccerball shade.svg 104'
Report Matsushita Soccerball shade.svg 16' (pen.)
Yano Soccerball shade.svg 88'


Gamba Osaka 2 – 1 Vegalta Sendai
Lucas Soccerball shade.svg 3', 65' Report Nakahara Soccerball shade.svg 58'
National Stadium, Tokyo
Attendance: 25,878
Referee: Haroyoshi Takayama


Gamba Osaka 4 – 1 Nagoya Grampus
Lucas Soccerball shade.svg 6'
Endo Soccerball shade.svg 77', 90+2'
Futagawa Soccerball shade.svg 86'
Report Nakamura Soccerball shade.svg 40'
National Stadium, Tokyo
Attendance: 42,140
Referee: Kenji Oogiya

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The 87th Emperor's Cup has been held between September 16, 2007 and January 1, 2008. It was won by Kashima Antlers.

The 86th Emperor's Cup had been held between September 17, 2006 and January 1, 2007. The previous season's winners Urawa Red Diamonds defended the Cup and completed the league-cup double.

The 88th Emperor's Cup began on September 13, 2008 and ended on January 1, 2009 with the final at National Stadium in Tokyo. As the champion, Gamba Osaka participated in 2009 AFC Champions League.

The 2009 J.League Cup, more widely known as the 2009 Nabisco Cup, is the 34th edition of Japan soccer league cup tournament and the 17th edition under the current J.League Cup format. The championship started on March 25, 2009 and ended on November 3, with F.C. Tokyo defeating Kawasaki Frontale 2-0 in the Final. They qualified for the 2010 Suruga Bank Championship.

The 2010 J. League Cup, more widely known as the 2010 Nabisco Cup, was the 35th edition of the most prestigious Japanese soccer league cup tournament and the 18th edition under the current J. League Cup format. It began on 31 March 2010 with the first matches of the group stage and ended on 3 November 2010 with the Final at National Olympic Stadium, Tokyo.

The 90th Emperor's Cup (第90回天皇杯) began on 4 September 2010 and ended on 1 January 2011 with the final at National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. Gamba Osaka were the two-time defending champions, having won two previous tournaments.

The 91st Emperor's Cup (第91回天皇杯) was a regular edition of an annual Japanese national cup tournament. It started on 3 September 2011 and ended on 1 January 2012 with the final at National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan, won by FC Tokyo 4–2 against Kyoto Sanga.

The 92nd Emperor's Cup (第92回天皇杯全日本サッカー選手権大会) is a regular edition of an annual Japanese national cup tournament. It started on 1 September 2012 and ended on 1 January 2013 with the final at National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan, won by Kashiwa Reysol 1–0 against Gamba Osaka.

The 2013 J.League Division 2 season is the 42nd season of the second-tier club football in Japan and the 15th season since the establishment of J2 League. The regular season began on 3 March and ended on 24 November, followed by the promotion play-offs among four clubs ranked between 3rd and 6th at the end of regular season. Gamba Osaka became champions, and Vissel Kobe became runners-up, both returned to J1 immediately after one season at J2. The other promoted team is third runners-up Tokushima Vortis, who won the promotion playoff final, defeating Kyoto Sanga FC. With the win, Vortis are making their J1 debut, becoming the first professional Shikoku football club to compete in the top division of their national league.

The 2013 J.League Cup, also known as the 2013 Yamazaki Nabisco Cup for sponsoring purposes, was the 38th edition of the most prestigious Japanese soccer league cup tournament and the 21st edition under the current J.League Cup format.

The 93rd Emperor's Cup (第93回天皇杯全日本サッカー選手権大会) is the regular edition of the annual Japanese national cup tournament. It started on 31 August 2013 and ended on 1 January 2014 with the final at National Stadium in Tokyo.

The 94th Emperor's Cup (第94回天皇杯全日本サッカー選手権大会) was the regular edition of the annual Japanese national cup tournament, which was held from 5 July 2014 to 13 December 2014

The 95th Emperor's Cup (第95回天皇杯全日本サッカー選手権大会) was the regular edition of the annual Japanese national cup tournament, which was held from 29 August 2015 to its final on 1 January 2016.

The 96th Emperor's Cup (第96回天皇杯全日本サッカー選手権大会) was the 2016 edition of the annual Japanese national cup tournament, which was held from 27 August 2016 to its final on 1 January 2017.

The 97th Emperor's Cup (第97回天皇杯全日本サッカー選手権大会) was the 2017 edition of the annual Japanese national cup tournament, which began on 22 April 2017 and ended with the finals on 1 January 2018.

The 98th Emperor's Cup was the 2018 edition of the annual Japanese national football cup tournament, which began on 26 May 2018 and ended with the final on 9 December 2018 at the Saitama Stadium 2002. The final was held earlier than the usual date of 1 January due to the 2019 AFC Asian Cup.