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The United States National Historic Landmark Program is designed to recognize and honor the nation's cultural and historical heritage. The program was formally inaugurated with a series of listings on October 9, 1960; as of August 21, 2020, there are 2,597 designated landmarks. A National Historic Landmark (NHL) is generally a building, district, object, site, or structure, that is officially recognized by the United States government for its national historical significance. A National Historic Landmark District (NHLD) is a historic district that is recognized as an NHL. Its geographic area may include contributing properties that are buildings, structures, sites or objects, and it may include non-contributing properties.


The program is administered by the National Park Service (NPS), a branch of the Department of the Interior. The National Park Service determines which properties meet NHL criteria and makes nomination recommendations after an owner notification process. [1] The secretary of the interior reviews nominations and, based on a set of predetermined criteria, makes a decision on NHL designation or a determination of eligibility for designation. [2] Both public and privately owned properties can be designated as NHLs. This designation provides indirect, partial protection of the historic integrity of the properties via tax incentives, grants, monitoring of threats, and other means. [1] Owners may object to the nomination of the property as an NHL. When this is the case the secretary of the interior can only designate a site as eligible for designation. [2]

All NHLs are also included on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), a list of some 80,000 historic properties that the National Park Service deems to be worthy of recognition. The primary difference between an NHL and a NRHP listing is that the NHLs are determined to have national significance, while other NRHP properties are deemed significant at the local or state level. [1]

Tabular listing

Most landmark designations are in one of the 50 states. New York is the state with the most (270), and New York City, with 114 designations, is the city with the largest number of designations. Of the states, North Dakota has the fewest designations with seven. Three cities (New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston) have enough listings to warrant lists separate from their respective states.

A small number of designations have been made outside the 50 states. Most of these appear in United States possessions. The Virgin Islands have five listings, Puerto Rico has four, and island possessions in the South Pacific have six. Five listings are found in Pacific island nations with which the U.S. has established a free association agreement, and one listing, the American Legation in Tangier (the nation's first foreign public property), is found in the unaffiliated Kingdom of Morocco.

State or
Number of
declared [3]
declared [3]
Alabama 39October 9, 1960January 13, 2021 Edmund Pettus Bridge (27565742790).jpg
Alaska 50January 20, 1961December 23, 2016 St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka.jpg
Arizona 47 [4] [5] October 9, 1960December 23, 2016 Boulder Dam - A.jpg
Arkansas 17October 9, 1960July 31, 2003 Desegregation landmark, Little Rock Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas LCCN2011631075.tif
California 146 [6] [5] October 9, 1960December 11, 2023 Hearst Castle Casa del Sol September 2012.jpg
Colorado 28 [7] December 19, 1960December 11, 2023 Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods.JPG
Connecticut 65October 9, 1960December 11, 2023 Mark Twain House Hartford Connecticut 2009.jpg
Delaware 14January 20, 1961December 23, 2016 Farmer's Bank, New Castle.jpg
Florida 47October 9, 1960January 13, 2021 Hemingway House Key West FL1.jpg
Georgia 49January 20, 1961July 21, 2015 Jekyll Island Club 1.JPG
Hawaii 33December 29, 1962March 29, 2007 USS Arizona Memorial is on display during Secretary of Defense Ash Carter's visit to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Sept. 30, 2016.jpg
Idaho 11 [8] October 9, 1960December 11, 2023 EBR-I.jpg
Illinois 88 [9] October 9, 1960December 11, 2023 Reconstructed stockade wall near Monks Mound.png
Indiana 44October 9, 1960December 11, 2023 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Aerial August 2018.jpg
Iowa 28 [10] June 30, 1960December 11, 2023 'Pass-through barn' in Iowa's Amana colonies LCCN2011631676.tif
Kansas 26December 19, 1960December 23, 2016 Clocktower-Sherman-Grant-SheridanHalls Nov-2002 0056.jpg
Kentucky 32 [11] December 19, 1960February 27, 2013 Roebling-Suspension-Bridge.jpg
Louisiana 53October 9, 1960July 21, 2015 ChrisLitherlandBourbonSt.jpg
Maine 44October 9, 1960August 25, 2014 Olson House (19931595770).jpg
Maryland 76 [12] October 9, 1960January 13, 2021 1634 Fort Discovery - 50997330605.jpg
(Boston alone)
October 9, 1960December 11, 2023 The Crane Estate at Castle Hill in Ipswich, Massachusetts.jpg
Michigan 42October 9, 1960January 13, 2021 Mackinac Island's main town, looking west. Transportation on the island is by horse, bike, or foot..jpg
Minnesota 25December 19, 1960June 23, 2011 Historic Fort Snelling, Minnesota (42343595262).jpg
Mississippi 40 [13] July 19, 1964February 16, 2017 FEMA - 37532 - Restored Jefferson Davis home "Beauvoir" in Mississippi.jpg
Missouri 37 [9] October 9, 1960March 29, 2007 Gateway Arch St Louis MO.jpg
Montana 28 [8] [14] October 9, 1960July 21, 2015 Going to the Sun Road (29840981006).jpg
Nebraska 22December 19, 1960January 13, 2021 Nebraska State Capitol, Lincoln, NE (cropped).jpg
Nevada 8 [4] January 20, 1961October 16, 2012 Fort Churchill (5752450217).jpg
New Hampshire 23October 9, 1960February 27, 2013 Mt. Washington Hotel.jpg
New Jersey 58 [15] [16] October 9, 1960August 25, 2014 Atlantic City, NJ, USA - panoramio (19).jpg
New Mexico 46 [7] October 9, 1960October 16, 2012 Acoma Sky City,Oct.06,2009.jpg
New York
(New York City alone)
276 [15] [17]
October 9, 1960January 13, 2021 NYC Empire State Building.jpg
North Carolina 39November 5, 1961December 23, 2016 Biltmore Estate-27527-1.jpg
North Dakota 8 [14] July 4, 1961November 26, 2023 Fort Union Trading Post NHS.JPG
Ohio 76 [11] [18] October 9, 1960December 23, 2016 Serpent Mound 2.jpg
Oklahoma 22December 19, 1960February 27, 2013 Price Tower, Bartlesville, Oklahoma LCCN2011631190.tif
Oregon 17 [6] [19] January 20, 1961July 25, 2011 Fort Astoria (20474033571).jpg
(Philadelphia alone)
169 [16] [18] [17]
January 20, 1961December 23, 2016 Fallingwater 2007.jpg
Rhode Island 45October 9, 1960October 16, 2012 The Breakers, exterior.jpg
South Carolina 76October 9, 1960March 29, 2007 South Carolina State House, Columbia, Southeast view 20160702 1 (edited).jpg
South Dakota 16 [10] July 4, 1961June 17, 2011 View of Deadwood, SD and Courthouse 20110821 1.jpg
Tennessee 32 [13] October 9, 1960December 23, 2023 BealeStreet 2.jpg
Texas 50December 19, 1960December 11, 2023 Alamo pano (cropped).jpg
Utah 14January 20, 1961June 23, 2011 Bingham Canyon Mine, 2018.jpg
Vermont 18September 22, 1960August 25, 2014 Shelburne Farms, Vermont LCCN2011631125.tif
Virginia 123October 7, 1960January 13, 2021 WestFrontMansionMountVernon.jpg
Washington 24 [19] July 4, 1961August 19, 2008 Paradise Inn 01.jpg
West Virginia 17July 19, 1964December 11, 2023 The Greenbrier Historic Resort Hotel.jpg
Wisconsin 45October 9, 1960December 11, 2023 Taliesin Exterior 15 (cropped).jpg
Wyoming 28December 19, 1960December 11, 2023 Old Faithful Inn, visitors walking on sidewalk behind the Inn (9408430257).jpg
District of Columbia 76 [12] December 19, 1960December 11, 2023 Supreme Court Front Dusk.jpg
U.S. Commonwealths
and Territories
17October 9, 1960March 11, 2013 Fortaleza in Old San Juan.jpg
Associated States [21] 5December 17, 1982September 16, 1985 Nan Madol 5.jpg
Foreign States [22] 1December 17, 1982December 17, 1982 Museo del Antiguo Legado Estadounidense, Tanger, Marruecos, 2015-12-11, DD 39.JPG
Total2,633June 30, 1960December 11, 2023


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