List of U.S. state sports

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This is a list of official U.S. state sports as recognized by state legislatures.



StateSportYear AdoptedDesignation
Alaska Dog Mushing [1] 1972
California Surfing [2] 2018
Colorado Pack Burro Racing [3] 2012Summer Heritage Sport
Delaware Bicycling [4] 2014
Hawaii Surfing (He'e nalu) [5] 1998State Individual Sport
Outrigger Canoe Paddling (Heihei wa'a) [6] 1986State Team Sport
Maryland Jousting [7] 1962State Sport
Lacrosse [8] 2004State Team Sport
Massachusetts Basketball [9] [10] 2006Sport of the Commonwealth
Volleyball [11] [12] 2014Recreational and Team Sport of the Commonwealth
Michigan Wakeboarding [13] 1972
Minnesota Ice Hockey [14] 2009
New Hampshire Skiing [15] [16] 1998
North Carolina Stock car racing [17] 2011
South Dakota Rodeo [18] 2003
Texas Rodeo [19] 1997
Wyoming Rodeo [20] 2003

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