List of Atari 2600 games

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The Atari VCS with CX40 joystick Atari-2600-Wood-4Sw-Set.png
The Atari VCS with CX40 joystick

This is a list of games for the Atari Video Computer System, a console renamed to the Atari 2600 in November 1982. Sears licensed the console and many games from Atari, Inc., selling them under different names. 3 cartridges were Sears exclusives.


The list contains 520baller games, divided into three sections:

  1. Games published by Atari and Sears
  2. Games published by third parties
  3. Hobbyist-developed games after the system was discontinued.

The Atari VCS was first released in North America on September 11, 1977 with nine cartridges: Air-Sea Battle , Basic Math , Blackjack , Combat , Indy 500 , Star Ship , Street Racer , Surround and Video Olympics .

The final licensed Atari 2600 games released in North America were Ikari Warriors , MotoRodeo, Sentinel, and Xenophobe in early 1991, [1] and the final licensed games released in Europe were Klax and Acid Drop in 1990 and 1992 respectively.

Games published by Atari and Sears

All 130 of the initial era[ when? ] of Atari 2600 games were developed and manufactured by Atari, Inc. These games were published by Atari, and many were also licensed to Sears, which released these games under its Tele-Games brand, often with different titles. [2] Sears's Tele-Games brand was unrelated to the company Telegames, which also produced cartridges for the Atari 2600 (mostly re-issues of M Network games.) [3]

Three games were also produced by Atari Inc. for Sears as exclusive releases under the Tele-Games brand: Steeplechase , Stellar Track, and Submarine Commander . [2]

Atari titleSears titleCodeDesigner or programmerYearGenreNotes
32 in 1-CX-261631988Educational, SportsA multi-genre cartridge. It is a PAL-only release and is compatible with the Atari 7800. [4] 32 games are included, including games by Atari, Inc., Activision, CommaVid, and U.S. Games.
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe 3-D Tic-Tac-ToeCX-2618 Carol Shaw 1978Strategy
Adventure AdventureCX-2613 Warren Robinett 1979Adventure, Action-RPGContains first well-known Easter egg, containing the designer's name.
Air-Sea Battle Target FunCX-2602 Larry Kaplan 1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch games.
Alpha Beam with Ernie -CX-26103Michael Callahan (programmer), Preston Stuart (graphics)1983EducationalCo-developed by Children's Computer Workshop
Asterix -CX-2696Steve Woita1983ActionPrimarily a PAL release. Same game as Taz but with altered graphics.
Asteroids AsteroidsCX-2649Brad Stewart1981Action
Atari Video Cube -CX-26701983StrategyOriginally released as mail-order through Atari Club.
Backgammon BackgammonCX-2617Craig Nelson1979Strategy
Basic Math AKA Fun With NumbersMathCX-2661Gary Palmer1977EducationalOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch games
BASIC Programming -CX-2620 Warren Robinett 1979Educational
Basketball BasketballCX-2624 Alan Miller 1978Sports
Battlezone -CX-2681Mike Feinstein and Brad Rice1983Action, Simulation
Berzerk BerzerkCX-2650Dan Hitchens1982ActionLicensed by Stern Electronics
Big Bird's Egg Catch -CX-26104Christopher Omarzu1983Educational, StrategyCo-developed by Children's Computer Workshop
Blackjack BlackjackCX-2651 Bob Whitehead 1977SimulationOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch games
Bowling BowlingCX-2628 Larry Kaplan 1979Sports
Brain Games Brain GamesCX-2664 Larry Kaplan 1978Educational, Strategy
Breakout Breakaway IVCX-2622Brad Stewart1978Action
Canyon Bomber Canyon BomberCX-2607 David Crane 1979Action
Casino Poker PlusCX-2652 Bob Whitehead 1978Strategy
Centipede -CX-26761983Action
Circus Atari CircusCX-2630Michael Lorenzen1980Action
Codebreaker CodebreakerCX-2643Unknown1978Strategy
Combat Tank PlusCX-2601Larry Wagner, Joe Decuir 1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch games
A Game of Concentration Memory MatchCX-2642Jim Huether1978TraditionalRe-release of Hunt & Score
Cookie Monster Munch -CX-26102Gary Stark1983EducationalCo-developed by Children's Computer Workshop.
Crazy Climber -CX-2683Alex Leavens1983ActionLicensed by Nihon Bussan Co. Mail-order exclusive through Atari Club.
Crossbow -CX-261391987ActionLicensed by Exidy
Crystal Castles -CX-26110Peter C. Niday (programmer), Robert Vieira (sound), Michael Kosaka (graphics)1984Action
Dark Chambers -CX-26151John Palevich1988Action
Defender DefenderCX-2609Bob Polaro1982ActionLicensed by Williams Electronics
Defender II -CX-26120Bill Aspromonte (programmer), Andrew Fuchs (sound)1988ActionRe-release of Stargate
Demons to Diamonds Demons to DiamondsCX-2615Nick Turner1982Action
Desert Falcon -CX-26140Bob Polaro1987Action
Dig Dug -CX-26771983ActionLicensed by Namco
Dodge 'Em Dodger CarsCX-2637 Carla Meninsky 1980Action, Racing
Donald Duck's Speedboat-CX-26108 Suki Lee 1983ActionOnly released in Brazil
Double Dunk -CX-26159Matthew Hubbard1989Sports
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial -CX-2674 Howard Scott Warshaw 1982AdventureConsidered the worst video game of all time and cause of the “video game crash of 1983
Fatal Run -CX-26162Steve Aguirre1990Action, Racing / DrivingPAL-only release; developed by Sculptured Software
Flag Capture CaptureCX-2644Jim Huether1978Strategy
Football FootballCX-2625 Bob Whitehead 1978Sports
Galaxian -CX-2684Mark Ackerman, Glen Parker and Tom Calderwood1983ActionLicensed by Namco
Golf GolfCX-2634Michael Lorenzen1980Sports
Gravitar -CX-26851983Action
Gremlins -CX-26127Scott Smith (programmer), Mimi Nyden (graphics), Robert Vieira (sound)1984Action
Hangman SpellingCX-2662 Alan Miller 1978Strategy
Haunted House Haunted HouseCX-2654James Andreasen1982Action, Adventure
Home Run BaseballCX-2623 Bob Whitehead 1978Sports
Human Cannonball Cannon ManCX-2627Unknown1978StrategyBased on an unreleased arcade concept by Owen Rubin
Hunt & Score (see Concentration )-CX-2642Jim Huether1978Strategy
Ikari Warriors -CX-261771989ActionLicensed by SNK
Indy 500 RaceCX-2611Ed Riddle1977RacingOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch games
Joust -CX-2691Mike Feinstein and Kevin Osborn1983ActionLicensed by Williams Electronics
Jr. Pac-Man -CX-26123Ava-Robin Cohen1986ActionLicensed by Bally Midway
Jungle Hunt -CX-2688Mike Feinstein and John Allred1983Side-scrolling actionLicensed by Taito
Kangaroo -CX-2689Kevin Osborn1983ActionLicensed by Sun Electronics
Klax -CX-26192Steve DeFrisco1990Action, StrategyPAL-only. Last official game released for 2600.
Krull -CX-2682Dave Staugas1983Action
Mario Bros. -CX-2697Dan Hitchens1983ActionLicensed by Nintendo
Math Gran Prix Math Gran PrixCX-2658Suki Lee1982Educational, Racing
Maze Craze: A Game of Cops and Robbers Maze ManiaCX-2635Rick Maurer1980Action
Midnight Magic -CX-26129Glenn Axworthy1986Action
Millipede -CX-26118Dave Staugas (programmer), Jerome Domurat (graphics), Andrew Fuchs (sound), Robert Vieira (sound)1984Fixed Shooter
Miniature Golf Arcade Golf [5] CX-2626Tom Reuterdahl1979Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Missile Command Missile CommandCX-2638 Rob Fulop 1981Action
Moon Patrol -CX-26921983Actionlicensed by Irem
MotoRodeo -CX-26171Steve DeFrisco1990Racing / Driving, SportsDeveloped by Axlon
Ms. Pac-Man -CX-2675Mike Horowitz and Josh Littlefield1983ActionLicensed by Bally Midway [6]
Night Driver Night DriverCX-2633 Rob Fulop 1980Action, Racing / Driving
Obelix -CX-26117Suki Lee (programmer), Dave Jolly (graphics), Jeff Gusman (sound), Andrew Fuchs (sound)1983Action
Off the Wall -CX-261681989Action
Oscar's Trash Race -CX-26101Christopher Omarzu (programmer), Preston Stuart (graphics)1983Educational, Racing / DrivingCo-developed by Children's Computer Workshop
Othello OthelloCX-2639 Ed Logg 1980Strategy
Outlaw GunslingerCX-2605 David Crane 1978Action
Pac-Man Pac-ManCX-2646 Tod Frye 1982ActionLicensed by Namco
Pelé's Soccer AKA Championship SoccerSoccerCX-2616Steve Wright1980Action, Sports
Pengo -CX-2690Mark R. Hahn (programmer), Andrew Fuchs (sound), Jeff Gusman (sound), Courtney Granner (unknown)1984ActionLicensed by Coreland, Sega
Pepsi Invaders -CX-2632HChristopher Omarzu1983ActionA special version of Space Invaders commissioned by Coca-Cola.
Phoenix -CX-2673Mike Feinstein and John Mracek1983ActionLicensed by Amstar Electronics.
Pigs in Space -CX-26114Rob Zdybel (programmer), John Russell (programmer), Bill Aspromonte (programmer), Michael Sierchio (designer)1983Action
Pole Position -CX-2694Doug Macrae and John Allred1983Racing / DrivingLicensed by Namco
Quadrun -CX-2686Steve Woita1983ActionMail-order exclusive through Atari Club.
Radar Lock -CX-26176Doug Neubauer1989Action
Raiders of the Lost Ark -CX-2659 Howard Scott Warshaw 1982Adventure
RealSports Baseball -CX-2640Joseph Tung1982Action, Sports
RealSports Boxing -CX-26135Alex DeMeo1987Action, Sports
RealSports Football -CX-2668Robert Zdybel1982Sports
RealSports Soccer -CX-2667Michael Sierchio1983Sports
RealSports Tennis -CX-26801983Sports
RealSports Volleyball -CX-2666Bob Polaro (programmer), Alan Murphy (graphics)1982Sports
Road Runner -CX-2663Bob Polaro1989Action, Racing / Driving
Rubik's Cube -CX-26981983StrategyRe-release of Atari Video Cube
Secret Quest -CX-26170Steve DeFrisco (programmer), Nolan Bushnell (designer)1989AdventureDeveloped by Axlon.
Sentinel -CX-26183 David Lubar (programmer)1990Action
Sky Diver Dare DiverCX-2629Jim Huether1979Action
Slot Machine SlotsCX-2653 David Crane 1979Simulation
Slot Racers MazeCX-2606 Warren Robinett 1978Action
Snoopy and the Red Baron -CX-26111Richard Dobbis (programmer), Sam Comstock (graphics)1983Action
Solaris -CX-26136Doug Neubauer1986ActionOriginally released by mail-order through Atari Club.
Sorcerer's Apprentice -CX-26109Peter C. Niday1983Action
Space Invaders Space InvadersCX-2632Rick Maurer1980ActionLicensed by Taito
Space War Space CombatCX-2604Ian Shepard1978Action
Sprint Master -CX-26155Bob Polaro1988Action, Racing / Driving
Stargate -CX-26120Bill Aspromonte (programmer), Andrew Fuchs (sound)1984ActionLicensed by Williams Electronic Games
Star Raiders Star RaidersCX-2660 Carla Meninsky 1982Action, Strategy
Star Ship Outer Space CX-2603 Bob Whitehead 1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch games
Steeplechase -CX-2614Jim Huether1980Action, SportsOne of the three games Atari produced exclusively for Sears.
Stellar Track -CX-2619Robert Zdybel1980Simulation, StrategyOne of the three games Atari produced exclusively for Sears.
Street Racer Speedway IICX-2612 Larry Kaplan 1977Racing / DrivingOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch games
Submarine Commander -CX-2647Matthew Hubbard1982SimulationOne of the three games Atari produced exclusively for Sears.
Super Baseball -CX-261521988Action, Sports
Super Breakout Super BreakoutCX-2608Nick Turner1981Action
Super Football -CX-26154Doug Neubauer1988Sports
Superman SupermanCX-2631John Dunn1979Action, Adventure
Surround ChaseCX-2641 Alan Miller 1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch games
Swordquest: Earthworld -CX-2656Dan Hitchens1982Action, Adventure
Swordquest: Fireworld -CX-2657 Tod Frye 1983Adventure
Swordquest: Waterworld -CX-2671 Tod Frye 1983AdventureSold via mail-order through Atari Club.
Taz -CX-2699Steve Woita1983Action
Track & Field -CX-26125Seth Lipkin and Jacques Hugon1983SportsLicensed by Konami.
Vanguard -CX-2669Dave Payne1983ActionLicensed by SNK
Video Checkers CheckersCX-2636 Carol Shaw 1980Strategy
Video Chess Video ChessCX-2645Larry Wagner, Bob Whitehead 1979Strategy
Video Olympics Pong SportsCX-2621Joe Decuir1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch games
Video Pinball Arcade Pinball CX-2648Bob Smith1980Pinball
Warlords WarlordsCX-2610 Carla Meninsky 1981Action
Xenophobe -CX-261721990ActionLicensed by Bally Midway
Yars' Revenge Yars' RevengeCX-2655 Howard Scott Warshaw 1982 [7] [8] Action

Games published by third parties

As the Atari 2600 console grew in popularity, in 1980 [9] other game developers, such as Activision and Imagic, entered the market and published more than 380 of their own cartridges for the Atari 2600. Many of the most popular Atari 2600 games, such as Pitfall! and Demon Attack , are third-party games. [10]

Game TitleDeveloper (Designer)PublisherYearGenreNotes
Acid DropDennis Kiss [11] Salu Ltd1992StrategyPAL-only; puzzle game; last game released. Atari 2600s stopped being manufactured
The Activision Decathlon Activision (David Crane) Activision 1983Sports
Adventures of Tron APh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Action
Airlock Data Age Data Age 1982Action
Air Raid MenAVisionMenAVision1982ActionOnly 13 copies known to exist [ citation needed ]
Air Raiders APh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Action
Alien 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox 1982Action
Alien's Return Gem International Corporation Home Vision 1983ActionPrimarily a PAL release. Released in NTSC format as E.T Go Home
Amidar Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1982Actionlicensed by Konami
Armor Ambush APh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Action, Racing / Drivingconversion of Intellivision Armor Battle
Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox Xonox 1983Strategydouble-ended cartridge
Artillery Duel/Ghost Manor Xonox Xonox 1983Strategydouble-ended cartridge
Artillery Duel/Spike's Peak Xonox Xonox 1983Strategydouble-ended cartridge
Artillery Duel Action Graphics Xonox 1983Strategy
Assault BombBomb1983Action
Astroblast APh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Actionconversion of Intellivision Astrosmash
Atlantis Imagic Imagic 1982Action
Atlantis II Imagic Imagic 1982Action
Bachelor Party Mystique PlayAround 1982Action
Bachelorette Party Mystique PlayAround 1982ActionReleased as a 2-in-1 cart with Burning Desire
Bank Heist 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox 1983Action, Racing / Driving
Barnstorming Activision Activision 1982Action
Base Attack Home Vision Home Vision 1983?shooterOriginal version of Z-Tack
Beamrider Cheshire Engineering Activision 1983Action
Beany Bopper Sirius Software 20th Century Fox 1982Action
Beat Em and Eat Em Mystique PlayAround 1983Action
Berenstain Bears Coleco Coleco 1983EducationalKid Vid Voice Module required to function
BermudaSuntek?Suntek/Quelle/Rainbow Vision/Hertie1983ShooterHack of River Raid
Bermuda Triangle Data Age Data Age 1982Action
Birthday ManiaTokar, Robert AnthonyPersonal Games Company1984Action
Blue Print CBS Electronics CBS Electronics 1983Actionlicensed by Bally Midway
BMX Airmaster Sculptured Software TNT Games1989Action, Sports
Bobby Is Going Home Bit Corporation CCE1983
Boing! First Star Software First Star Software 1983Action
Boxing Activision (Bob Whitehead) Activision 1980Sports
Bridge Activision (Larry Kaplan) Activision 1980Strategy
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Sega Sega 1983Action
Bugs Data Age Data Age 1982Action
Bumper Bash Spectravision Spectravision 1983Action
Bump 'n' Jump Mattel Electronics M Network 1983Action, Racing / Drivinglicensed by Data East USA
BurgerTime Mattel Electronics M Network 1982Actionlicensed by Data East USA
Burning Desire PlayAround 1983Released as a 2-in-1 cart with Bachelorette Party
Busy Police Zellers 1983unlicensed reproduction of Keystone Kapers [12]
Cakewalk CommaVid CommaVid 1983Action
California Games Epyx Epyx 1987Sports
Carnival Woodside Design Associates Coleco 1982Action
Cathouse Blues PlayAround 1982
ChallengeFunvisionReleased in NTSC format by Zellers
Challenge of Nexar Sirius Software Spectravision 1982Action
Chase the Chuck Wagon TMQ Software Spectravision 1983Action
Checkers Activision (Alan Miller) Activision 1980Strategy
China Syndrome Spectravision Spectravision 1983Action
Chopper Command Activision (Bob Whitehead) Activision 1982Action
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost Manor Xonox Xonox 1983Actiondouble-ended cartridge
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Spike's Peak Xonox Xonox 1983Actiondouble-ended cartridge
Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox Xonox 1983Action
Coconuts Telesys Telesys 1982Action
Commando Imagineering Activision 1988Actionlicensed by Data East USA
Commando RaidJames Wickstead Design Associates U.S. Games 1982Action
Communist Mutants from Space (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1982Action
Condor AttackUltravision1983
ConfrontationAnswer SoftwareAnswer Software1983StrategyOnly originally available directly from Answer Software for a short time.
Congo Bongo Sega Sega 1983Action
Cosmic Ark Imagic (Rob Fulop) Imagic 1982Action
Cosmic Commuter Activision Activision 1984Action
Cosmic Corridor Zimag 1983NTSC release of Bit Corporation's Space Tunnel
Cosmic Creeps Telesys Telesys 1982Action
Cosmic Free FireAction Hi-TechPAL-format [13]
Cosmic Swarm CommaVid CommaVid 1982Action
Crab ControlAction Hi-TechPAL-format [13]
Crackpots Activision Activision 1983Action
Crash Dive 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox 1983Action
Creature Strike Home Entertainment Suppliers 1992ShooterReleased as part of a "2 PAK SPECIAL" [14]
Cross Force Spectravision Spectravision 1983Action
Cruise MissileFroggo1987Same game as Exocet released by Panda
Crypts of Chaos 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox 1982Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)
Cubicolor Rob Fulop 1982Strategy
Custer's Revenge Mystique Mystique 1982Adult, Western
Dancing Plate Bit Corporation 1982PAL release
Dark Cavern APh Technological Consulting M Network 1982conversion of Intellivision Night Stalker
Deadly DiscsAPh Technological Consulting Telegames 1983Actionreissue of M Network's Tron: Deadly Discs
Deadly Duck Sirius Software 20th Century Fox 1982Action
Death Trap Avalon Hill Avalon Hill 1983Action, Strategy
Demolition Herby Telesys Telesys 1983Action
Demon Attack Imagic (Rob Fulop) Imagic 1982Fixed shooter
Dice PuzzlePanda1983
Dishaster Zimag Zimag 1983ActionZimag's NTSC release of Bit Corporation's Dancing Plate
Dolphin Activision Activision 1983Action
Donkey Kong Imaginative Systems Software Coleco 1982Actionlicensed by Nintendo Co., Ltd; reissued by Atari in 1988 (CX-26143)
Donkey Kong Junior Woodside Design Associates Coleco 1983Actionlicensed by Nintendo Co., Ltd; reissued by Atari in 1988 (CX-26144)
Double Dragon Imagineering Activision 1989Actionlicensed by Technōs Japan
Dragon Treasure Zellers 1981unlicensed reproduction of Dragonfire [12]
Dragonfire Imagic (Bob Smith) Imagic 1982Action
Dragonstomper (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1982Role-Playing (RPG)
Dragster Activision (David Crane) Activision 1980Racing / Driving
Dungeon Master Home Entertainment Suppliers 1992Action, AdventureReleased as part of a "2 pak special" [14]
Earth Dies Screaming Sirius Software 20th Century Fox 1982Action
Earth Attack Zellers 1983unlicensed reproduction of Defender [12]
Eddy Langfinger, der MuseumsdiebQuelle1983ActionPAL release
Eggomania James Wickstead Design Associates U.S. Games 1982Action
Eli's LadderSimageSimage1982Educational
Encounter at L-5 Data Age Data Age 1982Action
Enduro Activision Activision 1983Racing / Driving
Entombed Western Technologies U.S. Games 1983Action, StrategyResearchers going through the game code in the 2010s have been unable to figure out how the game's maze-generating algorithm managed to consistently generate playable mazes. The original coder says he got it from another programmer who wrote it while drunk.
Escape from the Mindmaster (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1982Adventure
EspialOrca Corporation Tigervision 1984Action
ExocetPandaPanda1983ActionSame game as Cruise Missile released by Froggo
Exocet MissileJohn SandsPAL release
Extra TerrestrialsHerman QuastSkill Screen Games1984Action
Fantastic Voyage Sirius Software 20th Century Fox 1982Action
Farmer Dan Zellers unlicensed reproduction of Gopher [12]
Fast Eddie Sirius Software 20th Century Fox 1982Action
Fast Food Telesys Telesys 1982Action
Fathom Imagic (Rob Fulop) Imagic 1983Action
Fighter Pilot Activision PAL release of Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator
Final Approach Apollo Apollo 1982Simulation, Strategy
Fireball (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1982Action
Fire Fighter Imagic (Brad Stewart) Imagic 1982Action
Fire FlyMythiconMythicon1983Action
Fisher Price CCE 1983Same game as Aquatak, Sea Hunt and Scuba Diver
Fishing Derby Activision (David Crane) Activision 1980Action, Sports
Flash Gordon Sirius Software 20th Century Fox 1983Action
Frankenstein's Monster Data Age Data Age 1983Action
Freeway Activision (David Crane) Activision 1981Action
Frogger APh Technological Consulting Parker Brothers 1982Action
Frogs and Flies APh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Actionconversion of Intellivision Frog Bog
The Official Frogger (cassette) Starpath 1983Action
Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1984Action
Front Line Individeo Coleco 1984Actionlicensed by Taito
Frostbite Activision Activision 1983Action
Gamma-AttackGammationGammation1983ActionOnly one copy known to exist. It was listed on eBay for $500,000 but never sold.
Gangster Alley Spectravision Spectravision 1983Action
Gas Hog Spectravision Spectravision 1983Action
GauntletAnswer SoftwareAnswer Software1983Action
Ghostbusters Activision (David Crane) Activision 1985Action
Ghostbusters II Activision Salu Ltd1990/1992ActionPAL-only
Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak Xonox Xonox 1983Actiondouble-ended cartridge
Ghost Manor Xonox Xonox 1983Action
G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1983Action
Gigolo PlayAround 1982Released as a 2-in-1 cart with Bachelor Party
Glacier PatrolVSS Telegames 1983Action
GlibQualtronic Devices Selchow and Righter 1983Strategy
Gopher James Wickstead Design Associates U.S. Games 1982Action
Gorf Roklan Corporation CBS Electronics 1982Actionlicensed by Bally Midway
Grand Prix Activision (David Crane) Activision 1982Racing / Driving
Great Escape BombBomb1983Action
Guardian Apollo Apollo 1982Action
Gyruss Roklan Corporation Parker Brothers 1984Actionlicensed by Konami
Halloween VSS Wizard Video 1983Action
Harbor EscapePanda1983
H.E.R.O. Activision Activision 1984Action
I Want My Mommy Zimag Zimag 1983ActionNTSC release of Bit Corporation's Open Sesame
Ice Hockey Activision (Alan Miller) Activision 1981Action, Sports
Inca Gold Zellers 1982Zeller's NTSC release of Funvision's Inca Gold
Infiltrate Apollo Apollo 1982Action, Strategy
International SoccerAPh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Sports
James Bond 007 On Time Software Parker Brothers 1983Action
Jawbreaker On-Line Systems Tigervision 1981Action
Journey Escape Data Age Data Age 1982Action
Jungle Fever PlayAround PlayAround 1982ActionReleased as a 2-in-1 cart with Knight on the Town
Kaboom! Activision (Larry Kaplan, David Crane) Activision 1981Action
Karate UltravisionUltravision1982Action
Keystone Kapers Activision Activision 1983Action
Killer Satellites (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1982Action
King Kong Software Electronics Tigervision 1982Action
Knight on the Town PlayAround 1982Released as a 2-in-1 cart with Jungle Fever
Kool-Aid Man Mattel Electronics M Network 1983Action
Kung-Fu Master Imagineering Activision 1987Actionlicensed by Data East USA
Lady in Wading PlayAround 1982Released as a 2-in-1 cart with Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em
Laser Blast Activision (David Crane) Activision 1981Action
Laser Gates Imagic, VentureVision Imagic 1983Action
Laser Volley Zellers 1983unlicensed reproduction of Laser Gates [12]
Lochjaw Apollo Apollo 1982ActionLater released by Apollo as Shark Attack
Lock 'n' Chase APh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Actionlicensed by Data East USA.
London Blitz Avalon Hill Avalon Hill 1983Strategy
Lost Luggage Apollo Apollo 1982Action
M.A.D.Western Technologies U.S. Games 1982Action
MagiCard CommaVid CommaVid 1981
MalagaiAnswer Software1983Action
Mangia Spectravision Spectravision 1983Action
MarauderOn-Line Systems Tigervision 1982
Marine WarsDigivision Konami 1983ActionPAL version released by Gakken.
M*A*S*H 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox 1982Action
Master Builder Spectravision Spectravision 1983Action
Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man Mattel Electronics M Network 1983Action
MegaBoyDynacom1990EducationalThe cartridge, the only known 64k Atari 2600 game, came with a Brazilian portable console also called Megaboy. [15]
Mega Force 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox 1982Action
Megamania Activision Activision 1982Action
Miner 2049er Big Five Software Tigervision 1983Action
Miner 2049er IIBig Five Software Tigervision 1982Action
Mines of Minos CommaVid CommaVid 1983Action
Missile ControlVideo Gems1983ActionPAL-format [16]
Mission 3000 A.D. Bit Corporation Bit Corporation 1983Action
Mission SurviveVideo Gems1983ActionPAL-format [16]
Mogul ManiacVideo Soft Amiga 1983Action, Simulation, Sports
Montezuma's Revenge: Starring Panama Joe James Wickstead Design Associates Parker Brothers 1984Action
Moonsweeper Imagic (Bob Smith) Imagic 1983Action
MotocrossQuelle1983Racing / Driving, Sports
Motocross Racer Xonox Xonox 1984Racing / Driving
Mountain King VSS CBS Electronics 1983Action
Mouse Trap James Wickstead Design Associates Coleco 1982Actionlicensed by Exidy; reissued by Atari in 1988 (CX-26146)
Mr. Do! Individeo Coleco 1983Actionlicensed by Universal Co., Ltd.
Mr. Do's Castle Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1984Actionlicensed by Universal Co., Ltd.
Mr. Postman Bit Corporation 1983
The Music MachineChristian Software DevelopmentSparrow, HomeComputer Software1983Action, Educational
My Golf Imagineering (company) HES 1990PAL-only
Name This Game James Wickstead Design Associates U.S. Games 1982Action
NightmareSancho / Tang's Electronic Co.1983ActionPanda released this game as Stunt Man
Night Stalker M Network Telegames 1989ActionPAL release of Dark Cavern
No Escape! Imagic Imagic 1983Action
Ocean City Defender Zellers unlicensed reproduction of Atlantis [12]
Off Your Rocker Amiga Amiga 1983Action
Oink! Activision (Mike Lorenzen) Activision 1983Action
Omega Race CBS Electronics CBS Electronics 1983Actionlicensed by Bally Midway
Open Sesame Bit Corporation Bit Corporation 1983ActionPAL release
Out of Control Avalon Hill Avalon Hill 1983Action, Racing / Driving
Pac-KongFunvision1983ActionA later PAL release of Funvision's Inca Gold
Panda Chase Home Vision 1983PAL-only
Parachute Gem International Corporation Home Vision 1983ActionPAL-only
Paris AttackunknownStarsoft1982Action / ShooterPAL-only
Party Mix (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1983Action, Racing / Driving
Pete Rose Baseball Imagineering Absolute Entertainment 1988Sports
Phantom Tank Bit Corporation 1983PAL release
Phantom-PanzerQuelle1983ActionQuelle's PAL release of Bit Corporation's Phantom Tank
Phaser Patrol (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1982Action
Philly Flasher Mystique, PlayAround Mystique 1982ActionReleased as a 2-in-1 cart with Cathouse Blues
Pick 'n Pile Ubisoft Salu Ltd1990StrategyPAL-only
PicnicWestern Technologies U.S. Games 1983Action
Piece o' CakeWestern Technologies U.S. Games 1983Action
Pinball Zellers Pinballunlicensed reproduction of Video Pinball [12]
Piraten-Schiff Spectravision PAL release of Gas Hog
Pitfall! Activision (David Crane) Activision 1982Action
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Activision (David Crane) Activision 1984Action
Planet Patrol Spectravision Spectravision 1983Action
Planeten Patrouile Spectravision PAL release of Planet Patrol
Plaque Attack Activision Activision 1983Action
Polaris Tigervision Tigervision1982Actionlicensed by Taito
Pooyan Konami Konami 1983ActionPAL version released by Gakken.
Popeye Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1983Actionlicensed by Nintendo
Porky's Dunhill Electronic Media, Lazer Microsystems 20th Century Fox 1983Adventure
Pressure Cooker Activision Activision 1983Action
Private Eye Activision (Bob Whitehead) Activision 1983Action
Pyramid WarS.S.1983PAL release
Q*bert James Wickstead Design Associates Parker Brothers 1983ActionReissued by Atari in 1988 (CX-26150)
Q*bert's Qubes Mylstar Electronics Parker Brothers 1984Action
Quest for Quintana RooVSS Sunrise 1983Action, Adventure
Quick Step Imagic Imagic 1983Action
Rabbit Transit (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1983Action
Racquetball Apollo Apollo 1981Action, Sports
Radar Zellers 1983unlicensed reproduction of Cruise Missile [12]
Raft RiderWestern Technologies U.S. Games 1983Action
Ram It Telesys Telesys 1983Action
Rampage Bob Polaro Activision 1989Actionlicensed by Bally Midway.
Reactor D. Gottlieb & Co. Parker Brothers 1982Action
Red Sea Crossing Steve SchustackInspirational Video Concepts1983Only available through mail order from a magazine. 100 copies were apparently produced but only 2 have been found. [17]
Rescue Terra 1VentureVisionVentureVision1982Action
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox 1983Action
Riddle of the Sphinx Imagic (Bob Smith) Imagic 1982Action, Adventure
River Patrol Orca Corporation Tigervision 1984Action
River Raid Activision (Carol Shaw) Activision 1982Action
River Raid II Imagineering Activision 1988Action
Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot - The JoustComputer Magic, Ltd. Xonox 1983Actiondouble-ended cartridge
Robin Hood Xonox Xonox 1983Action
Robot Commando RaidVidTec1982
Robot Tank Activision (Alan Miller) Activision 1983Action
Roc'n Rope Coleco Coleco 1984Actionlicensed by Konami
Room of Doom CommaVid CommaVid 1982Action
Save Our ShipTechnovision1983PAL release
Scuba DiverPanda1983
Sea HawkFroggoFroggo1988Action
SeahawkSancho (Tang's Electronic Co.)1982Action
SeamonsterPuzzy / Bit Corporation1982Action
Seaquest Activision Activision 1983Action
Sea Hunt Froggo Froggo 1987ActionFroggo's release of Panda's Scuba Diver
Shark Attack Apollo 1982A re-release of Lochjaw, which has subtle differences
Shootin' Gallery Imagic Imagic 1983Action
Shuttle Orbiter Avalon Hill Avalon Hill 1983Action, Simulation
Sir Lancelot Xonox Xonox 1983Action
Skate Boardin': A Radical Adventure Imagineering Absolute Entertainment 1987Action, Sports
Skeet Shoot Apollo Apollo 1981Action
Skiing Activision (Bob Whitehead) Activision 1980Sports
Sky Jinks Activision (Bob Whitehead) Activision 1982Racing / Driving
Sky Skipper Parker Brothers Parker Brothers1983Action
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle James Wickstead Design Associates Coleco 1982Action
The Smurfs Save the Day [18] Coleco1983ActionKid Vid Voice Module required to function
Snail Against Squirrel Bit Corporation 1983ActionPAL release. Released in NTSC format as Squirrel
Sneak 'N PeekJames Wickstead Design Associates U.S. Games 1982Simulation
Solar Fox CBS Electronics CBS Electronics 1983Actionlicensed by Bally Midway
Solar Storm Imagic Imagic 1983Action
Space Adventure Zellers 1981Zellers' release of 20th Century Fox's Flash Gordon
Space AttackAPh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Action
Space Canyon Apollo Panda1983ActionPanda's release of Apollo's Space Cavern
Space Cavern Apollo Apollo 1982Action
Spacechase Apollo Apollo 1981Action
Space GridAction Hi-TechPAL-format [13]
Space Jockey James Wickstead Design Associates U.S. Games 1982Action
Spacemaster X-7 Sirius Software 20th Century Fox 1983Action, Strategy
Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space Activision Activision 1983Simulation
Spiderdroid FroggoFroggo1987ActionFroggo's release of Parker Brothers' Amidar
Spider Fighter Activision Activision 1982Action
Spider-Man Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1982Action
Spider Maze K-Tel Vision 1982K-Tel Vision's NTSC release of Funvision's Inca Gold
Spike's Peak Xonox Xonox 1983Action
Spitfire Attack Milton Bradley Milton Bradley 1983Action
SpringerOrca Corporation Tigervision 1983Action
Spy Hunter Sega Sega 1984Action, Racing / Drivinglicensed by Bally Midway
Squeeze BoxJames Wickstead Design Associates U.S. Games 1982Action
Sssnake Data Age Data Age 1982Action
Stampede Activision (Bob Whitehead) Activision 1981Action
Star Fox MythiconMythicon1983Action
Stargunner Telesys Telesys 1982Action
Starmaster Activision (Alan Miller) Activision 1982Action
Star Strike Mattel Electronics M Network 1982Actionconversion of Intellivision Star Strike
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Sega Sega 1983Action
Star Voyager Imagic (Bob Smith) Imagic 1982Action
Star Wars: The Arcade Game James Wickstead Design Associates Parker Brothers 1984Action
Star Wars: Jedi Arena Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1983Action
Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1983Action
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1982Action
Steeplechase Video Gems1983Action, SportsPAL-format [16]
Strategy X Konami Konami 1983ActionPAL version released by Gakken.
Strawberry Shortcake: Musical Match-ups Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1983Strategy
Stronghold CommaVid CommaVid 1983Action
Stunt ManPanda1983ActionPanda's NTSC release of Sancho's Nightmare
Sub-Scan Sega Sega 1983StrategySega's release of its Deep Scan arcade game
Subterranea Imagic Imagic 1983Action
Suicide Mission (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1982Action
Summer Games Epyx Epyx 1987Action, Sports
Super Baumeister Spectravision PAL release of Master Builder
Super Challenge Baseball APh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Sportsreissued by Telegames in 1988
Super Challenge FootballAPh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Sportsreissued by Telegames in 1988
Super Cobra Roklan Corporation Parker Brothers 1983Actionlicensed by Konami
Surfer's Paradise: But Danger Below!Video Gems1983Action, SportsPAL-format [16]
Survival Island (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1983Adventure
Survival RunRenaissance Technology Milton Bradley 1983Action
Swedish Erotica: Bachelor Party Mystique Mystique 1983Action
Swedish Erotica: Beat' Em & Eat 'Em Mystique Mystique 1982Action
Swedish Erotica: Custer's Revenge Mystique Mystique 1983Action
Sword of Saros (cassette) Starpath Starpath 1983Adventure, RPG
Tac-Scan Sega Sega 1983Action
Tank BrigadePanda1983Panda's NTSC release of Bit Corporation's Phantom Tank
Tank CityAction Hi-TechPAL release of Sega's Thunderground
Tanks But No Tanks Zimag 1983Zimag's NTSC release of Bit Corporation's Phantom Tank
Tapeworm Spectravision Spectravision 1982Action
Tapper Beck-Tech Sega 1984Action
Task ForceFroggo1988Froggo's release of Spectravision's Gangster Alley
Tax Avoiders Dunhill Electronics American Videogame 1982Action
Tennis Activision (Alan Miller) Activision 1981Sports
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre VSS Wizard Video 1983Action
Threshold On-Line Systems Tigervision 1983Fixed shooter
Thunderground Sega Sega 1983Action
Time Pilot Coleco Coleco 1983Actionlicensed by Konami
Time Warp Zellers 1983Zellers' NTSC release of Funvision's Time Warp
Title Match Pro Wrestling Imagineering Absolute Entertainment 1987Sports
Tomarc the Barbarian Xonox Xonox 1983Action
Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator AKA Dan Kitchen's Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator Imagineering (Dan Kitchen) Absolute Entertainment 1988Action, Simulation
Tooth Protectors DSDCamelot1983ActionWas only available via mail order from Johnson & Johnson
Towering Inferno Western Technologies U.S. Games 1982Action
Treasure BelowVideo Gems1983ActionPAL-format [16]
Trick Shot Imagic Imagic 1983Sports
Tron: Deadly Discs APh Technological Consulting M Network 1982Actionconversion of Intellivision Tron: Deadly Discs
Tunnel Runner CBS Electronics CBS Electronics 1983Action
Turmoil Sirius Software 20th Century Fox 1982Action
Tutankham Parker Brothers Parker Brothers 1983Actionlicensed by Konami
Universal Chaos Telegames 1983Action
Up'n Down Sega Sega 1984Action, Racing / Driving
Venture Coleco Coleco 1982Actionlicensed by Exidy; reissued by Atari in 1988 (CX-26145)
Video JoggerExus CorporationExus Corporation1983Action
Video Life CommaVid CommaVid 1981Life Simulation
Video ReflexExus CorporationExus Corporation1983Action
Vulture Attack K-Tel Vision 1982K-Tel Vision's release of Ultravision's Condor Attack game program
Wabbit Apollo Apollo 1982Action
Wall Ball Avalon Hill 1983
Wall-Defender BombBomb1983Action
War ZoneAction Hi-TechPAL release of 20th Century Fox's M*A*S*H
Warplock Data Age Data Age 1982Action
Weltraumtunnel (Space Tunnel)BitCorpBitCorp - Quelle1982ActionPAL-Release - Quelle-variant is a BitCorp-clone; also known e.g. as Ataque Laser, Innerspace, Laser Volley, Laser Gate, Laser Gates
Wing War Imagic Imagic 1983ActionPAL-only
Winter Games Action Graphics Epyx 1987Action, Sports
Wizard of Wor Roklan Corporation CBS Electronics 1982Actionlicensed by Bally Midway
Word Zapper James Wickstead Design Associates U.S. Games 1982Action
Worm War I Sirius Software 20th Century Fox 1982Shooter
X-manUniversal Gamex1983ActionAdult-themed game unrelated to the X-Men. [19]
The Year 1999Rainbow Vision1983ShooterPAL exclusive
Z-Tack BombBomb1983Action
Zaxxon Coleco Coleco 1982Actionlicensed by Sega
Zoo FunSuntek1983PAL-only

Homebrew games

Stay Frosty by Darrell Spice Jr. Stay Frosty (SpiceWare) 1.png
Stay Frosty by Darrell Spice Jr.

The Atari 2600 has been a popular platform for homebrew projects, with 84 games publicly released. Unlike later systems, the Atari 2600 does not require a modchip to run cartridges. Many games are clones of existing games written as programming challenges, [20] often borrowing the name of the original.

In 2003, Activision selected several games for inclusion in the Game Boy Advance version of their Activision Anthology , as indicated below. [21]

2005 Minigame MulticartChris Walton, Fred Quimby, Bob Montgomery, and Zach Matley AtariAge 2005Action
2048 2600Carlos Duarte do Nascimento (chesterbr)self-published2014PuzzleClone of 2048
A-VCS-tec Challenge Simon Quernhorst (Programmer), Paul Slocum (Music) AtariAge 2006ActionClone of Aztec Challenge [22]
AardvarkÓscar Toledo G. and Thomas Jentzsch and Nathan Strum AtariAge 2019ActionVariation of Anteater
Actionauts Rob Fulop 2008SimulationOriginally planned for release in 1984
Alfred ChallengeEric BacherEbivision1998ActionPlatform-and-ladder game[ citation needed ]
Allia QuestIgor BarzilaiEbivision2001Action Fixed shooter [ citation needed ]
Alien GreedChris ReadSelf-Published2007Action
Alien Greed 2Scott DaytonNeo Games2008Action
Alien Greed 3Chris ReadNeo Games2010Action
Alien Greed 4Chris Read2600Connection2012Action
AstronomerAlex Pietrow Packrat 2018SimulationA astronomy simulator where the player can use a telescope to observe stars. It is a pack in game for the Retron 77.
Bee-BallIvan Machado AtariAge 2007Action [23]
Bell HopperTomas Härdinself-published2011ActionA demake of Winterbells. Placed 5th in the game development competition at Assembly Summer 2011. [24]
Bigfoot Family SearchJason Santuci and Bobby Alexander
Boulder Dash Thomas Jentzsch and Andrew Davie AtariAge 2011Action [25]
ChetiryChris Walton, Zach Matley, Fred QuimbyAtari AgePuzzleTetris clone. Melody Enhanced
Circus ConvoyAudacity GamesAudacity Games2021Action AdventureFirst game from publisher founded by David Crane, Garry Kitchen and Dan Kitchen. [26]
Climber 5Dennis DebroXYPE2004ActionIncluded in the Activision Anthology. [21]

Included in the Atari Flashback 2 as Atari Climber.

Conquest of MarsChamp Games (John W. Champeau) AtariAge 2006ActionClone of Atari 8-bit family game Caverns of Mars [27]
DraconianSpiceWare (Darrell Spice, Jr.) Additional programming by Chris Walton. Music, Speech, Sound Effects by Michael Haas AtariAge 2017ActionClone of Arcade game Bosconian , Draconian includes levels from both arcade versions (Namco and Midway), plus original levels
DungeonDavid WeavilAtari Age2009Adventure
Dungeon II: SolsticeDavid WeavilAtari Age2019Adventure
Duck Attack! Will Nicholes AtariAge 2010Action-AdventureLoosely based on Adventure [28]
Edtris 2600Ed FedermeyerHozer Video Games1995StrategyClone of Tetris [29]
EuchreErik Eidself-published2002StrategyIncluded in the Activision Anthology as Video Euchre [21]
Fall DownAaron Curtis AtariAge 2005Action [30]
FlapPingKirk Israel AtariAge 2004Action [30]
Four-PlayZach Matley AtariAge 2006Strategy [30]
Galactopus!Ric Pryor AtariAge 2015Action/Shooter
GalagonJohn W. Champeau, Nathan Strum, Ross Keenum AtariAge 2019ActionSupports AtariVox/Savekey for saving high scores
GrizzardsBruce-Robert Pocock, Zephyr Salz AtariAge 2022RPGSupports AtariVox for voice. Contains save-to-cartridge circuitry on physical release, or uses AtariVox/Savekey for demo/download version.
Go Fish!Bob Montgomery AtariAge 2005Action [30]
GunfightManuel RotschkarXYPE2001Action [30]
Halo 2600 Ed Fries AtariAge 2010ActionBased on Bungie's Halo series; Fries was involved in Microsoft's acquisition of Bungie [31]
HeistTimothy MarshSelf Published2019Action
High Score Screen Burn Slow BurnBJ Best8bitclassics.com2010ActionHigh Score Screen Burn Slow Burn: The game that’s maybe not a game!
Hunchy IIChris Walton AtariAge 2005Action [30]
JammedThomas JentzschXYPE2001Strategy [30]
Juno First Chris Walton AtariAge 2009ActionClone of arcade game of the same name.[ citation needed ]
K.O. CruiserDevin Cook AtariAge 2010Sports [32]
Lady Bug Champ Games (John W. Champeau) AtariAge 2006ActionClone of arcade game of the same name.[ citation needed ]
MappyJohn W. Champeau, Mike Haas, Thomas Jentzsch AtariAge 2019Action/PlatformClone of arcade game of the same name, AtariVox Enhanced
Marble CrazePaul SlocumXYPE2002Action [30]
Mean SantaJohn K. Harvey2600 Connection 2009Action/Strategy
Medieval Mayhem SpiceWare (Darrell Spice Jr.) AtariAge 2006ActionRemake of Warlords that adds arcade features missing from the original home version. [33]
Monkey King Alex Pietrow2018ActionStrategic endless runner.
Okie DokieBob ColbertRetroware1996StrategyIncluded in the Activision Anthology [21]
Oystron Piero CavinaXYPE1997/1998ActionIncluded in the Activision Anthology [21]
PescoEric BacherEbivision1999Action [30]
Pick Up 20th Century Fox Mark Klein2002ShooterFinished, but unreleased until self-published at 2002 Classic Gaming Expo
Pressure GaugeJohn K. HarveySelf-published1999Action/Puzzle [30]
Princess RescueChris Spry AtariAge 2013ActionClone of Super Mario Bros.
QbAndrew DavieXYPE2001Action/Puzzle
ScrambleJohn W. Champeau (Champ Games) AtariAge 2016ActionClone of arcade game of the same name.
SeawolfManuel RotschkarXYPE2004Action [30]
Shield ShifterJohn RederGood Deal Games2009
Skeleton+Eric Ball AtariAge 2003First-person shooterIncluded in the Activision Anthology [21]
SnappySebastian MihaiSelf Published2012Action [34]
Sound XEd FedermeyerHozer Video Games1994Music
Space GameKarl Garrison, Maggie Vogel AtariAge 2018ActionAtariVox Enhanced
Space RocksDarrell Spice, Jr. AtariAge 2013ActionAtariVox Enhanced
Space Treat DeluxeFabrizio Zavagli AtariAge 2003ActionIncluded in the Activision Anthology [21]
Space InstigatorsChristopher TumberXYPE2002Action [30]
Squish 'EmBob Montgomery AtariAge 2007ActionClone of Atari 8-bit family game of the same name. [35]
The StacksMike Mika and Kevin WilsonParzavision2011ActionPitfall!-like game based on a fictional homebrew mentioned in the novel Ready Player One and made downloadable at as part of a contest to win a DMC DeLorean
Star Fire Manuel Rotschkar, Thomas JentzschXYPE2003ActionClone of arcade game of the same name. [30]
Stay FrostySpiceWare (Darrell Spice Jr.) AtariAge 2007ActionAlso included on 2007 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Stella's Stocking
Stay Frosty 2SpiceWare (Darrell Spice Jr.) AtariAge 2014Action
Stell-A-Sketch/Okie DokieBob ColbertRetroware1997Strategy
Strat-O-Gems DeluxeJohn Payson AtariAge 2005Strategy [30]
Super Cobra ArcadeChamp Games (John W. Champeau) AtariAge 2017ActionClone of arcade game Super Cobra
SWOOPS!Thomas Jentzsch AtariAge 2005Action [30]
SynthcartPaul Slocum AtariAge 2002Music [30] Keyboard controllers are used to create sound loops
Thrust Thomas JentzschXYPE2000Action [30] Clone of computer game of same name. Re-released with enhancements in 2002 as Thrust+ DC Edition and in 2003 as Thrust+ Platinum
Toyshop TroubleJohn Payson, Zach Matley, Bob Montgomery, Thomas Jentzsch, Nathan Strum AtariAge 2007Action [30] Also released in 2006 as 2006 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Toyshop Trouble
Turbo AtariAge AtariAge 2010Racing / DrivingClone of arcade game of the same name.[ citation needed ]
Vault AssaultBrian Prescottself-published2001ActionIncluded in the Activision Anthology [21]
VongRick Skrbinaself-published2008Sports [36]
Wall Jump NinjaWalaber AtariAge 2015ActionSupports the AtariVox
Warring Worms Baroque Gaming (Billy Eno) AtariAge 2002Action [30] Expanded and re-released in 2005 as Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns
The Wicked FatherJuno (Jamie Hamshere)self-published2011Action
Zippy the PorcupineChris Spry AtariAge 2015ActionGame based on Sonic the Hedgehog
Zoo Keeper Champ Games (John W. Champeau) AtariAge 2021ActionClone of arcade game of the same name. [37]

Additional titles (publisher unknown)

Included with Atari Flashback 9 / Flashback 9 Gold [38] [39]

  1. Adventure II
  2. Aquaventure
  3. Asteroids Deluxe
  4. Atari Climber
  5. Burnin’ Rubber 
  6. Championship Soccer
  7. Chase It!
  8. Combat Two
  9. Decathlon
  10. Escape It!
  11. Fun with Numbers
  12. Miss It!
  13. RealSports Basketball
  14. Return to Haunted House
  15. Saboteur
  16. Save Mary
  17. Shield Shifter
  18. Space Raid
  19. Strip Off
  20. Tempest
  21. Wizard
  22. Yars’ Return

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    Related Research Articles

    <span class="mw-page-title-main">Atari 2600</span> Home video game console

    The Atari 2600 is a home video game console developed and produced by Atari, Inc. Released in September 1977, it popularized microprocessor-based hardware and games stored on swappable ROM cartridges, a format first used with the Fairchild Channel F in 1976. Branded as the Atari Video Computer System from its release until November 1982, the VCS was bundled with two joystick controllers, a conjoined pair of paddle controllers, and a game cartridge—initially Combat and later Pac-Man.

    <i>Kaboom!</i> (video game) 1981 video game

    Kaboom! is an action video game published in 1981 by Activision for the Atari VCS. It was programmed by Larry Kaplan, and David Crane coded the overlaid sprites. The game was well received and sold over one million cartridges by 1983.

    <span class="mw-page-title-main">Starpath Supercharger</span> Video game expansion peripheral cartridge

    The Starpath Supercharger is an expansion peripheral cartridge created by Starpath, for playing cassette-based proprietary games on the Atari 2600 video game console.

    <i>Pitfall!</i> 1982 video game

    Pitfall! is a platform video game designed by David Crane for the Atari 2600 and released by Activision in 1982. The player controls Pitfall Harry and is tasked with collecting all the treasures in a jungle within 20 minutes. The world consists of 255 screens which are horizontally connected in a flip screen manner. Each screen has one or more hazards: quicksand, tarpits, rolling logs, crocodiles, snakes, scorpions, campfires, and swinging vines.

    <span class="mw-page-title-main">Atari Flashback series</span> Line of dedicated video game consoles

    The Atari Flashback series are a line of dedicated video game consoles designed, produced, published and marketed by AtGames under license from Atari SA. The Flashback consoles are "plug-and-play" versions of the Atari 2600 console. They contain built-in games rather than using the ROM cartridges utilized by the 2600. Most of the games are classics that were previously released for the 2600, although some Flashback consoles include previously unreleased prototype games as well.

    <i>Space War</i> 1978 video game

    Space War is a video game cartridge released by Atari, Inc. in 1978 for the Atari Video Computer System. The game is a version of Spacewar!, the 1962 computer game by Steve Russell. It was released by Sears as Space Combat, for its Atari compatible Tele-Games system. An Atari Lynx update was planned but never released.

    <i>Pac-Man</i> (Atari 2600 video game) Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man

    Pac-Man is a 1982 maze video game developed and published by Atari, Inc. under official license by Namco, and an adaptation of the 1980 hit arcade game of the same name. The player controls the title character, who attempts to consume all of the wafers while avoiding four ghosts that pursue him. Eating flashing wafers at the corners of the screen will cause the ghosts to turn temporarily blue and flee, allowing Pac-Man to eat them for bonus points.

    <i>Activision Anthology</i> 2002 video game

    Activision Anthology is a compilation of most of the Atari 2600 games by Activision for various game systems. It also includes games that were originally released by Absolute Entertainment and Imagic, as well as various homebrew games. The Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X versions are titled Activision Anthology: Remix Edition, and include the most games. The PlayStation Portable version is titled Activision Hits Remixed.

    <i>Steeplechase</i> (video game) 1975 video game

    Steeplechase is an sports video game by released in arcades 1975 by Atari, Inc. Developed by Atari subsidiary Kee Games, it simulates a steeplechase-style horse race. It was distributed in Japan by Nakamura Seisakusho (Namco) in 1976.

    <span class="mw-page-title-main">Atari 2600 hardware</span> Hardware of the Atari 2600 video game console

    The Atari 2600 hardware was based on the MOS Technology 6507 chip, offering a maximum resolution of 160 x 192 pixels (NTSC), 128 colors, 128 bytes of RAM with 4 KB on cartridges. The design experienced many makeovers and revisions during its 14-year production history, from the original "heavy sixer" to the Atari 2600 Jr. at the end. The system also has many controllers and third-party peripherals.

    AtariAge is a website focusing on classic Atari video games. The site features gaming news, historical archives, discussion forums, and an online store. It was founded in 1998.

    <i>Skiing</i> (Atari 2600 video game) 1980 video game

    Skiing is a video game cartridge for the Atari 2600. It was authored by Bob Whitehead and released by Activision in 1980. It's one of the first video games developed by Activision.

    <i>Halo 2600</i> 2010 action-adventure game

    Halo 2600 is a 2010 action-adventure game developed by Ed Fries and published by AtariAge for the Atari 2600, a video game console released in 1977 that ended production in 1992. Inspired by the Halo video game series, the game sees players control Master Chief and fight through 64 screens with varied enemies. Completing the game once unlocks a tougher "Legendary" mode.

    <i>Surround</i> (video game) 1977 video game

    Surround is a video game programmed by Alan Miller and published by Atari, Inc. for the Atari Video Computer System. It was one of the nine Atari VCS launch titles released in September 1977. Surround is an unofficial port of the arcade video game Blockade, released the previous year by Gremlin Industries. It is the first home console version of the game that became widely known across many platforms as Snake. Atari licensed it to Sears which released it under the name Chase.

    <span class="mw-page-title-main">Atari 2600 homebrew</span> Video game genre

    Atari 2600 homebrew is a term describing hobbyist-developed games for the Atari 2600 video game console. The first such game was written in 1995, and more than 100 have been released since then. The majority of games are unlicensed clones of games for other platforms, and many were written for the technical challenge. There are also ROM hacks and some original games. Several games have received attention outside the hobbyist community. Some have been included in a game anthology by Activision.

    <i>Oystron</i> 1997 video game

    Oystron is an action game developed for the Atari 2600 by Piero Cavina and released in 1997. It is one of the earliest hobbyist-written games for the console. The game, Cavina's first, was initially made available as a freeware 4 KB binary file designed for use on the Starpath Supercharger and with Atari 2600 emulators. It was later released in cartridge form by XYPE, a group of Atari 2600 homebrew developers.

    <i>Street Racer</i> (1977 video game) 1977 video game

    Street Racer is a racing video game developed for the Atari Video Computer System, later known as the Atari 2600. It was programmed by Larry Kaplan and released by Atari, Inc. in September 1977 as one of the nine Atari VCS launch titles. The game was also published by Sears for their Tele-Games product line as Speedway II.

    <i>Yars Revenge</i> 1982 video game

    Yars' Revenge is a video game released for the Atari 2600 in 1982. It was created by Howard Scott Warshaw and is Atari's best-selling original game for the 2600.

    <span class="mw-page-title-main">M Network</span> Video game division of Mattel

    M Network was a video game division of Mattel that, in the 1980s, produced games in cartridge format for the Atari 2600 video game system.

    <i>Tooth Protectors</i> 1983 video game

    Tooth Protectors is a rare video game for the Atari 2600 video game console. It was released exclusively via mail order in 1983 by American pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.


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