New Hampshire House of Representatives

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New Hampshire House of Representatives
New Hampshire General Court
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Term limits
New session started
December 2, 2020
Sherman Packard (R)
since January 6, 2021
Majority Leader
Jason Osborne (R)
since December 2, 2020
Minority Leader
Renny Cushing (D)
since December 2, 2020
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Political groups
  •    Republican (213)


Length of term
2 years
AuthorityPart Second, New Hampshire Constitution
Salary$200/term, plus daily travel
Last election
November 3, 2020
(400 seats)
Next election
November 8, 2022
(400 seats)
RedistrictingLegislative control
Meeting place
New Hampshire House of Representatives.jpg
House of Representatives Chamber
New Hampshire State House
Concord, New Hampshire

The New Hampshire House of Representatives is the lower house in the New Hampshire General Court, the bicameral legislature of the state of New Hampshire. The House of Representatives consists of 400 members coming from 204 legislative districts across the state, created from divisions of the state's counties. On average, each legislator represents about 3,300 residents.


New Hampshire has by far the largest lower house of any American state the second-largest, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has 203 members and is the fourth-largest legislature in the English-speaking world (behind the 435-member United States House of Representatives, 543-member Lok Sabha of India, and 650-member House of Commons of the United Kingdom). [1]

Districts vary in number of seats based on their populations, with the least-populous districts electing only one member and the most populous electing 11. In multi-member districts, voters are allowed to cast as many votes as there are seats to be filled; for instance, in a two-member district, a voter can vote for up to two candidates. This system of plurality block voting often results in one party winning all of the seats in the district, as the (cross-sectional) results below for the current representation attest.

Unlike in many state legislatures, there is no single "aisle" to cross per se, as members of both parties sit partially segregated in five sections. The seat section and number is put on the legislator's motor vehicle license plate, which they pay for if they wish to put one on their personal automobiles, or in the case of the chairpersons and party leaders, their title is put on the legislative plate. Seating location is enforced, as seating is pre-assigned. Although the personal preference of the legislator is asked, usually chairmen and those with special needs are given the preferred aisle seats. The sixth section is the Speaker's seat at the head of the hall.

The House of Representatives has met in Representatives Hall of the New Hampshire State House since 1819. Representatives Hall is thus the oldest chamber in the United States still in continuous legislative use. [2] Large arched windows line the walls. On the rostrum hang portraits of John P. Hale, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Pierce, and Daniel Webster.

2020–2022 biennial session


(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Ind Lib Republican Vacant
End of 2010 session216017439010
Begin session 201110202984000
End of 2012 session1042903946
Begin session 201321901793982
End of 2014 session21317338614
Begin 2015160102394000
End 2016156123038812
Begin 165th General Court173002263991
End 165th General Court167321138119
Begin 166th General Court23301674000
End 166th General Court [3] 23015738713
Begin 167th General Court18702134000
December 9, 2020 [4] 2123991
Latest voting share


Speaker of the House Sherman Packard [5] RepublicanRockingham 5
Majority Leader Jason Osborne RepublicanRockingham 4
Minority Leader Renny Cushing DemocraticRockingham 21

The Democratic Party elected their leader for the first time using Ranked Choice Voting. There were three rounds, after which Robert Cushing was elected:

New Hampshire House Democrats Minority Caucus Leader [6]
CandidateRound 1Round 2Round 3
Robert Cushing 5529.6%6836.6%10758.2%
Douglas Ley 5831.2%6434.4%7741.8%
Marjorie Smith 4926.3%5429.0%Eliminated
Matt Wilhelm2412.9%Eliminated
Inactive Ballots 0 ballots0 ballots2 ballots

Members, 2018–2020


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 Harry Viens Rep Center Harbor, New Hampton 2018
02 Glen Aldrich Rep Gilford, Meredith 2014
Harry Bean Rep2018
Deanna Jurius Rep2018
Jonathan Mackie Rep2018
03 David Huot Dem Laconia (Wards 1–6)2016 (2012–2014)
Richard Beaudoin Rep2018
Peter Spanos Rep2018
Frank Tilton Rep2010
04 Dennis Fields Rep Sanbornton, Tilton 2008 (1982–2004)
Timothy Lang Rep2016
05 George Feeney Rep Gilmanton, Alton 2018
Peter Varney Rep2014
06 John Plumer Rep Belmont 2016
Mike Sylvia Rep2012
07 Barbara Comtois Rep Barnstead 2016
08 Raymond Howard RepAlton, Barnstead, Gilmanton2014
09 Charlie St. Clair DemBelmont, Laconia (Wards 1–6)2017↑


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 Anita Burroughs Dem Bartlett, Hart's Location, Jackson 2018
02 Tom Buco Dem Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Hale's Location 2012 (2004–2010)
Harrison Kanzler Dem2018
Stephen Woodcock Dem2018
03 Jerry Knirk Dem Albany, Freedom, Madison, Tamworth 2016
Susan Ticehurst Dem2018
04 Glenn Cordelli Rep Moultonborough, Sandwich, Tuftonboro 2012
Karel Crawford Rep2012
05 Lino Avellani Rep Brookfield, Effingham, Ossipee, Wakefield 2014
Ed Comeau Rep2014
Bill Nelson Rep2012
06 Edith DesMarais Dem Wolfeboro 2017↑
John MacDonald Rep2018
07 Edward Butler DemAlbany, Bartlett, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Freedom, Hale's Location, Hart's Location, Jackson, Madison, Tamworth2012 (2006–2010)
08 William Marsh RepBrookfield, Effingham, Moultonborough, Ossipee, Sandwich, Tuftonboro, Wakefield2016


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 Michael Abbott Dem Chesterfield, Hinsdale, Walpole, Westmoreland 2014
Paul Berch Dem2012
Cathryn Harvey Dem2016
Lucy Weber Dem2006
02 John Mann Dem Alstead, Marlow, Surry 2012
03 Dan Eaton Dem Gilsum, Nelson, Stoddard, Sullivan 2012 (1976–1990; 2002–2010)
04Vacant Keene (Ward 1)
05 John Bordenet DemKeene (Ward 2)2014
06 David Meader DemKeene (Ward 3)2016 (1996–2004; 2008–2012)
07 Sparky Von Plinsky DemKeene (Ward 4)2018
08 Donovan Fenton DemKeene (Ward 5)2016
09 Dick Ames Dem Dublin, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Roxbury 2012
Douglas Ley Dem2012
10 Sandy Swinburne Dem Marlborough, Troy 2018
11 John B. Hunt Rep Fitzwilliam, Rindge 1986
John O'Day Rep2016
12 Barry Faulkner Dem Richmond, Swanzey 2016
Jennie Gomarlo Dem2018
13 Henry Parkhurst Dem Winchester 2002
14 Craig Thompson DemDublin, Fitzwilliam, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Rindge, Roxbury2018
15 Bruce Tatro DemMarlborough, Richmond, Swanzey, Troy, Winchester2010
16 William Pearson DemKeene (Wards 1–5)2016
Joe Schapiro Dem2018


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 John Fothergill Rep Cambridge, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Dix's Grant, Dixville, Errol, Erving's Location, Millsfield, Odell, Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Stratford, Wentworth's Location 2014
Michael Furbush Rep2018
02 Wayne Moynihan Dem Dummer, Milan, Northumberland, Stark 2012 (1996–1998)
03 Larry Laflamme Dem Berlin (Wards 1–4)2016
Henry Noel Dem2018
Yvonne Thomas Dem2006
04 Kevin Craig Rep Dalton, Kilkenny, Lancaster 2018
05 Edith Tucker Dem Carroll, Jefferson, Randolph, Whitefield 2016
06 William Hatch Dem Chandler's Purchase, Gorham, Green's Grant, Pinkham's Grant, Sargent's Purchase, Shelburne, Success 2006
07 Troy Merner RepCarroll, Dalton, Dummer, Jefferson, Kilkenny, Lancaster, Milan, Northumberland, Randolph, Stark, Whitefield2016


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 Erin Hennessey Rep Bethlehem, Littleton 2014
Linda Massimilla Dem2012
02 Tim Egan Dem Franconia, Lisbon, Lyman, Monroe, Sugar Hill 2018
03 Susan M. Ford Dem Bath, Benton, Easton, Landaff, Orford, Piermont, Warren 2012 (2008–2010)
04 Rick Ladd Rep Haverhill 2008
05 Jerry Stringham Dem Lincoln, Livermore, Waterville Valley, Woodstock 2018
06 Kevin Maes Dem Ellsworth, Groton, Orange, Rumney, Thornton 2014
07 Richard Osborne Dem Campton 2018
08 Sallie Fellows Dem Hebron, Holderness, Plymouth 2018
Suzanne Smith Dem2008
Joyce Weston Dem2018
09 Ned Gordon Rep Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton 2018
10 Roger Dontonville Dem Enfield 2016
11 Timothy Josephson Dem Canaan, Dorchester, Wentworth 2016
12 Polly Campion Dem Hanover, Lyme 2016
Mary Jane Mulligan Dem2016
Sharon Nordgren Dem1988
13 Richard Abel Dem Lebanon (Wards 1–3)2014
Susan Almy Dem1996
Laurel Stavis Dem2018
George Sykes Dem2012
14 Elaine French DemBethlehem, Franconia, Lisbon, Littleton, Lyman, Monroe, Sugar Hill2018
15 Denny Ruprecht DemBath, Benton, Easton, Haverhill, Landaff, Orford, Piermont, Warren2018
16 Francesca Diggs DemCanaan, Dorchester, Ellsworth, Groton, Orange, Rumney, Thornton, Wentworth2018
17 Joshua Adjutant DemAlexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Enfield, Grafton2018


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 Jim Fedolfi Rep Antrim, Hillsborough, Windsor 2016
Marjorie Porter Dem2010
02 Keith Erf Rep Deering, Weare 2018
Gary Hopper Rep2008 (2000–2004)
Leah Cushman Rep2020
03 Dan Pickering Dem Bennington, Greenfield, Hancock 2018
04 James Kofalt Rep Francestown, Greenville, Lyndeborough, Wilton 2020
Lisa C.M. Post Rep2020
05 William Foster Rep Mont Vernon, New Boston 2020
Gerald Griffin Rep2020 (2016–2018)
06 Joe Alexander Rep Goffstown 2018
Barbara Griffin Rep2014
Michael Gunski Rep2018
Fred Plett Rep2018
Claire Rouillard Rep2020 (2014-2018)
07 Ted Gorski Rep Bedford 2020
David Danielson Rep2012
Linda Gould Rep2014
John Graham Rep2016 (2000–2014)
Sue Mullen Dem2018
Niki Kelsey Rep2020
08 Jeff Goley Dem Manchester (Ward 1)2004 (1998–2002)
Diane Langley Dem2018
09 Linda DiSilvestro DemManchester (Ward 2)2012
Iz Piedra Dem2018
10 Jean Jeudy DemManchester (Ward 3)2005
Pat Long Dem2006
11 Donald Bouchard DemManchester (Ward 4)2018
Nicole Klein-Knight Dem2018
12 Amanda Bouldin DemManchester (Ward 5)2014
Andrew Boudlin Dem2018
13 William Infantine RepManchester (Ward 6)2020 (2002-2016)
Larry Gagne Rep2008
14 Mary Freitas DemManchester (Ward 7)2014
Mary Heath Dem2013↑
15 Erika Connors DemManchester (Ward 8)2017↑
Mark Warden Rep2018
16 Joshua Query DemManchester (Ward 9)2018
Barbara Shaw Dem2000
17 Heidi Hamer DemManchester (Ward 10)2018
Timothy Smith Dem2012
18 Patricia Cornell DemManchester (Ward 11)2014
Willis Griffith Dem2018
19 Dick Marston RepManchester (Ward 12)2020 (2012-2016)
Kendall Snow Dem2018
20 Ralph Boehm Rep Litchfield 2018 (2004–2006, 2008–2016)
Rich Lascelles Rep2016
21 Melissa Blasek Rep Merrimack 2020
Bob Healy Rep2020
Maureen Mooney Rep2020
Mary Mayville Rep2020
Jeanine Notter Rep2010
Rosemarie Rung Dem2018
Lindsay Tausch Rep2020
22 Tony Labranche Dem Amherst 2020
Megan Murray Dem2018
Daniel Veilleux Dem2020
23 Bill King Rep Milford 2020
Maria Perez Dem2020
Peter Petrigno Dem2016
Vanessa Sheehan Rep2020
24 Peter Leishman Dem Peterborough 2011↑ (1996–2002; 2006–2010)
Ivy Vann Dem2014
25 Diane Kelley Rep New Ipswich, Sharon, Temple 2020
Paul Somero Rep2016
26 Diane Pauer Rep Brookline, Mason 2020
John Lewicke Rep2020 (2016-2018)
27 Susan Homola Rep Hollis 2020
Kat McGhee Dem2018
28 Bruce Cohen Dem Nashua (Ward 1)2018
Tom Lanzara Rep2020
Janice Schmidt Dem2016 (2012–2014)
29 Paul Bergeron D+R↓Nashua (Ward 2)2018
Ray Newman Dem2018
Sue Newman Dem2016
30 Sherry Dutzy DemNashua (Ward 3)2016
Patricia Klee Dem2016
Suzanne Vail Dem2018
31 David Cote DemNashua (Ward 4)1982
Manny Espitia Dem2018
Stacie-Marie Laughton Dem2020 (2012-2014)
32 Allison Nutting-Wong DemNashua (Ward 5)2018 (2016 – May 2018)
Michael Pedersen Dem2018
Dan Toomey Dem2018
33 Efstathia Booras DemNashua (Ward 6)2020 (2012-2016)
Mark King Dem2008
Fran Nutter-Upham Dem2018
34 Melbourne Moran, Jr. DemNashua (Ward 7)2020
Catherine Sofikitis Dem2016
Deb Stevens Dem2018
35 Skip Cleaver DemNashua (Ward 8)2016
Latha Mangipudi Dem2013↑
Laura Telerski Dem2018
36 Linda Harriott-Gathright DemNashua (Ward 9)2018
Marty Jack Dem2012
Michael O'Brien Dem2012
37 Bob Greene Rep Hudson, Pelham 2018
Alicia Lekas Rep2018
Tony Lekas Rep2018
Hershel Nunez Rep2018
Lynne Ober Rep2004
Russell Ober Rep2006 (2002–2004)
Andrew Prout Rep2016
Andrew Renzullo Rep2016 (2004–2014)
Kimberly Rice Rep2014
Denise Smith Rep2020
Jordan Ulery Rep2004
38 Jim Creighton RepAntrim, Bennington, Francestown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hancock, Hillsborough, Lyndeborough, Wilton, Windsor2020
Stephanie Hyland Dem2020
39 John Burt RepDeering, Goffstown, Weare2010
40 Keith Ammon RepHollis, Milford, Mont Vernon, New Boston2020 (2014-2018)
41 Laurie Sanborn RepAmherst, Bedford2010
42 Jacqueline Chretien DemManchester (Wards 1–3)2018
Matt Wilhelm Dem2018
43 Benjamin Baroody DemManchester (Wards 4–7)2014
Amy Bradley Dem2020
Christopher Herbert Dem2014
44 Ross Berry RepLitchfield, Manchester (Wards 8–9)2020
Mark McLean Rep2017↑
45 Jane Beaulieu DemManchester (Wards 10–12)2012 (2004–2010)
Connie Van Houten Dem2016


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 Ken Wells Dem Andover, Danbury, Salisbury 2018
02 Werner D. Horn Rep Franklin (Wards 1–2), Hill 2014
Dave Testerman Rep2016
03 Joyce Fulweiler Dem Franklin (Ward 3), Northfield 2018
Gregory Hill Rep2014 (2010–2012)
04 Tom Schamberg Dem Sutton, Wilmot 2018
05 Karen Ebel Dem Newbury, New London 2012
Dan Wolf Rep2016
06 Rod Pimentel Dem Bradford, Henniker 2018
Beth Rodd Dem2016
07 Clyde Carson Dem Warner, Webster 2012
08 Robert Forsythe Rep Boscawen 2018
09 Howard Moffett Dem Canterbury, Loudon 2012
George Saunderson Dem2018
10 David Luneau Dem Concord (Ward 5), Hopkinton 2014
Mel Myler Dem2012
Mary Jane Wallner Dem1980
11 Steve Shurtleff DemConcord (Ward 1)2004
12 Connie Lane DemConcord (Ward 2)2018
13 Beth Richards DemConcord (Ward 3)2016
14 Jim MacKay DemConcord (Ward 4)2010 (2000–2008)
15 Ryan Buchanan DemConcord (Ward 6)2018
16 Timothy Soucy DemConcord (Ward 7)2012 (2008–2010)
17 Safiya Wazir DemConcord (Ward 8)2018
18 Kris Schultz DemConcord (Ward 9)2017↑
19 Christy Bartlett DemConcord (Ward 10)2012
20 David Doherty Dem Chichester, Pembroke 2014
Dianne Schuett Dem2012 (2008–2010)
Brian Seaworth Rep2014 (2010–2012)
21 James Allard Rep Epsom, Pittsfield 2018
Jon Klose Rep2010
22 Alan Turcotte Dem Allenstown 2012
23 Samantha Fox Dem Bow, Dunbarton 2018
Mary Beth Walz Dem2016 (2004–2010; 2012–2014)
Gary Woods Dem2018
24 Frank Kotowski Rep Hooksett 2008
Kathleen Martins Dem2020
Thomas Walsh Rep2012
Michael Yakubovich Rep2018
25 David Karrick DemAndover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner, Webster2018
26 Howard Pearl RepBoscawen, Canterbury, Franklin (Ward 3), Loudon, Northfield2016
27 Art Ellison DemConcord (Wards 1–4, 6–7)2018
Rebecca McWilliams Dem2018
28 Katherine Rogers DemConcord (Wards 8–10)2012 (1992–1998)
29 Carol McGuire RepAllenstown, Epsom, Pittsfield2008


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 David Coursin Dem Northwood 2018
02 Alan Bershtein Rep Candia, Deerfield, Nottingham 2018
James Spillane Rep2014
Kevin Verville Rep2016
03 Michael Costable Rep Raymond 2016
Kathleen Hoelzel Rep2008 (1988–1992)
Kevin Pratt Rep2018
04 Jess Edwards Rep Auburn, Chester, Sandown 2016
Jason Osborne Rep2014
Becky Owens Rep2018
Tony Piemonte Rep2018
Chris True Rep2014
05 Al Baldasaro Rep Londonderry 2006
Tom Dolan Rep2018
David Lundgren Rep2010
Betsy McKinney Rep1984
Sherman Packard Rep1990
Doug Thomas Rep2018
Anne Warner Dem2018
06 Brian Chirichiello Rep Derry 2010
Mary Eisner Dem2018
Phyllis Katsakiores Rep2014 (1982–2012)
David Love Rep2018
David Milz Rep2012
Katherine O'Brien Rep2018
John O'Connor Rep2010
Stephen Pearson Rep2018
John Potucek Rep2018
James C. Webb Rep2010
07 Joel Desilets Rep Windham 2018
Mary Griffin Rep1996
Walter Kolodziej Rep2008
Charles McMahon Rep2002
08 Daryl Abbas Rep Salem 2014 (2010–2014)
Arthur Barnes Rep2014
Ed DeClercq Rep2018
Fred Doucette Rep2014
Bob Elliott Rep2006
Betty Gay Rep2016
John Janigian Rep2016
Everett McBride Rep2018
John Sytek Rep2010 (1990–1996)
09 Michael Vose Rep Epping 2019
Mark Vallone Dem2018
10 Dennis Acton Rep Fremont 2018
11 Liz McConnell Dem Brentwood 2018
12 Scott Wallace Rep Danville 2018
13 Dennis Green Rep Hampstead, Kingston 2015↑
Joe Guthrie Rep2014
David Welch Rep2014 (1984–2012)
Kenneth Weyler Rep2010 (1990–2008)
14 Debra DeSimone Rep Atkinson, Plaistow 2008
Robert Harb Rep2018
Norman Major Rep1996
Peter Torosian Rep2016
15 Charles Melvin Rep Newton 2018
16 Dan Davis Rep East Kingston, Kensington, South Hampton 2018
17 Michael Cahill Dem Newfields, Newmarket 2012
Charlotte DiLorenzo Dem2016
Ellen Read Dem2016
18 Skip Berrien Dem Exeter 2014
Lisa Bunker Dem2018
Julie Gilman Dem2012
Gaby Grossman Dem2018
19 Patrick Abrami Rep Stratham 2010
Debra Altschiller Dem2016
20 Max Abramson Rep Hampton Falls, Seabrook 2018 (2014–2016)
William Fowler Rep2018
Aboul Khan Rep2016 (2012–2014)
21 Patricia Bushway Dem Hampton 2018
Robert Cushing Dem2012 (1996–1998; 2008–2010)
Mike Edgar Dem2016↑
Tom Loughman Dem2018
22 Jim Maggiore Dem North Hampton 2016
23 Dennis Malloy Dem Greenland, Newington 2016 (2012–2014)
24 Jaci Grote Dem New Castle, Rye 2018
Kate Murray Dem2016
25 Laura Pantelakos Dem Portsmouth (Ward 1)1978
26 Rebecca McBeath DemPortsmouth (Ward 2)2014
27 Peter Somssich DemPortsmouth (Ward 3)2016
28 Gerry Ward DemPortsmouth (Ward 4)2012
29 David Meuse DemPortsmouth (Ward 5)2018
30 Jacqueline Cali-Pitts DemPortsmouth (Wards 1–2, 4–5)1998
31 Tamara Le DemGreenland, Newington, North Hampton, Portsmouth (Ward 3)2016
32 Terry Roy RepCandia, Deerfield, Northwood, Nottingham2018
33 Josh Yokela RepBrentwood, Danville, Fremont2018
34 Mark Pearson RepAtkinson, Hampstead, Kingston, Plaistow2016
35 Deborah Hobson RepEast Kingston, Kensington, Newton, South Hampton2018
36 Patricia Lovejoy DemExeter, Newfields, Newmarket, Stratham2010
37 Jason Janvrin RepHampton, Hampton Falls, Seabrook2016


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 Peter Hayward Rep Middleton, Milton 2018
Abigail Rooney Rep2018
02 James Horgan Rep Farmington 2016
Joseph Pitre Rep2010
03 Michael Harrington Rep New Durham, Strafford 2016 (2000–2004)
Kurt Wuelper Rep2014
04 Cassandra Levesque Dem Barrington 2018
Matthew Towne Dem2018
05 Jeffrey Salloway Dem Lee 2016
06 Timothy Horrigan Dem Durham, Madbury 2010 (2008–2010)
Cam Kenney Dem2018
Marjorie Smith Dem2012 (1996–2010)
Judith Spang Dem1998
Janet Wall D+R↓1986
07 Timothy Fontneau Dem Rochester (Ward 1)2016
08 Donna Ellis DemRochester (Ward 6)2016
09 Steven Beaudoin RepRochester (Ward 2)2012
10VacantRochester (Ward 3)
11 Chuck Grassie DemRochester (Ward 4)2016
12 Mac Kittredge RepRochester (Ward 5)2018
13 Casey Conley Dem Dover (Ward 1)2017↑
14 Kristina Fargo DemDover (Ward 2)2018
15 Linn Opderbecke DemDover (Ward 3)2016
16 Sherry Frost DemDover (Ward 4)2016
17 Peter Bixby DemDover (Wards 5–6), Somersworth (Ward 2)2012
Susan Treleaven Dem2014
Kenneth Vincent Dem2016
18 Gerri Cannon Dem Rollinsford, Somersworth (Wards 1, 3–5)2018
Wendy Chase Dem2018
Cecilia Rich Dem2018
19 Peter B. Schmidt DemDover (Wards 1–2)2002
20 Tom Southworth DemDover (Wards 3–4)2014
21 Catt Sandler DemDover (Wards 5–6), Rollinsford, Somersworth (Wards 1–5)2016
22 Peg Higgins DemRochester (Wards 1, 6)2018
23 Sandra Keans DemRochester (Wards 2–3)2016 (1980–2012)
24 Mona Perreault RepRochester (Wards 4–5)2018
25 Amanda Gourgue DemBarrington, Lee2016


DistrictRepresentativePartyMunicipality(ies) representedFirst elected
01 Lee Oxenham Dem Cornish, Grantham, Plainfield, Springfield 2014
Brian Sullivan Dem2017↑
02Vacant Croydon, Sunapee
03 Andrew O'Hearne Dem Claremont (Ward 1)2018
04 Gary Merchant DemClaremont (Ward 2)2018
05 Walter Stapleton RepClaremont (Ward 3)2018
06 John Callum Rep Newport, Unity 2018
Skip Rollins Rep2012
07 Judy Aron Rep Acworth, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster, Washington 2018
08 Tom Laware Rep Charlestown 2014 (2010–2012)
09 Linda Tanner DemCornish, Croydon, Grantham, Newport, Plainfield, Springfield, Sunapee, Unity2016 (2012–2014)
10 John Cloutier DemClaremont (Wards 1–3)1992
11 Steven D. Smith RepAcworth, Charlestown, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster, Washington2010

Past composition of the House of Representatives

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2010 United States elections elections in the United States on 2010

The 2010 United States elections were held on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, in the middle of Democratic President Barack Obama's first term. Republicans ended unified Democratic control of Congress and the presidency by winning a majority in the House of Representatives.

2018 United States elections election in the United States in November 2018

The 2018 United States elections were held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. These midterm elections occurred during the presidency of Republican Donald Trump. Thirty-five of the 100 seats in the United States Senate and all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives were contested. Thirty-nine state and territorial governorships as well as numerous state and local elections were also contested.

2018 Kentucky elections

Kentucky state elections in 2018 were held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, with the primary elections being held on May 22, 2018. These midterm elections occurred during the presidency of Republican Donald Trump and the governorship of Republican Matt Bevin, alongside other elections in the United States. All six of Kentucky's seats in the United States House of Representatives, nineteen of the 38 seats in the Kentucky State Senate, all 100 seats in the Kentucky House of Representatives, and one of the seven seats on the Kentucky Supreme Court were contested. Numerous county and local elections were also contested within the state.


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