New York State Assembly

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New York State Assembly
New York State Legislature
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Term limits
New session started
January 2019
Carl Heastie (D)
since February 3, 2015
Jeffrion L. Aubry (D)
since January 9, 2013
Crystal Peoples-Stokes (D)
since December 17, 2018
William Barclay (R)
since January 7, 2020
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Political groups
Majority caucus (102)
  •    Democratic  (101)
  •    Independence  (1)

Minority caucus (43)

Length of term
2 years
AuthorityArticle III, New York Constitution
Salary$110,000/year + per diem
Last election
November 3, 2020
(150 seats)
Next election
November 8, 2022
(150 seats)
RedistrictingLegislative Control
Meeting place
State Assembly Chamber
New York State Capitol
Albany, New York
New York State Assembly

The New York State Assembly is the lower house of the New York State Legislature, [1] the New York State Senate being the upper house. [2] There are 150 seats in the Assembly. [3] Assembly members serve two-year terms without term limits. [4]


The Assembly convenes at the State Capitol in Albany.

Leadership of the Assembly

The Speaker of the Assembly presides over the Assembly. The Speaker is elected by the Majority Conference followed by confirmation of the full Assembly through the passage of an Assembly Resolution. In addition to presiding over the body, the Speaker also has the chief leadership position, and controls the flow of legislation and committee assignments. The minority leader is elected by party caucus. The majority leader of the Assembly is selected by, and serves, the Speaker. [5]

Democrat Carl Heastie of the 83rd Assembly District has served as Speaker of the Assembly since February 2015. [6] Crystal Peoples-Stokes of the 141st Assembly District has served as Assembly Majority Leader since December 2018. [7] Republican Will Barclay of the 120th Assembly District has served as Assembly Minority Leader since January 2020. [8]

Speaker Carl Heastie Democratic 83
Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes Democratic 141
Minority Leader William Barclay Republican 120


The Assembly has been controlled by the Democratic Party since 1975. [9] As of October 2020, the Democrats hold 101 of the Assembly's 150 seats.

(Shading indicates Majority Conference)
Democratic Ind. Republican Con Vacant
End 2015–16 session10414111473
Start 2017–18 session [10] 10614301500
End 2017-2018 session1021 [lower-alpha 1] [11] [12] 421464
Start 2019-20 session [13] 10514401500
January 2020 [14] [15] 104431482
February 2020 [16] [17] 103431473
June 2020 [18] [19] 1011455
Latest voting share

Members of the New York State Assembly

Membership of the Assembly represented by an equal-area projection since the 2018 election 2018 New York State Assembly election results by seat.svg
Membership of the Assembly represented by an equal-area projection since the 2018 election
DistrictMemberPartyFirst electedCounties
1 Fred Thiele Ind1995+ Suffolk
2 Jodi Giglio Rep2020 Suffolk
3 Joe DeStefano Rep2018 Suffolk
4 Steve Englebright Dem1992+ Suffolk
5 Douglas M. Smith Rep2018+ Suffolk
6 Philip Ramos Dem2002 Suffolk
7 Jarett Gandolfo Rep2020 Suffolk
8 Michael J. Fitzpatrick Rep2002 Suffolk
9 Michael Durso Rep2020 Nassau, Suffolk
10 Steve Stern Dem2018+ Suffolk
11 Kimberly Jean-Pierre Dem2014 Suffolk
12 Keith Brown Rep2020+ Suffolk
13 Charles D. Lavine Dem2004 Nassau
14 David McDonough Rep2002+ Nassau
15 Michael Montesano Rep2010+ Nassau
16 Gina Sillitti Dem2020 Nassau
17 John Mikulin Rep2018+ Nassau
18 Taylor Darling Dem2018 Nassau
19 Ed Ra Rep2010 Nassau
20 Melissa Miller Rep2016 Nassau
21 Judy Griffin Dem2018 Nassau
22 Michaelle C. Solages Dem2012 Nassau
23 Stacey Pheffer Amato Dem2016 Queens
24 David Weprin Dem2010+ Queens
25 Nily Rozic Dem2012 Queens
26 Edward Braunstein Dem2010 Queens
27 Daniel Rosenthal Dem2017+ Queens
28 Andrew Hevesi Dem2005+ Queens
29 Alicia Hyndman Dem2015+ Queens
30 Brian Barnwell Dem2016 Queens
31 Khaleel Anderson Dem2020 Queens
32 Vivian E. Cook Dem1990 Queens
33 Clyde Vanel Dem2016+ Queens
34 Jessica González-Rojas Dem2020 Queens
35 Jeffrion L. Aubry Dem1992+ Queens
36 Zohran Mamdani Dem2020 Queens
37 Catherine Nolan Dem1984 Queens
38 Jenifer Rajkumar Dem2020 Queens
39 Catalina Cruz Dem2018 Queens
40 Ron Kim Dem2012 Queens
41 Helene Weinstein Dem1980 Kings
42 Rodneyse Bichotte Dem2014 Kings
43 Diana Richardson Dem [20] 2015+ Kings
44 Robert Carroll Dem2016 Kings
45 Steven Cymbrowitz Dem2000 Kings
46 Mathylde Frontus Dem2018 Kings
47 William Colton Dem1996 Kings
48 Simcha Eichenstein Dem2018 Kings
49 Peter J. Abbate Jr. Dem1986 Kings
50 Emily Gallagher Dem2020 Kings
51 Marcela Mitaynes Dem2020 Kings
52 Jo Anne Simon Dem2014 Kings
53 Maritza Davila Dem2013+ Kings
54 Erik Martin Dilan Dem2014 Kings
55 Latrice Walker Dem2014 Kings
56 Stefani Zinerman Dem2020 Kings
57 Phara Souffrant Forrest Dem2020 Kings
58 N. Nick Perry Dem1992 Kings
59 Jaime Williams Dem2016+ Kings
60 Charles Barron Dem2014 Kings
61 Charles Fall Dem2018 Richmond
62 Michael Reilly Rep2018 Richmond
63 Michael Cusick Dem2002 Richmond
64 Michael Tannousis Rep2020 Kings, Richmond
65 Yuh-Line Niou Dem2016 New York
66 Deborah J. Glick Dem1990 New York
67 Linda Rosenthal Dem2006+ New York
68 Robert J. Rodriguez Dem2010 New York
69 Daniel J. O'Donnell Dem2002 New York
70 Inez Dickens Dem2016 New York
71 Al Taylor Dem2017+ New York
72 Carmen De La Rosa Dem2016 New York
73 Dan Quart Dem2011+ New York
74 Harvey Epstein Dem2018+ New York
75 Richard N. Gottfried Dem1970 New York
76 Rebecca Seawright Dem2014 New York
77 Latoya Joyner Dem2014 Bronx
78 Jose Rivera Dem2000 Bronx
79 Chantel Jackson Dem2020 Bronx
80 Nathalia Fernandez Dem2018+ Bronx
81 Jeffrey Dinowitz Dem1994+ Bronx
82 Michael Benedetto Dem2004 Bronx
83 Carl Heastie Dem2000 Bronx
84 Amanda Septimo Dem2020 Bronx
85 Kenny Burgos Dem2020 Bronx
86 Victor M. Pichardo Dem2013+ Bronx
87 Karines Reyes Dem2018 Bronx
88 Amy Paulin Dem2000 Westchester
89 J. Gary Pretlow Dem1992 Westchester
90 Nader Sayegh Dem2018 Westchester
91 Steven Otis Dem2012 Westchester
92 Thomas J. Abinanti Dem2010 Westchester
93 Chris Burdick Dem2020 Westchester
94 Kevin Byrne Rep2016 Westchester, Putnam
95 Sandy Galef Dem1992 Westchester, Putnam
96 Kenneth Zebrowski Jr. Dem2007+ Rockland
97 Michael Lawler Rep2020 Rockland
98 Karl A. Brabenec Rep2014 Orange, Rockland
99 Colin Schmitt Rep2018 Orange, Rockland
100 Aileen Gunther Dem2003+ Orange, Sullivan
101 Brian Miller Rep2016 Delaware, Herkimer, Oneida, Orange, Otsego, Sullivan, Ulster
102 Christopher Tague Rep2018+ Albany, Columbia, Delaware, Greene, Otsego, Schoharie, Ulster
103 Kevin A. Cahill Dem1998 Dutchess, Ulster
104 Jonathan Jacobson Dem2018+ Dutchess, Orange, Ulster
105 Kieran Lalor Rep2012 Dutchess
106 Didi Barrett Dem2012+ Columbia, Dutchess
107 Jacob Ashby Rep2018+ Columbia, Rensselaer, Washington
108 John T. McDonald III Dem2012 Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga
109 Patricia Fahy Dem2012 Albany
110 Phillip Steck Dem2012 Albany, Schenectady
111 Angelo Santabarbara Dem2012 Albany, Montgomery, Schenectady
112 Mary Beth Walsh Rep2016 Saratoga, Schenectady
113 Carrie Woerner Dem2014 Saratoga, Washington
114 Matt Simpson Rep2020 Essex, Saratoga, Warren, Washington
115 Billy Jones Rep2016 Clinton, Franklin, St. Lawrence
116 Mark Walczyk Rep2018 Jefferson, St. Lawrence
117 Ken Blankenbush Rep2010 Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida, St. Lawrence
118 Robert Smullen Rep2018 Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Oneida, St. Lawrence
119 Marianne Buttenschon Dem2018 Herkimer, Oneida
120 William A. Barclay Rep2002 Jefferson, Onondaga, Oswego
121 John Salka Rep2018 Madison, Oneida, Otsego
122 Joe Angelino Rep2020 Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Otsego
123 Donna Lupardo Dem2004 Broome
124 Christopher S. Friend Rep2010 Broome, Chemung, Tioga
125 Anna Kelles Dem2020 Cortland, Tompkins
126 John Lemondes Jr. Rep2020 Cayuga, Chenango, Cortland, Onondaga
127 Albert A. Stirpe Jr. Dem2012 Onondaga
128 Pamela Hunter Dem2015+ Onondaga
129 William Magnarelli Dem1998 Onondaga
130 Brian Manktelow Rep2018 Cayuga, Oswego, Wayne
131 Jeff Gallahan Rep2020 Ontario, Seneca
132 Phil Palmesano Rep2010 Chemung, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Yates
133 Marjorie Byrnes Rep2018 Livingston, Monroe, Steuben
134 Josh Jensen Rep2020 Monroe
135 Jennifer Lunsford Dem2020 Monroe
136 Sarah Clark Dem2020 Monroe
137 Demond Meeks Dem2020 Monroe
138 Harry Bronson Dem2010 Monroe
139 Stephen Hawley Rep2006+ Genesee, Monroe, Orleans
140 William Conrad Dem2020 Erie, Niagara
141 Crystal Peoples-Stokes Dem2002 Erie
142 Patrick B. Burke Dem2018 Erie
143 Monica P. Wallace Dem2016 Erie
144 Michael Norris Rep2016 Erie, Niagara, Orleans
145 Angelo Morinello Rep2016 Erie, Niagara
146 Karen McMahon Dem2018 Erie, Niagara
147 David DiPietro Rep2012 Erie, Wyoming
148 Joseph Giglio Rep2005+ Allegany, Cattaraugus, Steuben
149 Jonathan Rivera Dem2020 Erie
150 Andy Goodell Rep2010 Chautauqua


The New York State Assembly has the following committees: [21]

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  1. Asm. Erik Bohen (a registered Democrat who won an April 24, 2018 special election on the Republican Party line) was not a member of any caucus during his Assembly tenure.

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The 2018 New York state elections took place on November 6, 2018. On that date, the State of New York held elections for the following offices: Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, New York State Senate, New York State Assembly, and various others. Primary elections took place on September 13, 2018. As of May 2018, Democrats had won all 19 elections to statewide offices that have occurred in New York since 2002.

Jamaal Bailey

Jamaal Bailey is the Senator for the 36th District of the New York Senate. He is a Democrat. The district includes portions of Baychester, Bedford Park, Country Club, Eastchester, Fordham, Morris Park, Norwood, Parkchester, Riverdale, Tremont, Wakefield, Williamsbridge, and Woodlawn Heights in the Bronx as well as Mount Vernon in Westchester County.

Erik Bohen

Erik T. Bohen is an American politician. A former member of the New York State Assembly, he represented the 142nd district; this district includes South Buffalo, the City of Lackawanna, and the towns of West Seneca and Orchard Park. Bohen was elected to the Assembly in an April 24, 2018 special election, but was defeated in his bid for a full term on November 6, 2018. He is notable for having won election to the Assembly on the Republican line despite being an enrolled Democrat.

2020 New York State Senate election

Elections to the New York State Senate were held on November 3, 2020, along with State Assembly elections, congressional elections, a presidential election, and other elections. Primary elections were held on June 23, 2020.


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