List of Cuban Americans

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This is a list of notable Cuban Americans, including immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants.



Mary Joe Fernandez Mary Joe Fernandez at the 2010 US Open 01.jpg
Mary Joe Fernández
Ryan Lochte Ryan Lochte cropped.jpg
Ryan Lochte
Dara Torres Dara Torres 2crop.jpg
Dara Torres
Danny Valencia Danny Valencia cropped.jpg
Danny Valencia


Carlos Gutierrez Carlos Gutierrez.jpg
Carlos Gutierrez



Bobby Cannavale Bobby Cannavale 2009.jpg
Bobby Cannavale
Rosario Dawson Rosario Dawson by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg
Rosario Dawson
Bianca Del Rio Close-up Bianca Del Rio, Rolodex of Hate Tour, Theater Amsterdam 2015.jpg
Bianca Del Rio
Cameron Diaz CameronDiazByCarolineRenouard2010.jpg
Cameron Diaz
Andy Garcia Andy Garcia at the 2009 Deauville American Film Festival-01A.jpg
Andy García
Joanna Garcia Joanna Garcia 2.jpg
Joanna Garcia
Jorge Garcia Jorge Garcia by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg
Jorge Garcia
Oscar Isaac Oscar Isaac by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Oscar Isaac
Julio Oscar Mechoso JulioMechoso09.jpg
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Eva Mendes EvaMendescropped.jpg
Eva Mendes


Cartoonists and animators

Directors, screenwriters and producers



Composers and/or bandleaders

  • Xavier Cugat, bandleader
  • Arsenio Rodríguez (1911–1970), Cuban musician, composer and bandleader; born in Cuba, he died in United States, where he lived in the last years of his life [83]
  • Lucy Simon, American composer for the theatre and popular songs; known for the musical The Secret Garden ; sister of Carly and Joanna Simon


  • Desmond Child, American musician, songwriter, and producer; mother is Cuban songwriter Elena Casals [84]
  • Scott Herren, music producer; father is Catalan and mother is of Irish and Cuban descent [85]
  • Ray Martinez, American musician, music producer, songwriter, artist, disco music icon; Cuban American; Cuban mother and Puerto Rican father
  • Rudy Pérez, Cuban composer and music producer [86]
  • Tonedeff, American rapper, producer, and singer-songwriter; Cuban mother and Colombian father

Musicians and singers by genre

Gloria Estefan Gloriaestefan ahoy.jpg
Gloria Estefan
Rap and hip-hop
Pop, R&B, Folk, country and other music genre

Reality television contestants





United States ambassadors

United States Cabinet members

United States House of Representatives

2008 Congressional candidates

United States Senate

Federal government

Local government

State government

U.S. Commonwealth government


United States Armed Forces

World leaders

Science and technology

Visual arts


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