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Created by Simon Cowell
Original work
Owned by Syco Entertainment
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Television seriesGot Talent (see international versions)
Got Talent Kids
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Planet's/World's Got Talent
The Champions
First aired21 June 2006 (2006-06-21)
Distributor Fremantle
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Got Talent is a British [lower-alpha 1] talent show TV format conceived and owned by Simon Cowell's SYCOtv company. It has spawned spin-offs in over 69 countries, in what is now referred to as the 'Got Talent' format, [1] similar to that described by Fremantle of the Idol and The X Factor formats. Unlike those shows, Got Talent showcases several artistic disciplines in addition to singing. In April 2014, the format was named the world's most successful reality TV format ever by the Guinness World Records. [1]



Got Talent was conceived in 2005 by Simon Cowell, creator and judge on The X Factor . The concept of the format was for a large-scale televised talent competition, in which anyone of any age and background, could participate with any form of talent before both an audience and a panel of judges. The concept was first proposed to British television network ITV, who agreed to a pilot episode of the format. [2] After the pilot proved a success, work began on producing a season of the competition for British television, but was suspended after its intended host entered into a dispute with ITV and ultimately ended their involvement with the network. [3] Owing to this, Cowell took to promoting the concept to American television networks sooner than planned, and eventually secured the interest of American television network NBC with producing a season for their 2006 summer broadcast schedule. [4]

America's Got Talent debuted on 21 June 2006, and was the first international edition of the franchise to be produced and broadcast. The program proved a success for NBC, who commissioned further seasons, while launching the franchise internationally – among countries where the competition's format was bought up by television networks between late 2006 to mid-2007 included France, Russia, Sweden, and Australia. Cowell later returned to the UK to continue production of the British edition for ITV, leading to Britain's Got Talent debuting on June 9, 2007.

Proposed global version

In June 2010, following Britain's Got Talent's success at the BAFTA television awards, Cowell voiced his ideas regarding World's Got Talent, a global version of Got Talent. However, he argued that the format would not work with judges as they had all "tried to be him" in previous attempts (such as World Idol ), and instead proposed a commentary format, similar to that of the Eurovision Song Contest. [5] During the same week, more details were announced, with Cowell explaining 20 previous winning contestants from global variations of Got Talent would be brought together at the Royal Albert Hall with himself and Jonathan Lopez both having roles in the show. A proposed prize of £1 million was announced, along with a projected global television audience of 300 million, and an intended airdate of 2011. [6]

However, Cowell halted plans for the series because it would conflict with his judging commitments with The X Factor USA and Britain's Got Talent for the years to come. In February 2014, The X Factor USA was canceled by Fox due to low ratings and Cowell's decision to return to the UK version of that show.

In 2014, ITV had broadcast a series of spin-off shows Planet's Got Talent which showed the clips of Got Talent from all over the world. It has been broadcast in Italy on TV8 and Sky Uno. Slovenia had made a show as same as the British one. In 2019, Hunan Television produced an unofficial spin-off series, World's Got Talent, whose copyrights were shared by Hunan Television and Fremantle, featuring 61 notable acts from Got Talent franchise around the world. Currently, a similar version of "World's Got Talent" and "Planet's Got Talent" acts as a YouTube channel, known as "Got Talent Global". The channel uploads clips from "Got Talent" shows from across the world. The channel currently has over 13 million subscribers. A similar channel, called Top Talent uploads clips of The X Factor , Got Talent and Idol from around the world. That channel has over 3 million subscribers.

NBC launched a spin-off series, America's Got Talent: The Champions in 2019, featuring notable contestants from America's Got Talent alongside acts from the franchises worldwide. [7] The winner of this spin-off series was Canadian-American card magician Shin Lim. In addition, Hunan Television produced an unofficial global version of Got Talent in 2019, the World's Got Talent presented by Eliza Liang and Wong Cho-lam, featuring notable contestants from the Got Talent versions around the world. Following the success of America's Got Talent: The Champions, ITV launched a spin-off series, Britain's Got Talent: The Champions in 2019, featuring notable contestants from Britain's Got Talent alongside acts from the franchises worldwide. The winner of this spin-off series was dance act, Twist and Pulse. In 2020, Seven Network launched a spinoff series of Australia's Got Talent called Australia's Got Talent: Challengers & Champions . The show is set to launch sometime in 2020.

Got Talent around the world

  Currently airing franchise
  Franchise with an upcoming season
  Franchises that have an unknown status
  Franchises that have suspended production
  Franchises that have ended
Country/regionLocal NameNetworkPremiereHost(s)JudgesSeasons and winners
(In French)
L'Afrique a un Incroyable Talent (in French) RTI
14 October 2016 Konnie Touré
Daouda Sane
Claudia Tagbo
Fally Ipupa
Angélique Kidjo

Season 1, 2016: Two Brothers Sylla (acrobats)
Season 2, 2017: Strauss Serpent (21-year-old contortionist)


Albanians Got Talent Top Channel 25 August 2010 Albana Osmani (1)
Benet Kaci (1)
Altin Basha (1)
Rovena Dilo (1)
Armend Rexhepagiqi (1)
Season 1, 2010–11: Fiqiri Luli & Sabrina Troushku (circus dancers)
Arab world Arabs Got Talent MBC 14 January 2011 Raya Abirached
Qusai Kheder
Najwa Karam
Ali Jaber
Ahmed Helmy (3–6)
Amr Adeeb (1)
Nasser Al Qasabi (2–4)

Season 1, 2011: Amr Qatamesh (stand-up satirical poetry)
Season 2, 2012: Khawater Al-Zalam (glow-in-the-dark)
Season 3, 2013: Sima group (artistic dance)
Season 4, 2014–15: Salah Benlemqawanssa (35-year-old popper/b-boy)
Season 5, 2017: Emanne Beasha (8 year old opera singer)
Season 6, 2019: Mayass Group (Mainly female Dance troupe)
Season 7, TBA: Awaiting confirmation

Argentina Talento Argentino Telefe 27 July 2008 Mariano Peluffo (1–3)Cesar 'Kike' Teruel (1–3)
Maximiliano Guerra (1–3)
Catherine Fulop (1–3)

Season 1, 2008: Martin Bustos (25-year-old comedian/impersonator)
Season 2, 2009: Daniel Ferreyra (39-year-old guitarist)
Season 3, 2010–11: Diego Gutierrez (23-year-old accordion player)

Թաքնված տաղանդ
Taqnvats taghand
Shant TV 2009 Grigor Aghakhanyan (1–2) Violet Grigoryan (1–2)
Sergei Danielian (1–2)
Nikolai Tsaturyan (1)
Artyom Yerkanyan (2)

Season 1, 2009: Samvel Davtyan (singer)
Season 2, 2010: Samvel Harutyunyan (singer)

Asia [lower-alpha 2] Asia's Got Talent AXN Asia 12 March 2015Current
Alan Wong (2–)
Justin Bratton (2–)
Marc Nelson (1)
Rovilson Fernandez (1)
David Foster
Jay Park (2–)
Melanie C (1)
Vanness Wu (1)

Season 1, 2015: El Gamma Penumbra (shadow play group)
Season 2, 2017: The Sacred Riana (25-year-old spooky magician)
Season 3, 2019: Eric Chien (26-year-old close-up magician)
Season 4, TBA: Awaiting confirmation

Australia Australia's Got Talent Seven Network (1–6, 9–)
Nine Network (7–8)
18 February 2007Current
Ricki-Lee Coulter (9–)
Dave Hughes (8)
Grant Denyer (1–6)
Julia Morris (7)
Shane Jacobson (9–)
Alesha Dixon (10–)
Kate Ritchie (10–)
Neil Patrick Harris (10–)
Red Symons (1–3)
Tom Burlinson (1–3)
Dannii Minogue (1–6)
Brian McFadden (4–6)
Kyle Sandilands (4–7)
Dawn French (7)
Geri Halliwell (7)
Timomatic (7)
Ian Dickson (8)
Sophie Monk (8)
Kelly Osbourne (8)
Eddie Perfect (8)
Lucy Durack (9)
Nicole Scherzinger (9)
Manu Feildel (9)

Season 1, 2007: Bonnie Anderson (12-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2008: "Smokin" Joe Robinson (16-year-old guitarist)
Season 3, 2009: Mark Vincent (15-year-old-opera singer)
Season 4, 2010: Justice Crew (dance troupe)
Season 5, 2011: Jack Vidgen (14-year-old singer)
Season 6, 2012: Andrew De Silva (37-year-old singer)
Season 7, 2013: Uncle Jed (Funk/Soul/Jazz/Reggae band)
Season 8, 2016: Fletcher Pilon (15-year-old singer)
Season 9, 2019: Kristy Sellars (33-year-old pole dancer)
Season 10, 2021: Upcoming Season

AzerbaijanÖzünü Tanıt
Ozunu Tanit
ATV February 2015Aygun Akif
Elgun Huseynov
Murad Dadaşov (1)
Aygün Kazımova (1)
ABD Malik (1)

Season 1, 2015: Elkhan Mammadov (magician)

Belgium Supertalent in Vlaanderen (in Dutch) VIER 15 March 2007 Dré Steemans (1)
Ann Van Elsen (1)
Paul Jambers (1)
Martine Prenen (1)
Gert Verhulst (1)

Season 1, 2007: Triple E (singing trio sisters)

Belgium's Got Talent (in Dutch) VTM 10 September 2012 Koen Wauters
Laura Tesoro (4–)
An Lemmens (4-)
Bart Peeters (7-)
Ruth Beeckmans (7-)
Davy Parmentier (7-)
Jens Dendoncker (6) (auditions s6)
Dan Karaty (4-6)
Stan Van Samang (4-6)
Niels Destadsbader (3–6) (studioshows s6)
Ray Cokes (1–3)
Karen Damen (1–3)
Rob Vanoudenhoven (1–3)

Season 1, 2012: Karolien Goris (11-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2013: Michael Lanzo (34-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2015: Domenico Vaccaro (22-year-old pole dancer)
Season 4, 2016–17: Baba Yega (dance troupe)
Season 5, 2018: Tascha & Ian (dancers)
Season 6, 2019: Benjamin Ceyssens (19-year-old pianist)
Season 7, 2021: Upcoming Season

Belgium's Got Talent (in French) RTL-TVI 10 September 2012 Julie Taton (1–2)
Jean-Michel Zecca (1–2)
Maureen Dor (1–2)
Carlos Vaquera (1–2)
Paul Ambach (1–2)

Season 1, 2012: 2 Mad (dance troupe)
Season 2, 2013: Junbox (20-year-old-dancer)

Brazil Got Talent Brasil RecordTV 2 April 2013 Rafael Cortez Milton Cunha
Daniela Cicarelli
Sidney Magal
Season 1, 2013: Domingues da Palha (45-year-old coconut leaf musician)
Bulgaria България търси талант
Balgariya tarsi talant
bTV 1 March 2010Current
Aleksandar Kadiev (4, 6–)
Daniel Petkanov (6–)
Maria Ignatova (1–2)
Alexandra Raeva (actres) (1–2)
Maria Silvestar (3–5)
Lyubomir Neikov (7, live shows–)
Slavena Vatova (6–)
Katerina Evro (6–)
Ico Hazarta (5–)
Luben Dilov - son (1–3, 5–6;7, auditions)
Magarditch Halvadjian (1;2, auditions),
Hilda Kazasian (1–2)
Krasimir Radkov (2, live shows)
Asen Blatechki (3, 5)
Vania Tsvetkova (3)
Esil Duran (3)
Darina Pavlova (4)
Ivo Siromahov (4)
Desi Dobreva (4, live shows)
Nikolai Iliev (4)
Iliana Benovska (4, auditions)
Mihaela Fileva (5)

Season 1, 2010: Bogdana Petrova (17-year-old visually impaired singer)
Season 2, 2012: Kristina Arabadzhieva (12-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2014: Thomas Tomov (17-year-old opera singer)
Season 4, 2015: Plamen Lubenov (20-year-old wheelchair breakdancer)
Season 5, 2016: Vivo Montana (18–44-year-olds musical band)
Season 6, 2019: Adriyan Asenov (31-year-old blind imitator)
Season 7, 2021: Kaloyan Geshev (9 year-old fast mathematician)
Season 8, 2022: Upcoming Season

Cambodia Cambodia's Got Talent Hang Meas HDTV30 November 2014 Nhem Sokun (1)
Pen Chamrong (1)
Chea Vibol (2)
Preap Sovath
Khat Sokhim
Neay Koy
Neay Krem (2)

Season 1, 2014–15: Yoeun Pisey (15-year-old blind singer)
Season 2, 2018: The King (dance group)

Canada Canada's Got Talent Citytv 4 March 2012 Dina Pugliese Stephan Moccio (1)
Measha (1)
Martin Short (1)

Season 1, 2012: Sagkeeng's Finest (tap dance troupe)
Season 2, 2022: [8] Upcoming season

Canadian Family's Got Talent Citytv 27 April 2020 Dina Pugliese (1)
Devo Brown (1)
Simon Cowell (1)

Season 1, 2020: CZN (singing trio)
Season 2, TBA: Awaiting confirmation

Central Asia [lower-alpha 3] '' Central Asia’s Got Talent Khabar TV
Kyrgyz Television
TV Safina
Zo'r TV
15 September 2019Bekhruz Nasriddinov
Erkin Ryskulbekov
Kumar Lukmanov
Timur Aliyev
Yerkebulan Myrzabek
Alovuddin Abdullayev
Gulnur Satylganova
Nurlan Abdullin
Sitora Farmonova

Season 1, 2019: Chorshanbe Alovatov (22-year-old singer)
Season 2, TBA: Awaiting confirmation

Chile Talento Chileno  [ es ] Chilevisión 27 September 2010 Julián Elfenbein (1)
Rafael Araneda (2–3)
Eva Gómez (4–6)
Antonio Vodanovic (1–6)
Rodrigo Díaz  [ es ](1–3)
Francisca García-Huidobro (1–3)
Carolina de Moras (4–6)
Bombo Fica (4–6)

Season 1, 2010: Camila Silva (16-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2011: Ignacio Venegas (23-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2012: Susana Sáez (35-year-old singer)
Season 4, 2013: Carolina and Felipe (tango dancers)
Season 5, 2014: Hugo Macaya (38-year-old blind singer)
Season 6, 2015: Cristofer Mera (19-year-old singer) & Samsara (Band)

Got Talent Chile  [ es ] Mega 12 March 2021 María José Quintanilla
Karla Constant
Carolina Arregui
Sergio Freire
Luis Gnecco
Denise Rosenthal

Season 1, 2021: Current season

China [lower-alpha 4] 中国达人秀
Zhōngguó Dárén Xiù
China's Got Talent
Xing Kong
25 July 2010Current
Cheng Lei
Cao Kefan (1)
Yang Lan (2)
Coco Lee (7-)
Huang Lei (7-)
Jin Xing (6-)
Cai Guoqing (6-)
Zhou Libo (1–3)
Gao Xiaosong (1–4)
Annie Yi Nengjing (1–4)
Chen Yao Chun (2)
Yang Lan (2)
Jerry Huang Shu-chun (2–4)
Ni Ping (3)
Cui Yong Yuan (3)
Liu Wei (3)
Huang Doudou (3–4)
Dou Wentao (4)
Xu Jinglei (4)
Leon Lai Ming (4)
Yang Wei (4
Ying Da (4)
Vicki Zhao Wei (5)
Liu Ye (5)
Alec Su You-peng (5)
Wang Wei-chung (5)

Season 1, 2010: Liu Wei (23-year-old armless pianist)
Season 2, 2011: Zhuo Jun (19-year-old popper)
Season 3, 2011–12: Pan Qianqian (24-year-old female baritone singer)
Season 4, 2012–13: Wang Jungru (17-year-old contortionist)
Season 5, 2013–14: Yin Zhonghua (acrobat)
Season 6, 2019: Shi Zheyuan (39-year-old drone performer)
Season 7, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

Colombia Colombia Tiene Talento Canal RCN 6 February 2012Santiago Rodríguez (1–2)
Eva Rey (2)
Paola Turbay (1–2)
Alejandra Azcarate (1–2)
Manolo Cardona (1)
Jose Gaviria (2)

Season 1, 2012: Paolo Alexander González (24-year-old pianist)
Season 2, 2013: Byron González (19-year-old speed painter)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nova TV (1–)
Nova BH (6–)
Nova M (6–)
25 September 2009 Rene Bitorajac (1–6)
Igor Mešin
Frano Ridjan (7)
Maja Šuput (5–)
Janko Popović Volarić (5–)
Davor Bilman (5–)
Martina Tomčić (4–)
Nina Badrić (1–3)
Enis Bešlagić (1–3)
Dubravko Merlić (1–3)
Danijela Martinović (4)
Mario Petreković (4)
Mislav Čavajda (4)

Season 1, 2009: Tihomir Bendelja (15-year-old gymnastics twirler)
Season 2, 2010: Viktorija Novosel (21-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2011: Promenada Klub (shadow theatre)
Season 4, 2016: Petar Bruno Basić (23-year-old pole dancer)
Season 5, 2017: Emil & Mateja (dancing duo)
Season 6, 2018: Denis Barta (20-year-old blind and autistic singer)
Season 7, 2019: Transform Crew (dancing troupe)
Season 8, 2021: Upcoming Season

Czech Republic & Slovakia Česko Slovensko má talent TV JOJ
JOJ Family
TV Prima
(1–5, 7–)
29 August 2010Current
David Gránský (7–)
Jasmina Alagič (9–)
Martin "Pyco" Rausch (1–4)
Jakub Prachař (1–4)
Marcel Forgáč (5–6)
Milan Junior Zimnýkoval (5–6)
Lujza Garajová-Schrameková (7–8)
Jaro Slávik (1-)
Jakub Prachař (5–)
Marta Jandová (7–)
Diana Mórová (5–)
Jan Kraus (1)
Lucie Bílá (1–6)
Martin Dejdar (2–3)
Leoš Mareš (4)
Jiřina Bohdalová (8)

Season 1, 2010: DaeMen (hand-to-hand acrobatics)
Season 2, 2011: Atai Omurzakov (21-year-old dancer)
Season 3, 2012: Jozef Pavlusík (24-year-old opera singer)
Season 4, 2013: Miroslav Sýkora (25-year-old opera singer)
Season 5, 2015: Gyöngyi Bodišová (22-year-old singer)
Season 6, 2016: Act 4 Slovakia (acrobation on bicycles)
Season 7, 2018: Nikoleta Šurinová (11-year-old drummer)
Season 8, 2019: Margaréta Ondrejková (16-year-old singer)
Season 9, 2021: Upcoming Season

DenmarkTalent DR1 15 August 2008 Mikkel Herforth (1)
Felix Schmidt (1–3)
Martin Hall (1)
Julie Steincke (1)
Peter Aalbæk Jensen (1)
Jesper Dahl (2–3)
Hella Joof (2–3)
Nikolaj Koppel (2–3)

Season 1, 2008: Robot Boys (robot dancing duo)
Season 2, 2009: Kalle Pimp (23-year-old rapper)
Season 3, 2010: Copenhagen Drummers (military drummers)

Danmark Har Talent TV2 2014 Christopher Læssø (1–4)
Felix Schmidt (1–4)
Rasmus Brohave (5)
Cecilie Haugaard (5)
Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen (1–4)
Cecilie Lassen (1–4)
Peter Frödin (1–5)
TopGunn (1)
Nabiha (2–3)
Thomas Buttenschøn (4)
Signe Lindkvist (5)
Simon Jul (5)
Sus Wilkins (5)

Season 1, 2014–15: Thor Mikkelsen (17-year-old beatboxer)
Season 2, 2015–16: Matias Rasmussen (23-year-old Rubik's Cube solver)
Season 3, 2017: Johanne Astrid (10-year-old Drummer)
Season 4, 2018: Moonlight Brothers (Brothers Dance Duo)
Season 5, 2019: Alex Porsing (24-year-old FMX rider)

Dominican Republic Dominicana's Got Talent Color Visión 4 September 2019Current
Francisco Vásquez (2–)
Karina Larrauri (2–)
Frank Perozo (1)
Pamela Sued (1)
Nashla Bogaert
Waddy Jaquez
Raymond Pozo
Pamela Sued (2-)
Milagros Germán (1)

Season 1, 2019: Francis 'Babyrotty' Campusano (13-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2020–21: Keren Montero (14-year-old singer)
Season 3, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

East Africa East Africa's Got Talent Citizen TV
Clouds Media
4 August 2019 Anne Kansiime Gaetano Kagwa
Vanessa Mdee
Jeff Koinange
Season 1, 2019: Esther and Ezekiel (Brother-and-sister singing duo)
Season 2, TBA: Awaiting confirmation
Ecuador Ecuador Tiene Talento Ecuavisa 25 March 2012 Nicolas Espinoza (1)
Bianca Salame (1)
Henry Bustamante (2)
Jonathan Estrada (2–6)
Diego Spotorno (1–2)
Karla Kanora (1)
Jaime Enrique Aymara (1)
Maria Fernanda Rios (2–4)
Wendy Vera (2–5)
Paola Farias (2–5)
Fabrizio Ferretti (3)
Fernando Villarroel (4–5)
Carolina Jaume (5)
Francisco Pinoargotti (5)
Lila Flores (6)
Ángelo Barahona (6)
Carolina Aguirre (6)
Martín Guerrero (6)

Season 1, 2012: Luis Castillo (37-year-old street comedian)
Season 2, 2013: José Fernando Lara (26-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2014: Ledesma Brothers (foldclore singers)
Season 4, 2015: Christian Loaiza (30-year-old singer)
Season 5, 2016: CAN Group (Talented police dogs)
Season 6, 2017: Juventud Bolivarense (Young Music Trio)

Estonia Eesti talent TV3 9 October 2010 Eda-Ines Etti (1)
Tanel Padar (1)
Kristiina Heinmets-Aigro (1)
Valdo Randpere (1)
Mihkel Raud (1)

Season 1, 2010–11: Erki-Andres Nuut (21-year-old leaf instrument player)

Finland Talent Suomi Current
MTV3 (6-)
Nelonen (1–5)
1 October 2007Current
Mikko Leppilampi (6–)
Susanna Laine (1)
Martti Vannas (1)
Jarkko Valtee (2–3)
Osku Heiskanen (2–3)
Lorenz Backman (4)
Sebastian Rejman (4)
Heikki Paasonen (5)
Elina Kottonen (5)
Jorma Uotinen (6–)
Krista Siegfrids (6–)
Ernest Lawson (6–)
Hannu-Pekka "HP" Parviainen (6–)
Timo Koivusalo (1)
Sami Saikkonen (1–3)
Katja Ståhl (1–3)
Jaana Saarinen (2–3)
Maria Sid (4)
Janne Kataja (4)
Mikko Von Hertzen (4)
Sami Hedberg (5)
Jari Sillanpää (5)
Sara Forsberg (5)
Riku Nieminen (5)
David Hasselhoff (5) (auditions)

Season 1, 2007: Aleksi Vähäpassi (18-year-old beatboxer)
Season 2, 2009: Miikka Mäkelä (27-year-old pantomim dancer)
Season 3, 2011: VIP Bartenders (flair bartenders)
Season 4, 2012: Daniel Helakorpi (7-year-old poem reader)
Season 5, 2016: Antton Puonti (24-year-old hand player)
Season 6, 2020: Akrotaiturit (acrobatic gymnastic dance group)
Season 7, 2021: Sirkus Bravuuri (circus group)

La France a un incroyable talent (4–)
Incroyable Talent (1–3)
M6 2 November 2006Current
Karine Le Marchand (15–)
Alessandra Sublet (1–3)
Alex Goude (4–10)
David Ginola (11–14)
Sandrine Corman (4–8)
Louise Ekland (9)
Hélène Ségara (10–)
Éric Antoine  [ fr ](10–)
Marianne James (13–)
Sugar Sammy (13–)
Jean-Pierre Domboy (1)
Sophie Edelstein (1–3, 5–8)
Patrick Dupond (2–3)
Smaïn (4)
Valérie Stroh (4)
Dave (5–8)
Andrée Deissenberg (8)
Lorie (9)
Olivier Sitruk (9)
Giuliano Peparini (9)
Gilbert Rozon (1–11)
Kamel Ouali (10–12)

Season 1, 2006: Salah Benlemqawanssa (27-year-old popper/b-boy)
Season 2, 2007: Junior (26-year-old break dancer)
Season 3, 2008: Alex (23-year-old fire artist)
Season 4, 2009: Les Echos-liés (comic group)
Season 5, 2010: Axel et Alizée (young dancing duo)
Season 6, 2011: Marina Kaye (13-year-old singer)
Season 7, 2012: Die Mobilés (shadow play)
Season 8, 2013: Simon Heule (23-year-old acrobat)
Season 9, 2014: Bagad de Vannes (choir)
Season 10, 2015: Juliette and Charlie (Dog Act)
Season 11, 2016: Antonio (42-year-old magician)
Season 12, 2017: Laura Laune (31-year-old comedian/singer)
Season 13, 2018: Jean-Baptiste Guégan (35-year-old singer)
Season 14, 2019: Le Cas Pucine (20-year-old ventriloquist)
Season 15, 2020: Famille Lefèvre (family opera group)
Season 16, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

Georgia ნიჭიერი
Imedi TV (8-)
Rustavi 2 (1–7)
1 February 2010Current
Gia Jajanidze (9–)
Tika Patsatsia (1–4)
Vano Tarkhnishvili (1–8)
Giorgi Kipshidze (5–8)
Ruska Makashvili (6–)
Anri Jokhadze (9–)
Maka Kvitsiani (9–)
Dima Oboladze (9–)
Gega Palavandishvili (1–4)
Nikoloz Memanishvili (1)
Maia Asatiani (1)
Sopho Nizharadze (2–3)
Vano Javakhishvili (2–3)
Nika Gvaramia (4–7)
Ia Parulava (4–6)
Khatia Buniatishvili (4)
Nanuka Zhorzholiani (4–6)
Levan "Chola" Tsuladze (5–6)
Zaal Udumashvili (7)
Maka Chichua (7–8)
Stefane Mgebrishvili (8)
Georgy Bakhutashvili (8)

Season 1, 2010: Levan Shavadze (singer)
Season 2, 2011: Vano Pipia (13-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2012: Nona Giunashvili (sand artist)
Season 4, 2013: City Band Group(musical band)
Season 5, 2014: Temo Da Qeti (dancer and wheelchair dancer)
Season 6, 2015: Barbara Samkharadze (singer)
Season 7, 2016–17: Eka Abuladze (singer)
Season 8, 2017–18: The boys chapel and youth team (choir)
Season 9, 2020: Unknown
Season 10, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

Germany Das Supertalent RTL Television 20 October 2007Current
Marco Schreyl (1–5)
Daniel Hartwich (2–14)
Victoria Swarovski (14)
Lukas Podolski (15–)
Chantal Janzen (15–)
Michael Michalsky (15–)
Ruth Moschner (1)
André Sarrasani (1)
Sylvie Meis (2–5, 12)
Motsi Mabuse (5)
Thomas Gottschalk (6)
Michelle Hunziker (6)
Lena Gercke (7–8)
Guido Maria Kretschmer (7–8)
Inka Bause (9)
Victoria Swarovski (10)
Nazan Eckes (11)
Sarah Lombardi (13)
Dieter Bohlen (1–14)
Bruce Darnell (2–4, 7–14)
Evelyn Burdecki (14)
Chris Tall (14)

Season 1, 2007: Ricardo Marinello (19-year-old opera singer)
Season 2, 2008: Michael Hirte (44-year-old harmonica player)
Season 3, 2009: Yvo Antoni & Primadonna (dog training)
Season 4, 2010: Freddy Sahin-Scholl (57-year-old two-voice singer)
Season 5, 2011: Leo Rojas (27-year-old panpipe player)
Season 6, 2012: Jean-Michel Aweh (20-year-old singer and pianist)
Season 7, 2013: Lukas & Falco (dog act)
Season 8, 2014: Marcel Kaupp (26-year-old drag queen and singer)
Season 9, 2015: Jay Oh (29-year-old singer)
Season 10, 2016: Angel Flukes (28-year-old singer)
Season 11, 2017: Alexa Lauenburger (dog act)
Season 12, 2018: Stevie Starr (56-year-old professional regurgitator)
Season 13, 2019: Christian & Chihuahua Percy (Acrobatics with dog training)
Season 14, 2020: Nick Feretti (30-year-old singer and guitarist)
Season 15, 2021: Upcoming season

Greece Ελλάδα Έχεις Ταλέντο
Ellada Eheis Talento
ANT1 (1–4, 7–)
Skai TV (5–6)
23 March 2007Current
Grigoris Arnaoutoglou (7–)
Sophia Aliberti (1)
Christos Ferentinos (2–4)
Giorgos Lianos (5–6)
Ilias Psinakis (1–3)
Matthildi Maggira (1–2)
Vaggelis Perris (1–4)
Eugenia Manolidou (3–4)
Charis Christopoulos (4)
Sakis Tanimanidis (5–6)
Maria Bakodimou (5–6)
Giorgos Kapoutzidis (5–6)

Season 1, 2007: Christos Zacharopoulos (12-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2009: Kiss Madiam (band)
Season 3, 2010: Nikos Georgas (55-year-old singer)
Season 4, 2012: Stelios Legakis (14-year-old singer)
Season 5, 2017: House of Drama (Group of dancers)
Season 6, 2018: En Xoro (Group of dancers)
Season 7, 2021: Upcoming season

Hungary Hungary's Got Talent RTL Klub 10 October 2015 Balázs Sebestyén
István Dombóvári
Imre Csuja
Eszter Horgas
Patrícia Kovács
Márkó Linczényi
Season 1, 2015: Dirty Led Light Crew (electronic light act)
Iceland Ísland Got Talent Stöð 2 December 2013 Auðunn Blöndal (1–2)
Emmsjé Gauti (3)
Jón Jónsson (1–2)
Þórunn Antonía Magnúsdóttir (1)
Bubbi Morthens (1–2)
Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir (1–2)
Selma Björnsdóttir (2)
Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir (3)
Marta María (3)
Dr. Gunni (3)
Jakob Frímann Magnússon (3)

Season 1, 2013–14: Brynjar Dagur (15-year-old dancer)
Season 2, 2014–15: Alda Dís (22-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2016: Johanna Ruth (14-year-old singer)

India India's Got Talent Colors 27 June 2009Current
Bharti Singh (5–8)
Rithvik Dhanjani (8)
Nikhil Chinappa (1–2)
Ayushmann Khurrana (1–2)
Meiyang Chang (3)
Gautam Rode (3)
Manish Paul (4)
Cyrus Sahukar (4)
Mantra (5)
VJ Andy (5)
Nakuul Mehta (6)
Sidharth Shukla (6–7)
Kirron Kher
Karan Johar (4–8)
Malaika Arora Khan (4–8)
Shekhar Kapur (1)
Sonali Bendre (1–3)
Sajid Khan (2)
Dharmendra Singh Deol (3)
Farah Khan (4)

Season 1, 2009: Prince Dance Group
Season 2, 2010: Shillong Chamber Choir
Season 3, 2011: Suresh and Vernon Group
Season 4, 2012: Bad Salsa [9]
Season 5, 2014: Ragini Makkhar & Naadyog Group Indore
Season 6, 2015: Manik Paul (22-year-old aerial dancer)
Season 7, 2016: Flautist Suleiman (13-year-old flute player)
Season 8, 2018: Javed Khan (27-year-old close up magician)
Season 9, TBA: Awaiting confirmation

CEO's Got Talent CNBC TV18 2014Unknown
Neha Dhupia (2)
Mahesh Bhatt (–2)
Raj Nayak (1–2)
Raveena Tandon (1)

Season 1, Early 2014: Atul Khatri
[12] [13] [14]

Season 2, Late 2014: Amar Raj Singh

Indonesia Indonesia's Got Talent Indosiar (1)
SCTV (2)
23 July 2010 Tora Sudiro (1)
Ibnu Jamil  [ id ](2)
Evan Sanders (2)
Ria Irawan (1)
Anjasmara (1)
Vina Panduwinata (1)
Jay Subiyakto  [ id ](2)
Anggun (2)
Ari Lasso (2)
Indy Barends (2)
Season 1, 2010: Vania Larissa (15-year-old opera singer)
Season 2, 2014: Ariani Putri (8-year-old blind singer)
Iran Persia's Got Talent MBC Persia 31 January 2020 Farzan Athari
Tara Grammy
Mahnaz Afshar
Nazanin Nour

Season 1, 2020: Navid Rezvani
Season 2, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

Ireland Ireland's Got Talent Virgin Media One 3 February 2018 Lucy Kennedy Louis Walsh
Denise Van Outen
Jason Byrne
Michelle Visage

Season 1, 2018: RDC (Dance Troupe)
Season 2, 2019: BSD (Dance Troupe)

Israel הדבר הגדול הבא
HaDavar HaGadol HaBa
Channel 2 (Reshet)26 June 2007 Noa Tishby (1) Motty Reif (1)
Yael Bar Zohar (1)
Yehoram Gaon (1)

Season 1, 2007: Keren Elnekave and Yaniv Swissa (aerial acrobatics)

Got Talent ישראל
Israel's Got Talent
Reshet 13 18 February 2018 Ofer Shechter (1–2)
Assi Israelof  [ he ](1–2)
Noa Kirel
Moran Atias (2)
Uri Geller (2)
Maor Zaguri (1)
Maya Dagan (1)

Season 1, 2018: Tomer Dudai (Magician)
Season 2, 2018–19: The Acrobatics Team (4 acrobats team)
Season 3, TBA: Awaiting confirmation
Children's shows
Season 1, 2018: Acrobit (Children's gymnastics team)
Season 2, 2018–19: Yael Danon (12-year-old singer)
Season 3, TBA: Awaiting confirmation

Italy Italia's Got Talent Current
Sky Uno
TV8 (6–)
Canale 5 (1–5)
12 December 2009Current
Lodovica Comello (7–)
Simone Annicchiarico (1–5)
Geppi Cucciari (1–2)
Belén Rodríguez (3–5)
Vanessa Incontrada (6)
Joe Bastianich (10–)
Mara Maionchi (9–)
Federica Pellegrini (9–)
Frank Matano (6–)
Gerry Scotti (1–5)
Maria De Filippi (1–5)
Rudy Zerbi (1–5)
Luciana Littizzetto (6–8)
Nina Zilli (6–8)
Claudio Bisio (6–9)

Season 1, 2009–10: Carmen Masola (39-year-old opera singer)
Season 2, 2011: Fabrizio Vendramin (49-year-old painter)
Season 3, 2012: Stefano Scarpa (21-year-old acro pole flag man)
Season 4, 2013 (Spring): Daniel Adomako (22-year-old singer)
Season 5, 2013 (Autumn): Samuel Barletti (50-year-old ventriloquist)
Season 6, 2015: Simone Al Ani (27-year-old manipulator dynamic)
Season 7, 2016: Moses Concas (26-year-old harmonica player)
Season 8, 2017: Trejolie (Triple-duo-Comedian)
Season 9, 2019: Antonio Sorgentone (31-year-old singer/pianist)
Season 10, 2020: Andrea Fratellini (46-year-old ventriloquist)
Season 11, 2021: Stefano Bronzato (28-year-old card magician)
Season 12, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

KazakhstanЖұлдызды Сәт
Zhuldyzdy Set
Kazakhstan-1 11 May 2013Unknown Tuñgışbay äl Tarazï (1)
Michelle Mukhamedkyzy (1)
Islam Bairamukov (1)

Season 1, 2013: Arman Qarınsaw (19-year-old singer)

Lithuania Lietuvos talentai

Lithuania's Got Talent

TV3 Lithuania 27 September 2009Current
Mindaugas Stasiulis (2, 5)
Mindaugas Rainys (5–)
Džiugas Siaurusaitis (1–2)
Vitalijus Cololo (1)
Marius Repšys (4)
Ramūnas Cicėnas (4)
Marijonas Mikutavičius (1–4, 6–)
Ineta Stasiulytė (6–)
Justinas Jankevičius (6–)
Rūta Ščiogolevaitė (1–4)
Adolfas Večerskis (1–2)
Vytautas Šapranauskas (3)
Samas  [ lt ](4–5)
Dalia Ibelhauptaitė (5)
Ilona Balsytė (5)
Naglis Šulija (5)

Season 1, 2009: Mikas Stankevičius (22-year-old teeth player)
Season 2, 2010: Martynas Levickis (20-year-old accordionist)
Season 3, 2011: Marius Petrauskas (26-year-old singer)
Season 4, 2014: Project Mayhem (street gymnasts)
Season 5, 2017: Kasparas Bujanauskas (18-year-old juggler)
Season 6, 2019: Edgaras Kerpė (19-year-old dancer)
Season 7, TBA: Awaiting confirmation

Malta Malta's Got Talent [15] TVM 4 October 2020 Gordon Bonello (1-) Howard Keith debono (1-)
Maxine Aquilina (1-)
Sarah Zerafa (1-)
Ray Attard (1-)

Season 1, 2020: Jomike & Lydon Agius (father and son singing duo)
Season 2, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

Mexico México tiene talento  [ es ] Azteca 19 October 2014 Eddy Vilard (3)
Rykardo Hernández (1–2)
Adal Ramones (3)
Horacio Villalobos (3)
María José (3)
Héctor Martínez(1–2)
Ximena Sariñana (1–2)
José Manuel Figueroa (1)
Kalimba (2)

Season 1, 2014: Pablo López (43-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2015: Fernando Badillo (24-year-old violinist)
Season 3, 2019: Alexis Pérez (24-year-old musician)

Mongolia Авьяаслаг Монголчууд
Mongolia's Got Talent
Mongol TV20 September 2015Current
Rokit Bay

Season 1, 2015: Egshiglent Chimee (children's orchestra)
Season 2, 2016: Enkh-Erdene (20-year-old country singer)
Season 3, 2018: Bilegt (25-year-old magician)
Season 4, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

Moldova Moldova are talent Prime TV Moldova 11 October 2013 Mircea Marco (1–2)
Adrian Ursu (1–2)
Nicu Țărnă (1–2)
Tania Cerga (1–2)
Mihai Munteanu (1–2)

Season 1, 2013: Monica Pîrlici (11-year-old poetry artist) [16]
Season 2, 2014: Ana Munteanu (13-year-old singer)
Myanmar Myanmar's Got Talent MRTV-4 28 September 2014Tay Zar Kyaw
Soe Htun Win

Moht Moht Myint Aung
Maung Thi
Mg Mg Aye (4–)
Khine Thin Kyi (6–)
Chit Thu Wai (5)
Nay Nay (4)
Myo Gyi (3)
Rebecca Win (2–3)
A Yoe (1–2)

Season 1, 2014: Wai Yan Naing (danger magician)
Season 2, 2015: Jar Jet Aung (13-year-old robot dancer)
Season 3, 2016: Jimmy Ko Ko (23-year-old contemporary dancer)
Season 4, 2017: Ayar Maung Team (traditional elephant dancing team)
Season 5, 2018: Junior Creative (shadow dance group)
Season 6, 2019: Phone Myat Min (5-year-old acrobat)
Season 7, TBA: Awaiting confirmation

Netherlands Holland's Got Talent Current
RTL 4 (3–)
SBS 6 (1–2)
28 March 2008Current
Humberto Tan (10–)
Gerard Joling (1–2)
Robert ten Brink (3–7)
Johnny de Mol (8–9)
Chantal Janzen (6–)
Angela Groothuizen (8–)
Paul de Leeuw (10–)
Ali B (11–)
Henkjan Smits (1–2)
Robert Ronday (1–2)
Patricia Paay (1–5)
Gordon Heuckeroth (3–9)
Dan Karaty (3–10)

Season 1, 2008: Daniëlle Bubberman (13-year-old contortionist)
Season 2, 2009: Tessa Kersten (11-year-old guitarist/singer)
Season 3, 2010: Martin Hurkens (57-year-old opera singer)
Season 4, 2011: Aliyah Kolf (11-year-old singer)
Season 5, 2012: DDF Crew (ropeskipping)
Season 6, 2013: Amira Willighagen (9-year-old opera singer)
Season 7, 2014: León Lissitza (81-year-old crossover singer)
Season 8, 2016: Nick Nicolai (18-year-old singer)
Season 9, 2017: The Fire (Hip-Hop Dance Group)
Season 10, 2019: Shinshan (17-year-old dancer)
Season 11, 2020: Tommy & Rowan (16-year-old dance duo)
Season 12, 2021: Awaiting Confirmation

New Zealand New Zealand's Got Talent Prime (1)
TV One (2–3)
8 September 2008Andrew Mulligan (1)
Jason Reeves (1)
Tamati Coffey (2–3)
Miriama Smith (1)
Paul Ellis (1)
Richard Driver (1)
Ali Campbell (2)
Jason Kerrison (2–3)
Rachel Hunter (2–3)
Cris Judd (3)

Season 1, 2008: Chaz Cummings (16-year-old dancer)
Season 2, 2012: Clara van Wel (15-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2013: Renee Maurice (22-year-old singer)

Nigeria Nigeria's Got Talent AIT
16 September 2012 Andre Blaze Henshaw (1–2) Dan Foster (1–2)
Kate Henshaw (1–2)
Yibo Koko (1–2)

Season 1, 2012: Amarachi Uyanne (8-year-old dancer)
Season 2, 2013: Robots for Christ (poppin dance duo)

Norway Norske Talenter TV 2 22 February 2008Current
Solveig Kloppen (5–)
Marte Stokstad (1)
Sturla Berg-Johansen (1–2)
Pia Lykke (2)
Marthe Sveberg Bjørstad (3–4)
John Brungot (3–4)
Stian Blipp Glopholm (5)
Mia Gundersen
Bjarne Brøndbo (7–)
Janne Formoe  [ no ](9-)
Mona Berntsen (9-)
Jan Fredrik Karlsen (1–2)
Thomas Giertsen (1–3)
Alex Rosén (3–5)
Adil Khan (4–5)
Omer Bhatti (6)
Lisa Tønne (6)
Bjarte Hjelmeland (6)
Linn Skåber (7–8)
Suleman Malik (7–8)

Season 1, 2008: Erlend Bratland (16-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2009: Quick (hip-hop dance group)
Season 3, 2010: Kristian Rønning (23-year-old rapper)
Season 4, 2011: Daniel Johansen Elmhari (11-year-old dancer)
Season 5, 2012: Stine H. Ulla (17-year-old opera singer)
Season 6, 2014: Angelina Jordan (8-year-old singer)
Season 7, 2015: Odin Landbakk (13-year-old guitarist)
Season 8, 2017: Vilde Winge (14-year-old sign language performer)
Season 9, 2018: Tuva Lutro (12-year-old singer)
Season 10, 2019: Amalie Skeide Sandvik (18-year-old sport drill arcobat)
Season 11, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

Peru Perú Tiene Talento Frecuencia Latina 15 September 2012 Christian Rivero (1–2)
Adolfo Aguilar (3)
Jesús Alzamora (3)
Carlos Galdós (1–3)
Cecilia Bracamonte (1–2)
Almendra Gomelsky (1–2)
Beto Ortiz (2)
Natalia Málaga (3)
Dina Páucar (3)
Pablo Villanueva Melcochita (3)

Season 1, 2012: Alessandra Aguirre (11-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2013: Rod Martin (18-year-old painter)
Season 3, 2014: Gianfranco Huanqui (18-year-old Rubik's Cube solver)

Philippines Pilipinas Got Talent ABS-CBN 20 February 2010Current
Billy Crawford
Toni Gonzaga (6–)
Luis Manzano (1–5)
Vice Ganda (5–)
Robin Padilla (5–) Angel Locsin (5–)

Freddie M. Garcia
Ai-Ai Delas Alas (1–4)
Kris Aquino (1–4)

Season 1, 2010: Jovit Baldivino (16-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2011: Marcelito Pomoy (25-year-old falsetto singer)
Season 3, 2011: Maasinhon Trio (singing trio)
Season 4, 2013: Roel Manlangit (13-year-old singer)
Season 5, 2016: Power Duo (acrobatic dancesport duo)
Season 6: 2018: Kristel de Catalina (32-year-old spiral pole dancer)
Season 7, TBA Awaiting Confirmation

Poland Mam talent! TVN 13 September 2008Current
Marcin Prokop
Michał Kempa (13-)
Szymon Hołownia (1–12)
Małgorzata Foremniak
Agnieszka Chylińska
Jan Kliment (13-)
Agustin Egurrola (6–12)
Kuba Wojewódzki (1–3)
Robert Kozyra (4–5)

Season 1, 2008: Melkart Ball (acrobatics duo)
Season 2, 2009: Marcin Wyrostek (28-year-old accordion player)
Season 3, 2010: Magdalena Welc (12-year-old singer)
Season 4, 2011: Kacper Sikora (19-year-old singer)
Season 5, 2012: Delfina & Bartek (acrobatics duo)
Season 6, 2013: Tetiana Galitsyna (28-year-old sand artist)
Season 7, 2014: Adrian Makar (15-year-old singer)
Season 8, 2015: Aleksandra Kiedrowicz (21-year-old aerial silk artist)
Season 9, 2016: Jakub Herfort (20-year-old singer)
Season 10, 2017: Lukas Gogol (15-year-old accordion player)
Season 11, 2018: Duo Destiny (hand balance act)
Season 12, 2019: Marysia And Julian (acrobats)
Season 13, 2021: Upcoming Season

Portugal Aqui Há Talento RTP1 28 January 2007 Sílvia Alberto (1)Paulo Dias (1)
Sílvia Rizzo (1)
Joaquim Monchique(1)
Season 1, 2007: Abstractin (breakdance)
Portugal Tem Talento SIC 30 January 2011Bárbara Guimarães (1)Ricardo Pais (1)Conceição Lino (1)
José Diogo Quintela (1)
Season 1, 2011: Filipe "Fubu" Santos (22-year-old beatboxer)
Got Talent Portugal RTP1 18 January 2015Current
Sílvia Alberto (3-)
Marco Horácio (1)
José Pedro Vasconcelos (2)
Vanessa Oliveira (2)
Pedro Fernandes (3–4)
Manuel Moura dos Santos
Sofia Escobar (1–2, 5-)
Pedro Tochas
Cuca Roseta (3-)
Rui Massena (1)
Mariza (2)

Season 1, 2015: The ArtGym Company (acrobatic gymnastic)
Season 2, 2016: Micaela Abreu (15-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2017: António Casalinho (13-year-old dancer)
Season 4, 2018: Ninfas do Atlântico (group of female classical singers)
Season 5, 2020: João Pataco and Miguel Tira Picos (acrobats)
Season 6, 2021: Fadoalado

Românii au talent PRO TV
ProTV Chișinău
18 February 2011 Smiley
Pavel Bartoș
Smiley (11-)
Alexandra Dinu (11-)
Florin Călinescu (6–)
Andi Moisescu  [ ro ](1–10, 11-) (missed out on some auditions)
Bebe Cotimanis  [ ro ](5)
Mihaela Rădulescu (5–8)
Mihai Petre  [ ro ](1–4,9–10)

Season 1, 2011: Adrian Ţuţu (19-year-old rapper)
Season 2, 2012: Cristian Gog (31-year-old mentalist)
Season 3, 2013: Bruno Icobet (dancing dog act)
Season 4, 2014: Brio Sonores (opera singers)
Season 5, 2015: Speedcubing (rubik's cube solving trio)
Season 6, 2016: Laura Bretan (13-year-old opera singer)
Season 7, 2017: Lorelai Mosneguțu (14-year-old armless singer, pianist and painter)
Season 8, 2018: Emil Rengle (27-year-old dancer)
Season 9, 2019: Ana Maria Pantaze (39-year-old singer)
Season 10, 2020: Radu Palaniță (40-year-old singer)
Season 11, 2021: Current Season

Russia Минута славы
Minuta slavy
Channel 1 17 February 2007 Garik Martirosyan (1–2)
Alexander Tsekalo (3)
Ville Haapasalo (4)
Alexander Oleshko (4–8)
Julia Kovalchuk (5–7)
Dmitry Shepelev (6–7)
Mikhail Boyarsky (9)

Tatyana Tolstaya (1–3)
Alexander Maslyakov (1–8)
Alexander Tsekalo (2)
Leonid Parfyonov (4)
Mariya Shukshina (5)
Larisa Guzeyeva (6–8)
Sergei Yursky (7, 9)
Vladimir Posner (9)
Renata Litvinova (9)
Sergei Svetlakov (9)

Season 1, 2007: Maxim Tokayev (14-year-old musician)
Season 2, 2007: Dimitry Bulkin a.k.a. Dima Shine (22-year-old gymnastics parade)
Season 3, 2008: Grace (ensemble)
Season 4, 2009–10: Brothers of Grinchenko (acrobats)
Season 5, 2010–11: Viktor Kochkin and Danil Anastasin (breakdancers without legs)
Season 6, 2011–12: Igor Butorin (hula hoops)
Season 7, 2012–13: "I Team" group (jumping on a trampoline)
Season 8, 2013–14: Olga Trifonova (aeralist), Alex Magala (sword swallower)
Season 9, 2017: Vardanyan brothers (acrobat duo)

Я почти знаменит
Ya pochti znamenit
Channel 1 17 January 2021 Sergei Minaev

Nikolai Tsiskaridze
Zhanna Badoeva
Alexei Yagudin

Season 1, 2021: Current Season

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ја имам таленат!
Ja imam talenat!

RTV Pink (1, 5)
RTS (2–4)
Pink BH (1–5)
Pink M (1–5)
21 September 2009
Vladimir Aleksić (1–5)
Ivana Bajić (1–4)
Ana Mihajlovski (5)
Danica Maksimović (1–2, 5)
Ivan Tasovac (1–4)
Aleksandar Milić Mili (1–3)
Mina Lazarević (3)
Ivan Bosiljčić (4)
Nataša Ninković (4)
Ana Nikolić (5)
Srđan Todorović (5)
Stefan Đurić Rasta (5)

Season 1, 2009: Danijel, Darko and Sandra Piler (young music trio)
Season 2, 2011: Milica Dokić and Nenad Mahmutović (deaf dancers)
Season 3, 2011–12: Bojana and Nikola Peković (young traditional musicians)
Season 4, 2012–13: Katarina Kovačević (21-year-old singer)
Season 5: 2016–17: Bar strong (acrobatic team)

SlovakiaSlovensko má talent Markíza 21 September 2008 Maroš Kramár (1)
Barbora Rakovská (1)
Jan Kraus (1) Adela Banášová (1)

Paľo Habera (1)

Season 1, 2008: Old School Brothers (hip-hop breakers)

Slovenia Slovenija ima talent POP TV 21 March 2010Current
Domen Valič (6-)
Sašo Stare (7-)
Jože Robežnik (3)
Matej Puc (3)
Peter Poles (1–2, 4–5)
Vid Valič (1–2, 4–6)
Branko Čakarmiš
Ana Klašnja (3)
Marjetka Vovk (5)
Lado Bizovičar (5)
Brane Kastelic (1–2)
Lucienne Lončina (1–2)
Damjan Damjanovič (3)
Rok Golob (4)

Season 1, 2010: Lina Kuduzović (7-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2011: Julija Kramar (35-year-old opera singer)
Season 3, 2013: Alja Krušič (16-year-old singer)
Season 4, 2014: Jana Šušterič (29-year-old singer)
Season 5, 2015: Jernej Kozan (21-year-old dancer)
Season 6, 2016: WildArt (Timotej & Lenart) (string duo)
Season 7, 2018: Tjaša Dobravec (24-year-old pole art dancer)
Season 8, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

South Africa SA's Got Talent SABC2 (1–2) (3–8)
1 October 2009
Rob van Vuuren (1–2)
Anele Mdoda (1–2)
Tats Nkonzo (3–6)
Tol Ass Mo (7–8)
Randal Abrahams (1–2)
Ian Von Memerty (1–4)
Shado Twala (1–8)
Kabelo Mabalane (3–4)
Lalla Hirayama (5–6)
DJ Fresh (5–8)
Jamie Bartlett (7–8)

Season 1, 2009: Darren Rajbal (19-year-old deaf hip hop dancer)
Season 2, 2010: James Bhemgee (45-year-old opera singer)
Season 3, 2012: Botlhale Boikanyo (11-year-old praise poet)
Season 4, 2013: Johnny Apple (16-year-old singer)
Season 5, 2014: Tholwana Mohale (14-year-old singer and guitarist)
Season 6, 2015: DJ Arch Jnr (3-year-old DJ)
Season 7, 2016: Kryptonite Dance Academy (Dance Group)
Season 8, 2017: AnecNote (A accapella Group)

South Korea 코리아 갓 탤런트
Korea's Got Talent
tvN 4 June 2011 Noh Hong-Cheol (1–2)
Shin Young-Il (1–2)
Jang Jin (1–2)
Song Yun-Ah (1)
Kolleen Park (1–2)
Kim Gura (2)
Jang Hang-jun (2)
Season 1, 2011: Joo Ming-Jong (17-year-old poppin dancer)
Season 2, 2012: Blue Whale Bros (poppin dance duo)
Spain Tienes Talento Cuatro 25 January 2008 Nuria Roca
Eduardo Aldán
Natalia Millán
Miqui Puig
Josep Vicent
David Summers
Season 1, 2008: Salva Rodríguez (16-year-old flamenco singer)
Got Talent España Telecinco 13 February 2016 Santi Millán Current
Risto Mejide (2–)
Dani Martínez (5–)
Jesús Vázquez (1)
Eva Hache (1–3)
Jorge Javier Vázquez (1–3)
Eva Isanta (4)
Paz Padilla (4–6)

Season 1, 2016: Cristina Ramos (37-year-old opera and rock music singer)
Season 2, 2017: Antonio "El Tekila" (44-year-old rockabilly dancer)
Season 3, 2018: César Brandon (24-year-old poet)
Season 4, 2019: Murga Zeta Zetas (murga group)
Season 5, 2019: Hugo Molina (3-year-old drummer)
Season 6, 2021: Celia Muñoz (35-year-old ventriloquist)
Season 7, 2022: Upcoming Season

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka's Got Talent Sirasa TV 18 March 2018 Dasun Madushan
Piyath Rajapaksha
Soundarie David Rodrigo
Jackson Anthony
Tillakaratne Dilshan
Season 1, 2018: Navy Angampora Pool (Angampora marshal art group)
Sweden Talang TV4 (1–5, 7–)
TV3 (6)
13 April 2007Current
Pär Lernström (7–)
Samir Badran (9–)
Peppe Eng (1–2)
Kodjo Akolor (2)
Tobbe Blom (3–5)
Markoolio (3–5)
Adam Alsing (6)
Malin Gramer (6) Kristina "Keyyo" Petrushina (7–8)
David Batra (7–)
Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso (8–)
Edward af Sillén (11-)
Sarah Dawn Finer (11-)
Tobbe Blom (1–2)
Hanna Hedlund (1)
Bert Karlsson (1–5)
Sofia Wistam (2)
Charlotte Perrelli (3–5)
Johan Pråmell (3–4)
Henrik Fexeus (5)
Robert Aschberg (6)
Shirley Clamp (6)
Carolina Gynning (6)
Tobias Karlsson (6)
Kakan Hermansson (7)
Alexander Bard (7–10)
LaGaylia Frazier (7–10)

Season 1, 2007: Zillah & Totte (ventriloquist)
Season 2, 2008: Zara Larsson (10-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2009: Charlie Caper (30-year-old magician)
Season 4, 2010: Jill Svensson (14-year-old opera singer)
Season 5, 2011: Simon Westlund (17-year-old Rubik's Cube solver)
Season 6, 2014: Jon Henrik Fjällgren (27-year-old Sami singer)
Season 7, 2017: Ibrahim Nasrullayev (17-year-old singer)
Season 8, 2018: Madeleine Hilleard (15-year-old opera singer)
Season 9, 2019: Micke Holm (46-year-old-singer)
Season 10, 2020: Lizette & Lotus (dancing dog act)
Season 11, 2021: Johan Stahl (magician)
Season 12, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

Switzerland (in German) Die grössten Schweizer Talente SRF1 29 January 2011 Sven Epiney (1–2)
Andrea Jansen (1)
Anna Maier (2)
Viola Tami (3–4)
DJ Bobo (1–3)
Christa Rigozzi (1–3)
Roman Kilchsperger (1–2)
Gilbert Gress (3–4)
Sven Epiney (3)
Jonny Fischer (4)
Susanne Kunz (4)
Bligg (4)

Season 1, 2011: Maya Wirz (49-year-old opera singer)
Season 2, 2012: Eliane Müller (21-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2015: Flavio Rizzello (10-year-old singer)
Season 4, 2016: Jason Brügger (22-year-old acrobat)

Thailand Thailand's Got Talent
Channel 3 (1–6)
3 HD (5–6) Workpoint TV (7)
6 March 2011Current
Ketseptsawat Palakrawong Na Ayutthaya  [ th ] [17]
Krit Sripoomsed  [ th ](1–2)
Sudarat Budprom  [ th ](3)
Pongsak Rattanaphong (7-)
Cris Horwang (7-)Jennifer Kim (7-)
Yuhtlerd Sippapak (7-)
Pinyo Ruedhamma  [ th ](1–3)
Pornchita na Songkhla  [ th ](1–5)
Nirut Sirijanya (1)
Jirayut Wattanasin  [ th ](2–3)

Chalatit Tantiwut  [ th ](4)
Patcharasri Benjamas  [ th ](4)
Nitipong Hornak  [ th ](4)
Kathaleeya McIntosh (6)

Season 1, 2011: Maneepatsorn "Myra" Molloy (13-year-old classical singer)
Season 2, 2012: Rachanikorn "Leng" Keawdee (27-year-old aerial acrobat)
Season 3, 2013: Somchai Nilsree (29-year-old singer-songwriter/guitarist)
Season 4, 2014: Wheelchair Dance (wheelchair dance group)
Season 5, 2015: Thaiphukuew (dance troupe)
Season 6, 2016: Duo Soul Sister (aerialists duo)
Season 7, 2018: KV Family (aerialists group)
Season 8, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

Turkey Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye
Show TV (1–3)
Star TV (4–5)
TV8 (6–9)
13 November 2009
Tanem Sivar (1)
Kübra Subaşı (2–3)
Alp Kırşan (4–9)
Ali Taran (1–2, 7–9)
Acun Ilicali (1–6)
Hülya Avşar (1–5)
Sergen Yalçın (3–4)
Eser Yenenler (5–9)
Ozgu Namal (6)
Murat Boz (6)
Seda Bakan (7–9)

Season 1, 2009–10: Bilal Avcı and Uğur Karameşe (popping dance)
Season 2, 2011: Sefa Doğanay (imitator)
Season 3, 2011–12: Ali Yeşilırmak and Max the dog (dog act)
Season 4, 2012–13: Atalay Demirci (comedian)
Season 5, 2013–14: Burak & Kıvanç (illusion)
Season 6, 2014–15: Yunus Karaca (comedian)
Season 7, 2015–16: Hayatın Ritmini Yakala (comedian)
Season 8, 2017: Catch the Rhythm of Life (orchestra)
Season 9, 2018: Queens Of The Dance (kids dance troupe)
Season 9, 2021: Upcoming Season

Ukraine Україна має талант
Ukrayina maye talant
STB 3 April 2009 Oksana Marchenko (1–6)
Dmitry Tankovic (7)
Konstantin Tomilchenko (7)

Gregory Reshetnik (8) [18]

Vladsyslav Yama (1–5)
Slava Frolova (1–7)
Igor Kondratyuk (1–7)
Hector Jimenez-Bravo (6)
Vyacheslav Uzelkov (6–7)

Serhiy Prytula (8)

Kseniya Mishyna (8)

Evgeny Kot (8)

TBA (8)

Season 1, 2009: Kseniya Simonova (24-year-old sand artist)
Season 2, 2010: Olena Kovtun (26-year-old singer)
Season 3, 2011: Vitaliy Luzkar (24-year-old illusionist)
Season 4, 2012: The team of "Workout" (acrobats)
Season 5, 2013: The team of "Lisapetny Battalion" (singers) [19]
Season 6, 2014: The Dudnik Family (acrobats)
Season 7, 2015: Said Abd Allah Dzhurdi (23-year-old singer)

Season 8, 2021: Upcoming Season [20]

United Arab Emirates UAE Got Talent Galaxy 2 December 2020 (Season 1)
TBD 2021 (Season 2)
Mubarak Al-HarthiHabib Ghaloum
Amani Ali

Season 1, 2020:no winner Season 2, 2021:

United Kingdom Britain's Got Talent ITV 9 June 2007 Ant & Dec Current
Amanda Holden
Simon Cowell
Alesha Dixon (6–)
David Walliams (6–)

Piers Morgan (1–4)
Michael McIntyre (5)
David Hasselhoff (5)Guests
Kelly Brook (3) (Some Auditions)
Louis Walsh (4-5) (Some Auditions)
Carmen Electra (6) (Some Auditions)
Ashley Banjo (14) (Live Shows)

Season 1, 2007: Paul Potts (36-year-old opera singer)
Season 2, 2008: George Sampson (14-year-old street dancer)
Season 3, 2009: Diversity (dance troupe) 3
Season 4, 2010: Spelbound (gymnastics troupe)
Season 5, 2011: Jai McDowall (24-year-old singer)
Season 6, 2012: Ashleigh and Pudsey (dancing dog act)
Season 7, 2013: Attraction (shadow theatre group)
Season 8, 2014: Collabro (boy band)
Season 9, 2015: Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse (dancing dog act)
Season 10, 2016: Richard Jones (25-year-old close up magician)
Season 11, 2017: Tokio Myers (32-year-old pianist)
Season 12, 2018: Lost Voice Guy (37-year-old comedian)
Season 13, 2019: Colin Thackery (89-year-old singer)
Season 14, 2020: Jon Courtenay (46-year-old comedic singer and pianist)
Season 15, 2022: Upcoming Season

United States America's Got Talent NBC 21 June 2006Current
Terry Crews (14–)
Regis Philbin (1)
Jerry Springer (2–3)
Nick Cannon (4–11)
Tyra Banks (12–13)
Howie Mandel (5–)
Simon Cowell (11–)
Heidi Klum (8–13, 15–)
Sofia Vergara (15–)
Brandy Norwood (1)
David Hasselhoff (1–4)
Piers Morgan (1–6)
Sharon Osbourne (2–7)
Howard Stern (7–10)
Mel B (8–13)
Gabrielle Union (14)
Julianne Hough (14)Guests
Eric Stonestreet (15) (Some Auditions)
Kelly Clarkson (15) (Live Shows)
Kenan Thompson (15) (Live Shows)

Season 1, 2006: Bianca Ryan (11-year-old singer)
Season 2, 2007: Terry Fator (42-year-old ventriloquist/singer)
Season 3, 2008: Neal E. Boyd (32-year-old opera singer)
Season 4, 2009: Kevin Skinner (35-year-old singer)
Season 5, 2010: Michael Grimm (30-year-old singer)
Season 6, 2011: Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. (36-year-old singer)
Season 7, 2012: Olate Dogs (dog act)
Season 8, 2013: Kenichi Ebina (38-year-old dance/mime act)
Season 9, 2014: Mat Franco (25-year-old close-up magician)
Season 10, 2015: Paul Zerdin (43-year-old ventriloquist)
Season 11, 2016: Grace VanderWaal (12-year-old singer/songwriter/ukulele player)
Season 12, 2017: Darci Lynne (12-year-old ventriloquist/singer)
Season 13, 2018: Shin Lim (26-year-old card magician)
Season 14, 2019: Kodi Lee (23-year-old blind and autistic singer/pianist)
Season 15, 2020: Brandon Leake (27-year-old spoken word poet)
Season 16, 2021: Current season

Uruguay Got Talent Uruguay Canal 10 22 June 2020 Natalia Oreiro Agustín Casanova
Claudia Fernández
María Noel Ricetto
Orlando Petinatti

Season 1, 2020: Diego Coronel (26-year-old opera singer)
Season 2, 2021: Current season

Vietnam Tìm kiếm tài năng – Vietnam's Got Talent VTV3 18 December 2011Chi Bảo (1)
Quyền Linh (1)
Thanh Bạch (2)
Thanh Vân (3)
Duy Hải (4)
Diệp Lâm Anh (4)
Thành Lộc (1–3)
Thúy Hạnh (1–3)
Huy Tuấn (1–4)
Hoài Linh (3)
Việt Hương (4)
Trấn Thành (4)

Season 1, 2011–12: Đăng Quân & Bảo Ngọc (11-and-6-year-old sport dancers)
Season 2, 2012–13: Trần Hữu Kiên (26-year-old opera singer)
Season 3, 2014–15: Nguyễn Đức Vĩnh (8-year-old Hát tuồng)
Season 4, 2016: Nguyễn Trọng Nhân (9-year-old drummer)

  1. The format is labelled as "British" because although America had the first full season of the format, Britain's Got Talent had its pilot episode conceived and filmed in the first few months of 2006, before America's Got Talent had begun production.
  2. Joint version with India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other more Asian countries, taking part
  3. Joint version with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan taking part
  4. Includes the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau

Got Talent Kids around the world

CountryNameNetworkPremiereHost(s)JudgesSeasons and winners Majority
Canada BT Kids Got Talent Week [21] Citytv March 2019 Dina Pugliese (1)
Devo Brown (1)
No Judges

Season 1, 2019: No Winner
Season 2, TBA: Awaiting Confirmation

ItalyKid's Got Talent TV8 2016 Claudio Bisio
Lodovica Comello

Season 1, 2016: No Winner
Season 2, 2017: Unknown

TurkeyYetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye Minikler Show TV 2012Unknown Acun Ilicali (1)
Hülya Avşar (1)
Sergen Yalçın (1)
Season 1, 2012: Unknown
UkraineУкраїна має талант. Діти
Ukrayina maye talant Diti
STB 2016 Dmitry Tankovic
Elena Antonova

Slava Frolova

Igor Kondratyuk

Season 1, 2016: Arinka Shuhalevych
Season 2, 2017: Veronika Morska

Lithuania Lietuvos talentai. Supervaikai
Lithuania's Got Talent. Superkids
TV3 Lithuania March 15, 2020No Host Justinas Jarutis
Neringa Čereškevičienė

Marijus Žiedas

Season 1, 2020: Jonas Vozbutas (button accordion player)

Got More Talent around the world

Country/regionNameNetworkPremiereHost(s)Corresponding Seasons
Arab world Arabs Got Talent Extra MBC 2013Nardine Farag3–4
Česko Slovensko Má Talent Plus Plus 2011Monika Zázrivcová

Laco Kováč

FranceLa France a un incroyable talent, ça continue... M6 2009Jérôme Anthony (4–13)
Anthony Joubert (4–5)
Donel Jack'sman (14–)
IndiaIndia's Got More Talent Colors Roshni Chopra1
IndonesiaIndonesia's Got More Talent Indosiar 2010Augie Fantinus1
ItalyItalia's Got Veramente Talent? Sky Uno 2015Rocco Tanica (6)
Lucilla Agosti (6)
TuttiGiorni's Got Talent TV8 2016Rocco Tanica (7)
Lucilla Agosti (7)
IrelandIreland's Got Mór Talent TV3 2018 Glenda Gilson
James Kavanagh
2 series
PhilippinesPilipinas Got More Talent ABS-CBN 2010 Billy Crawford, Luis Manzano and Toni Gonzaga (1)1
SerbiaI ja imam talenat! RTS 2011Una Senić (2)
ThailandThailand's Got Talent Special Channel 3 2016Ketseptsawat Palakrawong
Na Ayutthaya (6)
United Kingdom Britain's Got More Talent ITV2 2007 Stephen Mulhern 1–13

Planet's/World's Got Talent around the world

Country/regionNameNetworkPremiereHost(s)Corresponding Seasons
World's Got Talent
Hunan Television 19 April 2019 [22] Eliza Liang & Wong Cho-lam 1
SloveniaCel Svet Ima Talent POP TV 17 November 2015 Peter Poles & Vid Valič 1
United KingdomPlanet's Got Talent ITV 17 January 2015 [23] Warwick Davis 2
SpainGot Talent: Lo mejor del mundo Telecinco 2 June 2020 Santi Millán 6

The Champions around the world

Country/regionNameNetworkPremiereJudgesHost(s)Corresponding Seasons
United Kingdom Britain's Got Talent: The Champions ITV 31 August 2019 David Walliams
Alesha Dixon
Amanda Holden
Simon Cowell
Ant & Dec 1
United States America's Got Talent: The Champions NBC 7 January 2019Current
Howie Mandel
Alesha Dixon
Heidi Klum
Simon Cowell

Mel B

Terry Crews 2

Others Spin-off

Country/regionNameNetworkPremiereJudgesHost(s)Corresponding Seasons
France La France a un incroyable talent : Le Rappel M6 21 december 2011 Dave
Sophie Edelstein

Gilbert Rozon

Alex Goude
Sandrine Corman
La France a un incroyable talent : La Finale des Champions M6 17 december 2013 Dave
Andrée Deissenberg

Sophie Edelstein

Gilbert Rozon

Alex Goude
Sandrine Corman
La France a un incroyable talent : La Bataille du Jury M6 23 june 2020Éric Antoine
Hélène Ségara

Marianne James

Sugar Sammy

David Ginola 1

Related Research Articles

Simon Cowell English reality television judge, television producer and music executive

Simon Phillip Cowell is an English television personality, entrepreneur, and record executive. He has judged on the British television talent competition series Pop Idol (2001–2003), The X Factor UK and Britain's Got Talent (2007–present), and the American television talent competition series American Idol (2002–2010), The X Factor US (2011–2013), and America's Got Talent (2016–present). Cowell is the principal, founder and chief executive of the British entertainment company Syco.

<i>Pop Idol</i> British music competition television series

Pop Idol was a British music competition television series created by Simon Fuller which ran on ITV from 2001 to 2003. The aim of the show was to decide the best new young pop singer in the UK based on viewer voting and participation. Two series were broadcast, one in 2001–2002 and a second in 2003. Pop Idol was subsequently put on an indefinite hiatus after series judge Simon Cowell announced the launch of The X Factor in the UK in April 2004.

<i>Idols</i> (franchise) Reality television music competition format

Idols is a reality television singing competition format created by British television producer Simon Fuller and developed by Fremantle. The format began in 2001 with the British television series Pop Idol; its first adaptation was the Polish series Idol in 2002. It has since become the world's most widely watched television franchise, as well as one of the most successful entertainment formats, adapted in over 46 regions around the world, with its various versions broadcast to 150 countries with a worldwide audience of roughly 3.2 billion people. The franchise has generated more than $2.5 billion in revenue.

Louis Walsh Irish manager in the music industry

Michael Louis Vincent Walsh is an Irish music manager and television personality. He has managed Johnny Logan, Boyzone, and Westlife, three of Ireland's most successful pop acts in the 1990s and 2000s. He later began a career as a talent judge on shows such as Popstars (2001–2002), You're a Star (2003–2004), The X Factor, Ireland's Got Talent (2018–2019) and Junk Kouture (2014-present).

America's Got Talent is a televised American talent show competition, and is part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell. The program is produced by Fremantle USA and Syco Entertainment, distributed by the former, and broadcast on the NBC television network, premiering on June 21, 2006, after plans for a British edition in 2005 were suspended following a dispute within the British broadcaster ITV; production would later resume in 2007, following the success of the first season. Each season is mainly run during the network's summer schedule, and has featured various hosts over the course of the program's history; the current host is Terry Crews.

<i>The X Factor</i> (British series 3) British TV series

The X Factor is a British television music competition to find new singing talent. The third series was broadcast on ITV from 19 August 2006 until 16 December 2006. Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell all returned for their third series on the judging panel. Kate Thornton returned to present the main show on ITV, while Ben Shephard returned to present spin-off show The Xtra Factor on ITV2. After the semi-final on 9 December, Cowell became the winning judge even though the series had not yet finished, as two of his acts, Ray Quinn and Leona Lewis, became the two finalists. Lewis won the series on 16 December, with Quinn finishing as runner-up.

<i>Britains Got Talent</i> Televised British talent competition

Britain's Got Talent is a televised British talent show competition, and part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell. Presented by Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, it is produced by both Thames and Syco Entertainment, distributed by Fremantle, and broadcast on ITV every year in late Spring to early Summer. The show was originally intended for production in 2005, but filming was suspended in the wake of a dispute between ITV and the programme's originally planned host. Following the success of America's Got Talent that year, production resumed and the programme eventually premiered on 9 June 2007.

Syco Entertainment is a British multimedia entertainment company, headquartered in both London and Los Angeles, founded and owned by British entrepreneur and record executive Simon Cowell. The company operates several divisions including a record label, talent agency, and TV and film production as well as publishing. It was initially divided into three units: Syco Music, Syco TV and Syco Film. The company was formed in 2005 through Sony Music Entertainment entering a joint venture by purchasing Cowell's shares of his record label S Records and television company Syco Television. In 2009, Sony and Cowell entered a joint venture agreement that covered the joint ownership of Syco's television formats which include the Got Talent and The X Factor franchises. Until 2020, the company operated high profile television and music projects with Sony Music labels around the world and television production company Fremantle. It employs a staff of more than 50 in offices in London and Los Angeles, and manages a string of high-profile television and music brands through partnerships with the label Sony Music and the television production company.

<i>The X Factor</i> International television franchise

The X Factor is a television music competition franchise created by British producer Simon Cowell and his company Syco Entertainment. It originated in the United Kingdom, where it was devised as a replacement for Pop Idol (2001–2003), and has been adapted in various countries. The "X Factor" of the title refers to the undefinable "something" that makes for star quality.

<i>The X Factor</i> (British TV series) British reality television music competition

The X Factor is a British reality television music competition, created by Simon Cowell. Premiering on 4 September 2004, it was produced by Fremantle's Thames and Cowell's production company Syco Entertainment for ITV, as well as simulcast on Virgin Media One in Ireland. The programme ran for around 445 episodes across fifteen series, and with each series broadcast each year primarily from late summer to early winter, until its final episode in December 2018. All episodes were presented by Dermot O'Leary, with some exceptions: the first three series were originally hosted by Kate Thornton; while Caroline Flack and Olly Murs hosted the show for the twelfth series.

<i>The X Factor</i> (British series 7) Season of television series

The X Factor is a British television music competition to find new singing talent. The seventh series started on ITV on 21 August 2010 and ended on 12 December 2010. The series saw the creation of the boy band One Direction, from boys who entered the competition as individuals. The winner of the competition was Matt Cardle. Cardle was mentored throughout the show by Dannii Minogue. After the victory, he released his debut single "When We Collide". A total of 15,448,019 votes were cast throughout the series. It was presented by Dermot O'Leary, with spin-off show The Xtra Factor presented by Konnie Huq on ITV2, who took over from Holly Willoughby.

<i>Popstars</i> (British TV series)

Popstars was a short-lived reality music talent show that was broadcast on ITV in early 2001. It was the first UK series of the international Popstars franchise, and was billed as a documentary on the formation of a modern pop group. The programme began with audition rounds of aspiring singers performing covers of classic songs before a panel of judges. The best performers were selected to come to London for further rounds of auditions. Over the weeks, the judges eliminated various singers from the auditions until just a few singers were left in contention. In the final weeks, five contestants were chosen by the judges to form the new pop group Hear'Say. The programme then showed the group recording and promoting their first single, documenting their first ventures into the music industry.

The fifth series of British talent competition programme Britain's Got Talent was broadcast on ITV, from 16 April to 4 June 2011; due to live coverage of the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final on 28 May, the final audition episode of the series was pushed back a day to avoid clashing with it. As Piers Morgan had departed from the programme the previous year, and the schedule of Simon Cowell made him unable to attend auditions, the producers arranged for Amanda Holden to be joined by David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre on the judging panel. Due to Hasselhoff's schedule during filming of the auditions, Louis Walsh stepped in as a guest judge for the sessions he could not attend.

<i>The X Factor</i> (American TV series) Former American television series

The X Factor is an American reality television music competition show created by Simon Cowell and produced by FremantleMedia North America and SYCOtv, a partnership between Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment, which aired on Fox. Based on the original UK show, and an addition to The X Factor franchise, the series found new singing talent, drawn from public auditions, and they competed against each other for votes. The winner is determined by the show's viewers via telephone, the Internet, and SMS text voting, and is awarded a recording contract with Cowell's record label Syco Music, worth $5 million in seasons one and two, and $1 million in season three. America voted for the following winners: Melanie Amaro, Tate Stevens, and Alex & Sierra, respectively.

<i>The Voice UK</i> British talent competition series

The Voice UK is a British singing competition television series. Created by John de Mol, it premiered on BBC One during the spring television cycle on 24 March 2012. Based on the original The Voice of Holland, and part of The Voice franchise, it has aired ten series and aims to find currently unsigned singing talent contested by aspiring singers, drawn from public auditions. The winners receive a recording contract with Polydor Records. Winners of the ten series have been: Leanne Mitchell, Andrea Begley, Jermain Jackman, Stevie McCrorie, Kevin Simm, Mo Adeniran, Ruti Olajugbagbe, Molly Hocking, Blessing Chitapa and Craig Eddie.

<i>Ukrayina maye talant</i>

Ukrayina maye talant is a Ukrainian reality television series on the STB television network, and part of the global British Got Talent series. It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, sketch artists, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised top prize of 1,000,000 Ukrainian hryvnia. The show debuted in April 2009. The three judges Vladyslav Yama, Slava Frolova and Ihor Kondratiuk joined host Oksana Marchenko. Contestants Kseniya Simonova and Anastasia Sokolova were revealed by this show. The show is now in its sixth season with two new judges: Hector Jimenez-Bravo and Viacheslav Uzelkov.

<i>Britains Got Talent: The Champions</i> Televised British talent competition series

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions is a spin-off of Britain's Got Talent, a British talent competition series, which began broadcasting on ITV on 31 August 2019. The programme functions similar to BGT, but features a selection of participants - winners, finalists and other notable acts - from across the history of both Britain's Got Talent and the Got Talent franchise, who compete in a series of preliminaries to secure a place in the grand final and a chance to win a large prize and to be crowned Britain's champion within Got Talent.

<i>The X Factor: Celebrity</i> Celebrity edition of The X Factor

The X Factor: Celebrity was a British celebrity special edition of The X Factor which premiered on 12 October 2019 on ITV. It is a revamped version of the 2006 celebrity format The X Factor: Battle of the Stars. Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh judged this series, with Dermot O'Leary presenting the series and Vick Hope hosting Xtra Bites on YouTube.

<i>The X Factor: The Band</i> British television series

The X Factor: The Band was a special edition of British reality talent competition The X Factor, which premiered on 9 December 2019 on ITV. The format for the series was announced on 4 November 2019 as a last-minute replacement for a planned All Stars spin-off series, which was originally supposed to air following The X Factor: Celebrity in late 2019. The format is an accelerated version of The X Factor whereby solo artists auditioned in front of Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger to try to win a place in a boyband or girlband. The new bands would then compete for a chance to join Cowell's record label and launch their careers.


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