World Indoor Bowls Championships

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World Indoor Bowls Championships
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ContinentInternational (Professional Bowls Association / World Bowls Tour)
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2019 Open Singles
Flag of Scotland.svg Stewart Anderson
2019 Women's Singles
Flag of Scotland.svg Julie Forrest
2019 Open Pairs
Flag of Scotland.svg Paul Foster &
Flag of Scotland.svg Alex Marshall
2019 Mixed Pairs
Flag of England.svg Robert Paxton &
Flag of England.svg Ellen Falkner.
TV partner(s) BBC Two [1] (UK (Final))

The World Indoor Bowls Championship was first held in 1979 at Coatbridge in Scotland for men's singles only. The event was sponsored by Embassy in the early years and grew in stature. In 1988 the venue changed to Alexandra Palace and one year later Churchill Insurance took over the sponsorship when the championships were held at Preston Guild Hall. The Midland Bank and SAGA were two more sponsors during the Preston era. In 1999 Potters Holidays came in to take over the sponsorship and the event moved to Potters Resort in Hopton-on-Sea, where it is still held today. The BBC also show live coverage of the championships during the last week which includes all four competition finals. [2]

Coatbridge town in North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Coatbridge is a town in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, about 8.5 miles (13.7 km) east of Glasgow city centre, set in the central Lowlands. The town, with neighbouring Airdrie, is part of the Greater Glasgow urban area. While the earliest known settlement of the area dates back to the Stone Age era, the founding of the town can be traced to the 12th century, when a Royal Charter was granted to the monks of Newbattle Abbey by King Malcolm IV. Coatbridge, along with its neighbour Airdrie, forms the area known as the Monklands.

Potters Resort is a modern five star holiday village situated on the coastline border of Norfolk and Suffolk, in Hopton-on-Sea. Potters was the first permanent holiday camp in the United Kingdom, opening its doors for the first time in 1920. Nearly a century on and through four generations of the Potter Family, it remains the last privately owned holiday village of its kind and in 2002, became the first to receive the English Tourist Board's five star award for holiday villages, since held for 16 consecutive years.

Hopton-on-Sea village in the United Kingdom

Hopton-on-Sea is a village, civil parish and seaside resort on the coast of East Anglia in the county of Norfolk. The village is 4 miles (6.4 km) south of Great Yarmouth, 4 12 miles (7.2 km) north-west of Lowestoft and near the UK's most easterly point, Lowestoft Ness.


The men's pairs started in 1986, the women's singles in 1988 and the mixed pairs in 2004. [3] Both the men's singles and men's pairs changed to open singles and open pairs following the rule change which allowed women to compete in them. Alex Marshall from Scotland has won the singles event a record six times. Fellow Scot Paul Foster is one wins behind with five successes.

World Indoor Men's/Open Singles Champions

Wins by individual (Open Singles only)

NameTitlesRunners upWinning Years
Flag of Scotland.svg Alex Marshall 611999, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2015
Flag of Scotland.svg Paul Foster 511998, 2001, 2005, 2011, 2017
Flag of Scotland.svg Richard Corsie 341989, 1991, 1993
Flag of England.svg Andy Thomson 321994, 1995, 2012
Flag of England.svg David Bryant 311979, 1980, 1981
Flag of England.svg Tony Allcock 3-1986, 1987, 2002
Flag of Scotland.svg Stewart Anderson 212013, 2019
Flag of Scotland.svg Hugh Duff 211988, 1997
Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg John Price 131990
Flag of England.svg Mervyn King 132006
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Ian Schuback 121992
Flag of England.svg Greg Harlow 122010
Ulster Banner.svg Jim Baker 111984
Flag of Scotland.svg David Gourlay 111996
Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg Robert Weale 112000
Flag of Scotland.svg John Watson 1-1982
Flag of Scotland.svg Bob Sutherland 1-1983
Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg Terry Sullivan 1-1985
Flag of England.svg Billy Jackson 1-2009
Flag of Scotland.svg Darren Burnett 1-2014
Flag of England.svg Nick Brett 1-2016

Performance by country

CountryWinning PlayersTitlesRunners up
Flag of Scotland.svg Scotland 92211
Flag of England.svg England 81414
Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg Wales 337
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Australia 113
Ulster Banner.svg Northern Ireland 112
Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong --1
Flag of Israel.svg Israel --1
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand --1
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Canada --1

World Indoor Women's Singles Champions

World Indoor Men's/Open Pairs Champions

The Men's Pairs now Open Pairs allows women to compete, this is not to be confused with the Mixed Pairs. It was a men's only competition until 2012.

World Indoor Mixed Pairs Champions

World Indoor Open Under 25 Champions

Players with over 5 titles

NationNameOpen singlesWomen's singlesOpen PairsMixed PairsTotal
Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland Alex Marshall 6N/A6214
Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland Paul Foster 5N/A5212
Flag of England.svg  England Tony Allcock 3N/A8-11
Flag of England.svg  England David Bryant 3N/A6-9
Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland / Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia David Gourlay 1N/A337
Flag of England.svg  England Andy Thomson 3N/A3-6
Flag of England.svg  England Carol Ashby -3-36
Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland Richard Corsie 3N/A2-5

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Hirendra Bhartu is a Canadian professional indoor and lawn bowler from Suva, Fiji. He is ranked fifth in the World Bowls Singles Rankings in 2010. He has won 9 Canadian national titles in Men's Singles and Pairs as well as Mixed Pairs. Hirendra has qualified 15 times from Canada for the WBT Tour from 2005 to 2010. in 2006

Ellen Marie Falkner is an English international lawn and indoor bowler from Cambridge, England.

These are the premier World Bowls Events between national bowls organisations affiliated to World Bowls Ltd (outdoors) and World Bowls Tour (indoors).

Paul Foster (bowls) British bowls player

Paul James Foster is a bowls player who lives in Troon, Scotland. Foster is also a taxi proprietor. He plays at Troon Portland (Outdoor) & Ambassador Prestwick (Indoor) bowling clubs.

Alex Marshall (bowls) Scottish lawn bowls player

Alex "Tattie" Marshall, MBE is record breaking Scottish bowls player.

Alison Jayne Merrien MBE is an indoor bowls player from Saint Peter Port, Guernsey.

The 2013 World Indoor Bowls Championship was held at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, in January 2013.

The 2014 Just Retirement World Indoor Bowls Championship was held at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton on Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, between January 10–25, 2014. It was won for the first time by Scotland's Darren Burnett. It was sponsored by Just Retirement Group. It was also notable for Shaun Williamson singing So Strong before the men's singles final.

Darren Burnett British lawn bowls player

Darren William Burnett (born 27 May 1976 in Arbroath, is a Scottish lawn bowler and indoor bowler.

Jamie Chestney is an English male international lawn and indoor bowler.

The 2008 World Indoor Bowls Championships was held at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton on Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, from 08-27 January 2008. The event was sponsored by Potters Holidays.
Alex Marshall won the men's singles defeating Ian Bond in the final achieving a record fifth title. Despite the fact that a women's singles tournament was held Ceri Ann Davies was also permitted to compete in the men's singles competition.

The 2015 Just Retirement World Indoor Bowls Championship was held at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton on Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, from 09-25 January 2015. The men's singles title was won for a record-extending sixth time by Scotland's Alex Marshall, who beat Andy Thomson in the final.
Robert Paxton & Simon Skelton won their first Pairs title, stopping Alex Marshall & Paul Foster from winning a fourth title.
Robert Paxton & Marion Purcell won their first Mixed Pairs title, stopping Paul Foster & Laura Thomas from winning a third consecutive title.
Laura Thomas won her first title, defeating defending champion Katherine Rednall in the final.

The 2000 Potters Holidays World World Indoor Bowls Championship was held at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton on Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, from 13–29 January 2000.
In the singles Robert Weale won the title beating John Price in the final.
In the pairs David Gourlay & Alex Marshall defeated Gary Smith & Andy Thomson.

David Gourlay is a Scottish international lawn & indoor bowler from the Prestwick Bowling Club and Crookston Bowling Club. He is also a Commonwealth Games medal winning coach.

Robert Paxton is an English international outdoor and indoor bowls player.

Julie Forrest is a Scottish bowls player.

The 2016 Just Retirement World Indoor Bowls Championship was held at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton on Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, from 08-24 January 2016.
Nick Brett won the blue riband event for the first time after beating Robert Paxton in a competitive final. In the Open Pairs Stewart Anderson and Darren Burnett recorded their first title success. Burnett doubled up by winning the Mixed Pairs title with Katherine Rednall. Ellen Falkner won the Women's Singles defeating Rebecca Field in the final. This was Falkner's third title and was achieved ten years after her last success.

The 2017 Just World Indoor Bowls Championship was held at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton on Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, on 13–29 January 2017.

The 2018 Just World Indoor Bowls Championship took place at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, on 12–28 January 2018.

The 2019 Just World Indoor Bowls Championship was held at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, England, from 10–27 January 2019. The event is organised by the World Bowls Tour.


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