Connecticut House of Representatives

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Connecticut House of Representatives
Connecticut General Assembly
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Term limits
New session started
January 4, 2023
Matthew Ritter (D)
since January 6, 2021
Speaker pro tempore
Bob Godfrey (D)
since January 3, 2017
Majority Leader
Jason Rojas (D)
since January 6, 2021
Minority Leader
Vincent Candelora (R)
since January 6, 2021
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Political groups
  •    Democratic (98)


Vacant (0)
Length of term
2 years
AuthorityArticle III, Section 1, Connecticut Constitution
Last election
November 8, 2022
(151 seats)
Next election
November 5, 2024
(151 seats)
RedistrictingLegislative Control
Meeting place
House of Representatives Chamber
Connecticut State Capitol
Hartford, Connecticut
Connecticut House of Representatives

The Connecticut State House of Representatives is the lower house in the Connecticut General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Connecticut. The house is composed of 151 members representing an equal number of districts, with each constituency containing nearly 22,600 residents. Representatives are elected to two-year terms with no term limits. The House convenes within the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford.



The House of Representatives has its basis in the earliest incarnation of the General Assembly, the "General Corte" established in 1636 whose membership was divided between six generally elected magistrates (the predecessor of the Connecticut Senate) and three-member "committees" representing each of the three towns of the Connecticut Colony (Hartford, Wethersfield, and Windsor). The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, adopted in 1639, replaced the committees with deputies; each town would elect three or four deputies for six-month terms. Although the magistrates and deputies sat together, they voted separately and in 1645 it was decreed that a measure had to have the approval of both groups in order to pass. The Charter of 1662 reduced the number of deputies per town to no more than two, and also changed the title of the legislature to the General Assembly. It was in 1698 that the General Assembly divided itself into its current bicameral form, with the twelve assistants (that replaced the magistrates) as the Council (which became the Senate in the 1818 constitution) and the deputies as the House of Representatives, which began electing the Speaker to preside over it. The terms of representatives were raised to two years in 1884. [1]

Leadership of the House

The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives. The Speaker is elected by the majority party caucus followed by confirmation of the full House through the passage of a House resolution. In addition to presiding over the body, the Speaker is also its chief leadership position and controls the flow of legislation and committee assignments. Other House leaders, such as the majority and minority leaders, are elected by their respective party caucuses relative to their party's strength in the chamber.

The current Speaker is Matthew Ritter of the 1st House District the includes part of Hartford. The Majority Leader is Jason Rojas of the 9th House District which includes part of East Hartford and part of Manchester. The Minority Leader is Republican Vincent Candelora of the 86th House District that includes part of Durham, part of East Haven, part of Guilford, and North Branford.

Speaker Matthew Ritter 1
Majority Leader Jason Rojas 9
Minority Leader Vincent Candelora 86

Composition of the House of Representatives

98 53
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of Previous Legislature: 2021-202397541510
Start of Current Legislature: 2023-2025 [2] 96531492
January 5, 2023 [3] 951483
March 7, 202398531510
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List of current members

Current members of the Connecticut House of Representatives, as of March 7, 2023.

DistrictName [4] PartyHome city/townFirst electedCities/towns represented
1 Matthew Ritter Dem Hartford 2010 Hartford (part)
2 Raghib Allie-Brennan Dem Bethel 2018 Bethel (part), Danbury (part)
3 Minnie Gonzalez Dem Hartford 1996Hartford (part)
4 Julio Concepcion Dem Hartford 2018 (special)Hartford (part)
5 Maryam Khan Dem Windsor 2022 (special)Hartford (part), South Windsor (part), Windsor (part)
6 James "Jimmy" Sanchez Dem Hartford 2023


Hartford (part), West Hartford (part)
7 Joshua Hall Dem Hartford 2017 (special)Hartford (part)
8 Tim Ackert Rep Coventry 2010 Bolton (part), Columbia, Coventry, Lebanon (part), Tolland (part)
9 Jason Rojas Dem East Hartford 2008 East Hartford (part), Manchester (part)
10 Henry Genga Dem East Hartford 2006East Hartford (part)
11 Jeffrey Currey Dem East Hartford 2014East Hartford (part), Manchester (part)
12 Geoff Luxenberg Dem Manchester 2018Manchester (part)
13 Jason Doucette Dem Manchester 2018 Glastonbury (part), Manchester (part)
14 Tom Delnicki Rep South Windsor 2016South Windsor (part)
15 Bobby Gibson Dem Bloomfield 2018 (special) Bloomfield, West Hartford (part)
16 Melissa Osborne Dem Simsbury 2022 Simsbury
17 Eleni Kavros DeGraw Dem Avon 2020 Avon (part), Canton
18 Jillian Gilchrest Dem West Hartford 2018West Hartford (part)
19 Tammy Exum Dem West Hartford 2019 (special)Avon (part), West Hartford (part)
20 Kate Farrar Dem West Hartford 2020 Newington (part), West Hartford (part)
21 Mike Demicco Dem Farmington 2012 Farmington (part)
22 Francis Cooley Rep Plainville 2022Farmington (part), Plainville, Southington (part)
23 Devin Carney Rep Old Lyme 2014 Lyme, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook, Westbrook (part)
24 Emmanuel Sanchez Dem New Britain 2020 New Britain (part)
25 Bobby Sanchez Dem New Britain 2011 (special)New Britain (part)
26 Peter Tercyak Dem New Britain 2003 (special)New Britain (part)
27 Gary Turco Dem Newington 2018New Britain (part), Newington (part)
28 Amy Morrin Bello Dem Wethersfield 2020 Wethersfield (part)
29 Kerry Wood Dem Rocky Hill 2018 Rocky Hill, Wethersfield (part)
30 Donna Veach Rep Berlin 2020Berlin (part), Southington (part)
31 Jill Barry Dem Glastonbury 2018Glastonbury (part)
32 Christie Carpino Rep Cromwell 2010 Cromwell, Portland
33 Brandon Chafee Dem Middletown 2020 Middletown (part)
34 Irene Haines Rep East Haddam 2018 East Haddam, East Hampton, Salem (part)
35 Chris Aniskovich Rep Clinton 2022 Clinton, Killingworth, Westbrook (part)
36 Christine Palm Dem Chester 2018 Chester, Deep River, Essex, Haddam
37 Holly Cheeseman Rep East Lyme 2016 East Lyme, Montville (part), Salem (part)
38 Kathleen McCarty Rep Waterford 2014Montville (part), Waterford
39 Anthony Nolan Dem New London 2019 (special) New London (part)
40 Christine Conley Dem Groton 2016 Groton (part), New London (part)
41 Aundre Bumgardner Dem Groton 2022Groton (part), Stonington (part)
42 Keith Denning Dem Wilton 2022 New Canaan (part), Ridgefield (part), Wilton
43 Greg Howard Rep Stonington 2020 Ledyard (part), North Stonington, Stonington (part)
44 Anne Dauphinais Rep Killingly 2016 Killingly (part), Plainfield (part), Sterling
45 Brian Lanoue Rep Griswold 2018 Griswold, Ledyard (part), Lisbon (part), Preston, Voluntown
46 Derell Wilson Dem Norwich 2022Norwich (part)
47 Doug Dubitsky Rep Chaplin 2014 Brooklyn (part), Canterbury, Chaplin, Lisbon (part), Norwich (part), Plainfield (part), Scotland, Sprague
48 Mark DeCaprio Rep Colchester 2022 Bozrah, Colchester, Franklin, Lebanon (part)
49 Susan Johnson Dem Windham 2008 Windham
50 Pat Boyd Dem Pomfret 2016 Ashford, Brooklyn (part), Eastford, Hampton, Mansfield (part), Pomfret, Woodstock (part)
51 Rick Hayes Rep Putnam 2018Killingly (part), Putnam, Thompson
52 Kurt Vail Rep Stafford 2014 Somers, Stafford, Union, Woodstock
53 Tammy Nuccio Rep Tolland 2020Tolland (part), Willington, Vernon (part)
54 Gregory Haddad Dem Mansfield 2010Mansfield (part)
55 Steve Weir Rep Hebron 2022 Andover, Bolton (part), Glastonbury (part), Hebron, Marlborough
56 Kevin Brown Dem Vernon 2022Vernon (part)
57 Jaime Foster Dem East Windsor 2020 East Windsor (part), Ellington, Vernon (part)
58 Tom Arnone Dem Enfield 2018 Enfield (part)
59 Carol Hall Rep Enfield 2016East Windsor (part), Enfield (part)
60 Jane Garibay Dem Windsor 2016Windsor (part), Windsor Locks (part)
61 Tami Zawistowski Rep Suffield 2014 East Granby, Suffield, Windsor Locks (part)
62 Mark Anderson Rep Granby 2020 Barkhamsted, Granby, Hartland, New Hartford
63 Jay Case Rep Winchester 2012 Colebrook, Torrington (part), Winchester
64 Maria Horn Dem Salisbury 2018 Canaan, Cornwall, Goshen, Kent, Norfolk, North Canaan, Salisbury, Sharon, Washington
65 Michelle Cook Dem Torrington 2008Torrington (part)
66 Karen Reddington-Hughes Rep Woodbury 2022 Bethlehem, Litchfield (part), Morris, Warren, Woodbury
67 Bill Buckbee Rep New Milford 2016 New Milford (part)
68 Joe Polletta Rep Watertown 2017 (special) Watertown, Waterbury (part)
69 Cindy Harrison Rep Southbury 2020 Bridgewater, Roxbury, New Milford (part), Southbury (part)
70 Seth Bronko Rep Naugatuck 2022 Naugatuck (part)
71 William Pizzuto Rep Middlebury 2022 (special) Middlebury, Waterbury (part)
72 Larry Butler Dem Waterbury 2006Waterbury (part)
73 Ronald Napoli Dem Waterbury 2018Waterbury (part)
74 Michael DiGiovancarlo Dem Waterbury 2020Waterbury (part)
75 Geraldo Reyes Dem Waterbury 2016Waterbury (part)
76 John Piscopo Rep Thomaston 1988 Burlington, Harwinton, Litchfield (part), Thomaston
77 Cara Pavalock-D'Amato Rep Bristol 2014 Bristol (part)
78 Joe Hoxha Rep Bristol 2022Bristol (part), Plymouth
79 Mary Fortier Dem Bristol 2022Bristol (part)
80 Gale Mastrofrancesco Rep Wolcott 2018 Wolcott, Southington (part)
81 Chris Poulos Dem Southington 2022Southington (part)
82 Michael Quinn Dem Meriden 2020 Meriden (part)
83 Jack Fazzino Dem Berlin 2022Berlin (part), Meriden (part), Cheshire (part)
84 Hilda Santiago Dem Meriden 2012Meriden (part)
85 Mary Mushinsky Dem Wallingford 1980 Wallingford (part)
86 Vincent Candelora Rep North Branford 2006 Durham (part), East Haven (part), Guilford (part), North Branford
87 Dave Yaccarino Rep North Haven 2010 North Haven
88 Josh Elliott Dem Hamden 2016 Hamden (part)
89 Lezlye Zupkus Rep Prospect 2012 Bethany, Cheshire (part), Prospect, Waterbury (part)
90 Craig Fishbein Rep Wallingford 2016 Middlefield, Wallingford (part)
91 Mike D'Agostino Dem Hamden 2012Hamden (part)
92 Patricia Dillon Dem New Haven 1984 New Haven (part)
93 Toni Walker Dem New Haven 2001 (special)New Haven (part)
94 Robyn Porter Dem New Haven 2014Hamden (part), New Haven (part)
95 Juan Candelaria Dem New Haven 2002New Haven (part)
96 Roland Lemar Dem New Haven 2010New Haven (part)
97 Alphonse Paolillo Dem New Haven 2018New Haven (part)
98 Moira Rader Dem Guilford 2022 Branford (part), Guilford (part)
99 Joe Zullo Rep East Haven 2019 (special)East Haven (part)
100 Kai Belton Dem Middletown 2023 (special)Middletown (part)
101 John-Michael Parker Dem Madison 2020Durham (part), Madison
102 Robin Comey Dem Branford 2018Branford (part)
103 Liz Linehan Dem Cheshire 2016Cheshire (part), Hamden (part), Wallingford (part)
104 Kara Rochelle Dem Ansonia 2018 Ansonia, Derby (part)
105 Nicole Klarides-Ditria Rep Seymour 2018 Beacon Falls, Derby (part), Seymour
106 Mitch Bolinsky Rep Newtown 2012 Newtown (part)
107 Martin Foncello Rep Brookfield 2022Bethel (part), Brookfield, Newtown (part)
108 Patrick Callahan Rep New Fairfield 2020Danbury (part), New Fairfield, New Milford (part), Sherman
109 Farley Santos Dem Danbury 2022Danbury (part)
110 Bob Godfrey Dem Danbury 1988Danbury (part)
111 Aimee Berger-Girvalo Dem Ridgefield 2020Ridgefield (part)
112 Tony Scott Rep Monroe 2021 (special) Easton (part), Monroe, Trumbull (part)
113 Jason Perillo Rep Shelton 2007 (special) Shelton (part)
114 Mary Welander Dem Orange 2020Derby (part), Hamden (part), Orange (part), Woodbridge
115 Dorinda Keenan Borer Dem West Haven 2017 (special) West Haven (part)
116 Treneé McGee Dem West Haven 2021 (special)West Haven (part)
117 Charles Ferraro Rep West Haven 2014 Milford (part), Orange (part), West Haven (part)
118 Frank Smith Dem Milford 2020Milford (part)
119 Kathy Kennedy Rep Milford 2018Orange (part), Milford (part)
120 Laura Dancho Rep Stratford 2022 Stratford (part)
121 Joe Gresko Dem Stratford 2016Stratford (part)
122 Ben McGorty Rep Shelton 2014Shelton (part), Stratford (part), Trumbull (part)
123 David Rutigliano Rep Trumbull 2012Trumbull (part)
124 Andre Baker Dem Bridgeport 2014Bridgeport (part)
125 Tom O'Dea Rep New Canaan 2012 Darien (part), New Canaan (part), Stamford (part)
126 Fred Gee Dem Bridgeport 2022 Bridgeport (part)
127 Marcus Brown Dem Bridgeport 2022Bridgeport (part)
128 Christopher Rosario Dem Bridgeport 2014Bridgeport (part)
129 Steven Stafstrom Dem Bridgeport 2015 (special)Bridgeport (part)
130 Antonio Felipe Dem Bridgeport 2019 (special)Bridgeport (part)
131 David Labriola Rep Oxford 2002Naugatuck (part), Oxford, Southbury (part)
132 Jennifer Leeper Dem Fairfield 2020 Fairfield (part)
133 Cristin McCarthy Vahey Dem Fairfield 2014Bridgeport (part), Fairfield (part)
134 Sarah Keitt Dem Fairfield 2022Fairfield (part), Trumbull (part)
135 Anne Hughes Dem Redding 2018Easton (part), Redding, Weston
136 Jonathan Steinberg Dem Westport 2010 Westport (part)
137 Kadeem Roberts Dem Norwalk 2022 Norwalk (part)
138 Rachel Chaleski Rep Danbury 2022Danbury (part)
139 Kevin Ryan Dem Montville 1992Ledyard (part), Montville (part), Norwich (part)
140 Travis Simms Dem Norwalk 2018Norwalk (part)
141 Tracy Marra Rep Darien 2022Darien (part), Norwalk (part)
142 Lucy Dathan Dem New Canaan 2018New Canaan (part), Norwalk (part)
143 Dominique Johnson Dem Norwalk 2022Norwalk (part), Westport (part)
144 Hubert Delany Dem Stamford 2022 (special)Stamford (part)
145 Corey Paris Dem Stamford 2021 (special)Stamford (part)
146 David Michel Dem Stamford 2018Stamford (part)
147 Matt Blumenthal Dem Stamford 2018Darien (part), Stamford (part)
148 Anabel Figueroa Dem Stamford 2023 (special)Stamford (part)
149 Rachel Khanna Dem Greenwich 2022 Greenwich (part), Stamford (part)
150 Steve Meskers Dem Greenwich 2018Greenwich (part)
151 Hector Arzeno Dem Greenwich 2022Greenwich (part)

Past composition of the House of Representatives

Notable former House members







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