Persons of National Historic Significance

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Persons of National Historic Significance (National Historic People) (French : Personnes d'importance historique nationale (personnages historiques nationaux)) are people designated by the Canadian government as being nationally significant in the history of the country. [1] Designations are made by the Minister of the Environment on the recommendation of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. Approximately 70 nominations are submitted to the board each year. A person is eligible to be listed 25 years after death, but Prime Ministers may be designated any time after death. [2] Parks Canada administers the program, and installs and maintains the federal plaques commonly erected to commemorate each person, usually placed at a site closely associated with them. The intent is generally to honour the person's contribution to the country but is always to educate the public about that person.


Canada has related programs for the designation of National Historic Sites and National Historic Events. [3] Events, Sites, and Persons are each typically marked by a federal plaque, but the markers do not indicate which designation a subject has been given. The Welland Canal is an Event, while the Rideau Canal is a Site. The cairn and plaque to John McDonell (Aberchalder) does not refer to a National Historic Person, but is erected because his home, Glengarry House, is a National Historic Site. [4] [5] Similarly, the plaque to John Guy officially marks not a Person, but an Event—the Landing of John Guy. [6]

List of persons of national historic significance

As of November 2023 this list contains 734 entries. The searchable database provided by Parks Canada [7] returns 732 records, and may not be up to date.

NameRoleYear designated
Maude Abbott Medical researcher1993
John Abbott Prime Minister1938
William Aberhart Premier (Alberta), Social Credit leader1974
Gabriel Acquin Hunter, cultural broker, Maliseet guide1999
Frank Dawson Adams Geologist1943
Mary Electa Adams Women's education reformer2004
Thomas Adams Town planner2019
William Maxwell Aitken, 1st Baron BeaverbrookBusinessman, press baron, philanthropist2016
Thomas Beamish Akins Historian1938
Emma Albani Musician (opera soprano)1937
William Donald Albright Journalist, agriculturalist, promoted development of Peace River district1954
Grant Allen Author1938
Susan Louisa Moir Allison Author, historian (First Nations)2007
Walter Seymour Allward Sculptor2002
Adams George Archibald Father of Confederation, Lieutenant-Governor (Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia)1938
Edith Archibald Women's rights1997
Edward William Archibald Surgeon1998
Samuel George William Archibald Attorney General (Nova Scotia), Chief Justice (Prince Edward Island)1939
Joseph E. Atkinson Publisher, philanthropist1986
Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé Author1974
Charles Aubert de La Chesnaye Businessman1971
George Back Artist, Arctic explorer1973
William Baffin Arctic explorer1972
Charles Bagot Governor General (British North America), role in responsible government 1926
Frederick Walker Baldwin Engineer1957
Robert Baldwin Co-premier (Province of Canada), reformer, role in responsible government 1937
Frederick Banting Medical researcher (insulin), shared Nobel Prize1945
Marius Barbeau Ethnographer, folklorist1985
William George Barker Military, World War I pilot1998
Robert Bartlett Arctic explorer1969
Arthur Beauchesne Parliamentary expert2003
François Beaulieu Métis leader2000
Adam Beck Politician, founded Ontario Hydro1938
William George Beers Dentist, developed modern sport of lacrosse 1976
Matthew Baillie Begbie Judge, Chief Justice (British Columbia)1959
Edward Belcher Naval officer, surveyor1938
Georges-Antoine Belcourt Missionary, banker1959
Mabel Hubbard Bell Aeronautical investor, founder of educational & social organizations2018
Robert Bell Geologist (Chief Geologist of Canada), explorer1938
John Wilson Bengough Cartoonist, journalist, poet, lecturer1938
Charles Fox Bennett Businessman, politician1975
R. B. Bennett Prime Minister1949
William Berczy Pioneer, painter2016
Joseph-Elzéar Bernier Mariner (promoted Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic Archipelago)1961
Norman Bethune Physician, political activist1972
William Beynon (Gusgai'in)First Nations chief, ethnographer1989
Michel Bibaud Poet, historian1944
Mary and Henry Bibb Author, abolitionist, publisher (African Canadian community)2002
Big Bear (Misto-ha-a-Musqua)First Nations leader (Plains Cree), role in North-West Rebellion 1971
Billy Bishop World War I pilot, Victoria Cross recipient1980
Davidson Black Physician, paleontologist (Peking Man)1974
Martha Black Politician (second woman Member of Parliament)1987
Thornton and Lucie Blackburn Escaped slaves, founded Toronto's first taxi operation1999
Edward Blake Premier (Ontario)1937
Richard Blanshard Governor (Vancouver Island)1951
Jean Blewett Journalist, poet1946
La Bolduc (Mary Travers)Musician1992
Joseph-Armand Bombardier Businessman, inventor (snowmobile)1994
Robert Bond Prime Minister (Newfoundland, pre-Confederation)1975
Robert Borden Prime Minister1938
Jim Boss Assisted First Nations in the Yukon2001
Pierre Boucher Author, government official, First Nations interpreter1978
Joseph Bouchette Author, cartographer, Surveyor General of Lower Canada1937
Sieurs de La Boularderie (Louis-Simon le Poupet de la Boularderie, his son Antoine)Settlers (Cape Breton)1964
Henri Bourassa Politician, publisher ( Le Devoir )1962
Marguerite Bourgeoys Nun, founded first Canadian religious community (Congregation of Notre Dame)1985
John George Bourinot House of Commons clerk, founded Royal Society of Canada1938
Mackenzie Bowell Prime Minister1945
Joseph W. Boyle Businessman (mining)1984
Joseph Brant (Thayendanega)First Nations leader (Mohawk), British ally, settler, slave trader [8] 1972
Mary Brant (Tekonwatonti)First Nations leader (Six Nations)1994
John Gough Brick Missionary, settler1954
Emmanuel Briffa Theatre decorator2007
Isaac Brock Soldier2010
Allan Brooks Artist (wildlife)1999
Harriet Brooks Nuclear physicist2005
Joseph Broussard Acadian leader and defender2023
George Brown Father of Confederation, publisher ( Globe ), abolitionist (Underground Railroad)1950
George Browne Architect2008
James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin Governor General (British North America, pre-Confederation), role in responsible government 1953
Étienne Brûlé Explorer, Coureur de bois, lived among First Nations1984
George Bryce Educator (Manitoba College), historian1947
Douglas Brymner Archivist, founded Public Archives of Canada1938
John Buchan Governor-General2010
Patrick Burns Rancher, businessman, Senator1960
Thomas Button Arctic explorer1972
John By Engineer (Rideau Canal)1954
George Frederick Cameron Journalist, poet1946
Lydia Campbell Author2009
Alexander Campbell Father of Confederation1939
William Wilfred Campbell Writer1938
Charles Camsell Geologist, Commissioner (Northwest Territories)2001
William Canniff Physician, historian, teacher1945
Guy Carleton, 1st Baron Dorchester Governor (Quebec, pre-Confederation), Governor-in-Chief (British North America)1974
John Carling Brewer, politician, founded Dominion Experimental Farms1938
Bliss Carman Poet1945
Emily Carr Author, painter1950
Father Henry Carr College leader, Univ. of Toronto president2012
William Carson Businessman, physician, reformer1954
Frederick Carter Father of Confederation, Prime Minister (Newfoundland, pre-Confederation)1959
George-Étienne Cartier Father of Confederation, French-Canadian statesman1937
Jacques Cartier Early French explorer paved way for settlement2011
Richard John Cartwright Politician1938
Joseph Casavant Manufacturer (pipe organs)1974
Thérèse Casgrain Suffragist, politician2022
Ethel Catherwood Athlete2023
René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle Explorer, founded Lachine, rebuilt Fort Frontenac1934
Claude Champagne Musician (composer)1988
Samuel de Champlain Explorer, founded Quebec City, "The Father of New France"1929
Edward Barron Chandler Father of Confederation, Lieutenant-Governor (New Brunswick)1939
Jean-Charles Chapais Father of Confederation, Senator1943
Thomas Chapais Historian, Senator1955
Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau Premier (Quebec), politician1974
Margaret Ridley Charlton Medical librarian, co-founder Medical Library Association2003
William Henry Chase Businessman, philanthropist1939
Gaspard-Joseph Chaussegros de Léry Seigneur, military leader, politician2006
Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve Military officer, founded Montreal1985
Robert Christie Historian, politician1938
Francis Clergue Businessman (Sault Ste. Marie industry)1987
Lucille Clifton ('Wii Nii Puun) (1876–1962) [9] Clan leader, cultural defender2016
John Clinch Clergyman, physician (vaccination)1964
William Coaker Union leader, politician1985
James Cockburn Father of Confederation, first House of Commons Speaker1939
Kathleen Blake Coleman Innovative newspaper editor2011
George Coles Father of Confederation1939
Enos Collins Businessman (Halifax)1974
Lionel Conacher Athlete (Grey Cup, NHL)1976
Ralph Connor (Charles William Gordon)Novelist1938
James Cook Explorer, surveyor1954
Chloe Cooley Enslaved protestor2022
George Copway (Kahgegagahbowh)Writer, indigenous rights leader2018
William Cormack Explorer (Newfoundland)1953
Ernest Cormier Architect2018
Louis de la Corne, Chevalier de la Corne Military officer1953
Edward Cornwallis Military officer, Governor (Nova Scotia), founded Halifax1974
Phillips Cosby Military commander (Royal Navy, Mediterranean)1945
Laurence Coughlan Itinerant preacher1965
George Albertus Cox Businessman, Senator1990
James Henry Coyne President Ontario Historical Society, member Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada1945
Isabella Valancy Crawford Poet, writer1947
Helen Creighton Folklorist, author2018
James George Aylwin Creighton Lawyer, engineer, journalist, athlete (development of ice hockey)2008
Octave Crémazie Poet1937
Thomas Crerar Politician (Progressive Party leader)2004
Jean-Baptiste de La Croix de Chevrières de Saint-Vallier Bishop1990
A. E. Cross Businessman, politician, co-founder Calgary Stampede1971
Crowfoot (Isapo-Muxika)First Nations leader, role in North-West Rebellion 1945
Ernest Alexander Cruikshank Historian, original chairman Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada1943
Maurice Galbraith Cullen Artist1944
Samuel Cunard Businessman (shipping)1937
Arthur Currie Military officer (World War I)1934
Augustin Cuvillier Speaker (Lower Canada), banker (Bank of Montreal)1969
Louis Cyr Wrestler, weightlifter1976
John Wesley Dafoe Journalist ( Winnipeg Free Press )1974
William Davidson Lumberman, politician1949
Louis Henry Davies Premier (Prince Edward Island), judge (Chief Justice)1937
Nicholas Flood Davin Publisher ( The Leader , Regina), politician1947
John Davis Arctic explorer1972
George Mercer Dawson Scientist, surveyor1937
John William Dawson Geologist, university administrator (McGill)1943
Robert MacGregor Dawson Political scientist1975
Louis de Buade de Frontenac Governor General (New France, pre-Confederation)1974
Louis-Hector de Callière Politician, diplomat2001
Amor De Cosmos Premier (British Columbia), journalist ( British Colonist )1938
Dorimène Desjardins Business and co-op organizer2012
Mazo de la Roche Novelist1976
James De Mille Novelist, humorist, professor1937
Agathe de Saint-Père de Repentigny (1657–1747) [10] Symbol of women's entrepreneurism in New France2016
Charles de Salaberry Military officer (War of 1812)1934
Demasduit Among the final surviving Beothuks2000
Modeste Demers Bishop, missionary1973
George Taylor Denison Soldier, community leader, founded Canada First Movement, Imperial Federation League1937
Nicolas Denys Explorer, trader, colonizer (Acadia)1924
Carrie Derick Botanist2007
Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres Lieutenant-Governor (Cape Breton), cartographer1925
Alphonse Desjardins Businessman, began Caisse Populaire system1971
Viola Desmond Civil rights activist2018
Edouard Deville Surveyor General, developed photogrammetry 1971
Edgar Dewdney Lieutenant-Governor (Northwest Territories, British Columbia), reassigned territorial capital to Regina1975
Robert B. Dickey Father of Confederation1939
Punch Dickins Bush pilot1995
John Diefenbaker Prime Minister1981
George Dixon Boxer2021
Thomas Dixson Soldier (Fort Beauséjour)1938
Donnacona First Nations leader (Iroquois), kidnapped by Jacques Cartier1981
Antoine-Aimé Dorion Cabinet minister (Justice), Chief Justice (Quebec)1937
Onésime Dorval Teacher (Saskatchewan)1954
Arthur Doughty Dominion Archivist, historian1991
David Douglas Botanist (Douglas Fir)1979
Howard Douglas Lieutenant-Governor (New Brunswick), Chancellor (King's College, University of New Brunswick)1925
James Douglas Governor (Vancouver Island, British Columbia)1944
Thomas Clement "Tommy" Douglas (1904–1986) [11] Premier, founding leader of the NDP, father of single payer healthcare2016
Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk Philanthropist, colonizer1943
Gordon Drummond Military leader, role in War of 18121928
Charles Carter Drury Naval leader1938
Lyman Duff Chief Justice, constitutional expert1971
Frederick Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava Governor General, diplomat, traveller, writer1975
Jeanne Dugas Acadian survivor of multiple displacements, symbol of resilience2016
Margaret Duley Novelist (Newfoundland)1976
Gabriel Dumont Métis leader, role in North-West Rebellion 1981
Sara Jeannette Duncan Journalist, author2016
Charles Avery Dunning Premier (Saskatchewan); cabinet minister (Finance)1985
Robert Dunsmuir Coal miner, industrialist, politician1971
Maurice Duplessis Premier (Quebec), founded Union Nationale 1974
Ernest Melville DuPorte Scientist and teacher known for study of parasites2010
Ludger Duvernay Printer-publisher in Lower Canada, revived Saint-Jean-Baptiste celebrations2019
Dorothy Dworkin [12] Nurse, businesswoman, supported Jewish immigrants2009
Timothy Eaton Businessman1971
Ezra Butler Eddy Businessman (forestry products, matches)1976
Charles Edenshaw (Tahagen, Tahayren)Artist (Haïda)1971
Henrietta Edwards Women's rights activist, reformer1962
Mina Benson Hubbard Ellis Explorer, author2018
J. S. Ewart Lawyer, role in Manitoba schools dispute1966
Robert Falconer University president1944
Aegidius Fauteux Librarian, historian1955
Edward Feild Clergyman, bishop, academic2003
Reginald Fessenden Inventor (radio, sonic depth finder)1943
Peter Fidler Explorer, trader, surveyor (Hudson's Bay Company)1953
William Stevens Fielding Premier (Nova Scotia), cabinet minister (Finance)1938
Charles Fisher Father of Confederation, Premier (New Brunswick)1939
Charles Fitzpatrick Chief Justice, Lieutenant-Governor (Quebec), role in North-West Rebellion, lawyer for Louis Riel1973
Michael Anthony Fleming Bishop2003
Sandford Fleming Engineer and inventor (Standard Time)1950
James Fletcher Entomologist2016
Marc-Aurèle Fortin Painter2011
Pierre-Étienne Fortin Politician, physician1953
Rose Fortune Businesswoman, first female police officer in Canada2018
George Eulas Foster Politician, academic (League of Nations)1938
Terry Fox Humanitarian, athlete (Marathon of Hope)2008
Luke Fox Arctic explorer1972
Gustave Francq Trade unionist, publisher (Le Monde ouvrier/The Labor World)2008
John Franklin Arctic explorer1945
Archibald Fraser Industrialist (lumber)1975
Simon Fraser (1776–1862) [13] Explorer, fur trader2016
Louis-Honoré Fréchette Poet, author1937
Lillian Bilsky Freiman Organizer, philanthropist2008
Benjamin Frobisher Fur trader (North West Company)1973
Joseph Frobisher Fur trader, businessman (North West Company)1973
Martin Frobisher Arctic explorer1957
Thomas Frobisher Fur trader, established Île-à-la-Crosse post1973
Northrop Frye Educator, author, literary critic & theorist2018
Thomas Fuller (1823–1898) [14] Architect2016
Marie-Anne Gaboury Settler, grandmother of Louis Riel1982
William James Gage Publisher (W. J. Gage, textbooks)1938
Clarence Gagnon Artist1944
Larry Gains Heavyweight boxing champion2020
Alexander Tilloch Galt Father of Confederation, politician, businessman1944
William Francis Ganong Botanist, cartographer, historian1945
James Garfield Gardiner Premier (Saskatchewan), cabinet minister (Agriculture)1975
François-Xavier Garneau Historian1937
Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye Explorer, fur trader1920
Cyril Genik Supported Ukrainian immigration in western Canada1995
Antoine Gérin-Lajoie Journalist, lawyer1939
Marie Lacoste Gérin-Lajoie Women's rights activist1997
Abraham Pineo Gesner Physician, geologist, inventor of kerosene1954
John Murray Gibbon Writer, cultural promoter (Canadian Authors' Association)1954
Mifflin Wistar Gibbs Politician, businessman, human rights activist2009
Alexander Gibson Industrialist2007
Robert Giffard de Moncel Nobleman, colonizer, physician, surgeon1955
Humphrey Gilbert Unsuccessful colonizer (Newfoundland)1981
Edouard Percy Cranwill Girouard Military engineer, developed African railways1938
Oliver Goldsmith Poet1944
Glenn Gould Classical musician2012
Enid Gordon Graham Physiotherapist2014
Mary Grannan Children's author & broadcaster2018
Cuthbert Grant Métis leader1972
George Monro Grant Educator, writer, university principal (Queen's)1937
Louis-Pierre Gravel Promoted settlement and agriculture1956
John Hamilton Gray Father of Confederation, Speaker (New Brunswick)1939
John Hamilton Gray Father of Confederation, Premier (Prince Edward Island)1939
Wilfred Grenfell Medical missionary (Newfoundland and Labrador)1959
Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney)Conservationist, author, speaker1993
Lionel Groulx Clergyman, historian, Quebec nationalist1972
Helena Gutteridge Suffragette and politician2010
Casimir Gzowski Lieutenant-Governor (Ontario), engineer, constructed railroads, Niagara Parks Commission chair1956
Roderick Langmere Haig-Brown Writer, conservationist2016
Frederick Haldimand Governor (Quebec), settler1974
Arthur Lawrence Haliburton (Lord Haliburton) Military officer, civil servant1938
Thomas Chandler Haliburton Author, satirist1936
William Neilson Hall First Victoria Cross recipient of African heritage2008
Ishbel Hamilton-Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair Established Victorian Order of Nurses, National Council of Women1979
Ned Hanlan Athlete (rowing champion)1938
Arthur Sturgis Hardy Premier, Attorney General (Ontario)1948
James B. Harkin First national parks commissioner, established Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada1955
Lawren Harris Artist (Group of Seven)1970
Robert Harris Artist (painted Fathers of Confederation)1945
Ezekiel Hart Entrepreneur, politician, first Jew to be elected a legislator in the British Empire1995
Julia Catherine (Beckwith) Hart Author (St. Ursula's Convent)1951
John Harvey Lieutenant-Governor (Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick), Governor (Newfoundland)1974
Frederick W. A. G. Haultain Premier (Northwest Territories), Chief Justice (Saskatchewan)1946
Thomas Heath Haviland Father of Confederation1939
Sir Edmund Walker Head, 8th Baronet Lieutenant-Governor (New Brunswick), Governor General (British North America, pre-Confederation)1974
Abraham Albert Heaps Politician and labour leader2010
Samuel Hearne Explorer, Governor (Prince of Wales Fort)1936
Louis-Philippe Hébert Artist (Quebec sculptor)1937
Theodor August Heintzman Manufacturer (pianos)1974
Anthony Henday Explorer, fur trader1953
John Hendry Industrialist (lumber)1988
Louis Hennepin Clergyman, explorer, cartographer2008
Alexander Henry the elder Fur trader1973
Alexander Henry the younger Fur trader (North West Company)1973
William Alexander Henry Father of Confederation1939
Josiah Henson Author, abolitionist, minister, role in Underground Railroad1995
William Hespeler Businessman, immigration agent, politician2000
James Jerome Hill Businessman (Red River Transportation Company, Great Northern Railway)1938
Francis Hincks Politician1969
Ella Cora Hind Women's rights activist1997
Henry Youle Hind Scientist, explorer, surveyor, author2018
Gilles Hocquart Administrator, Intendant (New France), established Les Forges du Saint-Maurice1974
Samuel Holland Engineer, Surveyor General (Quebec)1989
Luther Hamilton Holton Businessman, banker, cabinet minister (Finance)1938
Adelaide Hoodless Educational reformer1960
Frederic William Howay Historian, lawyer, judge1944
C. D. Howe Cabinet minister, established Atomic Energy of Canada1984
Joseph Howe Premier (Nova Scotia), role in responsible government 1983
William Pearce Howland Father of Confederation1959
James Patrick Howley Naturalist, geologist2016
Henry Hudson Arctic explorer (Hudson and James Bays)1973
Sam Hughes Cabinet minister (Militia and Defence), journalist, soldier1969
William Roper Hull Businessman, philanthropist, developer1988
John Peters Humphrey Human rights advocate, jurist, scholar2022
George Hunt Linguist, ethnologist (West Coast cultures)1989
Harold Innis Economist, historian (communications theory)1972
Ipirvik and Taqulittuq Inuit couple, assisted Arctic exploration1981
James Isbister Métis leader1997
A. Y. Jackson Artist (Group of Seven)1974
Charles William Jefferys Artist1954
Diamond Jenness Anthropologist (First Nations culture)1973
Louis-Amable Jetté Lieutenant-Governor and Chief Justice (Quebec)1945
Sylvester Joe Aboriginal guide2002
Ethel Johns Nurse, educator, administrator2009
Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwakeh)Poet, speaker (First Nations)1945
Edward Johnson Singer, manager (Metropolitan Opera Company)1974
John Mercer Johnson Father of Confederation1939
Louis Jolliet Explorer (Mississippi River, with Marquette)1944
Sigtryggur Jónasson Manitoba politician and Icelandic-Canadian leader2010
William Judge Missionary (Yukon)1987
Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby)First Nations leader, clergyman1996
Israel Isaac Kahanovitch Manitoba rabbi and leader2010
Paul Kane Artist (Canadian West paintings)1937
Thomas Keefer Engineer, railroader (Hamilton Waterworks)1938
Henry Kelsey Explorer, fur trader1931
John Kennedy Civil engineer (Montreal harbour)2001
William Frederick King Surveyor, astronomer, civil servant (established Geodetic Survey of Canada, Dominion Observatory)1959
Reverend William King Clergyman, abolitionist2005
William Lyon Mackenzie King Prime Minister1967
Charles Edmund Kingsmill Founder of the Navy2010
William Kirby Writer, historian (Annals of Niagara)1946
David Kirke Adventurer, colonizer, Governor (Newfoundland)1968
A. M. Klein Writer, lawyer (Jewish literature)2007
Otto Julius Klotz Astronomer, geographer (Dominion Observatory)1938
Leon Joseph Koerner Industrialist (forestry)2009
Kondiaronk Negotiator (Treaty of 1701)2001
Cornelius Krieghoff Artist1972
Chief Kw'eh Leader of Dakelh people, British Columbia2011
John Kinder Labatt Businessman (brewery)1971
Curé Antoine Labelle Colonizer of the Laurentians, priest, politician2019
Albert Lacombe Missionary1932
Édouard Lacroix Businessman, politician2006
Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Jurist, statesman, co-Premier (Province of Canada, pre-Confederation)1937
Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière Trapper, grandfather of Louis Riel1981
David Laird Lieutenant-Governor (Northwest Territories), cabinet minister (Interior)1950
John Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham Governor General, High Commissioner (British North America)1974
Catherine Beaulieu Bouvier Lamoureux Defender of Métis culture2011
Archibald Lampman Poet1920
Pierre-Amand Landry Lawyer, judge, politician, first Acadian to be knighted1955
Franklin Knight Lane American politician, born in Prince Edward Island1938
Hector-Louis Langevin Father of Confederation, cabinet minister (Public Works)1938
Sam Langford Boxer1987
Ernest Lapointe Cabinet minister1954
Margaret Laurence Novelist, academic2016
Wilfrid Laurier Prime Minister1938
François de Laval Bishop1972
Calixa Lavallée Musician ("O Canada")1966
Marguerite Vincent Lawinonkié Artist2008
Sheridan Lawrence Farmer, businessman, judge1954
Olivier Le Jeune First Black resident, first Black slave2022
James MacPherson Le Moine Author, historian, ornithologist (Royal Society of Canada)1938
Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville Soldier, explorer, administrator1937
Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville Governor (Louisiana), founded Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans1953
Charles le Moyne de Longueuil et de Châteauguay and familyFamily of soldiers and colonizers1957
Stephen Leacock Writer, economist, particularly as humorist1946
Ozias Leduc Painter2018
Camille Lefebvre Clergyman, established Acadian Renaissance Movement1997
Jean-Louis Légaré Settler, trader1969
Rodolphe Lemieux Speaker and cabinet minister (House of Commons), professor1973
Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond Governor General1923
Irma LeVasseur Physician (pediatrics)2008
Arthur Lismer Artist (Group of Seven)1974
Philip Francis Little Premier (pre-confederation Newfoundland), role in responsible government 2007
Kathleen 'Kay' Livingstone Feminist-activist for blacks2011
George Lloyd Bishop, helped found Lloydminster 1953
George Locke Librarian (Toronto Public Libraries), author, historian1939
Grace Annie Lockhart First woman in British Empire to receive university bachelor's degree1991
William Edmond Logan Geologist (director, Geological Survey of Canada)1967
Jean-Baptiste Lolo Interpreter, guide, trader, peacemaker2012
Tom Longboat Athlete, Boston Marathon winner1976
Frances Loring Sculptor2011
Albert Peter Low Geologist, explorer, athlete, surveyor1972
John MacIntosh Lyle Architect (Beaux-Arts style)2008
Archibald Macallum Biochemist, founded National Research Council 1938
Thomas Bassett Macaulay Businessman (insurance)1997
Andrew Archibald Macdonald Father of Confederation1939
James E.H. MacDonald Artist (Group of Seven)1974
Margaret C. MacDonald Nurse (World War I)1982
John MacDonald of Glenaladale Organized settlement of PEI2012
John A. Macdonald Father of Confederation, Prime Minister1939
William Christopher Macdonald Manufacturer, philanthropist (Macdonald Tobacco)1974
Alexander Macdonell Bishop1924
Angus Bernard MacEachern Bishop1968
Elsie MacGill Aeronautical engineer2007
Helen Gregory MacGill Judge, campaigned for women's suffrage 1998
Agnes Maule Machar Patriotic writer, social commentator2015
Alexander Mackenzie Explorer2016
Alexander Mackenzie Prime Minister1957
William Mackenzie Railway entrepreneur (Canadian Northern Railway)1976
William Lyon Mackenzie Politician, journalist, led Upper Canada Rebellion 1949
Pegi Nicol MacLeod Modernist painter2011
Archibald MacMechan Professor, writer1946
H. R. MacMillan Forester, industrialist1987
Ernest MacMillan Musician, composer, conductor1984
Helen MacMurchy Doctor, author, health care reformer1997
Allan MacNab Premier (Province of Canada), politician, judge1937
John Macoun Botanist, advocate of the West2011
Agnes Macphail First female Member of Parliament1985
Andrew Macphail Physician, author, professor1945
Charles Alexander Magrath Surveyor, engineer, first mayor of Lethbridge, Alberta1950
Charles Mair Poet, nationalist, promoted western development1937
Jeanne Mance Settler, nurse, established hospital (Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal)1998
Donald Mann Railroader (Canadian Northern Railway)1976
Charles Marega Artist2009
Marie-Victorin Botanist, monastic, author, educator1987
Jacques Marquette Priest, explorer (Mississippi River, with Louis Jolliet)1937
Paul Mascarene Lieutenant-Governor (Nova Scotia), defended Annapolis Royal1929
Kèsh (Skookum Jim Mason) Explorer, discovered gold (Yukon)1994
Vincent Massey Governor General1974
Hart Massey Businessman, philanthropist (Massey-Harris, Massey Hall)1971
Matonabbee First Nations leader, role in Samuel Hearne expedition1981
Wilfrid R. "Wop" May Aviator (World War I ace, established bush piloting)1974
Peter McArthur Writer, farmer1946
Richard McBride Premier and Agent General (British Columbia)1938
Francis Leopold McClintock Arctic explorer1972
Nellie McClung Politician, feminist, social activist (first female board member of CBC)1954
Robert McClure Arctic explorer1972
Grant McConachie Businessman, aviator (development of northwestern Canadian service)2007
David Ross McCord Lawyer, philanthropist, founded McCord Museum in Montreal2000
John McCrae Physician, soldier, poet ("In Flanders Fields")1946
Thomas McCulloch Educator (Pictou Academy, Dalhousie College)1959
Jonathan McCully Father of Confederation1939
John Alexander Douglas McCurdy Aviator (first to pilot an aircraft in British Empire), Lieutenant-Governor (Nova Scotia)1974
George Millward McDougall Missionary, role in Treaty 6 1969
William McDougall Father of Confederation, politician1943
Duncan McNab McEachran Veterinarian2016
Thomas D'Arcy McGee Father of Confederation, writer, Irish nationalist1943
Donald McKay Ship designer and builder1938
R. Tait McKenzie Surgeon, artist, physical educator1958
Louise McKinney First female legislator in the British Empire (Alberta)1939
Samuel McLaughlin Businessman, philanthropist (automotive industry)1989
John McLoughlin Hudson's Bay Company chief factor, "Father of Oregon"1951
Marshall McLuhan Professor, author (media analysis)2007
William McMaster Businessman, Senator, banker1990
Violet Clara McNaughton Social reformer (Women Grain Growers)1997
Alexander James McPhail Social reformer (agriculture), Canadian Wheat Pool president1971
Arthur Meighen Prime Minister1961
Jean-Baptiste Meilleur Doctor, educator2002
Henri Membertou (Anli-Maopeltoog)First Nations leader, role in establishing Mi'kmaq-French Alliance1981
Men of Letters (Acadia) – (Pascal Poirier, Placide Gaudet, John Clarence Webster, Israël Landry and Ferdinand Robidoux)Writers (Acadia)1955
Charles de Menou d'Aulnay Governor (Acadia), colonizer1972
Honoré Mercier Premier (Quebec), journalist, lawyer1938
William Hamilton Merritt Businessman, role in building the Welland Canal 1974
Mikak Female symbol of Inuit self-determination2011
David Mills Cabinet minister (Interior and Justice)1954
David Milne (1882–1953) [15] Artist2016
Mattie Mitchell Mi’kmaq guide, prospector, explorer and hunter (Newfoundland)2001
Peter Mitchell Father of Confederation, Prime Minister (New Brunswick, pre-Confederation)1938
Mokwina First Nations leader (Moachat Confederacy)1987
John Molson Brewer, entrepreneur2021
William Molson Businessman1971
Charles Monck, 4th Viscount Monck First Governor General of Confederation1974
Lucy Maud Montgomery Author (Anne of Green Gables)1943
Frederick Montizambert Physician, civil servant (quarantining)1998
Susanna Moodie Author, settler1975
Sewell Moody Businessman (sawmills)1988
Howie Morenz Hockey player1976
Frederick Cleveland Morgan Montreal museum curator2012
Henry James Morgan Author, historian, archivist2016
Adrien-Gabriel Morice Missionary, author1948
Augustin-Norbert Morin Lawyer, Superior Court Justice, role in Reform Coalition1938
James Wilson Morrice Artist1954
Alexander Morris Chief Justice (Manitoba), politician, role in 1864 Great Coalition1971
Arthur Silver Morton Teacher, historian, archivist (Saskatchewan)1952
William Richard Motherwell Cabinet minister (Agriculture); established Territorial Grain Growers' Association 1966
Oliver Mowat Father of Confederation, Premier (Ontario)1934
John Munn Newfoundland outport merchant, civic leader2016
Beamish Murdoch Lawyer, politician, writer1937
Emily Murphy First female judge in British Empire, author, women's rights activist1958
James Murray Governor (Quebec), Military Governor (Quebec District)1955
Leonard W. Murray Admiral (North Atlantic Convoy, World War II)1977
Anthony Musgrave Governor (Newfoundland, British Columbia), role in British Columbia joining Confederation1975
Nahnebahwequay Ojibwa spokeswoman and Christian missionary2021
James Naismith Inventor of basketball, physician, promoter of physical education1976
Thomas Nangle Cleric, chaplain, war memorial planner, politician2016
Neekaneet (Foremost Man)First Nations leader (Plains Cree)1981
John Neilson Politician, editor, journalist, reformer1976
Émile Nelligan Poet (L'École littéraire de Montréal)1974
Nescambiouit First Nations leader2005
Simon Newcomb Astronomer, mathematician (United States Naval Observatory, Nautical Almanac)1935
Gilbert Stuart Newton Artist (Royal Academy)1944
Margaret Newton Scientist (agriculture, grains)1996
Guido Nincheri Artist, decorator2007
Percy Erskine Nobbs Architect2008
Charles Sherwood Noble Inventor (agricultural machinery)2002
John Norquay Premier (Manitoba), Métis statesman1943
John Norton (Teyoninhokarawen) Native political and military leader2011
William Notman Photographer, businessman1975
Harold Anthony Oaks Bush pilot (Patricia Airways)1974
Jonathan Odell Poet, clergyman, surgeon, Secretary (New Brunswick)1959
William Ogilvie Commissioner (Yukon), surveyor, explorer, author1970
Joseph Oleskiw Professor, promoted Ukrainian immigration1996
Frank Oliver Cabinet minister (Interior), journalist1947
Onondeyoh (Frederick Ogilvie Loft) Opposed residential schools, founded League of Indians2019
David Oppenheimer Mayor (Vancouver), businessman, Jewish community leader2008
Oronhyatekha First Canadian First Nations physician2001
William Osler Physician, medical researcher and educator1950
Léo-Ernest Ouimet Filmmaker, producer, distributor, theatre operator2018
Daniel David Palmer Founded chiropractic medicine1993
Edward Palmer Father of Confederation, Premier (Prince Edward Island)1939
Théophile Panadis Defender of Abenaki traditions2011
Louis-Joseph Papineau Politician, lawyer, seigneur (Montebello, la Petite-Nation), Patriot Movement leader1937
Étienne Parent Civil servant, journalist, editor Le Canadien1974
Sir Gilbert Parker, 1st Baronet Politician, author (romance novels)1938
Elizabeth Parker Co-founded Alpine Club of Canada 2011
George Robert Parkin Author, educator, Imperial Federation Movement leader1938
Irene Parlby Politician, rural leader, campaigned to allow women in the Senate1966
William Edward Parry Arctic explorer1971
Edward Alexander Partridge Agrarian activist, farmer, author2018
Walter Patterson Governor (Prince Edward Island)1974
Andrew Paull Squamish leader, rights advocate2012
The Peacemakers: Albert Lacombe, John McDougallBrokered peace between First Nations groups1932
William Pearce Surveyor, planner (western Canada)1973
Lester B. Pearson Prime Minister1974
Paul Peel Artist (of the French Academic School)1937
Francis Pegahmagabow War hero and activist for Native rights2019
Chief Peguis First Nations leader2008
Wilfrid Pelletier Orchestra conductor, founded Conservatoire de musique et d'art dramatique du Québec 1988
Wilder Penfield Neurosurgeon (Montreal Neurological Institute)1988
Simeon Perkins Businessman, diarist, politician1946
Nicolas Perrot Explorer, diplomat, fur trader1952
Thomas Peters Advocate for African-Americans in Nova Scotia after the Revolution; founder of Sierra Leone2022
Piapot First Nations leader1981
Richard Pierpoint Senegalese slave fought for Britain in the American Revolution and War of 1812; formed the Colored Corps2020
Pitikwahanapiwiyin (Poundmaker)First Nations leader1967
Peter Pitseolak Photographer, artist, historian, hunter1981
John Stanley Plaskett Astronomer (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory)1949
Peter Pond Fur trader, cartographer, explorer (role in establishing North West Company)1951
Georgina Pope Nurse (first matron of Army Medical Corps)1983
James Colledge Pope Premier (Prince Edward Island), cabinet minister (Marine and Fisheries)1938
Joseph Pope Civil servant, author1938
William Henry Pope Father of Confederation1939
Charles Gavan Power Defense Minister, expanded Air Force2013
Philip Louis Pratley [16] Bridge designer (Dominion Bridge Company)2005
E. J. Pratt Poet1975
Richard Preston Escaped slaved, black community leader2005
George Prevost President2016
William Price Businessman, politician (forest products)2003
Thomas George "Tommy" Prince Decorated war veteran (WWII, Korea), Native activist2019
Léon Abel Provancher Priest, naturalist, author1994
Pierre-Esprit Radisson Explorer, cartographer, fur trader, role in Hudson's Bay Company1971
John Rae Explorer, physician, fur trader1973
James Ralston Cabinet minister (National Defence)1973
Alice Ravenhill Educator, author, social and educational reformer2008
Donald Strathearn Rawson Limnologist and conservationist2019
Red Crow First Nations leader (Blood tribe), signatory to Treaty 7 1977
John Reeves Judge, historian1995
George Agnew Reid Artist, president (Ontario Society of Artists, Royal Canadian Academy of Art)1948
Marcel-François Richard Role in Acadia – developed flag, anthem and patron day2004
William Buell Richards Supreme Court of Canada judge1938
Harriette Taber Richardson Promoted reconstruction of Port Royal Habitation1949
John Richardson Soldier (War of 1812), poet, novelist, established New Era journal1938
Louis Riel Métis leader, role in North-West Rebellion1956
John William Ritchie Father of Confederation, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice1959
Joseph-Noël Ritchot Clergyman1990
Charles G.D. Roberts Poet1945
Charles Walker Robinson Soldier, author1938
John Beverley Robinson Mayor (Toronto), Lieutenant-Governor (Ontario), leader of Family Compact 1937
John Robson Premier (British Columbia), established first British Columbia newspaper1938
Marie Marguerite Rose Abolitionist, freed slave2008
Sir John Rose, 1st Baronet Politician, banker, diplomat1973
Bobbie Rosenfeld Athlete (Olympic gold medalist)1976
Alexander Ross Fur trader, author, role in Pacific Fur Company and North West Company1951
James Hamilton Ross Member of North-West Council and Assembly, Commissioner (Yukon)1948
George William Ross Premier (Ontario), Senate Liberal leader1937
James Clark Ross Arctic explorer1972
John Ross Arctic explorer1972
John Rowand Fur trader, Chief factor (Hudson's Bay Company)1954
Gabrielle Roy Author2008
Louis Rubenstein Champion figure skater, sports administrator/promoter2016
Ernest Rutherford Physicist (nuclear pioneer)1939
Egerton Ryerson Clergyman, educator, politician, school advocate1934
Mary Anne Sadlier Author (religious subjects)2008
Idola Saint-Jean Women's rights activist1997
Bernard Keble Sandwell Editor, writer, role in Saturday Night 1955
Edward Sapir Anthropologist, linguist, expert on First Nations1983
Margaret Marshall Saunders Author1947
Charles E. Saunders Agronomist (Marquis wheat)1938
William Saunders Pharmacist, scientist, civil servant, author, role with Experimental farms1952
Savalette Established Acadian "sedentary" fisheries1944
Frank W. Schofield Veterinarian2009
Jacob Gould Schurman Educator, philosopher, academic president (Cornell University)1943
Duncan Campbell Scott Poet (Confederation poets)1948
Richard William Scott Politician, supported Ontario Separate School Act1938
Joseph E. Seagram Alcohol distiller, politician1971
Laura Secord Heroine, War of 18122002
Hans Selye Medical researcher (stress)1989
Ernest Thompson Seton Writer, conservationist, artist, social reformer1995
Jonathan Sewell Chief Justice (Lower Canada), supported Confederation1956
Mary Ann Shadd Editor, leader (Black Refugee Movement)1994
Shanawdithit Last surviving Beothuk 2000
Ambrose Shea Father of Confederation, Speaker (Newfoundland House)1959
Francis Joseph Sherman Poet, banker1945
Adam Shortt Historian, author, role in Canadian Civil Service Commission1938
Clifford Sifton Cabinet minister (Interior), promoted immigration1955
John Graves Simcoe Lieutenant-Governor (Upper Canada), military leader (Queen's Rangers)1974
George Simpson Governor-in-Chief (Rupert's Land), General Superintendent (Hudson's Bay Company)1927
Thomas Simpson Arctic explorer1937
Oscar D. Skelton Historian, economist, established Department of External Affairs1947
Frank Leith Skinner Horticulturalist1997
Joshua Slocum Mariner, explorer, author, first solo sailor to travel throughout the world1957
Charlotte Small Métis figure, role in fur trade2008
Joey Smallwood Father of Confederation, Premier (Newfoundland)1996
Elizabeth Smellie First World War nursing Sister2011
Albert James Smith Premier (New Brunswick), cabinet minister (Marine and Fisheries)1949
Donald Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal Fur trader, railroader (Canadian Pacific), politician, role with Hudson's Bay Company1971
Goldwin Smith Historian, journalist1975
Marie Rose (Delorme) Smith Symbol of female Métis resilience2023
Mary Ellen Smith Politician2016 [17]
Mary Agnes Snively Nursing advocate2011
Mary Meager Southcott Nurse, superintendent1998
Louis St. Laurent Prime Minister1973
Sam Steele Soldier, Superintendent (North-West Mounted Police)1938
William Steeves Father of Confederation, industrialist, senator1939
Vilhjalmur Stefansson Arctic explorer1964
Stephan G. Stephansson Poet1946
George Stephen, 1st Baron Mount Stephen Banker, railroader (Canada Pacific Railway), philanthropist1971
John Stewart PEI historian, politician2022
Emily Stowe First woman to practise as a Canadian doctor, women's rights activist1995
John Strachan Bishop, founded King's College1925
Gilfred Studholme Army officer, role in constructing Fort Howe1927
Benjamin Sulte Historian (French Canada)1928
Alexandre-Antonin Taché Bishop, missionary, writer1943
Étienne-Paschal Taché Father of Confederation, headed Coalition Government1937
François-Xavier Picard Tahourenche Archivist2008
Jean Talon Intendant (New France)1974
Joseph Israël Tarte Journalist, politician, cabinet minister (Public Works)1973
Tecumseh First Nations leader, role in War of 18121931
James Teit Ethnographer (First Nations)1994
Tessouat dubbed "le Borgne de l'isle"First Nation leader1983
Thanadelthur First Nations figure, role in northern fur trade2000
George McCall Theal Educator, historian, archivist (South Africa)1937
Louis Thomas (Maliseet) Defended Maliseet rights and interests2002
William Thomas Architect1974
David Thompson Fur trader, cartographer, surveyor1927
John Sparrow David Thompson Prime Minister1937
Stanley Thompson Architect (golf courses)2005
Charles Poulett Thomson, 1st Baron Sydenham Governor General, established Union of the Canadas1926
Edward William Thomson Writer (editorials for Globe, Toronto)1938
Tom Thomson Artist (influenced the Group of Seven)1958
Samuel Leonard Tilley Father of confederation, cabinet minister1937
William Tomison Role in Hudson's Bay Company 1974
Henry Marshall Tory University president, first National Research Council president1949
Catharine Parr Traill Author1974
Jennie Kidd Trout First Canadian woman licensed as physician1995
Pierre Trudeau Prime Minister2001
Joseph Trutch Lieutenant-Governor (British Columbia)1975
Ignace-Nicolas Vincent Tsawenhohi First Nations leader2001
Harriet Tubman Abolitionist, humanitarian (Underground Railroad)2005
Charles Tupper Prime Minister, Father of Confederation1957
William Ferdinand Alphonse Turgeon Attorney General (Saskatchewan), diplomat, judge1981
Wallace Rupert Turnbull Inventor, aeronautical engineer (wind tunnel)1960
Philip Turnor Surveyor, cartographer (Hudson's Bay Company surveyor)1973
Joseph Tyrrell Geologist, historian, cartographer (Geological Survey of Canada)1970
James Boyle Uniacke Premier (Nova Scotia)1938
William Cornelius Van Horne Railroader (Canadian Pacific)1954
George Vancouver Explorer1933
Georges Vanier Governor General, soldier, Ambassador (to France)1983
Frederick Varley Artist (Group of Seven)1974
Madeleine de Verchères Defended family fort1923
Peter Vasilevich Verigin Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood, Doukhobor emigration2008
Louis-Guillaume Verrier Founded law school1952
Samuel Vetch Soldier, Governor (Nova Scotia)1928
Hiram Walker Industrialist, developed distillery, ferry and railway in Windsor, Ontario1971
Horatio Walker Artist, Royal Academy of Art1939
Byron Edmund Walker Businessman, arts patron1938
Provo Wallis Royal Navy officer, capture USS Chesapeake, War of 18121945
James Morrow Walsh North-West Mounted Police, Commissioner of Yukon1967
Angus J. Walters Fishing captain2005
John Ware Pioneer cowboy, steer-wrestler2022
Homer Ransford Watson Artist1939
Ken Watson Champion curler2016
Margaret Robertson Watt aka Madge Watt Associated Country Women of the World2007
George Edward Watts Vice-admiral, War of 18121945
John Clarence Webster Surgeon, historian, author, professor, chair Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada1950
John Wentworth Lieutenant-Governor Nova Scotia1974
Philip Westphal Navy Admiral1945
George Augustus Westphal Navy Admiral1945
Arthur Oliver Wheeler Surveyor, National Park Movement, Alpine Club1995
Seager Wheeler Agriculturist1976
Edward Whelan Father of Confederation, journalist, speaker1939
Richard Whitbourne Newfoundland businessman, promoted settlement1984
Portia White Musician1995
Healey Willan Musician, professor1984
John Stephen Willison Editor1938
Thomas Willson Inventor (noted for acetylene)1972
Lemuel Allan Wilmot Lieutenant-Governor New Brunswick, politician and judge1938
Robert Duncan Wilmot Father of Confederation, Senator1959
Alice Evelyn Wilson Scientist, teacher2011
Cairine Reay Mackay Wilson First woman Senator2005
Ethel Wilson Modernist fiction writer2011
Mona Gordon Wilson Prince Edward Island Public Health Nursing Division2008
Edward Winslow Loyalist; founded Fredericton, settlements in Saint John River Valley1951
Hirsch Wolofsky, aka Harry Wolofsky Montreal Jewish community leader; founded Eagle Publishing Company2007
William Wolseley Royal Navy Admiral (East Indies, Mediterranean)1945
Wong Foon Sien Chinese-Canadian activist2008
Henry Wise Wood Founded Canada Wheat Pools1962
J. S. Woodsworth CCF leader1972
Philemon Wright Lumber merchant, Ottawa Valley settler1976
George MacKinnon Wrong Professor1950
Florence Wyle Sculptor2011
James Lucas Yeo War of 1812 Commander1937
Nellie Yip Quong Community advocate; Euro-Canadian/Chinese Canadian intermediary2008
John Young Farmer, businessman, agricultural reformer1951
William Young Premier (Nova Scotia), judge1951
Marie-Marguerite d'Youville Saint, founded Order of the Sisters of Charity1973

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">National Historic Sites of Canada</span> Heritage registers in Canada

National Historic Sites of Canada are places that have been designated by the federal Minister of the Environment on the advice of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (HSMBC), as being of national historic significance. Parks Canada, a federal agency, manages the National Historic Sites program. As of November 2023, there were 1,005 National Historic Sites, 171 of which are administered by Parks Canada; the remainder are administered or owned by other levels of government or private entities. The sites are located across all ten provinces and three territories, with two sites located in France.

Heritage buildings in Edmonton, as elsewhere in Canada, may be designated by any of the three levels of government: the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta, or the City of Edmonton.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Events of National Historic Significance</span> Event designation by Canadas Minister of the Environment

The Events of National Historic Significance, also called National Historic Events, are events that have been designated by Canada's government, on the advice of the national Historic Sites and Monuments Board to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, as being defining actions, episodes, movements or experiences in Canadian history. To be designated, an event must have occurred at least forty (40) years previous; events that continue into the more recent past are evaluated on the basis of what occurred at least 40 years ago. As of June 2023, there are 500 National Historic Events that are already recorded.


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