List of heads of government of Liechtenstein

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Prime Minister of the
Principality of Liechtenstein
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Adrian Hasler

since 27 March 2013
Appointer Prince of Liechtenstein
Inaugural holder Josef Ospelt
Formation2 March 1921
Salary254,000 Swiss francs annually [1]
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This is a list of the Regierungschef (Heads of Government or Prime Ministers) of Liechtenstein.


The current head of government is Adrian Hasler, since 27 March 2013.

Governor of Liechtenstein

Landesverweser from 1861 to 1921. [2]

Term of office
Took officeLeft officeTime in office
Carl Haus von Hausen 18611884
Carl von In der Maur
Friedrich Stellwag
1892October 1896
Carl von In der Maur
4 January 189711 December 191316 years, 341 days
Leopold von Imhof 19141918
Martin Ritter November 1918November 1918
Prince Karl von Liechtenstein November 19181920
Josef Peer 19201921

Prime Ministers of Liechtenstein (1921–present)


ElectedTerm of officePolitical Affiliation Monarch
Took officeLeft officeTime in office
1 Josef Ospelt
2 March 19214 May 19221 year,

62 days

Progressive Citizens' Party Johann II
Johann II v Liechtenstein.jpg

(12 November 1858 – 11 February 1929)
Alfons Feger
Acting Prime Minister
4 May 19221 June 192228 days Independent
Felix Gubelmann
Acting Prime Minister
1 June 19226 June 19225 days Independent
2 Gustav Schädler
1926 (Jan)
1926 (Apr)
6 June 192228 June 19286 years,

22 days

Christian-Social People's Party
Alfred von Liechtenstein
Acting Prime Minister
28 June 19284 August 192837 days Independent
3 Josef Hoop
4 August 19283 September 194517 years, 30 days Progressive Citizens' Party Franz I
Franz I von Liechtenstein.jpg

(11 February 1929 – 25 July 1938)
4 Alexander Frick
1953 (Feb)
1953 (Jun)
3 September 194516 July 196216 years, 317 days Progressive Citizens' Party Franz Josef II
Furst Franz Josef II..jpg

(25 July 1938 – 13 November 1989)
5 Gerard Batliner
16 July 196218 March 19707 years, 245 days Progressive Citizens' Party
6 Alfred Hilbe
1970 18 March 197027 March 19744 years,

9 days

Patriotic Union
7 Walter Kieber
1974 27 March 197426 April 19784 years,

30 days

Progressive Citizens' Party
8 Hans Brunhart
(born 1945)
26 April 197826 May 199315 years, 30 days Patriotic Union
9 Markus Büchel
1993 (Feb) 26 May 199315 December 1993203 days Progressive Citizens' Party Hans-Adam II
Furst Hans-Adam II. von und zu Liechtenstein (cropped).jpg

(13 November 1989 – present)
10 Mario Frick
(born 1965)
1993 (Oct)
15 December 19935 April 20017 years,

112 days

Patriotic Union
11 Otmar Hasler
(born 1953)
5 April 200125 March 20097 years, 354 days Progressive Citizens' Party
12 Klaus Tschütscher
(born 1967)
2009 25 March 200927 March 20134 years,

2 days

Patriotic Union
13 Adrian Hasler
(born 1964)
27 March 2013Incumbent6 years, 217 days Progressive Citizens' Party

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