Charity, Guyana

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Alfro Complex in Charity
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Location in Guayana
Coordinates: 7°24′N58°36′W / 7.400°N 58.600°W / 7.400; -58.600 Coordinates: 7°24′N58°36′W / 7.400°N 58.600°W / 7.400; -58.600
Country Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana
Region No.2 Pomeroon-Supenaam
 (2012) [1]

Charity is a small township in Guyana, located in the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region No.2, which is part of the Essequibo County.


The government of Charity is managed by the Charity/Urasara Neighbourhood Democratic Council. [2] Charity has a recently constructed Magistrate’s Court. St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church is in Charity, [3]

Afro Alfonso, a businessman in the area, established Charity’s only five-story structure, a landmark in the area. [3]

The fish port at Charity buys from fishermen and sells to the domestic and international markets. [4]

Charity Market

Charity has a market each Monday, and hosts more than 300 vendors. Most of the produce sold at the market come from the surrounding Essequibo Coast and Pomeroon areas, and merchants from Georgetown sell wares as well. [5]

In 2012, tarmacs were installed to improve the market, but merchants have been slow to move due to perception that street side locations are more competitive. [6] This has led to issues of parking and other strains on the limited infrastructure. [7]

As an active business hub, the area is also inundated with visitors, so the town struggles with waste disposal. Garbage accumulation has led to flooding by blocking the drainage system during rains. [2] [8]

Charity Secondary School Charity Secondary School - panoramio.jpg
Charity Secondary School


Charity is located on the Pomeroon River which provides a gateway to this part of Guyana's interior and Venezuela. Many Guyanese use this waterway to travel back and forth between Guyana and Venezuela where they work. [9] It is a central focus for the farmers who live in this area. They bring their products to this location and from here it is transshipped to other townships such as Anna Regina and Parika, and to the capital city of Georgetown.

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