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The official flag of Scania, one of Sweden's traditional provinces, is a banner of arms. Flag of Scania.png
The official flag of Scania, one of Sweden's traditional provinces, is a banner of arms.

A banner of arms is a type of heraldic flag, characterised by sharing its imagery with that of the coat of arms (i.e. the shield of a full heraldic achievement, rendered in a square or rectangular shape of the flag). [1]


The term is derived from the terminology of heraldry but mostly used in vexillology. Examples of modern national flags which are banners of arms are the flags of Austria, Iraq, and Switzerland.

The banner of arms is sometimes simply called a banner, but a banner is in a more strict sense a one of a kind personal flag of a nobleman held in battle. [2] [3]


National flags

CountryFlagCoat of arms from which the flag is derived
Austria Flag of Austria.svg Coat of arms of Austria.svg
Flag of Austria Coat of arms of Austria
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burkina Faso Flag of Burkina Faso.svg Coat of arms of Burkina Faso.svg
Flag of Burkina Faso Coat of arms of Burkina Faso
Finland Flag of Finland 1918 (state).svg Coat of arms of Finland.svg
Temporary state flag used from December 1917 to May 1918 Coat of Arms of Finland
Gabon Flag of the President of Gabon (1960-1990).svg Coat of arms of Gabon.svg
Presidential Standard (1960-1990) Coat of arms of Gabon
Greece Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg Coat of arms of Greece.svg
Flag of Greece (historical) Coat of arms of Greece
Iraq Flag of Iraq.svg Coat of arms of Iraq.svg
Flag of Iraq Coat of arms of Iraq
Kiribati Flag of Kiribati.svg Coat of arms of Kiribati.svg
FIAV 111111.svg Flag of Kiribati Coat of arms of Kiribati
Kosovo Flag of Kosovo.svg Coat of arms of Kosovo.svg
Flag of Kosovo Coat of arms of Kosovo
Lithuania Flag of Lithuania (state).svg Coat of arms of Lithuania.svg
Flag of Lithuania (state) Coat of arms of Lithuania
Luxembourg Civil Ensign of Luxembourg.svg Lesser CoA luxembourg.svg
FIAV 000111.svg Flag of Luxembourg for use at seaLesser coat of arms of Luxembourg
Malta Flag of Malta.svg Coat of arms of Malta.svg
FIAV 111001.svg Flag of Malta Coat of arms of Malta
Monaco Lozenge flag of Monaco.svg Coat of arms of Monaco.svg
Flag of Monaco (alternative) Coat of arms of Monaco
Namibia Flag of Namibia.svg Coat of arms of Namibia.svg
FIAV 111111.svg Flag of Namibia Coat of arms of Namibia
Norway Kongeflagg.svg Coat of arms of Norway.svg
Royal Standard of Norway Coat of arms of Norway
Poland Flag of the President of Poland.svg Herb Polski.svg
Presidential standard of Poland Coat of arms of Poland
Portugal Flag of the Kingdom of Portugal (1485-1495) type 2.svg Coat of arms of Portugal.svg
Flag of Portugal (heraldic and historical) Coat of arms of Portugal
Somalia Flag of Somalia.svg Coat of arms of Somalia.svg
Flag of Somalia Coat of arms of Somalia
Spain Naval Jack of Spain.svg Escudo de Espana (mazonado).svg
Flag of Spain (naval jack) Coat of arms of Spain
Sweden Personal command-sign of the King of Sweden.svg Great coat of arms of Sweden.svg
Royal Standard of Sweden (The King's personal) Coat of arms of Sweden
Switzerland Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg Coat of Arms of Switzerland (Pantone).svg
Flag of Switzerland Coat of arms of Switzerland
Taiwan (Republic of China) Naval Jack of the Republic of China.svg National Emblem of the Republic of China.svg
Flag of the Republic of China (naval jack) National Emblem of the Republic of China
Ukraine Naval Jack of Ukraine (1992).svg Lesser Coat of Arms of Ukraine.svg
Naval Jack of Ukraine (1992) Coat of arms of Ukraine
United Arab Emirates Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Emblem of the United Arab Emirates.svg
Flag of the United Arab Emirates Emblem of the United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom Royal Standard of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (2022).svg
Royal Standard of the United Kingdom Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom
Royal Standard of the United Kingdom in Scotland.svg Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (Scotland).svg
Royal Standard of the United Kingdom for use in Scotland Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom for use in Scotland
Vietnam Flag of Vietnam.svg Emblem of Vietnam.svg
Flag of Vietnam Emblem of Vietnam
Flag of the People's Army of Vietnam.svg Emblem VPA.svg
Flag of the Vietnam People's Army Emblem of the Vietnam People's Army

Subdivision flags

SubdivisionFlagCoat of arms from which the flag is derived
Aquitaine Flag of Aquitaine.svg Arms of Aquitaine and Guyenne.svg
Flag of Aquitaine Coat of arms of Aquitaine
Alsace Flag of Alsace.svg Blason region fr Alsace.svg
Flag of Alsace Coat of arms of Alsace
Astrakhan Oblast Flag of Astrakhan Oblast.svg Coat of Arms of Astrakhan Oblast.svg
Flag of Astrakhan Oblast Coat of arms of Astrakhan Oblast
Bavaria Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bayern Wappen.svg
Flag of Bavaria
Coat of arms of Bavaria
British Columbia Flag of British Columbia.svg Coat of Arms of British Columbia.svg
Flag of British Columbia Coat of arms of British Columbia
Burgundy Flag of Bourgogne.svg Arms of the Duke of Burgundy (1364-1404).svg
Flag of Burgundy Coat of arms of Burgundy
Castile and León Flag of Castile and Leon.svg Coat of Arms of Castile and Leon.svg
Flag of Castile and León Coat of arms of Castile and León
Castile-La Mancha Flag of Castile-La Mancha.svg Coat of Arms of Castile-La Mancha.svg
Flag of Castile-La Mancha Coat of arms of Castile–La Mancha
Corsica Flag of Corsica.svg Arms of Corsica.svg
Flag of Corsica Coat of arms of Corsica
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Flag of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.svg Large Coat of Arms of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.svg
Flag of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Coat of arms of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
England Royal Banner of England.svg Royal Arms of England (1198-1340).svg
Royal Banner of England Royal Arms of England
Flanders Flag of Flanders.svg Arms of Flanders.svg
Flag of Flanders Coat of arms of Flanders
Franche-Comté Flag of Franche-Comte.svg Blason fr Franche-Comte.svg
Flag of Franche-Comté Coat of arms of Franche-Comté
Friuli-Venezia Giulia Flag of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.svg CoA of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.png
Flag of Friuli-Venezia Giulia Coat of arms of Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Gibraltar Flag of Gibraltar.svg Coat of arms of Gibraltar1.svg
Flag of Gibraltar Coat of arms of Gibraltar
Hong Kong Flag of Hong Kong.svg Regional Emblem of Hong Kong.svg
Flag of Hong Kong Emblem of Hong Kong
Kedah Flag of Kedah.svg Coat of arms of Kedah.svg
Flag of Kedah Coat of Arms of Kedah
Lipetsk Oblast Flag of Lipetsk Oblast.svg Coat of Arms of Lipetsk oblast.svg
Flag of Lipetsk Oblast Coat of arms of Lipetsk Oblast
Macau Flag of Macau.svg Regional Emblem of Macau.svg
Flag of Macau Emblem of Macau
Madeira Flag of Madeira.svg Coat of arms of Madeira.svg
Flag of Madeira Coat of arms of Madeira
Maryland Flag of Maryland.svg Seal of Maryland (reverse).svg
Flag of Maryland Coat of arms of Maryland
Midi-Pyrénées (Occitania, Languedoc) Flag of Midi-Pyrenees.svg Blason Languedoc.svg
Flag of Midi-Pyrénées Coat of arms of Midi-Pyrénées
Moravian-Silesian Region (Moravia, Silesia) Flag of Moravian-Silesian Region.svg Moravian-Silesian Region CoA CZ.svg
Flag of Moravian-Silesian Region Coat of arms of Moravian-Silesian Region
Murcia (Region) Flag of the Region of Murcia.svg Coat of Arms of the Spanish Region of Murcia.svg
Flag of Region of Murcia Coat of arms of Region of Murcia
Navarre Bandera Navarra.svg Escudo de Navarra (oficial).svg
Flag of Navarre (historical) Coat of arms of Navarre
New Brunswick Flag of New Brunswick.svg New Brunswick coat of arms.svg
Flag of New Brunswick Coat of arms of New Brunswick
Nova Scotia Flag of Nova Scotia.svg Coat of arms of Nova Scotia.svg
Flag of Nova Scotia Coat of arms of Nova Scotia
Picardy Flag of Picardie.svg Blason region fr Picardie.svg
Flag of Picardy Coat of arms of Picardy
Pomeranian Voivodeship POL wojewodztwo pomorskie flag.svg POL wojewodztwo pomorskie COA.svg
Flag of Pomeranian Voivodeship Coat of arms of Pomeranian Voivodeship
Prince Edward Island Flag of Prince Edward Island.svg Arms of Prince Edward Island.svg
Flag of Prince Edward Island Coat of arms of Prince Edward Island
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Flag of Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur.svg Blason region fr Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur.svg
Flag of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Coat of arms of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Sarawak Flag of Sarawak.svg Coat of arms of Sarawak.svg
Flag of Sarawak Coat of Arms of Sarawak
Sardinia Flag of Sardinia, Italy.svg Sardegna-Stemma.svg
Flag of Sardinia Coat of arms of Sardinia
Savoy Savoie flag.svg Blason duche fr Savoie.svg
Flag of Savoy Coat of arms of Savoy
Scania Flag of Scania.png Skane vapen.svg
Flag of Scania Coat of arms of Scania
Scotland Lionrampant.svg Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.svg
Royal Standard of Scotland Royal coat of arms of Scotland
Sicily Sicilian Flag.svg Coat of arms of Sicily.svg
Flag of Sicily Coat of arms of Sicily
Ternopil Oblast Flag of Ternopil Oblast.svg Coat of Arms of Ternopil Oblast.svg
Flag of Ternopil Oblast Coat of arms of Ternopil Oblast
Tula Oblast Flag of Tula Oblast.svg Coat of Arms of Tula oblast.png
Flag of Tula Oblast Coat of arms of Tula Oblast
Ulyanovsk Oblast Flag Ul'ianovskoi oblasti (2013).svg Coat of Arms of Ulyanovsk Oblast.png
Flag of Ulyanovsk Oblast Coat of arms of Ulyanovsk Oblast
Voronezh Oblast Flag of Voronezh Oblast.svg Coat of arms of Voronezh Oblast.svg
Flag of Voronezh Oblast Coat of arms of Voronezh Oblast
Wales Flag of Wales 2.svg Royal Badge of Wales (1953).svg
Flag of Wales The 1953 Royal Badge of Wales
Wallonia Flag of Wallonia.svg Coat of arms of Wallonia.svg
Flag of Wallonia Coat of arms of Wallonia
Washington D.C. Flag of the District of Columbia.svg Coat of Arms of George Washington.svg
Flag of Washington, D.C. Coat of arms of the Washington family
Yaroslavl Oblast Flag of Yaroslavl Oblast.svg Coat of arms of Yaroslavl Oblast.svg
Flag of Yaroslavl Oblast Coat of arms of Yaroslavl Oblast
Zürich (canton) Flag of Canton of Zurich.svg Wappen Zurich matt.svg
Flag of Zürich Coat of arms of Zürich

County flags

Cheshire County Flag of Cheshire.png Arms of Cheshire County Council.svg
Flag of CheshireCoat of arms of Cheshire
Essex Flag of Essex.svg Arms of Essex.svg
Flag of Essex Coat of arms of Essex
Jönköping County Jonkopings lan vapenflagga.svg Jonkopings lans vapen.png
Flag of Jönköping CountyCoat of arms of Jönköping County
Kalmar County Kalmar lan vapenflagga.svg Kalmar lan vapen.svg
Flag of Kalmar CountyCoat of arms of Kalmar County
Kent FlagOfKent.svg Arms of Kent County Council.svg
Flag of Kent Coat of arms of Kent
Kronoberg County Kronobergs lan vapenflagga.svg Kronoberg vapen.svg
Flag of Kronoberg CountyCoat of arms of Kronoberg County
Northumberland Flag of Northumberland.svg Arms of Northumberland County Council.svg
Flag of Northumberland Coat of arms of Northumberland
Przemyśl County POL powiat przemyski flag.svg POL powiat przemyski COA.svg
Flag of Przemyśl CountyCoat of arms of Przemyśl County
Sussex Flag of Sussex.svg Arms of Sussex.svg
Flag of Sussex Coat of arms of Sussex
Vestfold og Telemark Flag of Vestfold and Telemark.svg Vestfold og Telemark vapen.svg
Flag of Vestfold and TelemarkCoat of arms of Vestfold and Telemark
Warwickshire County Flag of Warwickshire.svg Arms of Warwickshire County Council.svg
Flag of Warwickshire Coat of arms of Warwickshire

City flags

CityFlagCoat of arms from which the flag is derived
Aberdeen Flag of Aberdeen.svg Aberdeen-arms.png
Flag of Aberdeen Coat of arms of Aberdeen
Amsterdam Flag of Amsterdam.svg Wapen van Amsterdam.svg
Flag of Amsterdam Coat of arms of Amsterdam
Barcelona Flag of Barcelona.svg Escudo de Barcelona.svg
Flag of Barcelona Coat of arms of Barcelona
Bari Flag of Bari.svg CoA Citta di Bari.svg
Flag of BariCoat of arms of Bari
Belfast Flag of Belfast.svg Coat of Arms of Belfast.png
Flag of Belfast Coat of arms of Belfast
Belgrade Flag of Belgrade, Serbia.svg Small Coat of Arms Belgrade.svg
Flag of Belgrade Coat of arms of Belgrade
Bodø Flag of Bodo.svg Bodo komm.svg
Flag of Bodø Coat of arms of Bodø
Brno Flag of Brno.svg Brno (znak).svg
Flag of BrnoCoat of arms of Brno
Durham Flag of Durham.svg

Coat of arms of Durham.svg

Flag of DurhamCoat of arms of Durham
Dundee Dundee City Flag.png

City of Dundee Coat of Arms.png

Flag of DundeeCoat of arms of Dundee
Edinburgh Flag of Edinburgh.svg Arms of Edinburgh.png
Flag of Edinburgh Coat of arms of Edinburgh
Florence Flag of Florence.svg FlorenceCoA.svg
Flag of Florence Coat of arms of Florence
Freiburg im Breisgau Flagge Freiburg im Breisgau.svg DEU Freiburg im Breisgau COA.svg
Flag of Freiburg im BreisgauCoat of arms of Freiburg im Breisgau
Gdańsk Gdansk flag.svg POL Gdansk COA.svg
Flag of Gdańsk Coat of arms of Gdańsk
Hamburg Flag of Hamburg.svg Coat of arms of Hamburg.svg
Flag of Hamburg Coat of arms of Hamburg
Helsinki Flag of Helsinki.svg

Helsingfors stadsvapen.svg

Flag of HelsinkiCoat of arms of Helsinki
Leicester Flag of the City of Leicester.png Arms of Leicester.svg
Flag of LeicesterCoat of arms of Leicester
Lincoln Flag of Lincoln.svg Lincoln.svg
Flag of LincolnCoat of arms of Lincoln
City of London Flag of the City of London.svg Coat of Arms of The City of London.svg
Flag of the City of London Coat of arms of the City of London
Lyon Drapeau de Lyon.svg Coat of Arms of Lyon.svg
Flag of Lyon Coat of arms of Lyon
Marseille Flag of Marseille.svg Armoiries de Marseille.svg
Flag of Marseille Coat of arms of Marseille
Milan Flag of Milan.svg CoA Citta di Milano.svg
Flag of Milan Coat of arms of Milan
Montreal Flag of Montreal.svg Coat of arms of Montreal.svg
Flag of Montreal Coat of arms of Montreal
Moscow Flag of Moscow.svg Coat of Arms of Moscow.svg
Flag of Moscow Coat of arms of Moscow
Naples Flag of Naples.svg CoA Citta di Napoli.svg
Flag of Naples Coat of arms of Naples
Pisa Flag of the Republic of Pisa.svg Pisa-Stemma 2.svg
Flag of PisaCoat of arms of Pisa
Portsmouth City Flag of Portsmouth.svg Portsmouth City Coat of Arms.jpg
Flag of PortsmouthCoat of arms of Portsmouth
Przemyśl POL Przemysl flag.svg POL Przemysl COA.svg
Flag of PrzemyślCoat of arms of Przemyśl
Saint Petersburg Flag of Saint Petersburg Russia.svg Coat of Arms of Saint Petersburg (2003).svg
Flag of Saint PetersburgCoat of arms of Saint Petersburg
St Albans FlagOfStAlbans-PS01.svg StAlbans-COA-PS1.svg
Flag of St AlbansCoat of arms of St Albans
Strasbourg Flag of Strasbourg.svg

Greater coat of arms of Strasbourg.svg

Flag of StrasbourgCoat of arms of Strasbourg
Stockholm Flag of Stockholm.svg

Stockholm vapen bra.svg

Flag of StockholmCoat of arms of Stockholm
Verona Flag of Verona.svg Verona-Stemma.svg
Flag of VeronaCoat of arms of Verona
York Flag of York.svg York City Council.png
Flag of YorkCoat of arms of York
Zaragoza Bandera de Zaragoza.svg Escudo de Zaragoza.svg
Flag of ZaragozaCoat of arms of Zaragoza

Organization flags

OrganizationFlagCoat of arms from which the flag is derived
European Union Flag of Europe.svg Coat of arms of Europe.svg
European flag Coat of arms of the Chairman of the European Union Military Committee

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Coat of arms</span> Heraldic design on a shield, surcoat or tabard

A coat of arms is a heraldic visual design on an escutcheon, surcoat, or tabard. The coat of arms on an escutcheon forms the central element of the full heraldic achievement, which in its whole consists of a shield, supporters, a crest, and a motto. A coat of arms is traditionally unique to the armiger. The term itself of 'coat of arms' describing in modern times just the heraldic design, originates from the description of the entire medieval chainmail 'surcoat' garment used in combat or preparation for the latter.

Flag terminology is the nomenclature, or system of terms, used in vexillology, the study of flags, to describe precisely the parts, patterns, and other attributes of flags and their display.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Pennon</span> Flag that is larger at the hoist than at the fly

A pennon, also known as a pennant or pendant, is a long narrow flag which is larger at the hoist than at the fly. It can have several shapes, such as triangular, tapering or triangular swallowtail, etc. In maritime use, pennants are to be hung from the main truck.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Royal Banner of Scotland</span> Royal Banner of Scotland

The Royal Banner of the Royal Arms of Scotland, also known as the Royal Banner of Scotland, or more commonly the Lion Rampant of Scotland, and historically as the Royal Standard of Scotland, or Banner of the King of Scots, is the royal banner of Scotland, and historically, the royal standard of the Kingdom of Scotland. Used historically by the Scottish monarchs, the banner differs from Scotland's national flag, the Saltire, in that its correct use is restricted by an Act of the Parliament of Scotland to only a few Great Officers of State who officially represent the Monarchy in Scotland. It is also used in an official capacity at royal residences in Scotland when the Head of State is not present.

In British heraldry, vert is the tincture equivalent to green. It is one of the five dark tinctures called colours.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Queen's Personal Australian Flag</span> Flag of Elizabeth II of Australia

The Royal Standard Flag of Australia was the personal flag of Elizabeth II in her role as Queen of Australia. It was used in a similar way as the Royal Standard in the UK, signaling the Australian Monarch's presence in Australia, in this case.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Flemish Heraldic Council</span>

The Flemish Heraldic Council advises the Flemish Government on all matters relating to heraldry. The Council was created on 11 April 1984, as the successor to the Subcommittee for Heraldry or Subcommissie Heraldiek, established in 1978. Its prime task was to supervise the granting of a coat of arms and a flag to all municipalities of the Flemish Region. Following the reorganization of the Belgian provinces, the council's field of action was extended to provincial arms and flags in 1994. Since 2000, the Council has likewise advised the Flemish Government on grants of arms to Flemish individuals and corporations. In the meantime, more than 200 such grants have received official sanction. Grants of arms by the Flemish Government are published in the Belgian official journal.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Blazon</span> Art of describing heraldic arms in proper terms

In heraldry and heraldic vexillology, a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms, flag or similar emblem, from which the reader can reconstruct the appropriate image. The verb to blazon means to create such a description. The visual depiction of a coat of arms or flag has traditionally had considerable latitude in design, but a verbal blazon specifies the essentially distinctive elements. A coat of arms or flag is therefore primarily defined not by a picture but rather by the wording of its blazon. Blazon is also the specialized language in which a blazon is written, and, as a verb, the act of writing such a description. Blazonry is the art, craft or practice of creating a blazon. The language employed in blazonry has its own vocabulary, grammar and syntax, which becomes essential for comprehension when blazoning a complex coat of arms.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Pall (heraldry)</span>

A pall in heraldry and vexillology is a Y-shaped charge, normally having its arms in the three corners of the shield. An example of a pall placed horizontally (fesswise) is the green portion of the South African national flag.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Heraldic flag</span> Flag containing coat of arms or heraldic badge

In heraldry and vexillology, a heraldic flag is a flag containing coats of arms, heraldic badges, or other devices used for personal identification.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Frederick Brownell</span> South African herald, vexillologist and genealogist (1940–2019)

Frederick Gordon Brownell was a South African herald, vexillologist, and genealogist.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Royal standards of England</span> English heraldic flags used in battles and pageantry

The royal standards of England were narrow, tapering swallow-tailed heraldic flags, of considerable length, used mainly for mustering troops in battle, in pageants and at funerals, by the monarchs of England. In high favour during the Tudor period, the Royal English Standard was a flag that was of a separate design and purpose to the Royal Banner. It featured St George's Cross at its head, followed by a number of heraldic devices, a supporter, badges or crests, with a motto—but it did not bear a coat of arms. The Royal Standard changed its composition frequently from reign to reign, but retained the motto Dieu et mon droit, meaning God and my right; which was divided into two bands: Dieu et mon and Droyt.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Sun (heraldry)</span> Symbolic form used in heraldry

A representation of the sun is used as a heraldic charge. The most usual form, often called sun in splendour or in his glory, consists of a round disc with the features of a human face surrounded by twelve or sixteen rays alternating wavy and straight. The alternating straight and wavy rays are often said to represent the light and heat of the sun respectively.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Helmet (heraldry)</span> Heraldic device

In heraldic achievements, the helmet or helm is situated above the shield and bears the torse and crest. The style of helmet displayed varies according to rank and social status, and these styles developed over time, in step with the development of actual military helmets. In some traditions, especially German and Nordic heraldry, two or three helmets may be used in a single achievement of arms, each representing a fief to which the bearer has a right. For this reason, the helmets and crests in German and Nordic arms are considered essential to the coat of arms and are never separated from it.

A heraldic authority is defined as an office or institution which has been established by a reigning monarch or a government to deal with heraldry in the country concerned. It does not include private societies or enterprises which design and/or register coats of arms. Over the centuries, many countries have established heraldic authorities, and several still flourish today.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Alfred Znamierowski</span> Polish vexollologist (1940–2019)

Alfred Znamierowski was a Polish vexillologist, heraldist, illustrator, and journalist. During his career he published several books and designed hundreds of coats of arms, flags, banners and seals for over 200 different municipalities and institutions.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Dexter and sinister</span> Heraldic terminology indicating relative direction

Dexter and sinister are terms used in heraldry to refer to specific locations in an escutcheon bearing a coat of arms, and to the other elements of an achievement. Dexter indicates the right-hand side of the shield, as regarded by the bearer, i.e. the bearer's proper right, and to the left as seen by the viewer. Sinister indicates the left-hand side as regarded by the bearer – the bearer's proper left, and to the right as seen by the viewer. In vexillology, the equivalent terms are hoist and fly.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Macedonian Heraldic Society</span>

The Macedonian Heraldic Society (MHS) is the only professional body in the field of heraldry, vexillology, phaleristics, chivalristics and nobiliar issues in North Macedonia. The society was founded on 2 July 2003 in Skopje under the name Macedonian Heraldry Society, and changed to its current name in 2018.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Heraldry of León</span> Coats of arms of the pre-modern Spanish kingdom

The first instance of a figure of the lion as symbol of the Kingdom of León is found in minted coins of Alfonso VII, called the Emperor (1126-1157). Until then, the cross had a preponderant position on documents and coins of Leonese monarchs since that reign the cross was gradually displaced by the lion. The Spanish historian and heraldist Martín de Riquer explained that the lion was already used as heraldic emblem in 1148. At the end of the reign of Alfonso VII, the figure of this animal began to appear on royal documents as personal device of the monarch and became pervasive during reigns of Ferdinand II (1157-1188) and Alfonso IX (1188-1230).

<span class="mw-page-title-main">History of flags</span> History and development of the concept of flags

A flag is a distinctive piece of fabric used as a symbol, a signalling device, or for decoration. While the origin of flags is unknown, flag-like symbols have been described as far back as 11th century BC China and have been used by other ancient civilisations such as Egypt and Rome.


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