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World Armwrestling Championships is main arm wrestling championships in the World. It is organized by World Armwrestling Federation and was founded in 1944 by Thomas Hurst in West Chicago, Illinois.

The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) is an international federation of national and regional arm wrestling associations. Currently, WAF have members from 80 countries.


Canadian National Arm Wrestling Championship is held every year in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada after being founded in 1936 by Metro Franko and is exclusively for Canadian citizens.


Medals are awarded for separately for right and left hands in every weight class. [1]

55 kg50 kg
60 kg55 kg
65 kg60 kg
70 kg65 kg
75 kg70 kg
80 kg80 kg
85 kg+80 kg
90 kg
100 kg
110 kg
+110 kg


The list is incomplete

EditionYearCityCountryDateVenueNo. of
No. of
Champion Men right 110+ kg
1st 1979 Wetaskiwin Flag of Canada.svg  Canada
2nd 1980 Calcutta Flag of India.svg  India
3rd 1981 Brasilia Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil
4th 1982 Syracuse Flag of the United States.svg  USA
5th 1983 San José Flag of Costa Rica.svg  Costa Rica
7th 1985 Mexico City Flag of Mexico.svg  Mexico
8th 1986 Calcutta Flag of India.svg  India
9th 1987 London Flag of England.svg  England
10th 1988 Eskilstuna Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden December22 [2] Flag of the United States.svg  Richard Lupkes  (USA)
11th 1990 Athens Flag of Greece.svg  Greece Flag of Greece.svg  Sotiris Batsinilas  (GRE)
12th 1990 Houston Flag of the United States.svg  USA Flag of Canada.svg  Gary Goodridge  (CAN)
13th 1991 Netanya Flag of Israel.svg  ISR Flag of Georgia.svg  Zaur Tskadadze  (GEO)
14th 1992 Geneva Flag of Switzerland.svg   SWI Flag of Georgia.svg  Zaur Tskadadze  (GEO)
15th 1993 Edmonton Flag of Canada.svg  Canada Flag of Canada.svg  Gary Goodridge  (CAN)
16th 1994 Södertälje Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Flag of Georgia.svg  Zaur Tskadadze  (GEO)
17th 1995 São Paulo Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil Flag of Brazil.svg  Glauco Prior  (BRA)
18th 1996 Virginia Beach Flag of the United States.svg  USA Flag of Russia.svg  Alan Karaev  (RUS)
19th 1997 Guwahati Flag of India.svg  India Flag of Russia.svg  Alan Karaev  (RUS)
20th 1998 Thunder Bay Flag of Canada.svg CanadaFlag of Brazil.svg  Glauco Prior  (BRA)
21st 1999 Tokyo Flag of Japan.svg JapanFlag of Russia.svg  Alan Karaev  (RUS)
22nd 2000 Rovaniemi Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Frantisek Zivny  (CZE)
23rd 2001 Gdynia Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Flag of Russia.svg  Anatoli Skodtaev  (RUS)
24th 2002 Springfield Flag of the United States.svg USAFlag of Russia.svg  Sergei Kodzasov  (RUS)
25th 2003 Ottawa Flag of Canada.svg CanadaFlag of the United States.svg  Travis Bagent  (USA)
26th 2004 Durban Flag of South Africa.svg  South Africa Flag of Russia.svg  Alexey Voevoda  (RUS)
27th 2005 Tokyo Flag of Japan.svg JapanFlag of Germany.svg  August Smisl  (GER)
28th 2006 Manchester Flag of England.svg  England Trafford Centre
29th 2007 Veliko Tarnovo Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria Flag of Ukraine.svg  Andriy Pushkar  (UKR)
30th 2008 Kelowna Flag of Canada.svg CanadaFlag of Ukraine.svg  Andriy Pushkar  (UKR)
31st 2009 Rosolina Flag of Italy.svg ItalyFlag of Ukraine.svg  Andriy Pushkar  (UKR)
32nd 2010 Mesquite Flag of the United States.svg USAFlag of Ukraine.svg  Andriy Pushkar  (UKR)
33rd 2011 Almaty Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan Flag of Ukraine.svg  Andriy Pushkar  (UKR)
34th 2012 São Vicente Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil Flag of Ukraine.svg  Andriy Pushkar  (UKR)
35th 2013 Gdynia Flag of Poland.svg  Poland Flag of Georgia.svg  Rezo Lutidze  (GEO)
36th 2014 Vilnius Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania Flag of Georgia.svg  Levan Saginashvili  (GEO)
37th 2015 Kuala Lumpur Flag of Malaysia.svg  Malaysia Flag of Georgia.svg  Genadi Kvikvinia  (GEO)
38th 2016 Blagoevgrad Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria Flag of Georgia.svg  Genadi Kvikvinia  (GEO)
39th 2017 Budapest Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Flag of Russia.svg  Dmitrii Silaev  (RUS)
40th 2018 Antalya Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey Flag of Georgia.svg  Levan Saginashvili  (GEO)

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WAF, or waf, may refer to:

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Ion Oncescu is a professional Romanian armwrestler, a multiple time world and European champion for both the left and the right hand. He was inducted in March 2011 in the World's Hall of Fame "The 50 Greatest Armwrestlers In History".

Dănuț Borbil is a professional Romanian armwrestler, the current national champion for the left arm, and vice-champion for the right arm. At 162 kilograms (357 lb) he is the heaviest professional armwrestling participant from Romania.

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Kortney Olson is an American-born bodybuilder and athlete.

Australian Armwrestling Federation is the governing body for the sport of Arm wrestling in Australia.

Devon "No Limits" Larratt is a Canadian professional armwrestler.

Katherine Monbiot English arm wrestler, 1993 WAF World Championships winner for 55kg women

Katherine Monbiot (1964-1997) was an English former World Champion armwrestler, active vegan and dietary nutritionist. In 1993, she was the women World Champion for armwrestling in 55 kg, right hand category.


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