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April 2018


Amsale Aberra was an Ethiopian American fashion designer and entrepreneur. Her main field of design was in couture wedding gowns, and her flagship store is located on Madison Avenue in New York City. In addition to her flagship location, her gowns are also sold at fine bridal boutiques such as Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. She was a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and a Trustee of the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Françoise Adret was a French ballet dancer, teacher, choreographer, and company director.

Bob Beattie (skiing) Skiing coach, television commentator

Robert Prime Beattie was an American skiing coach, skiing promoter and commentator for ABC Sports and ESPN. He was head coach of the U.S. Ski Team from 1961 to 1969 and co-founded the Alpine Skiing World Cup in 1966. His work as a ski-racing commentator for ABC included four Winter Olympic Games, from 1976 through 1988.


Susan Anspach stage and film actress from the United States

Susan Florence Anspach was an American stage, film and television actress, who was best known for her roles in films during the 1970s and 1980s such as Five Easy Pieces (1970), Play It Again, Sam (1972), Blume in Love (1973), Montenegro (1981), Blue Monkey (1987), and Blood Red (1989).

<i>Five Easy Pieces</i> 1970 film by Bob Rafelson

Five Easy Pieces is a 1970 American drama film written by Carole Eastman and Bob Rafelson, and directed by Rafelson. The film stars Jack Nicholson, with Karen Black, Susan Anspach, Ralph Waite, and Sally Struthers in supporting roles.

<i>Play It Again, Sam</i> (film) 1972 film by Herbert Ross

Play It Again, Sam is a 1972 American comedy film written by and starring Woody Allen, based on his 1969 Broadway play. The film was directed by Herbert Ross, which is unusual for Allen, who usually directs his own written work.


Bujari Uld Ahmed Uld Barical-la, known as Bujari Ahmed or Boukhari Ahmed, was an intellectual, politician and Saharawi diplomat and from 1992 until his death in 2018 representative of the Polisario Front at the UN. He was a member of his National Secretariat and considered one of the most important Sahrawi negotiators in the history of the independence movement. He participated in the negotiations with Morocco after the ceasefire under the auspices of the United Nations in 1991. In 1978 he was the first representative of the Polisario Front in Spain.

Sahrawi nationalism

Sahrawi nationalism is a political ideology that seeks self-determination of the Sahrawi people, the indigenous population of Western Sahara. It has historically been represented by the Polisario Front. It came as a reaction against Spanish colonialist policies imposed from 1958 on, and subsequently in reaction to Mauritanian and Moroccan invasions of 1975.

United Nations Intergovernmental organization

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization tasked with maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, achieving international co-operation, and being a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations. It was established after World War II, with the aim of preventing future wars, and succeeded the ineffective League of Nations. Its headquarters, which are subject to extraterritoriality, are in Manhattan, New York City, and it has other main offices in Geneva, Nairobi, Vienna and The Hague. The organization is financed by assessed and voluntary contributions from its member states. Its objectives include maintaining international peace and security, protecting human rights, delivering humanitarian aid, promoting sustainable development, and upholding international law. The UN is the largest, most familiar, most internationally represented and most powerful intergovernmental organization in the world. At its founding, the UN had 51 member states; there are now 193.


Ignatius Peter VIII Abdalahad was patriarch of Antioch and all the East of the Syriac Catholic Church. He served as patriarch from 2001 to 2008, when he resigned and retired.

Syriac Catholic Church

The Syriac Catholic Church, also known as Syriac Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch, is an Eastern Catholic Christian Church in the Levant that uses the West Syriac Rite liturgy and has many practices and rites in common with the Syriac Orthodox Church. Being one of the twenty-three Eastern Catholic Churches, the Syriac Catholic Church has full autonomy and is a self-governed sui iuris Church while it is in full communion with the Holy See of Rome. The Syriac Catholic Church traces its history to the earliest days of Christianity. After the Calcedonian Schism the Church of Antioch became part of Oriental Orthodoxy, and was known as the Syriac Orthodox Church, while a new Antiochian Patriarchate was established to fill its place by the churches which accepted the Council of Calcedon. The Syriac Orthodox Church came into full communion with the Holy See and the modern Syriac Orthodox Church is a result of those that did not want to join the Catholic Church. Therefore the Syriac Catholic Church is the continuation of the original Church of Antioch.

Syriac Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch Wikimedia list article

This is a list of Syriac Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch. They are head of the Syriac Catholic Church, one of the Eastern Catholic Churches in union with Rome since 1783.


Yuriy Abramochkin russian photographer

Yuriy Vasilyevich Abramochkin was a Soviet and Russian photographer and photojournalist.

Grady Alderman was an American football player and executive. He played professionally as an offensive tackle for 16 seasons in the National Football League (NFL), mostly with the Minnesota Vikings.

Minnesota Vikings National Football League franchise in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Minnesota Vikings are a professional American football team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings joined the National Football League (NFL) as an expansion team in 1960, and first took the field for the 1961 season. The team competes in the National Football Conference (NFC) North division.


























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  1. Bridal Designer and Amsale Group Founder Amsale Aberra, 64, Dies
  2. Mort de Françoise Adret, directrice historique du Ballet de l’Opéra (in French)
  3. Bob Beattie, pioneer of Alpine World Cup circuit, dies in Colorado
  4. Steven Bochco, Creative Force Behind 'Hill Street Blues,' 'L.A. Law' and 'NYPD Blue,' Dies at 74
  5. SA Film Corp founder Gil Brealey dies
  6. Archbishop Ricardo Pedro Chaves Pinto Filho, O. Praem.
  7. Former Edinboro U president Diebold dies
  8. Digby
  9. Gabriel Dover obituary (subscription required)
  10. Obituary: Robert F. Gatje, 1927-2018
  11. Zmarł prof. Kazimierz Gierżod. Pianista i pedagog muzyczny (in Polish)
  12. Angolan politician Jaka Jamba dies
  13. Elhunyt Keserű Jánosné (in Hungarian)
  14. Chicago Cabaret and Jazz Legend Audrey Morris Dies at 89
  15. Brian Moynahan obituary
  16. Ушел из жизни бывший ректор НГУ Владимир Накоряков (in Russian)
  17. Ex-minister Newman dies after long illness
  18. Former President and player John Pretlove dies
  19. Film director C.V. Rajendran passes away
  20. Efraín Ríos Montt, Guatemalan Dictator Convicted of Genocide, Dies at 91
  21. Former IDF Chief Rabbi Avichai Rontzki Dead at 66
  22. Décès de Michel Sénéchal (in French)
  23. Ruth Nussenzweig, precursora no estudo da vacina contra a malária, morre aos 89 (in Portuguese)
  24. Luto en el periodismo deportivo peruano : falleció el reconocido Efraín Trelles Aréstegui (in Spanish)
  25. Julia Vargas-Weise, el adiós a un símbolo boliviano de la fotografía {{es icon]]
  26. Susan Anspach, 75, Dies; Daring Actress in Maverick Films
  27. Clyde Billington Jr.
  28. P.L. Thibaut Brian, professor emeritus of chemical engineering, dies at 87
  29. Alton Ford, former player for Milby, UH, Rockets, dies at 36
  30. Morris Halle, 23 July 1923 - 2 April 2018
  31. Zum Tod von Dr. Claus Heß (in German)
  32. Legendarische waterpolokeeper Evert Kroon (71) overleden (in Dutch)
  33. Member of Council of Deputies mourned
  34. Veteran White House reporter Connie Lawn dies aged 73
  35. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela: Anti-apartheid campaigner dies at 81
  36. “Bubu Music” Pioneer Janka Nabay Has Died
  37. Cameroun: L’ancien Lion Indomptable Onana Eloundou Elie est mort (in French)
  38. Former Northern Michigan University football coach Bill Rademacher dies at 75
  39. "Laura S. Roslof". Archived from the original on April 5, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2018.
  40. Puerto Rico lamenta la partida de José “Fufi” Santori (in Spanish)
  41. Paul Sinibaldi, ancienne star du Stade de Reims, est mort (in French)
  42. Honoring Burton Smith, a creative visionary in computing
  43. Renowned Egyptian Author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik Dies at 55
  44. Founding Father of Coastal Planning Dies at Age 92
  45. 俳優・内田稔さんが死去 91歳 NHK大河や「暴れん坊将軍」に出演 (in Japanese)
  46. Spotlight: Obituary - Bhai Vaidya
  47. Renowned actress Velga Vīlipa dies at the age of 78
  48. Muere Ahmed Bujari, el alma de la diplomacia saharaui (in Spanish)
  49. Ronald Dunbar, 78, Producer and Grammy-Winning Songwriter, Dies
  50. David R. Edgerton Jr.
  51. Obituary: David Foulis, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Statistics
  52. Property icon Pam Golding dies
  53. Eugene Grant, mogul and longtime owner of St. John’s Terminal, dies at 99
  54. Mary Hatcher, Mickey Rooney's Co-Star in 'The Big Wheel,' Dies at 88
  55. "Ex-Bears line coach Haupt passes away". Archived from the original on May 11, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2018.
  56. 五六十年代“忧郁小生” 85岁雷震逝世 (in Chinese)
  57. Lill-Babs är död efter kort tids sjukdom – blev 80 år gammal (in Swedish)
  58. "Hashem Mahameed, former Israeli MK, dies at 73". Archived from the original on June 4, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2018.
  59. Stuart Matchett, played a pivotal role in public broadcasting
  60. Charles Frederick McDew
  61. È morto Arrigo Petacco. Giornalista e saggista, con la tv portò la Storia nelle case degli italiani (in Italian)
  62. "Mademoiselle" Irma Rapuzzi s'en est allée à 108 ans (in French)
  63. Mort de l’archéologue Jacques Tixier (in French)
  64. Former featherweight contender Tomas Villa passes
  65. Patriarch Ignace Pierre VIII (Grégoire) Abdel-Ahad
  66. MP Andres Ammas dies at 56
  67. David Bonetti, former SF Examiner art critic, dies
  68. Burt Boyar
  69. Dean Martin Fan Center News
  70. Tributes Pour In For Elton Georges
  71. Celebrating The Life Of Harlem’s Gertrude Hadley Jeannette
  72. 李铮友同志逝世 (in Chinese)
  73. Professor John Lynch
  74. Pioneer missionary bishop Shannon Mallory dies after Leukaemia illness
  75. B.C.'s first environment minister, Jim Nielsen, dead at 79
  76. Soon-Tek Oh, 'Mulan' and 'Man With the Golden Gun' Actor, Dies at 85
  77. 'I can’t imagine my life without him,' says Tina Boileau after the death of son Jonathan Pitre
  78. Obituary Stuart Pottasch
  79. Prabhakar Raobail passes away
  80. Умер скульптор Леонид Соков (in Russian)
  81. Former pro wrestler Johnny Valiant hit, killed by truck on McKnight Road
  82. L’ancien ministre Clément Vincent rend l’âme (in French)
  83. Ron White
  84. Former England captain, Ray Wilkins, dies after heart attack aged 61
  85. Человек с фотоаппаратом: умер Юрий Абрамочкин (in Russian)
  86. Original Viking & 1 of '50 Greatest' Grady Alderman Passes Away
  87. Eric Bristow Passes Away
  88. Fr George Brianchaninov
  89. Cynthia Chalk nee Jennings 19132018
  90. Charles de Chassiron obituary
  91. Geoffrey M. Footner, a Baltimore shipping executive and author who wrote about historic Chesapeake Bay vessels
  92. "Ur-Heidelberger" aus der Ziegelgasse blieb seinem HCH treu (in German)
  93. Reklamlegendaren Lars Hall död (in Swedish)
  94. Malayalam actor Kollam Ajith dies
  95. Obituary of Timothy J. O’Connor
  96. Bolette Merete Petri (in Danish)
  97. Preminuo legendarni rukometaš i trener Branislav Pokrajac (in Croatian)
  98. Civil rights leader F.D. Reese dies at 88
  99. Indigenous environmental activist killed in Burma
  100. Remembering Mete Sözen (1930-2018)
  101. Studio Ghibli Co-Founder Isao Takahata Dies at 82
  102. Cecil Taylor, free jazz pioneer, dies age 89
  103. Muere a los 74 años exministro de Defensa Jaime Thorne (in Spanish)
  104. Умерла поэт и переводчица Ирина Токмакова (in Russian)
  105. Oud-topzwemster Raymonda Vergauwen uit Sas van Gent overleden (in Dutch)
  106. Akaka, the quiet statesman who believed in the power of aloha, dies at 93
  107. Renowned Novelist Daniel Chavarria Passes Away at 84
  108. Dorothy Garlock, author who preferred Clear Lake to New York, dies
  109. Billy Gustafsson (S) (in Swedish)
  110. Le chanteur Jacques Higelin est décédé (in French)
  111. Sholay actor Raj Kishore dies of heart attack
  112. Ушел титан. В Гродно скончался знаменитый тяжелоатлет Александр Курлович (in Russian)
  114. Modern dance pioneer Donald McKayle dies at 87
  115. Norman Colin McLeod
  116. Israel to investigate killing of Palestinian journalist
  117. Pavol Paška dies
  118. Morreu Acácio Magro, ex-ministro do Comércio de Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo (in Portuguese)
  119. Henryk Skolimowski
  120. SAG-AFTRA-Special Edition 2019, In Memoriam
  121. Escritora Edla Van Steen morre aos 82 anos (in Portuguese)
  122. Muere el ex olímpico juarense Urbano Zea Jr. (in Spanish)
  123. Olympiasiegerin Brigitte Ahrenholz ist tot (in German)
  124. 中国工程院院士、山东大学终身教授艾兴逝世,享年95岁 (in Chinese)
  125. Farewell Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis 1936 – 2018
  126. Gerald Ayres, Producer of 'The Last Detail' and 'Cisco Pike,' Dies at 82
  127. Noted Assamese film-maker Munin Barua passes away
  128. John D. Biggers
  129. Ушел из жизни Герой Советского Союза Петр Евсеевич Брайко (in Russian)
  130. Petr Cerny
  131. Nobelpreisträger Peter Grünberg gestorben (in German)
  132. Gerd Honsik Ist Tot (in German)
  133. 山东省人大常委会原主任、党组原书记李振逝世,享年94岁 (in Chinese)
  134. Seattle civil-rights leader Rev. Dr. Samuel B. McKinney dies at 91
  135. Muere don Ángel Peralta, el Centauro de las Marismas (in Spanish)
  136. Preminuo veliki hrvatski glumac Božidar Smiljanić (in Croatian)
  137. 摄影师汪芜生辞世,一生执着于“黑白黄山” (in Chinese)
  138. ლეილა აბაშიძე გარდაიცვალა (in Georgian)
  139. Vale Tate Adams: Godfather of Australian Printmaking
  140. Morreu António Barros (in Portuguese)
  141. In memoriam: William S. Beinecke ’36, supported life and learning at Yale
  142. Obituary: Nathan Davis / Pioneer in jazz education
  143. Paris-Roubaix: Michael Goolaerts dies after crash
  144. Zomrel Juraj Herz, režisér jedného z najlepších československých filmov Spalovač mrtvol (in Slovak)
  145. Ve 49 letech zemřela česká olympionička Horáčková (in Czech)
  146. Ecuador pierde a Efraín Jara Idrovo, el poeta de la existencia (in Spanish)
  147. Умер создатель «гравицапы» (in Russian)
  148. 61-aastasena suri kahevõistleja Fjodor Koltšin (in Estonian)
  149. Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Le Cheminant dies at 97
  150. André Lerond, ancien capitaine de Lyon et de l'équipe de France, est mort (in French)
  151. Chuck McCann, Comic Actor and Popular Kids TV Host, Dies at 83
  152. Former Bears and White Sox announcer Joe McConnell dies at 79
  153. John Miles: Remembering a man with a diverse set of skills
  154. Kronbloms tecknare är död – blev 84 år (in Swedish)
  155. Guy Lyon Playfair (1935 – 2018) – Obituary Notice
  156. Fallece Óscar Saavedra, prestigioso científico boliviano (in Spanish)
  157. 「台灣指揮教父」陳秋盛辭世 享壽76歲 (in Chinese)
  158. Descoteaux, Pierre (in French)
  159. Obituary: Liam Devally
  160. Barney Ebsworth, entrepreneur and art collector, dies
  161. Jonathan Hess, distinguished professor of Jewish history at UNC, dies
  162. Дархан аварга Жигжидийн Мөнхбат минь тайван нойрс доо... Archived May 14, 2018, at the Wayback Machine (in Mongolian)
  163. Writer & Journalist Ira Philip Passes Away
  164. Dual King George hero Silviniaco Conti dies after team chasing accident
  165. Kimberly Gray Smith
  166. Bishop Felipe Tejeda García, M.Sp.S.
  167. W1A actor took his own life in South Norwood hours before he was due on stage
  168. Indonesian arts and literature scene mourns passing of Danarto
  169. John Dlugos
  170. Mort du dessinateur F’murr, l’auteur de la BD « Génie des alpages » (in French)
  171. Samir Gharbo
  172. Zomrel dirigent z Guinnessovej knihy rekordov (in Slovak)
  173. Andrzej Krajewski
  174. John Lambie
  175. 电视剧《金粉世家》导演李大为去世,年仅47岁 (in Chinese)
  176. 开国少将李耀文逝世 享年100岁 (in Chinese)
  177. Jean Marzollo, Children’s Book Author, Dies at Age 75
  178. Poet, librettist, and longtime Yale Review editor J.D. McClatchy
  179. Former All Black Fergie McCormick dies aged 78
  180. Muth, Urban Economics Pioneer and Former Emory Economics Chair, Dies at 90
  181. Alastair James Carl Euan Rellie
  182. Matthew Stark, former head of Minnesota ACLU, dies at 88
  183. Sauro Tomà: si è spento a 92 anni l'ultimo superstite del grande Torino (in Italian)
  184. 深圳第一任市委书记吴南生逝世 享年96岁 (in Chinese)
  185. 追记红旗渠总设计师杨贵:离休10年后中央批准其升副部长级 (in Chinese)
  186. British abstract artist Gillian Ayres dies aged 88
  187. Jim 'The Jazz' Caine passes away
  188. Karen Dawisha, 68, Dies; Traced Roots of Russian Corruption
  189. SAG-AFTRA In Memoriam
  190. Jumana El-Husseini (in French)
  191. 沉痛哀悼!我国战机隐身技术之父李天逝世 (in Chinese)
  192. Fallece exsenador Jorge Lozada Stanbury (in Spanish)
  193. Bob Matthews: Eight-time Paralympic champion dies at the age of 56
  194. Beloved humor, outdoors writer Patrick McManus dies at age 84
  195. Rochester basketball icon Mauro Panaggio dies
  196. Photographic artist Polixeni Papapetrou dies aged 57
  197. "Phillip Patrick Gerald Pipersburg Sr". Archived from the original on November 29, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2018.
  198. Theo Ramos, Spanish portrait painter, Anglophile and bon vivant – obituary
  199. Décès de Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber, ancien résistant et figure discrète de la dynastie (in French)
  200. Comedy Store Owner Mitzi Shore Dead at 87
  201. Politician Zola Skweyiya dies
  202. Actrița Carmen Stănescu a murit (in Romanian)
  203. Alexander Welsh, preeminent scholar of British prose
  204. Kevin David Wortman
  205. Na gitare hrával od 15 rokov: Zomrel špičkový maďarský hudobník Gyula Babos († 68) (in Slovak)
  206. Heinrich Brändli (in German)
  207. E' morto Giuliano Cenci, uno dei papà di Carosello (in Italian)
  208. City Obituary – Old Delhi's Living Encyclopedia, Naseem Mirza Changezi, dies at 108, 1910-2018
  209. "Ronald Chesney obituary"
  210. RIP Deborah Coleman 10/3/56-4/12/18
  211. Devlin
  212. Pianist Irwin Gage gestorben (in German)
  213. Murió el exgobernador de San Juan Carlos Enrique Gómez Centurión (in Spanish)
  214. 原地质调查所新生代研究室元老胡承志先生逝世 Archived April 18, 2018, at the Wayback Machine (in Chinese)
  215. Rabbi Rafael Grossman, who strengthened Jewish life in the South, dies at 84
  216. Sliding guitar gently weeps
  217. Mirė signataras Juozas Karvelis (in Lithuanian)
  218. 武田清子さん死去 国際基督教大名誉教授
  219. Preminuo potpredsednik SRS Zoran Krasić (in Serbian)
  220. Alan Lloyd
  221. Lawyer Oliver Lozano passes away at 77
  222. Nestor Mata, veteran journalist, dies at 92
  223. "Former US Sen. John Melcher of Montana dies at 93". Archived from the original on April 14, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2018.
  224. Obituary: Neil Nugent
  225. Leonard Joseph Okrie
  226. Bob Pickens, former Bear who was among first black Olympic wrestlers, dead at 75
  227. Muere el escritor mexicano Sergio Pitol a los 85 años (in Spanish)
  228. Leading elephant conservationist Daphne Sheldrick dies at 83
  229. Prayer meeting Dr Yogesh Atal ad
  230. Radio host Art Bell dies at 72 in Pahrump home
  231. Odszedł Zbigniew Bujarski (in Polish)
  232. Morto Cesarino Cervellati, instancabile ala e allenatore del Bologna (in Italian)
  233. Obituary: RIP Ron Cooper, a Peterborough United FA Cup hero
  234. Barrie Dexter: diplomat and pioneer in Aboriginal affairs
  235. J. Harold Ellens
  236. Rheingau Musik Festival: Mitgründer Fink gestorben (in German)
  237. Miloš Forman, Oscar-winning Czech director of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,' dies at 86
  238. Joy Laville, la pintora mexicana que vino de Inglaterra (in Spanish)
  239. André Maman, professor of Romance languages and literatures and Princeton’s ‘French national hero,’ dies at 90
  240. Veteran Writer William Nack Dies
  241. Professor T Subba Rao (1942-2018)
  242. Fallece la exsenadora cacereña Lidia Redondo (in Spanish)
  243. Rowell, Marcus Hosking (Marc)
  244. Clive Stanbrook OBE QC
  245. Muere senador conservador Fernando Tamayo (in Spanish)
  246. Louisiana PR Legend Weill Dies
  247. Rajendra Bhalekar
  248. Addio a Isabella Biagini, da Antonioni al varietà (in Italian)
  249. Legendary fielder Colin Bland dies aged 80
  250. Frank Desmond Bren
  251. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Lawyer Dies by Setting Himself on Fire in Park
  252. Former Tennessee Lady Vols basketball star Daedra Charles-Furlow dies at 49
  253. 76ers’ leading scorer, Hall of Famer Hal Greer dies at 81
  254. Obituary: Sam Hamill, Co-Founder of Copper Canyon Press
  255. Iconic Special Forces Maj. Gen. 'Iron Mike' Healy dies at 91
  256. Robert Holmes
  257. Noted artist Ram Kumar passes away
  258. Jean-Claude Malgoire, roy de la musique, est mort (in French)
  259. Jon Michelet er død (in Norwegian)
  260. Gerald Nachman, former SF Chronicle critic and noted author, dies
  261. Roger G. Newton
  262. RIP Stan Reynolds (1926-2018)
  263. Fallece Armando Lenin Salgado, fotógrafo del ‘halconazo’ de 1971 (in Spanish)
  264. Culture stars who died in 2018: from Choi Eun-hee to Dale Winton (subscription required)
  265. Kirk Simon, Oscar-Winning Documentarian, Dies at 63
  266. André Sterling (in French)
  267. Judge Hadassa Ben-Ato passes away at 91
  268. In memoriam: Bob Braden, legendary internet pioneer and ISI fellow emeritus
  269. Murió Mons. Rinaldo Bredice, obispo emérito de Santa Rosa (in Spanish)
  270. Philip D’Antoni, ‘The French Connection’ Producer, Dies at 89
  271. Former Chief Justice Frank Drowota dies
  272. R. Lee Ermey, Golden Globe Nominee for 'Full Metal Jacket,' Dies at 74
  273. Obituary for Michael Halliday
  274. Beatrix Hamburg, adolescent psychiatrist who advanced concept of peer counseling, dies at 94
  275. Luise Hercus
  276. Newburgh Mayor Judy Kennedy dies
  277. Kenya: Multiparty Hero Kenneth Matiba Dies at Karen Hospital
  278. Preminuo Boki Milošević: Odlazak velikog majstora klarineta (in Bosnian)
  279. Muere la primera mujer que fue presidenta del Tribunal Supremo de Puerto Rico (in Spanish)
  280. George F. Oster
  281. Morto l'ex senatore Domenico Pittella (in Italian)
  282. Former Lt. Gov. Edward 'Eddie' Diego Reyes dies
  283. Trailblazing Endocrinologist Neena Schwartz Dies
  284. पूर्व मंत्री डाक्टर वकार अहमद शाह का निधन (in Hindi)
  285. State assemblyman Frank Skartados dies
  286. Addio al regista Vittorio Taviani (in Italian)
  287. Morto Stefano Zappalà, tra i fondatori di Forza Italia (in Italian)
  288. Der Alte Mann und das Multiversum – Ein Nachruf auf H. Dieter Zeh (in German)
  289. Harry Anderson, ‘Night Court’ Star, Dies at 65
  290. Nachruf für Gustav Born (in German)
  291. Vic Bubas, who built Duke into powerhouse, dies at 91
  292. La despedida de Garavano a un represor (in Spanish)
  293. Actress Choi Eun-hee dies at 92
  294. A murit Florea Dumitrescu. Fostul guvernator BNR avea 91 de ani (in Romanian)
  295. Professor Sir Roger Elliott FRS
  296. Beverley Anne Farmer
  297. Colossal Loss: Giant's Causeway Dies at 21
  298. Pamela Gidley, "Twin Peaks" prequel star, dead at 52: AP
  299. Earl B. Gustafson
  300. Kenneth Roger Hottman Obituary (1948 - 2018)
  301. Henri Landwirth, Give Kids the World founder, passes away at age 91
  302. Dona Ivone Lara morre no Rio (in Portuguese)
  303. 河北省政协原主席吕传赞逝世,享年86岁 (in Chinese)
  304. New Zealand speedway ace Ivan Mauger dies
  305. Banking heir Matthew Mellon dies in rehab facility
  306. Former minister Napsiah Omar dies at 74
  307. U. de Chile lamenta el fallecimiento de Alejandro Rojas, ex presidente de la FECh y diputado de la República (in Spanish)
  308. Cleveland's "Sax Man," Maurice Reedus Jr., dies at age 65
  309. Economista Paul Singer, fundador do PT, morre aos 86 anos (in Portuguese)
  310. In Memory of Lynn Stout
  311. Suri olümpiajooksja ja sporditegelane Rein Tölp (in Estonian)
  312. Martin J. Whitman, age 93, Founder of Third Avenue Management, Passes Away
  313. John Amirante, Rangers national anthem singer, dies at age 83
  314. Obituary - Rosemary Bamforth, Bletchley Park code breaker and pathologist
  315. 'We called him the King': Tributes as country singer Big Tom McBride dies aged 81
  316. Former US First Lady Barbara Bush dies at 92
  317. Featured obit: Writer drew acclaim for first novel at 46
  318. Voormalig topvoetballer Gerard Desanghere overleden (in Dutch)
  319. Ken Dolan, TV/Radio Financial Talker, Dies At 75
  320. Longtime Pacific basketball coach dies at 78
  321. Bishop David Edward Foley
  322. The musician Piero Francesco Guidi 1949 – 2018
  323. Marcia Hafif, California artist who found her calling in Italy, has died, aged 89
  324. NPR Newscaster Carl Kasell Dies At 84, After A Lifelong Career On-Air
  325. G30S/PKI Star Amoroso Katamsi Dies at 77
  326. Nils Malmer (in Swedish)
  327. Richard Oldenburg, Who Led MoMA’s Expansion and Drew Crowds, Dies at 84
  328. Civil rights activist, former Secretary of State Vel Phillips dies
  329. Archbishop Philibert Randriambololona, S.J.
  330. Prof. Karl Rawer (in German)
  331. Capriolus: Révész, Judith
  332. Award Winning Randy Scruggs Passes
  333. Veteran journalist TVR Shenoy passes away in Mangaluru
  334. Maurice Sion
  335. In Memoriam: Karl W. Böer
  336. Court Mourns the Loss of Judge Robert F. Chapman
  337. Obituary: Kevin Colson – ‘Tony award-nominated for Aspects of Love’
  338. Disparition de l'historien médiéviste Jean Flori (in French)
  339. Скончался легендарный украинский спортсмен (in Russian)
  340. Assemblyman Jerry Green of Plainfield has died
  341. Former Stranahan, MLB pitcher John Hope dies at 47
  342. "No. 1" Paul Jones was a beloved hero, hated heel
  343. Joan Konner Dies: Award-Winning TV Producer, Columbia School Of Journalism Dean Was 87
  344. Fallece la expresidenta de la Diputación de Alicante Luisa Pastor (PP) (in Spanish)
  345. Eminent Historian Howard Sachar Passes Away At Home At 90
  346. Bruno Sammartino, Durable Champ in WWE Hall of Fame, Dies at 82
  347. La famille formidable est en deuil (in French)
  348. Der Kunstlehrer (in German)
  349. Oud-Feyenoorder Henk Schouten overleden (in Dutch)
  350. James O. Whelan, Jr.
  351. Jeanne Wilson Vaughan
  352. Dale Winton, Supermarket Sweep presenter, dies aged 62
  353. Murió la compositora Graciela Agudelo (in Spanish)
  354. Stanford microbiologist Allan Campbell dies at 88
  355. Zemřel alpský lyžař a olympionik Evžen Čermák (in Czech)
  356. BJP MLA Dharam Pal dies
  357. Death of a music legend from Harrogate
  358. John Brown Duffie
  359. Sports broadcaster Darrell Eastlake dies
  360. Arnold Eidslott er død (in Norwegian)
  361. SAG-AFTRA Summer 2018 In Memoriam
  362. Suri Tallinna ja kogu Eesti metropoliit Kornelius (in Estonian)
  363. Bishop Zacharias Cenita Jimenez
  364. Demise of former Manipur Minister Soso Lorho condoled
  365. Ушёл из жизни дважды Герой Советского Союза, лётчик-космонавт СССР Владимир Афанасьевич Ляхов (in Russian)
  366. Muere Pepe Mediavilla, la voz de Morgan Freeman y del doctor Spock (in Spanish)
  367. Muere Luis Montes, el anestesista que en 2005 fue investigado por 'mala praxis' en las sedaciones a pacientes terminales (in Spanish)
  368. Alabama Executes Mail Bomber, 83, the Oldest Inmate Put to Death in Modern Era
  369. Wir trauern um unser langjähriges renommiertes Mitglied, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Herbert Pilch (in German)
  370. Yemen war: Houthi political leader 'killed in air raid'
  371. Gil Santos, Legendary Voice Of The New England Patriots, Dies At 80
  372. Dieppe : héroïne de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, sœur Agnès-Marie s'est éteinte à 103 ans (in French)
  373. Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara
  374. George J. Alusik
  375. Inside Avicii's Final Days
  376. Roy Bentley dead: Tributes paid to Chelsea legend who was club's first ever trophy-winning captain
  377. Former Pools keeper passes away aged 61
  378. Former Ohio State Football Coach Earl Bruce dies
  379. Filipino Olympian boxer dies in motorcycle accident
  380. Khurshid Drabu obituary
  381. Muere Pedro Erquicia, histórico periodista de TVE, a los 75 años (in Spanish)
  382. Middlesex mourns the passing of former player and president Bob Gale
  383. Baroness Gibson of Market Rasen
  384. Baringo MP, Grace Kipchoim, dies after long battle with cancer
  385. South Sudan army chief James Ajongo dies in Cairo
  386. 天津原代理书记、市长聂璧初病逝 (in Chinese)
  387. John Petercuskie 1925 ∼ 2018
  388. Former Delhi High Court Chief Justice Rajinder Sachar passes away
  389. James Franklin "Jim" Sirmons
  390. John Stride, actor - obituary (subscription required)
  391. Zemřel básník Pavel Šrut, autor textu Koleje Yesterday či Lichožroutů (in Czech)
  392. 8-term Washington congressman Al Swift dies at 82
  393. Former Docker Shane Yarran found dead in Seville Grove
  394. Charles Zwick, Who Balanced Budget Under Johnson, Dies at 91
  395. Gunmen shoot dead Palestinian lecturer in Malaysia
  396. Ex-president Dr Iajuddin's wife Anwara Begum dies
  397. Odlazak arhitekte Zorana Bojovića (in Bosnian)
  398. Pierre Ceyrac (in French)
  399. Умерла актриса из фильма «Любовь и голуби» (in Russian)
  400. Ex-Hobbton, UNC football star Dee Hardison dies at 61
  401. Robert W. Kates
  402. Concarneau. Décès de l'auteur de romans policiers, Firmin Le Bourhis (in French)
  403. State Rep. Jim Miceli dies after collapsing at Little League event
  404. Former Wales head coach Les Pearce dies aged 94
  405. Desmond Saunders
  406. Cineasta Nelson Pereira dos Santos morre aos 89 anos (in Portuguese)
  407. World's oldest person, Nabi Tajima, dies in Japan at the age of 117
  408. Mort de la mezzo-soprano Huguette Tourangeau (in French)
  409. ‘Austin Powers’ Actor Verne Troyer Dies at 49
  410. Paul Younger, 1962-2018
  411. Kabul mourns loss of 'invincible hero' in suicide blast
  412. New Brunswick politician Keith Ashfield dead at 66
  413. Acclaimed film actor Demeter Bitenc dies
  414. Moroccan artist Wiam Dahmani dies at 34
  415. Stanford aero/astro professor Per Enge, expert in GPS, dies at 64
  416. Roy Haggerty – A Tribute
  417. Former A's owner Hofmann passes away
  418. Richard Jenrette, Co-Founder of DLJ Investment Bank, Dies at 89
  419. Rovers Mourn Jordan
  420. Нино Хурцидзе. 1975 - 2018 (in Russian)
  421. Davey Nelson, analyst for Brewers television crew and team alumni director, dies at 73
  422. Скончался профессор Иван Неумывакин (in Russian)
  423. Writer, Musicologist Balantrapu Rajanikantha Rao passes away
  424. Charles R. Rice
  425. Former Notre Dame Defensive Lineman, Kona Schwenke, Has Passed Away At 25
  426. Hoyt Patrick "Pat" Taylor Jr. (1924 - 2018)
  427. Ndërron jetën në moshën 91-vjeçare Liri Belishova (in Albanian)
  428. "ADC Mourns Passing of Don Bustany". Archived from the original on April 27, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2018.
  429. Former Clemson, Steelers great Bennie Cunningham dies from cancer
  430. Haddon Donald
  431. Bob Dorough, ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ Performer and Writer, Dies at 94
  432. Former mayor, MLA Hanson dies at 88
  433. 元佐賀県知事の井本勇さん死去 佐賀空港開港を推進 (in Japanese)
  434. ‘Iron Man’ Sachio Kinugasa dies at 71
  435. Памяти Геннадия Алексеевича Леонова (in Russian)
  436. Elhunyt Magyari Béla kiképzett űrhajós (in Hungarian)
  437. Irish priest, social entrepreneur McGlinchey dies
  438. Jerrold Meinwald, 2014 National Medal of Science winner, dies at 91
  439. Walter Mengden
  440. Alice Rose Provensen
  441. ‘WarGames’ Composer Arthur B. Rubinstein Dies at 80
  442. Former longtime RCC basketball coach Bob Schermerhorn dies at 75
  443. Mr. Arthur Eugene Simmons
  444. Remembering Doreen Simmons, May 29, 1932 – April 23, 2018
  445. ARTHUR SOLMSSEN (1928 - 2018) Obituary
  446. Edward William Tayler
  447. DOS-icoon Henk Temming (94) overleden (in Dutch)
  448. Zomrel Vladimír Weiss najstarší, zakladateľ silnej futbalovej dynastie VW (in Slovak)
  449. Barrie Williams dead at 79: Former Sutton United and England Women’s manager passes away in Spain
  450. Leland Yeager, R.I.P.
  451. Poet Belal Chowdhury dies at 80 after long battle with illness
  452. Έφυγε από τη ζωή ο Άγγελος Δεληβορριάς στα 81 του (in Greek)
  453. Sinclair designer Rick Dickinson sadly passes away
  454. Athletics partron Arthur Eustace dies
  455. Ha fallecido don Bittor Garaigordobil, el obispo que participó en el Vaticano II (in Spanish)
  456. A murit istoricul Dinu C. Giurescu (in Romanian)
  457. Lead Wa Wa Nee singer Paul Gray dies
  458. Christine Lorna Beckett
  459. French football 'colossus' Henri Michel dies
  460. Pushwagner – fra rennesteinen til Norges mest folkekjære kunststjerne (in Norwegian)
  461. Marvin Eugene Rackley
  462. Quentin Brian Sickels
  463. Emma Smith obituary
  464. La mort d’André Tarallo, ex-numéro 2 d’Elf (in French)
  465. In Memoriam: Susan Williams of Bodega Marine Lab
  466. Abbas 1944 – 2018
  467. "On 88 year of life has died the national actor of the USSR Shukrat Abbasov". Archived from the original on April 26, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2018.
  468. Former UN Chief, Adebayo Adedeji, Dies At 87
  469. Photographer Laura Aguilar, chronicler of the body and Chicano identity, dies at 58
  470. Michael Anderson obituary
  471. Rolla Leonard Anderson
  472. Dick Bate: 1946 - 2018
  473. William Brown
  474. Margo (Professor, Dr) Buchanan-Oliver
  475. Paul Carlin, postmaster general who fought his dismissal, dies at 86
  476. Muere el actor Gregorio Casal (in Spanish)
  477. American cyclist Jacquelyn Crowell passes away after battling brain tumour
  478. Edwards
  479. Madeeha Gauhar, Ajoka Theater founder, passes away
  480. Rabbi Yeshayahu Hadari passes away
  481. Trenerlegenden Bjørn Hansen er død: – En hedersmann med et stort hjerte (in Norwegian)
  482. Inuka, first polar bear born in the tropics, is put down
  483. Breaking Benjamin + My Chemical Romance Producer / Engineer Kato Khandwala Dies After Motorcycle Crash
  484. Bishop Hans-Reinhard Koch
  485. Jerry Larson, longest-serving Iowa Supreme Court justice, dies at 81
  486. PFT express their sadness at the passing of Edith MacArthur
  487. Steven Marcus (1928-2018)
  488. Morre Alberto Marsson, medalhista olímpico com seleção de basquete em 1948 (in Portuguese)
  489. Umrl je nekdanji hokejski zvezdnik Cveto Pretnar (in Slovene)
  490. Former MTSU men's basketball coach Bill Stokes dies
  491. Legendary playback singer MS Rajeswari passes away in Chennai
  492. Nellore ex-MLA Anam Vivekananda Reddy dies, funeral today
  493. Dr. Donald W. Seldin, ‘intellectual father’ of UT Southwestern, dies at 97
  494. L'ancien député des Hautes-Pyrénées et conseiller régional Jean Duprat est décédé (in French)
  495. A. Theodore Eastman, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, dies at 89
  496. Former Vermont Governor Philip Hoff Dies
  497. サッカー元日本代表監督の石井義信さん死去 86〜87年に指揮 (in Japanese)
  498. Former BNP minister M Shamsul Islam dies
  499. Murió el velocista olímpico venezolano Félix Mata (in Spanish)
  500. State Rep. McPherson dies of cancer
  501. Vale: David Mitchell
  502. "Charles Neville, smiling saxophonist of the Neville Brothers, dies at 79". Archived from the original on April 29, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2018.
  503. Utihnuo carski glas: Preminuo pevač narodne muzike Jordan Nikolić (in Croatian)
  504. In memoriam: Henk Numan (in Dutch)
  505. Murió la escritora Elvira Orphée, cultora de un renovado discurso poético (in Spanish)
  506. È morto Gianfranco Parolini, regista di peplum e spaghetti western (in Italian)
  507. Décès de Mgr Pierre Plateau, archevêque émérite de Bourges (in French)
  508. Donald Richard Whitton
  509. Trauer um Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zapf (in German)
  510. Alvaro Arzu, Who Signed Guatemala’s Peace Accord, Dies
  511. Actress Yukiji Asaoka dies at age 82
  512. Former Blackhawk Earl Balfour dies at age 85
  513. Torino, è morto Livio Besso Cordero, ex senatore dell'Ulivo (in Italian)
  514. Donald Keats
  515. В Ашхабаде скончалась Народная артистка СССР (in Russian)
  516. Former Woolworths CEO Michael Luscombe dies from rare brain disease
  517. Obituary: George Mulhall, Aberdeen and Sunderland striker who enjoyed successful managerial career
  518. Inside the Tragic Downfall of Kristin Harmon: Mark Harmon's Late Sister and Former Member of TV Royalty
  519. Muere el actor Juan Carlos Olivas "El Güero" en la serie "El Chapo" (in Spanish)
  520. ‘Golden Girls’ Producer Paul Junger Witt Dies at 77
  521. Im Memoriam: Bernard Woma
  522. Roy Young: ‘Britain’s Little Richard’ who played with Bowie and the Beatles – but turned down the offer to join the band
  523. Muere el cantante de salsa Roberto Angleró (in Spanish)
  524. Who Was James Cone? Founder of Black Liberation Theology Dies
  525. In Memoriam: Larry Harvey, 1948–2018
  526. NASCAR driver James Hylton dies in highway accident
  527. Former YoTV presenter Akhumzi Jezile has died
  528. Eric Koch
  529. Gerson Leiber, 96, Dies; Artist Created Museum With Designer Wife
  530. Famed Evening Bag Designer Judith Leiber and Artist Husband Die Hours Apart
  531. Bishop Ramón López Carrozas, O. de M.
  532. 【訃報】名古屋グランパス元監督 三浦哲郎氏 ご逝去のお知らせ (in Japanese)
  533. Art Paul, Art Director Who Gave Playboy Its Look, Dies at 93
  534. Mor l'actriu Montse Pérez als 61 anys (in Catalan)
  535. Renfrey, Russell ‘Hooker’
  536. Agildo Ribeiro morre aos 86 anos no Rio de Janeiro (in Portuguese)
  537. Art Shay, Whose Camera Captured the Famous and the Everyday, Dies at 96
  538. В Воронеже умер брат Раисы Горбачевой писатель Евгений Титаренко (in Russian)
  539. Karl Toft, convicted serial pedophile, dies in Edmonton from lung cancer
  540. Bruce Tulloh, barefoot champion of the 1960s, dies
  541. Famed Aviation Journalist Richard Collins Dies at 85
  542. Ewa Dyakowska-Berbeka nie żyje. Była graficzką i scenografką, wdową po Macieju Berbece (in Polish)
  543. Confirman la muerte de García Meza tras sufrir cuarto ataque cardíaco (in Spanish)
  544. Former finance minister Derek Keys dies
  545. Rose Laurens, interprète du tube "Africa", est décédée à l'âge de 65 ans (in French)
  546. Robert Mandan, the Womanizing Chester Tate on 'Soap,' Dies at 86
  547. Former Commons speaker Michael Martin dies aged 72
  548. Dr. Lester James Peries dies aged 99
  549. Jan Salter: ‘Faces of Nepal’ artist passes away
  550. Reginald Charles Stuart 2018
  551. Biohacker, CEO of Ascendence Biomedical Aaron Traywick found dead in DC
  552. Former Nevermore And Forbidden Guitarist Tim Calvert Dies At 52
  553. Swimming Australia mourns the loss of Jan Cameron
  554. Geneviève Claisse, figure de l’abstraction géométrique, est décédée (in French)
  555. Matemático Manfredo do Carmo morre aos 89 anos (in Portuguese)
  556. Die Wissenschaftlerin aus Montevideo (subscription required)(in German)
  557. Obituary of Anatole Katok
  558. Scholar and Activist Joel Kovel Dies at 81 in New York City
  559. Former chief of IAF Idris Latif dies at 95
  560. Queensland Labor stalwart Terry Mackenroth dies from lung tumour
  561. Twin blasts in Kabul kill at least 30 journalists and civilians
  562. "Man credited with popularizing Taekwondo in US dies". Archived from the original on May 2, 2018. Retrieved May 6, 2018.
  563. Paying tribute to dear old friends
  564. Obituary for Ralph William Stephan, Jr.
  565. Sameer Tiger found death waiting in village he called home
  566. Admiral Sir John Treacher – obituary (subscription required)
  567. David Wiegand, Longtime Co-Host of KQED's The Do List, Dies at 70