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The following is a list of notable deaths in February 2015.


Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence:

February 2015


Aldo Ciccolini French musician

Aldo Ciccolini was an Italian-French pianist.

Colum Corless was an Irish hurler who played as a right corner-back for the Galway senior team.

Galway GAA Irish Gaelic Athletic Association

The Galway County Boards of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) or Galway GAA are one of the 32 GAA county boards in Ireland; they are responsible for Gaelic games in County Galway, and for the Galway inter-county teams.


Joseph Alfidi was an American pianist, composer, and conductor and initially a child prodigy. He was born in Yonkers, New York as the son of American-born parents of Italian descent, his father, Frank Alfidi, was an accordion player who ran a music school in Yonkers. Known as "Joey" in his childhood, he was three when he started to play several instruments in his father's studio. By the age of four, he frequently improvised little compositions at the piano, and soon became fascinated by symphonic music as well.

Helena Araújo Colombian writer

Helena Araújo Ortiz was a writer and an international professor of Latin American literature and women's studies. Her works of literary criticism have appeared in various Latin American and European literary journals.

Captain David George Armytage CBE was a Royal Navy officer who was a specialist in the use of radar and commanded several frigates. He took part in the "Cod Wars".


Christophe Gbenye Congolese politician (1927-2015)

Christophe Gbenye was a Congolese politician, trade unionist, and rebel who, along with Pierre Mulele and Gaston Soumialot, led the Simba Rebellion, an anti-government insurrection in the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the Congo Crisis, between 1964 and 1965.

Martin Gilbert English historian

Sir Martin John Gilbert was a British historian and honorary Fellow of Merton College, University of Oxford. He was the author of eighty-eight books, including works on Winston Churchill, the 20th century, and Jewish history including the Holocaust. He was a member of the Chilcot Inquiry into the UK's role in the Iraq War.

Iraq Inquiry British public inquiry into the Iraq war

The Iraq Inquiry was a British public inquiry into the nation's role in the Iraq War. The inquiry was announced in 2009 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and published in 2016 with a public statement by Chilcot.


Dmitriy Bagryanov was a Russian long jumper, best known for his gold medal at the 1992 European Indoor Championships.

Richard Bonehill was a British actor and stuntman with an expertise in swordsmanship.

<i>Doctor Who</i> British science fiction TV series

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC since 1963. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called "the Doctor", an extraterrestrial being, to all appearances human, from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS. Its exterior appears as a blue British police box, which was a common sight in Britain in 1963 when the series first aired. Accompanied by a number of companions, the Doctor combats a variety of foes while working to save civilisations and help people in need.


K. N. Choksy Sri Lankan politician

Kairshasp Nariman Choksy, PC, MP was a Sri Lankan lawyer, politician and a former member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. He was Cabinet Minister of Finance under Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. He had also served as Cabinet Minister of Constitutional & State Affairs from 1993 to 1994 under President D. B. Wijetunga and was a member of parliament from 1989 to 2010 continuiosly.

Parliament of Sri Lanka

The Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is the supreme legislative body of Sri Lanka. It alone possesses legislative supremacy and thereby ultimate power over all other political bodies in the island. It is modeled after the British Parliament.

Henri Coppens Belgian footballer

Henri 'Rik' François Louis Coppens was a Belgian footballer who played as a striker. He played 389 games and scored 261 goals for Beerschot AC. Coppens won the first Belgian Golden Shoe in 1954. After his career as a player, he became a coach with Tubantia Borgerhout (1970–1971), Berchem, Beerschot and Club Brugge (1981).
























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  1. Morto Aldo Ciccolini, Il Grande Pianista Che Amava Firenze. Aveva 90 Anni (in Italian)
  2. Death of Galway hurling legend
  3. Anita Darian, a Singer With an Eclectic Range, Dies at 87
  4. Canterbury cricket personality Alby Duckmanton dies after lifetime of service
  5. William L. Garrison Passed Away
  6. Jean-Paul Gladu
  7. Sir Douglas Hague, economist - obituary
  8. The death has occurred of Patrick Aiden HEELAN SJ
  9. Former Gopher, New Prague basketball star Ron Johnson dies
  10. Ruhrgebiets-Legende Ludorf stirbt mit 95 Jahren (in German)
  11. "Ann Mara, New York Giants' Matriarch, 1929-2015". Archived from the original on 2015-02-01. Retrieved 2015-03-06.
  12. Погибший генерал Иса Мунаев собирался просить Порошенко об украинском гражданстве - боец (in Ukrainian)
  13. Tributes to Cumbernauld’s former provost
  14. South African Carnatic music expert dies
  15. "Monty Oum has passed away". Archived from the original on 2015-10-16. Retrieved 2015-03-06.
  16. Baroness Platt of Writtle
  17. Memorial Concert Celebrating the Life of Kenneth Kamal Scott
  18. Памяти Виктора Федоровича Шеховцева Archived 2015-06-02 at the Wayback Machine (in Russian)
  19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Singer Dies
  20. Oud-renner Suijkerbuijk (85) overleden (in Dutch)
  21. Marie-José Villiers Belgian Resistance agent who escaped the close attentions of the Gestapo and transmitted valuable information to Britain
  22. "The American pianist Joseph Alfidi dies in Brussels". The Brussels Times. 2015-02-03. Retrieved 2016-08-03.
  23. Falleció la escritora colombiana Helena Araújo (in Spanish)
  24. Captain David Armytage RN - obituary
  25. Christian Backer-Owe (in Norwegian)
  26. 'Sad day': Dave Bergman, member of 1984 Tigers, dies at 61
  27. Meghalt Bitskey Tibor, a nemzet színésze (in Hungarian)
  28. Frank Borghi, U.S. Goalkeeper in a 1950 World Cup Stunner, Dies at 89
  29. Sandra Chalmers obituary
  30. Fallece Dalmo, uno de los héroes del mejor Santos de todos los tiempos (in Spanish)
  31. Oud-wielrenner Joop Harmans (93) overladen (in Dutch)
  32. KEN HAWKES 1933-2015 - REST IN PEACE
  33. Bay Area Rapper ‘The Jacka’ Killed In Oakland Shooting
  34. Ukrainian pop star dies in car accident
  35. Dust La Rock, Fool's Gold Co-Founder & Artist, Dead at 38
  36. Obituary Man City legend Roy Little passes away aged 83 Archived 2016-03-03 at the Wayback Machine
  37. Gloria Lothrop dies at 80; historian studied roles of women in American West
  38. L.A. Jazz Scene Reels From Untimely Death Of Zane Musa
  39. Lagos socialite, Molade Okoya-Thomas dies at 79
  40. Calle Palmér har avlidit Archived 2015-02-03 at the Wayback Machine (in Swedish)
  41. "Anand Shukla passes away". Archived from the original on 2015-02-02. Retrieved 2015-03-06.
  42. 'Rebel Without a Cause' Screenwriter Stewart Stern Dies at 92
  43. Zmarł Henryk Szczepański (in Polish)
  44. Osamu Tsurumine
  45. Christophe Gbenye, Radical Nationalist in Congo, Dies at 88
  46. Iraq Inquiry panel member Sir Martin Gilbert dies aged 78
  47. Vice-President of Azerbaijan Sciences Academy Akif Hajiyev dies
  48. Black Caviar's greatest rival, Hay List, dies
  49. Mary Healy, Actress and Singer, Dies at 96
  50. Jim Letcavits' Obituary
  51. Walter Liedtke, Curator at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dies at 69
  52. Obituary Trailblazing Minnesota legislator Sally Luther dies at 96
  53. Kannada Author, Director Vasu Malali Passes Away
  54. Max Mangold (in German)
  55. William Thomas McKinley, 76; composer
  56. Falleció el laureado escritor venezolano Carlos Noguera (in Spanish)
  57. 'Red Dog' Nunweiller mourned in Romania
  58. Andrew Patner, art critic and UChicago alumnus (1959–2015)
  59. Former Tourism Minister Michael Refalo dies, aged 78
  60. Fallece Ataulfo Sánchez Archived 2015-02-06 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  61. Ex-CJP Nasim Hasan Shah passes away
  62. Charlie Stifford, golf pioneer, dies
  63. Koos van den Akker Dies at 75; Designed Bill Cosby’s Vivid Sweaters
  64. From Don Pasquale to The Sullivans: Australian acting great Norman Yemm dead, aged 81
  65. Скончался чемпион Европы в прыжках в длину Дмитрий Багрянов (in Russian)
  66. Star Wars Character Actor Richard Bonehill Dies At 67
  67. È morto Ade Capone, autore tv e creatore di «Lazarus Ledd» (in Italian)
  68. Henryk Cegielski
  69. Taiwan in Time: The ‘godmother of cancer prevention’
  70. Wes Cooley, C.O. congressman ensnared in scandal, dies at 82
  71. Former engineering dean Edmund Cranch dies at 91
  72. Henry Everett "Hank" Emerson
  73. Filmfotografen Rune Ericson död – blev 90 (in Swedish)
  74. Cuban Country Queen Celina Gonzalez Dead at 85
  75. "Jesuit playwright, professor Rev. Ernest Ferlita, S.J., dies". Archived from the original on 2015-08-01. Retrieved 2015-03-06.
  76. Fitz Fulton's Unparalleled Lifetime of Achievement in Flight Research
  77. Astrid Gräfin von Hardenberg mit 89 Jahren gestorben (in German)
  78. Martin Green obituary
  79. Former ND treasurer, tax commissioner, VA commissioner dies
  80. Jordan executes prisoners after ISIS hostage burned alive
  81. Founder Of High Desert Museum Dies At Age 69
  82. Un ex Puma murió en Pinamar: iba en bicicleta y lo atropellaron (in Spanish)
  83. Morre Odete Lara aos 85 anos (in Portuguese)
  84. Nie żyje Stanisław Makowiecki, zapaśnik Stali Rzeszów (in Polish)
  85. Al Nash Obituary
  86. Nekrolog Kristian Rambjør (in Norwegian)
  87. Jordan Executes Sajida al-Rishawi after Pilot Burned Alive by ISIS
  88. Jack Ruina dies at 91
  89. Morta l’attrice Monica Scattini (in Italian)
  90. KNChoksy Passes Away
  91. Voetballegende Rik Coppens (84) overleden (in Dutch)
  92. Morta soubrette Marisa Del Frate (in Italian)
  93. Nobel laureate and Princeton physicist Val Fitch dies at age 91
  94. Garey Hayden 1944-2015
  95. Sir Gordon Linacre, press baron - obituary
  96. Longtime taxfighter George Lovejoy dies at 83
  97. Décès de l’auteure Louise Maheux-Forcier (in French)
  98. Elmer Matthews Obituary
  99. 2016 Boston Red Sox Media Guide, page 41
  100. Richard Meryman, Journalist and Wyeth Biographer, Dies at 88
  101. Anne Moody, activist and chronicler of the civil rights movement, dies at 74
  102. Herman Rosenblat, memoirist behind false Holocaust romance, dies at 85
  103. Former Lt. Gov. Mike Runnels Dies in Ruidoso
  104. Jeffrey Segal
  105. 人気種牡馬ステイゴールドが急死 (in Japanese)
  106. Donald W. Suman obituary
  107. Nekrolog Dagfinn Tveito (in Norwegian)
  108. Soccer Team President Dies in Road Shooting in Honduras
  109. Andre Brink dies
  110. CAMPBELL JOHN Obituary
  111. Toledo Mayor Dies after Cardiac Arrest while Driving
  112. Carl Cunningham-Cole Archived 2015-04-17 at the Wayback Machine
  113. The Sikh who almost became VC of UM
  114. Mort de l’académicienne Assia Djebar (in French)
  115. Norm Drucker, Referee Who Felled N.B.A. Giants, Dies at 94
  116. Kayla Mueller Dead: US Secretary of State Joe Biden, Prescott, Arizona Parents Mourn Death of ISIS Hostage Kidnapped in Syria
  117. Alan Nunnelee, G.O.P. House Member From Mississippi, Dies at 56
  118. BD”E: Rav Eliezer Shlomo Shick ZT”L
  119. Leader Of Kiribati Opposition Dies At 67
  120. Danish director Kathrine Windfeld dies aged 48
  121. The political scientist Ray Wolfinger has died
  122. Muere a los 85 años el caricaturista venezolano Pedro León Zapata (in Spanish)
  123. Former West Indies all-rounder Richard Austin dies
  124. Billy Casper dies at age 83
  125. Former Local Congressman Don Clausen Dies at 91
  126. Community mourns death of Nita Cunningham
  127. Fallece sacerdote que sirvió 60 años en el Seminario Conciliar de México (in Spanish)
  128. Joseph Matthew Gaydos
  129. Darwin Gonnerman Obituary
  130. Earl Otto Johansson
  131. Lord Gavron, former chair of the Guardian Media Group, dies aged 84
  132. Adam Grad nie żyje. Były napastnik ŁKS Łódź zmarł w nocy z piątku na sobotę. Archived 2016-03-04 at the Wayback Machine (in Polish)
  133. Murió el ilusionista René Lavand (in Spanish)
  134. Buddy Holly bassist Joe Mauldin dies
  135. Kenyan MP gunned down in capital
  136. Cricket: Northamptonshire legend Brian Reynolds passes away aged 82
  137. Gilles Rhéaume, former president of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal, dies at 63
  138. Marshall Rosenberg passed from this life on Saturday, February 7th. 2015
  139. SABR co-founder Joe Simenic was "one of the true giants" of baseball research
  140. Dean Smith dies at age of 83
  141. Vale Gordon Stone
  142. Rev. Dr. Paul Toms Obituary
  143. John Whitehead, former leader of Goldman Sachs, dies at 92
  144. Professor Emeritus L. Pearce Williams Dies at 87 Archived 2015-07-19 at the Wayback Machine
  145. Professor John Baldwin, historian - obituary
  146. Nekrolog: Ola Bratteli (in Norwegian)
  147. Stan Cowan
  148. David Crews (1933 - 2015)
  149. Kenji Ekuan, industrial designer of bullet trains and soy bottles, dies
  150. Bishop Vincent Valentine Egwuchukwu Ezeonyia Archived 2016-03-04 at the Wayback Machine
  151. Jesse Freitas, Ex-San Diego Chargers Quarterback, Found Dead in Backseat of Camry: Petaluma Police
  152. 1921-2015 John Hart brought English traditions of Royal Ballet to Utah’s Ballet West
  153. David Allan Hoyda (1957 - 2015) Obituary
  154. Debra A. Kemp Obituary
  155. Ufologi Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde on kuollut (in Finnish)
  156. With great sadness we announce the death of Professor Nicholas Mackintosh
  157. Property tycoon Andrew Rosenfeld dies at 52
  158. Clyde W. Sare Obituary
  159. Veteran Turkish singer Müzeyyen Senar dies aged 96
  160. Former Sunderland striker Nick Sharkey has died at the age of 71 Archived 2016-03-03 at the Wayback Machine
  161. Renowned Memphis physician dies
  162. Cykelprofilen Oscar Stenström är död (in Swedish)
  163. Reportan muerte de Mario Vázquez Raña a los 82 años de edad Mario Vázquez Raña pierde la batalla contra el cáncer (in Spanish)
  164. Professor Sir David Watson 1949-2015
  165. The Offspring producer Thom Wilson dies
  166. Ralph Yelton, MOUNTAIN HOME
  167. IS commander 'dies in drone strike'
  168. Øyvind Bjorvatn er død (in Norwegian)
  169. Osnabrücker Nationalspieler Horst Borcherding verstorben (in German)
  170. UC '63 Final Four player Ken Cunningham passes away
  171. Roman Frister, Holocaust survivor and veteran Haaretz journalist, dies at 87
  172. Architect of Vegas icons Bellagio and Fremont Street Experience has died
  173. Marvin David Levy 1932-2015
  174. Chinese billionaire executed for 'mafia-style' gang
  175. ROY HARRIS (1931-2015)
  176. Tributes flow for Ngati Porou leader Apirana Mahuika
  177. UK Wrestling Legend Drew McDonald Passes Away, Paige And Other WWE Superstars Comment
  178. A Great Man Died Today
  179. Charlie O’Connell, Roller Derby Hall of Famer, dies
  180. Умер футболист николаевского «Судостроителя» Валерий Полуянов (in Russian)
  181. Collage artist Rex Ray dies
  182. Swiss Paralympic Coach Nadia Röthlisberger-Raspe passes away due to Bone Cancer
  183. Canadiens Cup champion coach Ruel dies at 76
  184. Ed Sabol, founder of NFL Films, dies at age of 98
  185. Jorge Sassi (1950–2015)
  186. Richard Sher, 66; created and hosted radio quiz show
  187. Canadian dance pioneer Grant Strate dies
  188. Melanie Tem (1949-2015), American author, dies Archived 2015-12-21 at the Wayback Machine
  189. YALDEN, Maxwell F.
  190. Palestine's champion, Naseer Aruri, dies aged 81
  191. Kardinal Becker ist tot (in German)
  192. Writer Abdul Ghafoor Bhurgari passes away
  193. Remembering NWHOF Distinguished Member Dan Brand
  194. 邓力群同志逝世 (in Chinese)
  195. Sir Noel Davies, shipbuilder - obituary
  196. Wayne Dobbs obituary
  197. Bill 'Earthquake' Enyart, star of Oregon State's 'Giant Killers,' dies
  198. John Fox
  199. Muere el intelectual hondureño Matías Funes (in Spanish)
  200. Don Johnson obituary
  201. Tributes paid to Sir William Lawrence Archived February 22, 2015, at the Wayback Machine
  202. La comédienne Corinne Le Poulain, figure du théâtre et de la télé, est décédée à 66 ans d'un cancer foudroyant (in French)
  203. Bernard Marie, ancien député-maire de Biarritz et père de MAM, est mort (in French)
  204. Ex-Scots keeper Tom McQueen, father of Gordon, dies at 85
  205. Dane Miller, Biomet co-founder, dies
  206. From concert pianist to lady in the car: the extraordinary life of Anne Naysmith
  207. Climate change scientist Professor Michael Raupach dies, colleagues hail dedicated researcher
  208. Mr (Pat) Patrick Allan ROGAN (1936-2015)
  209. На Ставрополье скончался известный футболист Archived 2015-03-21 at the Wayback Machine (in Russian)
  210. Robert Forrest Towns Passes Away
  211. Meister-Löwe von 1966 verstorben (in German)
  212. The death has occurred of John Hubert (8th Marquis of Waterford) DE LA POER
  213. Bishop Abel Costas Montaño
  214. L'écrivaine vaudoise Anne Cuneo s'est éteinte à l'âge de 78 ans (in French)
  215. Painter, art teacher Rudolf Fila dies
  216. Passing of Gary Glick
  217. A fitting tribute for a giant of a man: Britain's former tallest man who was 7ft6in tall is laid to rest after dying at 71
  218. Mort de Roger Hanin, le « beau-frère » et le commissaire (in French)
  219. Former Asheville Tourists manager Ray Hathaway dies
  220. Maori performing arts veteran dies
  221. Ibsens og Bjørnsons oldebarn død (in Norwegian)
  222. Obituary of Angus Moffat Archived 2016-03-08 at the Wayback Machine
  223. Former Duquesne University president dies at 82
  224. Fallece el actor cántabro Ricardo Palacios, habitual de 'spaguetti westerns' y de Jesús Franco (in Spanish)
  225. Bob Simon, '60 Minutes' correspondent, killed in crash on West Side Highway
  226. Hall-of-Fame college hoops coach Jerry Tarkanian dies at 84
  227. Djibouti's parliament speaker dies
  228. Band founder Sam Andrew dead
  229. David Carr, Media Columnist for The Times, Is Dead at 58
  230. Movita Castaneda dies at 98; film actress was Marlon Brando's second wife
  231. John P. Craven, Scientist Who Shaped Cold War Spying at Sea, Dies at 90
  232. Décès du chef et compositeur Désiré Dondeyne (in French)
  233. Rhonda Glenn, the first female SportsCenter anchor, passes away at 68
  234. Former US SEC commissioner Harvey Goldschmid dead at 74
  235. Pioneering female sportswriter Alison Gordon dies at 72
  236. Drager Militaire Willems-Orde Van den Hoek (93) overleden (in Dutch)
  237. Christopher Tait Horton CBE JP
  238. Michelle Genz (2015-02-28). "John-Edward Kelly: Acclaimed Vero musician dead at 56". Vero Beach News. Archived from the original on 2016-05-17. Retrieved 2016-08-03.
  239. Décès de Jean Lechantre (in French)
  240. Mosie Lister: Goodbye, World, Goodbye Archived 2015-05-17 at the Wayback Machine
  241. Former ANU vice-chancellor Emeritus Professor Donald Anthony Low dies
  242. Nik Aziz dies Archived 2016-03-03 at the Wayback Machine
  243. Tomie Ohtake: Painter and sculptor who moved to Brazil, where she became noted for her public artworks
  244. Gary Owens, Announcer of ‘Laugh-In’ Fame, Dies at 80
  245. Drummer, Richie Pratt (March 11, 1943 - February 12, 2015)
  246. Professor Oliver Rackham, 1939-2015
  247. Physicist Ernest Sternglass dies at 91
  248. New Romantic pioneer Strange dies
  249. Mike Thresh obituary
  250. Faith Bandler Activist, author and inspiration
  251. Longtime Fairbanksan and former Alaska legislator Bob Bettisworth has died
  252. Bishop Thomas Bhalerao
  253. Stan Chambers, Longtime KTLA Reporter, Dies at 91
  254. Geneviève Dormann, French journalist and writer (in French)
  255. John Robert Evans Obituary
  256. Cook Islands by-election postponed after candidate Kete Ioane dies
  257. Composer and pianist John McCabe dies aged 75
  258. James McCusker
  259. Jimmy Montgomery
  260. Bishop Magnus Mwalunyungu
  261. Albert Nijenhuis
  262. Tiểu sử cuộc đời ông Nguyễn Bá Thanh-tin tuc (in Vietnamese)
  263. Dan Tunstall Pedoe obituary
  264. Telugu novelist Kesava Reddy passed away
  265. Hugh Thornton Walters
  266. Noah Gerald Willis Obituary
  267. "Legendary Urdu poet Dr Kalim Ajiz passes away". Archived from the original on 2015-07-03. Retrieved 2015-07-03.
  268. Musicians pay tribute to Keith Copeland Archived 2015-04-15 at the Wayback Machine
  269. Pamela Cundell obituary
  270. Bernd Dost
  271. Michele Ferrero, businessman - obituary
  272. Sheila Girling, artist - obituary
  273. In Memory of Helen Preston Glass
  274. Former Moyale MP Philip Godana shot dead at his Syokimau home
  275. John Hargreaves obituary
  276. Britta Hasso död Archived 2015-09-18 at the Wayback Machine (in Northern Sami)
  277. Muere a los 55 años el presidente de la Diputación de Palencia (in Spanish)
  278. HSV trauert um früheren Mittelläufer Egon Horst (in German)
  279. Alan Howard, mainstay of RSC and National Theatre, dies aged 77
  280. Hulon Crayton Obituary
  281. Louis Jourdan, Star of ‘Octopussy,’ ‘Gigi,’ Dies at 93
  282. Asbjørn Kjønstad er død (in Norwegian)
  283. Former poet laureate Philip Levine, a champion of the working class, dies at 87
  284. Décès de l'ancien préfet de police de Paris Philippe Massoni (in French)
  285. Pioneer of Moroccan Amaizgh Music Dies
  286. Preminuo Franjo Mihalić Odlazak legende (in Croatian)
  287. Filmskaper Finn Nørgaard (55) drept (in Norwegian)
  288. Professor Richard Perham 1937-2015
  289. Oud-olympisch judokampioen Wim Ruska op 74-jarige leeftijd overleden (in Dutch)
  290. Hans-Jürgen Teuteberg (in German)
  291. Namibia mourns former Robben Island prisoner
  292. Former Afghan Diplomat and Ambassador to Japan Dies at 46 Archived February 15, 2015, at the Wayback Machine
  293. Legendary sprint dog musher George Attla passes away at 81 Archived 2016-01-29 at the Wayback Machine
  294. Sergio Blanco fallece a los 66 años (in Spanish)
  295. Barbara Darling, trail-blazing female Anglican Bishop, dies after suffering stroke
  296. Arnaud de Borchgrave, former Washington Times editor in chief, dies at 88
  297. Create Patron, Hollywood actress Eileen Essell, Remembered
  298. Former MPP Leo Jordan dies at 85
  299. Sports digest: Ex-Giants coach Wendell Kim dead at 64
  300. В Италии умер известный художник-авангардист Михаил Кулаков (in Russian)
  301. Bruce Andrew McINTOSH Obituary
  302. Steve Montador, former Flames defenceman, dies at age 35: reports
  303. Jacob Stolt-Nielsen, Founder of Chemical-Tanker Firm, Dies at 83
  304. Treadgold
  305. Baumann, Wilhelm (in German)
  306. Ratu Meli Bolobolo laid to rest
  307. Addio a Lasse Braun, il re del porno (in Italian)
  308. Estudiantes informó el fallecimiento de Carlos De Castro (in Spanish)
  309. Gavin Clark dead: UNKLE vocalist dead
  310. Historian and BBC commentator John Davies dies aged 76
  311. Robin Duff has died
  312. Clyde Duncan, part of ‘Wide Receiver U' at UT, dies at 54
  313. Judge Dredd artist and Hanwell resident Brett Ewins dies Archived 2016-03-04 at the Wayback Machine
  314. "'It's My Party' singer Lesley Gore dies at 68". Archived from the original on 2015-02-18. Retrieved 2015-03-06.
  315. Celia Lashlie dies
  316. Скончался олимпийский чемпион 1980 года по стрельбе из пистолета (in Russian)
  317. Death Notices - MORRIS, Geoffrey
  318. Mother Tynnetta Muhammad - A heartfelt and fitting tribute to a perfect example
  319. Bayit Yehudi minister Uri Orbach dies at 54
  320. NCP leader RR Patil passes away at 58
  321. Rajinder Puri, ace cartoonist and fierce critic of Emergency, passes away at 80
  322. Mexican soap star Lorena Rojas dies at age 44 after long battle with breast cancer
  323. Zmarł profesor Jerzy Samp (in Polish)
  324. Elhunyt Törös Olga (in Hungarian)
  325. Chronist des Grauens (in German)
  326. Sir Robert Wade-Gery
  327. Walker, Evan Herbert
  328. Trauer um Heinrich Windelen: Der frühere Bundesminister ist tot (in German)
  329. Former Ticats lineman John Barrow dead at 79
  330. Juventus mourns Alberto Coramini
  331. Bishop Joseph Devellerez Thaung Shwe
  332. Retired federal judge Richard Alan Enslen dies at age 83
  333. June Fairchild dies at 68; former actress lived on skid row
  334. Professor John H. Fisher Obituary
  335. Z najgłębszym żalem zawiadamiamy, że dnia 17 lutego 2015 odszedł od nas Ś†P Prof. Andrzej Koszewski (in Polish)
  336. Morto il vescovo di Modena Lanfranchi Camera ardente in Duomo Funerali giovedì (in Italian)
  337. 北京军区原副司令员刘玉堤病逝,抗美援朝一天曾打下4架美机 (in Chinese)
  338. Renowned Liberal figure dies
  339. Henri Martin est décédé (in French)
  340. Oud-Kamerlid Cathy Ubels (EVP) overleden (in Dutch)
  341. TNA Mullaitivu NPC member V. Kanagasunthara Swami passed away
  342. Former TVNZ presenter, Doug Armstrong, dies
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  345. Beloved Local Outsider Musician and Actor Dave Cloud Dies at 58
  346. Claudy Criquielion: Cyclist whose many wins were overshadowed by a race he famously lost and the ensuing legal fall-out
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  350. Blazers grieve for Jerome Kersey; death linked to blood clot
  351. Väinö Kuisma
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  353. Producer Daggubati Ramanaidu Dies in Hyderabad at 78
  354. Former Columbus mayor dies at 68
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  360. Peter Dueck, entrepreneur, Socred minister, dead at 91 Archived 2015-02-25 at the Wayback Machine
  361. Harold Johnson passes Archived 2015-02-20 at the Wayback Machine
  362. Yutaka Katayama, Father of the Datsun ‘Z,’ Dies at 105
  363. Erwin Marquit Archived 2016-03-04 at the Wayback Machine
  364. Director Nirad N Mohapatra Dies of Cardiac Arrest at 67
  365. Chivas está de luto, fallece Rafael 'Rafles' Orozco (in Spanish)
  366. Former Labour TD Frank Prendergast (81) dies
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  373. 'Parks and Recreation' producer Harris Wittels dead at 30
  374. White Sox scout, former Cubs outfielder Gary Woods passes away Archived 2015-09-07 at the Wayback Machine
  375. Former health minister Nael Ajlouni dies
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  378. Älteste Deutsche gestorben (in German)
  380. Former justice minister Khalaf Masaadeh passes away
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  382. Costume Designer Patricia Norris Dies at 83
  383. From a newspaper vendor to a leader of the poor
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  385. Developer and philanthropist Henry T. Segerstrom dies at 91
  386. Richard Triptow
  387. EM-hopeamitalisti Markku Tuokko kuoli 63-vuotiaana (in Finnish)
  388. Former United Artists Exec Sandy Whitelaw Dies at 84
  389. John C. Wilkie, considered a founding leader of the pro-life movement, dies at 89
  390. Cyclisme: Mohamed El Gourch tire sa révérence (in French)
  391. Former BBC Wales man Dr Meredydd Evans dies aged 95
  392. Sami Farag (in Arabic)
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  395. Pembrokeshire artist John Knapp-Fisher dies aged 83
  396. Koman has passed away
  397. 'Blind Faith' killer Robert Marshall dies weeks before parole hearing, report says
  398. Paul Napier Dead: Originator of Mr. Goodwrench dies at 84
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  404. Jazz Musician Clark Terry Dies at 94
  405. Daniel Topolski: BBC commentator Topolski dies aged 69
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  408. Amundsen, Erik Archived 2015-12-08 at the Wayback Machine (in Norwegian)
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  410. Man found dead believed to be missing man and renowned artist Roger Cecil - 'One of Wales’ most accomplished artists'
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  412. Ушел из жизни академик Джангир Керимов Archived 2015-04-02 at the Wayback Machine (in Russian)
  413. Billiards world in shock: Kyung-Roul Kim passed away
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  415. Chris Rainbow, Singer With Alan Parsons Project and Camel, Dies
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  418. Carmine Schiavone morto, l’ex cassiere dei Casalesi che svelò i traffici di Gomorra (in Italian)
  419. James Aldridge
  420. Former SC judge Rana Bhagwandas passes away in Karachi
  421. Venerdì l'addio a Emidio Cavigioli (in Italian)
  422. Former MK and Minister Haim Corfu Passes Away at 94
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  426. Reuters' bureau chief found dead in Islamabad
  427. Netekome išeivijos fotomenininko A. Kezio (in Lithuanian)
  428. King of Kings died from heart failure Archived 2015-02-25 at the Wayback Machine
  429. Former Kilmarnock star King dies Archived 2015-03-29 at the Wayback Machine
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  435. Kamal Haasan's Mentor Director RC Sakthi Dies at 76
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  437. 'American Horror Story' Ben Woolf Dies from Head Injury
  438. Kazakh ex-diplomat Aliyev dies in jail suicide - Austrian court Archived February 24, 2015, at the Wayback Machine
  439. Bishop Francis Némé Baïssari
  440. Robert ‘Wolfman’ Belfour Dead : 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
  441. Legendary Scots criminal lawyer Joe Beltrami dies, aged 83
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  445. Remembering TNG's Maurice Hurley, 1939-2015
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  448. Former Coke President Don Keough dies
  449. Suzuka Mambo died of heart failure Archived 2018-01-21 at the Wayback Machine
  450. Dori Maynard, journalist and diversity champion, dies at 56
  451. Head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Metropolitan Mefodiy Died
  452. Kiwis pay tribute to Dame Thea Muldoon
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  460. Ariel Camacho Dies in Car Crash; Mexican Singer Was 22
  462. 'Shark Lady' Eugenie Clark, Famed Marine Biologist, Has Died
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  471. Legendary Malayalam Cinematographer-director A Vincent passes Archived 2016-03-05 at the Wayback Machine
  472. Death of Mr Monopoly, Yorkshire businessman Victor Watson, at 86
  473. Family of 'Wellness Warrior' defends her decision to shun chemotherapy for raw juices and natural therapies ahead of public memorial service
  474. Former Lancaster Olympian passes away
  475. Former Jersey City Mayor Anthony Cucci dies at 92
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  477. Ruth Denison, Western Dharma Pioneer and Vipassana Innovator, Dies at 92
  478. Boxer Oscar Diaz dies
  479. Addio a Dinardo, fu presidente Regione (in Italian)
  480. Transitions Sindhi singer Sadiq Faqir dies in road accident in Saudi Arabia
  481. Hofstra's Monroe H. Freedman dies; eminent legal scholar was 86
  482. FRERE
  483. Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, Former Notre Dame President, Dies at 97
  484. First Christian-Arab MK, Nadia Hilo, dies at 61 Archived 2015-09-24 at the Wayback Machine
  485. Farewell to Per Olof Hulth, pioneer of Swedish particle astrophysics
  486. Noted sociologist Meera Kosambi passes away
  487. Earl Lloyd, hoops pioneer, dies
  488. Preminuo Branko Martinović (in Serbian)
  489. Professor emeritus Curt Michel dies
  490. Former Speaker Franklin Quitugua dies at 81 Archived 2015-03-09 at
  491. Dr Rowley Richards dies
  492. Former Miss. lawmaker Martin Smith dies at 80
  493. Ein Genie und Provokateur (in German)
  494. Bangladeshi writer attacked, dies in hospital
  495. Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich dead, reportedly from self-inflicted gunshot
  496. Former Haryana Chief Minister Hukam Singh Dies at 89
  497. Carlos M. Talbott
  498. Richard Bakalyan
  499. In Memory of Dr. Manfred Erich Bayer
  500. Robert Benmosche, Former AIG CEO, Dies at Age 70
  501. Malcolm Boyd dies at 91; Episcopal priest took prayer to the streets
  502. Yanukovych’s ally Chechetov commits suicide under house arrest
  503. Tod Dockstader has died
  504. John B. Fairchild Dies at 87
  505. Former House Speaker Tim Ford dies
  506. Cricinfo profile - Paul Hutchison
  507. Jerome Kurtz, Leader of I.R.S. During Carter Era, Dies at 83
  508. Former State Senator Dies Archived 2015-07-04 at the Wayback Machine
  509. Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow
  510. Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83
  511. Natalia Revuelta Clews dies at 89; socialite who had daughter with Fidel Castro
  512. Julio César Strassera Dies: Prosecuted Argentine Military Over ‘Dirty War’
  513. Odeszła córka Zofii Kossak (in Polish)
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  525. Alex Johnson, AL 1970 batting champ, dies
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  527. Mbinga West MP Komba is no more Archived 2015-04-02 at the Wayback Machine
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  529. Former State Sen. Mike Lenihan dies at 71
  530. Anthony Mason dies at age of 48
  531. Ed Modzelewski, fullback on Terps' undefeated team, dies at 86
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  536. Northern Territory Indigenous activist Leigh Bruce 'Tracker' Tilmouth dies at 62
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