Mohanlal Chaturbhuj Kumhar

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Mohanlal Chatarbhuj Kumhar
Mohanlal Kumhar

(1939-02-04) 4 February 1939 (age 82)
Known for Terracotta art
Awards Padma Shri

Mohanlal Chaturbhuj Kumhar is an artisan of Rajasthan. He won the Shilp Guru award in 2003 for his skills in terracotta sculpture. Born in 1939 he is resident of Nathdwara. In 23rd Surajkund Crafts Mela. Mohan Lal Chaturbhuj of Rajasthan was also awarded the Kalamani for his works in terracotta. He has participated in promoting this traditional art in various countries like Spain, USA and Australia. [1] The Government of India awarded him the civilian honour of Padma Shri in 2012. [2]



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