Prime Minister of Moldova

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Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova
Prim-ministrul Republicii Moldova
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Natal'ia Gavrilitsa (30-11-2021).jpg
Natalia Gavrilița
since 6 August 2021
Style Mr./Madam Premier (informal)
His/Her Excellency (formal)
Type Head of government
Member of Cabinet
Supreme Security Council
Residence Government House
Seat Chișinău
Nominator Parliament of Moldova
Appointer President of Moldova
Term length Four years
Constituting instrument Constitution of Moldova
Inaugural holder Pantelimon Erhan
Formation7 December 1917
DeputyDeputy Prime Ministers
Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration
Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalization
Salary6,433 USD annually [1]

The Prime Minister of Moldova (Romanian : Prim-ministrul Republicii Moldova) is Moldova's head of government. The Prime Minister is formally appointed by the President of Moldova and exercises executive power along with the cabinet, subject to parliamentary support. Natalia Gavrilița has been serving as Prime Minister since 6 August 2021 following the dissolution of the Chicu cabinet.


List of prime ministers of Moldova

Moldavian Democratic Republic (1917–1918)

Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (1940–1991)

Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers

Office term
Stamp of Moldova - Gherasim Rudi.jpg Gherasim Rudi 4 April 194623 January 1958
Alexandru Diordiță 23 January 195815 April 1970
Petru Pascari 24 April 19701 August 1976
Semion Grossu 1 August 197630 December 1980
Ion Ustian1.jpg Ion Ustian 30 December 198024 December 1985
Ivan Calin 24 December 198510 January 1990
Petru Pascari10 January 199026 May 1990
Mircea Druc 26 May 199022 May 1991

Republic of Moldova (1991–present)


   FPM    PDAM    ADR    PCRM    PLDM    PL    PAS    Independent

  Acting prime minister
Office termPolitical partyPrior officeElectionCabinet
1 Valeriu Muravschi (cropped).jpg Valeriu Muravschi
28 May 19911 July 1992 Popular Front Minister of Finance Muravschi
2 Andrei Sangheli.jpg Andrei Sangheli
(born 1944)
1 July 199224 January 1997 Democratic Agrarian Party First Deputy Prime Minister;

Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry

Sangheli I
1994 Sangheli II
3 Flickr - Ion Chibzii - Ion Ciubuc (cropped).jpg Ion Ciubuc
24 January 19971 February 1999 Alliance for Democracy and Reforms First Deputy Prime Minister Ciubuc I
1998 Ciubuc II
4 Ion Sturza (cropped).jpg Ion Sturza
(born 1960)
19 February 199912 March 1999 Alliance for Democracy and Reforms Deputy Prime Minister;

Minister of Economy and Reforms

12 March 199921 December 1999Sturza
5 Dumitru Braghis 2015.jpg Dumitru Braghiș
(born 1957)
21 December 199919 April 2001 Independent First Deputy Minister of Economy and Reforms Braghiș
6 Vasilii Tarlev (23-02-2004).jpg Vasile Tarlev
(born 1963)
19 April 200131 March 2008 Party of Communists 2001 Tarlev I
2005 Tarlev II
7 Zinaida Greceanii, 2014 (cropped).jpg Zinaida Greceanîi
(born 1956)
31 March 200814 September 2009 Party of Communists First Deputy Prime Minister Greceanîi I
Apr. 2009 Greceanîi II
No image.svg Vitalie Pîrlog
(born 1974)
14 September 200925 September 2009 Party of Communists Minister of Justice
8 Vladimir Filat.jpg Vladimir Filat
(born 1969)
25 September 200925 April 2013 Liberal Democratic Party
(Alliance for European Integration)
Minister of State Jul. 2009 Filat I
2010 Filat II
9 Iurie Leanca Senate of Poland.JPG Iurie Leancă
(born 1963)
25 April 201330 May 2013 Liberal Democratic Party
(Pro-European Coalition)
Deputy Prime Minister;

Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

30 May 201318 February 2015 Leancă [2] [3]
10 Chiril Gaburici (crop.).jpg Chiril Gaburici
(born 1976)
18 February 201522 June 2015 Independent 2014 Gaburici
NataliaGhermanWien.jpg Natalia Gherman
(born 1969)
22 June 201530 July 2015 Liberal Democratic Party
(Political Alliance for a European Moldova)
Deputy Prime Minister;

Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

11 Valerii Strelets (10-12-2015).jpg Valeriu Streleț
(born 1970)
30 July 201530 October 2015 Liberal Democratic Party
(Alliance for European Integration III)
Member of Parliament Streleț
Gheorghe Brega 2016-07-24.jpg Gheorghe Brega
(born 1951)
30 October 201520 January 2016 Liberal Party
(Alliance for European Integration III)
Deputy Prime Minister for Social Issues
12 Pavel Filip (11322438465) cropped.jpg Pavel Filip
(born 1966)
20 January 20168 June 2019 Democratic Party Minister of Informational Technologies and Communication Filip
13 Meeting of the President of Ukraine with the President of the Republic of Moldova in Kyiv (23) (cropped).jpg Maia Sandu
(born 1972)
8 June 201914 November 2019 Party of Action and Solidarity Minister of Education 2019 Sandu
14 Ion Chicu (2020-01-31).jpg Ion Chicu
(born 1972)
14 November 201931 December 2020 Independent Minister of Finance Chicu
Aureliu Ciocoi (13-04-2021).jpg Aureliu Ciocoi
(born 1968)
31 December 20206 August 2021 Independent Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
15 Natal'ia Gavrilitsa (30-11-2021) (cropped).jpg Natalia Gavrilița
(born 1977)
6 August 2021Incumbent Party of Action and Solidarity Minister of Finance 2021 Gavrilița

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