World Freshwater Angling Championships

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The World Freshwater Angling Championships is a freshwater angling competition. Participating countries fish in teams of six with titles awarded to the team with the highest aggregate weight and for the highest individual weight. Since its inception in 1954, the competition has been staged on rivers, canals and still waters. Currently (2019), the championships have not been held outside Europe. In 1992, Dave Wesson, an Australian, became the only non-European to win the title. [1] For a video history of this major angling event, see External links at the bottom of this page.

Angling Method of fishing with a hook and line

Angling is a method of fishing by means of an "angle". The hook is usually attached to a fishing line and the line is often attached to a fishing rod. Modern fishing rods are usually fitted with a fishing reel that functions as a mechanism for storing, retrieving and paying out the line. Tenkara fishing and cane pole fishing are two techniques that do not use a reel. The hook itself can be dressed with bait, but sometimes a lure, with hooks attached to it, is used in place of a hook and bait. A bite indicator such as a float, and a weight or sinker are sometimes used.

A fishing tournament, or derby, is an organised competition among anglers. Fishing tournaments typically take place as a series of competitive events around or on a clearly defined body of water with specific rules applying to each event. They can take place on or along the edge of oceans, lakes, rivers, including ice covered bodies of water.

River Natural flowing watercourse

A river is a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake or another river. In some cases a river flows into the ground and becomes dry at the end of its course without reaching another body of water. Small rivers can be referred to using names such as stream, creek, brook, rivulet, and rill. There are no official definitions for the generic term river as applied to geographic features, although in some countries or communities a stream is defined by its size. Many names for small rivers are specific to geographic location; examples are "run" in some parts of the United States, "burn" in Scotland and northeast England, and "beck" in northern England. Sometimes a river is defined as being larger than a creek, but not always: the language is vague.


Championship results

YearVenueIndividual Championkg/lbsTeam ChampionsPoints
1954 Flag of Germany.svg Düsseldorf, West Germany Flag of Italy.svg Vigarani, Italy2.467 kilograms (5.44 lb) Flag of England.svg England50
1955 Flag of England.svg Reading, England Flag of France.svg Maill, France2.448 kilograms (5.40 lb) Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg69
1956 Flag of France.svg Paris, France Flag of France.svg Cerfontaine, France1.541 kilograms (3.40 lb) Flag of France.svg France39
1957 Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Belgrade, Yugoslavia Flag of Italy.svg Mandell, Italy8.780 kilograms (19.36 lb) Flag of Italy.svg Italy23
1958 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Huy, Belgium Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Garroit, Belgium8.780 kilograms (19.36 lb) Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium29
1959 Flag of Switzerland.svg Neuchatel, Switzerland Flag of France.svg Tesse, France6.386 kilograms (14.08 lb) Flag of France.svg France71
1960 Flag of Poland.svg Gdańsk, Poland Flag of France.svg Tesse, France2.000 kilograms (4.409 lb) Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium36
1961 Flag of East Germany.svg Merseburg, East Germany Flag of France.svg Le Gouge, France3.120 kilograms (6.88 lb) Flag of East Germany.svg East Germany44
1962 Flag of Italy.svg Lac de Garde, Italy Flag of Italy.svg Tedesco, Italy3.615 kilograms (7.97 lb) Flag of Italy.svg Italy21
1963 Flag of Luxembourg.svg Wormeldange, Luxembourg Flag of England.svg Billy Lane, England4.570 kilograms (10.08 lb) Flag of France.svg France57
1964 Flag of Italy.svg Isola dei Pescatori, Italy Flag of France.svg Fontanet, France5.395 kilograms (11.89 lb) Flag of France.svg France6
1965 Flag of Romania.svg Galati, Romania Flag of France.svg Tesse, France3.227 kilograms (7.11 lb) Flag of Romania.svg Romania22
1966 Flag of England.svg Martham Ferry, England Flag of France.svg Guiheneuf, France5.742 kilograms (12.66 lb) Flag of France.svg France8
1967 Flag of Hungary.svg Dunaújváros, Hungary Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Isenbaert, Belgium9.880 kilograms (21.78 lb) Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium12
1968 Flag of Ireland.svg Fermoy, Ireland Flag of Germany.svg Grebenstein, West Germany3.218 kilograms (7.09 lb) Flag of France.svg France18
1969 Flag of Germany.svg Bad Oldesloe, West Germany Flag of England.svg Robin Harris, England4.462 kilograms (9.84 lb) Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands17
1970 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Berg, Netherlands Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Van Den Eynde, Belgium4.084 kilograms (9.00 lb) Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium8
1971 Flag of Italy.svg Peschiera del Garda, Italy Flag of Italy.svg Bassi, Italy3.913 kilograms (8.63 lb) Flag of Italy.svg Italy6
1972 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Prague, Czechoslovakia Flag of the Netherlands.svg Levels, Netherlands9.310 kilograms (20.53 lb) Flag of France.svg France12
1973 Flag of France.svg Chalon-sur-Saône, France Flag of France.svg Michiels, France3.681 kilograms (8.12 lb) Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium10
1974 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Ghent, Belgium Flag of Germany.svg Richter, West Germany5.016 kilograms (11.06 lb) Flag of France.svg France18
1975 Flag of Poland.svg Bydgoszcz, Poland Flag of England.svg Ian Heaps, England10.234 kilograms (22.56 lb) Flag of France.svg France23
1976 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Varna, Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bassi, Italy8.296 kilograms (18.29 lb) Flag of Italy.svg Italy7
1977 Flag of Luxembourg.svg Ehnen, Luxembourg Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Mainil, Belgium3.941 kilograms (8.69 lb) Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg16
1978 Flag of Austria.svg Vienna, Austria Flag of France.svg Fougeat, France1.561 kilograms (3.44 lb) Flag of France.svg France14
1979 Flag of Spain.svg Saragossa, Spain Flag of France.svg Heulard, France2.155 kilograms (4.75 lb) Flag of France.svg France14
1980 Flag of Germany.svg Mannheim, West Germany Flag of Germany.svg Kremkus, West Germany16.990 kilograms (37.46 lb) Flag of Germany.svg West Germany7
1981 Flag of England.svg Luddington, England Flag of England.svg David Thomas, England1.190 kilograms (2.62 lb) Flag of France.svg France25
1982 Ulster Banner.svg Newry, Northern Ireland Flag of England.svg Kevin Ashurst, England0.820 kilograms (1.81 lb) Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands20
1983 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Amersfoort, Netherlands Flag of Germany.svg Kremkus, West Germany0.820 kilograms (1.81 lb) Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium9
1984 Flag of Switzerland.svg Yverdon, Switzerland Flag of Ireland.svg Bobby Smithers, Ireland0.820 kilograms (1.81 lb) Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg28
1985 Flag of Italy.svg Florence, Italy Flag of England.svg David Roper, England6.405 kilograms (14.12 lb) Flag of England.svg England16
1986 Flag of France.svg Strasbourg, France Flag of the Netherlands.svg Wever, Netherlands3.940 kilograms (8.69 lb) Flag of Italy.svg Italy27
1987 Flag of Portugal.svg Coimbra, Portugal Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg Clive Branson, Wales 2.500 kilograms (5.51 lb) Flag of England.svg England9
1988 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Damme, Belgium Flag of France.svg Fougeat, France7.060 kilograms (15.56 lb) Flag of England.svg England50
1989 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Plovdiv, Bulgaria Flag of England.svg Tom Pickering, England15.450 kilograms (34.06 lb) Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg Wales48
1990 Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Maribor, Yugoslavia Flag of England.svg Bob Nudd, England2.665 kilograms (5.88 lb) Flag of France.svg France6
1991 Flag of Hungary.svg Szeged, Hungary Flag of England.svg Bob Nudd, England12.215 kilograms (26.93 lb) Flag of England.svg England44
1992 Ulster Banner.svg Enniskillen, Northern Ireland Flag of Australia (converted).svg Dave Wesson, Australia 8.820 kilograms (19.44 lb) Flag of Italy.svg Italy94
1993 Flag of Portugal.svg Coruche, Portugal Flag of Portugal.svg Barros, Portugal6.945 kilograms (15.31 lb) Flag of Italy.svg Italy49
1994 Flag of England.svg Nottingham, England Flag of England.svg Bob Nudd, England8.500 kilograms (18.74 lb) Flag of England.svg England92
1995 Flag of Finland.svg Lappeenranta, Finland Flag of France.svg Jean, France6.405 kilograms (14.12 lb) Flag of France.svg France23
1996 Flag of Italy.svg Peschiera del Garda, Italy Flag of England.svg Alan Scotthorne, England3.940 kilograms (8.69 lb) Flag of Italy.svg Italy36
1997 Flag of Hungary.svg Velence, Hungary Flag of England.svg Alan Scotthorne, England19.711 kilograms (43.46 lb) Flag of Italy.svg Italy56.5
1998 Flag of Croatia.svg Zagreb, Croatia Flag of England.svg Alan Scotthorne, England9.726 kilograms (21.44 lb) Flag of England.svg England61
1999 Flag of Spain.svg Toledo, Spain Flag of England.svg Bob Nudd, England54.110 kilograms (119.29 lb) Flag of Spain.svg Spain34
2000 Flag of Italy.svg Firenze, Italy Flag of Italy.svg Falsini, Italy? Flag of Italy.svg Italy37
2001 Flag of France.svg Paris, France Flag of Italy.svg Ballabeni, Italy? Flag of England.svg England68
2002 Flag of Portugal.svg Coimbra, Portugal Flag of Spain.svg Blasco, Spain? Flag of Spain.svg Spain52.5
2003 Flag of Slovakia.svg Madunice, Slovakia Flag of England.svg Alan Scotthorne, England? Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary55
2004 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Willebroek, Belgium Flag of Hungary.svg Tamas Walter, Hungary? Flag of France.svg France70
2005 Flag of Finland.svg ?, Finland Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Guido Nullens, Belgium? Flag of England.svg England64
2006 Flag of Portugal.svg Rio Mondego, Portugal Flag of Hungary.svg Tamas Walter, Hungary10.105 kilograms (22.28 lb) Flag of England.svg England61
2007 Flag of Hungary.svg Lake Velence, Hungary Flag of England.svg Alan Scotthorne, England10.170 kg [2] Flag of Italy.svg Italy57 [2]
2008 Flag of Italy.svg Spinadesco Canal, Italy Flag of England.svg Will Raison, England? Flag of England.svg England74
2009 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Lage Vaart Canal, Netherlands Flag of Russia.svg Igor Potapov, Russia ? Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia39
2010 Flag of Spain.svg Ciudad Real, Spain Flag of Luxembourg.svg Meis Frank, Luxembourg ? Flag of England.svg England40
2011 Flag of Italy.svg Ostellato Ferrara, Italy Flag of Italy.svg Andrea Fini, Italy? Flag of Italy.svg Italy21
2012 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg River Morava, Czech Republic Flag of England.svg Sean Ashby, England11.438 kg [3] Flag of Poland.svg Poland32 [3]
2013 Flag of Poland.svg Żerański Canal, Warsaw, Poland Flag of France.svg Didier Delannoy, France? Flag of England.svg England22 [4]
2014 Flag of Croatia.svg Dubrava Canal, Croatia Flag of Serbia.svg Goran Radovic, Serbia ? Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands38 [5]
2015 Flag of Slovenia.svg Sava River, Slovenia Flag of Russia.svg Yuri Siptov, Russia 36.939 kg Flag of Italy.svg Italy37 [1]
2016 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Rowing Course, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Flag of Slovenia.svg Jernej Ambrozic, Slovenia [6] - Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary34 [7] [8]
2017 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Ronquières, Belgium Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Luc Thijs, Belgium [9] 17 kg [10] Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium18 [11]
2018 Flag of Portugal.svg Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal Flag of Germany.svg Johanne Böhms, Germany [12] 13.48 kg Flag of Germany.svg Germany46 [13]

Championship records

Team competition Roll of Honour : Flag of France.svg France 15, Flag of England.svg England 13, Flag of Italy.svg Italy 13, Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium 7, Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 3, Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxemburg 3, Flag of Germany.svg Germany 3, Flag of Spain.svg Spain 2, Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary 2, Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg Wales 1, Flag of Poland.svg Poland 1, Flag of Romania.svg Romania 1, Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia 1
Individual multiple Champions : Flag of England.svg Alan Scotthorne 5, Flag of England.svg Bob Nudd 4, Flag of France.svg Tesse 3, Flag of France.svg Fougeat 2, Flag of Germany.svg Kremkus 2, Flag of Italy.svg Bassi 2, Flag of Hungary.svg Tamas Walter 2

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