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Rose Tachung Records
Music retailer
Industry records, retail
FoundedJune 2002  OOjs UI icon edit-ltr-progressive.svg
Headquarters Taiwan, Zhongzheng District, South Chongqing Road 1-duan 15, 9F
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G-Music Limited is a company built in 2002 by Rose Records and Tachung Records, [1] both are the largest local music retails and wholesale chains in Taiwan. The physical retail arms have been kept separate, for different customer bases and brand identity, but the e-retailing, wholesale and distributor business is unified as Rose Tachung Records.


The two chains originally teamed up to create Taiwan's popular music ranking, the G-Music Chart (Chinese: 風雲榜 fēngyúnbǎng). [2] [3] The chains had around 60 locations in 2002. [4] Tachung's network includes Taiwan's only remaining specialist classical CD store, opposite the Taipei YMCA on Hsu Chang St. [5] G-Music Chart remains the most popular record chart in Taiwan. [6] [7] [8] [9]

G-Music Chart

The G-Music Chart was first officially published on July 7, 2005, and compiled the top physically sold CD releases in Taiwan (including both albums and physically released singles). Only the top 20 positions are published, and instead of sales, a percentage ranking is listed next to each release. For example, in the 52nd week of 2006, Born to Love , ranked at number one, sold 25.46% of the CDs sold in Taiwan that week. G-Music's main chart, Combo Chart (Chinese: 綜合榜 zònghé bǎng), ranks all music sales, regardless of language, country of origin or genre. The Combo Chart is defunct in 2015.

Sub charts

In addition to the main chart, there are eight sub-charts, and one defunct chart. All charts feature a percentage ranking, which is the percentage sold for each subcategory. All charts began on the same day as the Combo Chart, July 7, 2005. The currently operating sub-charts are:

In addition to these, a Taiwanese singles chart called the Top Chinese Chart (Chinese: 百事榜 Bǎishì bǎng, "Pepsi Chart"), also called the "Mengniu Dairy Chart" (蒙牛榜 Méngniú bǎng), was created at the start of 2006. It ranked the top songs in two different top 20 charts: one for Mainland China (内地榜單 Nèidì bǎngdān) and one combining Hong Kong and Taiwan (港臺榜單 Gǎng-tái bǎngdān). The chart was made defunct in September 2008.

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The Billboard China Top 100 is the music industry standard record chart in China for local songs, compiled by Nielsen-CCData and published weekly by Billboard China. Chart rankings are based on digital sales, radio play, and online streaming in China.


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