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Founded1 April 2019
Preceded by Weymouth and Portland
West Dorset
North Dorset
East Dorset
Dorset County Council
Chair of the Council
Cllr Pauline Batstone,Conservative
since 1 April 2019
Leader of the Council
Cllr Spencer Flower,Conservative
since 16 May 2019
Chief executive
Matt Prosser
since 1 October 2018
Seats82 councillors
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Political groups
     Conservative (43)
Other parties
     Liberal Democrat (29)
     Green (4)
     Independent (5)
     Labour (1)
First past the post
Last election
2 May 2019
Next election
2 May 2024
Meeting place
Dorchester - County Hall (geograph 3007327).jpg
County Hall, Dorchester

Dorset Council is the local authority for the Dorset unitary authority, England. It was created on 1 April 2019 to administer most of the area formerly administered by Dorset County Council, which was previously subdivided into the districts of Weymouth and Portland, West Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck, and East Dorset. [1]

Dorset (unitary authority) district in Dorset, England

Dorset is a unitary authority area in the county of Dorset, England, which came into existence on 1 April 2019. It covers all of the county except for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. The council of the authority is Dorset Council, which was on the date mentioned, in effect, Dorset County Council re-constituted so as to be vested with the powers and duties of five district councils which were also abolished and shedding its partial responsibility for and powers in Christchurch.

Dorset County Council British administrative body

Dorset County Council (DCC) was the county council for the county of Dorset in England. It provided the upper tier of local government, below which were district councils, and town and parish councils. The county council had 46 elected councillors and was based at County Hall in Dorchester. The council was abolished on 31 March 2019 as part of structural changes to local government in Dorset.

Weymouth and Portland Borough & Non-metropolitan district in England

Weymouth and Portland was a local government district and borough in Dorset, England. It consisted of the resort of Weymouth and the Isle of Portland, and includes the areas of Wyke Regis, Preston, Melcombe Regis, Upwey, Broadwey, Southill, Nottington, Westham, Radipole, Chiswell, Castletown, Fortuneswell, Weston, Southwell and Easton; the latter six being on the Isle of Portland.



Statutory Instruments for local government reorganisation in the ceremonial county of Dorset were made in May 2018. Under the plans, dubbed "Future Dorset", all existing councils within the county were to be abolished and replaced by two new unitary authorities. One was formed from the unitary authorities of Bournemouth and Poole which merged with the non-metropolitan district of Christchurch to create a unitary authority known as Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council. The other, Dorset Council, was created from most of the area administered by Dorset County Council (apart from Christchurch) and the non-metropolitan districts of Weymouth and Portland, West Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck and East Dorset. [2]

Bournemouth Borough Council local council for Bournemouth unitary authority

Bournemouth Borough Council was the local authority of Bournemouth in Dorset, England and ceased to exist on 1 April 2019. It was a unitary authority, although between 1974 and 1997 it was an administrative district council with Dorset. Previously most of the borough was part of Hampshire.

Poole Borough Council

Borough of Poole was the unitary authority responsible for local government in Poole, Dorset, England. It was created on 1 April 1997 following a review by the Local Government Commission for England (1992), becoming administratively independent from Dorset County Council, and ceased to exist on April 1, 2019. Its council comprised 16 wards and 42 councillors and was controlled by a Conservative administration before it was merged into Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council.

Christchurch, Dorset Town in England

Christchurch is a town, civil parish and former borough now in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole unitary authority, on the south coast of England. The town adjoins Bournemouth in the west and the New Forest lies to the east. Historically in the county of Hampshire, it became part of the administrative county of Dorset in the 1974 reorganisation of local government. Covering an area of 19.5 square miles (51 km2), Christchurch had a 2013 population of 48,368, making it the fourth-most populous town in Dorset, close behind Weymouth which has a population of 54,539.

Shadow authority

Statutory instruments for the creation of the new authority were made on behalf of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on 25 May 2018, and a shadow authority was formed the following day. [3]

The Shadow Dorset Council consisted of all elected councillors from Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, West Dorset District Council, North Dorset District Council, East Dorset District Council, Purbeck District Council and all councillors from Dorset County Council with the exception of the five that were elected from divisions within Christchurch. [4]

The first meeting of the shadow authority was held on Thursday 7 June 2018 where Hilary Cox was elected to be Chair of the shadow authority and Peter Shoreland was elected as Vice-Chair. [5] [6]

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England recommended that the new council should have eighty-two councillors representing a mix of single-member, two-member and three-member wards. [7] [8]

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is a parliamentary body established by statute to conduct boundary, electoral and structural reviews of local government areas in England. The LGBCE is independent of government and political parties, and is directly accountable to the Speaker's Committee of the House of Commons.

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East Dorset Non-metropolitan district in England

East Dorset was a local government district in Dorset, England. Its council met in Wimborne Minster between 2016 and 2019.

Purbeck District Non-metropolitan district in England

Purbeck was a local government district in Dorset, England. The district was named after the Isle of Purbeck, a peninsula that forms a large proportion of the district's area. However it extended significantly further north and west than the traditional boundary of the Isle of Purbeck along the River Frome. The district council was based in the town of Wareham, which is itself north of the River Frome.

Unitary authorities of England top and only level of local government in some parts of England

Unitary authorities of England are local authorities that are responsible for the provision of all local government services within a district. They are constituted under the Local Government Act 1992, which amended the Local Government Act 1972 to allow the existence of counties that do not have multiple districts. They typically allow large towns to have separate local authorities from the less urbanised parts of their counties and provide a single authority for small counties where division into districts would be impractical. Unitary authorities do not cover all of England. Most were established during the 1990s and a further tranche were created in 2009. Unitary authorities have the powers and functions that are elsewhere separately administered by councils of non-metropolitan counties and the non-metropolitan districts within them.

This page documents political party strengths in the United Kingdom's principal local authorities. The last major change to council compositions was the 2 May 2019 local elections, but changes in party representation arise frequently due to resignations, deaths, by-elections, co-options and changes of affiliation.

Geography of Dorset

Dorset is a county located in the middle of the south coast of England. It lies between the latitudes 50.512°N and 51.081°N and the longitudes 1.682°W and 2.958°W, and occupies an area of 2,653 km². It spans 90 kilometres (56 mi) from east to west and 63 kilometres (39 mi) from north to south.

Grade II* listed buildings in Dorset Wikimedia list article

The county of Dorset is divided into eight districts. The districts of Dorset are Weymouth and Portland, West Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck, East Dorset, Christchurch, and the unitary authorities Bournemouth and Poole.

2015 United Kingdom local elections

The 2015 United Kingdom local elections were held on Thursday 7 May 2015, the same day as the general election for the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

South West Hampshire/South East Dorset Green Belt

The South West Hampshire & South East Dorset Green Belt is a green belt environmental and planning policy that regulates the rural space in the South West region of England. It is mainly within the county of Dorset, extending cross border into Hampshire. Essentially, the function of the belt is to control development expansion in the South East Dorset conurbation and outlying towns and villages. It is managed by local planning authorities on guidance from central government.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Non-metropolitan district in England

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole is a unitary local government district in England. It was created on 1 April 2019 from the areas that were previously administered by the unitary authorities of Bournemouth and Poole, and the non-metropolitan district of Christchurch.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council English unitary authority council in south England, UK

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council is unitary local authority for the district of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole that came into being on 1 April 2019. It was created from the areas that were previously administered by the unitary authorities of Bournemouth and Poole and the non-metropolitan district of Christchurch.

Structural changes to local government in England have taken place or will take place in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Some of these changes continue the trend of new unitary authorities being created from other types of local government districts. Ceremonial counties will not be affected.

The 2019 Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council election took place on 2 May 2019 to elect the inaugural members of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council in England.


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