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The Shadow Cabinet of Simon Bridges forms the official Opposition in the 52nd New Zealand Parliament. It comprises all members of the New Zealand National Party, which is the largest party not a member of the Government.

The Shadow Cabinet is a feature of the Westminster system of government. It consists of a senior group of opposition spokespeople who, under the leadership of the Leader of the Opposition, form an alternative cabinet to that of the government, and whose members shadow or mirror the positions of each individual member of the Cabinet. It is the Shadow Cabinet's responsibility to scrutinise the policies and actions of the government, as well as to offer an alternative program. The Shadow Cabinet makes up the majority of the Official Opposition frontbench.

Official Opposition (New Zealand)

Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, or commonly the Official Opposition, in New Zealand is usually the largest political party or coalition which is not a member of the ruling government—it does not provide ministers. This is usually the second-largest party in the House of Representatives, although in certain unusual circumstances it may be the largest party or even a third or fourth party.

52nd New Zealand Parliament

The 52nd New Zealand Parliament is the current meeting of the legislative branch of New Zealand's Parliament. It was elected at the 2017 general election. The 52nd Parliament consists of 120 members, and is serving from its opening on 7 November 2017 until the next general election. Under section 17 of the Constitution Act 1986, Parliament expires three years "from the day fixed for the return of the writs issued for the last preceding general election of members of the House of Representatives, and no longer." With the date for the return of writs for the general election set at 12 October 2017, the 52nd Parliament must be dissolved on or before 12 October 2020.

After his election as Leader of the Opposition on 27 February 2018, Simon Bridges announced that he would reshuffle MPs' portfolio responsibilities within the next fortnight. [1] On 11 March, he announced MPs' portfolio assignments.

Leader of the Opposition (New Zealand) parliamentary position of the Parliament of New Zealand

In New Zealand, the Leader of the Opposition is the politician who commands the support of the Official Opposition. The Leader of the Opposition by convention leads the largest party not supporting the government: this is usually the parliamentary leader of the second largest caucus in the House of Representatives. In the debating chamber the Leader of the Opposition sits directly opposite the Prime Minister.

Simon Bridges New Zealand politician

Simon Joseph Bridges is a New Zealand politician and lawyer who has served as the Leader of the New Zealand National Party and Leader of the Opposition since 27 February 2018. He has been the Member of Parliament for Tauranga since the 2008 election. A self-described "compassionate conservative", Bridges has served in several Cabinet portfolios, including those of Minister of Transport (2014–2017) and Minister of Economic Development (2016–2017). He took the role of Leader of the House from May to October 2017.

List of spokespersons

The initial portfolio allocation was announced on 11 March 2018, [2] and has since been amended three times: first, on 26 March 2018 to accommodate the resignation of Jonathan Coleman; [3] second, in October 2018 in response to Jami-Lee Ross's taking leave from Parliament (and subsequently being expelled from the National Party); [4] and third, following the resignation of Christopher Finlayson in January 2019. [5] [6]

Jonathan Coleman (politician) New Zealand politician

Jonathan David Coleman is a former New Zealand politician.

Jami-Lee Ross New Zealand politician

Jami-Lee Matenga Ross is a New Zealand politician who has been the Member of Parliament for the Botany electorate in Auckland since the March 2011 Botany by-election, when he became the youngest Member of Parliament at the time. He was previously a local government politician on the Auckland Council and, before that, was on the Manukau City Council from the age of 18.

1Hon Simon Bridges
2Hon Paula Bennett
  • Deputy Leader of the Opposition
  • Spokesperson for Social Investment and Social Services
  • Spokesperson for Women
  • Spokesperson for Drug Reform
3Hon Amy Adams
4Hon Judith Collins
  • Spokesperson for Housing and Urban Development
  • Spokesperson for Planning (RMA Reform)
  • Spokesperson for Infrastructure
5Hon Todd McClay
  • Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs
  • Spokesperson for Trade
  • Spokesperson for Tourism
6Hon Mark Mitchell
  • Spokesperson for Justice
  • Spokesperson for Defence
  • Spokesperson for Disarmament
  • Spokesperson for Pike River Mine re-entry
7Hon Paul Goldsmith
  • Spokesperson for Economic and Regional Development
  • Spokesperson for Revenue
  • Spokesperson for Transport
  • Associate Spokesperson for Arts, Culture and Heritage
8Hon Nikki Kaye
  • Spokesperson for Education
  • Spokesperson for Sport and Recreation
9Hon Gerry Brownlee
  • Shadow Leader of the House
  • Spokesperson for the GCSB
  • Spokesperson for the NZSIS
  • Spokesperson for the America's Cup
10Hon Nathan Guy
  • Spokesperson for Agriculture
  • Spokesperson for Biosecurity
  • Spokesperson for Food Safety
11Hon Michael Woodhouse
  • Deputy Shadow Leader of the House
  • Spokesperson for Health
  • Spokesperson for Immigration
12Hon Louise Upston
  • Spokesperson for Social Development
13Hon Alfred Ngaro
  • Spokesperson for Children
  • Spokesperson for the Community and Voluntary Sector
  • Spokesperson for Pacific Peoples
14Hon Scott Simpson
  • Spokesperson for the Environment
  • Spokesperson for Workplace Relations
15Hon Jacqui Dean
  • Spokesperson for Local Government
  • Spokesperson for Small Business
16 Melissa Lee
  • Spokesperson for Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media
  • Spokesperson for Ethnic Communities
17 Sarah Dowie
  • Spokesperson for Conservation
18Hon Anne Tolley
  • Deputy Speaker
19Rt Hon David Carter
  • Spokesperson for State Owned Enterprises
20Hon David Bennett
  • Spokesperson for Corrections
  • Spokesperson for Land Information
  • Associate Spokesperson for Infrastructure
21 Jonathan Young
  • Spokesperson for Energy and Resources
  • Spokesperson for Regional Development (North Island)
22Hon Maggie Barry
  • Spokesperson for Seniors
  • Spokesperson for Veterans
  • Associate Spokesperson for Health
23Hon Dr Nick Smith
  • Spokesperson for State Services (including Open Government)
  • Spokesperson for Electoral Reform
  • Spokesperson for Crown-Māori relations
24 Barbara Kuriger
  • Senior Whip
25 Matt Doocey
  • Spokesperson for Mental Health
  • Junior Whip
26 Simon O'Connor
  • Spokesperson for Customs
  • Associate Spokesperson for Housing (Social)
  • Associate Spokesperson for Social Development
27 Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
  • Spokesperson for Internal Affairs
  • Associate Spokesperson for Justice
28Hon Tim Macindoe
  • Spokesperson for ACC
  • Associate Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Trade
29 Brett Hudson
  • Spokesperson for Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  • Spokesperson for Government Digital Services
  • Associate Spokesperson for Transport
30 Stuart Smith
  • Spokesperson for the Earthquake Commission
  • Spokesperson for Civil Defence
  • Spokesperson for Viticulture
31 Todd Muller
  • Spokesperson for Climate Change
32Dr Jian Yang
  • Spokesperson for Statistics
  • Associate Spokesperson for Ethnic Communities
33Dr Parmjeet Parmar
  • Spokesperson for Research, Science and Innovation
  • Associate Spokesperson for Economic Development
34 Nuk Korako
  • Spokesperson for Māori Development
  • Spokesperson for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations
35 Chris Bishop
  • Spokesperson for Police
  • Spokesperson for Youth
36 Ian McKelvie
  • Spokesperson for Fisheries
  • Spokesperson for Racing
37Hon Nicky Wagner
  • Spokesperson for Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • Spokesperson for Greater Christchurch Regeneration
38 Andrew Bayly
  • Spokesperson for Building and Construction
  • Associate Spokesperson for Finance
39Dr Shane Reti
  • Spokesperson for Data and Cybersecurity
  • Spokesperson for Disability Issues
  • Associate Spokesperson for Health
  • Spokesperson for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment
40 Alastair Scott
  • Spokesperson for Forestry
  • Associate Spokesperson for Finance
41 Jo Hayes
  • Spokesperson for Whānau Ora
  • Spokesperson for Māori Education
42 Simeon Brown
  • Associate Spokesperson for Education
43 Andrew Falloon
  • Spokesperson for Regional Development (South Island)
44 Harete Hipango
  • Spokesperson for Māori Tourism
45 Matt King
  • Spokesperson for Rural Communities
46 Denise Lee
  • Spokesperson for Local Government (Auckland)
47 Chris Penk
  • Spokesperson for Courts
48 Erica Stanford
  • Associate Spokesperson for the Environment
49 Tim van de Molen
  • Third Whip
50 Hamish Walker
  • Associate Spokesperson for Agriculture
51 Lawrence Yule
  • Spokesperson for Horticulture
52 Maureen Pugh
  • Associate Spokesperson for Children
53 Nicola Willis
  • Spokesperson for Early Childhood Education
54 Dan Bidois
  • Associate Spokesperson for Workplace Relations & Safety
55 Agnes Loheni
  • Associate Spokesperson for Small Businesses
  • Associate Spokesperson for Pacific Peoples

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2016 New Zealand National Party leadership election

The 2016 New Zealand National Party leadership election was held on 12 December 2016 to determine the next Leader of the National Party and the 39th Prime Minister of New Zealand. A secret exhaustive ballot of the 59-member National parliamentary caucus was to be used in the event of a contested leadership.

The second Shadow Cabinet of Bill English formed the official Opposition in the 52nd New Zealand Parliament from 2 November 2017 until 11 March 2018, during Bill English's second term as Leader of the Opposition.

2018 New Zealand National Party leadership election

The 2018 New Zealand National Party leadership election was held on 27 February 2018 to determine the 12th Leader of the National Party. On 13 February 2018, Bill English announced his resignation as leader of the National Party, effective on 27 February 2018. He left Parliament on 13 March 2018. On 20 February, Deputy Leader Paula Bennett announced that a concurrent deputy leadership election would take place, in which she would stand.

Agnes Loreta Loheni is a New Zealand politician and a Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives for the New Zealand National Party. She was declared elected on 31 January 2019, following the resignation of Chris Finlayson.


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