List of rivers of Central America and the Caribbean

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This is a list of Central American Rivers by country.


Central America rivers By country


Costa Rica

El Salvador





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Caribbean Rivers By Country

Saint Lucia


St. Kitts and Nevis


The longest river is the St John's River, and the largest is The Great River or Paradise River in St Andrew's.

Trinidad & Tobago

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Geography of El Salvador Overview of countrys geological attributes

El Salvador borders the North Pacific Ocean to the south and southwest, with Guatemala to the north-northwest and Honduras to the north-northeast. In the southeast, the Golfo de Fonseca separates it from Nicaragua. El Salvador is the smallest Central American country and is the only one without a coastline on the Caribbean sea.

Amado Guevara Honduran footballer

Amado Guevara is a Honduran retired football player and manager. He was the coach of Puerto Rico from 2018 to 2019.

F.C. Motagua association football club

Fútbol Club Motagua, formerly Club Deportivo Motagua up to 2017, is an association football club, located in Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras.

Motagua River river in Guatemala

The Motagua River is a 486-kilometre (302 mi) long river in Guatemala. It rises in the western highlands of Guatemala where it is also called Río Grande, and runs in an easterly direction to the Gulf of Honduras. The final few kilometres of the river form part of the Guatemala–Honduras border. The Motagua River basin covers an area of 12,670 square kilometres (4,890 sq mi) and is the largest in Guatemala.

Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional de Honduras association football league

Liga Salva Vida, commonly known as Liga Salva Vida is the first and highest division of football in Honduras. The league season is divided into Opening (autumn) and Closing (spring). One team is relegated to the Liga de Ascenso and one team is promoted from Liga de Ascenso. The first 4 clubs participate in play-offs to decide the champion. The winners of the Opening and Closing competitions participate in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Junior Gustavo Izaguirre Puerto is a retired Honduran football defender, who most recently played for F.C. Motagua in the Honduran Liga Nacional.

Lempa, Cyprus Place in Paphos District, Cyprus

Lempa is a village in Cyprus located approximately 4 km (2.5 mi) north of the town of Paphos. It is sometimes written as Lemba, which is also closer to the correct pronunciation. Neighboring villages are Empa, Kissonerga and Chlorakas.

1976 Guatemala earthquake February 1976 earthquake in Guatemala

The 1976 Guatemala earthquake struck on February 4 at 03:01:43 local time with a moment magnitude of 7.5. The shock was centered on the Motagua Fault, about 160 km northeast of Guatemala City at a depth of 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) near the town of Los Amates in the department of Izabal.

Sierra del Merendón mountains in Honduras

Sierra del Merendón is a mountain range extending on the eastern border of Guatemala and Honduras. Its south-western border is marked by the Lempa River valley, its northern border by the Motagua River valley. The mountain range has several different biomes and habitats, including cloud forests.

Rubilio Castillo Honduran association football player

Román Rubilio Castillo Álvarez is a Honduran international football player who plays as a striker for Portuguese club C.D. Tondela.

Lempa River river in Guatemala and El Salvador

The Lempa River is a 422-kilometre (262 mi) long river in Central America.

Water resources management in El Salvador is characterized by difficulties in addressing severe water pollution throughout much of the country's surface waters due to untreated discharges of agricultural, domestic and industrial run off. The river that drains the capital city of San Salvador is considered to be polluted beyond the capability of most treatment procedures.

The 2012–13 football season was the 47th Honduran Liga Nacional edition, since its establishment in 1965. The season was divided into two tournaments and determined the 61st and 62nd national champions. The campaign began on 28 July 2012, and ended on May 2013. Club Deportivo Olimpia was the reigning champions after winning in 2011–12.

The 2016–17 season was F.C. Motagua's 70th season in existence and the club's 51st consecutive season in the top fight of Honduran football. The club announced the continuation of Diego Vásquez as the team's head coach for his 4th consecutive season.

The 2016–17 Honduran Liga Nacional season was the 51st Honduran Liga Nacional edition since its establishment in 1965. For this season, the system format stayed the same as the previous season. The tournament began in July 2016 and ended in May 2017.


Guaytán is an archaeological site of the Maya civilization in the municipality of San Agustín Acasaguastlán, in the department of El Progreso, in Guatemala. It is the most important pre-Columbian archaeological site of the middle drainage of the Motagua River.

The 2017–18 Honduran Liga Nacional season was the 52nd Honduran Liga Nacional edition since its establishment in 1965. For this season, the system format remained the same as the previous season. The tournament started on 28 July 2017 and ended on 19 May 2018. The season was divided into two halves, each crowning one champion. C.D. Marathón, as the team with the best record, qualified to the 2019 CONCACAF Champions League. Real C.D. España and F.C. Motagua qualified to the 2018 CONCACAF League.

The 2019–20 season is F.C. Motagua's 73rd season in existence and the club's 54th consecutive season in the top fight of Honduran football. In addition to the domestic league, the club will also compete for the 2019 Honduran Cup, the 2019 CONCACAF League. and the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League.