List of highest towns by country

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This is a list of the highest settlements by country. Only permanent settlements occupied year-round are included. When possible, the highest point in the contiguous year-round settlement is listed, though average heights or the elevations of a central point may also be found.


The elevation of a town or city affects the social and physical arrangement of the place. In many cases, the cold climate in winter necessitates a particular style of house; the type of agriculture practised and the domestic animals kept there are limited; or, the type of work carried on is specialised.

Sovereign, fully recognized countries

RankCountryTown / cityRegion / stateHeight (m)Height (ft)Comment
1Flag of Peru.svg  Peru La Rinconada Puno 5,10016,728The highest in the world according to National Geographic magazine (May 2003); [1] pop. 30,000. Barrio Rit’ipata, consisting of miners' shacks, is above it. [2]
2Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China Tuiwa Tibet Autonomous Region 5,07016,634
3Flag of Bolivia.svg  Bolivia Santa Barbara Potosí Department 4,77015,600
4Flag of India.svg  India Karzok Ladakh 4,57015,000 Hikkim in Himachal Pradesh has year-round residences from 4330 to 4400 meters. Komic, 2 km to the southeast of Hikkim has residences up to 4530 meters, and Korzok on Tso Moriri has year-round residences from 4525 to 4570 meters.
5Flag of Chile.svg  Chile Parinacota Arica-Parinacota 4,40014,435
6Flag of Nepal.svg    Nepal Dingboche Khumbu 4,35014,301 Gorakshep (with an elevation of 5,100 m - 16,728 ft) are lodges near to Mount Everest base camp. Lobuche at 4950 metres, Gokyo at 4750 metres (15,583 ft), and Dughla, at 4593 metres (15,075 ft), [3] are higher, but likely not permanently inhabited as they cater to trekkers during season.
7Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina Mina Pirquitas Jujuy Province 4,34014,240Mining company town, with up to 673 inhabitants [4]
8Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia Seqetat Bota Amhara Region 4,20713,802Highest village in Africa.
9Flag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan Qarabolaq Wakhan District 4,13913,579
10Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg  Kyrgyzstan Chatyndy Osh Province 4,01313,166
11Flag of Bhutan.svg  Bhutan Laya Gasa District 3,82012,533
12Flag of Tajikistan.svg  Tajikistan Murghab Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region 3,65011,975
13Flag of Mexico.svg  Mexico Raíces Mexico 3,53111,919
14Flag of the United States.svg  United States Alma Colorado 3,56011,680
15Flag of Venezuela.svg  Venezuela Apartaderos Mérida 3,50511,5023,360 m. according to Google Maps.
16Flag of Colombia.svg  Colombia Vetas Santander 3,35010,990 [5] 3,230 m. according to Google Maps.
17Flag of Ecuador.svg  Ecuador Papallacta Napo 3,30010,827[ citation needed ] Zumbahua, according to Google Maps is the highest at 3,510 m.
18Flag of Pakistan.svg  Pakistan Shimshal Gilgit-Baltistan 3,20010,499
19Flag of Guatemala.svg  Guatemala Ixchiguán San Marcos Department 3,18510,449highest town in Central America
20Flag of Lesotho.svg  Lesotho Khalahali Mokhotlong District 3,15810,361
21Flag of Costa Rica.svg  Costa Rica Villa Mills Cartago Province 3,10010,173Near Cerro de la Muerte, Talamanca Range. Permanent population: 65
22Flag of Yemen.svg  Yemen Kawkaban Sana'a Governorate 2,9319,616
23Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia Mulia Papua Province 2,7068,881
24Flag of Cameroon.svg  Cameroon Ndu Southwest Region 2,6118,566
25Flag of Eritrea.svg  Eritrea Adi Keyh Debub 2,5008,202[ citation needed ]
26Flag of Iran.svg  Iran Fereydunshahr Isfahan Province 2,4908,169 [6]
27Flag of Russia.svg  Russia Kurush Dokuzparinskiy rayon, Dagestan 2,4808,134Highest village in Europe [7]
28Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya Iten Elgeyo-Marakwet County 2,4007,874[ citation needed ]
29Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan Xınalıq Quba Rayon 2,3757,710Population: 2,075
30Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia Bochorna Akhmeta Municipality 2,3457,694population only about 1, [8] so Ushguli is generally seen as the highest 'substantial' village.
31Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco Tacheddirt Al Haouz 2,3147,592
32Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia Akhpradzor Gegharkunik 2,2937,444 Aragats research station with several buildings at 3200m is operating round the year. [9]
33Flag of Rwanda.svg  Rwanda Byumba Northern Province 2,2377,342
34Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey Kapıköy Van 2,2207,284Population: 635. Karayazı (population 4,724 in 2010) is situated at 2,450m
35Flag of Andorra.svg  Andorra Pas de la Casa Encamp 2,2197,280
36Flag of Italy.svg  Italy Trepalle Lombardy 2,2097,247Cited as highest parish in Europe by its Tourism board [10]
37Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg  Saudi Arabia Abha Asir 2,2007,218population about 680,912
38Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg  Papua New Guinea Wabag Enga Province 2,1827,162
39Flag of Mongolia.svg  Mongolia Altai Yesönbulag, Govi-Altai 2,1817,156
41Flag of Syria.svg  Syria Rankous Rif Dimashq Governorate 2,1507,052Population: 19,900
42Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland Juf Graubünden 2,1266,973Village with a population about 24, highest in Europe according to the municipality's (Avers) web page [11]
43Flag of France.svg  France Saint-Véran Hautes-Alpes 2,0406,692Known as the highest commune of France - and the highest commune of Europe, [12]
44Flag of South Africa.svg  South Africa Dullstroom Mpumalanga 2,0196,624[ citation needed ]
45Flag of Uganda.svg  Uganda Kabale Western Region 2,0006,560[ citation needed ]
46Flag of Panama.svg  Panama Cerro Punta Chiriquí Province 2,0006,560
47Flag of East Timor.svg  East Timor Hatu-Builico Ainaro District 2,0006,560
48Flag of Austria.svg  Austria Obergurgl Tyrol 1,9306,332Hochgurgl is at 2150m (7,054 feet), but is not recognized as an independent village, but as a part of Obergurgl.
49Flag of Burundi.svg  Burundi Muramvya Muramvya Province 1,9246,315
50Flag of Sri Lanka.svg  Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya Nuwara Eliya District, Central Province 1,8686,128
51Flag of Algeria.svg  Algeria Tazrouk Tazrouk District, Tamanrasset Province 1,8275,994
52Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan Narynkol Almaty Province 1,8195,971
53Flag of Madagascar.svg  Madagascar Soanindrariny Vakinankaratra 1,8175,964
54Flag of Somalia.svg  Somalia Erigavo Sanaag 1,7885,869
55Flag of the Comoros.svg  Comoros La Convalescence Grande Comore 1,7875,866
56Flag of Oman.svg  Oman Saiq Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate 1,7555,758
57Flag of Lebanon.svg  Lebanon Bekaa Kafra North Governorate 1,7505,740
58Flag of Namibia.svg  Namibia Windhoek Khomas Region 1,7285,669
59Flag of Angola.svg  Angola Huambo and Lubango Huambo and Huíla 1,7215,646
60Flag of Honduras (darker variant).svg  Honduras La Esperanza Intibucá Department 1,7005,577
62Flag of Tanzania.svg  Tanzania Mbeya Mbeya Region 1,7005,577
63Flag of Spain.svg  Spain Valdelinares Teruel, Aragon 1,6935,553
64Flag of El Salvador.svg  El Salvador Apaneca Ahuachapán Department 1,6835,523 [13]
65Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada Lake Louise Alberta 1,6615,449
66Flag of Djibouti.svg  Djibouti Airolaf Tadjourah Region 1,6675,468
67Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg  Democratic Republic of the Congo Masisi North Kivu Province 1,6515,419
68Flag of Zimbabwe.svg  Zimbabwe Marondera Mashonaland East 1,6305,348
69Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil Campos do Jordão São Paulo 1,6285,341
70Flag of Vietnam.svg  Vietnam Sa Pa Lào Cai Province 1,6005,249
70Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria Manastir Plovdiv Province 1,6005,249Village centre at 1,460 m, highest neighbourhoods reaching above 1,600 m. Chamla in Smolyan Province is higher at ~1,650 m, but uninhabited since the 1980s. Dospat is the highest town in Bulgaria at 1358 m, as it was upgraded to a town status in 1974.
72Flag of Malaysia.svg  Malaysia Brinchang Pahang 1,5925,226 Kundasang, located in Sabah, is higher (with 1,884 m), but it is a small village of the town of Ranau.
73Flag of Malawi.svg  Malawi Dedza Central Region 1,5905,216
74Flag of Egypt.svg  Egypt Saint Catherine South Sinai Governorate 1,5865,203
75Flag of Niger.svg  Niger Inignaouei Agadez Region, Arlit Department 1,5565,108
76Flag of Haiti.svg  Haiti Kenscoff Ouest 1,5044,934
77Flag of Eswatini.svg  Eswatini Sandlane Manzini District 1,5034,934
78Flag of the Philippines.svg  Philippines Baguio Benguet 1,5004,921There are towns that have higher altitude like Atok (2,200m or 7,400 ft), but among places that have city status Baguio is the highest.
78Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan Yangiabad Tashkent Province 1,5004,921
78Flag of Cape Verde.svg  Cape Verde Estância Roque Fogo Island 1,5004,921
81Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina Lukomir Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Konjic municipality1,4954,905
82Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia Cabramurra New South Wales 1,4754,839Highest on continent Several ski towns & villages are higher than Cabramurra. The highest town without a ski lift network is Dinner Plain at 1,570 metres
83Flag of Thailand.svg  Thailand Ban Na Yang Chiang Mai Province 1,4674,816
84Flag of Montenegro.svg  Montenegro Žabljak Žabljak Municipality 1,4564,777
85Flag of Greece.svg  Greece Seli, Samarina and Aetomilitsa Epirus and Macedonia (Greece) 1,4504,800
86Flag of Guinea.svg  Guinea Mali Labé Region 1,4414,712
87Flag of Myanmar.svg  Burma Taunggyi Shan State 1,4364,730
88Flag of Liechtenstein.svg  Liechtenstein Rotenboden Triesenberg 1,4164,645
89Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus Prodromos Limassol District 1,3804,528
90Flag of Iraq.svg  Iraq Penjwin Sulaymaniyah Governorate 1,3684,491
91Flag of Romania.svg  Romania Fundata Braşov County 1,3604,462]
92Flag of Mozambique.svg  Mozambique Lichinga Niassa Province 1,3604,462
93Flag of North Korea.svg  North Korea Samjiyŏn Ryanggang Province 1,3564,452
94Flag of North Macedonia.svg  North Macedonia Kruševo Kruševo Municipality 1,350 [14] 4,429Kruševo is the highest town/ city in North Macedonia. The highest settlement in North Macedonia is Plakje near Ohrid, however it only has a population of 4.
95Flag of Turkmenistan.svg  Turkmenistan Khodzhai-Fil'ata Lebap Province 1,3464,416
97Flag of Laos.svg  Laos Phongsali Phongsali Province 1,3344,379
98Flag of Jordan.svg  Jordan Shoubak Ma'an Governorate 1,3304,360
99Flag of Botswana.svg  Botswana Kanye Southern District 1,3064,288
100Flag of Vanuatu.svg  Vanuatu Nokowoula Sanma Province, Espiritu Santo Island1,2914,238
101Flag of Zambia.svg  Zambia Lusaka Lusaka Province 1,2794,196
102Flag of Germany.svg  Germany Feldberg Baden-Württemberg 1,2774,190highest German village
103Flag of Nigeria.svg  Nigeria Jos Plateau State 1,2384,062
104Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Finse Western Norway 1,2224,000
105Flag of Nicaragua.svg  Nicaragua San José de Cusmapa Madriz Department 1,1843,887
106Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg  Dominican Republic Constanza La Vega Province 1,1643,819The highest residence situated in Constanza is at 1,330 m above sea level. Jamamucito is higher (1,410 m), but it is a small hamlet pertaining to the village of Jamamu, in the town of Las Placetas, belonging to the city of San José de las Matas. [15]
107Flag of Albania.svg  Albania Moscopole Korçë County 1,1603,806
108Flag of Sudan.svg  Sudan Kutum North Darfur 1,1273,700
109Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia Vysoké Tatry Prešov Region 1,1253,691Highest elevation settlement of town Vysoké Tatry is Vyšné Hágy with 1,125 m above sea level. [16]
110Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia Nova Varoš Zlatibor District 1,1113,648
112Flag of Chad.svg  Chad Aouzou Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Prefecture 1,0743,526
113Flag of the Central African Republic.svg  Central African Republic Bocaranga Ouham-Pendé 1,0723,517
114Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Begovo Razdolje Primorje–Gorski Kotar County 1,0603,478Reference: [17] Note: The meteorological station at Zavižan is located at an altitude of 1,594 metres (5,230 ft), and is staffed round the clock by a family from a nearby village, but is not legally considered a settlement. [18]
115Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal Guarda Guarda District 1,0563,464 Penhas da Saúde, Covilhã Municipality, is higher (at 1,500 m), but it is a small village.
117Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic Boží Dar Karlovy Vary Region 1,0283,372
118Flag of Tunisia.svg  Tunisia Thala Kasserine Governorate 1,0173,337
119Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Ząb Lesser Poland Voivodeship 1,0133,326[ citation needed ]
119Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg  Equatorial Guinea Moka Bioko Island1,0133,326
122Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg  São Tomé and Príncipe M. Vilela São Tomé Island 9913,254
123Flag of Belize.svg  Belize Baldy Beacon Cayo District 9783,211
124Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia Zgornje Jezersko Carinthia 9733,195
125Flag of Israel.svg  Israel Beit Jann (de jure), Majdal Shams (de facto) Northern District 940 (de jure), 1130 (de facto)3,084 (de jure), 3707 (de facto)
126Flag of Gabon.svg  Gabon Ndindi Ngounié Province 9323,061
127Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine Yasinia Zakarpattia Oblast, Rakhiv Raion 9313,054
128Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg  Solomon Islands Kamanjikoko Guadalcanal Province 9132,998
129Flag of Sierra Leone.svg  Sierra Leone Dawule Northern Province 8902,923
130Flag of Japan.svg  Japan Fujikawaguchiko Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture 8752,874
131Flag of Samoa.svg  Samoa Afiamalu Upolu Island8632,834
132Flag of Cambodia.svg  Cambodia Phumi Popok Vil Kampot Province 8422,765
133Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Högvålen Härjedalen 8352,739
134Flag of South Sudan.svg  South Sudan Torit Eastern Equatoria 8292,723
135Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand National Park Village Manawatū-Whanganui region8252,706 Population:174
136Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Mátraszentimre Heves County 8102,657 [19]
137Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg  Republic of the Congo Edzouanseke Plateaux Department 8032,637[ citation needed ]
138Flag of Togo.svg  Togo Sadomé Plateaux Region 7982,621
139Flag of Fiji.svg  Fiji Navai Viti Levu 7382,424
141Flag of Libya.svg  Libya Gharyan Jabal al Gharbi District 7002,296
142Flag of Ghana.svg  Ghana Amedzofe Volta Region 6772,224
143Flag of San Marino.svg  San Marino City of San Marino Castello della Città di San Marino6752,215
144Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg  Trinidad and Tobago Brasso Seco Tunapuna–Piarco 6732,211
145Flag of Liberia.svg  Liberia Saniquellie Nimba County 6712,204
146Flag of Paraguay.svg  Paraguay Pedro Juan Caballero Amambay 6702,201
147Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Rocherath Liège 6502,133
147Flag of South Korea.svg  South Korea Taebaek Gangwon-do 6502,133
149Flag of Jamaica.svg  Jamaica Mandeville Manchester Parish 6282,061
150Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Fancy Saint Vincent Island 6122,007
151Flag of Guyana.svg  Guyana Ipichau Potaro-Siparuni 6112,004
152Flag of Mali.svg  Mali Sadegue Mopti Region 6041,984
154Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg  Côte d'Ivoire Biankouma Biankouma Department 6001,971
155Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg  United Arab Emirates Masafi Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah 5671,863
158Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Kilpisjärvi Lapland 4901,607
159Flag of Mauritania.svg  Mauritania Zouérat Tiris Zemmour Region 4881,604
161Flag of Federated States of Micronesia.svg  Federated States of Micronesia Pwoaipwoai Pohnpei 4781,571
162Flag of Cuba.svg  Cuba Yateras Guantánamo Province 4701,542
163Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland Möðrudalur Eastern Region 4691,539
163Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Troisvierges Clervaux 4691,539
165Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom
Flash Staffordshire, England 4631,519Verified by Ordnance Survey
166Flag of Burkina Faso.svg  Burkina Faso Diali Cascades Region 4561,499
167Flag of Saint Lucia.svg  Saint Lucia Migny Soufrière Quarter 4541,492
168Flag of Benin.svg  Benin Aledjo-Koura Donga Department 4511,482
169Flag of Mauritius.svg  Mauritius Curepipe Plaines Wilhems District 4461,466
170Flag of Suriname.svg  Suriname Anapi Sipaliwini District 3981,309
172Flag of Grenada.svg  Grenada Constantine Saint George Parish 3961,302
174Flag of Moldova.svg  Moldova Bălăneşti Nisporeni District 3241,066
175Flag of Uruguay.svg  Uruguay Santa Clara de Olimar Treinta y Tres Department 3201,050
176Flag of Barbados.svg  Barbados White Hill Saint Andrew Parish3041,000
177Flag of Ireland.svg  Ireland Glencullen County Dublin 300 [20] 980
179Flag of Malta.svg  Malta Dingli Malta Island, Western District250820
183Flag of Bangladesh.svg  Bangladesh Rulkippara Chittagong Division 237780
185Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania Švenčionys Utena County 230755
186Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg  Guinea-Bissau Bolabá Gabú Region 226744
187Flag of Belarus.svg  Belarus Lahojsk Minsk Region 220725
188Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia Alūksne Vidzeme 217712 List of highest towns in Latvia
190Flag of Brunei.svg  Brunei Rumah Supon Tutong District 203669
191Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Vaals Limburg 198650
192Flag of Tonga.svg  Tonga Pangai 'Eua Island184606
193Flag of Kuwait.svg  Kuwait Wafra Al Ahmadi Governorate 168554
195Flag of Palau.svg  Palau Ngatpang Ngatpang State, Babeldaob Island162534
196Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark Ejer Region Midtjylland 160520
197Flag of Senegal.svg  Senegal Nepen Diakha Kédougou Region 153502
198Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia Otepää Valga County 152499[ citation needed ]
204Flag of the Vatican City.svg   Vatican City Vatican City75246
205Flag of Qatar.svg  Qatar Umm Bab Jariyan al Batnah 68226
207Flag of Bahrain.svg  Bahrain Awali Awali Municipality62206
208Flag of The Gambia.svg  The Gambia Bani Upper River Division, Kantora District 50164
209Flag of Nauru.svg  Nauru Uaboe Uaboe District35118
210Flag of the Bahamas.svg  The Bahamas Freeport Grand Bahama, Freeport District1036
213Flag of Dominica.svg  Dominica None00
213Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg  Saint Kitts and Nevis None00
213Flag of the Seychelles.svg  Seychelles None00
213Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg  Antigua and Barbuda None00
213Flag of Singapore.svg  Singapore None00
213Flag of Monaco.svg  Monaco None00
213Flag of Kiribati.svg  Kiribati None00
213Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg  Marshall Islands None00
213Flag of Tuvalu.svg  Tuvalu None00
213Flag of Maldives.svg  Maldives None00

Countries with disputed sovereignty

RankCountryClaimantTown / CityRegion / StateHeight (m)Height (ft)Comment
40Flag of South Ossetia.svg  South Ossetia Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia Leti Dzau district 2,1797,152
59Flag of Kosovo.svg  Kosovo Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia Restelica District of Prizren, Dragaš Municipality1,7175,636
110Flag of the Republic of China.svg  Taiwan Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China Wutai Pingtung County 1,0753,530
116Flag of the Republic of Abkhazia.svg  Abkhazia Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia Pskhu Sukhumi District 1,0473,438
121Flag of Palestine.svg  Palestinian territories Flag of Israel.svg  Israel Halhul Hebron Governorate 1,0043,297
160Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg  Western Sahara Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco Hasi Chor Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira 4831,584

Dependent countries and overseas territories

This section includes all countries and territories that are listed by ISO 3166-1 but not listed in the above sections.

RankCountryMother countrySettlementRegion / StateHeight (m)Height (ft)Comment
95Flag of France.svg  Réunion Flag of France.svg  France Hell-Bourg Salazie Commune1,3444,412
140Flag of Puerto Rico.svg  Puerto Rico Flag of the United States.svg  United States Aibonito San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area 7312,401
153Flag of France.svg  Martinique Flag of France.svg  France Le Morne-Vert Le Morne-Vert Commune6011,975
156Flag of Greenland.svg  Greenland Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark Illorsuit Qaasuitsup 5481,801
157Flag of France.svg  Guadeloupe Flag of France.svg  France Saint-Claude Saint-Claude Commune5441,788
171Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom Longwood Saint Helena, Longwood District3971,305
173Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg  United States Virgin Islands Flag of the United States.svg  United States Dorothea and Resolution Saint Thomas 3711,220
178Flag of American Samoa.svg  American Samoa Flag of the United States.svg  United States A'oloau Tutuila 264869
179Flag of France.svg  Mayotte Flag of France.svg  France Vahibé Commune of Mamoudzou250820
179Flags of New Caledonia.svg  New Caledonia Flag of France.svg  France Farino South Province 250820
182Flag of Montserrat.svg  Montserrat Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom Saint John's Northern Zone239787
184Flag of France.svg  French Guiana Flag of France.svg  France Saül Arrondissement of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni 230757
187Flag of Christmas Island.svg  Christmas Island Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia Drumsite 219721
189Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands.svg  Northern Mariana Islands Flag of the United States.svg  United States Capital Hill Saipan 214705
199Flag of the Isle of Man.svg  Isle of Man Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom Foxdale Glenfaba sheading151498
200Flag of Guam.svg  Guam Flag of the United States.svg  United States Santa Rita 131433
201Flag of Aruba.svg  Aruba Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Kingdom of the Netherlands Shiribana 127419
203Flag of Norway.svg  Svalbard Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Nybyen Spitsbergen 100300
206Flag of Curacao.svg  Curaçao Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Sint Willibrordus 67223
210Flag of the Cayman Islands.svg  Cayman Islands Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom Bodden Town Bodden Town district 1030
212Flag of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.svg  South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom Grytviken South Georgia Island310
213Flag of French Polynesia.svg  French Polynesia Flag of France.svg  France None00
213Flag of Hong Kong.svg  Hong Kong Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China None00
213Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg  Faroe Islands Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark None00
213Flag of the Falkland Islands.svg  Falkland Islands Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00Claimed by Argentina
213Flag of the Cook Islands.svg  Cook Islands Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand None00
213Flag of France.svg  Wallis and Futuna Flag of France.svg  France None00
213Flag of the British Virgin Islands.svg  British Virgin Islands Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00
213Flag of Gibraltar.svg  Gibraltar Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00
213Flag of France.svg  Saint-Martin Flag of France.svg  France None00
213Flag of the Pitcairn Islands.svg  Pitcairn Islands Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00
213Flag of Sint Maarten.svg  Sint Maarten Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands None00
213Flag of Norfolk Island.svg  Norfolk Island Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia None00
213Flag of France.svg  Saint-Barthélemy Flag of France.svg  France None00
213Flag of France.svg  Saint Pierre and Miquelon Flag of France.svg  France None00
213Flag of Macau.svg  Macau Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China None00
213Flag of Jersey.svg  Jersey Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00
213Flag of Guernsey.svg  Guernsey Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00
213Flag of Bermuda.svg  Bermuda Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00
213Flag of Niue.svg  Niue Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand None00
213Flag of Anguilla.svg  Anguilla Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00
213Flag of the Turks and Caicos Islands.svg  Turks and Caicos Islands Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00
213Flag of the Commissioner of the British Indian Ocean Territory.svg  British Indian Ocean Territory Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom None00
213Flag of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.svg  Cocos (Keeling) Islands Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia None00
213Flag of Tokelau.svg  Tokelau Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand None00
Flag of Antarctica.svg  Antarctica None, territorial claimsThere are no towns, cities, villages or permanent settlements in Antarctica; only research stations.

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Geography of Italy Geographical features of Italy

Italy is located in southern Europe and comprises the long, boot-shaped Italian Peninsula, the southern side of Alps, the large plain of the Po Valley and some islands including Sicily and Sardinia. Corsica, although belonging to the Italian geographical region, has been a part of France since 1769. Italy is part of the Northern Hemisphere. Two of the Pelagie islands are located on the African continent.

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Karachi has an arid climate, albeit a moderate version of this climate. Karachi is located on the coast and as a result has a relatively mild climate. Karachi has two main seasons; summer and winter, while spring and autumn are very short. Summer season persists for longest period during the year. Karachi also receives the rains from July to September. The city enjoys a tropical climate encompassing warm winters and hot summers. The humidity levels usually remain high from March to November, while very low in winter as the wind direction in winter is northeasterly.

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Juf is a village in the municipality of Avers in the canton of Grisons, Switzerland. At 2,126 metres (6,975 ft) above sea level, it is historically the highest village with permanent residents in Europe, as well as one of its coldest localities. As of 2016, Juf had a population of 31 inhabitants divided between six families in a concentrated settlement. They were 20 in 1991 and 30 in 2001. The first inhabitants were immigrant Walser who arrived in 1292.

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