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Singh Bandhu
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Surinder Singh (right) of Singh Bandhu receiving the Baba Allauddin Khan Award, 2011
Background information
Genres Hindustani classical music, Shabad
MembersTejpal Singh, Surinder Singh

Singh Bandhu is an Indian musical duo composed of brothers Tejpal Singh and Surinder Singh, exponents of Hindustani classical music and Sikh music (shabad kirtan). [1]


In 2004, Tejpal Singh and Surinder Singh were given a joint Sangeet Natak Akademi Award from India's National Academy of Music, Dance & Drama. [2] Also in the same year, Surinder Singh was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India. [3] [4]


They started learning music during their childhood from elder brother G.S. Sardar. They also did Masters in music from Allahabad University.

Subsequently they learned khayal singing from Amir Khan, the founder of Indore Gharana. [1] [5]

They also performed shabads for the television film, Tamas (1987) directed by Govind Nihalani, including Deh Siva Var Mohe , Avar Na Sujhe and Jo Lare Din Ke. [6]

Personal life

Surinder Singer of the duo, married Dogri language poet Padma Sachdev in 1966, who is a Sahitya Akademi Award (1971) and Padma Shri (2001) recipient. The couple lives in Delhi. [1]

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