Military World Games

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Military World Games
CISM-Logo Conseil International du Sport Militaire.svg
First event 1995 Rome
Occur every4 Years
Last event 2019 Wuhan
Next event 2023 Bogota
PurposeMilitary multi-sport event for nations of the World
Organization CISM

The Military World Games is a multi-sport event for military sportspeople, organized by the International Military Sports Council (CISM). The Games have been held since 1995, although championships for separate sports had been held for some years. A winter edition of the games was created later on, the first edition was organized by the Italian region of Aosta Valley from 20 to 25 of March 2010. [1]



Summer Games

Military sports

Winter Games


Summer Games

Host cities of the Military Games
YearGamesHostDatesNationsCompetitorsSportsEventsTop Country
On Medal Table
1995 1 Flag of Italy.svg Rome September 4 – 1693401717179Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
1999 2 Flag of Croatia.svg Zagreb August 8 – 1780782518199Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
2003 3 Flag of Italy (2003-2006).svg Catania December 4 – 1181321711120Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China
2007 4 Flag of India.svg Hyderabad October 14 – 21101473815157Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
2011 5 Flag of Brazil.svg Rio de Janeiro July 15 – 24113401720195Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil
2015 6 Flag of South Korea.svg Mungyeong October 2 – 11110870024248Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
2019 7 Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Wuhan October 18 – 27110930827316Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China
2023 8 Flag of Colombia.svg Bogota

Winter Games

YearGamesHostDatesNationsCompetitorsSportsEventsTop Country
On Medal Table
2010 1 Flag of Italy.svg Aosta Valley March 20 – 2543800628Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
2013 2 Flag of France.svg Annecy March 24 – 29401000836Flag of France.svg  France
2017 3 Flag of Russia.svg Sochi February 24 – 2725402744Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
2021 4 Flag of Germany.svg Berchtesgaden Future event

Cadet Games

YearGamesHostDatesNationsCompetitorsSportsEventsTop Country
On Medal Table
2010 1 Flag of Turkey.svg Ankara
2014 2 Flag of Ecuador.svg Quito
2020 3 Flag of Russia.svg St. Petersburg

Source: [2]

Medal tables

Summer Games

As of 2019 Military World Games.

1Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China  (CHN)324247168739
2Flag of Russia.svg  Russia  (RUS)294227190711
3Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil  (BRA)102104107313
4Flag of Italy.svg  Italy  (ITA)8894115297
5Flag of France.svg  France  (FRA)515370174
6Flag of Poland.svg  Poland  (POL)496187197
7Flag of South Korea.svg  South Korea  (KOR)474857152
8Flag of Germany.svg  Germany  (GER)407180191
9Flag of North Korea.svg  North Korea  (PRK)393445118
10Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine  (UKR)346373170
11Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya  (KEN)27262578
12Flag of the United States.svg  United States  (USA)20303080
13Flag of Belarus.svg  Belarus  (BLR)182558101
14Flag of Bahrain.svg  Bahrain  (BHR)1751537
15Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia  (SLO)15172254
16Flag of Iran.svg  Iran  (IRI)14222763
17Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey  (TUR)14101640
18Flag of Norway.svg  Norway  (NOR)13211549
19Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia  (CRO)13122146
20Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan  (UZB)1391234
21Flag of Romania.svg  Romania  (ROM)11232963
22Flag of Austria.svg  Austria  (AUT)10152146
23Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco  (MAR)10111132
24Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan  (KAZ)1092342
25Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium  (BEL)1051328
26Flag of Qatar.svg  Qatar  (QAT)9111030
27Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia  (LAT)97925
28Flag of Brunei.svg  Brunei  (BRN)961126
29Flag of Egypt.svg  Egypt  (EGY)881430
30Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland  (SUI)872035
31Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg  Saudi Arabia  (KSA)86519
32Flag of Algeria.svg  Algeria  (ALG)791733
33Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia  (SVK)771024
34Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands  (NED)74920
35Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden  (SWE)72918
36Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic  (CZE)6101026
37Flag of Tunisia.svg  Tunisia  (TUN)64616
38Flag of Finland.svg  Finland  (FIN)5181235
39Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan  (AZE)5122239
40Flag of Greece.svg  Greece  (GRE)4201135
41Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia  (EST)44614
42Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary  (HUN)310619
43Flag of India.svg  India  (IND)341926
44Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania  (LTU)341623
45Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria  (BUL)33612
46Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada  (CAN)311014
47Flag of Ecuador.svg  Ecuador  (ECU)3104
48Flag of Chile.svg  Chile  (CHI)2428
Flag of Syria.svg  Syria  (SYR)2428
50Flag of Sri Lanka.svg  Sri Lanka  (SRI)22812
51Flag of Ireland.svg  Ireland  (IRL)2147
52Flag of Venezuela.svg  Venezuela  (VEN)141015
53Flag of Mongolia.svg  Mongolia  (MGL)1359
54Flag of Vietnam.svg  Vietnam  (VIE)1236
55Flag of Oman.svg  Oman  (OMA)1225
56Flag of Tanzania.svg  Tanzania  (TAN)1203
57Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia  (ARM)1157
58Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark  (DEN)1135
59Flag of Namibia.svg  Namibia  (NAM)1124
Flag of Sudan.svg  Sudan  (SUD)1124
61Flag of Uganda.svg  Uganda  (UGA)1023
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg  United Arab Emirates  (UAE)1023
63Flag of Serbia and Montenegro (1992-2006).svg  Serbia and Montenegro  (SCG)1012
64Flag of Gabon.svg  Gabon  (GAB)1001
Flag of Senegal.svg  Senegal  (SEN)1001
66Flag of Thailand.svg  Thailand  (THA)051015
67Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg  Dominican Republic  (DOM)04711
68Flag of Lesotho.svg  Lesotho  (LES)0314
69Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus  (CYP)0224
70Flag of Cameroon.svg  Cameroon  (CMR)0145
71Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia  (INA)0134
72Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia  (GEO)0123
Flag of Jordan.svg  Jordan  (JOR)0123
74Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg  (LUX)0112
Flag of Rwanda.svg  Rwanda  (RWA)0112
76Flag of Monaco.svg  Monaco  (MON)0101
77Flag of Barbados.svg  Barbados  (BAR)0033
Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia  (SRB)0033
Flag of South Africa.svg  South Africa  (RSA)0033
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain  (ESP)0033
81Flag of Botswana.svg  Botswana  (BOT)0022
Flag of Kuwait.svg  Kuwait  (KUW)0022
Flag of Pakistan.svg  Pakistan  (PAK)0022
Flag of Uruguay.svg  Uruguay  (URU)0022
85Flag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan  (AFG)0011
Flag of Albania.svg  Albania  (ALB)0011
Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina  (ARG)0011
Flag of Colombia.svg  Colombia  (COL)0011
Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg  Ivory Coast  (CIV)0011
Flag of Jamaica.svg  Jamaica  (JAM)0011
Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal  (POR)0011
Flag of Suriname.svg  Suriname  (SUR)0011
Totals (92 nations)1432144916824563

Winter Games

As of 2017 Winter Military World Games.

1Flag of Russia.svg  Russia  (RUS)29161459
2Flag of Italy.svg  Italy  (ITA)25191862
3Flag of France.svg  France  (FRA)24212065
4Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China  (CHN)611825
5Flag of Austria.svg  Austria  (AUT)611623
6Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland  (SUI)56516
7Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia  (SLO)44513
8Flag of Norway.svg  Norway  (NOR)2529
9Flag of Germany.svg  Germany  (GER)23712
10Flag of Poland.svg  Poland  (POL)2013
11Flag of South Korea.svg  South Korea  (KOR)2002
12Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria  (BUL)1427
13Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia  (EST)1102
14Flag of Spain.svg  Spain  (ESP)1023
15Flag of Finland.svg  Finland  (FIN)0156
16Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan  (KAZ)0145
17Flag of Romania.svg  Romania  (ROM)0112
18Flag of Belarus.svg  Belarus  (BLR)0101
19Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic  (CZE)0011
Flag of Iran.svg  Iran  (IRN)0011
Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania  (LTU)0011
Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia  (SRB)0011
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden  (SWE)0011
Totals (23 nations)110105105320

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The 1995 Military World Games, the first edition of the Military World Games, were held in Rome, Italy from 4 September to 16 September.

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2015 Military World Games

The 2015 Military World Games, officially known as the 6th CISM Military World Games, is hosted from October 2–11, 2015 in Mungyeong, South Korea.

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The 2023 Pan American Games, officially the XIX Pan American Games, will be the 19th edition of the Pan American Games and an international multi-sport event scheduled to be held from October 20 to November 5, 2023 in Santiago, Chile.

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The 2018 South American Games was a multi-sport event that took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It was the 11th edition of the ODESUR South American Games.

2019 Military World Games 7th CISM Military World Games

The 2019 Military World Games, officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games and commonly known as Wuhan 2019, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China.

The INAS Global Games is a quadrennial global, international multi-sport event organised by the International Sports Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability (INAS). First organised in 2004, it is intended for elite competition in disability sports for athletes with intellectual disability and, since 2017, autism and down syndrome. It is the largest sporting event of its type. Athletes must have received classification from INAS to compete.

The Baltic Sea Games was a multi-sport event between countries near the Baltic Sea. It was held on two occasions: first in 1993 then for a final time in 1997.


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