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The following is a list of notable deaths in June 2015.


Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence:

June 2015


Alexandra Prinzessin von Hannover was a German politician, philanthropist, and wife of Prince Welf Henry of Hanover. Hannover lastly served as a councilwoman representing the Niederrad district of Frankfurt on the Frankfurt City Council. She was a member of the Christian Democratic Union political party.

Comic Boyz was a Taiwanese vocal quintet boy band, composed of Kingone Wang, Figaro Tseng, Peter Chang, Shone An, Arroy Shen and Eddie Hsu. Despite the publicity and making appearance in Taiwanese dramas, Comic Boyz was not as successful as expected, especially since they kept being compared to their predecessor, F4. They disbanded in 2005 after the release of their farewell album Goodbye Comic Boyz.

Katherine "Kate" Chappell was an American film visual effects editor who worked on Game of Thrones. On June 1, 2015, she died after being attacked by a lioness in Johannesburg.


Ifeoma Aggrey-Fynn Ghanaian-Nigerian media personality, writer and public speaker

Ifeoma Iphie Aggrey-Fynn, known to most simply as Iphie, was a Ghanaian-Nigerian media personality, writer and public speaker.

Claudio Angelini was president of the Dante Alighieri Society in New York, U.S. political correspondent for RAI, the Italian national television network and was President Emeritus of RAI Corporation. He wrote several books and poems including Obama, un anno di sfide.

Fernando de Araújo (East Timorese politician) President of East Timor

Fernando de Araújo, also known as Lasama was an East Timorese activist and politician. He was a clandestine activist for the independence of East Timor, and then founded the Democratic Party after independence. He was President of the National Parliament of East Timor from 2007 to 2012. He also served as the Acting President for two months in early 2008.


Avi Beker Israeli writer, statesman, and professor

Avi Beker was an Israeli writer, statesman, and academic. Beker served as secretary-general of the World Jewish Congress from 2001 to 2003.

World Jewish Congress International federation of jewish communities and organizations.

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in August 1936 as an international federation of Jewish communities and organizations. According to its mission statement, the World Jewish Congress' main purpose is to act as "the diplomatic arm of the Jewish people." Membership in the WJC is open to all representative Jewish groups or communities, irrespective of the social, political or economic ideology of the community's host country. The World Jewish Congress headquarters are in New York City, US, and the organization maintains international offices in Brussels, Belgium; Jerusalem, Israel; Paris, France; Moscow, Russia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Geneva, Switzerland. The WJC has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Horst Brandstätter was the owner of the German company Brandstätter Group. The company was founded by Andreas Brandstätter in 1876.


Bengt Berndtsson Swedish footballer

Bengt Berndtsson was a Swedish football winger. Born in Gothenburg, he was nicknamed Fölet.

IFK Göteborg association football club in Gothenburg, Sweden

Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna Göteborg, commonly known as IFK Göteborg, IFK or simply Göteborg, is a Swedish professional football club based in Gothenburg. Founded in 1904, it is the only club in the Nordic countries that has won one of the main UEFA competitions, having won the UEFA Cup in both 1982 and 1987. IFK is affiliated with Göteborgs Fotbollförbund and play their home games at Gamla Ullevi. The club colours are blue and white, colours shared both with the sports society which the club originated from, Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna, and with the coat of arms of the city of Gothenburg.

Edith Hancke was a German stage, film and television actress.


Mehmet Abbasoğlu was a Kurdish politician and former leader of Democratic People's Party in Turkey. Abbasoglu was born in Buyukkadikoy in Diyarbakır as the last of 5 children of Abas and Hani Tongac who were originally from Dersim. He lost his father when he was 6.

Govindrao Adik Indian politician

Govindrao Wamanrao Adik was a "Rashtriya Sarchitnis" of the Nationalist Congress Party and a Member of Parliament, in the Rajya Sabha. He began his political career as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Vaijapur Taluka in Aurangabad District and then in Shrirampur Taluka in Ahmednagar District.

Tariq Aziz Iraqi Foreign Minister under Saddam Hussein

Tariq Aziz (Arabic: طارق عزيز‎ Ṭāriq ʿAzīz was Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister and a close advisor of President Saddam Hussein. Their association began in the 1950s when both were activists for the then-banned Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party. Although he was an Arab nationalist he was in fact an ethnic Assyrian, and a member of the Chaldean Catholic Church.


























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  1. Frankfurt trauert um Alexandra Prinzessin von Hannover (in German)
  2. Taiwanese actor Shone An succumbs to cancer
  3. Lion Attack: U.S. Tourist Katherine Chappell Worked on 'Game Of Thrones'
  4. On The Jon Hensley Obituary (An Update)
  5. Charles Jacob, ethical investor - obituary
  6. Charles Kennedy, Aged 55, Dies At Home
  7. Joan Kirner: Former Victorian premier dies aged 76
  8. Peter Kruse
  9. Former Dominican head of state dies Archived 2015-06-02 at the Wayback Machine
  10. Consummate policymaker never got chance to lead Japan
  11. Moyer Jr., V.A.
  12. Jacques Parizeau, former Quebec premier, dead at 84
  13. Divinity composer Kirill Pokrovsky has died
  14. Journo Sirajur Rahman dies
  15. Community Lifecycles
  16. Jean Ritchie, Who Revived Appalachian Folk Songs, Dies at 92
  17. Tommy Rogers of the Fantastics dies
  18. In Memory of Andrew Francis Scrivani Archived 2016-03-04 at the Wayback Machine
  19. Dolores Spikes, former Southern University president and education trailblazer, dies at age 78
  20. Ph.J. (Phili) Viehoff (in Dutch)
  21. Bishop Tadeusz Józef Zawistowski
  22. Robert K. Zukowski
  23. Rhythm 93.7 FM On-Air-Personality, Iphie, Shot Dead In Port Harcourt Archived 2015-06-14 at the Wayback Machine
  24. E' morto a New York il giornalista Claudio Angelini (in Italian)
  25. Fernando de Araújo (1962-2015) (in Portuguese)
  26. Adiós a Miguel Ángel Cárdenas (in Spanish)
  27. Lieutenant-Colonel 'Shufti’ Chaudhri - obituary
  28. Martin Cole
  29. Alberto De Martino, film director - obituary
  30. Obituary: Victoria ceramics artist Walter Dexter a Canadian giant
  31. Addio a G.B. Fabbri Mago del Real Vicenza Archived 2015-07-10 at the Wayback Machine (in Italian)
  32. Ortho R. Fairbanks
  33. Former Manchester City footballer Dennis Fidler dies at his home in Italy Archived 2015-06-10 at the Wayback Machine
  34. Longtime Clive Mayor Maddox dies
  35. In Memoriam: Gordon S. Marshall, 95
  36. John S. Mellekas (June 14, 1933 – June 2, 2015)
  37. Mbunge wa Ukonga Eugene Mwaiposa afariki dunia (in Swahili)
  38. Clemens N Nathan
  39. Satyajit Ray’s wife Bijoya Ray dies
  40. Irwin A. Rose, Nobel-Winning Biochemist, Dies at 88
  41. Olympier Theo Saat (87) overleden (in Dutch)
  42. Shockley Taliaferro Shoemake (1922 - 2015)
  43. Addio all'attore Silvio Spaccesi, una vita tra set e palcoscenico (in Italian)
  44. Kenneth Tempest, airman - obituary
  45. Prof. Dr. Besim Üstünel vefat etti (in Turkish)
  46. Поклонението пред Цоньо Василев ще се състои във Военния клуб (in Bulgarian)
  47. Carmine Vingo
  48. Legend Herb Wakabayashi Passes Away
  49. Charls E. Walker, tax lobbyist for GOP and big business, dies at 91
  50. Norman Allen WEISS Notice
  51. Longtime Pa. lobbyist Stephen Wojdak dies
  52. Avi Beker, former World Jewish Congress secretary-general, dies
  53. Horst Brandstätter, Playmobil inventor - obituary
  54. Bishop Thomas Flynn
  55. ‘Bevo’ Francis, one of college basketball’s best scorers, died at 82
  56. James Barron (2015-06-04). "Margaret Juntwait, the Voice of the Met on Radio, Dies at 58". The New York Times. Retrieved 2016-08-03.
  57. Eugene Cullen Kennedy
  58. Bud Kraehling, WCCO's 'Walter Cronkite of TV weather,' dies at 96
  59. Murió el actor Ricardo Morán Archived 2015-07-07 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  60. L’empreinte de Naisseline (in French)
  61. Egyptian novelist Fouad Qandil dies
  62. Gyászolunk Archived 2016-03-03 at the Wayback Machine (in Hungarian)
  63. Bengt Berndtsson har gått bort – blev 82 år (in Swedish)
  64. Berliner Schauspielerin: Edith Hancke ist tot (in German)
  65. Calgary Stampeder great Wayne ‘Thumper’ Harris dies at 77
  66. "RIP CMDR Charles James Morris, RAN". Archived from the original on 2016-03-10. Retrieved 2015-07-29.
  67. Marguerite Patten, cookery writer, dies at 99
  68. Умер правозащитник, советский диссидент Леонид Плющ (in Russian)
  69. K.B.'s dobbelte topscorer er død (in Danish)
  70. Dr. Henry T. Sampson, Jr. Gamma-Electric Cell Inventor Remembered
  71. Roy Stroud RIP
  72. Jabe Thomas Passes Away at 85
  73. Dame Anne Warburton
  74. Kurt Weber dies at 87 Archived 2015-08-20 at the Wayback Machine
  75. Tributes paid to Cherries' 1950s goalscorer Ray Weigh
  76. Albert West overleden (in Dutch)
  77. Hermann Zapf: 8 November 1918 – 4 June 2015
  78. Mehmet Abbasoğlu Dersim’de toprağa verildi Archived 2015-06-19 at the Wayback Machine (in Turkish)
  79. Veteran NCP leader Govindrao Adik no more
  80. Tariq Aziz, ex-Saddam Hussein aide, dies after heart attack
  81. Internationally renowned CTBP researcher dead at 63
  82. Alan Bond dies in Perth hospital after heart surgery complications
  83. First Turk to sail around the world dies at 87
  84. Mexican politician Manuel Camacho Solis dies at 69 Archived 2016-03-05 at the Wayback Machine
  85. Birankai North America Archived 2016-01-26 at the Wayback Machine
  86. Jerry Collins and partner die in car crash, baby daughter in 'desperate state'
  87. Charente-Maritime : Xavier de Roux, ancien député maire de Chaniers, est décédé (in French)
  88. Oud-CPN-voorman Frits Dragstra overleden (in Dutch)
  89. Giacomo Furia (1925–2015)
  90. Anita Hagen leaves a legacy in New Westminster
  91. Jane B. Hart, strong-minded wife of senator, dies at 93
  92. Ralph Hyde, curator - obituary
  93. Jill Hyem obituary
  94. Bishop Julien Mawule Kouto
  95. Colette Marchand, Glamorous International Ballet Star, Dies at 90
  96. Tūhoe loses matriarch Te Uruhina McGarvey aged 87
  97. Hollingsworth McMillion
  98. Retired RIT President Paul Miller dies at 98
  99. Penn Athletics Mourns Passing of Irv Mondschein Archived 2016-03-03 at the Wayback Machine
  100. Sabah quake 'Hero' guide laid to rest in funeral attended by hundreds
  101. Tributes flow for right-to-die campaigner Lecretia Seales, who died of natural causes
  102. Labor powerbroker George Seitz dies
  103. Well-known chef and food critic Paolo Tullio has died
  104. Roger Vergé, a Founder of Nouvelle Cuisine, Dies at 85
  105. Seth Winston Dies: Oscar-Winning Filmmaker & Longtime Educator
  106. Barry Albin-Dyer, undertaker
  107. "Aarthi Agarwal's Father, Manager, Surgeon Speak About her Liposuction, Death"
  108. Pierre Brice ist tot Ein Leben als Winnetou (in German)
  109. Architect of modern Bhopal and ex-bureaucrat M N Buch passes away
  110. Man who prosecuted Charles Manson dies
  111. Dead Callisto Cosulich, master of film criticism
  112. Falleció el músico Jorge Galemire (in Spanish)
  113. Ronnie Gilbert, Folk Singer for the Weavers, Dies at 88
  114. Rangers legend Colin Jackson dies after battle with leukaemia Archived 2015-06-08 at the Wayback Machine
  115. Richard Johnson, British Actor of Stage, Screen and TV, Dies at 87
  116. Erinnerung an einen großen Geist (in German)
  117. Nyla Murphy
  118. Last Farewell to Steve Nave
  119. Stephen Pritko
  120. Fondi, la morte a Dubai del bodybuilder che sfidò il regime siriano (in Italian)
  121. Погиб двукратный олимпийский чемпион по фехтованию Сергей Шариков (in Russian)
  122. Czech Writer, Anti-Communist Dissident Ludvik Vaculik Dies
  123. Obituary John Williams A legacy of art and literature
  124. Former Parliament speaker Sheikh Razzak Ali is dead
  125. "Villa say farewell to Ken Barrett". Archived from the original on 2015-07-08. Retrieved 2015-07-08.
  126. È morto lo storico Casarrubea Raccontò l’epopea di Giuliano (in Italian)
  127. ROBERT K. CASEY Obituary
  128. احمد قاضی روزنامه نگار و مترجم مهابادی درگذشت (in Persian)
  129. Cause of wreck that killed former Tribal Chairman Jimmy Goins unknown
  130. Group Captain John Hurry - obituary
  131. Felicia Kentridge obituary
  132. Harold Anthony LeDoux
  133. Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93 - latest reaction and tributes
  134. Sean Pappas: 1966-2015
  135. Former New Zealand spinner Peter Petherick dies at 72 Archived 2015-07-08 at the Wayback Machine
  136. Renowned landscape artist Gwilym Prichard dies
  137. 3 climbers lost down crevasse in Peruvian Andes
  138. Report: Gay Porn Star Cole Tucker, 61, Dies of AIDS-Related Illness
  139. СКОНЧАЛСЯ Василий Жупиков Archived 2015-07-07 at the Wayback Machine (in Russian)
  140. RIP Archie Alleyne
  141. Paul Bacon (1923-2015) Archived 2016-02-16 at the Wayback Machine
  142. Former Pakistan gold medallist athlete Sharif Butt passes away
  143. Frank Cappuccino, legendary boxing referee, dies at 86
  144. Madame Carven obituary
  145. Thomas Chambers
  146. Aldo Vieira da Rosa
  147. Умерла целительница Джуна (in Russian)
  148. Mervin D. Field dies at 94; creator of California opinion gauge now called Field Poll
  149. John GRIMSLEY
  150. Jean Gruault obituary
  151. Zemřel medailista z Melbourne, střelec Otokar Hořínek (in Czech)
  152. "Ушел из жизни театральный художник Валерий Левенталь". Россия. 2015-06-08. Retrieved 2016-08-03.
  153. Elizabeth McIntosh, spy whose lies helped win a war, dies at 100
  154. Human rights activist Lynn Miles dies
  155. Generations star dies
  156. Well-known writer Dasaradhi Rangacharya dead
  157. Preminula Ivanka Raspopović
  158. Former Yisrael Beytenu MK David Rotem dies at 66
  159. Cambodian People’s Party president Chea Sim dies aged 82
  160. Laurie Thompson
  161. Oud-CDA-Tweede Kamerlid Peter van Wijmen overleden (in Dutch)
  162. Finn Backer (in Norwegian)
  163. Lawrence E. Eschen Obituary
  164. Former India batsman Hemant Kanitkar dies
  165. Igor Kostin photographer Chernobyl disaster dies 78
  166. James Last, German-born composer, dies aged 86
  167. Fred Anton Maier er død (in Norwegian)
  168. "Ambassador Amos Midzi found dead". Archived from the original on 2015-06-11. Retrieved 2015-07-08.
  169. Vincent Musetto, writer of legendary NYPost headline, dies
  170. N.Y. rapper Pumpkinhead dies at 39
  171. Geschichte ist grausam (in German)
  172. "Dr. Alvin Salkind Dies at Age 87". Archived from the original on 2015-07-21. Retrieved 2015-07-20.
  173. Lawyer Sir Peter Williams dies
  174. Muere Pedro Zerolo (in Spanish)
  175. Former MP and Councillor David Bellotti dies at 72.
  176. Bonecrusher, race of century champion, dies
  177. Robert Chartoff, Producer of 'Rocky' and 'Raging Bull,' Dies at 81
  178. Killer behind David Milgaard's wrongful conviction dies in prison
  179. FAI pays respects to Johnny Fullam RIP
  180. Goodwyn
  181. State lawmaker Esther Harrison dies at the age of 69
  182. Hugo Höllenreiner ist tot (in German)
  183. Wolfgang Jeschke (1936-2015)
  184. Coetie Neethling
  185. Fallece el panista Héctor Pérez Plazola (in Spanish)
  186. Fr. Ray Reidy was dedicated priest and gifted sportsman whose death was widely mourned
  187. Henry Riggs dies at 80; former president of Harvey Mudd and Keck Graduate Institute
  188. Geoff Robinson
  189. Obituary Judith St. George
  190. Tributes as former Blues player Brian Taylor dies, aged 78, while on holiday with friends
  191. Country singer Jim Ed Brown dies at 81
  192. Arshad Chaudhury's obituary
  193. Ornette Coleman, Jazz Innovator, Dies at 85
  194. "È morto a 52 anni il doppiatore romano Vittorio De Angelis". 11 June 2015. Retrieved 27 July 2019.(in Italian)
  195. Jack King, NASA's 'Voice of Apollo,' dies at 84
  196. Ugandan dictator Idi Amin's widow Sarah Kyolaba dies in the UK aged 59
  197. E' morto il grande Sebastiano Mannironi Archived 2016-03-03 at the Wayback Machine (in Italian)
  198. Tributes to former Hull City goalkeeper Ian McKechnie Archived 2015-06-14 at the Wayback Machine
  199. Oliver! actor Ron Moody dies aged 91
  200. Pioneering science journalist Mary Mulvihill dies aged 55
  201. David Premack, Psychology
  202. Dusty Rhodes, charismatic wrestling star, dies at age of 69
  203. Jimmy Robertson (1929-2015)
  204. "Senator Stewart passes at 90". Archived from the original on 2015-07-08. Retrieved 2015-07-08.
  205. Rear Admiral Charles Williams
  206. Top al Qaeda leader reported killed in Yemen
  207. Former Labor MK Minister of Health Shoshana Arbeli-Almozlino dies
  208. Morre Fernando Brant, escritor e compositor mineiro (in Portuguese)
  209. Rock Garden's creator dies Archived 2016-03-06 at the Wayback Machine
  210. Pierre Dolbeault (1924-2015) (in French)
  211. Rick Ducommun, 'The 'Burbs' and 'Groundhog Day' actor, dies
  212. Italy mourns Micol Fontana, the famous fashion designer
  213. James Gowan obituary
  214. Cinematographer hugh johnson passes away in us
  215. Monica Lewis obituary
  216. Dr. Frederick P. Li, 75; helped prove genetic cancer link
  217. Emeritus Professor Thomas Mayer In Memoriam. Archived 2015-06-14 at the Wayback Machine
  218. Morre José Messias, jurado do programa Raul Gil, aos 86 anos, no Rio (in Portuguese)
  219. LMB de luto por muerte de Andrés Mora (in Spanish)
  220. Décès de l’écrivain Alain Nadaud (in French)
  221. Antoni Pitxot
  222. Alexander Rondeli Dies at the Age of 73
  223. Remembering Jacques Rosay: A true pilot among pilots Archived 2015-06-17 at the Wayback Machine
  224. Premiership player Spittle passes away
  225. Patrick Lennox Tierney obituary
  226. Famous actor Tilmaç dies at 67, laid to rest
  227. Ernest Tomlinson (1924-2015) has died at 90 Archived 2015-06-14 at the Wayback Machine
  228. Chicago blues legend 'Big Time Sarah' dies at 62
  229. Saxophonist Buddy Boudreaux, leader of local jazz and dance bands since 1939, dies
  230. Australian Jazz community mourns death of drummer and composer Allan Browne
  231. An Appreciation Tomás Ó Con Cheanainn
  232. Darius Dhlomo dies in the Netherlands Archived 2016-03-04 at the Wayback Machine
  233. Physicist Russ Donnelly, a pioneer in the science of cold, dies at 85
  234. Zanger en tekstdichter Drs. P overleden (in Dutch)
  235. Magnus Härenstam är död – blev 73 år (in Swedish)
  236. Junix Inocian, acclaimed actor on PH and London stages, dies at 64
  237. Former Cabinet minister Sheila Kaul dies at 101
  238. Graham Lord, writer - obituary
  239. Nigerian dies in Malaysia after collapsing on pitch
  240. 'La Tregua' director Sergio Renán dies
  241. David Charles Richardson
  242. Former White House Chef Walter Scheib Drowned in Accidental Death: Autopsy
  243. Former allrounder and coach Shrimpton dies
  244. Landcare founder Phillip Toyne dead at 67
  245. George 'Foghorn' Winslow, Child Star of 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,' Dies at 69
  246. Ex-Black Stars striker George Arthur passes on
  247. Robert George "Bob" Bedell Obituary
  248. "Murió Hugo Blanco, compositor del famoso tema "Moliendo Café"". TeleSur. 2015-06-14. Retrieved 2016-08-03.
  249. John Carroll, Former Editor of Los Angeles Times, Dies at 73
  250. Richard Cotton Notice
  251. Mit Respekt Harri Czepuck ist tot (in German)
  252. Death of Pasquale Foresi, the first Focolare priest, co-founder of the Focolare Movement
  253. Anne Nicol Gaylor, prominent feminist and atheist, dies at 88
  254. Почина Борис Гуджунов (in Bulgarian)
  255. Coventry RFC and England legend Phil Judd dies, aged 81
  256. David Kennedy Dies: TV Producer & Former Talent Agent Was 73
  257. Obituary Hilary Masters Writer, teacher called ‘a true man of letters’
  258. Journo Habibur Rahman Milon passes away
  259. Master violin maker Peter Prier dies at 73
  260. Former China Communist Party senior official Qiao Shi dies at 91
  261. Godfrey Steyn
  262. Conrad Wilson (2015-06-17). "Walter Weller". The Herald. Retrieved 2016-08-03.
  263. Football - World Cup winner Zito dies Archived 2015-07-08 at the Wayback Machine
  264. US airstrike kills IS operative in Iraq: official
  265. OCAD University mourns the loss of Associate Professor Wendy Coburn
  266. Koppel komt om het leven bij ongeval in Wingene (in Dutch)
  267. Jean Doré est décédé (in French)
  268. Gerry Duffy – one of the greats of Irish cricket
  269. Missionary Pioneer Elisabeth Elliot Passes Through Gates of Splendor
  270. Fostervoll, Alv Jakob (1932-2015) (in Norwegian)
  271. Ушла из жизни певица Жанна Фриске (in Russian)
  272. DANIEL W. GADE Obituary
  273. Las Vegas billionaire Kirk Kerkorian dies: report
  274. Die Frau, die "Lilly" war (in German)
  275. ‘Mighty’ Sam McClain, Grammy-nominated blues singer from NH, dies
  276. Morreu António Marques Mendes, fundador do PSD (in Portuguese)
  277. World-renowned sculptor Jesús Moroles dies
  278. Rosalind Rowe, sportswoman - obituary
  279. German author and Winnie-the-Pooh translator Harry Rowohlt dies
  280. Burlesque dancer Blaze Starr dies at 83
  281. Hong Kong soccer legend Wu Kwok-hung dies of cancer
  282. Steve Blauner, Who Helped Bring 'Easy Rider,' 'Five Easy Pieces' to Screen, Dies at 81
  283. Architect Charles Correa dies at 84
  284. Howard Johnson 1925-2015
  285. Former Utah House member "Roz" McGee dies Archived 2015-07-01 at the Wayback Machine
  286. William Pajaud dies at 89; watercolorist amassed prominent collection of African American art
  287. Former New York Islanders Player Greg Parks Passes Away
  288. Tony Ranasinghe is no more.
  289. William (Bill) Sirs: Obituary Archived 2016-03-07 at the Wayback Machine
  290. Celebration of life to take place for late Maldon artist
  291. Mort du romancier et scénariste Jean Vautrin (in French)
  292. Bishop Francisco Domingo Barbosa Da Silveira
  293. Scomparso lo sceneggiatore e giornalista Nicola Badalucco (in Italian)
  294. NRK programleder Per-Arne Bjerke er død (in Norwegian)
  295. 民国最后一位才女张充和逝世 (in Chinese)
  296. Australian running legend Ron Clarke dies at 78
  297. Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winner John David Crow dies at 79
  298. Turkey's 9th President Süleyman Demirel passes away at 91
  299. Nelson Doubleday Jr., Publisher and Mets Buyer, Dies at 81
  300. Noah Hutchings (December 11, 1912 – June 17, 2015)
  301. Jimmy Lee, Investment Banking Force, Dies at 62
  302. Murió Roberto Marcelo Levingston (in Spanish)
  303. SC Senator Clementa Pinckney Among Shooting Victims
  304. Madan Mohan Punchhi, Former Chief Justice of India, passed away.
  305. Başar Sabuncu defnedildi (in Turkish)
  306. Vlastimir Djuza Stojiljkovic Dies At Age Of 85
  307. World's Oldest Person, Inkster's Jeralean Talley, dies at 116
  308. Bryan VAUGHAN
  309. Edward Boling Obituary
  310. Death Notice: Sir Patrick Eisdell Moore
  311. Hommage à Georges Kersaudy, polyglotte espérantiste (in French)
  312. Martin Krampen 87jährig gestorben Archived 2015-06-26 at the Wayback Machine (in German)
  313. Frances Kroll Ring dies at 99 secretary and assistant to author F. Scott Fitzgerald
  314. Comcast founder Ralph Roberts dies at 95
  315. Jack Rollins Dies at 100; Produced Comedy Greats Like Woody Allen
  316. John Morley Stephens - Obituary
  317. Doraemon Voice Actor Kazuya Tatekabe Passes Away
  318. Opinion: Torgersen Has Died, but His Case Won’t Lie Down
  319. Inaugural Talladega runner-up Jim Vandiver remembered
  320. Former NFL player, Spanish-language TV pioneer Danny Villanueva dies at age 77
  321. Allen Weinstein, provocative historian and former U.S. archivist, dies at 77
  322. NM man who took only color photo of Trinity test dies at 91
  323. Veteran journalist Jagjit Singh Anand cremated
  324. 'Nick Danger' RIP: Firesign Theatre's Phil Austin, 1941–2015
  325. Harold Battiste Passes Away At 83
  326. RK still alive winners list
  327. Jeff Bradstreet
  328. "JIM BRAILSFORD". Archived from the original on 2017-06-22. Retrieved 2015-07-23.
  329. Esther Clenott, former Portland mayor, dies at 91
  330. Passing of Sir Harold Knight KBE DSC
  331. Leonard Matarazzo
  332. Pop Culture Artist Earl Norem Passes
  333. Rondal Partridge, noted black-and-white photographer, dies
  334. BJP MLA Tukoji Puar dies of cardiac arrest
  335. Former NCSU Chancellor Bruce Poulton dies at 88
  336. Vale Paul Quinn
  337. Venkoba Rao
  338. James Salter, a ‘Writer’s Writer’ Short on Sales but Long on Acclaim, Dies at 90
  339. Tieli Xie (1925–2015)
  340. Robert K. Abbett Obituary
  341. Former Chancellor William B. Aycock '37 Dies at 99
  342. Our hearts are broken at the tragic loss of our friend Bob Barry, Jr.
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  345. JoAnn Dean Killingsworth dies at 91; Disneyland's first Snow White
  346. Décès de François Delapierre, proche de Mélenchon (in French)
  347. Obituary: NYC Street Photographer Harold Feinstein, 84
  348. Elson Floyd, WSU president, dies at 59
  349. Former Longtime ND Lawmaker Dies In Tractor Accident
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  357. Child Actor Anthony Sydes Dies at 74
  358. People's champion sprinter Takeover Target dies
  359. Nanette Stacy Waddy, AC, MBE, MB BS, MD(Honoris Causa), FRANZCP
  360. Artist and former MP dies aged 88
  361. Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Tseng passes away at 60
  362. Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer Cora Combs Dies at the Age of 92
  363. Asesinan al "Dinamita" Estrada (in Spanish)
  364. Suomalaisräppäri Ezkimo on kuollut (in Finnish)
  365. Dave Godfrey, Governor General’s Literary Award winner and co-founder of House of Anansi Press, dies
  366. MLB Network analyst, former player Darryl Hamilton killed in domestic shooting near Houston
  367. Obituary John P. Hoerr / Writer chronicled decline of steel industry
  368. Former state lawmaker, Roger Ishee, dead at 85
  369. Tony Longo Dies: Veteran Character Actor Was 53
  370. Finland mourns author Veijo Meri
  371. Morto Remo Remotti, il poeta di Roma se ne va a 90 anni (in Italian)
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  374. Gunther Schuller Dies at 89; Composer Synthesized Classical and Jazz
  375. Lynn Steen
  376. Britain's heaviest man dies aged 33
  377. Suri Arved Viirlaid (in Estonian)
  378. Dick Warwick, member of the 1955 Vees, successfully battled many challenges in life
  379. Regional Councillor Wayne Wettlaufer dies at 71
  380. Jules Wright First resident female director at the Royal Court who went on to become the visionary creator of the Wapping Project
  381. Italian actress Laura Antonelli dead
  382. Norman Berryman dies of heart attack aged 42
  383. Morre Carlinhos, ídolo como jogador e técnico do Flamengo (in Portuguese)
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  390. Albert Evans, New York City Ballet star, dies after short illness [ permanent dead link ]
  391. Donald Featherstone, creator of plastic pink flamingo, dies aged 79
  392. James Horner, Film Composer for 'Titanic' and 'Braveheart,' Dies in Plane Crash
  393. Decomposed Body Of Kidnapped FUTA VC Found Inside Own Compound In Akure
  394. Inge Ivarson Archived 2016-03-06 at the Wayback Machine (in Swedish)
  395. Скончалась первая в истории СССР олимпийская чемпионка зимних Игр Любовь Баранова-Козырева (in Russian)
  396. David Edward Kyvig, former Muskegon resident and prolific scholar, has died
  397. Knoxville native WWE wrestler Buddy Landel dies
  398. Donald Gardiner MacLeod
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  406. Sanjeevani actor Sanjeet Bedi dies following a brain ailment
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  408. Sharon Bryant, first woman chief of Monacan tribe, dies of cancer
  409. Marujita Diaz: Singer and actress whose sentimental patriotism saw her promoted by Franco as a representative of the ideal Spain
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  411. Former Argos coach, GM Tommy Hudspeth passes away at the age of 83
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  419. Montreal city councillor Domenico Moschella has died
  420. Nagaoka, illustrator for Earth, Wind & Fire, other bands, dies at 78
  421. Magali Noel
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  424. Harvey Pollack, last original employee of NBA's 1st season, dies
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  427. Tom Stagg, top area U.S. judge, dies
  428. Dick Van Patten, Who Starred in Eight Is Enough and The Love Boat, Dies at 86
  429. Former school inspector Woodhead dies
  430. Cantor Cristiano Araújo morre após acidente de carro em GO, diz hospital (in Portuguese)
  431. BJP MP Dileep Singh Bhuria, 71, is dead
  432. Mario Biaggi, 97, Dies; 10-Term Bronx Congressman Who Went to Prison
  433. Walter Browne dies in his sleep at 66
  434. Chicago Education Pioneer Marva Collins, 78, Dies
  435. Korean American icon Susan Ahn Cuddy dies aged 100
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  452. Legendary Ghazal singer Vithal Rao dead
  453. Vancouver writer and activist fought for justice, decency
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  457. Bishop Whitaker Dead at 88
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  460. Roger Bordier, mort d’un écrivain engagé (in French)
  461. Liverpool-born footballer Larry Carberry dies aged 79
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  472. Renowned sculptor Shiv Singh no more
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  474. Veteran Comedy Writer Chris Thompson Dies On Eve Of Comeback Bid
  475. Ex-Birmingham City player Denis Thwaites and his wife confirmed dead in Tunisian terror attacks
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  478. Jane Aaron, Filmmaker Whose Animation Sprouted on ‘Sesame Street,’ Dies at 67
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  489. Pete Athas, who played in NFL and UT freshman team, dies at 67
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  496. Louis Norberg Howard, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  497. Thomas Kennedy, state senator from Brockton, dies at 63
  498. Joe Lobenstein MBE: Diane Abbott leads tributes to Orthodox Jewish community stalwart, dead at 88
  499. Former broadcaster Liam Ó Murchú dies aged 86
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  501. Movie Star Walrus Sivuqaq Dies at 21
  502. Rally Driver Dies, Co-Driver Injured after Heavy Crash Near Bulgaria's Tvarditsa
  503. Wally Stanowski, last link to Leafs’ 1940s Stanley Cup wins, dies at 96
  504. Ben J. Wattenberg, writer and television commentator, dies at 81
  505. Bart Williams, Character Actor on Stage and Screen, Dies at 65
  506. Egypt public prosecutor dies of wounds sustained in Cairo bomb attack
  507. Forrest Behm
  508. OBITUARY Helge Ole Bergesen Archived 2015-09-05 at the Wayback Machine
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  520. Former ISU basketball player Jackson Vroman found dead at Calif. home
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  522. Edward Burnham 1916-2015
  523. AdaCore President Robert B. K. Dewar (1945-2015)
  524. Charles Harbutt, Photojournalist With an Eye for Art, Dies at 79
  525. Ronald Kissell
  526. Eddy Louiss, French Jazz Organist, Dead at 74
  527. Visionary technocrat K P P Nambiar dies at 86 in Bangalore
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  529. Arthur Porter, ex-McGill hospital administrator accused of taking $11.25M in kickbacks, dies in Panama
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  532. Statement of Iranian Studies Researchers and Academics Regarding the Passing of Dr. Khosrow Shakeri (Cosroe Chaqueri)