List of ship losses during the Russo-Ukrainian War

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This is a list of vessels damaged, sunk or captured during the Russo-Ukrainian War, including the 2014 annexation of Crimea, the 2018 Kerch Strait incident and the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.


List of ships

2014 annexation of Crimea

Russian Navy

Ukrainian Navy

  • At least 100 Ukrainian Navy vessels were captured by Russian forces during the capture of Southern Naval Base, Sevastopol Bay and Striletska Bay, [4] 35 of which were returned by June 2014 (inclusive). [5] [6] According to one estimate, 75% of the Ukrainian naval fleet was captured in 2014. [7]

Ukrainian Sea Guard

Civilian vessels

2014—2015 War in Donbas

Ukrainian Sea Guard

  • BG-119 KaMO-527 — The Zhuk 1400M-class gunboat was destroyed by Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) forces near Mariupol on 31 August 2014. [12] [13]
  • 1 Kalkan-class patrol cutter — The boat was damaged by DPR forces near Mariupol on 31 August 2014. [13]
  • BG-22 — On 7 June 2015, the UMS-1000-class  [ ru ] patrol cutter exploded and then sank in Mariupol while leaving the ship-bay parking lot. [14] [15] On 26 May 2017, the boat was put back into service after being raised and repaired. [16] [17]

2018 Kerch Strait incident

Berdiansk, after her capture by Russian forces, with a hole in the pilothouse Berdyansk damaged gunboat.jpg
Berdiansk, after her capture by Russian forces, with a hole in the pilothouse

Russian Navy

  • Izumrud — The patrol boat was damaged during the Kerch Strait incident of 25 November after colliding with the Russian tug Don. [18]
  • 1 unidentified vessel was damaged the same day while ramming the Ukrainian tugboat Yany Kapu. [19] [20] [21]

Ukrainian Navy

  • P175 Berdiansk and P176 Nikopol — The two Gyurza-M-class artillery boats were damaged and captured by Russian ships on 25 November. [22] [23] The ships were returned to Ukraine on 18 November 2019. [24]
  • A947 Yany Kapu — The Prometey-class tugboat was damaged and captured by Russia on 25 November. It was returned to Ukraine on 18 November 2019. [23] [24]

Russian invasion of Ukraine (2022-present)

A Russian warship on fire during the Battle of Berdiansk Bilia portu Berdians'ka ZSU znishchili rosiis'kii desantnii korabel' <<Saratov>>.jpg
A Russian warship on fire during the Battle of Berdiansk

Ships claimed to have been lost/damaged, but later proven that it was not the case

Russian Navy

  • Saratov — On 24 March 2022, a Russian Navy Alligator-class landing ship that was docked in Berdiansk, Ukraine, caught fire. The Ukrainian military claimed that they had hit it, that it was destroyed and that it was the Orsk. [50] Later the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed that Saratov had been destroyed. [51] Two other Russian ships, the Tsezar Kunikov, and the Novocherkassk, that were docked nearby sailed away, with fire and smoke billowing out of one. [52] [53] [54] On 2 July 2022, Russian official said the ship was scuttled back in March by its own crew in order "to prevent detonation of the on-board munitions by the fire that had started" due to a Tochka-U ballistic missile that hit the port. The Saratov was subsequently salvaged and was to be towed to Kerch, Crimea. [55]
  • BK-16 high-speed assault boat — In the first week of May 2022, a video appeared of a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone hitting and sinking a high-speed assault boat near Snake Island. [48] The wreck was later recovered. [57]
  • Vasily Bekh — On 17 June 2022, Ukraine claimed to have sunk the rescue tug (Russian : Спасатель, "Spasatel") Vasily Bekh with two Harpoon missiles causing it to sink shortly thereafter. [62] Shortly after the sinking, on 21 June, British military intelligence confirmed the attack, stating that the vessel sunk was almost certainly Vasily Bekh. [63]
  • Natya-class minesweeper Ivan Golubets  [ pl ] — On 29 October 2022, Ukrainian forces used an Unmanned Aerial and Submarine Vehicle to strike Russian forces in Sevastopol, Crimea. According to Russia, Ukrainian UAVs slightly damaged the Natya-class minesweeper. [64]
  • On 29 October 2022, Admiral Makarov suffered damage during an attack on Sevastopol by several air and sea drones with at least one sea drone striking the ship, reportedly disabling the radar. [65] [66] [67] [68] Naval News subsequently reported that little damage had occurred to either of the two warships (Ivan Golubets, Admiral Makarov) that were hit by the sea drones. [69] On 15 August 2023, Admiral Makarov returned to active duty after being damaged in the October 2022 attack. [70]
  • Suvorovets - Grachonok-class anti-saboteur boat was reported to be damaged by Ukrainian naval drone on the port of Novorossiysk, 4 August 2023.
  • A Russian Project KS-701 Tunets-class patrol boat was sunk on 3 September 2023 in the Black Sea by a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB-2 armed drone. [76]
  • Dergach-class guided missile corvette Samum was claimed to be damaged by Ukrainian naval drone on September 12, 2023, and not expected to return to service before 2024. [77]
  • Rostov-on-Don and Minsk — On 13 September 2023, a submarine and landing ship were attacked by Ukrainian Su-24s armed with Storm Shadow missiles, visibly destroying the Minsk landing ship following a nighttime raid on Sevastopol. The Kilo-class submarine was damaged beyond economic repair according to a military analyst. [78] However, the Russian government stated they would repair both ships and return them to full operational status. [79]
  • A Russian Project KS-701 Tunets-class patrol boat was sunk on 13 September 2023 in the Black Sea in a Ukrainian attack. [80]
  • Sergey Kotov - Project 22160 patrol ship reported commissioned May 2022. [81] [82] [83] Reported to be damaged, possibly sunk, by Ukrainian naval drone attack on September 14, 2023. [84]
  • One more Serna-class craft (and one Ondatra-class craft) were reported by Ukrainian intelligence to have been destroyed near Crimea on 10 November 2023. [90]
  • Unknown ferries or barges - Seven Russian barges or ferries were anchored in August 2023 in the Kerch Strait to protect the Crimean Bridge from Ukrainian seaborn drone attacks. During a severe storm 26 November 2023 three sank, one partially sank (possibly sunk in shallow water), and two "washed away". [91]
  • Novocherkassk, a major Russian landing ship, was struck December 26, 2023, while docked in Feodosia, southern Crimea, by air-launched cruise missiles, according to Ukraine's Air Force -- confirmed by Russian authorities (vaguely) and by Russian media. Ukraine said it was destroyed, and unlikely to return to service. [92] [93] [94] [95] Video supplied by various sources, including Ukrainian authorities and Russian reports on Telegram, showed massive and multiple explosions and fires, with indications that munitions aboard the ship had been detonated by the attack (Ukraine said the ship was used to launch cruise missiles against Ukrainian cities). Russian authorities conceded that one person had been killed, and other sources indicated more, though no official confirmation of the ship's loss was immediately made. Independent analysts said the strike substantially impedes Russia's ability to further attack and invade Ukraine's Black Sea coast. [92] [93] [94] Reported casualties of 74 crew killed and 27 wounded. Wreck apparently removed in late January/early February 2024. [96] [97] [98] Novocherkassk was also damaged at Berdiansk on March 24th, 2022. [99] [100] But the ship was reported active by Russian sources as of June 2022. [101]
  • Stenka-class patrol boat — The Atesh guerrilla movement in Crimea reported that a Russian patrol boat was sunk during a Ukrainian air and sea drone attack between 28th and 31st December 2023. Satellite imagery taken before and after the attacks seemed to prove to sinking of the patrol vessel. [103]

Ukrainian Navy

  • On 14 March 2022, the Russian source RT reported that the Russian Armed Forces had captured about a dozen Ukrainian ships in Berdiansk. The vessels reported as captured included two Gyurza-M-class artillery boats (including Akkerman), the Matka-class missile boat Pryluky, a Project 1124P (Grisha II)-class corvette (likely an already decommissioned vessel given the absence of active ships of this class in the Ukrainian navy), a Zhuk-class patrol boat, a Yevgenya-class minesweeper, the Polnocny-class landing ship Yuri Olefirenko and a Ondatra-class landing craft. [120]
  • P186 Korets — A Sorum-class sea-going tug converted to a patrol vessel was captured by Russian forces during the fall of Berdiansk. [121] [122] [123]
  • 5 Gyurza-M-class gunboats — P174 Akkerman and P179 Vyshhorod were captured by Russian forces during the fall of Berdiansk. [121] [122] [123] P177 Kremenchuk was captured by Russian forces during the Siege of Mariupol. [123] [124] P178 Lubny was declared missing by Ukraine; [125] the ship was sunk and then raised by Russia during the Siege of Mariupol. [126] [127] [128] On 4 November 2022, one Gyurza-M class boat from the Ukrainian Navy was damaged by Russian ZALA Lancet loitering munition near Ochakiv. [129] [130]
  • A512 Pereyaslav – A Project 1824 reconnaissance ship damaged by gunfire at the Dnieper river on 30 March 2022, according to Russian sources. [131]
  • A500 Donbas (command ship) — On 6 April 2022, satellite images showed the ship being engulfed in heavy smoke in the port of Mariupol, later the Ukrainian Defence Ministry confirmed the ship was destroyed during the Siege of Mariupol. [132] [123]
  • Dmitry Chubar — A Rubin-class hydrographic boat. It was most likely captured or destroyed between the beginning of the invasion on 24 February 2022 and 20 May 2022; in 2021, it was reported to be deployed in Berdyansk. [133] In May 2022, satellite imagery of a Rubin-class boat captured by Russia in Mariupol emerged.[ citation needed ] Later in 2022, its capture was confirmed due to a change in the ship's registration. As of 2023, it is operated by the Russian port authorities in occupied Mariupol. [134]
  • L450 Stanislav — On 29 November 2022, Ukrainian media reported the loss of the Centaur-LK-class fast assault craft Stanislav during the 7 May Ukrainian counterattacks on Snake Island. [135] [136]
  • 16–24 attack/reconnaissance USVs — Head no. 45V2NS1 was captured and subsequently destroyed by Russia in September 2022. [137] In an attack on 29 October, 2022, Russia claimed Ukraine used seven USVs; [138] independent analysis indicated the use of six to eight vessels, among which at least two were destroyed by Russia and at least three detonated when they hit Russian vessels. [139] One USV was reported to have detonated in an attack on the Sheskharis oil terminal [140] in Novorossiysk on 17 November, 2022. [141] Three USVs were reported to have been destroyed by Russia in an attack on the Sevastopol naval base on 22 March 2023. [142] Two USVs were reported to have been destroyed in an attack on the Sevastopol naval base on 24 April 2023. [143] In an attack on the Russian Navy intelligence ship Ivan Khurs, of which footage was first released on 24 May 2023, Russia claimed three USVs were destroyed. Footage indicated that one was destroyed by Ivan Khurs and one detonated upon impacting the ship. [144] In an attack on the Russian Navy intelligence ship Priazovye, of which footage was released on 11 June 2023, Russia claimed 6 were destroyed and showed evidence of the destruction of Kit ta Yenot. [145]
  • PO-2-class small patrol gunboat — On 17 April 2023, footage released by Russia showed the destruction of the PO-2-class gunboat by a Russian ZALA Lancet strike. [48] [146]
  • Centaur LK — On 26 June 2023, a Centaur LK fast assault craft was damaged at port by a Russian attack. [147]

Ukrainian Sea Guard

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine [lower-alpha 1]

Unaccounted for east of the Kerch Strait
  • BG-59 Onyx – A border support ship converted from a fishing vessel in 2000. It was most likely captured or destroyed between the beginning of the invasion and 20 May 2022; as of 2020, [156] it was reported to be deployed in Mariupol. [157]

Losses Summary

Number of vessels listed above as destroyed, sunk, scuttled, or captured excluding claims by the opposing side
Ship typeRussian NavyUkrainian Navy
Surface vessels
Cruisers1 (9,380 t)
Frigate1 (3,150 t)
Corvette1 (830 t)
Patrol Boats3 (69 t)2 (1791 t)
Gunboat6 (180 t)
Assault boats/craft11 (94 t)
Surface vessels subtotal5 (>9449 t)11 (>6045 t)
Auxiliary vessels
Command ships1 (5,520 t)
Landing ships (>50m length)2 (6212 t) [lower-alpha 2]
Landing craft (<50m)1 (61 t)
Minesweeper1 (88.5 t)
Tug1 (1200 t)
Hydrographic vessels1
Auxiliary vessels subtotal4 (7473 t)3 (>5608.5 t)
Total vessels914
Total tonnage>16,922 t>11,653.5 t

Other naval vessels

On 9 September 2022, the engine of the Romanian Navy minesweeper Lieutenant Dimitrie Nicolescu was damaged by the explosion at the waterline of a floating sea mine, 40 km off Constanța. There were no casualties. [158] [159]

Civilian vessels

  • Flag of Russia.svg SGV-Flot — The ore-bulk-oil carrier, owned by the Samarashipping and heading from Batumi to Yeysk, was struck by a missile fired by Ukrainian forces in the Sea of Azov off Dolzhanskaya, Russia at around 11:00 a.m. on 24 February 2022 and was moderately damaged, according to the Russian border guard service at Krasnodar. They claimed that two crew were injured, one of them seriously. [160]
  • Flag of Russia.svg Seraphim Sarovskiy — The general cargo ship, owned by Rechmortrans and following the route from Turkey to Azov, was struck by a missile fired by Ukrainian forces in the Sea of Azov off Dolzhanskaya at around 11:00 a.m. on 24 February 2022 and was moderately damaged, according to the Russian border guard service at Krasnodar. [161]
  • Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg Yasa Jupiter — The bulk carrier, owned by Ya-Sa Holding of Turkey, was struck by a missile fired by Russian forces in the Black Sea off Odesa, Ukraine on 24 February 2022 and was damaged. She was on a voyage from the Dniepr to Constanța, Romania. [162] [163]
  • Flag of Moldova.svg Millennial Spirit — The chemical tanker was shelled in the Black Sea off the coast of Ukraine on 25 February 2022. Its crew of ten were rescued, [164] the ship caught fire and was sunk.
  • Flag of Panama.svg Namura Queen — The cargo ship was struck in the Black Sea off the coast of Ukraine by a missile fired by Russian forces on 25 February 2022. [165] There were no casualties reported and ship remained afloat. [166]
  • Flag of Ukraine.svg Sapphire - On 26 February 2022, the civilian rescue ship was captured by Russian forces after trying to rescue Ukrainian sailors at Snake Island. [167] On 25 March, The crew was returned as part of a prisoner exchange. [168] On 8 April, Russia returned the ship to Ukrainian authorities. [167]
  • Flag of Ukraine.svg Afina - On 26 February 2022, the bulk carrier was captured by Russian forces near Snake Island en route to Constanța, Romania. It was later released. [168] [169]
  • Flag of Ukraine.svg Princess Nikol - On 26 February 2022, the bulk carrier was captured by Russian forces near Snake Island en route to Constanța. [168] [169]
  • Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg Lady Anastasia — The motor yacht, owned by Russian oligarch and Rosoboronexport head Aleksandr Mikheyev, experienced an attempted scuttling by one of its crew, a Ukrainian mechanic, at Palma de Mallorca, Spain on 27 February 2022. [170] [171]
  • Civil Ensign of Bangladesh.svg Banglar Samriddhi — The bulk carrier belonging to the Bangladesh Shipping Corporation was struck by a Russian missile at Mykolaiv and was set afire on 2 March 2022. One crew member, third engineer Hadisur Rahman, was killed. [172] [173]
  • Flag of Panama.svg Helt — The cargo ship, owned by the Tallinn-based Vista Shipping Agency, sank off the coast of Ukraine on 2 March 2022, likely after striking a mine. [174] The Panama Maritime Authority later reported that the ship was sunk by a Russian missile. [166] Four crew members were initially reported as missing and were later found. [175] Also reported to have been captured by the Russian Navy and used as a shield against Ukrainian shellfire. [176]
  • Flag of Panama.svg Lord Nelson — The Panama Maritime Authority reported that Russian missiles had damaged the Panamanian-flagged ship, which remained afloat with no casualties reported. [166]
  • Flag of Russia.svg Omskiy-205 - On 27 March 2022 the cargo ship became flooded in its engine room in the Kertch Strait. The vessel was on a voyage from Istanbul, Turkey to Rostov-on-Don. Unclear if the ship was hit by a rogue wave, or a casualty of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. [177]
  • Flag of Dominica.svg Azburg — The cargo ship was shelled and sunk on 4 April 2022 during the Battle of Mariupol, after being damaged the day before by two Russian missiles. One crew member was injured. [178]
  • Flag of Ukraine.svg Kapitan Belousov — According to the Ukrainian military, the Mariupol Port Authority-owned icebreaker was shelled during the Siege of Mariupol, overnight between 7 and 8 April 2022. One crew member was killed and several injured. [179] [180]
  • Civil Ensign of Malta.svg Apache — According to Russian Ministry of Defence spokesman Igor Konashenkov, the bulk carrier, belonging to Turkey-based Misha Shipping, was fired upon by a patrol vessel of the Black Sea Fleet while in the Sea of Azov on 8 April. The bombardment started a fire to the stern which was extinguished by her crew. Konashenkov called the vessel a "Ukrainian cargo ship" and claimed that she had diverted from a convoy in an attempt to evacuate leaders of the Azov Battalion and mercenaries from Mariupol. Konashenkov reported no injuries, and that the vessel along with her crew were being escorted to Yeysk. [181]
  • Flag of Liberia.svg Smarta — Ukrainian reports claimed that the bulk carrier, docked at Mariupol, was shelled on 11 April 2022 and boarded by Russian forces. Verkhovna Rada Human Rights Ombudsmаn Lyudmyla Denisova claimed that the crew member was taken "in an unknown direction." [168] [182]
  • Flag of Russia.svg 10 unidentified vessels — The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine stated on 13 April 2022 that eight Russian cargo ships and two tankers, originally docked in Odesa for maintenance, were seized to "serve in the interests of Ukraine to restore its economy." [183]
  • Flag of Russia.svg Petr Godovanets, or Ukraine - On 20 June 2022 one or the other of the Russian oil field jackup rigs was destroyed by a Ukrainian missile in the Black Sea. The other, plus Tavrida (Flag of Russia.svg  Russia) was damaged. [184] [185]
  • Flag of Russia.svg Sig – Chemical tanker damaged near Kerch Strait on 5 August 2023. [186]
  • Flag of Turkey.svg Tuzla - On 24 January 2023 the cargo ship was severely damaged by Russian shelling while in port at Kherson. [187]
  • Flag of Liberia.svg Ali Najafov – Oil tanker damaged by a sea mine near the coast of Romania on 16 October 2023. Minor damage and no injuries. [188]
  • Flag of Liberia.svg Kmax Ruler – On 8 November 2023, an empty bulk carrier was damaged when hit by an airborne launched Russian anti-radar missile Kh-31P, killing the port pilot and injuring crew members, whilst the ship was entering the Port of Pivdennyi near Odesa. [189] [190]
  • Flag of Panama.svg Vyssos - On 27 December 2023 the freighter struck a naval mine off Bystre at the entrance to the Danube Delta. The ship was grounded to prevent sinking. One crewman was injured. [191]

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  1. Vessels not subordinated to the Ukrainian Sea Guard
  2. Includes the Minsk.

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