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Sega CD 2 attached to a model 2 Sega Genesis. Sega-CD-Model2-Set.png
Sega CD 2 attached to a model 2 Sega Genesis.

The Sega CD, originally released as the Mega-CD (メガCD, Mega-Shī Dī) in most regions outside of North America and Brazil, is an add-on device for the Sega Genesis video game console, designed and produced by Sega. It was released in Japan in 1991, North America in 1992 and in PAL regions in 1993. The device adds a CD-ROM drive to the console, allowing the user to play CD-based games and providing additional hardware functionality. It can also play audio CDs and CD+G discs. While the add-on did contain a faster central processing unit than the Genesis, as well as some enhanced graphics capabilities, the main focus of the device was to expand the size of games. [1] Known for several games such as Sonic CD and for the controversy of violent video games including Night Trap , the Sega CD sold 2.24 million units worldwide. [2] It was officially discontinued in 1996. [3]


Among the titles released for the Sega CD were a number of FMV games, including Sewer Shark and Fahrenheit . Well-known titles include the critically acclaimed Sonic CD and Lunar: Eternal Blue , as well as the controversial Night Trap, which resulted in Congressional hearings on video game violence. [4] [5] The Sega CD also received enhanced ports of games from the Genesis, including Batman Returns and Ecco the Dolphin . [3] Included in this library are six games which, while receiving individual Sega CD releases, also received separate versions that utilized both the Sega CD and Sega 32X add-ons. [6] In particular, Sonic CD has been noted for its excellent graphics and new time travel elements without changing the traditional Sonic formula. [5] [7] However, given the large amount of FMV games and Genesis ports, the Sega CD's game library has been criticized for its lack of depth. [4] [8] Full motion video quality was poor on the Sega CD due to poor video compression software and the system's limited color palette, [4] and the concept never caught on with the public. [9] Likewise, most Genesis ports for the Sega CD added in additional full motion video sequences, extra levels, and enhanced audio, but were otherwise the same game as the Genesis release. [9] The video in these sequences have also been criticized, with the quality being considered comparable to an old VHS tape. [4]

The following list contains all of the games released on the Sega CD. Of these games, there are six titles (marked with a in the title for the game) that were also released in formats that used a combination of the Sega CD and the Sega 32X. All release years given are for the earliest release of the games, which have been sold in several regions around the world, including Japan, North America, and Europe. A total of 211 titles are listed. 57 were released only in Japan, 39 were released only in North America, and 5 were released only in Europe.

Region code guide
Regions releasedRegion description
JPJapanese (NTSC-J) formatted release
NANorth America and other NTSC territories, besides Japan
PAL PAL/SECAM territories: much of Europe, Australia, parts of Asia


[10] [11] [12]
[10] [11] [12]
[10] [11] [12]
Release date [10] [11] [12]
[11] [12]
3 Ninjas Kick Back Malibu Interactive Sony Imagesoft Unreleased1994Unreleased
A-Rank Thunder Tanjouhen Riot Nihon Telenet June 25, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Eye of the Beholder Westwood Associates Strategic Simulations, Inc. 199419941994
The Adventures of Batman & Robin Clockwork Games Sega Unreleased19951995
The Adventures of Willy Beamish Infinite Laser Dog Dynamix Unreleased1993Unreleased
After Armageddon GaidenMicro Design Sega November 11, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
After Burner III CSK Research Institute Sega December 18, 1992March 1993August 1993
Aisle Lord Wolf Team Wolf TeamMay 29, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
AlsharkPopcorn SoftwarePolydorNovember 25, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin Sega SegaUnreleasedJune 1993November 1993
Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm
Human Entertainment Big Fun GamesJuly 30, 19931994Unreleased
Anett Futatabi
Annet Again
Wolf Team Wolf TeamMarch 30, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
The Animals Arnowitz Studios Software Toolworks UnreleasedJune 1, 19941994
Arcus 1-2-3 Wolf Team Wolf TeamJuly 23, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Arslan Senki Sega SegaNovember 19, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
A/X-101 Micronet Sega
Absolute Entertainment
March 25, 19941994Unreleased
Bakuden: The Unbalanced Zone Sony Music Entertainment Sony Music EntertainmentApril 22, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Batman Returns Malibu Interactive Sega UnreleasedMarch 1993August 1993
Battle Frenzy
Domark Acclaim Entertainment UnreleasedUnreleased1995
Battlecorps Core Design Victor Interactive Software
Time Warner Interactive
Core Design
1994May 15, 1994August 1994
BC Racers
Stone RacersPAL
Core Design Time Warner Interactive Unreleased19951995
Bill Walsh College Football High Score Productions Electronic Arts Unreleased19931993
Black Hole Assault Bignet USA Micronet
Bignet USA
October 23, 1992November 1992September 1993
Bouncers Dynamix Sega UnreleasedDecember 1994Unreleased
Bram Stoker's Dracula Psygnosis Sony Imagesoft UnreleasedNovember 1993Unreleased
Brutal: Paws of Fury Imagitec Design GameTek UnreleasedNovember 1994October 1, 1994
BuraiPandora's Box Sega September 11, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm Rocket Science Games Rocket Science GamesUnreleasedJune 1994Unreleased
Capcom no Quiz: Tonosama no Yabou Sims Computing Inc. Sims Computing Inc.December 25, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Captain Tsubasa Tecmo TecmoSeptember 30, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Championship Soccer '94
Sensible Soccer PAL
Sensible Software Sony Imagesoft Unreleased1994July 1994
Chuck Rock Core Design Sony Imagesoft UnreleasedJanuary 1993April 2, 1993
Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck Core Design Virgin Games Unreleased1993January 1994
Cliffhanger Malibu Interactive Sony Imagesoft UnreleasedNovember 1993Unreleased
Cobra Command
Thunder Storm FXJP
Wolf Team Sega August 28, 1992November 1992August 1993
Colors of Modern Rock Sega SegaUnreleased1993Unreleased
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia The Learning Company Sega Unreleased1994Unreleased
Corpse Killer [13] Digital Pictures Sega UnreleasedNovember 1994March 1995
Cosmic Fantasy Stories Riot Nihon Telenet March 27, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Crime Patrol American Laser Games American Laser GamesUnreleasedOctober 1994Unreleased
Cyborg 009 Riot Nihon Telenet July 30, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Daihoushinden Victor Interactive Software Sega February 24, 1995UnreleasedUnreleased
Dark Wizard Renovation Products Sega November 12, 19931994Unreleased
Death Bringer: The Knight of DarknessRiot Nihon Telenet April 17, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Demolition Man Alexandria, Inc. Acclaim Entertainment Unreleased1995Unreleased
Detonator OrgunHot BHot BJuly 31, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Devastator Wolf Team Wolf TeamMay 28, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Double Switch Digital Pictures Sega March 24, 19951993February 1994
Dracula Unleashed ICOM Simulations Sega Unreleased1993May 1994
Dragon's Lair Don Bluth Studios ReadysoftJune 3, 1994January 1994March 1994
Dune Cryo Interactive Virgin Interactive UnreleasedDecember 1993January 1994
Dungeon Explorer Westone Sega UnreleasedMay 19951995
Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep JVC JVCMarch 25, 1994September 19941994
Dynamic Country Club Sega SegaJuly 16, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Earnest Evans Wolf Team Nihon Telenet December 20, 1991UnreleasedUnreleased
Earthworm Jim: Special Edition Shiny Entertainment Interplay Entertainment UnreleasedMay 1995June 1995
Ecco the Dolphin Novotrade Sega July 30, 1993December 1992August 1993
Ecco: The Tides of Time Novotrade Sega August 25, 1994November 1994November 1994
Egawa Suguro no Super League Sega SegaAugust 6, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
ESPN Baseball Tonight Park Place Productions Sony Imagesoft Unreleased1994May 16, 1994
ESPN National Hockey Night Park Place Productions Sony Imagesoft UnreleasedNovember 1994Unreleased
ESPN NBA Hangtime '95 Sony Imagesoft Sony ImagesoftUnreleased1994Unreleased
ESPN Sunday Night NFL Ringler Studios Sony Imagesoft UnreleasedNovember 1994Unreleased
Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side Sega InteractiveSegaUnreleasedFebruary 1995May 1995
F-1 Circus CDCream Nichibutsu March 18, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Fahrenheit [13] Sega Studios Sega September 1, 1995March 19951995
Fatal Fury Special
Garou Densetsu SpecialJP
Funcom JVC March 31, 19951995June 1995
Fhey Area Wolf Team Wolf TeamFebruary 18, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
FIFA International Soccer
FIFA International Soccer: Championship EditionPAL
Extended Play Productions Electronic Arts Unreleased1994June 1994
Final Fight CD A-Wave Sega April 2, 1993May 1993June 1993
Flashback: The Quest for Identity Delphine Software Sega December 29, 1993February 20, 1993June 1993
The Misadventures of FlinkNA
Psygnosis Psygnosis
Vic Tokai
Unreleased1994November 11, 1994
Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit
Heavenly Symphony:Formula One World Championship 1993JP
Sega SegaApril 23, 1994August 19941994
Funky Horror Band JVC Sega December 20, 1991UnreleasedUnreleased
Gambler Jikko Chuushinha 2 Game Arts Game ArtsDecember 18, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Game no Kanzume Vol. 1 Sega SegaMarch 18, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Game no Kanzume Vol. 2 Sega SegaMarch 18, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Genei Toshi: Illusion City Microcabin Micro CabinMay 28, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf
Super Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Meshika: Genchou HishiJP
Koei KoeiSeptember 24, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Ground Zero: Texas Digital Pictures Sony Imagesoft Unreleased1993February 1994
Heart of the Alien Interplay Entertainment Virgin Interactive UnreleasedJune 1994Unreleased
Heavy Nova Holocronet Micronet December 12, 1991UnreleasedUnreleased
Heimdall Core Design JVC March 18, 1994April 15, 1994Unreleased
Hook Core Design Sony Imagesoft Unreleased1992September 1993
Hot Hits Sega SegaUnreleasedOctober 15, 1992Unreleased
INXS: Make My Video Digital Pictures Sega Unreleased1992August 1993
Iron Helix Drew Pictures Spectrum HoloByte UnreleasedSeptember 1994Unreleased
Ishii Hisaichi no Daisekai Sega SegaJanuary 28, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Jaguar XJ220 Core Design Core Design, JVC March 26, 1993March 1993April 1994
Jango World Cup JVC JVCAugust 27, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Jeopardy! Absolute Entertainment Sony Imagesoft UnreleasedNovember 1993Unreleased
Joe Montana Football Electronic Arts SegaUnreleasedOctober 1993Unreleased
Jurassic Park Sega SegaSeptember 30, 19941994February 1994
Keio Flying Squadron
Keio YugekitaiJP
Victor Entertainment Sega August 6, 1993November 10, 1994October 1994
Kids on Site Digital Pictures Sega UnreleasedNovember 19941994
Kris Kross: Make My Video Digital Pictures Sega Unreleased1992September 1993
The Lawnmower Man Sales Curve Time Warner Unreleased1994November 1994
Lethal Enforcers Konami KonamiOctober 29, 1993November 1993November 19, 1993
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters Konami KonamiNovember 25, 1994November 24, 1994December 23, 1994
Links: The Challenge of Golf Papyrus Design Group Virgin Interactive Unreleased1994Unreleased
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine Rocket Science Games Rocket Science GamesUnreleased1994Unreleased
Lords of Thunder Eleven Sega
Virgin Interactive
UnreleasedMay 19951995
Lunar: Eternal Blue Game Arts Working Designs December 22, 1994September 15, 1995Unreleased
Lunar: The Silver Star Game Arts Working Designs June 26, 1992December 1993Unreleased
Mad Dog McCree American Laser Games American Laser GamesUnreleased1993Unreleased
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold American Laser Games American Laser GamesUnreleased1994Unreleased
Mahou no Shoujo: Silky LipRiot Nihon Telenet June 19, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Shinsetsu Yumeni Yataka no MongatariJP
Yumeni Mystery MansionPAL
System Sacom Sega
Vic Tokai
December 10, 1993February 1994March 1994
Marko's Magic Football Domark DomarkUnreleasedUnreleased1994
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video Digital Pictures Sega Unreleased1992Unreleased
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Psygnosis Sony Imagesoft Unreleased1994Unreleased
Masked Rider
Kamen Rider ZoJP
Toei Company Toei Company, Sega May 13, 19941994Unreleased
MegaRace Cryo Interactive Software Toolworks UnreleasedDecember 1993Unreleased
Mega Schwarzschild Kogado Studio Sega June 25, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse Traveller's Tales Sony Imagesoft UnreleasedNovember 19941994
Microcosm Psygnosis Psygnosis, Victor Entertainment February 25, 1994January 1994January 1994
Midnight RaidersStargate Productions Sega Unreleased1994March 1995
Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra New World Computing CSK November 26, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Orion Technologies Sega UnreleasedMay 2, 1995March 1995
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat CompleteJP
Probe Entertainment Arena Entertainment June 3, 1994April 1994July 1994
My Paint: The Animated Paint ProgramSaddleback GraphicsBridgestone MultimediaUnreleased1993Unreleased
NBA Jam Iguana UK Acclaim Entertainment December 20, 1994December 19941994
NFL Football Trivia ChallengeCapDiscPhillips InteractiveUnreleasedNovember 1994Unreleased
NFL's Greatest: San Francisco vs. Dallas 1978-1993 Park Place Productions Sega UnreleasedOctober 1993Unreleased
NHL '94 High Score Productions Electronic Arts Unreleased19931993
Night StrikerAisystem Tokyo Taito May 28, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Night Trap [13] Digital Pictures Sega, Tec Toy November 19, 1993November 1992May 1993
The Ninja Warriors Natsume Taito March 12, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Nobunaga's Ambition 3: The Rising Sun Koei Koei1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Nostalgia 1907 Sur de WaveTakerUCODecember 14, 1991UnreleasedUnreleased
Novastorm Psygnosis Sony Imagesoft Unreleased1994November 1994
Office I
Wahaha Honpo
Data East
April 23, 1993September 1994Unreleased
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Activision ActivisionUnreleased19951995
Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure SIMS Working Designs April 1, 1994February 23, 1995Unreleased
Power Factory Featuring C+C Music Factory Digital Pictures Sony Imagesoft Unreleased19931993
Powermonger Bullfrog Games Electronic Arts UnreleasedJanuary 1994April 1994
Prince of Persia Bits Laboratory Sega August 7, 1992December 1992September 1993
Prize Fighter Digital Pictures Sega March 24, 19951994March 1994
Pro Yakyuu Super League CD Sega SegaOctober 30, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Psychic Detective vol. 3: Psychic Detective AyaDAPSData WestJanuary 3, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Psychic Detective vol. 4: Psychic Detective OrgelDAPSData WestDecember 10, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Puggsy Psygnosis Sony Imagesoft UnreleasedJanuary 6, 1994November 1993
Quiz Scramble Special Sega SegaMay 29, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Racing Aces Sega SegaUnreleased1993Unreleased
Radical Rex Beam Software Activision UnreleasedNovember 1994Unreleased
Ranma ½: Byukuran Aika NCS Masaya April 23, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
RDF Global Conflict Absolute Entertainment Absolute EntertainmentUnreleasedNovember 1994Unreleased
Record of Lodoss War JASPAC Sega May 20, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Revenge of the Ninja Wolf Team Renovation Products Unreleased1993Unreleased
Revengers of Vengeance
Battle FantasyJP
Micronet Extreme EntertainmentApril 15, 19941994Unreleased
Rise of the Dragon Game Arts Sega
September 25, 1992March 1993Unreleased
Road Avenger
Road Blaster FXJP
Wolf Team Renovation Products December 18, 1992March 1993September 1993
Road Rash New Level Software, Inc. Electronic Arts Unreleased1995Unreleased
Robo Aleste
Denin AlesteJP
Compile Tengen November 27, 1992August 1993September 1993
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny
Gekijoban Sangokushi III
Koei KoeiNovember 8, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Samurai Shodown
Samurai SpiritsJP
Funcom JVC UnreleasedJanuary 1995June 1995
The Secret of Monkey Island LucasArts JVC September 23, 1993December 1993Unreleased
Sega Classics Arcade Collection (4-in-1) Sega SegaApril 23, 1993November 1992Unreleased
Sega Classics Arcade Collection (5-in-1) Sega Sega19931993April 19, 1993
Seima Densetsu 3×3 Eyes Sega SegaJuly 23, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Sengoku Denshou Dragnet Inc. Sammy Studios December 28, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Sewer Shark Digital Pictures Sony Imagesoft UnreleasedDecember 1992September 1993
Shadow of the Beast II Psygnosis JVC July 29, 19941994May 1994
Shadowrun Compile FASA Interactive February 23, 1996UnreleasedUnreleased
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective ICOM Simulations Sega UnreleasedNovember 1992September 1993
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. II ICOM Simulations Sega UnreleasedMay 1993September 1993
Shin Megami Tensei SIMS SIMSFebruary 25, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Shining Force CD Sonic Co. Sega July 22, 19941994April 1995
Silpheed Game Arts Sega July 30, 1993October 1993October 1993
SimEarth Game Arts Sega March 12, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Slam City with Scottie Pippen [13] Digital Pictures Acclaim Entertainment UnreleasedNovember 19941994
The Smurfs
Les SchtroumpfsFRA
Virtual Studio Infogrames UnreleasedUnreleased1995
Snatcher Konami KonamiUnreleasedJanuary 1995November 1994
Sol-Feace Wolf Team Wolf TeamDecember 12, 1991November 1992April 2, 1993
Sonic CD Sonic Team Sega September 23, 1993November 23, 1993October 1993
Soulstar Core Design Time Warner Interactive December 22, 1994September 1994April 1994
Space Ace Epicenter InteractiveReadysoftUnreleased1994Unreleased
The Space Adventure - Cobra: The Legendary Bandit Hudson Soft
T's Music
Hudson Soft
Virgin Interactive
Unreleased1995July 1995
Starblade Namco NamcoOctober 28, 19941994November 1994
Star Wars Chess Software Toolworks Software ToolworksUnreleasedMay 1994October 1994
Star Wars: Rebel Assault LucasArts Victor Interactive Software
September 22, 1994March 1994September 1994
Stellar-FireInfinite Laser Dog Dynamix UnreleasedDecember 1993Unreleased
Supreme Warrior [13] Digital Pictures Digital PicturesUnreleasedNovember 19941994
Surgical Strike [14] The Code Monkeys Sega December 22, 1995June 1995September 1995
Syndicate Bullfrog Games Electronic Arts UnreleasedUnreleased1995
Tenbu: Mega CD Special Wolf Team Wolf TeamDecember 25, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
Tenka Fubu Game Arts Game ArtsDecember 28, 1991UnreleasedUnreleased
The Terminator Probe Software Virgin Games UnreleasedJune 1993February 1994
Theme Park Bullfrog Games Electronic Arts UnreleasedUnreleased1995
The Third World War Micronet Extreme EntertainmentNovember 26, 19931994Unreleased
AH-3 ThunderstrikeNA
Core Design JVC Musical Industries September 17, 1993October 1993September 1, 1993
Time Gal Wolf Team Renovation Products November 13, 1992May 1993August 1993
Tomcat Alley The Code Monkeys Sega December 22, 1994March 1994May 1994
Trivial PursuitWestern Technologies Virgin Games Unreleased1994Unreleased
Ultraverse Prime Malibu Interactive Sony Imagesoft Unreleased1994Unreleased
Urusei Yatsura: My Dear Friends Game Arts Game ArtsApril 15, 1994UnreleasedUnreleased
Vay SIMS Working Designs October 22, 1993April 15, 1994Unreleased
Warau Salesman Sega SegaSeptember 17, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Wheel of Fortune Absolute Entertainment Sony Imagesoft Unreleased1994Unreleased
Who Shot Johnny Rock? American Laser Games American Laser GamesUnreleased1994Unreleased
Wild Woody Sega SegaUnreleased1995Unreleased
Wing Commander Origin Systems Sega March 24, 1994February 1993Unreleased
Winning Post Koei KoeiSeptember 17, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased
Wirehead The Code Monkeys
MGM Interactive
Sega UnreleasedSeptember 1995Unreleased
Wolfchild Core Design JVC March 19, 1993December 1992August 1993
Wonder Dog Core Design JVC September 25, 1992November 1992January 1994
Wondermega Collection Sega JVC January 4, 1992UnreleasedUnreleased
World Cup USA '94 Tiertex Design Studios U.S. Gold Unreleased19941994
WWF Rage in the Cage
WWF Mania TourJP
Sculptured Software Acclaim Entertainment
Arena Entertainment
June 24, 1994November 1993January 1994
Yumimi Mix Game Arts Game ArtsJanuary 29, 1993UnreleasedUnreleased

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<i>Sonic the Hedgehog 2</i> 1992 video game

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