Sherzad (Pashtun tribe)

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The Sherzad tribe is one of the three major sub-tribes of the Khogyani tribe of Karlani Pashtun. The Sherzad are primarily found in the central regions of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, particularly Sherzad District. [ citation needed ]

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Khogyani District District in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan

Khogyani is a district in the south of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, bordering on Pakistan. Its population is entirely Pashtun, and was estimated at 146,852 in 2002. The district centre is the village of Kaga. District Governor Office, District Court, District Hospital, and other government agencies hold their office in Kaga. Kaga is the economic center of the district; however Wazir is the second largest market place. Recently, Kaga town has been connected with Jalalabad City through paved road. Wazir is also connected through a paved road with Kaga.

Sherzad District District in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan

Sherzad is a district in the west of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. It has a short stretch of border with Pakistan. Its population, which is 100% Pashtun, was estimated at 66,392 in 2002, of whom 26,500 were children under 12. The district center is the village of Sherzad.

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Chora District District in Uruzgan, Afghanistan

Chora District is a district of Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan. The district center is the town of Chora, with a population of about 3,000. It is a rural town with no industry beyond livestock, agriculture, and small merchants.

Faiz Muhammad Zikria was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and completed his education in Habibia High School. He was the counselor of Foreign Service in 1921 and was also acting Minister of Education from 1923 to 1924 became Minister for Education 1924 to 1927. He was later Minister for Foreign Affairs 1929–1938, became Ambassador to Turkey from 1938–1948, Ambassador at the court of St James's 1949–1950 and to Saudi Arabia 1955–1960. He retired in 1960 and emigrated to the USA in 1964. He was also a noted poet and writer. He died in the USA, in 1979 and was buried in Peshawar. As being descendants of royal blood line of Barakzai Dynasty, he was married two times and had eight sons and four daughters. His sons are Faiz Ahmad Zikria, famous Dari poet, composer and musician Fazl Ahmad Khan Nainawaz, Amir Ahmad Zikria, Habib Ahmad Zikria, Bashir Ahmad Zikria, an Emeritus professor of surgery at the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University in New York City, Najib Ahmad Zikria, a prominent psychiatrist, and Zia Ahmad Zikria.

Sherzad Village in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan

Sherzad شیرزاد is the district center of Sherzad District in the west of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. The population is 100% Pashtun.

Sherzad Hafiz is a current Member of Gorran Movement.

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The 2015 Afghan Premier League is the fourth season of Afghan Premier League, the Afghan league for association football clubs, since its establishment in 2012. Shaheen Asmayee F.C. are the defending champions of the Premier League. The season started on 27 August 2015 with the 8 teams again in two groups. Shaheen Asmayee again reached the final of the Afghan Premier League and faced off against De Spin Ghar Bazan F.C. It was the first time De Spin Ghar reached the final of the league.

The 2015 Afghan Premier League Final was the final match of the 2015 Afghan Premier League, the 4th season of Afghanistan's premier club football tournament organised by Roshan.

Upper Kurram Subdivision Subdivision in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Upper Kurram Subdivision is a subdivision located in Kurram District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The population is 253,478 according to the 2017 census.