M9 motorway (Scotland)

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M9 Motorway at Newbridge.JPG
Looking north from junction 1
Route information
Maintained by Transport Scotland
Length33.0 mi (53.1 km)
HistoryOpened: 1970
Completed: 1980
Major junctions
Southeast end Newbridge
Major intersections UK-Motorway-M8.svg
M8 motorway
Junction 1a.svg UK-Motorway-M90.svg
J1a → M90 motorway
Junction 7.svg UK-Motorway-M876.svg
J7 → M876 motorway
Junction 8.svg UK-Motorway-M876.svg
J8 → M876 motorway
Junction 9.svg UK-Motorway-M80.svg
J9 → M80 motorway
Northwest end Dunblane
Country United Kingdom
Constituent country Scotland
Counties Edinburgh, West Lothian, Falkirk, Stirling
Edinburgh Airport
Road network
UK-Motorway-M8.svg M8 UK-Motorway-M11.svg M11

The M9 is a major motorway in Scotland. It runs from the outskirts of Edinburgh, bypassing the towns of Linlithgow, Falkirk, Grangemouth and Stirling to end at Dunblane.



The first section was Polmont and Falkirk Bypass which opened on 28 August 1968 [1] This was followed by the Newbridge Bypass which opened on 25 November 1970, [2] the third section Lathalllan to Muriehall (Linlithgow), which joined the two together opened on 18 December 1972 [3]


The road is approximately 30 miles (48 km) long, and runs in a roughly north-west direction from the M8. It meets the A8 at Newbridge – a traffic blackspot before the junction was grade separated. Its next junction is with the M90, the first part of which used to be a spur of the M9 towards the Forth Road Bridge. This spur ended at the single carriageway A8000 road 2 miles (3.2 km) short of the bridge, but was extended in September 2007 to meet the A90 at Scotstoun. [4]

The road shares space with 1 mile (1.6 km) of the M876 en route to the Kincardine Bridge east of Stenhousemuir, at this point the motorway has 3 lanes in each direction, making it the most northerly stretch of motorway in the UK to be 3 lanes wide. At Stirling it meets the M80 (junction 9 of both motorways), taking over the main route through the Carse of Lecropt to the final roundabout at Dunblane. From there, the A9 runs all the way to Thurso. Moto services are located at the M9/M80 junction, accessed via a roundabout which allows access to all routes. [4]


Speed limit sign at the exit for Edinburgh (Junction 2) 70mph.jpg
Speed limit sign at the exit for Edinburgh (Junction 2)
M9 motorway
Northbound exitsJunctionSouthbound exits
Start of motorwayM8 J2 Glasgow, Livingston M8
Edinburgh M8
Edinburgh Airport A8
Broxburn, Uphall, Bathgate A89
J1 (Newbridge)Edinburgh Airport A8
Broxburn A89
Queensferry Crossing, Perth, Dundee M90 J1a (Kirkliston)Queensferry Crossing, Perth, Dundee M90, Aberdeen A90
No accessJ2 (Old Philpstoun)Uphall B8046
Forth Road Bridge, Kincardine Bridge A904
Linlithgow A803
Bo'ness A904
J3 (Linlithgow)No access
Bathgate, Livingston A801
Polmont A803
J4 (Lathallan) Bathgate, Livingston A801
Linlithgow A803, Kirkliston B9080
Polmont A803
Grangemouth, Falkirk A905 J5 (Beancross)Grangemouth, Bo'ness A905
No accessJ6 (Earlsgate)Grangemouth, Falkirk A905
Kincardine Bridge M876 J7 (Kinnaird House)Kincardine Bridge M876
Glasgow M876J8 (Hill of Kinnaird)No access
Stirling A91 J9 (Bannockburn) Denny A872
Glasgow, Carlisle M80
Stirling services
Stirling, Callander, Crianlarich A84 J10 (Craigforth)Stirling A84
Perth, Inverness A9
Bridge of Allan A9
Doune B824
Dunblane B8033
J11 (Keir)
Start of motorway

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