List of state highways in Colorado

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State Highways in Colorado
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The standard Colorado state highway sign; the top half is the flag of Colorado.
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Colorado State Highways

The system of State highways in Colorado is a system of public paved roads funded and maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in the U.S. state of Colorado. These comprise state highways (typically abbreviated SH), U.S. Routes, and Interstate Highways. The numbered highways within the state begin at 1 and increase, with exception of numbers already designated as U.S. highways or Interstate Highways. In 1953, many highways were decommissioned or lost mileage. Before the 1968 Colorado state highway renumbering, highways were cosigned with U.S. highways and Interstate Highways, and there were highways matching U.S. Highway and Interstate Highway numbers.


State highways

NumberLength (mi)Length (km)Southern or western terminusNorthern or eastern terminusFormedRemovedNotes
Colorado 1.svg SH 1 9.9616.03 US 287 near Fort Collins I-25 at Wellington 01923-01-01c.1923currentUntil 1968, continued south of Fort Collins via US 287, US 85, and I-25
Colorado 2.svg SH 2 24.0038.62 US 285 at Denver I-76 near Brighton 01923-01-01c.1923currentUntil 1968, went west to Utah via US 40 and northeast to Nebraska via US 6 and US 138; rerouted south of US 40 in 1968; extended north to SH 7 in 1998, but that section was given to the city of Brighton in 2010
Colorado 3 (1952).svg SH 3 Wyoming border Denver 01923-01-01c.192301968-01-011968Carrier route overlapping US 85
Colorado 3.svg SH 3 2.443.93 US 160/US 550 near Durango US 160/US 550 near Durango01981-01-01c.1981current
Colorado 4 (1952).svg SH 4 Utah border Kansas border01923-01-01c.192301968-01-011968Carrier route overlapping US 24
Colorado 5 (1926).svg SH 5 US 87 near Carr US 85 near Carr 01923-01-01c.192301938-01-011938Now CR 126
Colorado 5 (1946).svg SH 5 SH 259 near Windsor Galeton 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953Now CR 74
Colorado 5 (1946).svg SH 5 Iliff Avenue in Denver SH 70 in Denver 01953-01-01c.195301954-01-011954Syracuse Way, Denver
Colorado 5.svg SH 5 14.8923.96 SH 103 near Idaho Springs Summit of Mount Evans 01954-01-011954current
Colorado 6 (1952).svg SH 6 Grand Junction Kansas border01923-01-01c.192301968-01-011968Carrier route overlapping US 50
Colorado 7.svg SH 7 81.64131.39 US 36 in Estes Park I-76 in Brighton 01923-01-01c.1923current
Colorado 8.svg SH 8 8.6813.97 US 285 near Morrison SH 121 at Lakewood 01923-01-01c.1923currentUntil 1968, continued southwest to US 24/SH 4 via US 285 and continued east to Kansas via Wadsworth Avenue, Jewell Avenue, Pierce Street, Mississippi Avenue, Morrison Road, Alameda Avenue, I-25, and US 40
Colorado 9.svg SH 9 138.92223.57 US 50 near Cañon City US 40 in Kremmling 01923-01-01c.1923currentUntil 1953, continued via Royal Gorge to Cañon City
Colorado 10.svg SH 10 71.96115.81 I-25/US 160 at Walsenburg US 50 at La Junta 01923-01-01c.1923currentUntil 1968, continued west to Utah via US 160 and US 491
Colorado 11 (1946).svg SH 11 US 6 at Wolcott SH 9 at Kremmling 01923-01-01c.192301953-01-011953southern portion replaced by SH 131; remainder is now Trough Road / CR 1
Colorado 11 (1952).svg SH 11 Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs 01958-01-01c.195801968-01-011968Carrier route overlapping I-25
Colorado 11.svg SH 11 1.352.17 US 138 at Julesburg Nebraska state line01970-01-01c.1970current
Colorado 12.svg SH 12 70.36113.23 US 160 at La Veta I-25 at Trinidad 01923-01-01c.1923currentUntil 1968, continued northeast to La Junta via US 350
Colorado 13.svg SH 13 127.99205.98 I-70 near Rifle WYO 789 near Baggs 01923-01-01c.1923current
Colorado 14.svg SH 14 236.92381.29 US 40 at Muddy Pass US 6 at Sterling 01923-01-01c.1923currentUntil 1968, continued east via US 6 to Nebraska
Colorado 15.svg SH 15 30.9249.76 US 160/US 285 in Monte Vista US 285 in La Jara 01923-01-01c.1923current
Colorado 16 (1952).svg SH 16 01923-01-01c.192301968-01-011968Carrier route
Colorado 16.svg SH 16 1.312.11I-25 in Security SH 21 in Widefield 01971-01-011971currentExtended east from Syracuse Street to SH 21 (which was created that same day) in October 2007
Colorado 17.svg SH 17 88.5142.4 New Mexico state line US 285 south of Villa Grove 01923-01-01c.1923current
Colorado 18 (1946).svg SH 18 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953
Colorado 18 (1952).svg SH 18 01958-01-01c.195801968-01-011968
Colorado 18.svg SH 18 0.290.47Spruce Mountain RoadJct I-25 Exit 172 near Larkspur 01973-01-01197301999-01-01c.1999Signage not removed until 2001; now Upper Lake Gulch Road; was the shortest state highway with a length of 1531 feet
Colorado 19 (1952).svg SH 19 01923-01-01c.192301968-01-011968Carrier route
Colorado 20 (1946).svg SH 20 01934-01-01c.193401951-01-01c.1951
Colorado 20 (1952).svg SH 20 01956-01-01c.195601968-01-011968Carrier route
Colorado 21 (1946).svg SH 21 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953
Colorado 21 (1946).svg SH 21 01953-01-01c.195301954-01-011954
Colorado 21 (1952).svg SH 21 Nebraska border SH 14 near Stoneham 01954-01-01c.195401964-01-011964Became part of SH 71
Colorado 21.svg SH 21 20.5633.09 SH 83 near Black Forest SH 16 (Mesa Ridge Parkway) in Security-Widefield 02007-01-012007currentEstablished in October 2007 and is co-signed with Powers Boulevard
Colorado 22 (1946).svg SH 22 01936-01-01c.193601953-01-011953
Colorado 22.svg SH 22 2.473.98Sable Boulevard near Brighton Brighton Road in Henderson 01953-01-01c.1953current
Colorado 23 (1946).svg SH 23 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953
Colorado 23.svg SH 23 SH 62 in Ridgway US 550 in Ouray 01953-01-01c.195301989-01-011989Now CR 23
Colorado 23.svg SH 23 17.8328.69 US 385 in Holyoke N-23 at the Nebraska state line01989-01-011989currentRenumbered from SH 176 to avoid confusion with nearby I-76 and to match Nebraska
Colorado 24 (1946).svg SH 24 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953
Colorado 24 (1952).svg SH 24 01953-01-01c.195301968-01-011968Renumbered to SH 44 to avoid confusion with US-24.
Colorado 25 (1952).svg SH 25 01938-01-01c.193801968-01-011968Renumbered to SH 55 during the creation of I-25
Colorado 26 (1946).svg SH 26 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953
Colorado 26 (1952).svg SH 26 01953-01-01c.195301965-01-011965
Colorado 26.svg SH 26 2.824.54 SH 95 in Denver I-25 in Denver01966-01-01c.1966current
Colorado 27 (1946).svg SH 27 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953
Colorado 27 (1952).svg SH 27 01953-01-01c.195301956-01-011956
Colorado 27 (1952).svg SH 27 01956-01-01c.195601968-01-011968
Colorado 28 (1946).svg SH 28 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953
Colorado 28.svg SH 28 01953-01-01c.195301989-01-01c.1989
Colorado 29 (1946).svg SH 29 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953
Colorado 29.svg SH 29 US 87 in Colorado Springs SH 83 (now Academy Blvd) in Colorado Springs01964-01-01c.196402007-01-012007Decommissioned in October 2007 as part of a highway swap to get Powers Blvd. to become SH 21; signage was not removed until spring 2008. Now Circle Dr and Airport Rd.
Colorado 30 (1946).svg SH 30 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-011953
Colorado 30 (1946).svg SH 30 01953-01-01c.195301954-01-01c.1954
Colorado 30.svg SH 30 20.4132.85 US 285 and I-25 in Denver Quincy Avenue and Gun Club Road in Aurora 01954-01-01c.1954current
Colorado 31 (1952).svg SH 31 01969-01-01c.1969Became part of SH 470
Colorado 32 (1952).svg SH 32 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-01c.1953
Colorado 32 (1952).svg SH 32 01959-01-01195901962-01-01c.1962Eastern 5 miles was SH 146 until 1953
Colorado 32.svg SH 32 I-70 exit 286 in Aurora I-70 Bus./US 40/US 287 in Aurora 01968-01-01196802004-01-01c.2004Now Tower Road
Colorado 33 (1946).svg SH 33 01938-01-01c.193801953-01-01c.1953
Colorado 33 (1952).svg SH 33 01966-01-01c.196601968-01-011968Now I-225
Colorado 33.svg SH 33 I-25 near downtown Denver SH 2 in Denver01968-01-01196802002-01-012002
Colorado 35.svg SH 35 1.011.63 I-70 in Denver Along Quebec Street in Denver
Colorado 36 (1952).svg SH 36 I-25 near downtown Denver SH 2 in Denver01968-01-011968Renumbered SH 33 to avoid confusion with the new SH 36 and US 36
Colorado 36.svg SH 36 I-70 near Watkins US 36/SH 40 in Byers 01968-01-011968current
Colorado 37.svg SH 37 US 34 in Kersey SH 392 in Lucerne 02007-01-012007Decommissioned in March 2007 as part of the north front range route swap
Colorado 38.svg SH 38 I-25 in Colorado Springs I-25 Bus. (now US 87) in Colorado Springs02007-01-012007Decommissioned in October 2007 as part of a highway swap to number Powers Boulevard as SH 21; signage was not removed until spring 2008; now Fillimore Street
Colorado 39.svg SH 39 7.5712.18 I-76 in Wiggins SH 144 near Jackson Lake State Park
Colorado 40 (1952).svg SH 40 01968-01-011968
Colorado 40.svg SH 40 US 36/SH 36 in Byers Main Street in Agate 01968-01-011968current
Colorado 41.svg SH 41 9.5015.29 US 160 SR 162 at the Utah state line
Colorado 42 (1946).svg SH 42 01953-01-01c.1953
Colorado 42.svg SH 42 4.877.84 US 287 in Louisville Baseline Road/SH 7 in Lafayette 01961-01-01c.1961currentMost of this route was part of SH 168 until 1953
Colorado 44.svg SH 44 4.957.97 SH 2 in Commerce City 104th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in Thornton
Colorado 45.svg SH 45 8.7314.05 I-25 south of Pueblo US 50 northwest of PuebloCosigned with Pueblo Boulevard
Colorado 46.svg SH 46 6.6110.64 SH 119 near Black Hawk Jefferson County line (becomes CR 70)
Colorado 47.svg SH 47 4.637.45 I-25 in north Pueblo US 50/SH 96 east of Pueblo
Colorado 49 (1952).svg SH 49 01968-01-011968
Colorado 50 (1952).svg SH 50 01923-01-01c.192301968-01-011968
Colorado 51 (1952).svg SH 51 US 50 in Granada US 138 in Julesburg 01923-01-01c.192301968-01-011968Entirely overlapped US 385; until 1953 it continued north to Nebraska via current SH 11 and southeast via Two Buttes, Walsh, Stonington, and Midway to Kansas.
Colorado 51.svg SH 51 SH 7 in Brighton I-76 exit 17 near Brighton 01968-01-01196801998-01-011998Became part of SH 2; this section of SH 2 was given to the city of Brighton in 2010
Colorado 52.svg SH 52 111179 SH 119 near Niwot SH 14 at Raymer
Colorado 53.svg SH 53 1.662.67E. 58th Avenue in Denver SH 224 north of Denver in Adams County
Colorado 54 (1952).svg SH 54 01968-01-011968
Colorado 55.svg SH 55 5.659.09US 138 in CrookBecomes Logan CR 81
Colorado 56.svg SH 56 6.710.8US 287 west of Berthoud I-25 east of BerthoudSection from I-25 to CR 23 was decommissioned in March 2007 as part of the north front range route swap
Colorado 57.svg SH 57 0.530.85 I-70 US 24 in Stratton
Colorado 58.svg SH 58 5.438.74 US 6/SH 93 in Golden I-70 in Wheat Ridge
Colorado 59.svg SH 59 173.30278.90 US 40/US 287 at Kit Carson US 138 in Sedgwick
Colorado 60.svg SH 60 19.9932.17 US 287 in Campion US 85 southwest of Gilcrest
Colorado 61.svg SH 61 40.9965.97 US 34 in Otis US 6 near Sterling
Colorado 62.svg SH 62 23.4037.66 SH 145 near Placerville US 550 near Ridgeway
Colorado 63.svg SH 63 56.4190.78 US 36 in Anton US 6 in Atwood
Colorado 64.svg SH 64 73.70118.61 US 40 in Dinosaur SH 13 near Meeker
Colorado 65.svg SH 65 61.3898.78 SH 92 near Delta I-70 near Palisade
Colorado 66.svg SH 66 22.6936.52 US 34 near Estes Park US 85 in Platteville Section from US 36 to Estes Park decommissioned in March 2007 as part of the north front range route swap
Colorado 67.svg SH 67 71.72115.42 SH 96 in Wetmore US 85 in Sedalia
Colorado 68.svg SH 68 US 287 in Fort Collins I-25 in Fort Collins 02005-01-012005Given to the city of Fort Collins
Colorado 69.svg SH 69 82.87133.37 I-25 Bus. near Walsenburg US 50 at Texas Creek
Colorado 70 (1952).svg SH 70 Kipling Street in Morrison SH 7 in Brighton 01968-01-011968Section from US 40/US 287 to Morrison became part of rerouted US 285 and the rest was renumbered SH 51
Colorado 71.svg SH 71 224.65361.54 US 350 near La Junta N-71 at the Nebraska state line
Colorado 72.svg SH 72 51.5582.96 I-70 in Wheat Ridge SH 7 near Allenspark
Colorado 73 (1952).svg SH 73 SH 74 at Evergreen US 285 in Conifer 01965-01-011965Signs still show SH 73
Colorado 74.svg SH 74 18.0128.98 I-70 at El Rancho exit SH 8 in Morrison
Colorado 75.svg SH 75 3.715.97Bowles Avenue at Lowry Street in Litlleton SH 470 near Littleton 01920-01-01c.1920currentPreviously Unsigned due to theft, however, CDOT replaced the sign between November 2014 and May 2015
Colorado 76.svg SH 76 SH 165 southwest of Beulah SH 45 in southwest Pueblo 01920-01-01c.192001976-01-011976Renamed SH 78 in 1975 to avoid duplication when I-80S was renamed I-76
Colorado 78 (1952).svg SH 78 01968-01-011968
Colorado 78.svg SH 78 33.2753.54 SH 165 in West PuebloPennsylvania Avenue and Grand Avenue in Beulah
Colorado 79.svg SH 79 23.8938.45 I-70 near Bennett SH 52 at Prospect Valley
Colorado 80 (1952).svg SH 80 01968-01-01c.1968
Colorado 82.svg SH 82 85.29137.26I-70 in Glenwood Springs US 24 near Granite
Colorado 83.svg SH 83 77.26124.34 SH 21 in north Colorado Springs SH 2 at Leetsdale Drive/Colorado Boulevard in Denver Section south of Powers Boulevard and spur SH 83 decommissioned as part of a highway swap to designate Powers Boulevard as SH 21 in October 2007; signage did not change until spring 2008; this section is now Interquest Parkway, Voyager Parkway, and Academy Boulevard; Spur SH 83 is now Academy Boulevard
Colorado 84 (1952).svg SH 84 01968-01-01c.1968
Colorado 86.svg SH 86 61.4798.93 I-25 in Castle Rock I-70 near Limon
Colorado 87 (1952).svg SH 87 01968-01-011968
Colorado 88.svg SH 88 18.7630.19 Colfax Avenue and Federal Boulevard in Denver SH 83 in Aurora
Colorado 89.svg SH 89 34.3455.26 SH 116 at Buckeye Crossroads US 50/US 400 in Holly
Colorado 90.svg SH 90 41.967.4 Utah State Route 46 at the Utah state line SH 141 at Vancorum
Colorado 91.svg SH 91 22.5736.32 US 24 near Leadville I-70 at Copper Mountain
Colorado 92.svg SH 92 73.29117.95Crawford Avenue and Main Street in Delta US 50 near Sapinero
Colorado 93.svg SH 93 19.8932.01 US 6 in Golden SH 119 in Boulder
Colorado 94.svg SH 94 86.09138.55 US 40/US 287 US 24 just east of Colorado Springs
Colorado 95.svg SH 95 14.3223.05 US 285 and Sheridan Boulevard in Denver US 36 in Westminster
Colorado 96.svg SH 96 207.45333.86 SH 69 in Westcliffe K-96 at the Kansas state line
Colorado 97.svg SH 97 4.587.37 SH 141 near Naturita Main Street and 3rd Avenue in Nucla
Colorado 100 (1952).svg SH 100 Trinidad Kansas border01968-01-01c.1968Was cosigned with US 160; eliminated when all routes which overlapped US and Interstate Highways entirely were eliminated
Colorado 100 wide.svg SH 100 0.410.66 US 160 north of Vilas A & Main streets in Vilas01968-01-01c.1968currentFormerly SH 100 Spur (created in 1965) and was part of SH 197 until 1953
Colorado 101 wide.svg SH 101 21.4134.46 US 50 in Las Animas CR K/CR 14
Colorado 102 (1952).svg SH 102 01968-01-011968
Colorado 103 wide.svg SH 103 22.4836.18 I-70 at Idaho Springs CR 151 and CR 103 at Squaw Pass
Colorado 105 wide.svg SH 105 32.6352.51 I-25 near Monument SH 67 near Sedalia Section from I-25 to SH 83 decommissioned as part of a highway swap to designate Powers Boulevard as SH 21 in October 2007; signage did not change until spring 2008
Colorado 106 (1952).svg SH 106 01968-01-01c.1968Carrier route overlapping US 491
Colorado 109 wide.svg SH 109 65.33105.14 US 160 near Kim Cheraw
Colorado 110 wide.svg SH 110 0.190.31 US 550 in Silverton Silverton Signed as CR 110; still a state highway, but is no longer a real part of the state highway system as of November 24, 2006
Colorado 111 (1952).svg SH 111 01968-01-01c.1968Renumbered as an extension of SH 12
Colorado 112 wide.svg SH 112 27.8044.74 US 160 at Del Norte SH 17 at Hooper
Colorado 113 wide.svg SH 113 18.8330.30 US 138 northeast of Sterling N-19 at Nebraska state line
Colorado 114 wide.svg SH 114 61.7499.36 US 50 near Gunnison US 285 in Saguache
Colorado 115 wide.svg SH 115 45.9974.01 US 50 in Cañon City I-25 in Colorado Springs
Colorado 116 wide.svg SH 116 32.3252.01 US 287/US 385 near Springfield Kansas state line
Colorado 118 (1946).svg SH 118 SH 51 east of Two Buttes Kansas state line01953-01-01c.1953Became part of SH 116, which also replaced part of SH 51 when it was truncated
Colorado 119 wide.svg SH 119 63.70102.52 US 6 West of Golden in Clear Creek Canyon I-25 near Longmont
Colorado 120 wide.svg SH 120 7.1911.57 SH 115 east of Florence US 50 east of Penrose
Colorado 121 wide.svg SH 121 30.4348.97 SH 470/SH 75 US 36/US 287/SH 128 in Broomfield
Colorado 122.svg SH 122 Lake Circle in Broadmoor US 85/US 87/SH 115 in Colorado Springs 01920-01-01c.192001997-01-011997Was still signed in July 1998
Colorado 123 (1952).svg SH 123 01968-01-011968
Colorado 125 wide.svg SH 125 75.41121.36 US 40 near Granby WYO 230 at the Wyoming state line
Colorado 127 wide.svg SH 127 9.2014.81 SH 125 near Cowdrey WYO 230 at the Wyoming state line
Colorado 128 wide.svg SH 128 1016 SH 93 south of Boulder I-25 in Westminster
Colorado 129 (1946).svg SH 129 WYO 70 US 40 01953-01-01c.1953Now CR 129
Colorado 131 wide.svg SH 131 68.72110.59 I-70/US 6 at Wolcott US 40 south of Steamboat Springs
Colorado 132.svg SH 132 01974-01-011974
Colorado 133 wide.svg SH 133 71.40114.91 SH 92 in Hotchkiss SH 82 in Carbondale
Colorado 134 wide.svg SH 134 27.043.5 SH 131 in Toponas US 40 north of Kremmling
Colorado 135 wide.svg SH 135 27.4844.22 US 50 in Gunnison Elk Avenue and 6th Street in Crested Butte
Colorado 136 wide.svg SH 136 4.477.19 US 285 in La Jara 2nd Street South in Sanford
Colorado 139 wide.svg SH 139 72.07115.99 I-70 in Loma SH 64 in Rangely
Colorado 140 wide.svg SH 140 23.437.7 NM 170 at the New Mexico state line US 160 near Durango
Colorado 141 wide.svg SH 141 159.7257.0South of I-70 in Grand Junction US 491 near Dove Creek
Colorado 142 wide.svg SH 142 33.854.4 US 285 near Romero SH 159 in San Luis
Colorado 144 wide.svg SH 144 28.746.2 I-76 west of Wiggins SH 52 in Fort Morgan
Colorado 145 wide.svg SH 145 116.1186.8 US 160 in Cortez SH 141 near Naturita
Colorado 146 (1946).svg SH 146 01953-01-01c.1953Later restored as part of a longer SH 32
Colorado 146.svg SH 146 01970-01-01197001986-01-011986Became part of SH 141; portions were formerly SH 403
Colorado 147.svg SH 147 01978-01-011978
Colorado 149 wide.svg SH 149 117.5189.1 US 160 in South Fork US 50 west of Gunnison
Colorado 150 wide.svg SH 150 16.125.9 US 160 west of Blanca Great Sand Dunes National Park
Colorado 151 wide.svg SH 151 33.954.6 SH 172 in Ignacio US 160 east of Chimney Rock
Colorado 152.svg SH 152 01982-01-01c.1982
Colorado 153 (1952).svg SH 153 01968-01-011968
Colorado 157 wide.svg SH 157 3.76.0 US 36 in Boulder SH 119 in Boulder
Colorado 159 wide.svg SH 159 33.654.1 NM 522 at the New Mexico state line US 160 near Fort Garland
Colorado 160 (1952).svg SH 160 01968-01-01c.1968
Colorado 162.svg SH 162 01984-01-011984
Colorado 163 (1952).svg SH 163 01968-01-011968
Colorado 165 wide.svg SH 165 37.159.7 SH 96 east of Silver Cliff I-25 near Colorado City
Colorado 167 wide.svg SH 167 4.867.82 SH 96 near Fowler CR JJ south of Fowler
Colorado 168 (1946).svg SH 168 US 287/SH 1 in Louisville SH 7 in Lafayette 01953-01-01c.1953Now mostly SH 42
Colorado 169 (1952).svg SH 169 01970-01-01c.1970
Colorado 170 wide.svg SH 170 6.9711.22 Eldorado Canyon State Park US 36 in Superior
Colorado 172 wide.svg SH 172 24.539.4 NM 511 at the New Mexico state line US 160 southeast of Durango
Colorado 176.svg SH 176 US 385 in Holyoke N-23 at the Nebraska state line01989-01-011989Changed to SH 23 to avoid confusion with nearby I-76 and to match Nebraska
Colorado 177 wide.svg SH 177 6.119.83 SH 470 at Highlands Ranch US 285 in Cherry Hills Village
Colorado 180 (1952).svg SH 180 01968-01-011968
Colorado 181 (1946).svg SH 181 01953-01-011953
Colorado 182 (1952).svg SH 182 01968-01-011968
Colorado 183 wide.svg SH 183 1.001.61 US 50 near Las Animas Fort Lyon
Colorado 184 wide.svg SH 184 25.541.0 US 491 near Lewis US 160 Bus. in Mancos
Colorado 185 (1952).svg SH 185 01968-01-011968
Colorado 187.svg SH 187 0.691.11 SH 133 near Paonia Paonia 02010-01-012010Now Grand Avenue
Colorado 192 (1952).svg SH 192 01968-01-01c.1968
Colorado 194 wide.svg SH 194 20.3332.72 SH 109 near La Junta US 50 near Las Animas
Colorado 196 wide.svg SH 196 8.9214.36 US 50 near McClave US 287 near Wiley
Colorado 197 (1946).svg SH 197 10.0016.09 US 160/SH 100 north of Vilas CR T south of Vilas01953-01-01c.1953Northern portion later restored as SH 100 Spur, and is now SH 100
Colorado 200 (1952).svg SH 200 01968-01-01c.1968
Colorado 202 wide.svg SH 202 3.235.20 US 50 in Rocky Ford Otero CR 14
Colorado 207 wide.svg SH 207 5.949.56 US 50 in Manzanola SH 96 in Crowley
Colorado 209 wide.svg SH 209 1.532.46 US 50 SH 96 in Boone
Colorado 217 (1952).svg SH 217 01964-01-01c.1964
Colorado 224 wide.svg SH 224 3.635.84 US 36 US 6/US 85
Colorado 227 wide.svg SH 227 1.852.98 US 50 Bus. SH 96 in Pueblo
Colorado 231 wide.svg SH 231 2.053.30 US 50 Bus. US 50/SH 96 near Pueblo
Colorado 233 wide.svg SH 233 2.153.46 US 50 Bus. US 50/SH 96 near Pueblo
Colorado 239 wide.svg SH 239 3.355.39 US 160 in Trinidad CR 32/CR 75
Colorado 242.svg SH 242 01982-01-011982
Colorado 245 (1952).svg SH 245 01965-01-01c.1965
Colorado 248.svg SH 248 01982-01-011982
Colorado 256.svg SH 256 SH 60 in Milliken US 85 in Peckham 02007-01-012007Decommissioned in March 2007 as part of the north front range route swap
Colorado 257 wide.svg SH 257 18.4829.74 SH 60 in Milliken SH 14 east of Fort Collins
Colorado 262 (1952).svg SH 262 01965-01-01c.1965
Colorado 263 wide.svg SH 263 2.734.39 US 85 in Greeley Greeley Section from US 85 Bus. to US 85 and from current east end to SH 37 decommissioned in March 2007 as part of the North Front Range route swap
Colorado 265 wide.svg SH 265 3.625.83 I-70 at Denver US 6 at Commerce City
Colorado 266 wide.svg SH 266 11.5218.54 US 50 at Rocky Ford SH 109 near Cheraw
Colorado 278.svg SH 278 01938-01-01c.193801986-01-011986
Colorado 279.svg SH 279 SH 119 in Black Hawk Central City 01938-01-01c.193801999-01-011999Originally routed from Squaw Pass through Idaho Springs to Apex, northwest of Central City
Colorado 291 wide.svg SH 291 9.1414.71 US 50 at Salida US 285
Colorado 300 wide.svg SH 300 3.365.41 US 24 near Leadville Leadville National Fish Hatchery
Colorado 306.svg SH 306 01984-01-011984
Colorado 317 wide.svg SH 317 12.2419.70 SH 13 in Hamilton Routt CR 29
Colorado 318 wide.svg SH 318 60.4697.30 Utah state line US 40 west of Maybell
Colorado 325 wide.svg SH 325 11.3918.33 SH 13 north of Rifle CR 217 in Rifle Mountain Park
Colorado 330 wide.svg SH 330 11.3918.33 SH 65 Grove Creek Road in Collbran
Colorado 340 wide.svg SH 340 13.3621.50 US 6 in Fruita I-70 Bus. in Grand Junction
Colorado 347 wide.svg SH 347 5.178.32 US 50 near Montrose Inside Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Colorado 348 wide.svg SH 348 17.0527.44 US 50 in Delta US 50 in Olathe
Colorado 355 (1952).svg SH 355 01967-01-01c.1967
Colorado 361.svg SH 361 01984-01-011984
Colorado 368 wide.svg SH 368 12.3319.84 SH 370 US 285 near Alamosa
Colorado 370 wide.svg SH 370 14.1522.77 SH 15 US 285 near Alamosa
Colorado 371 wide.svg SH 371 6.079.77 SH 15 near La Jara SH 368
Colorado 374.svg SH 374 01990-01-011990
Colorado 382 (1952).svg SH 382 01967-01-01c.1967
Colorado 389 wide.svg SH 389 12.6520.36 New Mexico state line, near Branson US 160
Colorado 391 wide.svg SH 391 9.5115.30 US 285 in Lakewood I-70 in Wheat Ridge
Colorado 392 wide.svg SH 392 45.3372.95 US 287 near Fort Collins SH 14 near Briggsdale Extended east from CR 55 to SH 14 and west from I-25 to SH 287 in March 2007 as part of the north front range route swap
Colorado 394 wide.svg SH 394 9.2514.89Victory Way in Craig Moffat CountyRoutt county line
Colorado 398.svg SH 398 SH 93 Eldorado Springs 01950-01-01c.195001977-01-011977Renumbered as an extension of SH 170
Colorado 400 (1952).svg SH 400 01958-01-01c.1958
Colorado 402 wide.svg SH 402 4.236.81 US 287 in Loveland I-25
Colorado 403 (1946).svg SH 403 01953-01-01c.1953Later restored as part of a longer SH 146
Colorado 470 wide.svg SH 470 27.2943.92 US 6 in Golden I-25/E-470 in Lone Tree Was originally planned as Interstate 470
Colorado 789.svg SH 789 396637 US 666 at the New Mexico state line WYO 789 near Baggs 01954-01-01c.195401984-01-01c.1984Was to be part of a proposed US 789 through Colorado, now part of US 491, US 160, US 550, US 50, I-70 and SH 13

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Interstate Highway System United States highway system

The Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, commonly known as the Interstate Highway System, is a network of controlled-access highways that forms part of the National Highway System in the United States. Construction of the system was authorized by the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956. The system extends throughout the contiguous United States and has routes in Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

United States Numbered Highway System Highway system of the United States of America

The United States Numbered Highway System is an integrated network of roads and highways numbered within a nationwide grid in the contiguous United States. As the designation and numbering of these highways were coordinated among the states, they are sometimes called Federal Highways, but the roadways were built and have always been maintained by state or local governments since their initial designation in 1926.

Numbered highways in Ohio Highway system of Ohio in the United States

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is responsible for the establishment and classification of a state highway network which includes interstate highways, U.S. highways, and state routes. As with other states, U.S. and Interstate highways are classified as state routes in Ohio. There are no state routes which duplicate an existing U.S. or Interstate highway in Ohio.

Interstate 225 (I-225) is a 11.959 mile (19.246 km) connector spur route of Interstate 25 in Colorado. It is the only auxiliary route of Interstate 25, and one of two auxiliary Interstate highways in the state of Colorado. I-225 traverses Aurora and small portions of Denver and Greenwood Village. It runs north from Interstate 25 in the Denver Tech Center to Interstate 70 north of Aurora. It interchanges with state highway 83, state highway 30 and Interstate 70 Business/U.S. Highway 40/U.S. Highway 287, known locally as Colfax Avenue. Construction on the freeway began in 1964 at the I-70 interchange and continued progressively through many years proceeding south through Aurora until final completion in 1976 with the final link between Yosemite Street and I-25.

The state highway system of the U.S. state of Oregon is a network of highways that are owned and maintained by the Highway Division of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Texas state highways are a network of highways owned and maintained by the U.S. state of Texas. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is the state agency responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the system. Texas has the largest state highway system, followed closely by North Carolina's state highway system. In addition to the nationally numbered Interstate Highways and U.S. Highways, the highway system consists of a main network of state highways, loops, spurs, and beltways that provide local access to the other highways. The system also includes a large network of farm to market roads that connect rural areas of the state with urban areas and the rest of the state highway system. The state also owns and maintains some park and recreational roads located near and within state and national parks, as well as recreational areas. All state highways, regardless of classification, are paved roads. The Old San Antonio Road, also known as the El Camino Real, is the oldest highway in the United States, first being blazed in 1691. The length of the highways varies from US 83's 893.4 miles (1,437.8 km) inside the state borders to Spur 200 at just 0.05 miles long.

Interstate 270 (I-270) is a 7-mile-long (11 km) highway in the northeastern part of the Denver–Aurora Metropolitan Area in the U.S. state of Colorado. It overlaps U.S. Highway 36 (US 36) for its entire length. The western terminus of I-270 is at the interchange with I-25 and US 36. It heads eastward to an interchange with I-76, where the mileposts reset because of a previous freeway extension. The freeway heads southeast and comes to meet Vasquez Boulevard, where it enters Commerce City. The road crosses Quebec Street before ending at I-70.

Interstate 70 (I-70) is a transcontinental Interstate Highway in the United States, stretching from Cove Fort, Utah, to Baltimore, Maryland. In Colorado, the highway traverses an east–west route across the center of the state. In western Colorado, the highway connects the metropolitan areas of Grand Junction and Denver via a route through the Rocky Mountains. In eastern Colorado, the highway crosses the Great Plains, connecting Denver with metropolitan areas in Kansas and Missouri. Bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles, normally prohibited on Interstate Highways, are allowed on those stretches of I-70 in the Rockies where no other through route exists.

U.S. Highway 75 (US 75) is a part of the U.S. Highway System that travels from Interstate 345 (I-345) in Dallas, Texas northward to the Canada–US border at Noyes, Minnesota. In the state of Texas it runs from I-345 in Dallas and heads north to the Oklahoma state line.

U.S. Route 6 in California U.S. highway in California

U.S. Route 6 (US 6) is a transcontinental United States Numbered Highway, stretching from Bishop, California, in the west to Provincetown, Massachusetts, in the east. The California portion of US 6 lies in the eastern portion of the state from Bishop in the Owens Valley north to the Nevada state line in Mineral County. Prior to a 1964 Highway renumbering project US 6 extended to the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach, California, as part of the historic auto trail named the Grand Army of the Republic Highway.

In the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, state highways are generally maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Each is assigned a four-digit State Route (SR) number in the present Location Referencing System. Traffic Routes are signed as Interstate Highways, U.S. Routes and Pennsylvania Routes, and are prefixed with one to three zeroes to give a four-digit number. PA Routes are also called Pennsylvania Traffic Routes, and formerly State Highway Routes.

U.S. Route 95 (US 95) is a United States Numbered Highway, stretching from the Mexican border in San Luis, Arizona to the Canadian border near Eastport, Idaho. The California portion of US 95 traverses through the far eastern edges of both Riverside and San Bernardino counties. US 95 serves Blythe and Needles and junctions with SR 62 at Vidal Junction.

Interstate 87 (I-87) is a partially completed Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of North Carolina, currently the shortest designated primary Interstate Highway at 12.9 miles (20.8 km). The completed portion is in eastern Wake County, between Raleigh and Wendell; the majority of the completed route is known as the Knightdale Bypass, while the remaining 3 miles (4.8 km) follows the Raleigh Beltline. It is planned to continue northeast through Rocky Mount, Williamston and Elizabeth City, ending in Norfolk, Virginia. It is signed as north-south, in keeping with the sign convention for most odd-numbered interstates, but the route goes primarily east-west, with the eastern direction aligning to the north designation. The entire route is concurrent with US 64, with portions also concurrent with I-440 and US 264.

Delaware State Route System Overview of the State Route System of Delaware

The Delaware State Route System consists of roads in the U.S. state of Delaware that are maintained by the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT). The system includes the portions of the Interstate Highway System and United States Numbered Highways system located in the state along with state routes and other roads maintained by DelDOT. All roads maintained by the state are assigned a maintenance road number that is only marked on little white markers at intersections and on auxiliary plates below warning signs approaching intersections. These numbers are only unique in a specific county; some roads can be designated with multiple road numbers, and numbers do not necessarily correspond to the signed Interstate, U.S., or state route numbers. DelDOT maintains a total of 5,386.14 miles (8,668.15 km) of roads, comprising 89 percent of the roads within the state. Some large bridges in the state are maintained by other agencies including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Delaware River and Bay Authority. Roads in the system include multilane freeways, multilane surface divided highways, and two-lane undivided roads serving urban, suburban, and rural areas. Some of the roads maintained by DelDOT are toll roads, in which motorists must pay to use.