2019 Medway Council election

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2019 Medway Council election
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  2015 2 May 2019 (2019-05-02)2023 

All 55 seats to Medway Council
28 seats needed for a majority
LeaderAlan JarrettVince MapleRoy Freshwater
Party Conservative Labour UKIP
Leader's seat Lordswood
and Capstone
Last election36 seats,
15 seats,
4 seats,
Current seats34151
Seats neededSteady2.svgIncrease2.svg13Increase2.svg27

Medway UK ward map 2010 (blank).svg

Incumbent Leader of the Council

Alan Jarrett

Elections to Medway Council were held on 2 May 2019 as part of the 2019 United Kingdom local elections. The elections were for all 55 councillors across 22 wards.



Medway Council [1]
PartyLeaderStoodElectedGainedUnseatedNet% of total%No.Net %
  Conservative 553314-360%34.4%
  Labour 552040436%26.8%
  Independent 2522024%8.7%
  UKIP 23003-30%16.5%
  Green 1600000%7.8%
  Liberal Democrats 2200000%4.9%
  CPA 200000%0.5%
  Animal Welfare 100000%0.3%

Council Composition

Prior to the election, the composition of the council was:


After the election, the composition of the council was: [1]


Ward results

Asterisks denote incumbent Councillors seeking re-election. A total of 199 candidates stood for the 55 seats available. [2]

Chatham Central

Chatham Central
Labour Vince Maple* 1,577 56.9
Labour Harinder Singh Mahill 1,343 48.5
Labour Siju Adeoye 1,258 45.4
UKIP Nicole Bushill52018.8
Conservative David Peter Jarrett50818.3
Conservative Pat Gulvin50318.2
Independent Peter Ronald Jenkins43915.8
Conservative Denise Kay Wildey43515.7
Independent Lisa Frimston41515.0
CPA John Wesley Julian Lorenzo Gibson1666.0

Cuxton and Halling

Cuxton and Halling
Conservative Matt Fearn* 911 52.1
Independent Jacqueline Anne Cook23913.7
Labour Katherine Mary Porter23013.2
UKIP Naomi Caroline Wilson19110.9
Green Tina Munro17810.2

Gillingham North

Gillingham North
Labour Andy Stamp* 1,896 59.0
Labour Pat Cooper* 1,854 57.7
Labour Adam Robert William Price* 1,702 53.0
UKIP Robert Nigel Oakley61319.1
Conservative Faisal Ahmed49715.5
Conservative Kwashie Amartei Anang48515.1
Conservative Cartell Cheema46214.4
Green George Bernard Salomon38311.9
Liberal Democrats Sid Kingman2216.9
Liberal Democrats Ian Rickard1805.6
Liberal Democrats Chris Sams1524.7

Gillingham South

Gillingham South
Labour Naushabah Parveen Khan* 1,670 51.7
Labour Clive Stanley William Johnson* 1,666 51.6
Labour Dan McDonald* 1,653 51.2
UKIP Terry Allen65520.3
Conservative Heidi Folk55717.2
Conservative Les Wicks55317.1
Conservative Harbans Singh Sidhu50215.5
Liberal Democrats Alan John Jefferies39812.3
Liberal Democrats Geoff Juby38712.0
Liberal Democrats Nemia Juby32410.0

Les Wicks was elected as a Conservative councillor in Rainham South in 2015.

Hempstead and Wigmore

Hempstead and Wigmore
Conservative Diane Margaret Chambers* 1,641 68.3
Conservative Rodney Brian Chambers* 1,613 67.2
UKIP Raymond David John Eldridge32513.5
Liberal Democrats Terry Reginald Lucy24010.0
Labour Louwella Margaret Prenter2339.7
Labour Nabila Khan2289.5
Liberal Democrats Veronica Williams2249.3

Lordswood and Capstone

Lordswood and Capstone
Conservative Alan Leslie Jarrett* 1,357 68.7
Conservative David Robert Wildey* 1,189 60.2
UKIP Jonathan Phillips47624.1
Labour John Gower Strevens26213.3
Green Simon Philip Marchant25813.1
Labour Funmi Ayeni24812.6

Luton and Wayfield

Luton and Wayfield
Labour Tristan John Osborne* 1,045 39.0
Labour Joanne Christine Howcroft-Scott 1,009 37.7
Labour Simon Curry 1,005 37.5
Conservative Robbie Lammas73027.2
Conservative Alex McDermott69325.9
UKIP Keith Leslie Fletcher66224.7
Conservative Ade Kosoko64724.2
Independent Sam Craven*55620.8
Independent Mike Franklin*41515.5
Liberal Democrats Paul Antony O'Neill2057.7

Sam Craven was elected as a Labour councillor in 2015. Mike Franklin was elected as a Conservative councillor in 2015.


Independent Ron Sands 1,413 36.5
Conservative Phil Filmer* 1,157 29.9
Independent Mick Pendergast* 1,125 29.1
UKIP Roy Andrew Freshwater*100225.9
Conservative Gloria Rose Thienel83421.5
Conservative Harold Ogunfemi79220.5
Independent Julie Wallace73419.0
Independent Chris Spalding51213.2
Labour Elizabeth Castell44911.6
Green Sonia Lesley Hyner44611.5
Green Clive Bryn Gregory44211.4
Labour Joe Murray39910.3
Green Mohammad Zubair Ahmad3719.6
Labour Simon Geoffrey Gwilym Williams2987.7

Mick Pendergast was elected as a UKIP councillor in 2015.

Princes Park

Princes Park
Conservative Tashi Bhutia* 962 48.3
Conservative Gloria Blessing Chukwuka Opara* 951 47.7
Labour Rav Jassal55427.8
UKIP Nicholas David Chambers49724.9
Labour Olu Obadare49424.8

Rainham Central

Rainham Central
Conservative Jan Aldous* 1,699 46.1
Conservative Barry Joseph Kemp* 1,696 46.0
Conservative Nusrat Bibi Ahmed 1,439 39.0
Independent Matt Durcan92925.2
Independent Mark Mencattelli67018.2
UKIP David James Baylis58515.9
Green Mary Winifred Smith57515.6
Labour Sajjad Ahmad Khan47512.9
Labour Smitha Campbell46812.7
Labour Robert Alan Taylor46012.5
Independent Shanthi Ravikumar3659.9
Independent Charlie Sheregill2797.6

Rainham North

Rainham North
Conservative Martin Potter* 1,633 64.5
Conservative Kirstine Carr 1,580 62.4
Labour Chiron Peter Mottram56522.3
Labour Benjamin Pranczke51720.4
UKIP David Raymond Platt35213.9

Rainham South

Rainham South
Conservative Gary John Hackwell 1,565 50.5
Conservative Howard Francis Doe* 1,527 49.3
Conservative Roger Barrett 1,388 44.8
UKIP Jean Katherine Shirley Appleton68222.0
Labour Alexandra Grace Chatfield61019.7
Labour David John Carman60119.4
Independent Tom Davis55918.0
Labour Eddie Peake49616.0
Liberal Democrats Mike Walters31210.1
CPA Roger James Peacock1986.4


Conservative Piers Guy Nicholas Thompson 780 37.4
Conservative Habib Odunlamin Sulaiman Tejan* 742 35.6
Labour Lia Mandaracas67732.5
Labour Tony John Scudder62229.8
UKIP Leon Simmonds33716.2
Green Caroline Mary Bowes30014.4
Liberal Democrats John Edward Castle2079.9
Liberal Democrats Alan Edward Wells1728.2

Rochester East

Rochester East
Labour Teresa Margaret Murray* 1,332 55.0
Labour Nick Bowler* 1,277 52.7
Conservative Theresa Jane Fawcett54222.4
Conservative John Lyndon Jones41417.1
Green Marilyn Stone39316.2
UKIP Scott Bradley Harris32913.6
Liberal Democrats Adrian Brindley1747.2

Rochester South and Horsted

Rochester South and Horsted [3]
Conservative Trevor Anthony Clarke* 1,658 49.0
Conservative Sylvia Mary Griffin* 1,563 46.2
Conservative Rupert David Fearon Turpin* 1,498 44.3
Labour Joe Wastell81624.1
Labour Mark William Jones76722.7
Labour Meenatchi Gopal76622.6
UKIP Rose Atkinson56616.7
Green Bernard Edward Hyde42712.6
Liberal Democrats Viv Parker36510.8
Liberal Democrats Sarah Louise Manuel34210.1
Liberal Democrats Cathy Sutton2778.2

Rochester West

Rochester West
Conservative Stuart Albert Tranter* 1,248 42.0
Labour Alex Paterson* 1,126 37.9
Conservative Rebecca Ryan1,01734.2
Labour Elaine Orford Thomas77526.1
Green Catriona Margaret Jamieson43114.5
UKIP Robert Newton33511.3
Liberal Democrats Anita Jane Holloway2448.2
Animal Welfare Minda Da Rui2297.7
Liberal Democrats Peter Loftus1665.6

Strood North

Strood North
Conservative Elizabeth Jane Chitty* 1,331 38.3
Labour Stephen Alan Hubbard 1,313 37.8
Conservative Steve Iles* 1,200 34.6
Labour James Michael Braithwaite1,11832.2
Conservative Fatima Mitchell1,05530.4
Labour Zoe Van-Dyke1,03729.9
UKIP David John Atkinson60417.4
Green Trish Marchant49914.4
Independent Chembukkavu John George41011.8
Independent Les Nithsdale34910.1
Independent Kevin Riches Nutter2647.6

Strood Rural

Strood Rural
Conservative John Williams* 1,407 41.5
Conservative Gary David James Etheridge* 1,331 39.2
Conservative Elizabeth Turpin 1,232 36.3
UKIP Martin Anthony Cook77022.7
Independent Ben Cook72421.3
Labour Julia Cicely Hawkins58817.3
Independent Brian Styles53815.9
Labour Charlie Matthew Curtis Kennedy52015.3
Green Kenneth Watkins50114.8
Independent Frank William Hurley Moreton49114.5
Labour Gareth Richard Myton46713.8
Liberal Democrats Andy Millsom35010.3

Strood South

Strood South
Conservative Josie Iles* 938 34.4
Conservative Chris Buckwell 861 31.6
Conservative Richard Niall Thorne 777 28.5
Labour Lindsey Burke75827.8
Labour Isaac Ikechukwu Igwe75827.8
Labour Anthony Marcus McNulty Hill75527.7
UKIP Shane Karl Back61122.4
UKIP Dave Frederick Fahey54920.1
Green Marja Astrid Kingma38414.1
Independent Neil James Atkinson38214.0
Independent Stephen McManus2699.9
Independent Alan James Tucker2167.9


Labour John William Lloyd 1,190 39.2
Labour Hazel Louise Browne-Williams 1,139 37.6
Labour Mark Prenter 1,066 35.2
Conservative Natalie Janine Jarvis89329.5
Conservative Jim Gilbourne84427.8
Conservative Mark Paul Joy81927.0
UKIP Rob McCulloch Martin64521.3
Independent Christine Barnacle49816.4
Green Kate Belmonte42013.9
Independent Leona Jane McCord3009.9
Liberal Democrats Maureen Ruparel2357.8

Mark Joy was elected as a UKIP councillor in Strood South in 2015.


Conservative David Frederick Brake* 1,241 58.2
Conservative Adrian Victor Henry Gulvin* 1,091 51.1
Labour Jonathan Brind55125.8
Labour Robert John Heathfield50023.4
UKIP Stephen Newton46021.6


Conservative Wendy Purdy* 949 35.5
Labour Chrissy Stamp 928 34.7
Labour Jordan Desmond Hartley76828.7
Conservative Andrew William John Lawrence74027.6
Liberal Democrats Alan William Collins47317.7
UKIP David Noel Paul Radlett37113.9
Liberal Democrats Martin Jacob Rose36413.6
Green Joel Andrew Love29611.1

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