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The following is a list of Italian municipalities ( comuni ) with a population over 50,000. The table below contains the cities populations as of December 31, 2019, [1] as estimated by the Italian National Institute of Statistics, [2] and the cities census population from the 2011 Italian Census. [3]



1. Rome Rome Skyline (8012016319).jpg
1. Rome
2. Milan Full Milan skyline from Duomo roof.jpg
2. Milan
3. Naples NapolidaS.Martino.jpg
3. Naples
4. Turin Turin at sunset.jpg
4. Turin
5. Palermo Palermo panorama.JPG
5. Palermo
6. Genoa Genova-Panorama dal Castello d'Albertis-DSCF5507.JPG
6. Genoa
7. Bologna Bologna-SanPetronioPiazzaMaggiore1.jpg
7. Bologna
8. Florence Firenze - Badia, bargello e Santa Croce da Campanile di giotto.JPG
8. Florence
RankCity2011 census2019 estimateChangeRegion
1 Rome 2,617,1752,837,332+8.41%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
2 Milan 1,242,1231,396,059+12.39%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
3 Naples 962,003962,589+0.06%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
4 Turin 872,367870,952−0.16%Flag of Piedmont.svg  Piedmont
5 Palermo 657,651657,960+0.05%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
6 Genoa 586,180574,090−2.06%Flag of Liguria.svg  Liguria
7 Bologna 371,337390,625+5.19%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
8 Florence 358,079372,038+3.90%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
9 Bari 315,933322,316+2.02%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
10 Catania 293,902311,402+5.95%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
11 Verona 252,520259,608+2.81%Flag of Veneto.svg  Veneto
12 Venice 261,362259,150−0.85%Flag of Veneto.svg  Veneto
13 Messina 243,262229,565−5.63%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
14 Padua 206,192212,395+3.01%Flag of Veneto.svg  Veneto
15 Trieste 202,123203,234+0.55%Flag of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.svg  Friuli-Venezia Giulia
16 Brescia 189,902199,579+5.10%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
17 Parma 175,895198,292+12.73%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
18 Taranto 200,154195,227−2.46%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
19 Prato 185,456194,913+5.10%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
20 Modena 179,149186,830+4.29%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
21 Reggio Calabria 180,817178,760−1.14%Flag of Calabria.svg  Calabria
22 Reggio Emilia 162,082172,124+6.20%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
23 Perugia 162,449166,969+2.78%Flag of Umbria.svg  Umbria
24 Ravenna 153,740158,058+2.81%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
25 Livorno 157,052157,024−0.02%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
26 Cagliari 149,883153,231+2.23%Flag of Sardinia.svg  Sardinia
27 Rimini 139,601151,200+8.31%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
28 Foggia 147,036149,904+1.95%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
29 Salerno 132,608132,702+0.07%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
30 Ferrara 132,545132,195−0.26%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
32 Latina 119,804129,133+7.79%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
31 Sassari 130,658126,769−2.98%Flag of Sardinia.svg  Sardinia
33 Giugliano in Campania 117,963125,058+6.01%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
34 Monza 122,712124,051+1.09%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
35 Bergamo 119,551121,781+1.87%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
36 Syracuse 123,850120,405−2.78%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
37 Pescara 123,077119,800−2.66%Flag of Abruzzo.svg  Abruzzo
38 Trento 116,298118,902+2.24%Flag of Trentino-South Tyrol.svg  Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
39 Forlì 118,167118,000−0.14%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
40 Vicenza 115,927111,764−3.59%Flag of Veneto.svg  Veneto
41 Terni 113,324110,530−2.47%Flag of Umbria.svg  Umbria
42 Bolzano 104,029107,407+3.25%Flag of Trentino-South Tyrol.svg  Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
43 Piacenza 103,206104,315+1.07%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
44 Novara 105,024103,985−0.99%Flag of Piedmont.svg  Piedmont
45 Ancona 102,997100,282−2.64%Flag of Marche.svg  Marche
46 Andria 100,08699,307−0.78%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
47 Arezzo 100,21299,258−0.95%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
48 Udine 99,62799,051−0.58%Flag of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.svg  Friuli-Venezia Giulia
49 Cesena 97,05697,190+0.14%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
50 Pesaro 95,01196,832+1.92%Flag of Marche.svg  Marche
51 Lecce 95,52096,534+1.06%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
52 Barletta 94,45994,316−0.15%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
53 Alessandria 94,97493,634−1.41%Flag of Piedmont.svg  Piedmont
54 La Spezia 95,37893,288−2.19%Flag of Liguria.svg  Liguria
55 Pisa 88,21791,393+3.60%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
56 Pistoia 90,28890,677+0.43%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
57 Guidonia Montecelio 83,73690,457+8.03%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
58 Lucca 84,93990,055+6.02%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
59 Catanzaro 93,12488,313−5.17%Flag of Calabria.svg  Calabria
60 Brindisi 89,78085,881−4.34%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
62 Torre del Greco 87,19783,987−3.68%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
61 Treviso 82,80785,760+3.57%Flag of Veneto.svg  Veneto
64 Busto Arsizio 81,76083,909+2.63%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
63 Como 85,26385,915+0.76%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
65 Marsala 82,77482,456−0.38%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
66 Grosseto 81,92882,378+0.55%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
67 Sesto San Giovanni 81,13081,841+0.88%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
70 Pozzuoli 83,45980,074−4.06%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
69 Varese 81,57980,645−1.14%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
68 Fiumicino 70,98581,718+15.12%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
71 Corigliano-Rossano 74,84877,096+3.00%Flag of Calabria.svg  Calabria
73 Casoria 79,56276,205−4.22%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
75 Asti 76,53475,528−1.31%Flag of Piedmont.svg  Piedmont
72 Cinisello Balsamo 75,15076,264+1.48%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
74 Caserta 78,69375,561−3.98%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
76 Gela 77,36074,858−3.23%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
77 Aprilia 70,34974,190+5.46%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
78 Ragusa 73,74373,638−0.14%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
79 Pavia 71,14272,773+2.29%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
81 Cremona 72,14772,077−0.10%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
80 Carpi 67,26872,627+7.97%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
82 Quartu Sant'Elena 71,77970,879−1.25%Flag of Sardinia.svg  Sardinia
83 Lamezia Terme 71,28670,834−0.63%Flag of Calabria.svg  Calabria
84 Altamura 70,02370,514+0.70%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
85 Imola 69,11669,936+1.19%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
86 L’Aquila 72,51169,439−4.24%Flag of Abruzzo.svg  Abruzzo
87 Massa 70,97369,037−2.73%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
88 Trapani 70,62267,923−3.82%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
89 Viterbo 63,59767,798+6.61%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
90 Cosenza 70,06867,239−4.04%Flag of Calabria.svg  Calabria
91 Potenza 68,29767,211−1.59%Flag of Basilicata.svg  Basilicata
92 Castellammare di Stabia 64,50665,922+2.20%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
93 Afragola 63,98164,817+1.31%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
94 Vittoria 63,33264,212+1.39%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
95 Crotone 61,79863,941+3.47%Flag of Calabria.svg  Calabria
96 Pomezia 61,10663,641+4.15%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
97 Vigevano 63,70063,153−0.86%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
98 Carrara 65,57362,537−4.63%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
99 Caltanissetta 60,26762,317+3.40%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
100 Viareggio 64,50362,079−3.76%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
101 Fano 64,10060,978−4.87%Flag of Marche.svg  Marche
102 Savona 62,55360,632−3.07%Flag of Liguria.svg  Liguria
103 Matera 60,81860,403−0.68%Flag of Basilicata.svg  Basilicata
104 Olbia 56,06660,261+7.48%Flag of Sardinia.svg  Sardinia
105 Legnano 59,14760,177+1.74%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
106 Acerra 56,17759,910+6.65%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
107 Marano di Napoli 59,47259,862+0.66%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
108 Benevento 62,03559,789−3.62%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
109 Molfetta 60,15959,470−1.15%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
110 Agrigento 59,17559,329+0.26%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
111 Faenza 58,15058,797+1.11%Flag of Emilia-Romagna (de facto).svg  Emilia-Romagna
112 Cerignola 59,10358,540−0.95%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
113 Moncalieri 58,32057,234−1.86%Flag of Piedmont.svg  Piedmont
114 Foligno 58,16256,999−2.00%Flag of Umbria.svg  Umbria
115 Manfredonia 57,45556,906−0.96%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
116 Tivoli 56,53156,542+0.02%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
117 Cuneo 55,71456,281+1.02%Flag of Piedmont.svg  Piedmont
118 Trani 53,94056,031+3.88%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
119 Bisceglie 54,84755,385+0.98%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
120 Bitonto 56,46255,127−2.36%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
121 Bagheria 56,33655,047−2.29%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
122 Anzio 55,41354,710−1.27%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
123 Portici 53,98154,577+1.10%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
124 Modica 55,19654,530−1.21%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
125 Sanremo 56,96254,529−4.27%Flag of Liguria.svg  Liguria
126 Avellino 56,33954,353−3.53%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
127 Teramo 54,95754,338−1.13%Flag of Abruzzo.svg  Abruzzo
128 Montesilvano 51,56554,194+5.10%Flag of Abruzzo.svg  Abruzzo
129 Siena 54,54353,901−1.18%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany
130 Gallarate 51,75153,425+3.23%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
131 Velletri 53,54453,188−0.66%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
132 Cava de' Tirreni 53,52053,130−0.73%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
133 San Severo 55,32153,015−4.17%Flag of Apulia.svg  Apulia
134 Aversa 51,63152,794+2.25%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
135 Ercolano 54,77952,763−3.68%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
136 Civitavecchia 52,29452,671+0.72%Flag of Lazio.svg  Lazio
137 Acireale 53,12252,269−1.61%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
138 Mazara del Vallo 51,49251,488−0.01%Flag of Sicily (revised).svg  Sicily
139 Rovigo 52,79351,149−3.11%Flag of Veneto.svg  Veneto
140 Pordenone 51,72351,127−1.15%Flag of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.svg  Friuli-Venezia Giulia
141 Battipaglia 51,13351,005−0.25%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
142 Rho 50,68650,904+0.43%Flag of Lombardy.svg  Lombardy
143 Chieti 54,30550,770−6.51%Flag of Abruzzo.svg  Abruzzo
144 Scafati 50,79450,686−0.21%Flag of Campania.svg  Campania
145 Scandicci 50,30950,645+0.67%Flag of Tuscany.svg  Tuscany

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