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The following is a list of notable deaths in March 2018.


Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence:

March 2018


Alexander Buchanan, better known by his stage name Bender, was a Canadian underground hip hop artist.

Fredrik Bull-Hansen was a Norwegian military officer, a General in the Norwegian Army. He served as Chief of Defence of Norway from 1984 to 1987.

Chief of Defence (Norway)

The Chief of Defence (Forsvarssjefen) is the highest-ranking officer of the Norwegian Armed Forces, second only to the King of Norway. Even though he holds the same rank as the King of Norway, according to the Norwegian Constitution the King holds the highest command of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Home Guard.


Barry Ansell was an English footballer, who played in the Football League for Aston Villa.

Aston Villa F.C. Association football club

Aston Villa Football Club is an English professional football club based in Aston, Birmingham. The club competes in the Premier League, the top tier of the English football league system. Founded in 1874, they have played at their home ground, Villa Park, since 1897. Aston Villa were one of the founder members of the Football League in 1888 and of the Premier League in 1992. Villa are one of only five English clubs to have won the European Cup, in 1981–82. They have also won the Football League First Division seven times, the FA Cup seven times, the League Cup five times, and the UEFA Super Cup once.

James Tennant Baldwin, often known as Jay Baldwin or J. Baldwin, was an American industrial designer and writer. Baldwin was a student of Buckminster Fuller; Baldwin's work was inspired by Fuller's principles and, in the case of some of Baldwin's published writings, he popularized and interpreted Fuller's ideas and achievements. In his own right, Baldwin was a figure in American designers' efforts to incorporate solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources. In his career, being a fabricator was as important as being a designer. Baldwin is noted as the inventor of the "Pillow Dome", a design that combines Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome with panels of inflated ETFE plastic panels.


Roger Bannister British athlete famed for running first sub-4-minute mile

Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister was a British middle-distance athlete and neurologist who ran the first sub-4-minute mile.

Four-minute mile Completion of a mile race in under 4 minutes

A four-minute mile is the completion of a mile run in four minutes or less. It was first achieved in 1954 by Roger Bannister in 3:59.4. The "four-minute barrier" has since been broken by over 1,400 male athletes, and is now the standard of all male professional middle distance runners in cultures that use Imperial units. In the 65 years since, the mile record has been lowered by almost 17 seconds, and currently stands at 3:43.13. Running a mile in four minutes translates to a speed of 15 miles per hour. It also equals 22 feet per second.

Clare Beghtol was an American-born classification theorist.


Javed Abidi was an Indian activist who served as the director of the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) in India, and the founder of the Disability Rights Group.

Davide Astori Italian footballer

Davide Astori was an Italian professional footballer who played as a central defender.

Cagliari Calcio Italian association football club

Cagliari Calcio, commonly referred to as Cagliari, is a Italian football club based in Cagliari, Sardinia. The club currently plays in Serie A.


Robert Assaraf was a Moroccan Jewish historian and writer. He resided between Paris, France and Marrakesh, Morocco.

Trevor Baylis English inventor

Trevor Graham Baylis was an English inventor best known for the wind-up radio. The radio, instead of relying on batteries or external electrical source, is powered by the user winding a crank. This stores energy in a spring which then drives an electrical generator. Baylis invented it in response to the need to communicate information about AIDS to the people of Africa. He ran a company in his name dedicated to helping inventors to develop and protect their ideas and to find a route to market.

Derek Bickerton was an English-born American linguist and academic who was professor emeritus at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. Based on his work in creole languages in Guyana and Hawaii, he has proposed that the features of creole languages provide powerful insights into the development of language both by individuals and as a feature of the human species. He is the originator and main proponent of the language bioprogram hypothesis according to which the similarity of creoles is due to their being formed from a prior pidgin by children who all share a universal human innate grammar capacity.



























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  1. Former KOTD champ Bender of Flight Distance has passed away
  2. Fredrik Bull-Hansen er død (in Norwegian)
  3. Colin Campbell funeral: Stonebridge actor famed for Leather Boys role sent off by a fleet of Ace Cafe bikers
  4. Fallece Don Enrique Cárdenas (in Spanish)
  5. Poet Diana Der-Hovanessian Passed Away
  6. Dorne Dibble, Lions world champ, Michigan State All-American, dies at 88
  7. Bishop Jean-Guy Hamelin
  8. Anatoly Lein
  9. Swansea actress who starred in films and top TV shows across three decades has died
  10. Bhajan Maestro Arabinda Muduli passes away
  11. Michael Paine, debated politics with JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, dies at 89
  12. Muere Vicente Piquer, exjugador del Valencia de los años sesenta (in Spanish)
  13. Muere María Rubio, la actriz que interpretó a Catalina Creel en 'Cuna de Lobos' (in Spanish)
  14. Former Starbucks CEO, UW Regent Orin Smith dies at 75
  15. Luigi Taveri: adieu grand petit homme (in French)
  16. SpVgg Bayreuth Trauert Um Jumbo Zeitler (in German)
  17. Aston Villa defender who played one match for the club has died
  18. Geodesic dome pioneer Jay Baldwin passes away at 85
  19. Maxine Berman, former state rep and women's advocate, dies
  20. Fallece escritora otomí Adela Calva (in Spanish)
  21. Cecil Challis
  22. E' morto Gillo Dorfles, scompare a 107 anni il rivoluzionario critico d'arte (in Italian)
  23. Zemřel přední český exilový spisovatel Ota Filip. Podívejte se na jeho poslední rozhovor pro Reflex (in Czech)
  24. Garrison, Sean
  25. Emma Rhodes Gresham (1925 - 2018)
  26. Adult film actor dies in Rancho Mirage crash
  27. Mollie Hunt
  28. Reggae Artist Joseph Israel Passes Away
  29. Tripura minister Khagendra Jamatia dead at 64
  30. Red dirt music artist Brandon Jenkins dies
  31. अन्तरराष्ट्रीय फड़ चित्रकार पद्मश्री श्रीलाल जोशी का निधन (in Hindi)
  32. Barbara Kiefer Lewalski
  33. Top Spanish conductor Jesus Lopez Cobos dies
  34. Warrington Wolves' last champion Gerry Lowe dies aged 90
  35. 'You could always count on Cle': Former N.L. NDP leader, advocate Cle Newhook has died
  36. Canadian country star Ronnie Prophet dead at 80
  37. SAG-AFTRA Summer 2018 in Memoriam.
  38. Morto Carlo Ripa di Meana. Due mesi fa l'addio alla moglie Marina (in Italian)
  39. Omar Sey: Gambia mourns fallen football legend
  40. Former ECOMOG commander Major Gen Shelpidi buried today
  41. Former major-league pitcher Sammy Stewart dies at 63
  42. 'We have lost a giant': athletics world hails Sir Roger Bannister
  43. Obituary: Clare Beghtol (1942 – 2018)
  44. Former WA deputy premier Mal Bryce has died, aged 74
  45. Franklin County prosecutor: Death row inmate Alva Campbell has died
  46. Atriz Tônia Carrero morre aos 95 anos (in Portuguese)
  47. Leslie Raymond Coffey
  48. Quebec philanthropist Jacqueline Desmarais dies at 89
  49. Frank Doubleday, Villain in John Carpenter's 'Escape From New York,' Dies at 73
  50. John Frederick Dugan Sr.
  51. Palestro: Morto Renzo Franzo, deputato Dc per cinque legislature (in Italian)
  52. Kenneth Gärdestad är död – avled på lördagen (in Swedish)
  53. Gernet Jacques (in French)
  54. Former Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin dies after a battle with brain cancer
  55. Umro Sabit Hadžić (in Croatian)
  56. Bestselling Irish author Emma Hannigan dies after 11-year cancer battle
  57. 'Gene' Johnson, widow of the late Sam Johnson, dies
  58. 김종호 전 국회부의장 별세…향년 83세 (in Korean)
  59. Anthony Lejeune
  60. 空军原副司令林虎中将逝世 曾击落美军战机 (in Chinese)
  61. Roma, archeologia in lutto per la morte di Enzo Lippolis (in Italian)
  62. Mirė Virgilijus Noreika (in Lithuanian)
  63. Trauer um Franz Pacher (in German)
  64. «Faleceu a escritora Ivone Ramos» (in Portuguese)
  65. Curt Raydon of Forest Hills, Sam Rayburn, Texas | 2018 | Obituary
  66. Derek Saunders 1928–2018
  67. Director Robert Scheerer, Director Known For Live Musical TV Specials, Dies At 89
  68. Former Northern Ireland international Arthur Stewart dies aged 76
  69. Stewartby, Lord
  70. David Ogden Stiers, 'M*A*S*H*' star and Newport resident, dies at 75
  71. L'auteur et plasticien Yvon Taillandier est mort (in French)
  72. Ven. Daranagama Kusaladhamma Thera’s State Cremation on Thursday
  73. Muere el científico y museógrafo Jorge Wagensberg a los 69 años (in Spanish)
  74. Obituary Notice
  75. Tributes paid to former Derby County forward Ray Wilkins
  76. 91岁空军中将耀先与空军原副司令员林虎同日离世 (in Chinese)
  77. Disability Rights Activist Javed Abidi Dies At 53
  78. Fiorentina captain Davide Astori dies suddenly aged 31
  79. Supreme Court Justice Elma Bellini dies at 63
  80. Charles Elbaum
  81. John Harold Hollingworth
  82. Noted Indigenous performance artist James Luna walks on
  83. Saviour of Flying Scotsman dies
  84. Obituary: Carmel McSharry – ‘an actor of considerable charm and capability’
  85. فرهنگ مهر، معاون سابق هویدا و از چهره‌های برجسته جامعه زرتشتیان درگذشت (in Persian)
  86. Veteran State Lawmaker Wayne Norman Has Died
  87. CFL great Maurice 'Moe the Toe' Racine dead at 80
  88. Former GameStop CEO Paul Raines dies at 53
  89. Obituary - Alex Rennie, footballer, coach, manager and cult figure at St Johnstone
  90. Elhunyt Rozgonyi Ernő, a MIÉP pénzügyminiszter-jelöltje (in Hungarian)
  91. Founder of Tower Records dies at 92 while drinking whiskey and watching the Oscars
  92. Fallece en Francia destacado intelectual cubano (in Spanish)
  93. Trondsen, Johan (1922-2018) (in Norwegian)
  94. Décès de Robert Assaraf (in French)
  95. Trevor Baylis, inventor of the wind-up radio, dies aged 80
  96. Derek Bickerton
  97. "John Buchanan, Alabama GOP congressman who later joined liberal lobbying group, dies at 89". Archived from the original on March 8, 2018. Retrieved April 5, 2018.
  98. Former South Tipperary TD Sean Byrne has died
  99. John Cacioppo, a Founder of Social Neuroscience, Dies
  100. Saipan's Bishop Emeritus Tomas Camacho dies
  101. Відійшов у вічність (in Ukrainian)
  102. Kjerstin Dellert är död – blev 92 år (in Swedish)
  103. Robert Allen Engel
  104. Oral saline inventor no more
  105. Cyprus FA president Costakis Koutsokoumnis dies at 61
  106. Hommage à André S. Labarthe (in French)
  107. Muere Marcela Lombardo, segunda mujer en aspirar a la Presidencia de México (in Spanish)
  108. Uri Lubrani, who served under Ben Gurion, dies at 91
  109. Poker Pro, Backgammon Champion Paul Magriel Dead at 71
  110. Nestle growth architect Maucher dies aged 90
  111. Howard L. Resnikoff
  112. Mor als 72 anys l’empresària i mecenes capelladina Gemma Romanyà (in Catalan)
  113. Renowned politician and leftist leader Jam Saqi passes away
  114. Clive Sinclair, 1948–2018
  115. Women’s commission former chief Justice D Sreedevi dies
  116. Dr. Clarence F. Stephens Sr.
  117. Stephan Tanneberger ist tot (in German)
  118. Michael Watts
  119. Hayden V. White
  120. Players and Officials Deaths 2018
  121. Rest in Peace, Lucie Brock-Broido (1956–2018)
  122. L’arcivescovo di Ho Chi Minh City muore a Roma, durante la visita ad limina (in Italian)
  123. Hawaii child actress, singer Donna Butterworth dies at 62
  124. Hon. William Callow Obituary
  125. Frank E. Cappelli
  126. Muhibbe Darga, one of Turkey’s first woman archeologists, laid to rest
  127. Former Nasarawa gov, Aliyu Doma, dies at 75
  128. Peter Freund, particle physicist and fiction writer, 1936–2018
  129. Gene Gomes, Court of Appeal justice in Fresno, dies at 72
  130. Unternehmensgruppe Tengelmann trauert um langjährigen Chef Erivan Haub 85-jährig in USA verstorben (in German)
  131. Tanzania: Veteran Politician Dr Kabourou Dies At Muhimbili
  132. Legendary Cobblers centre-half John Kurila has died
  133. Mort de Peter Nicholls, éditeur de l'Encyclopédie de la science-fiction (in French)
  134. Muere el físico Octavio Novaro Peñalosa, miembro de El Colegio Nacional (in Spanish)
  135. Francis Piasecki est mort à 66 ans (in French)
  136. Freedom fighter Ferdousi Priyabhashini dies at 71
  137. Remembering Indra Bahadur Rai, the Writer Who Defined the Indian-Nepali Identity
  138. John W. Reed
  139. Former UW-Madison Chancellor Irving Shain dies at 92
  140. Veteran actress Shammi passes away at 89, Big B, others mourn her death
  141. Zena Skinner, TV chef and author, dies
  142. R.I.P. Jeff St John 1946–2018
  143. Stephen Lewis Stroughter
  144. Sir John Sulston, pioneering genome scientist, dies aged 75
  145. Ex-Defense Sec. Fortunato Abat dies at 92
  146. Argentina's Last Ex-Dictator Bignone Dies at Age 90
  147. Dr. Robert "Arnold" Burden MD CM
  148. 前高雄市議長陳田錨家中辭世 享壽90歲 (in Chinese)
  149. De Haan boasts Belgium's oldest man
  150. Voice of the Tar Heels Woody Durham Dies
  151. 中科院院士郝柏林逝世 (in Chinese)
  152. Aos 29 anos, morre no Rio o escritor Victor Heringer (in Portuguese)
  153. Zmarł wybitny wibrafonista i kompozytor Jerzy Milian (in Polish)
  154. John Molyneux dead at 87: Legendary Liverpool defender, who played under Bill Shankly, passes away
  155. Muere Antonia la Negra, una cantaora de época (in Spanish)
  156. Charles H. Ortmann
  157. PulteGroup founder William Pulte dies at age 85
  158. Weihbischof Werner Radspieler ist tot (in German)
  159. Thomas L. Rhodes, R.I.P.
  160. Former Nebraska Gov. Charles Thone dead at the age of 94
  161. Nekrolog: Kjell Venås (in Nynorsk)
  162. Veteran actor Bernardo Bernardo dies
  163. Ronnie Franklin Passes Away at 58
  164. Retired U.S. District Judge John P. Fullam, 96, noted for Abscam, Penn Central cases
  165. Guyanese literary giant, Sir Wilson Harris, dies
  166. M25 rapist Antoni Imiela dies in jail while waiting for parole decision
  167. Décès de Jean Jolivet (in French)
  168. Umro Milko Kelemen, pokretač Muzičkog biennala Zagreb (in Croatian)
  169. Hershey Bears legend Ralph Keller passes away at 82
  170. Pearse Lyons, the Irish-born Kentucky billionaire who founded Alltech, dies
  171. Bill Snow | 1938 - 2018
  172. Gerd Søraa har gått bort (in Norwegian)
  173. Acclaimed crime writer Peter Temple dies, aged 71
  174. Preminuo legendarni bjelovarski olimpijac Albin Vidović (in Croatian)
  175. Togo D. West Jr., Clinton appointee who investigated Army abuses and led veterans affairs, dies at 75
  176. Former Sioux Falls Rep. Hal Wick dies
  177. Kate Wilhelm (1928–2018)
  178. Prominent Turkish actor Ercan Yazgan passes away at 72
  179. Golfer Jerry Anderson dies age 62; first Canadian to win on European Tour
  180. Former All Blacks first-five Robin Archer dies
  181. Civil Rights, Voter Law Attorney Joaquin Avila Has Died
  182. Scomparso Remo Bicchierai: giocò anche nell'Inter (in Italian)
  183. Former New Brunswick health minister, long-time physician dead at 72
  184. Chris Gedney remembered as selfless football great who turned setbacks into comebacks
  185. Алексей Самсонов собирает деньги на похороны погибшего футболиста (in Russian)
  186. Oskar Groening, ‘Account of Auschwitz’ found guilty for role in 300,000 Holocaust murders, dies at 96
  187. Former Halesowen and Stourbridge MP Warren Hawksley dies
  188. South Korean actor Jo Min Ki, accused of sexual assault, found dead
  189. Local badminton community shocked by death of Chung Jae-sung
  190. Former Maharashtra minister Patangrao Kadam dies at Mumbai hospital
  191. Joy Michael: ‘Disciplinarian….generous’
  192. Vuonna 2018 kuolleet lähetysseniorit (in Finnish)
  193. Adam Ostrowski obituary
  194. Rosewarne
  195. Former North Dakota Gov. George Sinner dies at age 89
  196. Ethel Stein, Who Created Intricate Textile Art, Dies at 100
  197. Pioneering WWII veteran who turned 100 last month dies
  198. Fostul international Ion Voinescu a decedat la varsta de 88 de ani (in Romanian)
  199. Aliaga recuerda la gran labor de Elías Yanes en Aragón y lamenta su fallecimiento (in Spanish)
  200. Sad News about a Founder Member: Peter Allday
  201. Two Northern Tasmanian men killed in boating tragedy
  202. Décès de Christine Bernardi (in French)
  203. Hard-partying aristocrat ‘was last of a breed’
  204. Don Collins, ex-mayor and father of GOP senator, dies at 92
  205. Tennessee All-American and Knoxville high school legend Buddy Cruze dies at 84
  206. Peter John Davies
  207. Michael Gershman Dies: The ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, ‘Crossing Jordan’ Cinematographer Was 73
  208. "'Little black dress' designer Givenchy dies aged 91". Archived from the original on March 12, 2018. Retrieved April 5, 2018.
  209. Wally Gould: Brighton and Hove Albion great dies
  210. Hibbins, Geoffrey
  211. Houston known for scoring, toughness in nine NHL seasons
  212. Father of Iran’s Ophthalmology Dies at 82
  213. Former University of Arizona President Henry Koffler dies
  214. UC Berkeley anthropology professor Saba Mahmood dies at 56, remembered for contributions to social sciences
  215. First Executive Governor Of Adamawa State Dies In Yola
  216. Val Mulkerns obituary
  217. Bishop Roch Pedneault
  218. In memoriam – George H. Rawitscher (1928–2018)
  219. Décès de Michel Raynaud Archived April 18, 2018, at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  220. Gene Rhodes, former Louisville high school and Kentucky Colonels coach, dies at age 90
  221. Tang Hsiang-chien, Hong Kong industrialist and father to former chief secretary, dies aged 95
  222. 250GP runner-up Ralf Waldmann has died
  223. Addio a Alba Arnova Archived March 15, 2018, at the Wayback Machine (in Italian)
  224. Former Olympian-turned-rickshaw driver breathes his last
  225. Vale Professor Bob Baxt AO
  226. Jean Damascène Bimenyimana
  227. Fallece Baltasar Corrada del Río, exjuez del Tribunal Supremo (in Spanish)
  228. L.A. Ad Agency Legend Peter Dailey Dies at 87
  229. Daly,
  230. Lorenz Dittmann (in German)
  231. Comedy legend Sir Ken Dodd has died aged 90
  232. Olympics boxer Paddy Donovan dies in Napier
  233. La Spezia, morto Faraguti, ex sottosegretario nei governi Craxi e Fanfani (in Italian)
  234. Obituary: Pete James, Curator of Photography Collections at the Library of Birmingham, 1958–2018
  235. Cooper Harold Langford III
  236. Cardinal Karl Lehmann, influential German prelate, dies at 81
  237. Mary LeMessurier
  238. Politica in lutto, è morta la ex deputata Graziella Mascia (in Italian)
  239. Carleton University Mourns the Loss of Blair Neatby
  240. David Watson Noble, Sr.
  241. Steve Orthwein, renowned polo player and Busch heir, died Sunday
  242. Siegfried Rauch an Herzversagen gestorben (in German)
  243. Author, Pilot and Master Cheesemaker Mary Rosenblum Dies in Plane Crash
  244. Charles Sarkis, 78; built a restaurant empire and owned Wonderland Greyhound Park
  245. Football / Nîmes : l'ancien Croco Henri Skiba n'est plus (in French)
  246. Alline B. Sprouse
  247. Mercury Marine Mourns Death of Charlie Strang
  248. Morto Mario Vegetti, filosofo studioso di Platone (in Italian)
  249. Fallece el presbítero diocesano José Arranz Arranz (in Spanish)
  250. El PP de Benidorm pierde a Miguel Barceló Pérez, el senador que mejor supo entender el arte de la política (in Spanish)
  251. Ivan Davis, longtime UM music professor, world-renowned pianist, dies at 86
  252. Nokie Edwards, the Ventures' influential lead guitarist, dies at 82
  253. Tennis: Former Olympic doubles champion Flach dies, aged 54
  254. Russian Nikolai Glushkov's Death In London Was A Murder, Police Say
  255. Sverrir Hermannsson látinn (in Icelandic)
  256. Obituary: Bai Ji Kong
  257. 90s Hip hop star Craig Mack dead at 46
  258. Der "Bär von Bellenberg": Gewichtheber-Legende Rudolf Mang ist tot (in German)
  259. Henry John "Hank" Minarik
  260. Cardinal Greats Bud Olsen, Howard Stacey Pass Away
  261. Charlie Quintana, Social Distortion and Cracker Drummer, Dead at 56
  262. London catwalk model who served in the Ulster Defence Regiment
  263. Renowned USSR artist Oleg Tabakov passes away at 82
  264. Kanata developer Bill Teron dead at age 85
  265. Emily Watts
  266. American Composer & Musicologist Dr Olly Wilson Has Died – Aged 80
  267. Dr. Jeremiah “Jerry” Wolfe – obituary
  268. Morto Ivano Beggio, il papà dell'Aprilia: lanciò nella leggenda Rossi e Biaggi (in Italian)
  269. Prem Bhatia, India's famous 12th man, passes away
  270. Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, child care expert and pediatrician; at 99
  271. Staten Island Sports Hall of Famer Gloria Cordes Elliott passes away at 86
  272. Philip J. Davis, Professor Emeritus
  273. Former Brazil volleyball coach Freitas dies at 68
  274. Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde
  275. UK Singer Claudia Fontaine Has Died
  276. Begum Hamida Habibullah, pioneer in women’s empowerment, dies at 102
  277. Режиссер фильма "Мэри Поппинс, до свидания" Квинихидзе скончался в Петербурге (in Russian)
  278. Legendary Shrewsbury goalkeeper Ken Mulhearn dies, aged 72
  279. Lebanese writer Emily Nasrallah dies at 87
  280. EU-parlamentsledamoten Jens Nilsson död (in Swedish)
  281. Legendary Cowboy J.L. Parks Passed Away
  282. Three-time Tour winner Ragan passes away
  283. Nora Schimming-Chase is no more
  284. Tarlao Aldo (in Italian)
  285. Vaclav Verner RIP
  286. Gordon Walgren, lawyer and former lawmaker, dies at 85
  287. Katherine Westphal, Fiber Art Pioneer, Dies at 99
  288. Charlotte 49ers basketball great Henry Williams dies
  289. Passings: Jimmy Wisner (aka Kokomo), Hitmaker, Songwriter & Producer (1931 - 2018)
  290. In Memoriam: Fr. Robert L. Bireley, SJ
  291. Bullseye star Jim Bowen dies aged 80
  292. Alfred Crosby
  293. Fenerbahçeli Halit Deringör vefat etti (in Turkish)
  294. Murió Emilio Disi (in Spanish)
  295. Elusive Quality, Record-Setting Racehorse And Sire Of Smarty Jones, Dies At 25
  296. Noted Dunedin art historian Peter Entwisle dies
  297. Vereadora do PSOL é morta a tiros no Rio de Janeiro (in Portuguese)
  298. Murió Rubén Galván, campeón mundial en Argentina 78 y una gloria de Independiente (in Spanish)
  299. Stephen Hawking Dies at 76; His Mind Roamed the Cosmos
  300. Raees actor Narendra Jha dead, Hansal Mehta tweets ‘this profession is truly a killer’
  301. Instruktør Palle Kjærulff-Schmidt er død (in Danish)
  302. Lefty Kreh, author, fly fisherman with few peers, dies at 93
  303. Adrian Lamo, Hacker Who Reported Chelsea Manning to the F.B.I., Dies at 37
  304. Steven Mandell passes
  305. ‘Pillar in the field of sociology’: UC Berkeley professor emeritus David Matza dies at 87
  306. Rugby: Former Counties Manukau, Blues coach Mac McCallion passes away
  307. Liam O’Flynn, Planxty founder and master uilleann piper, dies at 72
  308. Fallece el pianista Pijuan (in Spanish)
  309. Heritage Mourns the Passing of Legal Scholar Ronald Rotunda
  310. General Petar Stipetić, Former Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Dies
  311. Tawau Apas rep dies
  312. கலாபூஷணம் வசந்தா வைத்தியநாதன் காலமானார் (in Tamil)
  313. "David S. Wyman, Holocaust scholar, dead at 89". Archived from the original on March 16, 2018. Retrieved April 5, 2018.
  314. Francis Bator, Influential White House Economist, Dies at 92
  315. New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson dies at the age of 90
  316. Obituary: 'Player's player' who coached the next generation of footballers
  317. Ed Charles, a Mainstay of the Miracle Mets, Is Dead at 84
  318. Former Manitoba MP Bev Desjarlais dead at 62
  319. Er lockte mit Nudisten-Klamauk ins Kino (in German)
  320. Legendary Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido dead at 79
  321. Georgia executes man dubbed 'stocking strangler'
  322. Michael Getler, Washington Post editor who became incisive in-house media critic, dies at 82
  323. Robert Grossman, Illustrator With a Brash Touch, Dies at 78
  324. Medie: Bokselegenden Jørgen 'Gamle' Hansen er død (in Danish)
  325. Chinese Paralympic Gold Medalist Huang Wenpan Dies In Car Crash
  326. "Larry Kwong". Archived from the original on November 9, 2018. Retrieved April 5, 2018.
  327. Former Attorney General Bronson La Follette dies at 82
  328. 国家安全部原部长凌云逝世,享年101岁 (in Chinese)
  329. Chilliwack Olympian Eric Munshaw Passes Away – Reaction – Celebration Of Life March 26
  330. Professor Dr. Franz Oberwinkler (in German)
  331. "Robert J. Phibbs". Archived from the original on November 19, 2018. Retrieved April 5, 2018.
  332. Well respected former MP and councillor dies
  333. L’ancien ministre Mohamed Sayah n’est plus (in French)
  334. Betty Ann Bowser, trailblazer in television news, dies at 73
  335. John Brookes
  336. British woman killed fighting Turkish forces in Afrin
  337. Former Kelowna councillor and radio talk show host Barrie Clark dies
  338. L’athlète olympique Guy Cury est décédé (in French)
  339. Obituary: Russell Freedman
  340. Leslie L. Gonda
  341. "Neftçi"nin sabiq baş məşqçisi Böyükağa Hacıyev vəfat edib (in Azerbaijani)
  342. Industriledaren och diplomaten Tankmar Horn är död (in Swedish)
  343. Andlát: Guðjón A. Kristjánsson (in Icelandic)
  344. Zemřel Otomar Kvěch (in Czech)
  345. Noted Scientology critic Arnie Lerma shoots and injures wife, then kills himself
  346. Kongsvinger-spiller (20) døde brått (in Norwegian)
  347. Dayton Mak
  348. Aidan Joseph C.M., L.L.D Maloney
  349. Magoroh Maruyama
  350. Cuban Sport on Mourning for the Death of Milan Matos
  351. Former Leeds United winger George Meek dies aged 84
  352. Jane H. Moffet
  353. Bassist and Cellist Buell Neidlinger Dies at 82
  354. Ex-Necaxa forward Ezequiel Orozco dies after battle with lung cancer
  355. Time Warner’s Lisa Quiroz dies at 56
  356. In Memoriam: Professor Lucien A. Schmit
  357. Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, N.Y. Democrat who championed women’s rights, dies at 88
  358. Dr. Raymond Neil Wilson : Traueranzeige (in German)
  359. Stanford geneticist Charles Yanofsky dies at 92
  360. Marilyn J. Ziffrin of New London, New Hampshire | 1926 - 2018 | Obituary
  361. Aldous
  362. Arnold Burden, legendary Springhill mine disaster doctor, dies
  363. Vale Dexter Davies, a "larger than life" rural and sports champion
  364. Obituary: Nicholas Edwards, Lord Crickhowell
  365. La comédienne Geneviève Fontanel est morte (in French)
  366. Kulturhuset Stadsteatern: Benny Fredriksson avslutade själv sitt liv (in Swedish)
  367. Obituary: the Very Revd Peter Haynes
  368. RIP - Jim Hendricks, aka Commander USA! (1946 - 2018)
  369. Canadian comedian Mike MacDonald dies at 62
  370. Zemřel spisovatel a scenárista Zdeněk Mahler (in Czech)
  371. Former PM Phan Van Khai dies, aged 85
  372. Former Pens No. 1 pick Polis dies at 67
  373. सुशील सिद्धार्थ (in Hindi)
  374. Original A Chorus Line Star Sammy J. Williams Dies at 69
  375. 1990 Election’s MP Dr. Za Hlei Thang deceases
  376. Centrafrique : décès de Michel Adama Tamboux ancien président de l’Assemblée législative (in French)
  377. Karen Anderson (1932–2018)
  378. Former Glendale High, USC football player Dr. Charles “Chuck” Arrobio dies
  379. Rep. Cloria Brown dies after hard-fought battle with cancer
  380. Morto l'ex parlamentare della Lega Sergio Castellaneta (in Italian)
  381. The man who diagnosed Australia’s first HIV case dies
  382. Décès de l'ancien Premier ministre djiboutien Barkat Gourad Hamadou Archived March 20, 2018, at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  383. Zomrel politológ a spoluzakladateľ VPN Michal Horský (in Slovak)
  384. Necrophagia frontman Frank “Killjoy” Pucci: 1969–2018
  385. Taiwanese author Li Ao dies after battling with brain tumour
  386. Doktorin Mathilde Maria Josepha Anna Xaveria Prinzessin von Sachsen Herzogin zu Sachsen (1936–2018)
  387. Мосолов Георгий Константинович (in Russian)
  388. Burkina : Jean-Baptiste Natama n’est plus (in French)
  389. Lutto in casa Roma, morto Stefano Pellegrini (in Italian)
  390. Former Labour Cabinet Minister Lord Richard dies aged 85
  391. Berliner Autor und Fotograf Michael Rutschky ist tot (in German)
  392. Jerald Lee Schoonmaker
  393. Revered Country Music Journalist Hazel Smith Dead at 83
  394. The Passing of Clive Ulyate
  395. Tribute to Vice Admiral Sir James Weatherall KCVO KBE, 1936 - 2018
  396. State Supreme Court Judge John Wright, who 'served the people of Nebraska honorably,' dies at 72
  397. In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Roger Barry
  398. Серебряный призер ОИ-1956 в метании диска Ирина Беглякова скончалась на 86-м году жизни (in Russian)
  399. Linda Jeanne Bement
  400. Worlds former shortest woman, Madge Bester, passes away
  401. Remembering TNG Writer David Bischoff, 1951–2018
  402. Former State Rep. Howard Clendaniel dies
  403. SAG-AFTRA Summer 2018 In Memoriam
  404. Fallece el exvicepresidente Julio Garret Ayllón a sus 92 años (in Spanish)
  405. Tributes paid to High Court judge Sir Andrew Gilbart QC, who has died aged 68
  406. Former Turkish state minister Güzel dies at 73
  407. Arnold R. Hirsch dies; analyzed Chicago segregation in influential book
  408. Remembering Irwin Hoffman
  409. Nota de Falecimento: Chaim Samuel Hönig (1926 – 2018) (in Portuguese)
  410. El escritor y periodista Nicolás Kingman Riofrío falleció a los 99 años (in Spanish)
  411. Jürg Laederachs unendliche Suche nach der Wirklichkeit (in German)
  412. Jean Michel Larrasket Eusko Ikaskuntzako Iparraldeko lehendakaria zendu da (in Basque)
  413. Pro baseball/High schools: Former Tulsa Oilers pitcher and Cascia Hall coach/AD Dick LeMay dies
  414. Stanley Lieberson
  415. 台灣當代詩人洛夫今晨病逝北榮 享壽91歲 (in Chinese)
  416. National award winning editor passes away
  417. Former NMU-OTS coach and World champion Aghasi Manukyan, 51, passed away today in Michigan
  418. Cardinal Keith O'Brien dies after fall
  419. Les Payne, former Newsday editor who won Pulitzer Prize, dies
  420. Moishe Postone (1942–2018)
  421. Hindi poet Kedarnath Singh dies in Delhi at 83
  422. World's last male northern white rhino dies
  423. Champion Thunder Gulch Dies at 26
  424. Wiskundige en wiskunstenaar Koos Verhoeff overleden (1927–2018) (in Dutch)
  425. В Москве скончался уроженец Казани Виктор Ерин, возглавлявший в 90-е МВД России (in Russian)
  426. Ташкент прощается с первой на Востоке женщиной-дирижёром (in Russian)
  427. Författaren Ann-Charlotte Alverfors är död (in Swedish)
  428. TV personality and UK Eurovision host Katie Boyle dies aged 91
  429. Ariel Bybee
  430. Morreu João Calvão da Silva (in Portuguese)
  431. Famous singer killed in crash
  432. Paul Colin (1920-2018) (in French)
  433. Pat Travers bassist Peter ‘Mars’ Cowling dies
  434. Wayne County Sports Legend Passes Away
  435. Acclaimed Barrington playwright Tom Griffin dies at 72
  436. Sabah Resource Development and Information Technology Minister passes away
  437. Former Senator Kumoi passes away
  438. Rights activist Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa jumps from water tank, dies
  439. CK Mann, Ghanaian highlife legend, dies at 83
  440. Former All Black Dylan Mika dead, at 45
  441. Bobby Mitchell, who played on PGA Tour and always gave back to Danville community, dies at 75
  442. Fallece el exsenador Sergio Peña Clos (in Spanish)
  443. Peter G. Peterson, financier who warned of rising national debt, dies at 91
  444. Умер Юрий Шаталов (in Russian)
  445. Jharkhand’s top Maoist commander Arvindji died of heart attack: Police
  446. Olympic champion, T.J. grad Bill Smith dies at 89
  447. PPP MNA Ayaz Soomro dies in New York at 59
  448. Professor Joseph M. Sussman
  449. VADM USN Emmett H. (Ret.) Tidd
  450. Den norske Hollywood-skuespilleren Anna-Lisa Ruud er død (in Norwegian)
  451. Bangladesh Liberation War hero Bir Pratik Kakon Bibi dies
  452. Overlijdensbericht Prof. dr. Gerrit Anne Blaauw (in Dutch)
  453. Dejan Bravničar
  454. Former USU President George Emert Passes Away
  455. Frank C. Gaylord II
  456. Addio a Thomas John Higgins, pioniere dell'arrampicata libera (in Italian)
  457. Glaskonstnären Ulrica Hydman Vallien är död (in Swedish)
  458. James "Jim" Irwin
  459. Oud-Ajacied Rolf Leeser overleden (in Dutch)
  460. Judge Paul E. Plunkett dies, loved ‘art of the trial’ (subscription required)
  461. Former Senate President John Vogt dies after illness
  462. Professor Peter Waddington obituary
  463. Kammerschauspielerin Martha Wallner 90-jährig gestorben (in German)
  464. First winner of Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race dies at 75
  465. Leo Zeferetti
  466. War veteran and magician Fergus Anckorn who used magic to survive the Japanese death camps, has died age 99
  467. Michael Cecil John Barnes
  468. 22 марта ушел из жизни народный писатель Чечни Хож-Ахмед Берсанов (in Russian)
  469. Veteran political cartoonist Morgan Chua dies at 68
  470. Jockey Jose Flores dies as a result of spill-related injuries
  471. Rochester Amerks 'humble' legend Dick Gamble dies
  472. Dr. Paul Eliot Green Jr.
  473. In Memoriam: James F. Holland
  474. Argentina World Cup-winner Rene Houseman passes away at age of 64
  475. H. Wayne Huizenga, South Florida business titan, dead at 80
  476. Oud-senator Johan van Hulst (107) overleden (in Dutch)
  477. Zemřel Jan Kantůrek. Českým čtenářům přinesl Pratchettovu Zeměplochu, Hellboye i barbara Conana (in Czech)
  478. Morgana King, Jazz Singer and Brando's Wife in 'The Godfather,' Dies at 87
  479. Charles P. Lazarus, Toys 'R' Us Founder, Dies at 94
  480. Lyn Lott, Douglas native and former PGA pro, passes at age 67
  481. Carlos Eduardo Miranda morre aos 56 anos em SP (in Portuguese)
  482. Dansk film har mistet sin største anmelder (in Danish)
  483. Michael J. Reynolds (19392018)
  484. Famed Iranian philosopher Shayegan dies at age 83
  485. Honorable Judge, Archon, WWII Vet Nicholas Tsoucalas Dies at 91 (subscription required)
  486. Paul Lawrence Anderson
  487. SAG-AFTRA-Summer 2018 in Memoriam
  488. Don Ball, Prominent Home Builder And Philanthropist, Dies
  489. Man charged in fatal stabbing of suburban CEO Mike Beedle in River North denied bond
  490. È morto il vescovo emerito di Bergamo Monsignor Lino Belotti (in Italian)
  491. DuShon Monique Brown, starred on ‘Chicago Fire,’ has died
  492. Ernie Burrington
  493. Raymond Butt obituary
  494. Deborah Carrington, Stuntwoman and ‘Total Recall’ Actress, Dies at 58
  495. Congress MLA Rudresh Gowda passes away after prolonged illness
  496. Hasili, dam of 5 Grade 1 winners and 3 champions, dies at 27
  497. Murray Hoffman
  498. Philip Kerr, author of Bernie Gunther novels, dies aged 62
  499. Lanphear, Dan
  500. Poliitikko Jukka Mikkola on kuollut (in Finnish)
  501. Zell Miller, Feisty Democrat Who Sided With G.O.P., Is Dead at 86
  502. Morto Alberto Ongaro: tra Venezia e misteri, il suo ultimo viaggio (in Italian)
  503. Jussi-gaala -päivän suru-uutinen - ohjaaja-näyttelijä Jaakko Pakkasvirta menehtyi tänään: ”Nerokas taiteilija” (in Finnish)
  504. Author of Morningside Maisie books Aileen Paterson has died
  505. Former President Of The Nigeria Bar Association, Idowu Sofola, Dies At 84
  506. פרופ' אפרים שטרן הלך לעולמו (in Hebrew)
  507. Winner, SD Native Delores Taylor, co-star of 'Billy Jack' films, dies at 85
  508. Former Ceann Comhairle Sean Treacy dies aged 94
  509. John R. Welchli
  510. Falleció el maestro José Antonio Abreu (in Spanish)
  511. Arnold Andenmatten-Bumann (1922) (in German)
  512. Zum Tod von Lys Assia – Ein Leben für den Grand Prix (in German)
  513. Famous Palestinian singer, Reem Banna, dead at 51
  514. ‘He saved lives’: Arnaud Beltrame, police officer who traded places with a hostage, to be honored by France
  515. Obituary: Game design pioneer Bernard 'Bernie' DeKoven
  516. Appalachian novelist John Ehle dies at 92
  517. John Hsu
  518. Obituary: Former Minister, Hassan Lawal Is Dead
  519. Britain’s oldest surviving Olympian Bill Lucas dies
  520. Malone Joseph Vincent
  521. Famous Israeli Sculptor Meisler Dies at 89
  522. Morto Hidetoshi Nagasawa. L’artista giapponese aveva 78 anni (in Italian)
  523. Gratz "Wonder Boy" Carl Scheib, youngest player in American League history, dies
  524. Basket, addio a Solfrini, argento a Mosca 1980 (in Italian)
  525. Bishop Emeritus Arthur N. Tafoya
  526. Mely Tagasa, 'Iskul Bukol's' Miss Tapia, dies at 82
  527. Legends: Michael Voigt
  528. James Wickstrom, infamous white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer, dies at 75
  529. Alvin Wright
  530. Bob Biderman obituary
  531. Former Quebec Liberal minister André Bourbeau dies at 81
  532. Décès de Jules Ogouliguendé, homme politique gabonais (in French)
  533. Linda Brown, woman at center of Brown v. Board case, dies
  534. Edwin William "Eddie" Carr
  535. William Wesley Cates
  536. Tarka the Otter director dies aged 87
  537. Mike Harrison Of Spooky Tooth Passed Away
  538. Former Jamaica and West Indies cricketer Desmond Lewis passes away
  539. Bishop Vicente Ramón Hernández Peña
  540. Auburn University's longtime track and field coach dies at age 90
  541. K Pop fans mourn singer Minwoo after his death aged 33
  542. S-a stins din viaţă Nicolae Tilihoi, fost mare jucător al Craiovei. Marți va fi înmormântat (in Romanian)
  543. Dagfinn Vårvik er død (in Norwegian)
  544. Musikprofilen Olle Widestrand är död (in Swedish)
  545. Rocklegenden Jerry Williams är död (in Swedish)
  546. Fouad al-Zayat, wanted in Cyprus, quietly buried on the island after his death in Lebanon
  547. Patricia Ann Burton Woody
  548. Meghalt Demján Sándor (in Hungarian)
  549. Sénégal: décès de Mamadou Diop, ancien maire de Dakar (in French)
  550. Bishop António dos Santos
  551. Sir John Grimley Evans
  552. Addio a Fabrizio Frizzi, l'uomo dei sorrisi (in Italian)
  553. In memoriam Nikolai Kaufman (in German)
  554. Умер Сергей Мавроди (in Russian)
  555. Soeharto’s half-brother dies at 87 years of age
  556. Fernand Steenacker (in Dutch)
  557. G-Leaguer Zeke Upshaw diagnosed with heart disease year before he died
  558. Wheeler-Booth
  559. Stéphane Audran Dies: ‘Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie’, ‘Babette’s Feast’ Star Was 85
  560. Benjamin Bassin on kuollut (in Finnish)
  561. Jane Smisor Bastien
  562. 香港「紡織大王」陳瑞球辭世 享壽91歲 (in Chinese)
  563. Bishop José Hugo Garaycoa Hawkins
  564. Frank Hodgetts
  565. Former Nebraska great Dave Humm 'never complained' during battle with multiple sclerosis
  566. Bărbatul care a ajutat-o pe Aimée Iacobescu, când toţi i-au întors spatele (in Romanian)
  567. Luc Jalabert, ex-directeur des arènes d’Arles et figure de la tauromachie, est mort à 66 ans (in French)
  568. Оружейник Виктор Калашников скончался в Ижевске (in Russian)
  569. Former Lubbock mayor Tom Martin passes away after short illness
  570. Tributes flow for former Woolworths chairman Sir Eric McClintock
  571. Former Red Sox All-Star Jerry Moses dies
  572. Grammy-winning country songwriter Kenny O'Dell dies at 73
  573. Lions' DL James 'Quick' Parker dies at 60
  574. Rosendo Rodriguez execution: ‘Suitcase killer’ put to death in Texas
  575. Remains of late anti-apartheid activist Archie Sibeko arrive in East London
  576. Robert Willoughby, Legendary Flute Professor and Performer, Dies at 96
  577. Скончался Олег Анофриев (in Russian)
  578. Former California Supreme Court Justice Armand Arabian, an advocate for rape victims, dies at 83
  579. Former Ipswich Town boss Bobby Ferguson dies aged 80
  580. Ex-Husker great Travis Hill liked to have fun, and rush quarterbacks
  581. Gene Johnston, former congressman from Greensboro, has died
  582. Peter Munk, Entrepreneur Who Founded Barrick Gold, Dies at 90
  583. 'He was very loved': Former Flin Flon NDP MLA Clarence Pettersen dies
  584. William Prochnau, Vanity Fair journalist and best-selling author, dies at 80
  585. Celebrating the 96th birthday of Australia's oldest living Olympian
  586. La grande pianiste Lívia Rév est morte (in French)
  587. Oudste Belgische goudenmedaillewinnaar overleden (in Dutch)
  588. Mort de Clément Rosset, philosophe du tragique et de la joie (in French)
  589. Cave In Bassist Caleb Scofield Dies In Horrific Car Accident
  590. Daryl Thomas has a special place in IU basketball history
  591. Mike Tucker: BBC equestrian commentator dies, aged 74
  592. Vale Norm Wilson
  593. השופט דוד בר-טוב ז"ל (in Hebrew)
  594. Berry
  595. Windrush generation latest: immigration stress led to sudden death of man aged 57, his bereaved mother claims
  596. James Callaghan, Labour MP – obituary
  597. Remembering the baseball legacy of Buffalo's Don Colpoys
  598. Bob, e' morto Del Fabbro: argento olimpico e iridato negli anni 70' (in Italian)
  599. Geoffrey Hugh Dodsworth
  600. Gladstone
  601. Former Blues Left-Back Harper Dies
  602. Ron Mailer
  603. Addio a Emiliano Mondonico: fece grandi Toro e Atalanta (in Italian)
  604. Bishop Walter Pérez Villamonte
  605. Pollyanna Pickering obituary
  606. Stephen Reinhardt, 'liberal lion' of the 9th Circuit, dies at 87
  607. Edward William Samcoff
  608. In Remembrance of Ambassador Mohamed Shaker
  609. "Anita Shreve, best-selling N.H. author of 'The Pilot's Wife,' dies at 71". Archived from the original on March 30, 2018. Retrieved April 5, 2018.
  610. OS-hjälten från Nyköping har gått ur tiden (in Swedish)
  611. Rusty Staub, beloved Mets icon, dead at 73
  612. Bishop Enrique Troncoso Troncoso
  613. Paul R. Vanarsdale
  614. Anticon Co-Founder Brendon Whitney (Alias) Dead at 41
  615. Professor Patrick Selim Atiyah
  616. Obituary: For Samuel Belzberg, giving to community was a responsibility
  617. Morto Aureliano Bolognesi, medaglia d'oro di pugilato alle Olimpiadi del 1952 (in Italian)
  618. Indiana University mourns passing of former IU Bloomington Chancellor Sharon Brehm
  619. Preminuo trostruki hrvatski olimpijac Ivan Čaklec (in Croatian)
  620. Anna Chennault, secret Nixon envoy, Washington figure of ‘glamour and mystery,’ dies at 94
  621. Socialist, lawyer and long-time politician, Saul Cherniack, dies at 101
  622. Tributes paid to Bishop Saunders Davies
  623. M. André Duval (in French)
  624. Former Labour whip Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton dies aged 77
  625. Muere a los 97 años Ivor Guest, el gran historiador del ballet (in Spanish)
  626. Philip Hugh Gulliver
  627. Drue Heinz, prominent philanthropist, dies at age 103
  628. Bishop Henry Theophilus Howaniec
  629. Daisy Kadibil, 95, Whose Australia Trek Inspired a Film, Dies
  630. Sabahudin Kurt, former Eurovision contenstant for Yugoslavia, dies at age 82
  631. L'ancien premier ministre André Bo-Boliko n'est plus (in French)
  632. Heartbeat actor Bill Maynard dies after fall
  633. Fallece Nacho Pérez Frías, ex jugador del Málaga (in Spanish)
  634. «Мы теряем последних представителей великой гвардии ветеранов» (in Russian)
  635. Wolfgang Schilling : Gedenken (in German)
  636. In Memoriam: Prof. dr. Marcel Storme
  637. Very sad news | Guarneri String Quartet Violist Michael Tree has Died – Aged 83
  638. Trépanier, Jean-Guy Notaire honoraire (in French)
  639. La Wilson, 93, Dies; Made Art in Elaborate Assemblages
  640. Décès de l'acteur flamand Frank Aendenboom (in French)
  641. Fallece la escritora guatemalteca y columnista de Prensa Libre Margarita Carrera (in Spanish)
  642. E' morto Luigi De Filippo, ultimo erede della storica dinastia (in Italian)
  643. Shock as champion boxer Chris Edwards dies aged 41
  644. John Mack Flanagan, 1970s top 40 disc jockey, dies at 71
  645. In memoriam: Charles Goodwin, 74, pioneer in social interaction research
  646. Former State Senator Ted Land passes away at age 81
  647. Peg Lautenschlager, first woman to serve as Wisconsin attorney general, dies at 62
  648. Legendary football player James McAlister, half of famous “Blair Pair” dies at age 66
  649. 'Kleurrijke' beeldhouwer Jan Snoeck overleden (in Dutch)
  650. Leonard Wexler, 93, Eastern District judge on notable cases, dies