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The following is a list of notable deaths in November 2012.


Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence:

November 2012


Brad Armstrong (wrestler) American professional wrestler

Robert Bradley James was an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Brad Armstrong. He is best known for his appearances with the promotion World Championship Wrestling in the 1990s. He was the son of wrestler "Bullet Bob" Armstrong and brother to professional wrestlers Steve, Scott and Brian.

World Championship Wrestling Former American professional wrestling company

World Championship Wrestling Inc. (WCW) is a defunct American professional wrestling promotion that operated primarily from 1988–2001. WCW was owned by Turner Broadcasting System and based in Atlanta, Georgia. For much of its existence, WCW was one of the top professional wrestling promotions in the United States, and was a major competitor to the dominant World Wrestling Federation.

National Wrestling Alliance company

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is an American professional wrestling organization. Formed in 1948, it was for a time the most-recognized brand and largest governing body in professional wrestling. Under the control of the NWA Board of Directors, the organization acted as a governing body for the NWA's national territory system which recognized one world champion, participated in talent exchanges and collectively protected the territorial integrity of member promotions.


Shreeram Shankar Abhyankar mathematician

Shreeram Shankar Abhyankar was an Indian American mathematician known for his contributions to algebraic geometry. He, at the time of his death, held the Marshall distinguished professor of mathematics chair at Purdue University, and was also a professor of computer science and industrial engineering. He is known for Abhyankar's conjecture of finite group theory.

Annette Claire Baier was a New Zealand philosopher and Hume scholar, focused in particular on Hume's moral psychology. She was well known also for her contributions to feminist philosophy and to the philosophy of mind, where she was strongly influenced by her former colleague, Wilfrid Sellars.

Herman Bank was an American mechanical engineer who worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) from 1947 to 1984. He was one of the “Rocket Boys,” who were first-generation scientists and engineers of the Space Age.


Carmélia Alves singer

Carmélia Alves, a Brazilian singer known as the "Queen of Baião", was one of the country's best-known performers of baião, a folk rhythm popular in Northeast Brazil.

The baião is a Northeast Brazilian rhythmic formula that became the basis of a wide range of music. Forró and coco are clear examples. The main baião instrument is the zabumba, a flat, double-headed bass drum played with a mallet in one hand and stick in the other, each striking the opposite head of the drum.

Hans Henrik Andersen was a Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. He was the founder and subsequently co-editor of the scientific journal "Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B".


Anne-Marie Albiach French poet and translator

Anne-Marie Albiach was a contemporary French poet and translator.

Mildred Vorpahl Baass was an American poet. She served as the Poet Laureate of Texas from 1993 to 1995.

Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a Bangladesh Awami League politician and former Member of Parliament from Chittagong-12.


Not to be confused with Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee, the Indian barrister who served as the first president of Indian National Congress.

Bernard "Bernie" Bierman was an American composer of popular songs.

Joseph Oliver Bowers Catholic bishop

Joseph Oliver Bowers, SVD was a prelate of the Roman Catholic Church from Dominica, who went to West Africa to serve in the then Gold Coast in 1939. He is credited with having tripled the Catholic population and parishes in Ghana and for substantially increasing the number of Catholic priests and religious laity in the Diocese of Accra. At the time of his death in Ghana, aged 102, he was the second-oldest Roman Catholic bishop and the oldest from the Caribbean.


























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  1. Robert James obituary Archived 2012-11-23 at
  2. 中國圍棋泰鬥陳祖德九段逝世 享年68歲
  3. Former Straits Times journalist died of heart failure
  4. El escritor García Calvo recibe sepultura en Zamora en un acto sencillo
  5. Former MP dies
  6. Eindhovens voetbalicoon Jan Louwers (82) overleden
  7. Mitch Lucker Dead: Suicide Silence Frontman Killed In Motorcycle Crash
  8. Dominican Republic police arrest trio for killing of Pascual Perez
  9. Скончался филолог Омри Ронен
  10. Jonathan Street: Healthcare PR expert and author
  11. Edwin Q. White, former AP Saigon chief, dies
  12. Shreeram S. Abhyankar obituary at
  13. University Times obituary for Annette Baier
  14. Herman Bank dies at 96; JPL engineer designed collapsible surfboard
  15. Milt Campbell, the greatest athlete in New Jersey history, dies at 78
  16. Former 8th District Congressman David Cornwell dies at Maryland home
  17. Ohio's first black Supreme Court justice dies at 85
  18. Joe Ginsberg, 86, catcher for the 1962 New York Mets
  19. Chinese-born writer Han Suyin dies
  20. Falleció un histórico olímpico
  21. Cup winner Just A Dash dead at 35
  22. Skådespelaren Hans Lindgren död
  23. Bab al-Hara actor murdered for alleged pro-regime activity
  24. E' morto Pino Rauti ex segretario Msi
  25. Meghalt Rózsás János író
  26. Ken Stephinson dies
  27. Former Alabama criminal appeals Judge Tyson dies Archived 2012-11-23 at
  28. Former NY Post editor Roger Wood dies
  29. TDP leader Yerran Naidu dies in road accident
  30. Brazil's "Queen of Baiao" Carmelia Alves Dies at 89
  31. Hans Henrik Andersen Archived 2013-06-16 at
  32. Anne-Lise Berntsen er død (in Norwegian)
  33. Odd Børretzen er død
  34. Deaths: George Chesterton
  35. Unsung: Duke Vin: sound system pioneer
  36. Obituary: Tommy Godwin 1920-2012
  37. İÜ Emekli Öğretim Üyesi Prof. Dr. Mükerrem Hiç’in Cenaze Töreni İÜ Rektörlüğü’nde Yapıldı
  38. High-profile New Zealand lawyer Greg King found dead
  39. HBS History Professor Dies
  40. BJP leader Kailashpati Mishra passes away Archived 2012-11-23 at
  41. Mirė lietuvių teatro ir kino aktorė Eugenija Pleškytė
  42. Charles Schwartz Jr., a federal judge for a quarter-century, dies
  43. Ingegerd Troedsson död
  44. Памяти академика Владимирова Василия Сергеевича
  45. Anne-Marie Albiach, figure de la poésie française contemporaine
  46. Poet laureate Mildred Vorpahl Baass dies at 95
  47. Akhtaruzzaman Babu MP dies
  48. Pori Jazzin legenda Ted Curson kuoli
  49. Jim Durham, voice of NBA on ESPN Radio, dies
  50. Westport, Connecticut's 24-hours News and Information Source
  51. View Michael Fry obituary
  52. Beverley Goodway
  54. Info fra NSF
  55. Resona Chairman Hosoya, Who Led Bank's Revival, Dies at 67
  56. Jane Holtz Kay, architecture critic and author
  57. Official AFL Website of the Hawthorn Football Club Archived 2012-11-23 at
  58. Pompey title winner passes away
  59. Portland police confirm that street performer Kirk Reeves was found dead Sunday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound
  60. Architect David Resnick dead at 88
  61. Chef Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni dies of heart attack in Chennai
  62. Glen Morgan Williams
  63. Justice (retired) Umesh C Banerjee passes away
  64. Tin Pan Alley Composer Bernie Bierman Dies At 104
  65. Bishop Oliver Bowers Dies
  66. Antoinette Olympe (Bradna) Wilhoit obituary
  67. AFA's first African American graduate dies
  68. Composer Elliott Carter dies at 103
  69. James R. Dumpson, a Defender of the Poor, Dies at 103
  70. Leonardo Favio, Argentine film director, dies aged 74
  71. CSIS creator Robert Kaplan dead at 75 after battle with cancer
  72. Reis Leming
  73. American animator Margaret Nichols Dies at 82
  74. Mixed reactions to Louis Pienaar's death Archived 2014-05-31 at the Wayback Machine
  75. Keith Ripley
  76. Noted comedian Sikandar Sanam passes away
  77. Stalking Cat confirmed dead at 54
  78. Former Blue Stephen passes away
  79. Bertram Wyatt-Brown, acclaimed historian Archived 2013-06-14 at the Wayback Machine
  80. Former state rep Alexander dies
  81. Askofu Balina kuzikwa Shinyanga Archived 2013-05-10 at the Wayback Machine
  82. Hetty 'Zuster Klivia' Blok overleden
  83. Newlywed TV anchor dies alone from diabetic seizure just two weeks after getting married to his longtime girlfriend
  84. L'artiste carolo Charles Delporte est décédé
  85. Dad's Army actor Clive Dunn dies aged 92
  86. Samuel Guo Chuan-zhen Archived 2014-02-04 at the Wayback Machine
  87. Cartoonist, animator Vladimír Jiránek dies Archived 2014-06-01 at the Wayback Machine
  88. State high court judge dies of heart attack
  89. Carmen Martínez Sierra fallece a los 108 años
  90. Cops: Wife kills former pro boxer in self-defense
  91. Bulgarian Orthodox Patriarch Maxim Dies at 98
  92. Famed 'talking' ape dies at Iowa sanctuary, others sick
  93. Former Wales midfielder Ivor Powell has died aged 96.
  94. Frank J. Prial, 82, wine columnist for New York Times
  95. Εκοιμήθη ο μητροπολίτης Μαρωνείας και Κομοτηνής Δαμασκηνός
  96. Скончался директор СДЮШОР Карпат Богдан Цап
  97. Carmen Warschaw, Calif. Democratic leader and philanthropist, dies
  98. Boxing Hall of Famer Carmen Basilio dies at age 85
  99. Скончался советский олимпийский чемпион А.Беркутов: Другие виды Archived 2012-11-09 at the Wayback Machine
  100. "VfL trauert um Heinz-Jürgen Blome". Archived from the original on 2016-11-17. Retrieved 2012-12-07.
  101. Parliament of Victoria
  102. Alan Coxon dies
  103. Ellen Douglas, Novelist of Southern Life, Dies at 91
  104. Memorial Obituaries O'Donnell Jr., Kevin Archived 2013-01-30 at the Wayback Machine
  105. David Ian Olive Obituary
  106. ESPNcricinfo profile of Glenys Page
  107. Vale: Major General 'Sandy' Pearson
  108. Hee Haw' co-creator Frank Peppiatt dies
  109. Richard Robbins Dies
  110. Ex-University of Texas football coach Royal dies in Austin, age 88; had Alzheimer's disease
  111. Former Councilman Art Snyder, a City Hall 'character,' dead at 79
  112. Elliott Stein (1928-2012)
  113. The Smurfs Star Lucille Bliss Dies
  114. Tuskegee Airman retired Lt. Col. Herbert Carter died today, reports state
  115. Elhunyt Danis György
  116. Evans, Bruce Jame
  117. Doncaster Rovers mourn the death of Bobby Gilfillan
  118. Zmarł Gerard Gramse
  119. Roger Hammond obituary
  120. Cornel Lucas dies
  121. Lee MacPhail dies at 95; former American League president and Hall of Fame member
  122. RIP Pete Namlook
  123. Bishop Patrick Francis Sheehan
  124. Robert J. Swenning
  125. Peggy Vaughan, Infidelity Expert, Dies at 76.
  126. John Attenborough, youngest brother of David and Richard Attenborough
  127. Wyandotte Chief Bearskin dies Archived January 1, 2013, at the Wayback Machine
  128. Activist Brandon Lacy Campos Dead at 35
  129. First Post-Revolution PM Milan Cic Dies (80)
  130. Iurie Darie A Murit Archived 2013-01-30 at the Wayback Machine
  131. Former Congressman Joseph Early dies
  132. The Second Mrs. Eliot
  133. Former Negro League pitcher Gould passes away
  134. Philly sound' R&B singer Major Harris dies at 65
  135. Actress Bobbi Jordan Dies at 75
  136. Actrice Will van kralingen (61) overleden
  137. Boxer Herbie Kronowitz dies (1923-2012)
  138. Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia notice of death of Helen Mussallem Archived 2014-05-31 at the Wayback Machine
  139. 9 ноября на 108-м году жизни скончался выдающийся российский математик Сергей Никольский
  140. Joseph W. O'Brien, Jr. Obituary
  141. Former SL first-class batsman Bernard Perera dies
  142. Paul J. Petrie Obituary
  143. Pat Renella, Who Played a Bad Guy in ‘Bullitt’, Dies at 83
  144. Jim Sinclair, towering figure in Aboriginal history, dies at 79
  145. Medal of Honor Recipient James L. Stone Passes Away at 89 Archived 2012-11-23 at
  146. Bill Tarmey, Coronation Street star, dies
  147. INRIA Alumni Archived 2013-01-16 at the Wayback Machine
  148. Air Commodore Robert Carter
  149. Courtroom revealed the passionate side of Judge Coffey Archived 2012-12-23 at the Wayback Machine
  150. Eric Day: An Appreciation
  151. Bishop Eric Devenport
  152. Politikwissenschaftler Wilhelm Hennis gestorben
  153. Lives Remembered: Marian Lines
  154. Actress Mitsuko Mori dies of heart failure at 92 Archived November 24, 2013, at the Wayback Machine
  155. Actor Mynavathi passes away
  156. World's fattest man, Ricky Naputi, ate himself to death at almost 900 pounds
  157. Russian whistleblower Alexander Perepilichnyy was warned his name was on gang hit list
  158. Oud-KVP- en CDA-politicus Piet van Zeil overleden
  159. Nigeria: Alhaji Lam Adesina dies at 73
  160. Joe Egan, the great Wigan hooker, has died at age 93
  161. Tomaž Ertl, Last Communist-Era Interior Minister, Dies
  162. Alex Esclamado, Filipino Media Pioneer and Community Advocate, Dies at 84
  163. Welsh Army veteran robbed as he lay dying after a heart attack
  164. Former PPP law minister Iqbal Haider passes away
  165. Sir Rex Hunt Falklands Governor during the Argentine invasion dies Archived 2015-09-24 at the Wayback Machine
  166. Farish Jenkins
  167. Vic Mees, Soulier d'Or 1956 et Diable Rouge à 68 reprises, est mort
  168. Mourning author Patricia Monaghan (1946–2012)
  169. Vladimir Putin condoles native Ilya Oleynikov Archived 2014-10-27 at the Wayback Machine
  170. 'Playboy' Brummie boxer Johnny Prescott dies at 74
  171. Harry Wayland Randall (1915-2012)
  172. CSM President Tarachand Sahu passes away
  173. Former Jackson-area lawmaker Hal Ziegler dies at 80, remembered for his never-ending love of politics
  174. F.C. Hansa Rostock E.V.
  175. Portait [sic] artist Bouldin III dies
  176. Robert J. Cotter, Johns Hopkins medical school professor
  177. Angela Cropper, 66, passes away in UK
  178. Boston University Mourns the Passing of Anthony di Bonaventura, School of Music Professor and Legendary Pianist, Boston University Archived 2012-12-02 at the Wayback Machine
  179. Bob French, longtime Original Tuxedo Jazz Band leader and WWOZ deejay, has died
  180. Fotografen Hans Hammarskiöld död
  181. Alan Hopkins
  182. Помер єпископ УГКЦ Михаїл (Гринчишин)
  183. Harry McShane: 1950s Manchester United stalwart
  184. Ayer fue sepultado Mario Murillo Archived 2012-11-30 at the Wayback Machine
  185. Retired Chicago cop, former champion bodybuilder dies
  186. Fred Ridgeway obituary
  187. È morto lo psicanalista Daniel Stern
  188. Ronald Stretton dies
  189. Willis Whitfield, Inventor of Clean Room That Purges Tiny Particles, Dies at 92
  190. Veteran Modernist John Winter dies at age 82
  191. Wilbur K. Woo dies at 96; a leader of L.A.'s Chinese community
  192. Walt Zeboski Photographer who chronicled Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign
  193. Ex-Mocs coach Arnold dies at 74
  194. Will Barnet painter dies
  195. Bryce Bayer, Kodak scientist who created ubiquitous Bayer Filter for color digital imaging, has passed away
  196. Zmarł fotograf Solidarności
  197. Bishop Kenneth Cragg Remembered
  198. Earl Ferrers
  199. Poet Jack Gilbert dies
  200. Ve věku 80 let zemřel bývalý ministr Milan Horálek
  201. "Manolo Peña, muere el artífice del primer "pucelazo" en el Camp Nou". Archived from the original on 2015-09-24. Retrieved 2012-12-07.
  202. Former Doncaster Dons boss John Sheridan will be missed
  203. 皖籍"世界第一女巨人"姚德芬去世|女性|半岛网 Archived 2012-12-09 at the Wayback Machine
  204. Ray Zone, the '3D King of Hollywood,' Dies at 65
  205. Alex Alves, ex-Palmeiras e Cruzeiro, morre no interior de São Paulo
  206. Beech, 92 Archived 2012-11-23 at
  207. Qld rugby league legend Brian Davies has passed away
  208. Co-founder of Chieftains dies, aged 76
  209. Roadshow' personality dead at 83
  210. Ex-TSU coach Joe Gilliam Sr. dies
  211. Chemist Norman Greenwood dies
  212. Boyd Gail Harris, Jr. obituary
  213. IDF kills top Hamas commander
  214. LAFERTÉ, Lucien 1919-2012
  215. Ranchie' McLean is dead
  216. Death of Paddy Meegan
  217. Bispo emérito de Jaboticabal morre aos 84 anos após cirurgia
  218. Olusola Saraki dies at 79 Archived 2012-11-28 at the Wayback Machine
  219. Devastated Widow Of Former Rugby League Player Appeals For His Ex Colleagues To Help Investigation
  220. Crime reporter shot dead in Tehuacán, as reign of violence and impunity continues
  221. Former African Footballer of the Year Abega dies aged 58
  222. Portuguese motorcycle racer Luis Carreira has died Archived 2014-05-31 at
  223. Please spare my little girl': How Mexico's fearless female mayor sacrificed herself to save her daughter's life as she was abducted by drug gang, tortured and executed
  224. Stereo Era's Singer-Songwriter Khin Maung Toe Passes Away
  225. Ruder-Legende Josef Kloimstein gestorben
  226. Kunavore passes away
  227. Gerrit Oosting (71) overleden
  228. Former Defence Minister KC Pant dead
  229. David Oliver Relin, Co-Author of ‘Three Cups of Tea’, Dies at 49
  230. Bishop José Song Sui-Wan, S.D.B. †
  231. Frode Thingnæs er død
  232. William Turnbull, Scottish artist, dies at the age of 90
  233. A Tribute to Rev Dr Canon Stuart Barton Babbage AM
  234. Tony Blair's father Leo dies at the age of 89
  235. Death of A. J. Broadby Archived 2013-07-30 at
  236. Eric Burgin obit Archived 2012-11-28 at the Wayback Machine
  237. Evangelist John Chapman is home at last
  238. Valladolid composer Luis de los Cobos dies in Switzerland
  239. Subhash Dutta passes away
  240. Patrick Edlinger est mort
  241. Former WBZ DJ Jeff "Jefferson" Kaye has passed away
  242. Former Vice President Aliu Mahama Dies
  243. Nota de Falecimento: Hubert Meyer Archived 2012-12-24 at the Wayback Machine
  244. Helen Milliken, former Michigan first lady, dies at 89
  245. Remembering Jim Moseley (1931-2012), the Voltaire of American Ufology
  246. Longest-serving mayor of Beersheba, dies at 92
  247. Tributes paid to All Blacks great Scott Archived 2014-06-01 at the Wayback Machine
  248. Outfielder, passed up by Sox, made his mark in the old Negro Leagues
  249. Ponty Chadha, brother killed in shooting at farmhouse in south Delhi
  250. Cyclisme - l'ancien lieutenant de Rik Van Looy Armand Desmet décède à l'âge de 81 ans
  251. Branko Elsner tot: Trauer um "echten Sir"
  252. Dick Felt obituary
  253. Bonnie Lynn Fields dies at 68; former Mouseketeer
  254. Mentalisme, Hypnose & Auto-Hypnose, Manipulation - Décès de Christian Godefroy
  255. Lea Gottlieb, queen of Israeli fashion, dies at 94
  256. Zmarł Henryk Grzybowski Archived 2012-11-22 at the Wayback Machine
  257. Notice of death of Katherine Kath at IMDb
  258. Robert Lin, UC Berkeley pioneer in experimental space physics, dies at 70
  259. Toronto photographer Arnaud Maggs dies at 86
  260. Universidad Austral de duelo por muerte de su rector fundador Archived 2014-04-07 at the Wayback Machine
  261. Cliff Pilkey, champion of Canada's progressive labour legislation, dies at 90
  262. Phillies oldest alum, pitcher Schmidt, passes away
  263. Billy Scott Dead: R&B Singer Dies at 70
  264. ITW chief David Speer patient leader everyone liked
  265. Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray, champion of Maharashtra's cause, dies at 86 Archived 2012-12-11 at the Wayback Machine
  266. In Memoriam: Margaret Yorke
  267. Fallece 'Miliki' a los 83 años
  268. Elena Akhmilovskaya Donaldson, Chess Champ in U.S.S.R. and U.S., Dies at 55
  269. Stan Greig obituary
  270. Phoebe Hearst Cooke, Granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, Dies at 85 Archived 2012-11-23 at
  271. Curtains fall on playwright Imbuga
  272. Former Bok dies
  273. Former Miss America Neva Fickling dies from cancer Archived 2012-11-28 at the Wayback Machine
  274. Sir Philip Ledger dies
  275. Lord McCarthy
  276. Kenny Morgans passes away
  277. Εκοιμήθη ο Μητροπολίτης Ναυκράτιδος κυρός Κύριλλος
  278. Olympian and USA Fencing Hall of Fame Member Ed Richards passes away
  279. Helmut Sonnenfeldt, top adviser to Kissinger, dies at 86
  280. Don R. Swanson, information science pioneer, dead at 88
  281. James Bassham's obituary
  282. Former agriculture minister Omar Dakhqan passes away Archived 2013-10-24 at the Wayback Machine
  283. John Hefin: TV director and ex-BBC Wales drama head dies
  284. Viter Juste, Haitian community pioneer and leader, dies at 87
  285. Celebrity chef identifies taxi victims Archived 2014-06-01 at the Wayback Machine
  286. Omroepster Hannie Lips (88) overleden
  287. 「女のみち」ぴんからトリオの宮史郎さん死去 69歳
  288. Drummer & Composer Pete La Roca Dies at 74
  289. Parliament pauses to remember Labor great
  290. Former U.S. Sen. Warren Rudman, a Nashua native, died Monday night
  291. Лента новостей - Умер писатель-фантаст Борис Стругацкий
  292. George 'Boots' Weber dies; perennial political candidate
  293. Miris hokejists Kaspars Astašenko
  294. "Oldest Filipino bishop dies". Archived from the original on 2014-06-01. Retrieved 2012-12-07.
  295. Prominent local publishing heir dead after wrecking car
  296. Louis O. Giuffrida obituary
  297. Longtime Oak Park resident Redd Griffin dies Archived 2013-02-03 at
  298. Willie Grut passes Away Archived 2013-01-30 at the Wayback Machine
  299. Previous News
  300. Književnik Ivan Kušan preminuo u 80. godini
  301. Former Congressman David Martin Dies Archived 2012-11-28 at the Wayback Machine
  302. Famed singer Flora Martirosyan dies at 55
  303. Mike Ryan, Seattle soccer pioneer, dies at 77 Archived 2014-05-22 at the Wayback Machine
  304. Pot in Hyde Park and the death of Stephen Abrams
  305. Berthold Albrecht dead: Aldi heir who helped build the company's position of global dominance
  306. I Love Lucy editor Dann Cahn passes away
  307. Lord Denman: Businessman and philanthropist
  308. Former MP and Kirkland mayor Nick Discepola dead at 62
  309. TV chef Art Ginsburg — Mr. Food — dies at 81 Archived 2012-11-22 at the Wayback Machine
  310. Romanian actor Serban Ionescu dies of incurable disease
  311. India executes Mumbai gunman Hasab
  312. Ernesto McCausland
  313. Vladka Meed, courier for the Jewish resistance during WWII, dies at 90
  314. Edwarda O'Bara, who spent 4 decades in a coma, dies at 59
  315. Nigerian basketball player shot dead in US Archived 2014-06-01 at the Wayback Machine
  316. Obituary: Austin Peralta, 1990–2012 Archived 2012-12-01 at the Wayback Machine
  317. Deborah Raffin, actress and audiobook entrepreneur, dies at 59
  318. Stein Schjærven
  319. Ушел из жизни Рашид Шарафетдинов Archived 2014-05-31 at the Wayback Machine
  320. Eugene Smith, Tuskegee Airman, dies.
  321. Mirė legendinis Lietuvos boksininkas A.Šocikas
  322. Emily Squires, Emmy-Winning Director of 'Sesame Street', Dies at 71
  323. Bishop Mack B. Stokes
  324. 上海队前主帅王后军去世 曾任国足队长被称小诸葛
  325. Legendary concert promoter Frank Barsalona passes away
  326. Pete Bennett, Legendary Promotion Man for Beatles, Stones, Many More, Dead at 77
  327. Pearl Laska obituary
  328. Momentum Vitae
  329. Power of One author Bryce Courtenay dead at 79
  330. Raimund Krauth verstorben Archived 2012-12-30 at the Wayback Machine
  331. Former Bear McRae passes away Archived 2012-12-04 at the Wayback Machine
  332. Famous Azerbaijani actor died [ permanent dead link ]
  333. Kerala CPM leader P. Govindapillai passes away
  334. Iran actress, dubbing artist Fahimeh Rastkar dies at 80 Archived 2012-11-30 at the Wayback Machine
  335. Tribe signs utility player; long time coach dies
  336. В Смоленске оборвалась жизнь легенды конькобежного спорта
  337. Disney design artist Mel Shaw dies at 97
  338. Kuang-hsun Ting dies at 97; leader of Protestant church in China
  339. Czech dissident writer Jan Trefulka dies
  340. Former DMK minister Veerapandi Arumugam passes away
  341. José Luis Borau, Spanish Filmmaker, dead at 83
  342. Former Congress MP Akkamma Devi passes away
  343. Former Cardinals outfielder Chuck Diering dies
  344. Meade ‘devastated’ after Go Native suffers fatal injury
  345. Civil Rights Activist Lawrence Guyot Succumbs at 73
  346. Larry Hagman dead at 81, portrayed notorious TV villain J.R. Ewing
  347. Environmentalist Diana, Lady Isaac dies
  348. John Kemeny, forgotten giant of Canadian film, dies at 87
  349. Odszedł Tadeusz Kwapień
  350. Alfonso Montemayor 'El Capi' fallece a los 90 años [ permanent dead link ]
  351. Art dealer who bought and sold with immaculate timing
  352. Adolph E. Peschke Obituary
  353. Brazilian Olympic medalist Nelson Prudencio dies
  354. Goodbye to ex Crociato Goffredo Stabellini
  355. Robert O. Swados, who helped bring the Sabres to Buffalo, is dead at 93
  356. Former White Sox pitcher Hal Trosky Jr. dies Archived 2014-06-01 at the Wayback Machine
  357. Hector 'Macho' Camacho removed from life support, dies at 50
  358. The Monitor, History legend Alec Campbell dies
  359. Ian Campbell dies
  360. Veteran Pakistani columnist Cowasjee passes away at 86
  361. George Edward Haynsworth, retired Nicaragua missionary bishop dies
  362. Spitz Kohn overleden
  363. Un ataque al corazón noquea al gran Tony Leblanc
  364. Controversial former Ottawa councillor Shawn Little dead at 48
  365. Psychiatrist known for quick wit, therapy insights
  366. Chris Stamp, Who Helped Launch The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Dead at 70
  367. APSU baseball great Jimmy Stewart dies [ permanent dead link ]
  368. Nicholas Turro Dies At 74
  369. Former Buffalo Bills TE Ernie Warlick dies at 80 [ permanent dead link ]
  370. Juan Carlos Calderon, Renowned Spanish Composer, Dead at 74
  371. Singer Earl Carroll Dies
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  377. Boulder's Mark F. Meier, pioneer of glacial melt study, dies
  378. Murió expresidente boliviano Juan Pereda Asbún
  379. Tom Robinson, four-time Olympic sprinter for the Bahamas, dies at 74
  380. Professor Roy Severn [ permanent dead link ]
  381. Former Chelsea manager Dave Sexton dies, aged 82
  382. Actress Dinah Sheridan dies at 92
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  384. La Crosse native, former Packer Temp dies at age 79
  385. WKU All-American Towery dies
  386. Acclaimed director Celso Ad. Castillo dies, 69
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  392. John "Mike" Kume, Sr
  393. Vale Peter Marsh Archived 2013-04-03 at the Wayback Machine
  394. Dr. Joseph E. Murray, who performed first successful organ transplant, dies at 93
  395. Former Missouri Lawmaker Peter Myers Dead At 81 [ permanent dead link ]
  396. Theatre personality Venukuttan Nair passes away
  397. Chitrabhanu Namboodiripad passes away
  398. Suri peapiiskop emeeritus Kuno Pajula
  399. Marty Richards, Tony-Winning Broadway and Film Producer, Dies at 80 Archived 2012-11-30 at the Wayback Machine
  400. David Schwendeman, Museum Taxidermist, Dies at 87
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  404. Former lieutenant-governor of P.E.I., Gilbert Clements, dies at age 84
  405. Pat Connolly, iconic sports broadcaster, dead at 84
  406. Jim Davis, longtime Frankfort politician, dies at 84
  407. Former Dutch coach Fafie dies
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  413. Marvin Miller, the first executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, dead at 95 after year-long battle with cancer
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  415. Kenyan Boxer Dies in Germany, Family Appeals for Help Archived May 31, 2014, at the Wayback Machine
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  422. Sir William Bulmer
  423. Gloria Davy, first African-American to Sing Aida at the Met, Dies at 81
  424. Ex-lateral da Seleção, Fidélis morre vítima de câncer no estômago
  425. Jerry Finkelstein, New York Power Broker, Dies at 96
  426. Prof Jakes Gerwel passes away
  427. Ex-Lancashire cricketer Tom Hardman, 21, found dead at house in Leeds
  428. Hodgson, former Secretary of Labor, dies at Malibu home
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  455. Renowned Malian musician Keletigui Diabate dies
  456. Former Ala. first lady Jamelle Folsom dies at 85
  457. Stephen Gray, who managed the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, dies at 89
  458. Former Prime Minister IK Gujral dies at age 92
  459. Munir Malik dies, aged 78
  460. R.I.P. Dolores Mantez
  461. Jeff Millar, Chronicle reviewer and comic strip writer, dies at 70
  462. Susil Moonesinghe is no more
  463. Utah's Homer Warner dies
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