ISAF Offshore Team Racing World Championship

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The ISAF Offshore Team World Championship are bi-annually since 2004 held by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Sardinia Italy and are run in cooperation with the Offshore Racing Congress.

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda was established by the Aga Khan in 1967. It is situated at Porto Cervo in Costa Smeralda, northern Sardinia and provides services for recreational sailors.

Sardinia Island in the Mediterranean and region of Italy

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of the Italian Peninsula and to the immediate south of the French island of Corsica.

Italy republic in Southern Europe

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a country in Southern Europe. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy shares open land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and the enclaved microstates San Marino and Vatican City. Italy covers an area of 301,340 km2 (116,350 sq mi) and has a largely temperate seasonal and Mediterranean climate. With around 61 million inhabitants, it is the fourth-most populous EU member state and the most populous country in Southern Europe.

Melges 32 ---X
Farr 40 XXXX
Swan 45 XXX-
TP 52 -XX-
IMS X---

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Laser (dinghy) popular one-design class of small sailing dinghy

The International Laser Class sailboat, also called Laser Standard and the Laser One is a popular one-design class of small sailing dinghy. According to the Laser Class Rules the boat may be sailed by either one or two people, though it is rarely sailed by two. The design, by Bruce Kirby, emphasizes simplicity and performance. The dinghy is manufactured by independent companies in different parts of the world, including LaserPerformance, Performance Sailcraft Australia (Oceania) and Performance Sailcraft Japan.

World Sailing International sailing sports body

World Sailing (WS) is the world governing body for the sport of sailing recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Sailing at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney was held from 17–30 September 2000 at the Olympic Sailing Shore Base in the Sydney Harbour.

420 (dinghy) ship type

The International 420 Class Dinghy is a double-handed monohull planing dinghy with centreboard, bermuda rig and center sheeting. The name describes the overall length of the boat in centimeters. The hull is fiberglass with internal buoyancy tanks. The 420 is equipped with spinnaker and optional trapeze. It has a large sail-area-to-weight ratio, and is designed to plane easily. It can be rigged to be sailed single-handed.

Sail Canada, formerly the Canadian Yachting Association, is Canada's governing body for the sport of sailing. Sail Canada is a "Member National Authority" of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). Organization of sailing in Canada is divided into four groups: yacht clubs, Provincial Sailing Associations, class associations, and Sail Canada itself.

Melges 32

The Melges 32 is a one-design class of sailboat commonly used for racing. The sportsboat is notable for its ability to plane over the water downwind in modest winds, and for its combination of a simple design that is highly tunable.

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Sailing World Championships world championship

The Sailing World Championships are World championships in sailing for the 10 events contested at the Summer Olympics, organized by World Sailing and held every four years since 2003. In contrast to other years, when each class organise their World championship under supervision of World Sailing, they are the combined World championships for all the disciplines of the next Summer Olympics and serves as the major qualification event for it.

US Sailing The official governing body for the sport of sailing in the United States.

The United States Sailing Association is the national governing body for sailing in the United States. Founded in 1897 and headquartered in Bristol, Rhode Island, US Sailing is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. US Sailing offers training and education programs for instructors and race officials, supports a wide range of sailing organizations and communities, issues offshore rating certificates, and provides administration and oversight of competitive sailing across the country, including National Championships and the US Sailing Team.


Class 40 is a class of monohull sailboat and a yacht primarily used for short handed offshore and coastal racing. The class is administered by International Class 40 Association which is recognised by the International Sailing Federation.

The International Speed Windsurfing Class (ISWC) is a class of speed windsurfing boards that has developed over the last 30 years in order to facilitate high performance competition in strong winds and on flat water. The International Speed Windsurfing Class is controlled by the International Sailing Federation and has been adopted as an international class in spring 2007. The class is defined as an "experimental" class, which means that the class rules give a wide possibility for the development of new equipment, also outside commonly used technologies. Speed windsurfing events are normally held on "flat water" as opposed to coastal surf; which means side-offshore wind directions with a strength of at least 20 knots. The ISWC speed world champion is established throughout a tour, the Speed World Cup.


The International J/80 is a fixed keel One-Design sportsboat certified for offshore sailing, normally crewed by 3 to 5 people. As well as its mainsail & headsail, the J/80 has a 65 m2 (700 sq ft) gennaker for downwind sailing, which when the wind rises over 15 knots gets the boat on the plane downwind.

The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is an international body for the sport of competitive sailing and is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of rating and classification standards used to define offshore, that is marine as opposed to inland, yacht racing handicap categories.

TP 52 class of racing yacht

The Transpac 52 (TP52) is a class of yacht used for competitive yacht racing. The class is recognised by the International Sailing Federation which entitles the class to hold an Official World Championships.

The ISAF Team Racing World Championship is a team racing event now held every two years by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). The first Team Racing World Championships were held in West Kirby, Great Britain in 1995. Great Britain won and so became the first nation to record its name on the ISAF Team Racing World Trophy, donated to ISAF by the West Kirby Sailing Club. A youth Championship began running in parallel with the main event since 2005. Summary information on the first three events is tabled below - full information will be found on the Team Racing Championships results page of the ISAF website. The appearance of West Kirby as the first championship host club reflects the Club's pivotal role in promoting team racing – fostered by the activities of the Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Society.

World championships in sailing are world championships organised or sanctioned by World Sailing. As a sport, sailing has the largest number of world championships due to the diversity of equipment and discplines.

International Monohull Open Classes Association

The International Monohull Open Class Association (IMOCA) was founded in 1991. Its main task is organising regattas and single-handed circum-navigation regattas. Since 1998 IMOCA is member of the ISAF.

Elizabeth Baylis is an American sailor competing in match racing. Baylis started her sailing career at an early age in the classic high winds venue of San Francisco Bay. She still calls the Bay her home, but she has accumulated over 25,000 offshore miles including many victorious Pacific Cup and TransPac races from California to Hawaii. She sailed with America True during the 2000 Louis Vuitton Cup. Baylis is probably best known for her match racing accomplishments as a skipper which include the 2002 ISAF Women's Match Racing World Championship. title and multiple Grade 1 championship wins. Her offshore and match racing success were recognized in 2002 when she received the US Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year award. As the Executive Director of the Women's International Match Racing Association (WIMRA) she led the campaign to include women's match racing in the 2012 Olympics and continues to promote the sport around the world by teaching clinics and running regattas. In 2013, WIMRA successfully launched the first professional match racing series for women with Baylis taking the role of Series Manager. Baylis is the Chairman of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Match Racing Committee.