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The following is a list of notable deaths in December 2012.


Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence:

December 2012
































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  1. Chiefs LB Belcher kills himself outside stadium after fatally shooting girlfriend
  2. RIP: José Bénazéraf and Celso Ad Castillo
  3. Former Chief Justice Arthur Chaskalson dies
  5. Former UK great, SCHS teacher, coach John Crigler dies at 76
  7. "Leave Well Enough Alone" singer Dee Harvey dies
  8. Rick Majerus, basketball coaching tactician, dies
  9. Transport Tycoon Dead
  10. Former Principal Chief passes away
  11. Murió Rubén Pellanda, último gobernador de la dictadura en Córdoba (in Spanish)
  12. Former legislator Edgar Price dies at 94
  13. Ray Rosso beloved figure
  14. Marcia Russell dies after short illness
  15. SAOUMA, Edouard Victor Archived 2013-11-02 at the Wayback Machine
  16. Senior NC leader Tamang no more Archived 2014-09-08 at the Wayback Machine
  17. Former Liverpool FC boss Phil Taylor dies aged 95
  18. Paraguayan peasant leader shot dead
  19. The Death and Legacy of Yakuza Boss ‘Mr. Gorilla’
  20. Night Court' Creator Reinhold Weege Dies at 62
  21. James R. Whelan, founding editor and publisher of the Washington Times, dies at 79
  22. Wiebe, Karl-Heinz (in German)
  23. Obituary: Crawford, Michael Grove
  24. Ashok Kumar’s daughter and actor Preeti Ganguly passes away in Mumbai
  25. Former Trent Woods mayor, legislator dies
  26. RMTC co-founder Tom Hendry dies at the age of 83
  27. "Hiroshi Kato, 8th dan, passes". Archived from the original on 2012-12-04. Retrieved 2014-05-29.
  28. Israel Keyes, Admitted Alaska Serial Killer Found Dead, Linked To 7 Slayings
  29. "Ehsan Naraghi died in Iran at the age of 86". Archived from the original on 2014-05-31. Retrieved 2014-05-31.
  30. Muhoroni mourn fallen Odhiambo
  31. Décio Pignatari, 1927–2012
  32. AZUMIR (in Portuguese)
  33. "Musician's record released three years after his death". 2015-08-21.
  34. Archbishop Jules Mikhael Al-Jamil
  35. Bishop Leo Rajendram Antony
  36. Tommy Berggren har avlidit (in Swedish)
  37. Bangladesh first-class player Kuntal Chandra dies aged 28
  38. Obituary: Game designer, producer and educator Christopher Erhardt
  39. Peter Johnson Sr., brave World War II veteran, NYPD officer, political power broker and lion of the law, dies at 91
  40. Fyodor Khitruk obituary
  41. Mahroof passes away Archived 2012-12-06 at the Wayback Machine
  42. Paraguayan player dies of viral infection in Indonesia Archived 2014-05-29 at the Wayback Machine
  43. Carlomagno Meneses
  44. Eileen Moran, Special Effects Wizard, Dies at 60
  45. Geoffrey SHAKERLEY Obituary
  46. Vale Paralympian Janet Shaw Archived 2013-04-08 at the Wayback Machine
  47. Actor Jeroen Willems dies, forcing Carré gala concert to be delayed
  48. Alfredo Abon Obituary
  49. Oakland Raiders: Dennis Allen's persona shaped by father
  50. Bishop José Alves da Costa, D.C.
  51. Russian writer Vasily Belov dies at 80
  52. Philippe Bena
  53. Longtime SE Texas US Rep. Jack Brooks dead at 89
  54. Ex-Pachuca goalie Miguel Calero dies
  55. Besse Cooper, World’s Oldest Person, Dies at 116
  56. Maj-Gen Tony Deane-Drummond
  57. Bishop Massimo Giustetti
  58. British composer Jonathan Harvey dies
  59. Johnson Houghton dies, aged 102
  60. Gang Boss Shot Dead: Real IRA Member Held
  61. Der vielstimmige Peter Kiesewetter – ein Nachruf (in German)
  62. Miroslav Kluc
  63. Former Alexandria Mayor Carroll Lanier dies at 86 Archived 2013-02-16 at
  64. Larry Lawrence
  65. "Paul H. Marcotte Obituary". Archived from the original on 2014-05-31. Retrieved 2013-01-02.
  66. Serbia's Nato envoy Branislav Milinkovic leaps to his death at Brussels airport
  67. Robert Monclar
  68. Town Mourns a Mayor Who Had Staying Power
  69. Tony Sweeney dies aged 81
  70. Dean Emeritus Michael Till Archived 2014-05-31 at the Wayback Machine
  71. "MTSU basketball legend Ken Trickey dies at 79". Archived from the original on 2014-05-31. Retrieved 2014-05-31.
  72. Dutch Animator Gerrit Van Dijk Dies at Age 73
  73. Ward, veteran of two Vikings Super Bowls, dies
  74. Salvatore "Sammy" Arena
  75. Rest in peace, Petrine
  76. Dave Brubeck, jazz legend, dies at 91
  77. Deceased former actor Chen Wencong spent last year doing things he loved
  78. Murió el periodista agropecuario Eduardo J. Corso (in Spanish)
  79. Bishop Wilhelmus Joannes (Guillaume Jean) Demarteau, M.S.F.
  80. Kazbek Gekkiyev, Russian journalist, shot dead
  81. Meghalt Hollósi Frigyes (in Hungarian)
  82. Patriarch of Syria-based Eastern Orthodox church, Ignatius Hazim, dies in Beirut at 91
  83. Obituary: Nakamura Kanzaburō XVIII
  84. Dame Elisabeth passes away at 103
  85. FRENCH SHOT PUTTER YVES NIARE DIES IN ROAD CRASH Archived 2012-12-13 at the Wayback Machine
  86. Oscar Niemeyer, Architect Who Gave Brasília Its Flair, Dies at 104
  87. Eileen (Mike) Pollock (1926–2012)
  88. Petre, Luigia; Troubitsyna, Elena; Waldén, Marina (2014), "Kaisa Sere: In Memoriam" (PDF), Formal Aspects of Computing, 26 (2): 197–201, doi:10.1007/s00165-013-0292-5, archived from the original (PDF) on 2014-05-31
  89. Ex-Dundee United captain and Chairman Doug Smith, dies aged 75
  90. Tribute Felix Weinberg
  91. Funeral of honor to bid farewell to Miguel Abia Biteo Boricó
  92. Remembering professional wrestling's 'Hippie' Mike Boyette
  93. Renowned Guyanese novelist, Jan Carew, dead at 92
  94. Ed Cassidy dies at 89; drummer for band Spirit
  95. Eta Cohen: Best-selling violin tutor dies aged 96
  96. Jean (Bim) Diederich
  97. En sværvægter i psykologi og filosofi så roligt på døden (in Danish)
  98. Keitani Graham, Olympic wrestler and hero to Micronesians, dies
  99. Veteran State Sen. Alice Harden, advocate for education and domestive violence victims, dies at 64
  100. Armenia’s ambassador to UK dies at 57
  101. Taiwan Billionaire Clan Leader Jeffrey Koo Dies At Age 79
  102. Huw Lloyd-Langton Dies Aged 61
  103. Reginald Norby (in Norwegian)
  104. Claiborne Stallion Pulpit Dies
  105. Giovanni Sostero 1964–2012
  106. Uruguayan Ambassador in Chile Passes Away Archived 2014-05-29 at the Wayback Machine
  107. U.S. drone kills al-Qaida leader
  109. Carey, the Casper Rockies first manager, dies at 59
  110. ‘Watermelon King’ dies
  111. Feature obituary: Thomas Cornell, talented artist, taught 50 years at Bowdoin
  112. Décès de Gilbert Durand, résistant et anthropologue de l’imaginaire (in French)
  113. Ernest England
  114. Star of Egyptian Music Elsherei Dies at 64
  115. Décès de Denis Houf (in French)
  116. Developer of Cochlear Implant Dies
  117. Psychic Irene Hughes dead at age 92
  118. Преминуо Никола Илић, некадашњи капитен ФМП-а (in Serbian)
  119. KRUISINGA Dr Roelof Johannes Hendrik
  120. Art Larsen: Tennis player whose prodigious talents were matched by his eccentricities
  121. Jeni LeGon, Singer and Solo Tap-Dancer, Dies at 96
  122. Rusty Mills, director on Warner animated series, dies at 49
  123. Influential double ace fighter pilot dies at 88
  124. Marty Reisman, 82, a Wizard of Table Tennis, Dies
  125. Saul Steinberg, early "corporate raider", dies at 73
  126. Singapore World Cup referee dies
  127. "Nepal's ambassador to Egypt passes away". Archived from the original on 2014-05-31. Retrieved 2013-01-02.
  128. Former R.I. high court chief justice Weisberger dies
  129. Dallas Cowboys practice-squad LB Jerry Brown killed in one-car accident, teammate Josh Brent charged with intoxication manslaughter
  130. Mary Griggs Burke, Japanese Art Connoisseur, Dies at 96
  131. Dean Of Sports Talk Dies; Arnold Dean Was Innovator At WTIC Radio
  133. Actor Jagannathan dead
  134. Rep. Yvonne Kennedy remembered as leader, activist, educator
  135. Johnny Lira — troublemaker to boxer to mentor — dies at 61
  136. Archbishop Ambrose Madtha Dies in Accident
  137. Charles Bee Martin
  138. Khan Sarwar Murshid dies Archived 2014-05-31 at the Wayback Machine
  139. S.F. civic leader Walter Newman, 91, dies
  140. Central Qld farewells ALP stalwart Bill Prest
  141. Hal Schaefer dies at 87; musician known for Marilyn Monroe liaison
  142. Isaiah Shavitt
  143. Photographer caught 'derelict and splendid' Melbourne
  144. GOP stalwart Barbara Alby dies Archived 2013-01-06 at the Wayback Machine
  145. Metropolitan Mar Barnabas passes away
  146. Ex-SPD-Abgeordneter Michael Bürsch starb mit 70 Jahren (in German)
  147. KAWASHIMA, Hiromori
  148. Bishop Ivan Ljavinec
  149. Sir Patrick Moore 'passed away peacefully' at his home
  150. Dr Alex Moulton dies
  151. Elhunyt Abodi Nagy Béla festőművész (in Hungarian)
  152. First Finn Gold Cup winner, André Nelis, passes away
  153. Drawings of Ataa Oko Archived 2014-05-31 at the Wayback Machine
  154. Jenni Rivera, norteno and banda singer and Mun2 TV star, dies in plane crash in northern Mexico
  155. Charles Rosen, Scholar-Musician Who Untangled Classical Works, Dies at 85
  156. Riccardo Schicchi, king of Italian sex movies business, dies
  157. "Former Raleigh resident, co-creator of bar code, dies at age 91". Archived from the original on 2013-10-24.
  158. Bangladeshi ex-President Iajuddin Ahmed passes away
  159. Vladimir Bakulin
  160. Notre Dame's 1st black starting QB Cliff Brown dies at 60
  161. Antonio Cubillo, leader of the Canaries independence movement
  162. Swiss opera singer Lisa Della Casa dies
  163. Marla English, ‘Fairest of the Fair,’ actress, dead at 77
  164. Ralph Frese, 1926–2012
  165. RIP Ed Grady
  166. Albert O. Hirschman: Life and Work
  167. State funeral in Vanuatu for Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities
  168. Archbishop Jacques André Marie Jullien
  169. Patricia Kennedy
  170. The late Kieran Maher
  171. Roy Miles
  172. Fast-draw, sharp-shooter, Bob Munden of Butte, dies of heart attack
  173. Actor, folk art researcher Shoichi Ozawa dies
  174. Paul Rauch Dead at 78
  175. Tommy Roberts
  176. Former Musketeer, Falcon John Small Sr. dies
  177. Stehling, Taco Cabana founder, dies at 87
  178. Erwin Tomash: Early high-tech computer visionary
  179. Birdsall VIAULT
  180. The old guard passes : December 2012
  181. Toni Blankenheim
  182. Antonie Hegerlíková dies at 89
  183. "Former Virginia State Senator Hopkins Dies; WWII Grad of W&L". Archived from the original on 2014-05-29. Retrieved 2014-05-29.
  184. Bishop Pedro Reginaldo Lira
  185. Former India first-class player Nimbalkar dies
  186. Ex-Aford president Dindi Gowa Nyasulu dies at 68 Archived April 2, 2015, at the Wayback Machine
  187. Gerard Rasquin
  188. Nota de Falecimento: Alois Schnaubelt Archived 2014-05-31 at the Wayback Machine (in Portuguese)
  189. The sitar loses its strings
  190. Former Bishop Sullivan dies from liver cancer
  191. Galina Vishnevskaya, Soprano and Dissident, Dies at 86
  192. Colleen Walker, Nine-Time Winner on L.P.G.A. Tour, Dies at 56
  193. Rav Mendel Weinbach zt”l
  194. Joe L. Allbritton dies at 87
  195. Services held for longtime state senator
  196. Ray Briem dies at 82; all-night radio host in L.A.
  197. ‘Lost legend' Eddie Burns dies at age 84
  198. Veteran singer Manas Chakraborty passes on
  199. "Ron Cooper – RIP". Archived from the original on 2013-01-03. Retrieved 2014-01-26.
  200. "Former Exeter Cathedral dean, Richard Eyre, dies, aged 83". Archived from the original on 2014-05-29. Retrieved 2014-05-29.
  201. Else Marie Jakobsen er død (in Norwegian)
  202. Illini Great Walt Kirk Passes Away
  203. Don Medford, Who Directed the Historic Last Episode of ‘The Fugitive,’ Dies
  204. Journalist N.M. Mohan dead
  205. Professor Emeritus Thomas Naylor Passes
  206. Macroeconomist Uri Possen dies at age 70
  207. The Shri Ram School founder Manju Bharat Ram dies
  208. Bishop Augustin Sagna
  209. Nityanand Swami, 1st Uttarakhand CM, dies
  210. Former Sale Sharks player David Tait dies in fall from apartment block
  211. Nashville drummer Willie Ackerman dead at 73
  212. Donnie Andrews, the Real-Life Omar Little, Dies at 58
  213. Ian Black: An Appreciation
  214. Bishop Jan Blaha
  215. Gil Friesen, Influential Music Mogul, Dead at 75
  216. Las Vegas man who acted in Our Gang, silent films dies
  217. Maurice Herzog obituary
  218. Russian actress Natalya Kustinskaya
  219. Moshe LAZAR
  220. Newton Miller, 93, former mayor of Wayne
  221. ОПД "Свободный Кавказ" выразило соболезнование в связи с кончиной Мидори Миура Archived 2012-12-16 at the Wayback Machine (in Russian)
  222. "Olympian and legendary Indian footballer T Shanmugam dies". Archived from the original on 2014-06-10. Retrieved 2014-05-29.
  223. Hon. Robert Leslie TALBOT Death Notice
  224. Abdessalam Yassine, Moroccan opposition leader, dies
  225. Primate Adetiloye passes on
  226. RIP Alida Chelli
  227. Major-General John Graham
  228. N.C. Sen. Ed Jones dies at 62
  229. Kenneth Kendall, former broadcaster, dies
  230. Surprising death of Germany s oldest Olympic Champion Klaus Köste
  231. "Hazel McIsaac, political pioneer, dies at 79". Archived from the original on 2014-05-29. Retrieved 2014-05-29.
  232. Victoria Soto, Newtown Teacher, Emerges As Hero After Shooting
  233. Marion Stokes, coproducer of TV show
  234. Shōmei Tōmatsu - RIP
  235. Biography: General Owoye Andrew Azazi
  236. Dick Hafer
  237. Bob Johnston
  238. C. Louis Kincannon, former head of Census Bureau, dies at 72
  239. Vincent Lafko
  240. Bob Odell, 90; college football hall of famer starred at Penn
  241. Tributes on Twitter: Páidí Ó Sé
  242. Bobby Jack Oliver Sr. (1936–2012)
  243. Obituary: Ralph D. Pampena / Pittsburgh police chief in 1989–90
  244. Jeffrey Potter, Biographer of Pollock, Dies at 94
  245. Obituary: Professor John A Strong, CBE, physician and medical academic at the University of Edinburgh
  246. 2012年天文ゆく年くる年
  247. Nigeria: Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa - a Tribute
  248. Actress Olga Zubarry dies, 82
  249. Recuerdan a Axel Anderson (in Spanish)
  250. General Robert W. "Bob" Bazley USAF (Ret.) Obituary
  251. Author, activist James Benét dies at 98
  252. Singing sister dies after fight against cancer
  253. Bishop John Chen Shi-zhong
  254. Peter Clarke obituary
  255. Former state ag commissioner Doyle Conner dies
  256. Morto Febo Conti, pioniere della tv (in Italian)
  257. In Memory of Robert "Bob" Derleth
  258. Zmarł Andrzej Dłużniewski - rysownik, malarz, pisarz (in Polish)
  259. Rev. Fr. George Henry Duggan SM
  260. Elwood V. Jensen, Pioneer in Breast Cancer Treatment, Dies at 92
  261. Laurier LaPierre, ex-senator and broadcaster, dies at 83
  262. Inaki Lejarreta killed in accident
  263. "Habima Actor Avraham Mor Loses Battle With Cancer". 18 December 2012. Retrieved 17 July 2019.
  264. Adam Ndlovu dies, Peter battling for life
  265. Morre Enrique Oltuski, um dos líderes da Revolução Cubana (in Portuguese)
  266. Famous football player died of "Spartacus" 1950 Nikolai Parshin Archived 2014-05-31 at the Wayback Machine
  267. Queen of the South goalscoring hero Jim Patterson dies
  268. Vale Tony Charlton
  269. Zemřela Fan Vavřincová, autorka Takové normální rodinky (in Czech)
  270. Gay Porn Star Josh Weston Dead At 39
  272. Former footballer Charlie Adam dies suddenly
  273. Richard Adams dies at 65; gay marriage pioneer
  274. Veteran broadcaster Charlton dies
  275. Painter and illustrator Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy passes away Archived 2013-05-01 at the Wayback Machine
  276. College of the Atlantic co-founder dies at 90
  277. Atlanta civil rights leader, businessman dies
  278. Daniel Inouye, Veteran and Statesman, Passes Away at 88
  279. Peter B. Kenen, Princeton professor and leading international economist, dies
  280. Cuban boxer Arnaldo Mesa dies
  281. Eerie: Christian Radio Personality Frank Pastore Dies After Motorcycle Accident He Predicted
  282. Midge Turk Richardson dies at 82; ex-nun and Seventeen editor
  283. Professor Sir Colin Spedding
  284. "Judge, WWII veteran, dies at 91". Archived from the original on 2013-12-27. Retrieved 2013-01-02.
  285. Skippy Baxter
  286. Turkish folk music singer Kamil Sönmez dies
  287. Joseph T. Doyle, former judge and state representative, dies
  288. Professor Emeritus Sigmund Eisner
  289. NFL agent Albert Elias passes away
  290. "Prayers and Tears for Georgi Kaloyanchev". Archived from the original on 2014-05-31. Retrieved 2014-05-31.
  291. 'Australia's favourite': Red Dog's true star dies
  292. Ben Lujan dies of lung cancer Archived 2013-02-05 at the Wayback Machine
  293. Frank Macchiarola, Called the 'Standard' for a New York Schools Chief, Dies at 71
  294. "Bessie Moody-Lawrence, retired Rock Hill lawmaker, dies at 71". Archived from the original on 2014-05-29. Retrieved 2014-05-29.
  296. Keith Allen Reilly obituary
  297. Fiery federalist Camil Samson dies at age 77
  298. FA Cup-winning Wolves defender George Showell dies at 78
  299. R.I.P. Danny Steinmann
  300. Former Patriots TE Jim Whalen Passed Away
  301. Kevin Williams
  302. Sir Marcus Worsley, Bt
  303. Muriel T. Yacavone
  304. Soviet Football Player and Ukrainian Coach Anatoliy Zayaev Dies in Car Crash
  305. "IATSE Local 695 In Memoriam". Archived from the original on 2013-01-10. Retrieved 2013-01-20.
  306. We Remember: Gospel Great Inez Andrews Succumbs
  307. Sir Lawrie Barratt dies, aged 85
  308. Robert H. Bork, conservative judicial icon, dies at 85
  309. La disparition du comédien Paul Crauchet à l'âge de 92 ans Archived 2012-12-22 at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  310. Garniss Curtis, pioneer of precision fossil dating, has died at 93
  311. Targa Florio winner Colin Davis passes away aged 79
  312. Musician Paddy Pecker Dunne dies
  313. Konrad Hischier
  314. DEATH OF GEORGES JOBÉ, FORMER FIM MOTOCROSS WORLD CHAMPION Archived 2014-07-18 at the Wayback Machine
  315. Douglas Leiterman, co-creator of CBC’s iconic This Hour Has Seven Days, dies at 85 Archived 2013-01-29 at
  316. Ex-Israeli military chief and minister dies at 68
  317. Decatur Football Great Larry Morris Dies
  318. Barefoot Gen Manga Creator Keiji Nakazawa Passes Away
  319. George O'DONNELL
  320. Virginia Starcher: Resolution 30
  321. Former German Defense Minister Peter Struck dead
  322. 'Paspoorten-Piet' (81) overleden (in Dutch)
  323. Colonel Bill Bell
  324. OBITUARY: Stan Charlton
  325. End of an era: Hockey legend Leslie Claudius passes away after prolonged illness
  326. Professor Alan Cowey FMedSci FRS
  327. Prof. Richard Crandall dead at 64
  328. The death has occurred of Niall FITZGERALD
  329. Artist Robert Juniper dies aged 83
  330. Canadian Football Hall of Famer Eagle Keys dies at 89; won three Grey Cups
  331. Author, 'Whorehouse' playwright Larry L. King dies
  332. Achille 'Chick' Maggioli
  333. Bay Area blues legend had 65-year career
  334. Professor Victor Merzhanov died
  335. Erich Peters
  336. Albert RENAUD
  337. RIP Thelma Reston
  338. Turkish folk music singer Kamil Sönmez dies
  339. "Dennis Stevens Passes Away". Archived from the original on 2018-10-25. Retrieved 2013-01-02.
  340. Ex-NBA player Jerome Whitehead dead at 56
  341. Sheriffs was in a league of her own
  342. Boyd Owen Bartley Obituary Notice
  343. Jarl Borssén är död (in Swedish)
  344. Thomas Bryant
  345. Former racer Curtis "Crawfish" Crider dies at 82
  346. Eminent Bengali film, TV director Jishu Dasgupta dead
  347. Iron Butterfly Bassist Lee Dorman Dead at 70
  348. Briton who fought against Franco's fascists dies, aged 94
  349. Statement from Simon Coveney on the death of Minister Shane McEntee
  350. Speaker Thomas W. McGee
  351. Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau Newsletter
  352. "Agriculture deputy minister Seiso Moyo dies". Archived from the original on 2012-12-31. Retrieved 2013-01-02.
  353. Daphne Oxenford
  354. Basil Robinson
  355. Peter Anker (in Norwegian)
  356. Pakistan blast in Peshawar kills provincial minister
  357. Paul Borowski
  358. Chuck Cherundolo dies at 96
  359. Former Accrington Stanley star dies
  360. Former Big Leaguer from Jax, Ryan Freel, Dead at 36
  361. Addio al regista Emidio Greco Fu un intellettuale del cinema (in Italian)
  362. Canadian dance legend, Willy Blok Hanson, dies at 98
  363. Rip Hawk dead at 82
  364. End of an era as last great Celt Hazlett passes on
  365. Gary George Johnson
  366. Litujeme, tento článek není v naší databázi (in Czech)
  367. Barbara Lett Simmons Remembered as Fighter for D.C.
  368. Keng Yaik dies, aged 73 Archived 2012-12-30 at the Wayback Machine
  369. Bill McBride, 2002 Democratic Nominee for Florida Governor, Dies at 67
  370. Architect Gerald Melling dies
  371. Cliff Osmond, teacher, prolific character actor with Dallas ties, dies at 75 in California
  372. Longtime Steelcase leader Robert Pew passes away
  373. PROCH, Bolesław
  374. Legendary journalist Arthur Quinlan dies, 92
  375. Robert M. Stevenson (1916–2012)
  376. Olympic Weightlifting Champion Vorobiev Dies
  377. "RIP Marva Whitney "Soul Sister #1"". Archived from the original on 2014-05-30. Retrieved 2014-05-29.
  378. Mala Sasu Havi' Actors Anand Abhyankar, Akshay Pendse Dies
  379. Obituary:Eduardo Arnosi
  380. Abe Deutschendorf passes at 77
  381. Professor Dennis James Greenland FRS
  382. Jean Harris, convicted of killing her lover, 'Scarsdale Diet' doctor, dies at age 89
  383. Sylvia Hyman, renowned ceramic artist, dies at age 95
  384. Lutador de MMA morre em Campo Grande, aos 33 anos, vítima de infarto
  385. Judy Nerat dies at 64
  386. Ministry Guitarist Mike Scaccia Dies on Stage
  387. Pedro Toledo, who served as Puerto Rico's police chief under 2 governors, dies at 69
  388. A murit Cristi Tudor! Unii spun că a fost cel mai mare talent al Gloriei din ultimii 20 de ani! Archived 2012-12-29 at the Wayback Machine (in Romanian)
  389. Mr. Klemens Wilhelm von Klemperer (1916–2012)
  390. Broadway and TV Actress Evelyn Ward Passes Away at 89
  391. Sir Richard Rodney Bennett obituary
  392. Frank P. Caputo
  393. Rocker Ray Collins dies at 73
  394. Former Texas Rangers owner Brad Corbett dies at 75
  395. Professor (George) Guy Dodson FRS
  396. Charles Durning, Prolific Character Actor, Dies at 89
  397. Retired SC Associate Justice Carolina Griño-Aquino, 89
  399. Animator Lee Hartman Dies at 82
  401. Alexander Leaf Dies at 92; Linked Diet and Health
  402. Décès de Xavier Mabille (in French)
  403. Death of Co Tipperary poet Dennis O'Driscoll
  404. Elwyn Stuart RICHARDSON
  405. Crown prince attends funerals of Prince Turki, Princess Seeta
  406. "Bohol Rep. Aumentado, 72". Archived from the original on 2012-12-27. Retrieved 2013-01-02.
  407. Zmarł Jerzy Bereś (in Polish)
  408. Sir Neville Bosworth
  409. Falleció el compositor Augusto Bracca Archived 2012-12-31 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  410. Prolific mob hit man Frank Calabrese Sr. dies in custody
  411. Rachel Leila "Baroness" DACRE Obituary
  412. Jane Holmes Dixon dead at 75
  413. Peter Ebert
  414. Halfdan Hegtun er død (in Norwegian)
  415. Second Metuchen bishop dies at 92 on Christmas morning
  416. John Michael Josephs : Obituary
  417. Minister Mystery Death: Blow-By-Blow Account
  418. Joe Krivak, former Maryland football coach, dies
  419. Bishop Rudolf Müller
  420. Ex-Olympic ski champ Schneider dies Archived 2014-05-31 at the Wayback Machine
  421. Saudi Prince Turki Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz passes away
  422. Obituary: Lynn Watters Archived 2013-01-06 at the Wayback Machine
  423. Jože Zidar
  424. Prof. Ghafoor passes away Archived 2016-03-04 at the Wayback Machine
  425. Gerry Anderson, Thunderbirds creator, dies
  426. Soul Singer Fontella Bass Dead at 72
  427. Paul Bateman
  428. Elizabeth Brewster’s journey of self-awareness led to prolific poetry career
  429. Anton Geiser Dead: Ex-Nazi Guard Who Fought Deportation Dies at 88
  430. Former state representative E. Porter Hatcher Jr. dies at age 76
  431. Hugh Lambie
  432. Obituary: Gerald McDermott
  433. Great archeologist and researcher of Susa, “Jean Perrot” dies at 92
  434. Oscar-Winning Producer Irving Saraf Dies at 80
  436. Former Army commander Tannous dies at 83
  437. Environmentalist drowns at Mexican resort beach
  438. Peter Anderson
  439. Bernie Baxter
  440. Valentin Boreyko
  441. HARRY CAREY JR., 1921–2012
  442. Lloyd Charmers' Passing A Big Loss
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