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The following is a list of notable deaths in December 2014.


Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence:

December 2014


Mario Abramovich Argentine violinist and composer

Mario Abramovich was an Argentine violinist and composer, considered an important figure linked to the music of tango.

James Duncan was a Scottish footballer who played as an outside left.

Celtic F.C. association football club

The Celtic Football Club is a Scottish professional football club based in Glasgow, which plays in the Scottish Premiership. The club was founded in 1887 with the purpose of alleviating poverty in the immigrant Irish population in the East End of Glasgow. They played their first match in May 1888, a friendly match against Rangers which Celtic won 5–2. Celtic established themselves within Scottish football, winning six successive league titles during the first decade of the 20th century. The club enjoyed their greatest successes during the 1960s and 70s under Jock Stein when they won nine consecutive league titles and the 1967 European Cup. Celtic have played in green and white for the entirety of its history, adopting hoops in 1903, those being used ever since.


Don L. Anderson American geophysicist

Don Lynn Anderson was an American geophysicist who made significant contributions to the understanding of the origin, evolution, structure, and composition of Earth and other planets. An expert in numerous scientific disciplines, Anderson's work combined seismology, solid state physics, geochemistry and petrology to explain how the Earth works. Anderson was best known for his contributions to the understanding of the Earth's deep interior, and more recently, for the hypothesis that hotspots are the product of plate tectonics rather than narrow plumes emanating from the deep Earth. Anderson was Professor (Emeritus) of Geophysics in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). He received numerous awards from geophysical, geological and astronomical societies. In 1998 he was awarded the prestigious Crafoord Prize by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences along with Adam Dziewonski. Later that year, Anderson received the National Medal of Science. He held honorary doctorates from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University of Paris (Sorbonne), and served on numerous university advisory committees, including those at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, University of Chicago, Stanford, University of Paris, Purdue University, and Rice University. Anderson's wide-ranging research resulted in hundreds of published papers in the fields of planetary science, seismology, mineral physics, petrology, geochemistry, tectonics and the philosophy of science. He continued to work and publish until his death. His widely known textbooks, Theory of the Earth, and New Theory of the Earth are regarded by colleagues as compelling syntheses of the origins of the Earth and its inner workings by one of the great geophysical authorities of our time.

A. R. Antulay Indian politician

Abdul Rahman Antulay was an Indian politician. Antulay was a union minister for Minority Affairs and a Member of Parliament in the 14th Lok Sabha of India. Earlier he had been the Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra, but was forced to resign after being convicted by the Bombay High Court on charges that he had extorted money for a trust fund he managed.

Dominique Aubier, née Marie-Louise Labiste, was a French author. A book she wrote about the alleged kabbalah encoding of Miguel de Cervantes's Don Quixote in 1966 has received some attention at that time.


Herman Badillo American politician

Herman Badillo was an American politician who served as borough president of The Bronx and United States Representative, and ran for Mayor of New York City. He was the first Puerto Rican elected to these posts, and the first Puerto Rican mayoral candidate in a major city in the continental United States.

United States House of Representatives Lower house of the United States Congress

The United States House of Representatives is the lower house of the United States Congress, the Senate being the upper house. Together they compose the national legislature of the United States.

New York (state) State of the United States of America

New York is a state in the Northeastern United States. New York was one of the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States. With an estimated 19.54 million residents in 2018, it is the fourth most populous state. In order to distinguish the state from the city with the same name, it is sometimes referred to as New York State.


Sitamadji Allarassem was a Chadian football defender who played for Tourbillon FC. He was also a member of Chad national football team where he played right back position. He played 15 official matches for national team and was a part of qualifying campaign for 2010 World Cup, as well as 2012 Africa Cup of Nations.

Richard Ronald Bootzin was an American clinical and research psychologist. Dick Bootzin served as a Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He was also the Director of the Insomnia Clinic of at the University Medical Center and the Director of the Sleep Research Laboratory in the Psychology Department.

Nikolay Brusentsov Russian computer scientist

Nikolay Petrovich Brusentsov was a computer scientist, most famous for having built a (balanced) ternary computer, Setun, together with Sergei Sobolev in 1958. In 1970 he design Setun 70, implementing principles which were later proposed for the RISC architecture independently. He died on 4 December 2014.


Ernest C. Brace aviator

Ernest Cary Brace was the longest-held civilian prisoner of war (POW) during the Vietnam War. A decorated Marine Corps fighter pilot and mustang, Brace was court-martialed in 1961 for attempting to fake his own death. He flew as a civilian contract pilot before being captured in Laos in 1965 while flying supplies for USAID. He spent almost eight years as a POW and upon his release received a Presidential Pardon in light of his good conduct.

Vietnam War 1955–1975 conflict in Vietnam

The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War, and in Vietnam as the Resistance War Against America or simply the American War, was a conflict in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. It was the second of the Indochina Wars and was officially fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam was supported by the Soviet Union, China, and other communist allies; South Vietnam was supported by the United States, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand and other anti-communist allies. The war, considered a Cold War-era proxy war by some, lasted 19 years, with direct U.S. involvement ending in 1973, and included the Laotian Civil War and the Cambodian Civil War, resulting in all three countries becoming communist in 1975.

Manuel De Sica Italian composer

Manuel De Sica was an Italian composer.



























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  1. Falleció el violinista Mario Abramovich (in Spanish)
  2. Death of former Celt, Jimmy Duncan
  3. Gobierno despide a Alberto Breccia Archived 2015-01-03 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  4. Rear Admiral David Cooke CB MBE Archived 2015-01-07 at the Wayback Machine
  5. 김일성 부인 김성애 사망설 제기 (in Korean)
  6. Fallece la diseñadora Sita Murt a los 68 años (in Spanish)
  7. Basketball coach Aleksandar ‘Aco’ Petrovic dies
  8. Descanse en paz el Profesor Roberto Sagastume (in Spanish)
  9. Διαβάστε περισσότερα (in Greek)
  10. Rocky Wood (1959–2014)
  11. Don L. Anderson dies at 81; former director of Caltech's seismology lab
  12. President Mukherjee condoles passing away of former Maharashtra CM Antulay Archived 2014-12-09 at the Wayback Machine
  13. Dominique Aubier nous a quittés (in French)
  14. Canadiens legend Beliveau passes away at age 83
  15. British wheelchair basketball player Josie Cichockyj dies
  16. Gerry Fisher BSC 1926–2014
  17. Juan Flores, a Scholar of Puerto Rican Culture in New York, Dies at 71
  18. Former Grimsby Town chairman Peter Furneaux has died Archived 2014-12-09 at the Wayback Machine
  19. GILL, André (in French)
  20. Rolling Stones Saxophonist Bobby Keys Dead at 70
  21. Longtime coach, former skater Laws dies at age 85
  22. Topy Mamery Dead: Noelia, Supposedly Molested By Stepdad, Says ‘The Divine Law Is Just And Unique’
  23. Retired U.S. District Court Judge A.J. "Buddy" McNamara, 78, died Tuesday
  24. Перепёлкина Людмила Алексеевна (in Russian)
  25. Addio a Giampaolo Rugarli, narratore schivo e surreale (in Italian)
  26. Vale Jeff Truman
  27. Veteran comedian Deven Verma dies at 77 in Pune
  28. Fargo, ND, mayor known for flood fights dies at 73
  29. Herman Badillo, Congressman and Fixture of New York Politics, Dies at 85
  30. La classe politique rend hommage à « l'humaniste » Jacques Barrot (in French)
  31. Causa pesar muerte de Poppy Bermúdez Archived 2014-12-08 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  32. Nathaniel Branden 1930–2014
  33. L. Stephen Coles dies at 73; studied extreme aging in humans
  34. "RIP Martha Glaser December 3, 2014". Jazz News You Can Use. Retrieved 2017-02-04.
  35. Oud-wielrenner 'Sjefke' Janssen (95) overleden (in Dutch)
  36. Mexican writer Vicente Leñero dies at 81
  37. Konstantinos Linoxilakis
  38. Ann Marcus Dies: Emmy-Winning ‘Mary Hartman’ Writer Was 93
  39. "Vincent L. McKusick, retired Maine chief justice, dies at 93". Archived from the original on 2014-12-08. Retrieved 2015-01-01.
  40. Ian McLagan Dies at Age 69
  41. Bishop Alfredo Ernest Novak
  42. Father Patrick Edward O’Connor
  43. Luc Oursel, CEO of French Nuclear Firm Areva, Dies at 55
  44. Si è spento il regista Giulio Questi (in Italian)
  45. Falleció el actor Walter Reyno Archived 2014-12-06 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  46. Former ENMU football coach Jack Scott dies
  47. James Drewry Stewart (January 1, 1941 – December 3, 2014)
  48. Jim Swink, TCU's two-time All-American ‘Rusk Rambler,’ dies at age 78
  49. Mexican Supreme Court judge dies Archived 2014-12-10 at the Wayback Machine
  50. Ray Williams: Rugby union coach who transformed the way the game was approached in Wales and Australia
  51. Allarassem, Sitamadji
  52. Obituary for Richard Ronald Bootzin
  53. НИКОЛАЙ ПЕТРОВИЧ БРУСЕНЦОВ (7 февраля 1925 – 4 декабря 2014) (in Russian)
  54. Columnist Bryan Burwell dies
  55. Hroar Elvenes er død (in Norwegian)
  56. Claudia Emerson, Pulitzer-winning poet, dies at 57
  57. 2-Faced Cat, Frank And Louie, Dies At 15
  58. Music world mourns Australian ska pioneer and Island Records co-founder Graeme Goodall
  59. Former ESU football coach Jack Gregory dies
  60. Turkey's First Culture Minister Talat Sait Halman Passes Away
  61. Former Supreme Court judge V R Krishna Iyer dead
  62. Former Labor minister Lynne Kosky dies at 56
  63. Bob Montgomery, songwriter, producer and childhood friend of Buddy Holly, dies at 77
  64. "Скончался известный пианист, профессор Алексей Наседкин". Izvestia. 2014-12-05. Retrieved 2016-08-05.
  65. Hugo Niskanen
  66. Obituary: Jeremy Thorpe
  67. Zakenman Rudolf Vanmoerkerke overleden op 90-jarige leeftijd (in Dutch)
  68. Vietnam POW, war hero, Ernie Brace, dies
  69. Morto d'infarto il musicista Manuel De Sica, fratello di Christian (in Italian)
  70. Queen Fabiola of the Belgians has died
  71. Judge Ralph Adam Fine dies after brief illness
  72. Rod Graber Baseball Stats
  73. Former TD Jackie Healy-Rae dies aged 83
  74. Muere a los 98 años el músico Luis Herrera de la Fuente (in Spanish)
  75. Heisei Godzilla Special Effects Director Koichi Kawakita Passes Away Archived 2014-12-14 at the Wayback Machine
  76. Arthur Leipzig, a Photographer Inspired by Everyday Life in New York, Dies at 96
  77. Jewish food chronicler Gil Marks dead at 62
  78. Dennis Marriott
  79. Cкончался режиссер "Республики ШКИД" Геннадий Полока (in Russian)
  80. Fallece Marco Torlonia, primo hermano del rey Juan Carlos y tío de Alessandro Lequio (in Spanish)
  81. Fallece el historiador Silvio Zavala (in Spanish)
  82. Father Of Video Games Ralph H. Baer Has Passed Away
  83. Bowling legend Mick Barry passes away
  84. Robert T. Bennett 1939–2014 ‘Giant’ of Ohio, national politics dies at 75
  85. Single vehicle accident on U.S. 301 kills Valrico man
  86. Hawkins, second in '58 Masters, dies at 91
  87. Acclaimed writer Menis Koumandareas, 83, found murdered in Athens home
  88. Journalist and author Naphtali Lavie dies at 88
  89. Morto a Roma Renato Mambor Camera ardente in Campidoglio (in Italian)
  90. Fallece "Maquinita" Merlos, exdelantero de Águila Archived 2014-12-10 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  91. "Nick"-Nicolau-former-Saints-assistant-coach-dies/7cf189f5-acf4-4f26-bda3-bf281157652f Anthero "Nick" Nicolau, former Saints assistant coach, dies [ permanent dead link ]
  92. Oscar Whisky dies after Tingle Creek fall
  93. Kurosawa's cinematographer Takao Saito has died at age 85
  94. Al-Qaeda leader who planned to bomb New York is shot dead
  95. US hostage Luke Somers dies after rescue bid
  96. Emma Lou Thayne, renowned Mormon poet, dies at 90
  97. Elhunyt Varga István világválogatott kézilabdázó (in Hungarian)
  98. Stella Young, writer, comedian and disability activist dies
  99. Moroccan state minister dies in a train accident
  100. Ole Miss football great Charlie Flowers dead at 77
  101. Brian "Wimpy Roy" Goble of Subhumans, D.O.A. Dies of Heart Attack at Age 57
  102. Irving Guttman|author=Betty Nygaard King, Max Wyman, and Andrew McIntosh
  103. Recalling Carol Judge, first lady, RN and advocate
  104. UO SOJC loses instructor Mark Lewis
  105. Obituary: Norman George Robertson Mair
  106. Character Actor Eddie Rouse Dies at 60
  107. Hockey Olympian G Nandy Singh passes away Archived 2014-12-16 at the Wayback Machine
  108. Noted actor Khalilullah passes away
  109. Tommy Todd Archived 2014-12-25 at the Wayback Machine
  110. Legendary WWII veteran, members of French Resistance Nikolai Vasenin dies at 95
  111. 'Addams Family' Star Pugsley Dies From Heart Attack
  112. Zmarł Jerzy Wilim (in Polish)
  113. In Memory of Paul S. Amenta Sr.
  114. Sacvan Bercovitch
  115. Jimmy Brown
  116. Leading Pakistan communist Sobho Gianchandani dies
  117. Former London mayor, Tom Gosnell, dies at 63
  118. The American Association Almanac
  119. Russell Kemmerer Obituary
  120. Carnatic vocalist Nedanuri Krishnamurthy dies
  121. Italian singer Giuseppe Mango utters 'excuse me' on stage before dying of heart attack
  122. Ralph Maud (1928–2014)
  123. Knut Nystedt er død (in Norwegian)
  124. Assistant district attorney shot and killed in Barrow
  125. Elmars Zemgalis 9.9.1923-8.12.2014 (in German)
  126. Former MSU All-American Dave Behrman dies at 73
  127. Ion Butmalai, IMPUSCAT IN PIEPT, in garajul casei sale de la Cahul (in Romanian)
  128. Newtown Jets’ legend Frank Farrington passes away aged 88
  129. Cliburn Piano Winner And TCU Professor José Feghali Has Died
  130. Jane Freilicher, 90, a Lyrical Painter of Long Island Landscapes, Is Dead
  131. Senator Stuart Hunt Sr.
  132. Robert Kinoshita, Designer of ‘Lost in Space’ Robot, Dies at 100
  133. Kirste, Gerd (1918–2014) (in Norwegian)
  134. Former Vanuatu President Jean-Marie Leye Dies
  135. Jorge María Cardinal Mejía
  136. Mary Ann Mobley, Mississippi's first Miss America, dies
  137. The violinist Lydia Mordkovitch has died
  138. Muere Blagoje Paunovic (in Spanish)
  139. Karl Otto Poehl, Bundesbank Chief for Reunification, Dies
  140. NEW: Former RI State Senator Sapinsley Passes Away
  141. Sheila Stewart Archived 2014-05-14 at the Wayback Machine
  142. David L. Theisen
  143. Leading Slovenian Linguist Jože Toporišič Dies
  144. Former Saskatoon Mayor Cliff Wright dies
  145. Doctors Offer Contradictory Interpretations of Palestinian Official's Death
  146. German Holocaust writer, commentator Ralph Giordano dies
  147. TRAGEDIJA Telo bosanske starlete nađeno u slupanom autu (in Serbian)
  148. Alice Hoover - AAGPBL
  149. Obituary Catherine Hughes, 'insightful’ principal of Somerville College who oversaw admission of first male students
  150. Donald Moffitt (1931–2014)
  151. Fallece diputado panista Raúl Gómez Ramírez (in Spanish)
  152. Robert Oakley, diplomatic troubleshooter, dies at 83
  153. Otto Pöggeler : Traueranzeige (in German)
  154. Robert Edward SOLINGER
  155. Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka dies at age 70
  156. Oud-wielrenner Gerard Vianen overleden Archived 2014-12-13 at the Wayback Machine (in Dutch)
  157. Robert Wolfe — History's Gain and Loss
  158. Oud Vi-voorzitter Martin Zijlstra overleden (in Dutch)
  159. Great Escape actor Tom Adams dies
  160. RIP Giorgio Ardisson
  161. Dr Tim Black, CBE, 1937 – 2014 Archived 2014-12-15 at the Wayback Machine
  162. Lutto Palermo: a 90 anni si spegne Benigno ‘Ninetto’ De Grandi, ex giocatore e allenatore dei rosa (in Italian)
  163. Former Phoenix Mayor John Driggs dies at 87
  164. Michel du Cille, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, dies at 58
  165. Cinema: morto l'attore e doppiatore Sergio Fiorentini (in Italian)
  166. Vale Pat Gallaher OAM
  167. "Robert Johnson". Archived from the original on 2015-01-01. Retrieved 2015-01-02.
  168. Lord Knights, the architect of West Midlands Police, dies at 94
  169. Bishop Georges Lagrange
  170. Mel Richardson, Veteran Idaho Legislator, Dead at 86
  171. Time Jumpers Vocalist Dawn Sears Dies
  172. Gerald Sim obituary
  173. Robert Taylor, Director of ‘Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat,’ Dies at 70
  174. Laszlo Varga, Cellist for the New York Philharmonic, Is Dead at 89
  175. "Dirigent Hans Wallat gestorben". Deutsche Welle. 2014-12-12. Retrieved 2016-08-05.
  176. John Baxter
  177. 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' creator Bridwell dies
  178. Peter Delisle
  179. Rear Admiral Phillip Edwards – obituary
  180. Ivor Grattan-Guinness obituary
  181. Grammy-winning engineer and producer John Hampton dies
  182. Falleció José María Lorant, una gloria de Sarmiento (in Spanish)
  183. Donald S. Malecki Obituary
  184. Billy Milligan | 1955–2014: Man with famous insanity plea dies
  185. John Persen er død (in Norwegian)
  186. Herb Plews, only local to play MLB, dies at 86
  187. Mohammad Shahid
  188. Тело Шутова передали родственникам (in Russian)
  189. plk. Vladimír Stibořík
  190. Evan ‘Graham’ Turbott passes away at 100
  191. Mary Jeanne van Appledorn Obituary
  192. Alan Dudley Ward obituary
  193. Dave West: Businessman who became a trailblazer in the booze-cruise market then expanded into PR and lap-dancing clubs
  194. Former German politician, Ernst Albrecht, dies
  195. Mary Dawne Arden
  196. Hasta luego, maestro Joan Barril (in Spanish)
  197. Ina Bauer gone, but move lives on
  198. Professor Anthony Birch: Political scientist and noted authority on the workings of government, democracy and Britain's constitution
  199. Watch: Special tribute to Bill Bonds, the legendary WXYZ anchorman Archived 2016-08-11 at the Wayback Machine
  200. Aaron Goldberg
  201. John Sedgley Hickman QSO Obituary
  202. Janis Martin obituary
  203. Esteemed Theologian Dr. William May Dies Archived 2014-12-16 at the Wayback Machine
  204. German parliamentarian and Russia expert Schockenhoff dies
  205. "Martha Goldman Sigall (1917–2014)". Archived from the original on 2014-12-26. Retrieved 2015-01-01.
  206. Phil Stern Dead: Photographer Who Shot Top Stars Dies at 95
  207. Former Canadian jockey Swatuk dies at 65
  208. Taitetsu Unno, Shin Buddhist scholar and minister, dies at 85
  209. Sixth-Remaining Northern White Rhino Dies
  210. Ajman Ruler's sister Shaikha Fatima dies
  211. Veteran actor Anoushirvan Arjmand dies at 73
  212. Sy Berger, father of modern day baseball cards, dies at age of 91
  213. Bluegrass musician Joe Carr passes away in Levelland
  214. Remembering Dr. Theo Colborn
  215. Impresario Irene Dalis of Opera San José dies at 89
  216. Obituary: Bobo Faulkner
  217. Nashville singer Millie Kirkham dies at 91
  218. Décédé en Afrique du Sud depuis dimanche qui était l'illustre disparu Koyagialo Archived 2014-12-16 at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  219. Longtime college basketball coach remembered for kindness, toughness
  220. John Davidson McCraw obituary
  221. Bess Myerson, 90, Dies; Famed for Beauty, Public Service and Scandal
  222. Diocese of Cleveland Bishop passes away at 89
  223. Telugu actor, dubbing artiste P J Sarma no more
  224. Rohit Talwar
  225. Packers Hall of Famer Fuzzy Thurston dies at 80
  226. Longhorn legend Johnny Treadwell dies – Bevo Beat Archived 2014-12-16 at the Wayback Machine
  227. Telugu Music Composer Chakri Dies of Heart Attack: Celebrities Condole his Death
  228. Booth Colman obituary
  229. David Garth, 84, Dies; Consultant Was an Innovator of Political TV Ads
  230. Bishop Michael Hare Duke RIP
  231. Veteran actor Mustapha Maarof dies
  232. Doliu în fotbalul românesc! Nicolae Manea a decedat în această dimineaţă (in Romanian)
  233. Donald Metcalf, leading cancer research scientist, dies at 85
  234. Death of Lt. Col. Ray Steadman-Allen
  235. WHYTE, Arthur Mornington
  236. Muere el político y periodista Fausto Zapata Loredo Archived 2015-04-02 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  237. N.M. State Rep. Phillip Archuleta dies, wife says
  238. Professor Martin Brasier, RIP – University of Oxford Department of Earth Sciences
  239. Department of Mathematics at Rice University
  240. Tidenes toppscorer er død Archived 2014-12-30 at the Wayback Machine (in Norwegian)
  241. Mort de Maurice Duverger, le « pape » de la science politique française (in French)
  242. Southland rugby legend Jack Hazlett dies aged 76
  243. National Artist for Visual Arts Imao passes away
  244. Karl-Heinz Kurras gestorben (in German)
  245. Three dead in Sydney siege: Identities of slain hostages revealed
  246. Cinematographer Maximo Munzi Dies at 57
  247. The Honorable Romie J. Palmer Obituary Archived 2014-12-28 at the Wayback Machine
  248. Stax singer Wendy Rene dies
  249. Former Grateful Dead manager and local rock icon Rock Scully has died.
  250. Tripura ex-Guv Sultan Singh dead
  251. Ali's 'What's My Name?' opponent Terrell dies at 75
  252. Former top Los Angeles Angels pick shot to death
  253. Chan Kwok-Hung, cinematographer, drowns on set of Jackie Chan film
  254. Bishop Stephen Hector Youssef Doueihi (Catholic-Hierarchy)
  255. NEVILLE GRIFFIN Archived 2017-06-22 at the Wayback Machine
  256. Clarke Fraser made pioneering discoveries in McGill's ‘mouse room’
  257. Ein Nachfahre Don Quichottes: Der Schriftsteller Fritz Rudolf Fries ist tot (in German)
  258. Neil James RIP
  259. Dieter Grau, one of the last members of Wernher von Braun's German rocket team, dead at 101
  260. Richard C. Hottelet, CBS Newsman and Last of ‘Murrow Boys,’ Dies at 97
  261. Len Kent
  262. Marshall president Stephen Kopp dies after suffering heart attack
  263. Помер український поет Олег Лишега Archived 2014-12-17 at the Wayback Machine (in Ukrainian)
  264. Chief Sitentu Mpasi dies
  265. Professor emeritus Jarle Ofstad er død (in Norwegian)
  266. Tuskegee Airman Lowell Steward dead in California at 95
  267. Takeshi Taketsuru, Whisky distiller, 1924–2014
  268. Preminuo ratni ministar Ivan Vekić (in Croatian)
  269. Donald J. Albosta
  270. John BEEDELL Obituary
  271. Firebrand fighter for senior citizens’ rights Gideon Ben-Yisrael dies at 91
  272. Addio a Franco Bomprezzi, Renzi: «Gli dedico riforma Terzo Settore» (in Italian)
  273. Former State Representative, Decatur Mayor Bill Dukes dies at 87
  274. Bishop Claude Henri Edouard Frikart, C.I.M. †
  275. R.I.P. John Fry, producer for Big Star has died at age of 69
  276. "Wind Beneath My Wings" Songwriter Larry Henley Dies
  277. Bob Lee KELLY (1938–2014) Obituary
  278. Skådespelaren Ingvar Kjellson är död (in Swedish)
  279. Italian Actress Virna Lisi Dies At 78
  280. Scholar Carleton Mabee at 99
  281. Klaus Riskær har mistet sin far (in Danish)
  282. Profumo affair's Mandy Rice-Davies dies aged 70
  283. Harold Schulweis dies at 89; influential rabbi stressed deed over ritual
  284. Robert Simpson, co-developer of hurricane scale, dies at 102
  285. Run-D.M.C. Producer Larry Smith Dead at 63
  286. "Packers MLB, Deral Teteak, dies at 85". Archived from the original on 2015-01-08. Retrieved 2015-01-01.
  287. 曾昭科同志遗体在广州火化 (in Chinese)
  288. ED VEREB Notice
  289. U Australiji umro hajdukovac Ante Žanetić Luli (in Croatian)
  290. Chairman of Vikatan Group of Publications Passes Away
  291. Tory MEP Philip Bradbourn dies aged 63
  292. Arthur Gardner dies at 104; produced TV's 'Rifleman,' 'Big Valley'
  293. Former Louisiana legislator, businessman Graham dies
  294. Pat Holton Archived 2014-12-20 at the Wayback Machine
  295. Gospel Singer Barbara Jones Is Dead
  296. Roberta Leigh – obituary
  297. "Died former defense Minister Igor Rodionov". Archived from the original on 2015-12-22. Retrieved 2015-12-20.
  298. San Francisco: Robert San Souci, children's author, dies at 68
  299. 2nd Baron Strang 1922–2014
  300. Argonauts mourn loss of 'Tricky' Dick Thornton
  301. Veteran freedom fighter Chunibhai Vaidya passed away
  302. Addio all’ex senatore Dc Lucio Abis Archived 2014-12-22 at the Wayback Machine (in Italian)
  303. "Scientist Maqsudul Alam passes away". Archived from the original on 2014-12-21. Retrieved 2015-01-01.
  304. Tributes to rugby star Joe
  305. Lobi striker dies in car crash
  306. Pioneering TV director Larry Auerbach dies at 91
  307. Ronnie Bedford
  308. BRADLEY
  309. Per-Ingvar Branemark, Dental Innovator, Dies at 85
  310. Former Austin Peay State University star athlete, coach and athletic director George Fisher passes away
  311. Journalist John Freeman dies at 99
  312. Ranulph Glanville
  313. "James L. Kinsey, 1934–2014". Archived from the original on 2015-01-24. Retrieved 2015-01-28.
  314. Bob Lanier, Ex-Mayor of Houston, Dies at 89
  315. MANLEY
  316. Sam Morris 1930–2014
  317. Bill Putnam, Lowell Trustee Emeritus, dies at age 90
  318. Addio a Gino Pellegrini
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  325. Observer newspaper photographer Jane Bown dies aged 89
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  329. Murió Horacio Ferrer a los 81 años Archived 2014-12-26 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  330. Former Roughnecks head coach Chris Hall dies of cancer
  331. High Chaparral: Epsom Derby winner dies aged 15 after surgery
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  335. Former Winged Foot Pro Nieporte Dies At 86
  336. Vår käre Hans Riesel Archived 2015-02-02 at the Wayback Machine (in Swedish)
  337. Sitor Situmorang, senior Indonesian writer, dies aged 91
  338. Anna Stoehr, MN's oldest resident, dies at 114
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  340. Paul Walther, basketball All-American for UT, dies at 87
  341. Actress Billie Whitelaw dies aged 82
  342. Ex-Swansea MP Alan Williams dies
  343. SAIC founder J. Robert Beyster dies
  344. Christine Josephine Cavanaugh
  345. Singer Joe Cocker dies aged 70
  346. Muere Cos Villa, ex cronista de béisbol (in Spanish)
  347. DAVIDGE
  348. Bill Fishman A life dedicated to compassion and scholarship
  349. Ex-professional basketball player fatally shot in Bloomingdale
  350. Vera Gebuhr død [ permanent dead link ](in Danish)
  351. Richard Graydon (1922–2014)
  352. Former prime minister Abdel-Aziz Hegazy dies at 91
  353. Österreichs einzige Turnweltmeisterin tot (in German)
  354. E' morto il senatore Maurizio Lotti (in Italian)
  355. Rosemary Lowe-McConnell – obituary
  356. In Memoriam: Cathy Norton
  357. Ex-Shooting Stars mid fielder, Moses Otolorin, dies at 67
  358. Sahitya Akademi winner Madhavi Sardesai passes away
  359. Director Joseph Sargent dead at 89
  360. Fritz Sdunek, German Klitschko trainer dies
  361. Veteran NDP politician Walter Smishek dies at 89 Archived 2014-12-27 at the Wayback Machine
  362. Brandon Stoddard, ABC Exec Who Shepherded ‘Roots,’ Dies at 77
  363. Bernard Stone, former Chicago alderman, dies at age 87 Archived 2014-12-22 at the Wayback Machine
  364. Former Union Minister G Venkat Swamy passes Away
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  372. New Jersey Democratic powerbroker Ray Durkin dies
  373. Comedian Mike 'The Mouth' Elliott dead: North East star passes away aged 68
  374. Vice-Admiral Rustom Ghandhi – obituary
  375. Real Estate Development Pioneer, Philanthropist Guilford Glazer Dead At 93
  376. Colleagues, family remember a statistical giant
  377. Alphonse Jackson Jr.
  378. Comedy writer Jeremy Lloyd dies aged 84
  379. Vice Adm. Edward Martin, 83, Vietnam POW
  380. Robert McCabe, Who Helped Expand Miami Dade College, Dies At 86
  381. Подчерникова (Эльворти) Эльвина Михайловна (in Russian)
  382. Zemřel odvěký kutil a zahrádkář Přemek Podlaha (in Czech)
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  385. Debbie Purdy: Right-to-die campaigner dies
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  396. Founding Rabbi of Leo Baeck Temple, Leonard I. Beerman, passes away
  397. Morto a cento anni l'ex senatore Giovanni Bersani Archived 2014-12-24 at the Wayback Machine (in Italian)
  398. Jacqueline Briskin dies at 87; homemaker turned bestselling novelist
  399. Jazz clarinetist great Buddy DeFranco dead at 91
  400. Floeng, Reidar (1918–2014) (in Norwegian)
  401. Edward Greenspan funeral draws hundreds in Toronto
  402. Former Globetrotters star "Showboat" Hall dies
  403. Herbert E. Harris II, former congressman from Northern Virginia, dies at 88
  404. Lee Israel, a Writer Proudest of Her Literary Forgeries, Dies at 75
  405. Former state Sen. Owen Johnson has died
  406. Скончался Евгений Викторович Корольков Archived 2014-12-28 at the Wayback Machine (in Russian)
  407. Celebrated film director Krzysztof Krauze dies
  408. Late Sir George Lepping is Meritorious Statesman: PM Sogavare
  409. BULGIN
  410. Voice Actor Hidetoshi Nakamura Passes Away
  411. Alf Næsheim (in Norwegian)
  412. Mass killer Harry Street – who shot dead five people – dies in hospital
  413. Former chief of defence staff Gen. Ramsey Withers dies
  414. Singer Alberta Adams, Detroit's Queen of the Blues, dies at age 97 Archived 2014-12-27 at the Wayback Machine
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  417. Noted Hindi poet Nand Chaturvedi dies
  418. Lord of the Rings location scout Dave Comer dies
  419. Décès de Louis Boutet de Monvel (in French)
  420. Kjell Hanssen er død (in Norwegian)
  421. Bernard Kay dies aged 86: Doctor Who, Coronation Street and Dr Zhivago actor passes away
  422. Bruce Livingston
  423. LYON
  424. George Miller, former Tucson mayor, dies
  425. Умер Игорь Надеин (in Russian)
  426. Ricardo Porro, Exiled Cuban Architect, Dies at 89
  427. Harry Potter, The Village and Outnumbered star David Ryall has died
  428. Jean Stogdon: Social worker and tireless campaigner who co-founded the influential charity Grandparents Plus
  429. Tony Wilkinson Remembrance Archived 2015-01-22 at the Wayback Machine
  430. Father Gleb Yakunin obituary
  431. Atty. Samson Alcantara, 2013 senatorial candidate, dies
  432. Poet, dissident, Harvard professor Stanislaw Baranczak dies
  433. Passings DeFranco, Bedford, Belletto
  434. Dick Dale, singer, sax player with Welk, dies
  435. Fallece ex diputado Roberto Delmastro producto de cáncer (in Spanish)
  436. RAJAN DEVADAS Notice
  437. James B. Edwards, a Long-Shot as Governor of South Carolina, Dies at 87
  438. Former federal Judge Paul V. Gadola remembered as down-to-earth, kindhearted
  439. Lars-Erik Gustafsson
  440. Joe Macko, the minor-league great who became the Rangers’ ‘goodwill ambassador,’ dies at 86 Archived 2014-12-30 at the Wayback Machine
  441. Archbishop Giuseppe Pittau
  442. Geoff Pullar Former England cricketer dies
  443. Rest in Peace: Rhodes Reason
  444. John Richardson Jr., activist and former president of Radio Free Europe, dies at 93
  445. Kenneth Riddington: Television drama producer best known for the original 'House of Cards' as well as 'A Very Peculiar Practice'
  446. Andrew Thomson obituary
  447. The "man of a million votes" Leo Tindemans has passed away
  448. Spiritual Leader of Israeli 'Black Hebrews' Dies
  449. Former Moroccan Middle Distance Champion Dies
  450. Former Denver Mayor Tom Currigan dies at 94
  451. Stanford Pulitzer Prize-winning historian dies at 93
  452. Falleció Ulises Estrella, reconocido poeta ecuatoriano (in Spanish)
  453. Claude Frank, Pianist Admired for Performing Beethoven, Dies at 89
  454. William P. Gerberding, 27th president of the University of Washington, dies at 85
  455. Tottenham's double-winning left-back Ron Henry dies aged 80
  456. Ronald Li, former Hong Kong stock exchange chief who was jailed for graft, dies aged 85
  457. Burgemeester Kees Luesink van Doesburg overleden Archived 2015-01-01 at the Wayback Machine (in Dutch)
  458. RIP Elaine Summers, original Judson member
  459. Oud-minister Karel Poma (94) overleden (in Dutch)
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  462. First serving sex-change vicar Carol Stone dies
  463. TURNER
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  466. Respected former circuit court judge with Carnegie roots dies
  467. Bremerton man, former Cougar football player dies in hit-and-run Archived 2014-12-31 at the Wayback Machine
  468. Tango legend Leopoldo Federico dies at 87
  469. Fallece Javier Fragoso, ex jugador de las Águilas del América Archived 2015-01-01 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  470. ARF Leader Vahan Hovannesian Passes Away
  471. Michio Kushi, Advocate of Natural Foods in the U.S., Dies at 88
  472. Friends mourn passing of Rev. Michael Murphy
  473. Singer, actor, valley resident Frankie Randall passes away
  474. Lewis Rudolph, a Krispy Kreme founder, dies
  475. Iranian general killed by sniper bullet in embattled Iraqi city
  476. Gospel star Merrill Womach dies
  477. Suri poliitik ja ühiskonnategelane Hardo Aasmäe (in Estonian)
  478. "الزلامي".. انطوت صفحة "صنفرة الشعراء" لتبقى في ذاكرة الجمهور (in Arabic)
  479. Dorrit Dekk obituary
  480. Eminent Muslim educationist Saiyid Hamid dead
  481. Tributes flow in after hotelier and philanthropist Hari Harilela dies, aged 92
  482. Odd Iversen er død (in Norwegian)
  483. Madhu Kaithapram Passes Away
  484. Jaynie Krick – Profile
  485. Jack E. McCoy In Memoriam
  486. 傅抱石外孫女 誤服過量藥物猝死 (in Chinese)
  487. Top Cavite pol Remulla dies at 81 Archived 2014-12-29 at the Wayback Machine
  488. Chief Justice Pays Tribute To The Late Sir Ivor Richardson
  489. Sand, Ulf Oscar (1938–2014) (in Norwegian)
  490. Dating Naked Producer Howard Schultz Dies at 61 While on Vacation in Hawaii
  491. Fallece exportero olimpista Samuel Santini (in Spanish)
  492. Former Leeds United chairman Leslie Silver dies
  493. Paul Sprenger, Lawyer Who Fought Discrimination, Dies at 74
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  495. Kanu-Olympiasieger André Wohllebe gestorben Archived 2015-01-12 at the Wayback Machine (in German)
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  497. In Memory of Solomon Becker
  498. Mental health nurse Deborah Bone, MBE, who inspired Pulp's 'Disco 2000' dies aged 51
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  500. Robert Conroy (1938–2014)
  501. The political scientist Philip Converse has died
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  511. Oud-international Dick Loggere (93) overleden Archived 2015-01-08 at the Wayback Machine (in Dutch)
  512. Mumbai: Veteran Konkani Litterateur J B Moraes (81) passes away
  513. Former state Rep. Rosemary Mulligan dies
  514. Luise Rainer, Hollywood golden era Oscar winner, dies aged 104
  515. Muere exseleccionador de Venezuela Walter 'Cata' Roque (in Spanish)
  516. Milton Rosen, rocket engineer and NASA executive, dies at 99
  517. T E Vasudevan Passes Away
  518. Eminent journalist BG Verghese passes away [ permanent dead link ]
  519. Jan V. White, 86
  520. È morto a 89 anni Giovanni Del Rio Fu presidente della Regione e deputato (in Italian)
  521. Wolves FA Cup winner Jimmy Dunn dies at 91
  522. 'Gilmore Girls' Star Edward Herrmann Dies at 71
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  525. Osman Nejat Konuk dies
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  527. Marule, Marie Smallface
  528. JAMES HESTER Obituary
  529. Nigerian midfielder Romanus Orjinta found dead in Enugu home
  530. Fallece el ex jugador del Granada Chikito, intoxicado por la mala combustión de una chimenea (in Spanish)
  531. Norm Phelps – 1939–2014
  532. Falleció "Cuerito" Rodríguez (in Spanish)
  533. Former union minister Kamla Sinha dies in US
  534. Judge Spiegel dead at 94 – 'what an icon'
  535. Duke of Wellington dies, aged 99